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Golf: Not a Life Changing Decision by Claudia Green


Golf has been described by Mark Twain as a good walk spoiled. I am not a golfer and while I have thought many times about taking it up as a form of exercise and recreation, I have never quite gotten round to it yet. There has been many a day when I think the moment has come. I will go to a golf club and ask for further information, yet the moment always seems to pass. As I get older, I wonder if I will look back at a missed opportunity and regret not having picked up a set of clubs ages ago. Life is full of choices and decisions that need to be made. Not all decisions are as basic as should I play golf. Some decisions can be life changing. A decision to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash is a life changing decision and one that should definitely not be taken lightly. It is all well and good receiving a lump sum, but if there is no specific need for it, why give up the regular payment sums. Our clients make choices, and most often when we are approached, there is a life changing reason why money is needed immediately and regular monthly payments just will not suffice. Medical bills, college fees, paying off a debt, avoiding foreclosure or simply buying a vehicle for a new business are all reasons that will favor with a court. Remember, any sale of structured settlement annuities must be court approved. On the other hand, paying or loaning money to a relative or friend, or wanting to visit Las Vegas to gamble will probably not find much favor with a court and as such, the sale will not be granted by the judge. It is important that if the sale of such payments, known as annuities, is being considered then the real reason why such a deal is going to be entered into is not only carefully considered by the annuitant, but also by the structured settlement factoring company. Factoring

companies should be able to advise whether an annuitant’s specific purpose for the sale of their annuity is one that a court will approve. It would be pointless wasting a client's time with lots of paperwork only to find out later that a court will not grant approval for a reason that was obvious on day one. So, if you are thinking about selling your annuity payments ask yourself why you need to do so and is there any other way of raising funds rather than selling your payments. Often, there is no other choice and in which case, that life changing decision needs to be addressed. As I said earlier, choosing to play golf, or not, is an easy call to make. At worse, not playing is a missed opportunity, but one that is always available, subject of course to health. Selling a structured settlement annuity may be a once in a life time call that needs to be considered very carefully indeed. You can always call Eagle Settlements if you would like further advice on whether the reason for selling your payments will likely be accepted by a court; that is what we are here for.

Golf not a life changing decision  
Golf not a life changing decision