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GAZETTE Umvoti | Kranskop | New Hanover | Msinga Magisterial Districts 10 000 copies weekly| Est. 1903



Bhambatha statue  still  swathed  in  mystery Still  swathed  in  layers  of  plastic  sheeting  ,  the  statue  of  Bhambatha  stands  supreme  and  unveiled  in  the  Umvoti  Municipality  Heritage  and  Memorial  Park  in  the  grounds  of  the  Town  Office.  Across  the  park  the  statue  King  Shaka  contemplates  and  monitors  the  visitors  to  the  Memorial  Park. Six  years  ago  an  ungainly  “Iron  Curtain”  was  erected  around  the  Town  Office  garden  with  much  mysterious  activity  taking  place  behind.  Eventually  in  2015  it  was  announced  that  this  was  a  statue  of  Umvoti  hero  ,  Chief  Bhambatha  ,  and  it  would  be  unveiled  by  President  Jacob  Zuma  on  Heritage  Day  with  accompanying  celebrations.  But  at  the  last  minute,  the  unveiling  was  cancelled  ,  even  though  the  celebrations  took  place.  Now  ,  February  2017  ­  111  years  after  Bhambatha  led  his  rebellion  against  the  Poll  Tax  –  recognition  is  still  veiled  in  plastic.


Weekend marred  by  violence IN a weekend of violence six people were killed in the district. Three members of the Mkhize family were shot dead in Matimatolo and three young boys drowned in a flash-flood in Msinga. It was reported that the three male Mkhize cousins were returning from a traditional family celebration on Saturday when they were ambushed and shot dead. An intensive police investigation is under way and at the time of going to press the motive for these killings was unknown. A severe storm on Saturday claimed the lives of three young boys in Msinga who had tried to shelter from it. A group of five youngsters had taken cover in a pipe under a bridge at Msinga Top. A strong surge of water washed them away and three, Asibongiwe Sithole, Thabo Mbatha and Khethukuthula Myeza, drowned. A

number of households in the area were damaged. In reporting the tragedy a Cogta spokesperson said the department was running a public awareness programme to educate rural communities about the dangers of thunderstorms. In the Greytown area, two armed men raided the smallholding of Chris and Cynthia Tredoux in Mispah. She was alone in the house when they broke in. They forced her to open the safe, then gagged, beat and blindfolded her. Farmers, security and SAPS personnel were quickly on the scene and followed the trail of the suspects for 10 kilometres, and some of the stolen items were recovered. At the time to going to press, the Greytown Gazette was unable to confirm whether the wedding plans of the couple who were to marry on Monday had been carried out.


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8 Panel enGineered door or Stable door 813 mm x 2032 mm

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HardWood FRAME AND LEDGE Z braCed door 813 mm x 2032 mm

The Greytown  resident  who  submitted  this  to  the  ‘Greytown  Gazette’  last  week  queried  whether  Umvoti  Municipality  personnel  were  actually  aware  of  where  the  old  Dundee  Road  is.  As  can  be  seen  above,  the  verges  have  been  turned  into  a  second  dumping  site  for  the  town  and  the  road  itself  is  an  ‘undriveable’  muddy  morass. 

SaPele door 813 mm x 2032 mm


Stop press THE boisterous deafening claps and rolls and thunder accompanied by brilliant streaks of lightening set the scene for the storm in Greytown and district


late on Monday night. Rietvlei hit the jackpot with 80mm recorded, followed by Seven Oaks with up to 70mm in some areas.

In Greytown itself totals of between 13mm and 18mm were recorded. On Monday Lake Merthley was 34.39% full.

Making home building simple

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READERS WRITE  ... Profit  for  the  post  office ALL my property rates accounts from the Umvoti Municipality are emailed to me. Despite numerous letters, emails and phone calls they are still also posting them - eight postages at R3.60 - cost of eight envel-

opes, cost of 12 printed sheets and the cost of someone putting the sheets into the envelopes and posting them. More wasted money, but who cares, certainly not the municipality.      Another  annoyed  ratepayer

READERS WRITE Correspondence  ­  Names  and  addresses  of  correspondents  must  in  all  cases,  accompany  the  communications,  not  necessarily  for  publi­ cation,  but  as  a  guarantee  of  good  faith.  A  free  interchange  of  matters  of  public  interest  will  be  encouraged  but  we  are  not  held  responsible  as  endorsing  the  opinions  of  our  correspondents.

Pompom weed  infestation GREYTOWN Gazette readers, who have information on any Pompom weed infestations in the area, are requested to contact the following for as-

sistance in getting rid of these invasive plants - Vusi Mkhize on za or Cliff Walton on

15 February  2017

Snakes alive ONE of the joys of rural living is the fact that one unwittingly shares one’s living space with an interesting variety of wildlife, snakes included. Because snakes have no internal ability to control their body temperature they have to rely on the environment to regulate their body heat requirements, which means that in the KZN Midlands snakes go into hibernation in winter and are active during hot summer months. With the high temperatures being currently experienced snakes are more active and therefore encounters with these fascinating creatures are more likely. Traditionally, snakes have been regarded in a negative light as slimy, threatening and aggressive creatures that will readily attack people. However, most snakes are shy and will quickly and quietly move away to avoid confrontation with humans. Only if cornered, threatened or trodden on will most snakes defend themselves by spitting or biting. Contrary to popular belief, many snakes play a vital and valuable role

                                                                                                                                                               PHOTO: STRUAN  COWIE

The beautiful,  harmless  Western  Natal  Green  Snake  feeds  on  frogs  and  geckos.  in the control of vermin such as rats and mice and other garden pests such as slugs and snails, and do not prey on humans. Sadly, too often, harmless snakes are killed because they are misidentified and misunderstood, and, not every green snake is a boomslang or green mamba. Because the prey of many snakes is rats, mice and frogs, which are predominantly nocturnal, it means the species of snakes that eat these creatures tend to hunt at night. As a precaution wear closed shoes if walking around in the garden in the

evening. The best approach to have regarding snakes is to educate yourself and family about snakes. Learn which are toxic, aggressive and a possible danger, and which are harmless and pose no threat to humans. Not all biting snakes inject the same toxins if they bite, therefore, find out about the types of toxins, how they affect the victim and basic rules of immediate first aid if bitten. If a snake is encountered, stop moving and remain quiet. Invariably the snake will move away.

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Spray or  shave  2017 JUST about everyone has a family member or friend who has, or has had cancer will support cancer survivors at the 2017 Shavathon on Saturday 25 February at Mascor (Bell Street) Greytown from 8.30am.

There is a way to stand out...

For the brave, they can have a a total head shave or a selection of colourful sprays to highlight their hair. A donation of R50 to CANSA is requested - children under 12 are R25

Launch of  new  education  project THE Umvoti Aids Centre proudly launched its new education partnership with St James Anglican Church on 1 February aimed at Grade 1 and Grade 2 pupils. A total of 24 children from Nhlalkahle and surrounds will be taught maths, English and computer literacy. The classes will take place at the centre after school four days a week. Spokesman for Umvoti Aids centre told Greytown Gazette: “We are thankful for the support of the church as well as Rishad’s Computers and Harry’s Bar and Grill who donated time and money towards the upgrade of our old laptops.” If any members of the public is willing to help with nominal sponsorship or services


For all your ADVERTISING call Rashnee.

033 413 2310

each. Mascor will donate R10 to the Cancer Association of SA for every donation received. For details see the MascorGreytown Gazette sponsored advertisement on page 3.



The nominated  children  and  sponsors  at  the  UAC  Training  Centre. towards the project or wish to know more, they must call Dips on 082 380 3489.


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Greytown Gazette

15 February  2017

Learn about  butterflies  from  local  lepidopterist

Our champion  South  African  migrant  butterfly  ­  the  Brown­veined  White  sips  nectar  from  a  verbena  flower.

A group  of  ‘Whites’  enjoy  a  sip  of  moisture  from  a  mud  patch  on  a  hot  day  in  Muden.

A Gaudy  Commodore  butterfly  soaks  up  the  early  morning  sun. 


enjoy these amazing insects, and talks and slideshows have been presented by experts, helping enlighten folk on the importance of habitat conservation. These have been held in various parts of our province. A butterfly weekend was held and focused on Muden. We were hosted by Mhlopeni Nature Reserve and Ivala Lodge, and fun was had by all. Another outing is being planned for autumn at the same venues. Watch the press for details. Anybody interested in butterflies can contact Kevin Cockburn on 082 783 5436, or Stella Cockburn on 082 578 1356.

BUTTERFLY and moth enthusiasts have been busy in recent months. Following the successful publication of the Southern African Butterfly Conservation Assessment in 2013, members of the Lepidopterists’ Society of Southern Africa have been updating the assessments of our endangered butterflies and moths. In conjunction with South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) the assessments will be included in the South African Biodiversity report that will be presented to government in 2018. This report will include the state of, and the threats to South Africa's biodiversity, and will form the environmental baseline for all fuPO BOX 90 PHONE 033 413 2452 KELLY STREET ture planning - the GREYTOWN FAX 033 417 1525 GREYTOWN government or pri3250 E-mail: 3250 vate sector. Much fieldwork 03 FEBRUARY 2017 has been, and is beDear Parent/Guardian: SGB BY-ELECTIONS ing undertaken on Notice is hereby given that a meeting for the nomination and election of nominees of our threatened speFOUR [04] parent members of the governing body of Greytown Secondary School, will cies, and they will be held on WEDNESDAY the 22ND FEBRUARY 2017 at 18:00 at Greytown Secondary be assessed in School. terms of InternaThis by-election is being held on the 22ND FEBRUARY 2017 due to FOUR members of tional Union for the parent component of the SGB, having no learners at school. Conservation of NaNominees [who must be parents/guardians] of learners at the school and who are not ture (IUCN) protoemployed at the school] may be nominated by submitting to the Electoral Officer a cols. nomination form, duly completed by the nominee and his I her proposer and seconder. Many landownBoth the proposer and the seconder must be parents I guardians of learners at the ers and conservaschool. The nomination form must be returned to the school at least one day before the tion bodies have date of the above meeting. given their time and Nominations will also be accepted at the nomination and election meeting. If nominees allowed access to cannot be present at the nomination meeting, written proof must be submitted at the their properties for meeting that the nominee is willing to serve as a member of the governing body. the fieldwork to An election meeting will be held on the same day as the nomination meeting mentioned take place, and above. some good relationNB: It is the responsibility of parents I guardians to ensure that their names are on the ships have been school’s voters roll which can be viewed at school. forged, and some Only parents whose names and identity numbers are on the school’s voters roll will be eyes opened. entitled to participate in the school’s governing body election. Parents voters must provide proof of identification in the form of a South African identity There have also document or a valid passport. been numerous fun Your urgent attention on the above matter will be appreciated. outings with members of the public Electoral Officer invited to come Date Issued: 03 FEBRUARY 2017 along and learn and


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High­tech baby  users,  not  cute  or  healthy MANY parents think it is “so cute” when their young babies perform various functions on digital devices and baby is captivated by the screen as it is so easy to use as a “babysitting”device. iPad holders have been designed to clip onto the cot as a sleep or entertainment tool. On average children spend five to six hours a day staring at screens states psychologist Sue Palmer. Sometimes two at once, watching TV while playing on an iPad. Even prior to iPads hitting the market in 2010 experts warned that 80% of children arrived at school with poor coordination due to a sedentary lifestyle. The earlier children are hooked on screens, the more difficult it is to wean them off. The long-term impact is not yet known but research in Japan shows that far more children require glasses from an earlier age because of screen fixation. But there are many more problems arising from the onscreen activities which affects their overall development. It’s what the screens displace – activities children are not doing in the real world - as Palmer says “real play”. They no longer learn through firsthand experiences how to be human and are much less likely to play or socialise outdoors with others. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends no screen-time for children under two and a maximum two hours a day thereafter, and this includes video, TV, computer and cell phones. Babies are born with an intense desire to learn about their world, so they’re highly motivated to interact with people and objects around them - the beginning of real play.

But when little ones can get instant rewards from high-tech devices, they don’t need to bother with real play. Images on a screen can be just as fascinating as the real world, and even a very small child can learn to control the images with a clumsy swish of podgy fingers. If the next generation is to grow up bright, balanced and healthy enough to use technology wisely, parents need to take action, and that means limiting screen-time, spending time together as a family and ensuring that children go out to play. Modern technology develops at a phenomenal rate - any IT skills that children learn before the age of seven will be long past their sell-by date by the time they reach their teens. But self-confidence, emotional resilience, creative thinking, social skills and the capacity for focused thought will stand them in good stead whatever the future brings. Comment was requested on the above article from Early Childhood Development consultant Charmanye Forster of Letcee Greytown, who has many years of expertise in her field who told the Greytown Gazette: “What an excellent article. It is so important for young children to have opportunities to develop holistically. At a recent conference focusing on play in Gauteng a number of leading academics concurred with this article ( ence-2016/). “I implore parents to encourage their children to play outdoors and indoors, to explore, create, communicate and move.”

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Mount Ernestina  Combined  School  news

15 February  2017

New Hanover  Prep  School  news

Grade 3  pupils  at  uShaka  Marine  World. WITH so much to offer, from the mysteries of the ocean to the thrill of Wet ‘n Wild, Grade 3 pupils from New Hanover Prep enjoyed their annual visit to uShaka Marine World. They explored the underground viewing galleries extending through the shipwreck, which are home to 300 species of marine

life and 10 000 sea creatures, and got to know the dolphins at the show at the Dolphin Stadium. They popped in at the Penguin Rockery where over 63 endangered African Penguins reside and ended off chilling on the Lazy River Adventure ride before experiencing the excitement of the many fun rides.

Indlovana Primary  School  news Some  of  the  97  pupils  show  off  their  new  school  shoes.

Winning athletes  (front)  twins  Fundiswa  and  Nomfundo  Malembe  and  (back,  from  left)  Thembisile  Zungu,  Cebile  Buthelezi  and  Mbali  Mtshali. FIVE Mount Ernestina Combined School athletes excelled at the Umzinyathi District Athletics meeting on 4 February at Dundee High School. The five were all medal winners - Thembisile Zungu won two silver medals in 1500m and 3000m. Mbali Mtshali achieved two gold medals in 1500m and 3000m. The school’s speedy twins, Nomfundo and Fundisiwe Malembe, both won a silver med-

al in the 100m and 800m. Cebile Buthelezi won a bronze medal in 800m. Thembisile and Mbali were selected as members of the district team that will participate at the provincial athletics meeting on 24 February in Kings Park in Durban. The school is very proud of these talented athletes. - Thanda Jila

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INDLOVANA Primary School pupils, teachers management and parents are once again appreciative of the generous donation made to the school by Greytonian Mr A. Casanova. This is the third year that a number of pupils have been able to attend school with new shoes. Mr Casanova, who is passionate

about the importance of education for the youth said: “I would do anything to assist the needy pupils, just give me a call and I will do my best.” The purchase of 97 pairs of school shoes amounted to R10 080. The school is also in the process of providing a special pair of shoes to a pupil, who has a deformity.

Kammaland Primary Roxanne  Sadler,  a  fashion  designer  in  the  making,  designed  her  own  outfit  as  part  of  our  ‘Clothes  theme’  in  the  Grade  R  class.  You  are  invited  to  come  and  play  in  our  Jaco  Botha  Memorial  Golf  Day  on  Saturday  18  February.  There  is  only  space  for  four  teams.

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15 February  2017

Wembley College  news

Georgia Bown,  Ashleigh  Mason,  Riaan  Swanepoel,  Taylor  Porée,  Louné  Lotter  and  Phumelele  Mtshali.

LOUISE YEADON RUCHIRA Ghosh, regional director in South Asia for Cambridge International Examinations, talks about the value of teachers in our schools. Teachers are our leaders, they inspire and engage our children in-

stilling in them not just knowledge, but also values and attitudes that can guide pupils for the rest of their lives. In reality the classroom is the foundation stone where our future society is laid. Great teachers inspire their pupils to discover more and to achieve more, not just in tests

and examinations, but in life. Excellent examination results can be the fuel to power young minds to achieve further. The Wembley College Form 4 pupils, with the help of their teachers, have achieved the highest EGCSE examination scores in the 20-year history of our school. The highest

Window on  Wembley

class averages were 84% for ICT and business studies, 83% for physical science, 82% for biology, 81% for Afrikaans, 79% for biology, 77% for English Literature and maths. Georgia Bown achieved an average of 94%, Ashleigh Mason and Riaan Swanepoel both achieved an average of 87%, Loune Lotter

achieved an 83% average, Taylor Pore e and Phumelele Mtshali achieved an 81% average. These results are outstanding. We celebrate and congratulate the teachers who shaped these pupils’ thoughts and ideas, guiding them on their learning journeys to discover and achieve.

FIRSTLY we would like to thank Mascor for sponsoring a very enjoyable Spelling Bee on Tuesday evening. Congratulations to the following super-spellers: Grade 2-3: Paige Jonker Grade 4-5: Elri de Nysschen Grade 6-Form 1: Azhar Saffla Form 2-3: Maya Docherty Form 4-6: Megan Meyer Breaking news: next year there will also be an Afrikaans round. Furthermore, we had quite a number of children participat-

ing in the Hermannsburg Mud Skipper race last weekend, well done to everyone who took part. Grade R: Morné Pretorius Amelia Yeadon Nick Corbishley Grade 1: Christian Hattingh Lizé Pretorius Grade 2: Matthew Cope Claire Pieterse Elihle Mchunu Grade 3: Yuvan Aheer Meghann Mason Chloë Hechter.

Wembley Grade  1  and  Grade  2  cricket  clinic  with  the  Open  boys.

UMVOTI MUNICIPALITY ANNUAL REPORT 2015/2016 Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 121 and 127(5) of the Local Government Municipal Finance Management Act, 56 of 2003 that a Council Meeting was held on the 31st January 2017 at which the Annual Report for 2015/2016 financial year which incorporated the Audit Report was tabled. Notice is also hereby given in terms of Section 72 of the Local Government Municipal Finance Management Act, 56 of 2003 that a Council Meeting was held on the 31st January 2017 at which the Mid-Year Budget and Performance Assessment was tabled. The Municipality invites comments or inputs on the Annual Report until in order to prepare the Oversight Report as per Section 129 of the Local Government Municipal Finance Management Act, 56 of 2003. The Oversight Report will be prepared by the Municipal Public Accounts Committee as established by Council in terms of Section 79 of the Local Government Municipal Structures Act, 117 of 1998. The Annual Report is available on the Municipal website for viewing at the offices Corporate Services Department, Registry Section, 41 Bell Street, Greytown, 3250 or at the Theodore Menne Library Cnr. Pine and Okes Streets. Mr. M F Maphanga Acting Municipal Manager

P O Box 71 Greytown 3250

Notice No. 4054

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Superfit with Superfoods

15 February  2017




Tranquili – Tea

Tuesday 21 February 2017 8:00 am – 12.30 pm

R150 pp

83 Durban Street • Cell 084 669 8418

To book please contact ROS





SHRI VISHNU MANDIR HINDI PAATSHAALA Hindi classes every Thursday 4-5p.m. Call 084 674 6736 for further details --------------------------------

PLUMBER: For all your plumbing requirements, gyser instalation, shower, GTN MTB CLUB AGM toilets, painting, leaking 23 February 2017 taps, blocked drains, 5:30pm bathroom renovation, leaVenue: Beehive king roof and all construcNEED help with Maths, Please can all members Grade 4 to Grade 12. Call tion work. Call Ntini 076 attend. Anyone interested 062 2999/ 084 777 8229 072 952 3367 in joining the club are -------------------------------- welcome to attend. -------------------------------GRAND TEC FOR SALE PLUMBERS PERSONAL SERVICES For all your plumbing requi1400 rements, gyser installaELECTRICAL tion, shower, toilets, painAPPLIANCES DRIVING 1620 ting, leaking taps, blocked SCHOOLS drains, bathroom renova1417 DSTV Installer: Sifaka ama tion, leaking roof and all REDDY'S Edu-Drive DSTV ngamanani aphansi construction work. Call Expert K53 tuition for nomangabe ikuphi lawu- Grand 078 977 3666/ learners' and Driving funa sikufakele khona. Call 061 735 9754 Licence by qualified 072 468 2163 -------------------------------Instructor. 35 years driving -------------------------------experience. Contact: Selvan Reddy 081 401 0759 MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS -------------------------------1210



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Child Welfare  SA  missing  person THE Child Welfare SA, Greytown is looking for a man known as Mathew. He was working at El Sotal Restaurant in Greytown in 2016. Mathew is alleged to be the father of a baby born on 14-05-2016. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Mr Thulan Lawu on 033 413 3174 or Ziyanda Lubambo on 033 342 8971.

Book Briefs How to Win Friends and Influence People Author: Dale Carnegie I WASN’T expecting much when I picked up How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Yes, it’s a double-milestone in the self-help genre (the first and - many would say - still the best), but for a book dealing with human interaction, I would’ve thought much of its advice comes standard in the public consciousness. Boy, was I in for a surprise. How to Win Friends is required reading for anyone struggling to become a “people person”, brimming with lessons on how to work with others in a natural, positive way. From addressing people by their name, to understanding that no one truly wins in an argument, to becoming a good listener (instead of

wanting to be the only one speaking every second), to avoiding criticism as much as possible, listing all of the book’s great points here would probably necessitate copying-andpasting its entire contents section. While I have enough grey hairs to know that no self-help book is the answer to all of life’s problems, Carnegie’s landmark work remains as warm, relevant, practical, confidence-boosting and advantageous as I’m sure it’s always been (since 1937, I might add). He also vitally notes that true change isn’t a coat of paint but the development of what’s within that ultimately radiates outward. Veteran readers may wonder where I’ve been for the last few decades, and they’d be right, but that only reinforces my belief that the book is in dire need of a comeback.

Whether you consider yourself a reader or not, pick this up if you fulfill both of the following conditions - you’re a human being or you interact with other human beings. Further reading: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Powerful Lessons in Personal Change (Stephen R. Covey)


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Greytown missing  persons CHILD Welfare SA, Greytown, is looking for the whereabouts of the following persons:• The biological father of Sinethemba Radebe and Lwanele Patience Radebe.The biological mother, Thembeka Virginia Radebe is deceased. he family is from the Rietvlei area. • The biological mother of Siphosethu Gift Mboniseni Mbatha. The biological father, Bonginkosi Victor Mchunu is deceased. The

family is from the Muden area. • The biological father of Cradys Sithole. The biological mother Philile Sithole, is deceased. The family is from the Emabomvini area. • Thembelihle Khuswayo, the biological mother of Vuyolwethu Lushozi, Ayabongwa Lushozi and Fonele Lushozi. The biological father is Philani Lushozi. He is reported to be at Kopeietsheni. • The biological father of Mlondi Dylan Mkhize. The biological moth-

HILL FORESTRY Hill Forestry, a forestry and charcoal busniess near Greytown, is looking for a


Kamma land Primary

to work mornings only

Qualifications/Experience/Requirements: l Grade 12 (preferable with Maths and Accounting) l Tertiary qualification preferable l Strong Computer Skills (Knowledge of MS Access an advantage) l ± 2 years experience in a similar position l Stable work record l Fluent in English/Afrikaans l Would only suit a neat, well organised and proactive person. l Drivers licence and own transport essential. Email applications only to: Closing Date: 19.02.2017 Should you not be contacted by the 28.02/2017, please consider your application unsuccessful.

Everybody at  Kammaland  is  so  excited  about  the  arrival  of  baby  guinea  pigs.  Rowan  Reynolds  is  not  quite  sure  what  to  make  of  this  furry  little  pet.  Preparations  are  in  full  swing  for  the  Jaco  Botha  Memorial  Golf  Day  organised  by  Ronel  and  Flip  Botha.  This  year's  proceeds  will  be  donated  to  Kammaland.

er, Ms Bongiwe Mkhize is deceased. • Jabulisile Zuma is the biological mother of Okuhle Mkhize, formerly from the Emabovini area. • Sibongiseni Mncube is the biological father of Siphosethu Sanele Makhanya. The biological mother, Ms Khululiwe Makhanya, is deceased. Anyone with information, must contact social workers, Slindile Mngonyama or Nomusa Nzama on 033 413 3174 during office hours.

Greytown Gazette

15 February  2017

Hermannsburg Little  Oaks’  Oracle DESPITE temperatures soaring to 32°C, the 2017 Mudskipper was a huge success - the event is growing with each year and this year we had over 160 entries, a new record. From two year olds to 12 year olds, everyone had fun participating in the swimmingcycling-running event. A big thank you goes to Olive Surendorff and her Mudskipper team for preparing the course and making sure that everything ran smoothly. A big thank you also goes to all our moms and dads of the primary school and the Kindergarten - without your help and support we could never have done it. Your participa-

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Hermannsburg Happenings

tion in marshalling or working in the kitchen is highly appreciated. A big thank you also to our main sponsors, aQuellé and Spur and all our other generous sponsors. We are proud of Julian Königkrämer, Liam Uys and Sienna Kimble, who as a team, won the primary schools’ challenge. Benjamin Rabe in Grade 7 took part in the individual half-distance Mudman. We look forward to many more successes in 2018, when our young athletes will no doubt be looking to improve their performances even further. The age  group  champions,  victors  and  victrixes  with  their  certificates  and  trophies  after  the  inter­house  swimming  gala.

Julian Königkrämer,  Liam  Uys  and  Siena  Kimble  hold  the  Hermannsburg  Mudman  Primary  Schools’  Challenge  trophy,  which  they  won.

THE misty morning on Friday did not deter the swimmers, supporters, parents and families from enjoying the inter-house swimming gala. With both teams in good spirits, the each event was keenly contested. In the end, 13 records were toppled - David Torgius and Jarmin Claassen both broke the boys’ U15 backstroke and 100m freestyle records. Jarmin also broke the boys’ U15 breaststroke, freestyle (50m) and individual medley relay records. K. Blackburn broke the girls’ U15 breaststroke record. Lila de Wet broke the girls’ U15 butterfly, freestyle (50m and 100m) and individual medley records. Reedbuck broke the records for the girls’ U14 and U15 freestyle relays, and the U15 medley relay record. Age group champions were Tyro Bezuidenhout and Chloë Pope (U8), James Waller and Shaakirah Ebrahim (U10), Liam Uys and Carolina Hoffmann (U12), Michael Nell and Sonja de Wet (U14), Jarmin Claassen and Lila de Wet (U15), Dieter Volker and Lydia Köhne (U16), and Hugh Bouwer and Rhonda Christiansen (Open). James Waller and Liam Uys shared the junior victor prize, while Carolina Hoff-

mann was junior victrix. Jarmin Claassen and Lila de Wet were the senior victor and victrix. In the end, Reedbuck produced a tour de force and won both the spirit cup and the gala. Well done to all the swimmers, especially those who got in the water and won points for their houses even though swimming is not their forté. Thank you to all the moms and dads who provided coffee, tea and treats, the grounds manager and all the teachers and pupils, and of course, all those who came to support our school. Our U14s played cricket against Wartburg’s U14s in a T20 match last week. Wartburg won the toss and sent us in to bat. HMB made 100 for the loss of one wicket (FC Uys 33, J. Königkrämmer 53 n.o.). The match was reduced to 13 overs due to a Wartburg injury, Wartburg making 56 for 4 in their allotted overs - Hermannsburg won by 44 runs. The Hermannsburg boys also played tennis last week, this time against Grace College, winning 5-1 on points (30-24 in games). It was a closely contested match. Mondli Gumede won his singles match 7-2. Well done all.

Greytown Country  Club  news 102 SARGEAUNT STREET, GREYTOWN • TEL: 033 413 2460, FAX: 033 413 3403 *** TRADING HOURS – MON-FRI 07H00-17H00 • SAT: 07H00-13H00 *** Aux Aircon 9000BTU

Piscal Pressure Booster Pump 0.75KW with controller

R4 799

R1 699

Aux Aircon 12 000BTU

R4 999 Radiant Chandelier 5 Light JP153

Greytown Development  golfers  are  very  appreciative  of  the  support  received  from  the  National  Lotteries  Commission.

Radiant Chandelier3 Light JP4225

R1 799

Radiant Chandeliers 5 Light JH81


Led Floodlight 10W

R125 Led Floodlight 20W


Led Floodlight 50W


Led Floodlight 100W




NOTICE TO DISPLAY INTENTION TO APPLY FOR LIQUOR LICENCE IN TERMS OF SECTION (42) (1) (b) (iii) OF ACT KwaZulu-Natal Liquor Licensing Act, 2010 (Act No. 6 of 2010) Name and Surname of the applicant:

Bonginkosi Nkomo Off-consumption

Folding Table

Category of licence applied for: (on-/off-consumption/ micro-manufacturer/special event):


Type of premises for which licence is applied for:

Business Premises

Trading name of the premises:

Zalawanda Liquor Store 2016/124789/07

Address of the premises:

Ekuvukeni Location, Impafna Farm No 4677 Muden 3251

Date of display:

8 February 2017

Expiry date of display:

8 March 2017


NB: Objections should be lodged with the local committee in the District from where the application emanates within 21 days from the date of the display.

PLEASE note that the Happy Hour for February will take place on Friday 3 March. Debbie Rottcher lost out on the money as she was not present at the time of the draw. The next attendance draw will be on Friday 17 February with R1 600 up for grabs. Be here from 6.30pm and you could be the lucky winner. Spar is sponsoring two kilograms of Spar boerewors that can be won by entering the boerie run. Timings for this 9-hole initiative are posted at the club. Please support this and enjoy playing golf. Congratulations to Steve van der Merwe on winning the last boerie run. The next Boerie run is on Friday 24 February. The 9@9 entry fee for golf on a Sunday morning is R50. Thank you to Umvoti Fuel & Oil for sponsoring the chicken. Dates to  diarise Tuesday 14 February – Valentine’s special Saturday 18 February – Jaco Botha memorial competition Friday 24 February – Spar boerie run Friday 3 March – Happy Hour.

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Greytown GAZETTE

15 February  2017

SPORT NEWS St  Cathryn’s  news THE two Four-ball teams of St Cathryn’s members are looking forward to playing in Greytown this weekend in the Jaco Botha Memorial on Saturday 18 February. Tee-off times will be sent to members as

UMVOTI MUNICIPALITY KWAZULU-NATAL PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT ACT NO 6 OF 2008 AND THE SPATIAL PLANNING AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT ACT NO. 16 OF 2013: INVITATION TO COMMENT ON APPLICATION An application has been lodged with the UMVOTI MUNICIPALITY, in terms of Chapter 5 Section 50 (1), Chapter 2 Section 9 and Chapter 3 Section 21(1) of the KwaZuluNatal Planning and Development Act No. 6 of 2008, for the Subdivision and Consolidation of Land and the Amendment of the uMvoti Town Planning Scheme. The address of the property is GREYTOWN SLUMS CLEARANCE PROJECT AREA (ERF 1203, GREYTOWN) Copies of the application documents are available for inspection during office hours (7:30h to 16:00h) on weekdays, at the PLANNING DEPARTMENT, UMVOTI MUNICIPALITY, 41 BELL STREET, GREYTOWN, for a period of 30 (thirty) days starting from the publication of this notice. Any person having an interest in the matter must lodge written comments not later than 20 March 2017 to the TOWN PLANNER: LUMKA NGIDI, P.O. BOX 71, GREYTOWN, 3250 or by email Any person, who fails to respond to this notice by written comment, will be disqualified to participate further in the application process. Enquiries hereon may be lodged with the Town Planner at telephone number 033 413 9100/9208 during normal office hours, or to the above mentioned email. ACTING MUNICIPAL MANAGER


and when they are received. The new scorecard is progressing slowly and we are hoping to have it available at the next Farmers’ Agri-Care Monthly Mug to be played on Saturday 25 February. As was discussed at the AGM reportback in December, the 16th hole will now be played as a “long” par 4. Thank you to CPS Seedlings for your valued support of our club, especially our scorecards. Supper this Friday night will be “Chefs surprise.” To book for golf and/or meals, phone Piet 083 269 1661 or the clubhouse on 082 555 2661.

SECURE YOUR HOME Large Sabre Spike 1.5m WAS R65 each

NOW R45 each

supplied with 1 post

3.0 x 1.750 Black Palisade Fencing From



We apologise for our telephone lines being down at the moment. Please contact Rajesh on 082 455 0063 or via email:

Contact our friendly sales team for great service and advice • Rajesh: 082 455 0063 339 Greyling Street | Pietermaritzburg Tel: 033 0010090 |

From the  Ditch On Saturday we watched four Greytown men yet again win their league match, this time against a very pleasing team from Pietermaritzburg. They also raised the point that the Greytown team was playing way below its capabilities, and if we could get another four players could easily move into a higher league and a more challenging opposition. So if you are reading this report please come along and give it a go. The greens are in play on Wednesdays and Saturdays - players are sorted into “good”, “okay” and “needing help” so all games are fun-structured to encourage players. All that is needed is to grab that flat pair of shoes and come along.

Two teams represented Greytown in the Johan Albetyn Memorial tournament at Mooi River on Sunday.Well done to Tony Smith, André Roberts and Karen Cordy for winning and Sannie Balzer, Gerhard Balzer and Erika Fischer who won the second session prize. Bowlers are reminded that entry forms for the club singles are on the board. The closing date is 4 March, and only registered bowlers can enter - play dates are on 11 and 18 March so please make sure you are available on those days Business league will commence on 9 March. Please contact W. Pretorius at 072 266 0835 or Brian Paul at 076 127 2762 to enter teams.

Greytown MTB  Club  news THE Greytown MTB Club’s annual general meeting will be held on 23 February at the Beehive at 5.30pm and all members and interested bikers are encouraged to attend. This club has been in existence since approximately 1987, starting off with a few keen riders such as Derrick Balfour and Peter Cope. These two gentleman were probably the founder members of MTB club, which is still going strong today. From small beginnings, the club has grown in numbers over the years, with the current membership of about 52. Over the years, the MTB Club has worked towards becoming a more family orientated environment by offering a discounted rate to families who join the club and by holding an annual family fun day. Annual membership is R220 per family and R160 per individual. The club also organises social training rides every Thursday at 5pm (weather permitting) from different venues in and around Greytown, as well as an annual trophy presentation where various cyclists are rewarded with a voucher. Some of the winning categories include senior men’s cyclist, senior ladies cyclist, most improved cyclist and the “Buckled

Rim” award. The main aim of the club is to motivate riders to better their existing skills and to encourage families to spend an enjoyable day together in the outdoors children of all ages are allowed to participate. The club’s biggest fund-raiser is the hosting of the popular annual Greytown MTB Classic, which caters for cyclists of all ages and skill levels - 50km, 25km, 10km and three kilometre is on offer, combined with an 18km, 10km and five-kilometre trail run. This year’s MTB Classic will take place on 13 and 14 May at the Beehive. All funds raised by our MTB Classic is donated to various beneficiaries from the Greytown community, such as St David’s, Wembley College, Hermannsburg School, Greytown Children’s Home, Kammaland, Arcadia and the SPCA. Living in Greytown, we as a community are blessed with some of the best MTB tracks and trail run tracks in KZN, if not South Africa. Being part of the club enables you to cycle these tracks within the safety of the club and necessary permission from various land owners. Please come along to the annual general meeting at the Beehive on 23 February.

Umvoti Football  Association  results RESULTS of the matches played in the SAB Umvoti league on Sunday. Makhebela beat Khamanzi R.K. 4-0. 2012 Crusaders beat Ngcakini 3-1. Burning Spears and Greytown Arsenal drew 1-1. D Section and Matimatolo JS drew 1-1 as did Kranskop and One Touch.


Real Mbuba beat Bikkies Sport 1-0. Seven Stars beat Mataimtolo Exp 4-2 and Greytown United beat Nseleni 2-1. In the Umvoti Central league matches Shalom had a convincing 7-2 win over Kharodias. Shoprite beat Killers 2-1 and Build it beat Mathole 2-0.

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Greytown gazette 16 02 17  
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