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Claudia Gonzalez Professor Daniel Powell ENC 3241 31 March 2013

Composing a Blogger Site for a Personal Digital Composer A digital portfolio is a way to host all of your writings online without the trouble of scattered hard copies. With a writing portfolio, you will have different pages for your items of writing. This includes a biography page, a cover letter, a resume writing samples, and a conclusion. It may seem hard to do at first, but is simple enough once you get the hang of it.

Creating an Account 1. Go to in your web browser. You may use your Gmail to sign in if you already have an account with Google. If not, there is a link on the upper right hand corner that says Sign Up. 2. Fill out the form, (your first name, last name, new username and password). Accept the Terms of Service and on the bottom right hand corner there is a link that says Next step. 3. You will be taken to a welcome page, click the link bottom link, Back to Blogger.

Creating a New Blog 1. Once you log in on the Blogger homepage, the first link is New Blog. You can choose a Title, a custom blogspot address, as well as a blog theme. Title it Writing Portfolio for now, and use your name as the blogspot address. I.E.

New Pages

1. To create the first page of your blog, go to the drop down menu of your blog, and click

the Pages link. Once you are there, click the New page link and start a blank page. We will start with the Biography page of your profile.

Figure 1 2. Where it says Page title type in Biography. There is a space to type in your biography as you please. When typing, this link this one

allows you to change the font of your page, and

allows you to change the size of your text. When you are done, click the

link next to your page title, Publish. 3. When you are back at the Pages, click Save arrangement link so that the page you added is saved on to your blog. 4. Repeat steps 1-3 whenever you want to add a new

Adding a Photo 1. When composing a page, there is a link to click that will allow you to add a photograph.

Figure 2

2. Click the Choose files link and choose the file from your desktop that you would wish to have on your page. 3. When you are done click the Add selected link so that the photograph is saved on to your blog. 4. By clicking on the photograph on the page you are adding, you can then move it around the page. Also, when you click on photograph there are links that appear underneath it that allow you to change the size of it (small, medium, large), or to Remove it if you choose to. You now have a blog set up, as well as the first page of your blog, your Biography. With these steps you can continue to add pages, format your content and even add media.

Instructions - Composing a Blogger Site for a Personal Digital Composer  
Instructions - Composing a Blogger Site for a Personal Digital Composer  

This document pertains to instructions on composing a Blogspot page.