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ENC 4215 Peer Review Form for Client-Based Project To be completed by the Designer: Name of Designer: Michael Diaz A brief statement of the Purpose, Audience, Subject, and Situation for the document: I designed a brochure for UCF Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). The purpose of this brochure is to introduce students to what CAPS can offer them, and dispel the stereotypes that often prevent people from considering counseling or therapy as an avenue for personal growth. Furthermore, the brochure gives the audience information on how to take their first steps to personal growth by contacting CAPS. The audience for this document includes all UCF students, but is particularly geared toward those who have never heard of CAPS before, or perhaps know very little about it and aren’t sure if it’s right for them. I thought this would be a helpful document to create for UCF Counseling Services because many students do not know about the services that are offered to us by our university. So many things are included in our tuition (free bike rental from the Wellness Center and free iPad, laptop, or camcorder rental from the library, among others), yet so few students ever take advantage of them. I know many people who have been helped by CAPS, including myself, and strongly believe counseling is something all college students could benefit from. Throughout the document, I attempted to address concerns that people often have when it comes to therapy or counseling. These include patient confidentiality, the awkwardness of the first session, the cost to students, and the types of problems that CAPS counselors can help with. A lot of the text used in the CAPS website was very friendly and inviting, so I used excerpts that I believe will help students understand how counseling services relates to them. I also thought listing the existing therapy groups and workshops would help appeal to people who are looking for guidance with those particular issues.

To be completed by the Reviewer: Name of Reviewer: Claudia Gonzalez When completing this form, be sure to address the questions posed in Module 8. 1. List three or more strengths of the document. The document as a whole is very visually appealing. The color scheme suits UCF as the client. The document as a whole seems to take a minimalistic approach and that aids in its purpose of informing students about CAPS. The information overall is well written. The use of colloquial language I feel would make the reader feel more at ease, especially since this is based on a sensitive subject. The information is very well organized and for a document giving general information, does cover quite a lot. Reading this document, I feel very well informed on CAPS, the services it provides, and who to contact as well as how to access these services. Including the schedule of services itself was a very nice touch. 2. List at least two areas/aspects of the document that could be improved. Improvements could be made in keeping consistency through the brochure panels. For instance, on the first page, the yellow bar at the bottom of the page does not run across and are different sizes in both panels. However, in the second page, the bar runs along the bottom of all three panels. Either you decide to keep is fine, but it is merely a matter of consistency in design. Also, there are words that are bolded that, as a reader, I do not feel require such emphasis. I like that the headings are bolded (Making an Appointment, Attending workshops, Concerns, etc.) I do not feel that the list of concerns should be bolded. It emphasizes upon issues that generally have a negative connotation. This brochure seems to want to bring people in and bolding those would drive me away for instance. It is a small detail, but I feel that as sensitive a subject, these issues shouldn’t be emphasized upon (literally with the bolding) in the text. The use of images is important in a brochure and I like that you include a few (very good job on the cover panel by the way). In the second page, the image connects between two panels and when folded, it is detrimental to the design. If you keep these images separate within their own individual panel, it would greater serve your purpose. 3. Offer specific suggestions for improvement. See above! It was a pleasure reading and reviewing our document!

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