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Prestige Motorcycle Rentals and Tours - a Dubai-based company created by motorcyclists for motorcyclists

Report Claudia Terra #cmdterra Pictures Prestige Motocycle Rentals and Tours Prestige Motorcycle Rentals LLC is a family-owned business founded by Serge Brouillet in 2010. The company started with only three motorcycles and now, currently haves 30 top of the line motorcycles available for customers. In addition to rentals, the company offers amazing 1 day to 9 day tours for motorcyclists. Prestigie is a great success in the United Arab Emirates: "Today, we are the largest motorcycle rental and touring company in the Middle East. Prestige is a company created by motorcyclists, for motorcyclists. We are a family of motorcycle enthusiasts. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 17 and my twin . My wife is a professional passenger who has been with me since she was 17. The commercial aspect of the business came from mythe love of motorcycles. It was quite clear that I wanted to operate a motrcycle touring company at least 10 years before I started Prestige Motorcycles in Dubai. The decision was a simple one... that was to transform my hobby and favorite past time to a business. I always knew that making other people happy made me happy. It sounds corny, but it's true�, Serge recalls.

In 2013 Prestige diversified its services with the creation of Prestige Motorhome Rentals, which offers rental of motorhomes, caravans and vanity trailers for film and

media productions, TV commercials, photo shoots and special events. Among its clients are the film industry of India and the United States among others. Prestige Motorhome Rentals is the premier and largest motorcycle and motorhome rental company in Dubai - United Arab Emirates - with a large number of clients from different countries. The service with motorhomes and caravans came as a support for customer tours on motorcycles, as Serge explains: "One day these tours turned into multi-day tours and eventually a motorhome was purchased as a support, to support the long journeys. Once the motorhome was brought to the country, friends of the film and television industry began to ask me if the unit was available for rent to celebrities and artists and for them to do their hair and make-up. There seemed to be a demand for it, so I bought some more units. We now have 8 units in total to cater to Hollywood and Bollywood productions, plus the TV industry as well as the special event industry ".

Currently Prestige Motorclycle Rentals & Tours are the largest and most successful motorcycle tours and rental compaystore in the United Arab Emirates. In their motorcycle you will find the smallest to the largest in the Harley Davidson line, Honda Goldwing and Valkyrie, BMW GT1600 and K1200GT and Kawasaki Vulcan. The company have great relationships with the Harley Davidson, Honda and BMW dealerships. The booking of motorcycles can be made a year in advance or even on the day of the trip: "but the benefit of booking early will ensure that you get your choice of motorcycle and as a walk-in client you would obviously only have the option of what is available. All rentals are on a 24 hour basis, including 250 kms per day,� Serge explains. Prestige Motorcycle have 7 different 1-day tours, a 3-day tour and a 9-day all-inclusive Nomad tour, touring the seven UAE Emirates and Oman: "Our 1-day tour of the Hatta Fujairah Combo Tour is the most popular tour. On this tour you will experience about

420kms of desert, mountain and coastal roads with some picturesque stops, lunch usually in a 4 or 5 star hotel and lots of photos and videos throughout the day. This tour includes straight desert ed roads straight, many lots of curves, mountains and explores the other side of the country. The Hatta and Fujairah Mountain Ride is a great way to truly discover the country's landscapes as well as visit other Emirates. On this tour you will experience near perfect road conditions with curves and several stops. The AL Hajar Mountains are the highest mountain range of the Eastern Arabian Peninsula and extend for 500 km in total. If you like to ride most of the day, you will love this exciting ride that combines riding through the Hatta region to the Emirate of Fujairah. We can also customize a 1day excursion or a 9 day Nomad tour for groups of up to 30 motorcycles. Private tours are also available for solo riders. The Prestige also began offering a new package called Bike- O-graphy. This focuses on motorcycle rider’s history and background, which is filmed and edited in biographical style for the rider to share with friends and family, "explains Serge.

The season to ride a motorcycle in the United Arab Emirates is about 7 months. It usually starts in late October through May: "December, January and February you may even need to use your leathers to keep warm during the morning rides. But for motorcycle enthusiasts who can not wait for the cooler months to ride, our motorcycle rentals are available all year round. On tours with Prestige, customers ride around 350kms to -500kms per day. In addition to the beautiful weather, the riders always comment that the roads are perfect. Dubai and, the rest of the United Arab Emirates

and Oman are very motorcycle friendly countries. We are welcome everywhere and treated like royalty. "During these 7 months, there are the scheduled tours and private tours: explains Serge.

Depending on the tour, following a short briefing, we depart from our showroom in Dubai Investment Park usually around 7:30 am, 8:00 am and ride towards the chosen destination. During the day you would expect amazing riding, on near perfect roads, sight seeing of fascinating architectural designs old and new, multiple stops for refreshments and bum breaks and lunch in a local favorite restaurant or a 4 or 5 -star hotel. The entire day will be photographed and filmed for our customers to enjoy and share their day riding in beautiful Dubai and the UAE. All trips have tour guides and include: a motorcycle of your choice, lunch in a 4 or 5 star hotel, with professional photos and videos of the entire itinerary. Trips can be for groups or couples. In the tours, they travel through the deserts, the region's coastline, city of Dubai to see beauties like Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and the romantic Dubai Creek: "There are also many great beaches here in the United Arab Emirates, many of which are linked to a 4 or 5 star hotel. You would be able to ride across the coast in all Emirates the country. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaima, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quain and Ajman which all have roads by the ocean. There are 3 Prestige Tours that you will experience a coastal ride. Our famous Hatta Fujairah Combo Tour, our East Coast Extended Tour and our 9 Day Nomad Tour. Out of the 3 tours, you will obviously experience the most amazing coastal rides on the 9 Day Nomad Tour ", explains Serge.

The main clients of the company are Europeans (German, British, Italian, French, Dutch) North Americans (Canada and USA) and South Americans (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico). The company always welcomes Brazilians on their tours. Currently,Prestige is not present in any country outside the United Arab Emirates, but there is the possibility of expansion, as Serge comments: "Prestige is not in any other country at the moment, but you never know, an expansion may occur or possibly even a franchise. Brazil seems to be venturing more and more into Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, so in fact we are progressively doing more trips with the Brazilians.�

The company has an interest in getting to know motorcycling in Brazil and getting to know the best events. In addition, Prestige is considering the possibility of being present at some of these events to showcase their services and, of course, there is interest in some members of the team to come to Brazil for simply riding a motorcycle around here; "Unfortunately no member of Prestige has been in Brazil yet, so we are not sure of the outcome and success of motorcycle events, but if the potential is there, why not? Our Brazilian friends and clients say that the country's sights and scenery are incredible. We will definitely plan a motorcycle trip in Brazil soon, " says Serge.

Serge Brouillet is a long-time motorcycle rider, founder of the successful Prestige, who is gaining new customers every day. While he was sitting on one of his motorcycles, I asked him which was his favorite bike and he said: " That’s like asking “Who’s your favorite child”. The reality is that I equally love the following bikes but for different reasons: Harley- Davidson - for the people and comeraderie worldwide; Honda Goldwing – for the comfort and power of a 6 cylinder bike; BMW – for the advanced technology and great cornering capabilities.So depending what mood I’m in and where I plan on riding, that will determine which one of my children will come for a ride with their daddy (haha)!

A cool trip that I did was a tour of Europe, but the longest tour was a 12- tour in Austria and Switzerland, where we covered almost 3,000 km ".

Apart from culture, architectural beauties and beautiful nature, there are other good reasons to go on a motorcycle in an adventure in the magnificent Dubai and region, such as motorcycling events. Prestige give bikers the chance to tour the country and participate in some important events in the Emirates such as: Emirates Bike Festival (in November), RAK Road Riders (March), Gulf Bike Week (change of dates). All Prestige

tours include: a motorcycle of your choice 4 or 5 star hotel lunch and restaurant + motorcycle tour guide + photos and videos of the whole tour and a lot of security and joy in travel. More information and booking of motorbikes and packages go to the website: Special thanks to Serge and Michel Brouillet for their attention during the preparation of this report. Check out Prestige's special video for Brazilian motorcyclists and other videos on our Youtube channel

Prestige Motorcycle Rentals & Tours - a Dubai-based company created by motorcyclists  

Prestige Motorcycle Rentals LLC is a family-owned business founded by Serge Brouillet in 2010. The company started with only three motorcycl...

Prestige Motorcycle Rentals & Tours - a Dubai-based company created by motorcyclists  

Prestige Motorcycle Rentals LLC is a family-owned business founded by Serge Brouillet in 2010. The company started with only three motorcycl...