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MLETHI SECURITY AND TRAINING • Security courses • Grade EDC Greytown Tel: 033 417 1331/9 Cell: 082 360 7711 | 079 579 4327 e-mail

Festival of lights Aradhya Rajbarry (5) joins the Greytown Gazette in wishing it’s Hindu readers and clients a happy Diwali for Sunday, October 27. Diwali signifies the triumph of good over evil. Turn to page 8 to read more. PHOTO: REKASH SINANAN OF STUDIO UNLIMITED

Man pleads NOT GUILTY over racist remarks ANDILE SITHOLE >> A HEATED argument broke out at the Greytown Magistrate’s Court between an accused and a Greytown businessman during cross examination on October 17. Greytown businessman Regesh Govender was testifying in court against Johan Olivier, who allegedly labelled Diwali a“C***** Vaalie” celebration in a Facebook post that was posted on November 7, 2018. Olivier told the court that he was furious when he posted the message on Facebook. During cross examination, Olivier, who chose to represent himself in court, said the post was not directed at anyone, adding that he made a typing error. Govender, who was visibly angry by what Olivier had said, argued that the post that Olivier made on Facebook mentioned his name. “My name appeared in his post. Why did my name appear in his post if it wasn’t directed at me. He is lying. The post was directed at me,” Govender said. Olivier said: “When I phoned you, did you not come to me?”

Govender said: “I did not come to you. But you came to my business in the presence of my family and friends.” Govender, in his detailed explanation, told the court that the words “C***** Vaalie” were an insult to the Hindu community. He said the words were equivalent to the use of the word K-word”. According to Govender, the word “C*****” is a derogatory term given to Indians by their oppressers in previous times. He said Indians used to be servants at government railways. He told the court that if the Indian servants were called using that word and they did not respond, they were punished severely. Govender said the word “Vaalie” is a term used for a person who wanders around with no home. In his testimony, Govender showed the court a post that Olivier posted on Facebook and comments from furious Indian community who responded on the post. He said Olivier’s utterance was an insult to the whole Indian community. Govender also told the court that on the day that Olivier posted the message he was celebrating Diwali with his family in Greytown. Govender read out the message that Olivier posted on Facebook, which said: “I am tired

of this C***** Vaalie shit. F*** these bullshit C***** Vaalie, if the NSPCA does not sort this out, I will with some shit.” Govender continued, saying the accused posted another message saying: “You target my house again, a warning is not a threat.” He said the their celebration was within the time-frame that was specified and the cut off time was 9 pm. He said his family started letting off fireworks at 7.50 pm and finished at 8.25 pm. Govender also told the court that he received a text message on his Whats­App that read: “I hope you are deaf now.” He alleged that the message came from a someone who lives with Olivier. “I did not respond to this message, I switched off my phone,”Govender said, adding that he was alerted about the post on Facebook by his son the next day. During the proceedings, the magistrate had to intervene often and asked Olivier to ask “relevant questions.” Govender told the court that the accused has tried, on numerous occasions, to convince him to withdraw the case. The matter was adjourned until yesterday, October 22. The outcome of the case could not be obtained at the time of print deadline.


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Greytown Gazette

23 October 2019

Raising awareness about breast cancer ANDILE SITHOLE >> MANY women under the age of 40 are diagnosed with breast cancer in South Africa. Being overweight and having low levels of physical activity adds to breast cancer risk. This is according to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). With October being Cancer Awareness Month, CANSA, together with the Department of Health, chose this month to raise awareness on breast cancer. According to the World Health Organisation, “cancer impacts about 2,1 million women each year and causes the greatest number of cancer-related death among women.” Nhlakanipho Mahlangu, spokesperson for the Church of Scotland Hospital in Tugela Ferry, said the hospital has embarked on numerous programmes to raise awareness on breast cancer. “The hospital has printed educational and information and communication material on breast cancer to raise awareness to all clients who utilise the hospital and urge all women to screen for breast cancer. This information is also accompanied by health education on a daily basis at our Out Patient Department waiting areas, maternity department as well as in female wards. “If cancer is allowed to progress without treatment, symptoms get worse and new symptoms build up over time. “Cancer kills by invading key organs (like the intestines, lungs, brain, liver, and kidneys) and interfering with body functions that are necessary to live. Untreated cancer commonly causes death.”

The hospital urged the community to visit health care facilities to test for breast cancer. Mahlangu said the department is not aware of any proven study that confirms that cannabis can treat cancer. “Our advice to all community members is that early detection saves lives, so it very important that all women examine their breasts regularly, at least on a monthly basis, to be familiar with their breasts so that it becomes easier to pick up something that is abnormal. “[The community] needs to understand that some people have different signs and symptoms. If you have any signs, do not hesitate to visit our health facilities right away. “Women who are over 40 years of age who attend state Primary Health Facilities qualify for clinical breast examinations (provider initiated screening clinical breast examination). It is also advisable that women who are breastfeeding postpone weaning to reduce their future risk of breast cancer. The total number of months a woman breastfeeds can impact lifetime risk. This is yet another reason why breastfeeding should be encouraged to be common practice,” Mahlangu said. Although women are at risk of getting cancer, family history also increases the risk. During Cancer Awareness Month, CANSA focuses on breast cancer, particularly turning the spotlight on the needs of patients with advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). “Breast cancer is the leading cancer affecting women in South Africa. According to the National Cancer Registry, one in 26 women are at risk of being diagnosed in their lifetime.”


The World Health Association says that cancer impacts about 2,1 million women annually. According to CANSA, although both men and women may suffer from MBC, about 99% of cases affect women. “MBC occurs when the cancer has spread to other and often distant sites in the body; like the liver, lungs, bone, brain and or other organs or tissues. While MBC is treatable, there is no cure for this disease. The goal of treatment is to limit progression, symptom control and pain management. Access to mental health care has been identified as a need for MBC patients, as well as improvements in lifelong surveillance, tracking of patients and access to routine assessments; including mammography, bone density scanning and gynaecological assess-

ments.” Gerda Strauss, Head of Service Delivery at CANSA, said: “Patients with MBC have a tough journey ahead of them. There’s a misconception that those that have survived the disease fought harder than those that didn’t, this isn’t true. Comparison judgements hurt, especially those that are left behind. These women are struggling daily to cope with the trauma as well as the physical limitations that come with it. No matter what your cancer diagnosis, stage or treatment outcome, everyone who is going through the journey of a cancer diagnosis is doing their best to survive another day and should be saluted.” CANSA offers counselling and emotional support to cancer patients and families as well as medical equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers to assist with mobility difficulties or eggshell mattresses to help with lying down more comfortably. FACTS ABOUT METASTATIC BREAST CANCER (MBC): • It is treatable, however there is no cure • The goal of treatment is to limit progression, symptom control and pain management SYMPTOMS OF METASTATIC BREAST CANCER • Spinal cord compression • Sepsis fever • Lung metastasis, shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, dry cough • Seizures, headaches, personality changes, confusion For more information call 0800 226622 toll free; visit or Whats­App CANSA at either 072 197 9305 or 071 867 3530.

What are the conditions of the South African parole system? ANDILE SITHOLE >> THE rehabilitation process of offenders who are granted parole to serve the remainder of their sentences outside of correctional centres is partly a societal responsibility — to ensure that they are rehabilitated. Once an offender has been granted parole, it is the responsibility of the community and correctional officers that the offender who has been released on parole complies with conditions of the Correctional Supervision Parole Board (CSPB). With many offenders being released on parole, the trust and credibility that the community vested in the justice system is compromised, and the functioning of the parole system is questioned. According to the Correctional Services Act published in the Government Gazette on November 27, 1998, the objectives of Community Corrections “are to enable persons subject to community corrections to lead a socially responsible and crime-free life during the period of their sentence and in future.” During Corrections Month, commemorated in September, the head of Community Cor-

rections in Greytown, Mzwandile Shange, unpacked the terms and conditions of parole supervision. Shange said that the rehabilitation process of offenders is a societal responsibility that requires both the correctional service officers and the community to work in partnership. “A parole is granted to an [offender] to serve his or her sentence out of prison after they have gone through a rehabilitation programme to prepare them to be integrated back into the community. “When a person is placed on parole, they are given strict conditions that they must adhere to and comply with. Before granting offenders parole, they have to undergo an assessment and rehabilitation process. “When the offender finishes half of their sentence, and after they have completed all of the individual correctional programmes in the correctional facility, the Correctional Supervision Parole Board gives the offender parole and places him or her into the care of the community corrections officer to serve the remainder of his or her sentence,” Shange said, adding that when offenders are at Community Corrections, they are monitored by corrections officers to ensure that they comply with the strict conditions set by

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the CSPB. “Parolees are required to abide by the set conditions and reside at an address that was confirmed prior to his or her placement on parole. We urge the community to accept these offenders once they are placed on parole,” Shange said. Some offenders placed on parole are not employable due to the stigma attached to them. Thus Shange appealed to members of the community and local businesses to assist with providing employment opportunities for parolees and further report to correctional services if parolees are violating their conditions of parole. “Once we discover that a parolee violates their set conditions, we take them back to the CSPB and make a recommendation to the board to revoke their parole. “Should an offender commit another crime while on parole, they are charged and the new offence is added to their record. The CSPB takes a decision about offenders breaking the conditions of their parole.” During the month of October, the Department of Correctional Services embarked on numerous community programmes to educate the community about the functioning of the department and the purpose of parole as well as community involvement in the rehabilitation process.

Road shows, community awareness and crime awareness programmes to educate and inform the community are conducted within communities. “The department emphasises that the rehabilitation of offenders is a societal responsibility. We urge the community to assist these offenders in the rehabilitation process and help them give back by allowing them an opportunity to perform free community service as part of their CSPB set conditions of parole. “We further encourage local businesses to consider giving them employment. The community should not sideline the parolees, but they need to be accepted in their communities.” The department works in partnership with other government departments including the Department of Health and Social Development. Shange added: “My concern as the Head of Community Service is seeing offenders who are HIV positive being discriminated against within their communities. “HIV offenders are given care and treatment during their incarceration period however, when they are released from correctional centres, they face many problems in their families and they are then afraid to disclose their HIV status. This often leads to them defaulting on their treatment.”


033 413 2735 033 413 2310 Email:


Correctional services officials (from left) Mzwandile Shange (Head of Community Corrections), Yashin Rupram (Head of Greytown Correctional Centre) and Lindelani Hlongwa (monitoring official).

Greytown Gazette

23 October 2019

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Parents claim school is victimising pupils ANDILE SITHOLE >> “THE school is bullying our children by withholding enrolment forms for next year. The pupils are sliding into depression ahead of their exams.” These were the words of angry parents of pupils from Greytown High School who accused the management of the school of bullying their children. Parents told the Gazette that the school didn’t give re-registration forms to pupils who are thought to be “troublesome”. However, parents said the management of the school never informed them about alleged misbehaviour of their children. The parents also claim that some teachers insult pupils in full view of others. Some of the parents who approached the Gazette for help claimed to have reported the matter to school management before but they say nothing was done. The parents ,who wished to remain anony-

mous for fear of their children’s victimisation at the school, demanded answers from the school governing body and the principal. “As parents we have received constant reports that our children are not being taught in the English medium. When pupils [ask] the teachers to teach the subjects in English they simply get told: ‘if you do not understand me then you should not be at this school’ or ‘I don’t know how to explain it in English’. “If Greytown High School is an English medium school, should the teachers not be able to teach in English? Or do our children have to play a guessing game about what was actually taught in the lessons? “This [issue] has been reported by the pupils as well as parents [at the school] but nothing has been done to rectify it.” Parents claim that teachers at the school constantly pick on children by calling them names in front of other pupils. “At one point, because our child could not understand the work being explained, they were called stupid. This demoralises a child to the point that they lack self esteem and

constantly do badly in their school work because they are being called stupid at school. “Teachers are there to teach and if a pupil does not understand [the work] it is up to the teacher to make sure they assist the child and not to just simply call them stupid. “As parents we would like to know what is going to be done about all these issues. “We would like our children to have a good education in order for them to achieve their goals in life and we feel this [need] is not being met by the school.” Another parent accused the school of withholding re-registration forms for her sons. “My sons have been given their forms but told they will be reviewed. I, however, am standing by those parents who still haven’t received help as yet because they have not been given any reason as yet. This is placing these parents and children under tremendous stress. “As a concerned parent, I support them fully. Some of these children are sliding into depression so close to exams. It’s totally unfair and, according to the Department of Educa-

tion, the school has no right to deny any child access to the school.” Greytown Gazette contacted the school for comment however the principal could not be reached and did not respond to questions sent via e-mail. The Gazette is in possession of a letter that the school sent to parents explaining the reasons for the withholding of admission forms from pupils. The letter reads: “We wish to advise you that re-registration forms were withheld from [pupils] for repeated minor transgressions and repeated serious transgressions. “The decision to withhold re-registration forms was taken in conjunction with the [School Governing Body] to discuss the problems with the pupil and his/her parent.” In response to queries, Sihle Mlotshwa, the spokesperson for the KZN Department of Education, said: “These are serious allegations. We will forward this to the district so that they can give us a report. The circuit manager is attending to this matter. Victimisation of any kind is against the law.”

South African vehicle crime trends consistent THE results of the quarterly Tracker Vehicle Crime Index reveal that vehicle theft and hijacking trends in South Africa are unchanged from the annual Crime Index released in August. The statistics, from Tracker’s 1,1 million installed vehicle base for the period July to September 2019, provide insights into the time of day and day of the week when vehicle crime is most likely to occur in South Africa. The index also records the towns most affected by vehicle crime in all nine provinces and the current trends in consumer and business crime. The majority (58%) of all activations, where Tracker initiated recovery action, are in Gauteng. This is followed by KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, North West, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape, Free State, Limpopo, and Northern Cape, respectively. Johannesburg, Durban, Khayelitsha, Rustenburg, Tweefontein, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Polokwane, and Postmasburg are the towns in each province most affected by hijacking. Theft is mostly reported in Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Rustenburg, eMalahleni, Mthatha, Sasolburg, Polokwane and Kuruman. Tracker data indicates that the most activations for hijackings take place on Saturday followed by Thursday, while vehicles are activated for theft equally on Friday and Saturday. Also, most activations for hijackings take place between 10 am and 2 pm as well as 8 pm and midnight, on any day of the week, while theft activations occur mainly between 5 am and 8 am. Hostage taking during hijackings remains a concern. Similar to the company’s vehicle crime statistics for the period July 2018 to

June 2019, an average of 29% of Tracker’s activations result in a hostage being taken, with one percent suffering a physical injury or fatality. Criminals impersonating law enforcement officials in order to commit hijackings, a method otherwise known as blue light robberies, also remains a concern. Business crime trends are unchanged with most of these vehicles being stolen to obtain the fast-moving consumable goods that they are carrying. However, there are instances where the vehicle itself is sought. Hijacking hotspot routes include the N3 from Heidelberg to Vosloorus, the N12 from Phola to Daveyton, South Rand Road (N17), the R50/Delmas Road, the N14, the R512, the Moroka Bypass on the N12, the Molefe Makinta Highway (M21), the Sybrand van Niekerk Freeway (R59) and the R21. However, hotspots can and do change frequently, therefore Tracker advises people to be vigilant wherever they go. A criminal act can happen anywhere and at any time. Don’t believe it could never happen to you. RATHER, KEEP THESE SAFETY TIPS IN MIND: • Be aware — Don’t be an easy target. While driving, be vigilant about your surroundings. Also, be alert and on the lookout for suspicious persons or vehicles. Avoid distractions such as talking on your mobile phone. • Sensible parking — Always park your vehicle in a well-lit, properly secured parking area, ideally with security guards on duty and as close to the entrances of the building as possible. When you leave your vehicle, make sure the doors are properly

Use of fireworks – festivities and festive period RESIDENTS are hereby requested to take precautions when setting off fireworks for the upcoming festivities and over the festive period. Residents are reminded that a special request for the use of fireworks for special occasions or events must be sent to the uMvoti Municipality for approval with a notice period of seven to 14 working days. The municipality urges residents that, when using fireworks, consideration be given to the elderly, children, people living with disabilities, and animals. Spokesperson for the municipality Phindile Phungula said: “Animal or pet owners are requested to take precautions in ensuring their pets are safe and indoors or under cover during the use of fireworks. You are further requested to contact the local SPCA

or private veterinary clinic on methods to ensure your pet’s safety.” Vendors are advised to send their letters of request for sale of fireworks to the municipal manager, T.N. Ngiba, at e-mail address or handdeliver the letter to 41 Bell Street, Greytown during office hours. The approved Municipal By-Law on the Use of Fireworks shall apply and any person\s found to be in contravention of the said by-law shall face legal action. Important numbers to remember: 911 Call Centre — 033 417 2911 SAPS — 033 413 9000 SPCA — 072 096 9634 Should you have any queries, please contact the office of the municipal manager at 033 413 9100. — Supplied.

locked. • A little bit of planning — Know where you are going and plan your journey in advance by ensuring you have the correct directions to your destination. • Watch your tail — Pay close attention to ensure that you are not being followed. If you think you are being followed drive to a police station or a busy, well-lit area. • Don’t be flashy — In some cases, hijackings and theft occur not for the vehicle itself but for the valuables inside. Keep valuables out of sight in the boot or under the seats.

• Drive on — If something looks suspicious as you’re approaching your destination, rather drive off and come back later. • Be prepared — Have a back-up plan in case of an emergency. • Testing, testing — Regularly test your tracking device to make sure it’s working, including the assist button if your device has one. • Keep calm — If you are hijacked, remember your life is worth more than your valuables, so keep calm, co-operate and try to get away as quickly as possible.

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Greytown Gazette

23 October 2019

23 October 2019

Greytown Gazette

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Greytown Gazette

23 October 2019

23 October 2019

Greytown Gazette

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Greytown Gazette

23 October 2019

Diwali Ce

The festival of LIGHTS DIWALI is the festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. The festival, which coincides with the Hindu New Year, celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

The actual day of Diwali is traditionally celebrated on the festival’s third day, which this year falls on Sunday, October 27. While each faith has its own reason to celebrate the festival, one of the most popular stories told is the legend of Lord Rama and his wife Sita returning to their kingdom in northern India from exile after defeating the demon king Ravanna in the 15th century BC.

HOW IS DIWALI CELEBRATED? The festival is marked by large firework displays, to remember the celebrations which, according to the legend, took place upon Rama’s return as locals set off their own version of fireworks. Those celebrating the festival also light traditional earthen diyas (candles) and decorate their houses with colourful rangoli art-

works — patterns created on the floor using coloured rice or powder. During Diwali, families and friends share sweets and gifts and there is also a strong belief in giving food and goods to those in need. It is also traditional for homes to be cleaned and new clothes to be worn at the time of the festival. —

DIWALI greetings...


Diwali message from Vee Maharaj, President of Shri Vishnu Mandir Vidya Pracharni Sabha THE Shri Vishnu Mandir of Greytown has been in existence since 1910. We are greatly indebted to our fathers and



Errol Rottcher and

Chubby Chickens Umvoti Would like to wish you all and your families a very

staff of Brokersure 70 Harding Street Greytown Tel: 033 417 1793

Happy Diwali

HEALTY BODY = HEALTHY MIND D Wishing the Hindu Community a Happy Diwali MALCOLM 079 335 0777 / FRANCES 065 324 0724

forefathers who had the insight to establish a place of worship for the future generations. Serving the people of Greytown and outlying areas, the mandir [temple] has grown from strength to strength despite challenging circumstance. Observing the major festivals has been a regular feature at the mandir and we are extremely grateful to the public for their support in making this possible. Dedicated officials and members ensure the smooth running of the temple. This year Diwali is celebrated on Sunday, October 27 and, as usual, Diwali hampers are distributed to the needy. Owing to generous contributions by business houses and well wishes, [about] 140 hampers are distributed. Maintaining the theme of good over evil and light over darkness, our dharma [way of living] teaches us to share, whether it be knowledge, wealth, resources etc. As human beings with intellect, we have the ability to decipher right from wrong and our humble prayer to God should be to protect our country from decay and collapse in order


Chairperson Vee Maharaj. to enable its citizens to live in peace and harmony. In conclusion, on behalf of all from the mandir, may God’s richest blessings be upon you and your loved ones this Diwali and always. Let the spirit of Diwali be a permanent part of our lives. Remember to protect your pets when celebrating. Jai Shree Raam

GROUP 137 Durban Street, Greytown Wishing the Hindu community a joyous and prosperous Diwali

93 Voortrekker Street, Greytown Tel: 033 413 1156

102 Sargeaunt Street, Greytown Tel: 033 413 2460

93 Durban Street, Greytown Tel: 033 417 1059


Lot 25, Main Road, Kranskop Tel: 033 940 1751

Wishing the Hindu community a happy and prosperous Diwali

To our Hindu customers and friends

Happy Deepavali From the Management and staff at


f Share your thoughts and views with us. Have your say on the Greytown Gazette Facebook page.

Greytown Gazette

23 October 2019

elebrations Sweetmeats and treats COCONUT ICE Ingredients • 9 cups desiccated coconut • 397g tin condensed milk • 155g tin Nestle cream • 1 teaspoon elachi (cardomom) powder • food colouring Syrup • 3 cups sugar • 1 cup water Method Mix coconut, elachi (cardomom), cream, and condensed milk. Make the syrup by mixing water and sugar. To test if the syrup is ready, dip your forefinger and thumb in it. It should form a “string” between your two fingers when you pull them apart. Add syrup to coconut. Mix and divide in half. Mix other half with few drops of colouring to create colour. Set down a white layer in a greased tray and

QUICK AND EASY BURFEE Ingredients • 500g klim • 500g icing sugar

then place the coloured mixture over that to create a second layer. Allow to harden in fridge and slice in squares. Note: You may also scoop the mixture into mini foil cups, sprinkle and decorate. — Pinterest.

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• 500g butter (softened) • elachi powder Method Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Roll the mixture into balls or press into silicone mould to create a shape. Decorate with edible baking materials. — Pinterest.

82 Pine Street, Greytown Tel: 033 417 2689


Coconut ice.

We hope the festival brings brightness and blessings into your home



60 Shepstone Street, Greytown, Tel : 033 413 2448/55

Bulk Fuel, Oil & Gas Supplies Wishing you and your family a Bright and Happy Diwali and a Prosperous Year ahead.

Vees Panelbeaters & Spray Painters

Gulab jamun

033 417 1888

Light to Heavy Collision Correction Specialists

GULAB JAMUN Ingredients • 2 ½ cups self-raising flour • 60ml semolina • 1 can condensed milk • 5ml elachi powder • 60g gram flour • 60ml ghee • 60ml water • 2,5ml ground nutmeg • Oil for frying Method In a large mixing bowl combine the condensed milk, ghee, water, and flavourings. Beat well. Add semolina and gram flour. Add self-raising flour and mix into a soft dough — add more flour if necessary for the right consistency. Shape into long finger shapes. Deep fry gently in oil. Remove and dip into warm syrup. Remove from the syrup. Roll in desiccated coconut (optional) — it’s not traditional but the coconut absorbs the syrup and the jamun is not overly sweet. To make the syrup: Dissolve the sugar in the water. Simmer for 15 minutes until reduced and sticky. Flavour with 12,5ml of rose water. Ensure the syrup is kept warm. — Food24.

field security


Dr Elliot Str, Greytown, 3250 Contact: Ronnie/Shaun Moodley • Tel: 065 908 2375 / Cell: 063 969 6075 Email:

May the Festival of Lights bring Joy and Happiness to our Friends of the Hindu Community.

Wishing the Hindu/Tamil Community a joyous and Prosperous Diwali 44 Okes St, Greytown Tel: 033 413 2735/ Tel: 033 413 2310 Fax: 033 413 1933

Vee’s Panelbeaters and 24 hr towing services Insurance approved

With blessings of good fortune, peace love and light Happy Diwali Jai Shri Raam

Tel: 033 41 33354 Cell: 083 630 1770

May the Supreme Light illumine your minds, enlighten your hearts, and strengthen the human bonds in your homes and communities

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Greytown Gazette

23 October 2019

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23 October 2019

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Teachers learn how to instil calm in classrooms LOCAL psychologist Reveni Aheer is training Wembley teachers who teach from Grade RRRR to Grade 3 about how to use a practical “hands-on” approach to emotional intelligence in the classroom. Teachers learnt that children need to learn how to name the emotion they are feeling in order to tame it; “Name it to tame it!” Children can get very overwhelmed by their feelings and, when this happens, they can make some poor choices with their behaviour. We are committed to helping children in our care to learn coping mechanisms and help them to become happy, emotionally intelligent people. Teachers begun EQ sessions this week and the first theme is growing calmness. Here, teachers are focusing on mindful breathing and finding inner calmness. This

calmness helps when children are scared, angry or sad. This is all about emotional regulation and how to delay an emotional response until the child can make good behavioural choices. Teachers would like children to respond and not react, which involves a considered response to a situation. The teachers have put “Calm Corners” in each junior primary classroom. These corners are places where a child can be guided into a safe emotional space. When a child is emotionally upset, they are unable to engage the pre-frontal cortex (the CEO of the brain). The calm corners allow them the space to self soothe until they are back “online” and able to engage and learn. According to leading SA teacher Gavin Keller, the optimal conditions for learning are: • Movement and brain breaks • A full, relaxed stomach

• A happy heart — there are 40 000 neurons in the heart • A calm brain stem (this is the part responsible for fight/flight/freeze) • A sense of connection and belonging from the limbic system (controls the basic emotions) • The pre-frontal cortex needs to be alert and “online”. When there is an overload of stimuli, the brain is no longer capable of calm thought. Remaining calm enables children to be better problem solvers and to be able to learn from one another. Wembley would like to thank Aheer for all her valuable, meaningful input into this vital area of our pupils’ development. Wembley continues to educate, nurture and inspire pupils to be individuals where they can learn, create, grow and flourish. — Supplied.

Pupils start garden to benefit community GRADE 9 pupils from Cebelesizwe Combined School held various Arbor Day initiatives recently, removing weeds and watering their garden. The vegetable garden project began during Mandela Day in mid-July with the aim of giving back to the community. The school’s social science teacher, H.S. Sithole, advised and assisted pupils in developing a vegetable garden that will teach gardening skills and benefit the community in the long-run. At the beginning the task seemed almost impossible because the school didn’t have enough resources and the land was a challenge as it is situated in a very dry area. Pupils had to bring tools from home and those who had cows brought compost from home to make the project possible. Sithole mentioned the role that was played by a general worker at the school, Mr Shezi, who has been very supportive of the project. “It may seem like a small project, but we invested a lot,” said one of the pupils, who also assured us that the first harvest will go to the grandparents [in the area] who are less fortunate as that was the initial reason that the project was developed.” — Supplied.


Pupils from Cebolesizwe Combined School weeding in the vegetable garden.

Window on Wembley MANY Wembley pupils participated in the Coddiwomple Trail

run at the Tarr Roses Open Day. — Supplied.

Pupils learn new skills at leadership camp OUR Grade 7 pupils went on a camp at the Nyala River Pans from September 17 to September 19. Pupils participated in many team-building and leadership

activities which included obstacle courses, hiking, night walks, canoeing and tubing. A lot of fun was had by all the pupils and we are sure that the memories made will last a life time. — Supplied.


Teachers and pupils from Wembley College at the Tarr Roses Open.

St David’s doings ST David’s School held their Inter-house Athletics day on September 11 in fine weather. Congratulations to all our athletes and to the preschoolers, moms and dads who took part in their races with great energy. The awards were presented by guest of honour M. Roodt, our Grade 6 teacher who will be retiring at the end of the year.

RESULTS: Senior Victor Ludorum: Awande Ntshingila Senior Victrix Ludorum: Anele Mavundla Junior Victor Ludorum: Mornae Fourie Junior Victrix Ludorum: Alondwe Ngcobo Junior Achiever: Snothando Mkhize Morgan Cup for Endeavour: Jan Fourie and Ruben Boshoff Slatter Memorial Cup for the


Grade 7 pupils and teachers at Nyala River Pans.

Winning House: Slatter Three records were broken: Mpendulo Malalose: Boys U8 60m sprint Mfundo Dlamini: Boys U11 80m sprint Newmarch: Boys Open 4x100 m relay. — Supplied. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

St David’s School pupils (from left) Snothando Mkhize (Junior Achiever); Mornae Fourie (Junior Victor Ludorum); Alondwe Ngcobo (Junior Victrix Ludorum); Awande Ntshingila (Senior Victor Ludorum); Anele Mavundla (Senior Victrix Ludorum); Jan Fourie and Ruben Boshoff (sharing the Morgan Cup for Endeavour); and Teagon Alexander, who represents the winning house, Slatter.

Page 12

Greytown Gazette

23 October 2019

Pupils learn about the importance of road safety ROAD safety was prioritised at Ema­khabeleni Primary School recently when the school was visited by a representative from the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport who came to educate pupils on the rules of the road and how to keep themselves safe when going home or to school. The pupils were very attentive and actively participated throughout the presentation, which was extremely beneficial to all the pupils. The next day, the pupils were quizzed about the presentation by school principal Nkanyiso Zondi, to find out if they were paying attention, with Zondi saying he was impressed with the way the pupils answered his questions and saying they had more questions to ask. Zondi said that many lives are being lost on the roads every year

and it is becoming crucial to teach children about road safety while they are still young. Zondi said he was grateful to the Department of Transport for the presentation that empowered his pupils. “They gave us pamphlets which were distributed to all the pupils at the school. The information will be beneficial to the pupils, even though our roads are not very busy, as it is always good for them to learn so that when they visit other areas they know what to do and how to cross the road. It was indeed empowering for the pupils and teachers as well,” Zondi said. The presentation is in line with Transport Month, which is observed in October of every year. October was declared Transport Month in 2005 during the Trans-

port Lekgotla. It is used to raise awareness on the important role of transport in the economy and to encourage participation from civil society and business, including the provision of a safe and more affordable, accessible and reliable transport system in the country. During this month, the Department of Transport and its entities showcase transport infrastructure services in aviation, maritime, public transport and roads. This month is also used to further advance the country’s road safety initiatives, while also creating awareness of the economic benefits of the sector. — Supplied. Ema­khabeleni Primary pupils show principal Nkanyiso Zondi what they learned during the presentation. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Practicing what they teach: teachers promote a healthy lifestyle PUPILS at Mount Ernestina Combined School participated in various activities recently. Teachers continued to make healthy lifestyles fashionable as five teachers chose to participate in the FNB Durban 10 km race. Teachers N.O. Dumakude, V.M. Zulu, S. Zulu, Q.E. Khanyile, and Z.C. Mbhele all ran a good race and encouraged other teachers to take part in running as a way of

keeping themselves healthy. The next race is the Save Orion 10 km event that will be held in Pieter­maritzburg on November 10. Ten teachers from the school will be participating in this event. The foundation phase (Grade R to Grade 3) pupils embarked on their end of the year excursion to Durban recently. Their excursion started with a visit to the Pavilion Shopping Centre before proceed-

Umvoti mUnicipality TENDER NOTICE Bids are hereby invited in terms of Section 83 of the Municipal Systems Act No. 32 of 2000, as amended and read together with Sections 110, 111 and 112 of the Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 of 2003 and Section 19 of Umvoti SCM Policy for the following:

Project Name

Contract No.

Briefing session

Tenders Closing Date

Supply, delivery and installation CCTV Cameras.

T2019/10/14/ SDICCTV.

25 October 2019 at 10h00.

20 November 2019 at 12h00.

Bid documents will be available only on the briefing session as per the above date, no document will be available after the briefing session payments must be made before the start of briefing session at the Finance Department. Payment of a non-refundable of R500.00 per document by means of cash or bank guaranteed cash or bank guaranteed cheque in favour of “UMVOTI MUNICIPALITY”. A compulsory briefing above mentioned date Town Hall, 41 Inkosi thereafter all parties will

session for prospective bidders will be as per starting at 10h00, at the Umvoti Municipality’s DinuZulu, Bell Street, Greytown, 3250, and proceed to the site.

LIST OF RETURNABLE DOCUMENTS: • The quotation will be evaluated in terms of the 80/20 Preference Point System • Prices quoted must be valid for at least one hundred and twenty (120) days • Prices quoted must be firm and must be inclusive of VAT • The successful provider will be the one scoring the highest points • MBD Forms 1,3.1, 4, 6.1, 8 & 9 • Valid original SARS Tax Clearance Certificate or attach the SARS letter with the PIN • Good Standing in Municipal Rates and Taxes or Lease agreement not older than three (3) months • Proof of Residence not older than three (3) months • CK or Company Registration Documents • Original/Certified BBBEE Certificate or SWORN Affidavit • Certified ID Copies of members/directors not older than 3 months • Authority of Signatory • Proof CSD Registration • In the case of a Joint Venture/ Consortium every member must submit a separate Tax Clearance Certificate/Tax Compliance/Pin,other supporting documents and a joint BBBEE Certificate or SWORN affidavit with the bid documents, failure to submit will disqualify the bid • Company Profile • CVs and Qualifications • Appointment Letter; Testimonial Letter/E-mail or Reference Letters. The Umvoti Local Municipality subscribes to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act No. 5 of 2000 and Preferential Procurement Regulations 2017. Bidders will be firstly evaluated on Functionality Criteria and should meet a minimum of 70% in order to be evaluated to the next stage. The 80/20 preference points will be applicable and bids may only be submitted on the bid documentation that is issued. Bids, in sealed envelope CLEARLY ENDORSED WITH THE RESPECTIVE PROJECT NAME are to be placed in the bid box at the Umvoti Municipality, 41 Bell Street, Greytown, 3250 as per the above date and time. Bids will be open in public on the said date and time. Telegraphic bids, late bids and bids not clearly marked as prescribed WILL NOT be considered. All enquiries should be directed to: Miss Nontokozo Sithole or Miss Andile Nene, on tel. (033) 413 9150/033 413 9149. Umvoti Municipality’s Procurement Policy will apply and the Municipality is not bound to accept the lowest bid or furnish any reason for the acceptance or rejection of any bid and reserves the right to accept any bid or part thereof.



ing to the SABC studios, Durban harbour and to the beach. Pupils were so happy to be in Durban. Ten pupils from the school participated in an event organised by E-Campus in Greytown. Pupils participated in story telling, poetry and a beauty pageant. S’nenhlanhla Gwala from Mount Ernestina Combined School was crowned the second princess in the beauty pageant. — Supplied.

SGB chairperson J. Ngobese with race participants (from left) N.O. Dumakude, V.M. Zulu, S. Zulu, and Q.E. Khanyile. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Motorbike ride fundraiser a success ON Sunday, October 13, New Hanover Preparatory School (NHP) hosted the annual motorbike ride fundraising event. The fundraiser was a great success, boasting the largest entry of riders for this event to date. The course winds through the beautiful farmland at the foot of the Blinkwater mountain range and is a rider’s paradise. Riders of all abilities took part in the event, enjoying the kiddies loop, technical enduro loop as well as alternate routes for less experienced riders. Thank you to all the members of the school community who made this event possible and to those who came from far and wide to support it. — Supplied.


Pupils from New Hanover Preparatory School and friends enjoy the bike ride.

Primary school welcomes new principal THE staff and committee from Kammaland Primary take great pleasure in welcoming Wesley Koekemoer as our new principal. Koekemoer previously taught mathematics at Christ Church College Pretoria and was in charge of rugby and the Grounds Prefect Portfolio. He also taught at Pretoria Boys’ High School, teaching mathematics and physical sciences, as well as at Waterkloof House Preparatory School, teaching mathematics and natural sciences (Grade 6 to Grade 7). We wish him many happy and successful years with us. As October is Cancer Awareness Month, the staff at Kammaland Primary School wore pink on Friday,

Young minds learn about saving money PUPILS of Igugu Primary School from Msinga visited Absa bank in Greytown recently. The pupils learned about how banks operate, how to save money and the importance of saving. — Supplied.

Staff from Kammaland Primary School wear pink in commemoration of Cancer Awareness Month. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

October 4 to show solidarity and support to all whose lives have been affected by this terrible disease. The importance of cancer awareness and early detection of the dis-

ease cannot be understated in this day and age. We as a school and staff pray that the future may bring more effective medical treatment for sufferers. — Supplied.

Absa branch manager J. Maharaj (back, left) and V. Zondi with pupils from Igugu Primary School. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Greytown Gazette

23 October 2019

Page 13

a member of the Tipp Focus Group PUBLIC NOTICE






TIPP-CON IN PARTNERSHIP WITH DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (GREYTOWN) AND UMVOTI LOCAL MUNICIPALITY would like to identify a CLO to be employed at the above mentioned project. It should be noted that the CLO will be employed directly by the Contractor only for the duration of the construction contracts.




Job Purpose •

Primary purpose of the Job will be to ensure that the local community gets maximum benefits from construction in terms of Job access and business access

Key performances areas • • • • • • •

Liaison between Community and the contractor Liaison between the project steering committee (PSC), local municipality and the Contractor Responsible to provide the link between local resources with the Contractor Compile a database to draw local resources Assist the Contractor in awareness of the community dynamics Assist the Contractor management in the management of local labours Give monthly report to community, Project steering committee.

Requirements • • • • • • • • •

Must be a south African Citizen Must be able to communicate, read and write in English and Zulu Must be reliable, accountable and currently unemployed Must know the local area very well Must be a resident of UMVOTI MUNICIPALITY of Ward 7 (only) Must be able to work under pressure and weekends Must have skills in conflict management Must have Completed Grade 12 Must have a Qualifications from a higher institution of education

PUBLIC NOTICE 2019/2020 REFURBISHMENT, MAINTENANCE AND ALTERATIONS OF GREY TOWN HOSPITAL TIPP-CON IN PARTNERSHIP WITH DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (GREYTOWN) AND UMVOTI LOCAL MUNICIPLAITY would like to identify a HIV CHAMPION to be employed at the above mentioned project. It should be noted that the HIV CHAMPION will be employed directly by the Contractor only for the duration of the construction contracts. Job brief An opportunity for HIV champion arises to conduct Awareness Champion from amongst the Workers, who speaks, reads and writes English, who speaks and understands all the local languages spoken by the Workers and who shall be on site during all stages of the construction period. Understanding of basic HIV/AIDS information, the support services available and the necessary skills to handle questions regarding the HIV/AIDS programme in a sensitive and confidential manner The Awareness Champion shall be responsible for: • • • •

Liaising with the Service Provider on organising awareness workshops; Filling condom dispensers and monitoring condom distribution; Handing out information booklets; Placing and maintaining posters on the construction site

Requirements • • • • •

Proven experience as an HIV CHAMPION Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities Excellent organizational and leadership skills Must be Computer literate Must have 3 traceable references

Unit Total

Work Activity


Grading Level




1. Concrete Work






2. General Building



6 or 12 m3 tipper truck



3. Storm Water



10 000L or 18 000 Water Cat



4. Electrical Work



5. Plumbing



6. Steel Work



Tipp-Con invites pre-qualifying applications for small micro enterprises to submit their company documents to the email address below: • Company registration certificates • Valid Tax clearance certificate • COIDA if registered in the name of the business • Proof of business address • Valid permits of the plant • Copy of ID of Directors • One page letter indicating the plant applied for Compulsory bid clarification will only be extended to qualifying SME with all the documents listed above. NB: COMPANIES MUST WRITE A ONE PAGE LETTER INDICATING THE WORK THEY ARE APPLYING FOR. ALL PLANT MUST BE REGISTER IN THE NAME OF THE COMPANY OR THE NAME OF COMPANY DIRECTORS


Tipp-Con invites pre-qualifying applications for small micro enterprises to submit their company documents to the email address below: • • • • • • •

Company registration certificates Valid Tax clearance certificate COIDA/ letter of good standing Proof of business address Valid CIDB Certificate Copy of ID of Directors One page letter indicating the work applied for

Compulsory bid clarification will only be extended to qualifying SME with all the documents listed above. NB: COMPANIES MUST WRITE A ONE PAGE LETTER INDICATING THE WORK THEY ARE APPLYING FOR.




TIPP-CON IN PARTNERSHIP WITH DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (GREYTOWN) AND UMVOTI LOCAL MUNICIPLAITY would like to identify an office administrator to be employed at the above mentioned project. It should be noted that the office administrator will be employed directly by the Contractor only for the duration of the construction contracts.


Job brief We are looking for a reliable Office Administrator. S/he will undertake administrative tasks, ensuring the rest of the staff has adequate support to work efficiently.

• The tasks of the office administrator will include bookkeeping and mentoring office assistants. • The ideal candidate will be competent in prioritizing and working with little supervision. • They will be self-motivated and trustworthy. The office administrator ensures smooth running of main contractor company’s offices and contributes in driving high performance culture. Responsibilities • Coordinate office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies • Supervise administrative staff and divide responsibilities to ensure performance • Manage agendas/travel arrangements/appointments etc. for the upper management • Manage phone calls and correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages etc.) • Support budgeting and bookkeeping procedures as required • Create and update records and databases with personnel, financial and other data • Track stocks of office supplies and place orders when necessary • Submit timely reports and prepare presentations/proposals as assigned • Assist colleagues whenever necessary Requirements • Proven experience as an office administrator, office assistant or relevant role • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities • Excellent organizational and leadership skills • Familiarity with office management procedures and basic accounting principles • Excellent knowledge of MS Office and office management software • Qualifications in secretarial/administration studies • Grade 12/Matric • Certificate/diploma in office administration or relevant

Security companies from ward 7 in UMVOTI local municipality are invited to send security services proposals to provide services as outlined below:

Security personnel



Day shift starting 06h00am to 06h00pm - Grade D security personnel



Night shift starting 06h00pm to 06h00am - Grade D security personnel



Reaction services


For discussions

Tipp-Con invites pre-qualifying applications for small micro enterprises to submit their company documents to the email address below: • Company registration certificates • Valid Tax clearance certificate • COIDA if registered in the name of the business • Proof of business address • Valid permits of the plant • Copy of ID of Directors • One page letter indicating the plant applied for Compulsory bid clarification will only be extended to qualifying SME with all the documents listed above. NB: THIS OPPORTUNITY IS FOR WARD 7 COMPANIES ONLY

Enquiries: Gerhard Hefer @Tipp-Con (Quantity Surveyor) Tel: +27 (0)11 805 3447 | Email:

NB: All applications and enquiries must be sent to the email provided above (

Closing date: 25 October 2019 @ 15H00

Page 14

Greytown Gazette


23 October 2019



Senza umsebenzi omuhle noncomekayo

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40 Dr Wessels Street • Greytown 3250 Phone: 033 417 1237

Buyers of: Scrap Metal Plastic Cardboard Paper etc

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We collect. Help to SAVE our PLANETT

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IN loving Memory of Clive Robertson. 27.11.1949 20.10.2018. Loved ones never go away. For in your hearts they always stay.



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BABS DRIVING SCHOOL Are you preparing for a learners/ drivers license test and do not know how to get ready? Well, worry not because at Babs Driving School we specialise in giving the best learners/ drivers license tuition. 40 Pine Street. 082 306 5001


TRUCK Hire 1, 4, 5, 8 ton + 4 ton roll back and forklift 084 479 0453/ 076 7008 634

READERS WRITE ... READERS WRITE Correspondence - Names and addresses of correspondents must in all cases, accompany the communications, not necessarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith. A free interchange of matters of public interest will be encouraged but we are not held responsible as endorsing the opinions of our correspondents.

Forum: ‘Advocate Barnard must withdraw his words’

THE Criminal Justice System in South Africa is simply not doing enough for rape survi1835 vors. Our system, and people like Advocate LouCARPET and upholstery cleaning. Owner supervised is Barnard, are failing survivors of rape as and quick. Call or whatsapp: few cases are reported and even less get jus083 320 4008 tice. As a woman in South Africa, making a decision to report a rape case is a difficult one SECURITY and is the start of a long and distressing journey and therefore we cannot have people like 1865 Barnard who seem to be looking down and BSB ENTERPRISES HOME IMPROVEMENTS INTERIOR

undermining these cases. It is very disturbing to hear such grimy words uttered by him. I quote: “This is not an exceptional matter. It is not like he [the suspect] threw her out of the window. There is nothing special about this matter.” What does he take as special in a rape matter? Is throwing a woman out of the window special? He sounds like a gender-based violence culprit and we cannot afford to have people who still have that mentality in our

society; we are tired. We understand that he is desperate for his client to be released and it does not matter if there is enough evidence or not in the case, but his choice of words is unacceptable. As the Umvoti Child Protection Forum, we would like Advocate Louis Barnard to take back his words. NYAMEKO MBHONO Secretary of the Umvoti Child Protection­ Forum

FRESH! Local laundry Supply, Install alarms, service. Contact 071 898 CCTV, Automative gates, electric 0813/ 060 472 5933 accessories, fencing. Barry 078 179 8420 GREYTOWN RADIATORS BUSINESS ADRESS: 1119 Bell Street Greytown 3250 * Radiator BUSINESS *Intercooler OPPORTUNITIES * Fuel Tank

2415 * Oil Cooler * Heater radiator. Phone JOIN my winning Avon 076 915 9835 063 613 4748 team today. Earn commission on your sales. Full ZULU Kamafu Enterprise training and support given. pty(Ltd) registered profes- Dont delay start earning sional Home Builders now. Contact Debbie 1. Building and Renovation Cunningham 082 216 8266 2. Roofing and cleaning 3. Paving PROPERTIES 4. Tiling 5. Ceiling 6. Plumbing FLATS TO RENT 7. Electricity Contact Marvelous 076 3250 0166322 064 9065480 1 bedroom, lounge, kitchen Contact 033 413 2393 FOR SALE

EMPLOYMENT MISCELLANEOUS 1655 EMPLOYMENT WANTED BIG cornish (prayer) 3670 roosters and hen for sale. INNOCENT seeks garden Also dressed cornish, culls, ducks and double yolk eggs job 081 896 6518/ available. Contact 066 4491652 066 328 8031

GENERAL ORBITREK R1000, quadbike 80cc as is R2000. Buil3680 ding material odds ends COMPANY in Greytown what offers. 082 558 2811 urgently looking for a part time perishabale supervisor. Marketing diploma/ PETS certificate/course/experi1660 ence will be beneficial. DOG and cat boarding. Please email your CV to hrtContact 072 096 9634


Grade R pupils at the graduation ceremony held at the school. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

School honours pupils at graduation ceremony THOLINHLANHLA Full-Service Primary School recently held their Grade 7 farewell followed by their Grade R graduation cer-

emony, which was a big success, at their school hall with parents present. The principal would like to

Missing child sought THE KZN Social Development Service Office in u­M­swathi requests anyone who may have information pertaining to a boy who was found at Appelsbosch near Inqolayolwazi Primary School on October 1 to come forward. He is estimated to be threeweeks-old. Anyone with information can contact social worker T.A. Ntuli at 033 502 2160/89. — Supplied.

thank the members of the school governing body, parents, and teachers for their team work and continuous support.

Timetables for exams (Grade 4 to Grade 7) are out and parents are urged to support learners with studying. — Supplied.

Music lovers in for a treat at welfare fundraiser MUSIC lovers — prepare yourselves for an evening of non-stop entertainment when Pravesh Sunker takes the stage at the Community Centre on Saturday, November 30. Backed by the popular Ajesh Kumar Showband, and accompanied by singer Nerissa Sewrathan, the show caters for golden oldies as well as current hits. Radio personality Pravesh Sunker has entertained music lovers with his versatility and promises to make our show a memorable one. For further information contact the Greytown Child Welfare at 033 413 3174

during office hours. A humble appeal is made for your support in this fundraising endeavour. INFORMATION PLEASE • Anyone with information regarding the following people is asked to please contact T.P. Makhaye (social worker) at the Child Welfare Kranskop at 033 444 1578. We are looking for: • The father of Muzikayise Thembani from the Ntunjambili area. His mother, Buyelaphi Zondani Ntuli, died on January 12, 2016. — Supplied.

Greytown Gazette

23 October 2019

Page 15

Hard work pays off for KZN’s top spellers ANDILE SITHOLE >> THE proud mother of Wartburg Kirchdorf School Grade 7 pupil Monique Walkinshaw described her daughter as a hard working and dedicated pupil. Monique came first in the Spelling Bee competition held at Eastwood Hall recently. “I am so proud of her. She is one of the top children in the classroom. “Monique is such a dedicated and hardworking child. As a parent, I feel honoured to have a child like her,” said Megan Walkinshaw. The top ten Grade 7 spellers from both the Msunduzi Municipality and the uMshwathi Municipality partici-

pated in the Grand Finals of the 2019 Spelling Bee. The purpose of the spelling bee was to help pupils improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, learn concepts, and develop correct language usage for a lifetime. uMshwathi Municipality Communications Officer Sibusiso Mkhithi said: “These are the same words which are used in the Department of Education competitions. “The Spelling Bee was originally established in response to a need within communities for a stimulating educational programme, outside the regular school curriculum, which would focus specifically on English language basics. “The programmes which we use are designed to contribute to the de-

velopment of our youths’ self-esteem by creating pride in academic achievement and, in the process, help to build a solid foundation for their future education and careers.” Mkhithi said the uMshwathi Municipality Library Services embarked on this spelling bee outreach programme as part of their community service project to empower and educate learners through information. “Our goal is to encourage the youth to expand their vocabulary, communication skills and self-confidence by providing a foundation for future scholastic achievements,” Mkhithi said. The participating pupils came from schools which included Cool Air Primary School, Wartburg

Kirchdorf School, Georgenau Combined School, Trustfeed Primary School, Albert Falls Primary School, New Hanover Farm School, Deccan Road Primary School, Green Hill Primary School, Newholmes Primary School, Northdale Primary School, Orient Heights Primary School, W A Lewitt Primary School, TPA Primary School, and Allandale Primary School. “The competition was extremely tough and it proved that all the pupils who participated are winners. “Each pupil proved that they all worked very hard for the competition,” Mkhithi said. The top four pupils went into another final elimination round until there were only three remaining. The first-place winner was Mon-


Parents, teachers and officials from uMshwathi Municipality congratulate Spelling Bee winners (front, from left) Izbah Aboobucker, Monique Walkinshaw and Amira Aliee.

Home for the aged gears up for fete THE annual Arcadia fete is just around the corner. This year, the fete will take place on November 2, starting from 9 am, at a new venue —the Mascor showrooms on the corner of Bell Street and Pine Street. There is fun for everyone, from secondhand clothing, household goods, children’s entertainment, to

food stalls. Should you wish to donate any items for the fete, please drop them off at Arcadia. We are looking for good-quality secondhand clothing or household goods as well as cakes and biscuits. Recently, the Umvoti Garden Club visited the home and celebrated Garden Day. Thank you to all the ladies

who organised the event and for supplying the scrumptious tea. We live in a very caring community who have supported us over the year. To each and every business or person who has made a contribution towards the home, a very big thank you. Please follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest happenings at Arcadia. — Supplied.

Junior writer launches her first book ANDILE SITHOLE >> A GRADE 9 pupil from Wartburg Kirchdorf School, Nobukhosi Buthelezi, launched her first book recently, called Royal Scars, which was published by Intentionally Elegant Publishers. Nobukhosi told the Gazette that writing is her hobby. “It’s funny because I never used to like reading in my lower grades — I’d sleep in class when the teacher was reading us stories — but, as I grew up, all that changed, I also don’t know how. “I look up to people like Dudu Busani-Dube, the author of Zulu Wedding and Hlomu the Wife. My brother is also my source of inspiration, he motivates me a lot. He is a fashion designer so he always tells me that being an artist is the best excuse for being crazy and, trust me, my brother is crazy. “Nobody in my family is a writer, I’m the first one although my mother used to like writing when she was young but, due to a lack of knowledge about writing, lack of access to publishers


Nobukhosi Buthelezi with her book, Royal Scars. and financial struggles she neglected the idea and became a social worker instead,” she said. Nobukhosi said she is always

writing, even during school time, but somehow she never falls behind on her school work. “During the June exams I was writing my book Royal Scars but I still got good grades. I think it’s a matter of knowing what you want and knowing how to utilise your time wisely. “I want to study journalism or law — I’m still stuck between choosing either of those two. I definitely am planning on writing more books in the future,” she said. The book Royal Scars is about a girl who’s life changes drastically after the brutal death of her mother. She falls in love with a prince, who she discovers has a secret that may affect his image in the community. Nobukhosi was raised by a single mother and has an older brother. She has spent most of her schooling career in boarding schools; where she learnt how to interact with different individuals with differing backgrounds. She loves to study the people around her and write about them, she also enjoys predicting stories about strangers. Her school wishes her everything of the very best for her bright future.

ique, who was followed in second place by Izbah Aboobucker from Allandale Primary School with Amira Aliee from W A Lewitt Primary School placing third. “We were all delighted that the first-place trophy was won by a pupil from uMshwathi Municipality. “This was indeed a unique event, with uMshwathi Municipality Library Services and Msunduzi Municipality Library Services collaborating and working together. “We will be working together on more outreach programmes, spelling bees and storytelling outreach programmes. By so doing we will be embracing the journey of uniting our municipalities and accomplishing sustainable development goals together,” Mkhithi added.

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Greytown GAZETTE

23 October 2019

SPORT NEWS Tennis Club AGM THE Tennis Club annual general meeting (AGM) was held on Friday evening with about thirty members in attendance. Chairman Colin Corbishley gave his report and thanked his committee for their support over the last year. He will be standing as chairman for a further year and Jack Ridl, as vice chairman, will be taking over some of his duties. Gareth Larkan was elected as a new committee member. The rest of the members are Peter Hardy, Mark Thomas, Sylvia Varty, Corné Nefdt and Tish van Rooyen. Van Rooyen is in charge of tuck and kitchen supplies. Non committee portfolios are Ingrid Surendorff (treasurer), Joanie Koller (catering), Guy Platt (maintenance), Mike Barrow (gardens), Ian Hill (trophies), Ashley Cotterrell (balls), Clive Edkins (refreshments), and Wendy Edkins. Thanks must go to Corbishley and his committee for their hard work over the last year. Koller presented the trophies for the RTS and Organic for Africa sponsored club handicaps and championships, which took place earlier in the year. Thanks to Pete Koller and Guy Platt for the vouchers. HANDICAP RESULTS Men’s singles: Clive Edkins Runner up: Qaphela Mzila Ladies singles: Carol Adendorff Runner up: Ruth Drew Men’s doubles: Qaphela Mzila and Jack Yeadon Runners up: Jack Ridl and Cameron van Schalkwyk Ladies doubles: Ingrid Surendorff and Wendy Edkins Runners up: Sylvia Varty and Carol Aden-

dorff Mixed doubles: Qaphela Mzila and Corné Nefdt Runners up: Clive and Wendy Edkins

THE Greytown Child and Youth Care Centre’s Golf Day took place on Saturday,

October 12. Well done to all attendees. — Supplied.

CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS Men’s singles: Colin Corbishley Runner up: Clive Edkins Ladies singles: Carol Adendorff Runner up: Sylvia Varty Men’s doubles: Still to be played Ladies doubles: Corné Nefdt and Shan Stamp Runners up: Sylvia Varty and Carol Adendorff Mixed doubles: Clive Edkins and Erika Gevers Runners up: Colin Corbishley and Joanie Koller Most improved man: Qaphela Mzila Most improved lady: Tish van Rooyen The meeting finished at 7 pm, after which the members and their families enjoyed delicious snacks. Thanks to Corbishley for organising them. The next item on the agenda is the Roley Hill men’s doubles event which will take place in early December. Submit your entries to Ashley Cotterrell at 082 415 0525. TENNIS DUTY: October 19 — Dieter Meyer October 26 — Deon van Rooyen November 2 — Mike Barrow November 9 — Keith Cowie November 16 — Ian Redfern November 23 — Colin Corbishley November 30 — Jack Ridl December 7 — Mark Thomas December 14 — James de Nysschen. — Supplied.


Members of the Greytown Country Golf (from left) Barry van Niekerk, Bigboy Ngonyama, Issac Khumalo, and John Mlangeni.


Junior jottings THE U10 cricket team played a match against Wembley College on October 19. Greytown won the toss and took the field to bowl their first innings, hitting seven wickets and playing 20 overs. Greytown Junior went in to bat and were bowled out by 22 runs in 20 overs. Top scorers were Ntando Latha and Nashav Bachoolal. Wembley College had a solid team, quick on their defence, and managed to penetrate through a few gaps to secure victory with

Club players tee off to victory at golf day

73 runs and six wickets. The first-team cricket side also played a match against Wembley College on Saturday. Wembley College won the toss and chose to bowl. Greytown Junior went in to bat and were bowled out for 28 runs in 14 overs. Top scorer was Cassius Yu. Wembley College went in to bat after the interval, achieving the total in four overs. Thus, Wembley College won the match with 10 wickets remaining. — Supplied.


Greytown Country Club news IT was a boiling hot summer’s day but we had a decent field for the RTS sponsored 9@9 competition. Pete Caljouw won on a count out against David Cunningham with 20 points. Thank you to everyone who supported our Happy Hour. Congratulations to Felix Crowe, who won the R1 000, and to Grace Corbishley who walked away with the Chivas.

DATES TO DIARISE: November 2 — Greytown Classic Golf Day November 16 — Greytown Moths Golf Day December 7— Mascor Monthly Mug/Business League December 14 — Hackers Bring and Take December 21 — David’s Motors Development Compo. — Supplied.

Arsenal FC gets set to represent the district at the Nedbank Cup




>> ARSENAL FC emerged the winners in the Nedbank Cup playoffs under the uMzinyathi District held at King Edward Park Stadium in Greytown on Sunday, October 20. The Glencore team first locked horns with the Greytown boys — Crusaders FC — in the semi-finals. Arsenal FC won by 4-2, defeating the Crusaders in the semi-finals. In the finals, Arsenal FC defeated Ocean FC 2-1. The team will now represent the uMzinyathi District in the Nedbank Cup games that will be held in Ixopo on October 26. In their next game at Ixopo, the Glencore team will be competing with Ilembe in Group B in the quarter-finals.

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Arsenal FC players.

“We Love to Serve you”

Profile for Claudia Banha

Greytown Gazette 25/10/19  

Greytown Gazette 25/10/19