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CAMP DATES *“Rookie Camp” *Band Camp”

July 28—August 1 August 4—August 15



CURRENT REHEARSAL DATES Labor Day Rehearsal September 1, 8am—5pm Teacher Planning Day September 15, 8am—5pm Teacher Planning Day September 24, 8am—5pm

COMPETITION DATES *Flanagan October 4 *John I Leonard October 11 *Hialeah October 18 *FBA Evaluations November 1 *These are all ALL-DAY events. Plan from 8am— 11pm, the latest.



Every student in the South Miami Music program must participate in both, Marching Season and Concert Season. Marching band is a requirement, and even more so if this is not the student’s home school.

Regular rehearsals are after school, Tuesdays—Thursdays, from 2:45pm—5pm. During the first semester of the school year, these rehearsals are not only necessary in order to participate in performances, they also count towards the student’s grade in their band class.

BAND FEES The band fees for the 2014—2015 school year are a total of $200. This fee covers: 

The cost of instructor pay

The marching score and drill (both are custom written for our program’s marching show)

The use and dry cleaning of uniforms

Competition enrollment

Field trip costs (bus rental, meals, etc.)

Band fees must be paid in full BY THE LAST DAY OF BAND CAMP (AUGUST 15, 2014). Payment plans can be scheduled if necessary, please see Mrs. Jimenez for further detail.

REHEARSAL REQUIREMENTS All marching rehearsals are outdoor unless stated otherwise. For this reason it is necessary for students to have the following: 

Full-sized water cooler

Sunblock (SPF 50 or higher)

Athletic sneakers (NOT CONVERSE)

White T-shirt

Orange shorts

BAND GEAR Necessary gear for the marching season is available to order through the program. Please see Mrs. Jimenez for the 2014—2015 catalog of marching band items.




 MUST maintain cumulative GPA and conduct GPA of 2.0 or higher in order to participate and perform

We are aware that not every student owns a personal instrument; to do so is NOT a requirement of participation. Students borrowing an instrument from the program MUST turn in the “Instrument Checkout Form” BEFORE band camp in order to be assigned an instrument. This form can be found on the website,

SMILE! MEDIA RELEASE FORMS Not only do pictures and videos make for a great end-ofyear film, but they are also a part of all FMBA and MPA performances. Every performance is recorded (both visual and audio), and group photographs are taken at the end of every evaluation. For this reason, it is necessary to turn in the “Media Release Form” BEFORE band camp. This form can be found on the website,

 If a student is assigned to SCSI (Indoor suspension) the student cannot compete or perform on the day that it is assigned  A student serving an Outdoor Suspension cannot practice or participate in competitions or performances  A student with a total of eleven cumulative days of suspension will not be allowed to perform for the remainder of the year  A student with a total of ten (10) cumulative absences will not be allowed to perform for the remainder of the year  A student with a total of twenty (20) cumulative tardies will not be allowed to perform for the remainder of the year As magnet students, there are codes of conduct that students must adhere by. These can be found in the GPA and Magnet Contract on forms. This form MUST be turned in before the start of band camp.



Every summer, The Greater Miami Youth Symphony offers a summer music camp too give students the opportunity to grow and develop skills. It is offered to members of our program free of charge, and it is recommended that incoming students attend the ADVANCED CAMP.

Parent/Volunteer Info

If you are interested in volunteering in the Intermediate Camp for community service hours (a graduation requirement), please see Mrs. Jimenez. Volunteer spots are only open to South Miami music students. See Mrs. Jimenez for further information on these camps, or visit their website at

Please email Annette, Kristin or Mrs. Jimenez if you would like to be added to any of our events!

Booster Contacts Annette Perez (President) Kristin Garcia (treasurer) Carmen Bonce (secretary)

For information on how to become a Dade County volunteer, please visit our website at

Any questions call or text: Director's Assistants - BK (786) 376-3757 Director - Mrs. Jennifer Jimenez

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