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The Bright Lights of Vegas! by Claudia Green


A friend of mine has been talking about going to Las Vegas for as long as I can remember. Having been there with her parents as a child, she wants to go back and see it through the eyes of an adult. I can fully understand why. Vegas is such good fun, what with all the shows, shopping, restaurants and of course, the abundant casinos! Being in the business of secondary market annuities, the buying and selling of structured settlements, annuities, lottery and casino winnings, I took the opportunity to explain to my friend what can be expected if she were to win! Whatever your preference, be it the slot machines, poker or even roulette, if Lady Luck happens to be shining down on you and you are one of the fortunate ones to win big, then you may have an important decision to make. Do you take the money now as a lump sum of cash, or do you take it on a periodic payment basis as an annuity? If you decide to opt for the annuity option then you will receive your casino winnings in regular instalments over a number of years. Like all of us, individual financial circumstances change over time, therefore it's important to realize that you can sell the annuity payments you receive as a result of the casino winnings. So, if you find yourself needing to pay for that dream house or car and need a lump sum of cash to do so, then you will need to contact a company such as Eagle Settlements, who will buy your annuity payments from you. Selling some or all of your payments is a big decision to make and should not be taken lightly. Any factoring company should explore your needs fully with you so that you can be sure you are making the right decision. Once you have sold your payments, that is it, you cannot reverse the decision at all. I therefore urge you to be absolutely certain before you commit. In the process of giving my friend some information on casino

winnings and secondary market annuities, I happened to tell her about a big winner in Vegas recently who won over $2.5 million. By this point, my friend didn't need to hear any more, she was off to make the arrangements for her trip there! Now, turning to that lucky person who played the Wheel of Fortune at the Treasure Island Casino a few days ago, should you ever decide to sell your annuity, Eagle Settlements would be honored to assist you.

The bright lights of vegas  
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