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A name is more than just a branding. It is a lot more than just putting a title on company. It is the face and the identity of who we are as a company. It lets others recognize and identify our company and our mission. Claudia, our head designer, was the very first person who came up with the direction and the movement of murdering negativity. She herself said: “ The truth of this world is that it’s ugly; and ugly things happen in this world every day. If you don’t believe me, you can check the news. As if this world needs more depressing sights. I believe perspective is very important. Too many of us need a better life perspective. I believe positivity needs to sprout from somewhere and that someone needs to be that catalyst of change. So why not me? Why not you? We need to be ferociously fighting for each and every person, for them and their perspectives.”

CLAUDI Michael

Following the example of many establish companies, for example Louis Vuitton or Marks and Spencer, we brand ourselves under the name “CLAUDIA MICHAELS”. Using Claudia Michael as our name, we not only give a branding to our selves, but a literal face. Claudia is a real person, who believes in what she says. If anyone would approach her about anything, she would be more than open to help, encourage, and be a blessing. “Claudia Michaels” is a recognizable name that people can remember and use. It is a brand name for the people. We are all learning. We all know what bad is, but the tough part is learning good. Being an encouragement daily is not a chore, but it takes great effort in learning and choosing to be positive. It’s easy for us to choose depression over rainbows and unicorns, but as we work at it, together, we can change the mindset of all of us. A change of mindset is what we all need.

- Claudia Michael

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Our logo is a symbol representative of a windmill. A windmill describes us as a company and all we hope to do for our generation. A windmill is a machine that converts the energy of wind into rotational energy. In its original purpose, it was used to make the milling of grain into flour an easier job. Which equipped the miller to produce more flour, and therefore more bread could be produced for the hungry. This brought hope and life to communities that were struggling to survive. In this illustration we are the millers. We are using the tool of shirts, and the winds of encouraging words and transforming it into something that everyone can use to encourage one another in our community. We equip people to encourage not only themselves, but also to spread and bring life to people around.

Our generation has been diagnosed with acute narcissism. It is an intriguing thought to say that most, if not all of teenagers today have a clear and good understanding of who they are and how they feel about themselves. But is it really true? If you really look at us young adults and the growing teenagers, many of us have problems with self-esteem and insecurity issues. We are so caught up with pressures of the world. TV, magazines, internet, all put a high expectation on who we have to become and what we have to be. Friends, peers, teachers, bosses, and even families pressure us to be something that we are not. Some ignore it and just become blissful about life. Others take it as motivation to spur ourselves on. But more and more people are succumbing and falling into a pit of depression and sadness. Some of these people never make it out of the pit. In fact a paper was written stating that the third most dangerous thing to youth now, is ourselves. Many fall victim to hurting themselves, and suicide. We as a company say that we will not let our generation fall more and more into a pit of depression. We want to spread words and statements of encouragement that spur and edify people to keep moving on. We need to get the word out there that it’s okay to be yourself, and that it’s okay to fail. We want to start a lifestyle of encouraging and helping each other out as a community. City life has segregated us

all to think that we live for ourselves only. But we truly need to have a new mindset to think about the other person and how we can cheer them on for the better. So what better way than to use t-shirts to get the word out? If a person wore just 2 t-shirts per day, whether at home or going out, we would wear at least 712 shirts per year. We don’t get the chance to encourage every person personally, but we can do it massively to everyone by doing nothing more than wearing a simple shirt. We are doing more than selling shirts. We are equipping Malaysians to be life changers, and life savers in this world. A greater Malaysia will not come unless we fight for what it needs through positivity for the better. Our mission is more than just a goal. It’s an aggressive fight against the everyday let downs, and put downs. We fight not against any one man. We fight against mentalities, perspectives, assumptions, cultures, and certainly it’s a war against death. It’s not an easy task we have set ourself against, but good things never did come easy. It’s not a battle we were pushed into, but it’s a battle we have chosen to step into. Two bold words could sum up our mission statement: “murdering negativity”.

Claudia Michaels

Murdering Negativity since 2013

Even when you fall on your face, you are still moving forward.

Embrace yourself

Murdering Negativity

This is the two word statement that inspired our movement as a company. The aggressive battle against negativity is expressed so strongly in this one statement. This shirt is used to get the word out, and get people interested in our movement. We want to let people know, that the battle is on.

still moving forward Falling on your face is tough. It is super painful, and no one can say it’s not. But it’s not so important how we fall. It is important, though, how we see the fall. We can see it as a stopping, dead end. We can treat it as a hopeless situation. Or we can see it as step forward in life. Even as you’re falling, you are still falling forwards. You are making an advance in life.

Who we are, and who we were meant to be, can only be held back by one person. That person is himself or herself. Everything that you could become can only be achieved when we first learn to accept ourselves. All of our weaknesses, our strengths, our weirdness, must all be embraced. Learn to love who you are.

Embrace Yourself

Claudia Michaels  
Claudia Michaels  

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