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How to create and customize a Facebook business page     STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS VIA FACEBOOK    



This guide is designed to help business owners set up a Facebook page to promote their goods and services. A Facebook page can help businesses reach a wider audience and attract more customers.

Create Page 1. Enter into the address bar. 2. Click on the Local Business or Place icon.

3. Select your business category from the drop down menu. In this instance, we will be using Restaurant/CafĂŠ as an example. 4. Enter your business details in the boxes provided. 5. Check the I agree to the Facebook Pages Terms box and click Get Started to continue.

Create Account A new screen will appear. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE AN EXISTING FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, YOU CAN CONNECT THE NEW PAGE TO THIS ACCOUNT BY CLICKING LOG IN WITH MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. IF YOU ARE USING AN EXISTING ACCOUNT, SKIP TO PAGE SETUP. 1. Click Create a New Business Account. 2. Enter the required information into the text fields.

3. You will be asked to confirm your email address. Click the Go to Email Now button to be directed to your email account. 4. Click on the link provided in your e-mail. This will confirm your email address and direct you back to your Facebook business page.

Page Setup About the Business 1. To personalize your page, write a description of your business in the box provided and add a link to your business website. 2. Check the box to state that your business is a real establishment and then click Save Info.

Upload Profile Picture 1. Upload a profile picture from either your computer or a website by clicking on one of the links provided. Once completed, click Next to continue.

NOTE: YOU CAN SKIP THIS SECTION AND UPLOAD A PROFILE PICTURE AT A LATER STAGE BY CLICKING SKIP. Add Page to Favorites 1. Click Add to Favorites to add your business page to your favorites list and then click Next to continue.

NOTE: YOU CAN SKIP THIS SECTION AND ADD THE PAGE TO YOUR FAVOURITES AT A LATER STAGE BY CLICKING SKIP. Pay for Advertising NOTE: THIS SECTION IS OPTIONAL. 1. Select your Daily Budget for advertising. 2. Select which area to advertise in. 3. Click Promote Page.

4. Enter your payment details.


Customize Your Page 1. Click on the Update Page Info button (top right).

NOTE: THERE ARE MANY OPTIONS FOR CUSTOMIZATION ON THIS PAGE. THESE INSTRUCTIONS WILL CONCENTRATE ON THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES FOR A RESTAURANT OR CAFÉ. 2. Click Category and select Local Businesses and Restaurant/Café from the drop-down menu. Click Save Changes to continue. NOTE: WHILE THIS OPTION HAS BEEN SELECTED EARLIER IN THE PROCESS, IT MUST BE COMPLETED AGAIN TO UPDATE INFORMATION HIGHLIGHTED IN THE NEXT STEP. 3. Click on Hours and select Open for Selected Hours. 3.1. Click Add Hours and select the days/hours the business is open. 3.2. Click Save Changes.

4. Click on Cuisine and select an option. Click Save Changes to continue. 5. Click View Page (top right) to return to your profile page. 6. To add a cover photo to your page, click Add a Cover and select Upload Photo. 6.1. Select a photo and click Open. 6.2. Click and drag the cursor to reposition the photo.

7. Add a milestone to your page by clicking Offer, then Event+. 7.1. Select the Milestone option. 7.2. Enter your details and click Save to continue.

Share Something With Your Audience 1. Click on Status to type a post about the business. Click Post to share your status.

2. To share a photo or video, click on Photo/Video and select Upload Photos/Video. 2.1. Select Choose File to select a photo or video from your computer. 2.2. Click Post to share your content.

Build Audience Now that your page has been customized, you have the option to share it with other people. 1. Scroll to the top of your profile page, click on Build Audience and select Invite Email Contacts. 2. Locate your email server and click Invite Contacts. A window explaining what to do will appear. Follow those instructions.

Now that you have successfully created and customized your business’ Facebook page, you have the ability to share it with the public to spread publicity. A good way to do this is to get friends and family to ‘like’ and ‘share’ your page on their Facebook timelines. Strengthen your online presence by staying active and regularly updating your Facebook page.

Instructions final english  
Instructions final english