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15 May 2018

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AST year former Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula had warned young people not to trust the internet when potential employers propose job opportunities over social media. During this time there had been scams going around social media offering young women job positions. Human trafficking can be described as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion according to the United Nations (UN). When abducted there are many facets that you can be utilised in to make an income for the abductor including prostitution,being a drug mule,exploitation, slavery and forced labour or the removal of organs. The UN highlights that every country is affected by human trafficking whether as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims. Often, poor countries where the unemployment rate is high become an easy prey for abductors. In the plight of the human trafficking epidemic the Hillcrest SAPS urge

the community to be on the lookout and stay aware that human trafficking is a real crime and can happen to anyone. Hillcrest SAPS communications officer Captain Linzi Smith said: “Community, students, scholars, parents etc. should be aware of the dangers of trusting strangers who offer them lifts,offer them fast paying jobs or free scholarships. People need to guard themselves and know that if it seems too good to be true, it’s because most often they are people who are involved in human trafficking, lure young girls and boys with money and then send them off to other countries where they become slaves of cheap labour or get involved in forced prostitution and drugs. “Youngsters need to be careful of befriending strangers on social media. With modern technology today, the criminal can hide behind any false identity and can meet you in the safety of your bedroom, behind a screen on the computer on Facebook or Skype. “Sometimes these underground human trafficking syndicates most often hide behind false identity profiles with fake photographs. Never meet a stranger from the internet alone, as most often it is dangerous and can put

oneself in a very vulnerable situation and can result in one being kidnapped for human trafficking purposes. “Young girls need to seek advice and do proper research before accepting any offers that seem too good to be true, so as to make sure that the offers are legit. “The community is encouraged to work hand in hand with the police in combatting the increase in this crime. Pupils should not fall into the trap of peer pressure and being bullied into doing unlawful criminal activities. Contact the Crime Stop Tip Off by calling 086 001 0111. “Any suspicious activity or person you suspect that could possibly be involved in human trafficking should be reported and can be investigated.” Open Door Crisis Centre Founder Thora Mansfield said that human trafficking can be referred to as modern day slavery. Mansfield said that human trafficking is unlawful and not only violates basic human rights but also contravenes the law.

Hillcrest SAPS Communications Officer Captain Linzi Smith. PHOTO: FEVER REPORTER


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May 15, 2018

NGO focuses on youth upliftment NOSIPHO MKHIZE >>


KHONO Organization in Botha’s Hill is a non-profit-organisation that specialises in uplifting the youth in the community in a form of running various programmes within the community. Ikhono Organization spokesperson Nkosinathi Sithole said that the organisation was established in 2012 and it focuses on organising community events, community upliftment programmes, motivational seminars, talent shows and other various initiatives for the youth and community. “We have a series of community upliftment projects that we do annually. We recently held the KwaNyuswa Fashion Day and Business Expo for the first time this year and we are planning on doing it every year towards the end of April. “We also do the KwaNyuswa Interactive Gaming Day which is held every July. The Battle of High Schools Talent Show was established since 2014 and we hold it every year from July to December. The Miss Qadi Nyuswa was formed in 2012 and it is also our annual event. “The organisation’s board consists


Models at the recent fashion show hosted by Ikhono Organization were Precious Gumede, Mphiliseni Mhlongo, Pearl Vintage, Amanda Langa and Mfanafuthi Dladla. of nine members the chairman Sibonelo Mbokazi, the vice chairman Mfanafuthi Dladla, the treasurer Miselakhe Mbokazi, the secretary Sindi Busane, a communication and promotions offi-

cer Nkosinathi Sithole and two additional members Mphiliseni Mhlongo and Philani,” said Sithole. He added that the organisation has a group of passionate young men and

women who are striving for change in the community. “We want to see our community taking a direction where the young growing individuals have confidence and

with hard work and dedication they can achieve anything that they wish for and with that they can bring change to their families and the community in the near future. “We have over 20 crew members who are young and vibrant who always dedicate their time in the projects that we do. They are young and hardworking individuals who are always objective to the course and they are always there when we need them and we are eternally grateful for that. “To all our sponsors we appreciate the overwhelming support we usually receive from them, especially, the Arts and Culture KwaZulu-Natal Department,Ubizo School of Art,EzakwaZulu Newspaper, Hillcrest VW Alpine and many others.” Sithole said: “We are open to anyone who wishes to donate and help us achieve our goals. “You can be a sponsor to any of our projects and you can help change a life one step at a time.” For more information on the Ikhono Organization visit their offices at 795 Manqoba Drive, Mandela Park, Botha’s Hill or contact phone 060 904 0170 or 076 173 5643. Alternatively send an e-mail to

Expressing opinions through words NOSIPHO MKHIZE >> A young and vibrant poet Mncedisi Vincent Nungu said he loves art and poetry as well as promoting youth talent in the community. Fever reporter Nosipho Mkhize interviewed Nungu to find out more about his love for poetry. NM [Nosipho Mkhize]: Please tell me about yourself? MN [Mncedisi Nungu]: My name is Mncedisi Vincent Nungu well-known as ‘Mncedy Mc’ at poetry events. I studied at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Howard College and did drama and media studies. I am a poet, a radio presenter, programme director [MC] at different events as well as an event’s organiser at poetry shows. NM: When did you start writing poems? MN: I started writing poetry while I was in primary. In school I was a member of the Peace Club which was an organisation for pupils and we discussed issues and problems we faced in our lives. I used to be a pupil who liked to express his opinion in a different way. One day we were visited by a young man named Mxolisi Mtshali who was a poet. I noticed how he presented himself and how he conveyed his message in a form of a poem,

so I told myself that one day I would like to express my opinions in a form of a poem. That’s when I started to write poems. NM: What else do you do besides poetry? MN: There are many other things I do in the society like planning different events, one of which was on May 12, which was a poetry session where local poets recited their poems to the audience. The event included other musical artists including Mdolisto Pu-Man, Double 2, Nanoh as well as a comedy stand up. The famous Mfan’fikile Nungu was also present who is well-known for collaborating with

Bongani Maduna with his famous song called Makhelwane. NM: Are you in partnership with anyone? MN: I work with a recording company named Dog Four Entertainment Records. I also work with non-profit-organisations in the community and other companies including Zulu Tech, Gazania Magazine, Khubalo Development, SDC and Mshengu Photography. NM: Where do you see yourself in future? MN: I see myself as the most respected and professional radio presenter sharing the studio with well-known presenters like Tshatha Ngobe from uKhozi FM and I see myself as a well-known poet who is honoured for the good work that I do. NM: What advice can you give to young South Africans? MN: Young people should work hard, know that education is important, and they should know what they are good at. If they hold that in mind then they will succeed. Find me on Facebook as Mncedy Imbongi or e-mail me at If you would like to know more about my poems, contact me at 084 861 6358.


THE Pinetown-Highway Child and Family Welfare Society co-ordinator Ellen Attwell pleads for food donations.

Welfare’s urgent plea for food NOSIPHO MKHIZE >>

Mncedisi Vincent Nungu the poet. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

THE Pinetown-Highway Child and Family Welfare Society (PHCFWS) are requesting the community, businesses and various organisations to assist with dry and canned food which is distributed to their beneficiaries. PHCFWS co-ordinator Ellen Attwell said: “We are requesting for canned food, samp, maize meal, soap, rice, sugar, beans, powdered milk, baby milk and nappies.” Attwell said that the welfare is also in need of new or second-hand laptops or desktop PCs for staff to complete their work. “Our social workers at the organisation need more laptops to complete the NFD’s — their monthly stats said that they submit to the Department of Social Development in order to receive the organisation’s subsidy payout. We need to submit our reports to court, Children’s Home, SASSA etc. and without the PCs we are at a standstill. PHCFWS is a non-profit organisation which provides child protection services that promotes, protects and enhances the safety, well-being and healthy development of children.

“Our mission is to protect and care for children within and outside families,to strengthen families and community life through rendering therapeutic and community development services to families and communities experiencing problems. “To create community awareness and concern for the basic needs of children and families in a bid to empower communities to assume responsibility for their children and strengthen the concept of Ubuntu.” The society has sub offices namely at Impola Clinic, St. Wendolins, Mariannridge Clinic, Wyebank Clinic, Mariannhill, Molweni Resource Centre, KwaNyuswa, KwaNgcolosi, Shallcross Clinic, Tshelimnyama Clinic, Burlington Crèche, Luganda Resource Centre, Savannah Park Community Hall and Dassenhoek Councillors office. “The society with the generous support of the community and business provides food parcels for those in dire need. The society is running short of food and we are pleading to the community to donate to the society.” To donate to the Pinetown-Highway Child and Family Welfare Society contact 031 701 3288 or 084 016 8913 or e-mail:


May 15, 2018 In case there’s an

EMERGENCY • Hillcrest SAPS: 031 765 116/9103 • Kloof Police Station: 031 764 2334 • Fire: 031 361 0000 • Gillitts Metro: 031 767 1222 • Rescuetech KZN: 086 167 2226 • Together SA CAN Community Incident Management Centre: 08 616 SA CAN / 08 616 72226



Crime Stop: 086 001 0111

ANIMAL RESCUE • Kloof & Highway SPCA: 031 764 1212/3 • Monkey Helpline: 082 411 5444 or 082 659 4711 COUNSELLING • Life Line: 033 394 4444 • Open Door Crisis Centre: 031 709 2679 • Jes Foord Foundation: 0861 333 449 • Careline Crisis Centre: 031 765 1314 or 082 787 6452

AMBULANCE • ER 24: 084 124 • Netcare 911: 082 911 • VEMA: 083 630 0000 • Ambulance & Emergency Medical Centre: 10177

SAFETY TIP: - Avoid parking your motor vehicle where there are no security officers guarding the cars.




and lucrative business for criminal syndicates.It knows no borders and operates internationally and locally. Due to its clandestine and complex nature, it is difficult to detect. Therefore, reliable statistics on the magnitude of the problem are difficult to ascertain. “One of the organisation’s immediate goals is to expand the

awareness campaigns to schools and tertiary institutions, communities and religious sectors as a preventative measure to potential victims of human trafficking.” “For further information on human trafficking, or wishing to support human trafficking programmes e-mail

Elements of human trafficking can be seen in three constituent elements The Act (what is done) Recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons. The Means (how it is done) Threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability, or giving payments or benefits to a person in control of the victim. The Purpose (hhy it is done) For the purpose of exploitation, which includes exploiting the prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, forced labour, slavery or similar practices and the removal of organs.

Members of the QuadPara Association of South Africa. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

QuadPara association cares NOSIPHO MKHIZE >>


HE QuadPara Association of South Africa was established in March 1991 with the purpose to deliver life-changing services to persons living with severe mobility impairments in the KwaZulu-Natal Province. Quadpara spokesperson Michael Hall said that catering to the needs and aspirations of quadriplegics and paraplegics, the association provides serviced accommodation to the spinally injured, offers nursing services and carer training and, crucially, assists and advises quadriplegics, paraplegics and their families in the transition periods between hospital discharge, rehabilitation and reintegration into society. “The association prepares disabled individuals for home life and eventually for the open labour market and assists in the obtaining of the specialised aids and equipment necessary to enable quadriplegics and paraplegics to adapt to a nor-

mal lifestyle as possible. “The association creates awareness of the causes of quadriplegia and paraplegia in order to encourage the prevention of accidents and also makes known the needs of wheelchair-bound persons.” Hall said that the organisation has been left in dire needs of funding as the last CEO of the organisation was dismissed after a long tender in that position and this led to other parties leaving. “Now we have to rebuild the organisation to its former self to the days when it was a pleasure to come see the residents and enjoy their company at a braai or just a cup of tea. We are going to be more transparent to our members as well as our donors. He said: “Ashley House now adopts an open house policy whereby anybody can drop by to visit or see the place for themselves so there can be no conception as to the authenticity. “I will advise all donors to take this opportunity and come see us. “We know it’s hard to reach out

and touch someone’s life in the rural area where it’s needed the most but even making a difference in a few of their lives is worth the effort that we put in. “The sad reality is most people in these areas don’t have aid to help them move around and never been trained to look after themselves and believe this is the end of the road, yet they can become the most productive members of society when given the tools and a chance.” The QuadPara Association of

KwaZulu-Natal has continued to develop a number of much needed projects, which require assistance with funding. “We urgently need funding to maintain and increase our extended services to the needy quadriplegics and paraplegics throughout the province. Ashley Village has expanded and is now able to accommodate 19 quadriplegic and paraplegics residents from all communities who adequately reflect the spirit of the rainbow nation”.


Business owners can help each other in the fight against crime CO-OPERATION and mentoring between business owners should not just concentrate on business management advice — it can also focus on safety and security tips. So believes local security company Fidelity ADT. They say that in the same way that communities and private residents should help each other be safe, so should shop owners, entrepreneurs and SMMEs work with each other. “It boils down to forming a united front,” says Fidelity ADT’s District Manager for KwaZulu-Natal, Ivan Govender. “Not all businesses owners have the kind of capital budget to invest in high tech security systems, but they can already make a huge difference by sharing experiences and information with other owners in the same area. “They are often the first people to see if something is wrong at your premises which make them the ideal partners in the fight against crime. They are also the first ones to raise the alarm if they see any suspicious activity in your community.” If you have just opened a shop in a new suburb, Govender recommends making the effort to meeting the people who also operate in the area as soon as possible and sharing contact details with them. They could also provide useful advice on existing community safety organisations in the area. Not all communities have the energy or appetite to set up a formal neighbourhood watch, but this did not mean that there was nothing residents and business owners could do in terms of organising themselves. “If you don’t have a community watch, we suggest setting up regular meetings with the local SAPS to workshop ideas on how you could assist them in keeping the area safe. It could be as simple as just sharing tips and advice and having a reliable list of contact details for each other. “The point is — we all have a part to play and we simply can no longer be idle bystanders when it comes to our own safety,” said Govender. Govender strongly urges anyone who lives in an area where a neighbourhood or community watch has already been set up, to become involved with the organisation as a matter of urgency. The involvement could take many forms — from becoming a patroller to offering monetary or logistical admin support. “The men and women of the South African Police Services simply cannot be everywhere all the time. Neighbours — whether they are private residents or business owners — that care about each other and become active participants in the safety of their suburb can make a massive difference,” said Govender. “If we stand together with our next-door neighbours and fellow business owners and look after each other, we can make our suburbs ‘no-go zones’ for criminals”. Supplied


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Granite & Quartz Wholesalers and Retailers MRA Industrial Park, 8 Garland Street, Verulam Tel: 031 837 2847 / 032 533 0007, Cell: 079 559 3813, Fax: 086 511 5504 18 Westmeath Avenue, Bonella, Durban, Tel: 031 837 2848 / 031 261 9127, Cell: 072 978 0293, email:


TELEPHONE: 031 533 7600 FAX: 031 533 7972 (News) and (Classifieds)


“It can be defined as — the acquisiperate and poor people who aspire tion of people by improper means for a better life. Human trafficking such as force, fraud or deception, can be committed by a sole individwith the aim of exploiting them. ual, partners or by different actors Human trafficking knows no in an organised fashion.” boundaries, it is both an internaMansfield said that human traftional and domestic problem and it ficking is ranked second in the crimaffects, in varying degrees, both inal industry after drug trafficking males and females. People who are and arms trafficking. often targeted by criminals are des“It is regarded as a profit making


All major credit & debit cards accepted

031 465 5397 / 071 900 5100

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Hillcrest Fever

15 May 2018

15 May 2018

Hillcrest Fever

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May 15, 2018

Focus on Link Hills ADVERTORIAL

Creating a fitter community F

IT24GYMS is a privately owned company officially launched in September 2017. Fit24Gyms operate with the goal in mind to contribute to the health and wellness of the Upper Highway areas extending to Pietermaritzburg in the not too distant future. We created an environment where the non-athlete will feel comfortable. “The gym is an extension of the home where safety and familiarity are the most important elements of Fit24Gyms. The environment that we created promotes a sense of confidence within our members and help them to achieve their fitness goals and as time goes on help the members create new goals. Our vision is to be a reputable leader among health clubs with an impeccable model that is tailored for the real South Africans. We create a situation where the services given to our members are pleasant and create a positive relationship with Fit24Gyms. Gym equipment at Fit24Gyms at Link Hills Shopping Centre.


chapter two


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su & ray smethurst Shop 17, Linkhills Shopping Centre Inanda Road Tel: 031 762 2462 info www.


To book a feature or advertise an event contact Wade 082 866 9733 Felicity 079 647 4589



Shop B2, Linkhills Centre Waterfall Tel: 031 825 6328

Established 2006

Fit24Gyms created an environment where the non-athlete feels comfortable.

Established stab s ed 2006 006

R0 Filtered water for R1.20 a litre - bring your empty container to refill. Domestic filter units and cartridges. Better than your tap water. Ice






3 Fischer Park, Fischer Road, Hillcrest | Cell: 072 985 8502 • Tel: 031 765 4214

R10 per 4kg bag

BILTONG - The BEST in town! Game, Beef & Dry wors


— Supplied.

Re-Think Fit

WWW.FIT24GYMS.CO.ZA CALL NOW: 031 762 2017 / 031 566 6440



May 15, 2018



s Shopping Centre ADVERTORIAL

One stop pharmacy for all L

INK Hills Pharmacy situated next to the newly franchised Pick n Pay offers a unique affordable clinic service. Owner Pauline Randles is a registered Primary Care Drug Therapist authorising her to offer health advice and treatment often claimable from most medical aids. On a hospital plan or have no time to sit in Government clinic queues? — come in to see Pauline or the clinic sisters who will examine you and refer you to a local medical doctor if need be. Services include: Pap smears, drawing bloods for lab screening e.g. prostate, thyroid etc. as well as in house screening e.g. blood glucose, haemoglobin and cholesterol tests, family planning, baby and adult vaccinations as well as various injections e.g. neurobion & voltaren. We offer a popular wellness screening and weight loss programme and we focus on getting to the root cause of disease rather than just treating your symptoms.Pop in and make use of this offering! We look forward to meeting you! — Supplied.


Michelle Price and Michaela Van Rensburg.

For fast service, choose PostNet POSTNET is very excited to be a part of the Linkhills Shopping Centre in Waterfall. We offer a wide range of services for your convenience that include PostNet to PostNet, PostNet to door as well as DHL International Courier. With over 350 PostNet stores across the country, you know that ours is a trusted brand. Need printing? From a black and white A4 copy, to a large full colour block mounted canvas of your favourite family portrait. We can do it all.


Sister Nicole Blackburn and Sylvia Williams with owner (centre) Pauline Randles.

Other services include name badges, rubber stamps, business cards, flyers, binding, laminating and so much more. We believe in building great business relationships, so pop in and meet the team that can make your life a little easier. We would love to assist you wherever we can. Think of PostNet Linkhills as an extension of your office, or a helping hand. The PostNet Linkhills Team. — Supplied.




May 15, 2018

12 Old Main Road, Gillitts 3610 Tel. 082 498 6009 9 Old Main Road, Gillitts 3610 (Danish Centre) Tel. 079 788 9543 P.O. Box 525, Gillitts 3603 Fax 031 767 2034 Email :

Kayleigh Symes and other volunteers preparing sandwiches for the homeless every Thursday night.

VISIT US FOR ALL YOUR PLANT AND GARDEN REQUIREMENTS Plants * Pots * Fertilizers * Insecticides * Herbicides * Bark Mulch * Potting Soil * Garden tools * Weathered Rocks Garden Ornaments and much more !! ❑ GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE ❑ PENSIONER’S DAY !! EVERY TUESDAY 10% OFF ONLY ON PLANTS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK MO N-F R I 08 h 00 – 16 h3 0 SA T 0 8 h00 – 1 5h 00 SU N 09 h 00 – 15 h00 PUB LIC H OL I DA Y S 08 h00 – 1 5 h00

MAY is generally of “settled” weather, and a good time for planting seedlings of herbs, flowers and vegetables. FLOWERS ☺ MAY is the best month for planting up mixed hanging baskets with a selection of Annuals and Perennials. Beautiful cascading red Petunias, Calibrachoa, a relative of the Petunia, also cascading with brilliant colours of purple, yellow and many other colours. ☺ Ideal time for planting out seedling of Alyssum, Iceland Poppies, Primroses, Lobelias, Pansies, Violas, and Impatiens. ☺ Beautiful Nemesia varieties, Diascia, stunning colours you can mix with Alternanthera green and gold, as well as the latest black Alternanthera which makes a bold statement. ☺ MOST IMPORTANT, DON’T FORGET TO FEED YOUR FLOWERS. USE A WATER SOLUBLE FERTILIZER DURING THE WINTER. SUGGEST A 3:1:6 FORMULA IS THE BEST. ☺ Continue to disbud young seedlings to prevent them flowering too small. ☺ Stake, climbing sweet peas. VEGETABLES ☺ Another important planting month for seedlings and seeds. ☺ Plant Cabbage, Oregano, Thyme, Lettuce, Spinach and many more ☺ Harvest early crops of Cabbage, Broccoli and Cauliflower. ☺ Plant Leeks seedlings for Winter and Spring harvesting. ☺ Thyme can be used as an edible ground cover, works well between paving. ☺ TIP – WHEN CAULIFLOWER HEAD IS AROUND 5-6CM, TIE THE OUTER LEAVES TOGETHER OVER THE HEAD TO PROTECT FROM THE SUN. HERBS ☺ Replace any plants that are old or unproductive. ☺ SOMETHING DIFFERENT, PLANT A MIXED HERB HANGING BASKET. EASY ACCESS TO YOUR HERBS OUTSIDE YOUR KITCHEN ☺ A good Insecticide for garden “goggas” on vegetables, herbs and flowers. ”CYPERMETHRIN” a long name, but very effective and safe to use. FRUIT ☺ Continue to harvest Citrus and Avocado’s ☺ Pick up fallen fruit under trees – send to compost heap ☺ Mulch all fruit trees as far as the drip line extends, using straw or old leaves or bark - this helps to save water and keep the soil moist.

ORNAMENTALS (SHRUBS ETC.) ☺ Start planting out new season flowering sub-shrubs and Perennials like Marguerite Daisies, Nemesias, Diascias, Carnations, Osteospermums and Gazanias all flowering beautifully and obtainable from GILLITTS NURSERIES. ☺ Do a daily walk through your garden to check for the horrible ITALIAN CYPRESS APHID also for other “goggas” and attack before any damage is done. See note under general maintenance for this terrible “gogga”. ☺ Keep Azaleas and Camellias watered well as the garden begins to get drier. ROSES ☺ As growth slows, the work load reduces. ☺ Reduce watering (what a blessing) but keep an eye on the potted Roses as they dry out quickly. ☺ Reduce fertilizing and spraying mainly in the coastal areas. LAWNS ☺ Last cutting or mowing this month, ☺ Keep raking up leaves, ☺ Water evergreen grass type lawns through Autumn and Winter. GENERAL MAINTENANCE ☺ Rake up leaves and put in compost heap ☺ Great opportunity to get on top of weed problems ☺ Ideal time to plant up pots and containers both new and old. Rejuvenate older pots by turning them out and plant up fresh new plants ☺ Potted plants need to be spruced up regularly.

“GOGGA” of the month for May !! The ITALIAN CYPRESS (OR CONIFER) APHIDS, will leave sooty mould and stickiness (honeydew) and yellowing foliage on Conifers, the shoots die back and the plant can eventually die. As mentioned earlier, a regular visit in the garden checking for all kinds of “goggas” will help save you plants before they get eaten up altogether. This “gogga” is active from May – September. Apply a Systemic Granular Liquid Insecticide every 2 weeks. Suggest KOINOR (Systemic Insecticide Liquid). Drench the soil if liquid is used or spread around the plant and water well. Cypress Aphids cannot be seen with the naked eye and damage is always too late. Preventative treatment is recommended from May - September. Cypress Aphids attack inside the outer leaves. ** Don’t confuse with fungal damage – fungal damage normally occurs from outer leaves inwards. ** We hope we have given you enough information to carry on and keep your gardens all clean and pure from the awful “goggas”. At least you can have some time to yourself to watch the “movies” or relax with some wine and good company in the garden. As at this time of the year it is generally just cleaning and tidying up. Hopefully you have planted all your seedlings, herbs, and vegetables and watch them grow, and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Hope to see you all soon !!

PS. SLEEP TIP: 1 x Tablespoon Coconut Oil, 1/2 teaspoon raw Honey, 1/8 teaspoon Salt Glass of warm water, Mix and take when you go to bed. Sweet dreams and a good night. It works

Happy Gardening From the GILLITTS NURSERY TEAM


Support the men’s clothing drive NOSIPHO MHIZE >>


T is sad to see many homeless people suffering,hungry and some barely naked while begging on the streets. An organisation for the homeless named Heavens Kitchen, has decided to take a stand and help those who are in need of clothing by spearheading a Men’s Clothing Drive. Heavens Kitchen founder Kayleigh Symes said: “We are appealing to the community to assist us with men’s clothing namely shirts and trousers from size 30 to 38, socks and shoes from size seven to 10.” Heavens Kitchen feeds about 150 homeless individuals on a Thursday night at Christ Church in Pinetown.“We always need assistance to serve and we also need meals sponsored. We aim to restore the self-worth and self-esteem of the adult street person by addressing their spiritual, physical and emotional needs. In doing so, we aim to help rehabilitate them back into society. Dignity is key for us,we do all of this for Yahweh our King.” “Our hearts burn for the poor. The Bible talks about the poor so often and how important it is to look after them. I am motivated by Proverbs 14:31 that says [Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker].” Heavens Kitchen was established in winter 2014 with the aim to assist the homeless. “When we started we decided to cook soup or stews that have some nutrition in them. We started with only 20 people but it grew to about 80 and over 100 homeless people. I advertised on Facebook for groups to gather some donations for the feeding scheme but I was overwhelmed by plenty people who wanted to get involved in donating, serving, cooking and volunteering.” “Once a month we supply the homeless with a goodie bag filled with toiletries, candles, matches, lip ice and tin food. We do this for a good cause to make their lives a bit easier on the streets.


Heavens Kitchen appeals for support for their men’s clothing drive. “Our hearts beat for Yahweh, and by offering ourselves to serve the homeless, we extend ourselves as the hands and feet of the body of Christ,” said Symes. “We are always in need of volunteers for a variety of tasks and duties, from serving to set up and social media management. Get in contact with us and see what you have to offer.” For more information contact Kayleigh Symes on 079 298 8488 or e-mail or visit the Facebook page titiled HeavensKitchen3610

Maintain your garden through winter


OUR garden needs a little help to thrive through the winter. Put a little love and care into your outside space and it’ll come up in spring all the more beautiful. Here are some tips for taking care of your garden over the winter. 1. HAVE A CLEAR OUT Make sure your plant beds are clear of all dead foliage and cut away any dead stems. This will prevent the spread of rot. It will also stop insect eggs from growing and spreading. 2. TAKE IT INSIDE If you have green tomatoes, bring them inside over the winter. They will not be able to survive the cold weather of winter. 3. TIDY IT UP Winter is a great time to give your garden a tidy up. Clean and sharpen your gardening tools and perform any repairs needed. 4. MULCH THE GARDEN The best way to keep your garden thriving through the cold winter months is to create a mulch to cover your soil. This protects it from ex-

cessive cold and repeated frosts. The best thing to create mulch with is fallen leaves. A layer of leaves is a clever way for nature to protect itself against the cold. It will keep the garden at a consistent temperature. Collect fallen leaves and leave them to rot, as leaf mould also discourages weeds. Then spread a layer of mulch over the soil around your plants, vegetables and flowers. 5. ROSES If you keep roses, don’t fertilise them after late summer. Don’t prune or cut blossoms — you don’t want to stimulate growth as it will just die at first frost. If there is deep freeze coming, you might want to build a burlap shelter as added protection, as well as the mulch. 6. SAVE THE TREES FROM WINTER If you have any young trees, you should protect the softer trunks with tree protectors. This will keep them safe from any animals that might try to gnaw and damage them throughout winter. — Supplied.

Hillcrest Fever

15 May 2018


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Uyaqhubeka umcimbi we-Jazz

Ugqugquzela intsha ngokufunda NOSIPHO MKHIZE >>


UBALULEKILE ukuthi abantu bakwazi ukufunda izincwadi” lawa ngamazwi ka Nks Thandeka Mbatha osebenza kumtapowolwazi othe ukusebenza kumtapowolwazi kumenze wafunda okuningi empilweni. Intatheli ye-Fever uNksz Nosipho Mkhize uxhumane noNks Mbatha ukuze ethole kabanzi ngomsebenzi wakhe. NM [NOSIPHO MKHIZE]: UNks Thandeka ungubani futhi usukaphi? TM [THANDEKA MBATHA]: Ngazalelwa eBergville, endaweni okuthiwa yiseWoldford. Ngesikhathi ngisakhula ngangithanda isikole nokucula. Ngangingathandi ukudlala kakhulu nabanye abantwana kodwa ngangikujabulela ukubukela umabonakude nokufunda izincwadi engangiziphathelwa umama wami ngesikhathi esebenza esikoleni samabanga aphansi iWoldford. NM: Uqale nini ukusebenza kumtapowolwazi? TM: Ngiqale ukusebenza kumtapowolwazi ngemuva kokuthola i-B-Tech ngaphansi kwezifundo ze-Library eNyuvesi i-Durban University of Technology eyaziwa ngokuthi yi-

DUT. Ngaqala njengomuntu obhekelela izincwadi zokuhweba nasekutshalweni kwezimali, bese ngadlulela kumtapowolwazi obhekelela izincwadi zokwelapha ngesilungu [medicine]. Lemitapoyolwazi yombhili idlale indima enkulu empilweni yami. Ngo 2012 ngisebenze kumtapowolwazi oseThekwini ngaphansi kukaMasipala, lapho bengisebenza njengomsizi womtapowolwazi. NM: Ngesikhathi ukhula wawufuna ukusebenza kumtapowolwazi? TM: Angikaze ngicabange ukuthi ngelinye ilanga ngiyosebenza kumtapowolwazi. Ngesikhathi ngikhula ngangifuna ukuba uthisha, noma kunjalo-ke izinto zajika sengikhulile ngabona sengingena emkhakheni womtapowolwazi futhi angizisoli ngalokho ngoba kuyangijabulisa. Ngisebenza nemiphakathi eyahlukahlukene njengona ngibasiza bathole ulwazi abaludingayo. NM: Yiziphi izinselelo oke wabhekana nazo emsebenzini owenzayo? TM: Angikaze ngibhekane nezinselele kulo msebenzi kodwa ngiyajabula ukubona ushintsho olukhona kumtapowolwazi uma uqhathanisa naphambilini ingakabibikho intuthuko. Lokhu ngikusho ngoba imitapoyolwazi manje isinobuchwepheshe

May 15, 2018


UNks Thandeka Mbatha osebenza kumtapowolwazi. ISITHOMBE: NOSIPHO MKHIZE

bezinhloso zocwaningo [technologies] kanye ne-Wifi eyenza kube lula ukuthi amalungu asebenzisa imitapo yolwazi, bekwazi ukucwaninga besebenzisa i-internet. Imitapoyolwazi iphinde idlale indima ebalulekile ekwenzeni izinhlelo zemfundo zomphakathi futhi ikhuthaza ukuhlangana nokuzwana komphakathi ezizweni ezahlukene. NM: Yikuphi umuntu amele akwenze uma efuna ukuphumelela kulo msebenzi? TM: Ukufunda kubaluleke kakhulu. Angikaze ngiye esikoleni sezinhlanga ezahlukene, kepha ngokufunda izincwadi ngikwazile ukuthi ngifinyelele kokuningi. Ukufunda izincwadi kuyasiza ekuthuthukiseni ilwimi, nokukwazi ukukhuluma ngokushelela nokusiza amalungu omphakathi ngabakudingayo kumtapowolwazi. NM: Ngicela ungitshele ngokubaluleka kokufunda? TM: Ukufunda kufanele kukhuthazwe ngesikhathi umntwana esakhula ngoba kusiza izingane ukuba zakhe isisekelo solimi oluqinile futhi zithuthukise amagama abo okufunda.

Sihlezi sitshela izingane ezisebenzisa umtapowolwazi ngokubaluleka kokufunda izincdwadi ngoba lokho kuzobasiza uma sebekhulile noma uma sekumele bafunde izincwadi esikoleni. Sinezinhleo eziningi khona kumtapowolwazi lapho sifundisa khona abantwana ukufunda izincwadi okuyindlela yokubalekelela ekutheni bekwazi ukufunda. NM: Yikuphi okwenza emsebenzini njalo ngosuku? TM: Kunemisebenzi eminingi engiyenza zinsuku zonke - kusukela ekusizeni umphakathi osuke uvakashele kumtapowolwazi, ukwenza ama-reports osuku, ukuhlela izinhlelo ezibakhona kumtapowolwazi nokuba nemihlangano nozakwethu esisebenza nabo. NM: Isiphi iseluleko ongathanda ukusidlulisela entsheni? TM: Ngingathanda ukweluleka intsha ngokuthi ivakashele imitapoyolwazi esondelene nase makhaya ayo. Kumele ibe amalungu omtapowolwazi futhi ithole kabanzi mayelana nezinsizakalo ezitholakala kuyo ngoba kuningi engakuzuza ngalokho.

EMVA kwesimemezelo sokuthi uyaqhubeka umcimbi we-Ugu Arts Jazz Festival kulonyaka, abalandeli abapholisanga maseko ekuthengeni amathikithi enani eliphansi abizwa ngokuthi ama-early bird tickets, okungama thikithi athengwa yilabo abathanda ukuzilungiselela kusenesikhathi. Kubikwa ukuthi kuyimanje abalandeli bafuna ukuthenga amathikithi ebantwini nase sangweni laseUgu Sports and Leisure. Okhulumela iCyassounds Holdings, ehlele lomcimbi uNks Nana Blose, uthe amathikithi athengwe ubuthaphu thaphu. “Besinamatikithi abedayiswa ngesaphulelo kulabo abathenge kusenesikhathi, lawo mathikithi abenqunyelwe isikhathi sokuthi azobe engasadayisi uma kuqala inyanga kaNhlaba (May), kodwa indlela okwenzeka ngayo sibone kungcono ukuthi selule isikhathi sokudayiswa kwalamatikithi,” kusho uNks Blose. “Okwamanje singasho ukuthi sesinabo abaculi abathe nakanjani bazoba yingxenye ye-Ugu Jazz Arts Festival, kubalwa u-Oliver Mtukudzi, uZonke, uSelaelo Selota, uMlindo The Vocalist owaziwa ngeculo lama Blesser. Abanye sizobadalula ngokuhamba kwesikhathi,” kusho uNks Blose. UNks Blose ukhuthaze abalandeli ukuba baphuthume bethenge amathikithi e-Computicket. Uthe: “Amathikithi e-general angu-R280 kodwa leli elinesaphulelo lona le-general lingu R200. Ithikithi le -golden circle ungalithola ngo R350 kanti ele-VIP liwuR1200.” Umculi uMlindo the Vocalist ISITHOMBE: SITHUNYELWE

Balwisana nokubulawa kwabantu besifazane NOSIPHO MKHIZE >> ITHIMBA lentsha laKwaNyuswa limele iKwaZulu-Natal emhlanganweni obuse East London lapho benikwe inselelo yokulwisana nokubulawa kwabantu besifazane nokudlwengulwa kwezaguga emphakathini abasuka kuwo. Leli thimba lifundisane nentsha eqhamuka ezindaweni ezehlukene ngezindlela zokulwa nezinkinga ezenzeka emiphakathini yalo. Lomhlangano ubuhlelwe yinhlangano ebizwa ngokuthi yi-eActivater e-East London. Le nhlangano ikhethe leli thimba ukuba lisebenzisane nezikole eziKwaNyuswa lapho lizoba nezinhlelo ezahlukahlukene kanye nokufundisa intsha ezikoleni ngam-

alungelo ayo nezindlela zokulwa nokuhlukunyezwa nokudlwengulwa kwabantu besimame. Okhulumela leli thimba uMnuz Sbusiso Nzama uthe: “Ngesikhathi sinalemihlangano kuningi esikubonile nesikufundile ngokuhlukunyezwa kwabesifazane nokungafundiseki kwabantu “Njengokuthi uma kukhona isigameko esehlekele owesifazane kumele lolodaba balubike emaphoyiseni noma ezinhlanganweni ezilwisana nobugebengu emphakathini. “Ngithole ukuthi imfundiso oyithola ekhaya ibalulekile ngoba idlala indima enkulu emilweni yakho. “Loluhlelo luhlose ukugxila kakhulu ezinganeni nakwi zaguga ngoba yibona abahlukumezeke kakhulu emphakathini.” Uqhube wathi leli thimba lizimisele ek-

usizeni umphakathi futhi lizo qinisekisa ukuthi linikeza intsha ulwazi abaludingayo. Uthe lokhu bazokwenza ngokubabisana nezinhlangano ezahlukene ezibhekelela ukulwisana nokuhlukunyezwa kwabantu besifazane. “Kumele kuphele ukubulawa nokuhlukumezeka kwabantu besifazane yisikhathi sokuletha ushintsho nokuthula. Uma uthanda ukuthi leli thimba livakashele esikoleni sangakini noma emphakathini osuka kuwona xhumana noMnuz Nzama enombolweni ethi:073 911 9912. Ithimba laKwaNyuswa elizimisele ngolwisana nokubulawa kwabesifazane. ISITHOMBE: SITHUNYELWE




May 15, 2018

Win tickets to L Butlers Comedy Night

OOKING for something epic to do on a Saturday night in Hillcrest? Come laugh the night away with some of SA’s very best comedians on Saturday, June 2 at Butler’s Restaurant, 24 Old Main Rd, Hillcrest at 8.30 pm. SA comedy icon, John Vlismas returns from his Australian tour (‘South African Comedy All-Stars’; ‘The Good Racist’) to host a stellar line-up of comedians from around the country. Catch Angel Campey and Gino Fernandez (on tour from Cape Town). They’re joined by hilarious Zimbabwean — Simba the Comic King. Durban’s own Matt Armstrong takes the open slot. There will also be delicious food, drink and top-class comedy.

Angel Campey will be at Butlers Comedy Night. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

WIN WIN WIN The Hillcrest Fever in conjunction with On Fire Comedy will be giving away 10 double tickets to the show. Log on to the Hillcrest Fever Facebook page, “like” the page, “share” the competition and “tag” as many friends as you can in the comments section. Competition closes on Friday, May 25. The person with the most “tags” and “shares” win. T&Cs apply.



New releases at SterKinekor Theatres Deadpool releases this Friday, May 18. After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfil his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavour — finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of “World’s Best Lover”. Starring: Ryan Reynolds, T.J. Miller, Josh Brolin, Bill Skarsgard, Morena Baccarin Genre: Super hero Solo: A Star Wars story, releases on Friday, May 25. During an adventure into a dark criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future co-pilot Chewbac-

ca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion. Starring: Emilia Clarke, Alden Ehrenreich, Thandie Newton Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

One of the new releases at Ster-Kinekor. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

WIN WIN WIN The Hillcrest Fever in conjunction with Ster-Kinekor will be giving away double tickets to five lucky readers. Visit the Hillcrest Fever Facebook page, “like” it, “share” the competition and “tag” as many friends in the comments section. Competition ends Friday, May 25. The person with the most “tags” and “shares” win. T&Cs apply.


Freezer Double Bed TV Microwave Radio DVD Player Sleeper couch

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15 May 2018


hillcrest FEVER

SPORT Meet the Inanda Trail Runners I

N 2017 Mmeli Ndimane first experienced the joy of trail running when he was given the opportunity to participate in some KZN trail running events. This helped Ndimane realise that it was time to make a difference in the Inanda Community,especially,with the youth. Ndimane then established the dream of the Inanda Trail Running Club. The Inanda Trail Running Club is a sports club that is dedicated to improving sport’s participation in the community, educational attainment and opportunities for youth and children. The club would love to see children and youth of the community having a good relationship with one another through sport and to decrease the crime rate by keeping the youth actively involved in sport. In addition their aim is see athletes competing nationally and internationally, but most importantly to ensure that they become professional athletes that learn respect. The trail runners approached various supporters with his plan to establish the Inanda Trail Running Club and set about establishing a registered NPO to manage the trail running club with support of Allyson du Plooy. He also recruited Patrick Canham,an avid athlete

and inspiration to the children to coach and support them in their development. Ndimane with Plooy’s support approached KZN Trail Running, who agreed to sponsor free entries for this group of young runners to enable them to participate and experience what is one of the fastest growing sports in KZN. Ndimane’s biggest challenge now is raising roughly R2 000 per event to cover the costs of transporting these young runners to events, as well as sourcing running shoes for these athletes. Many are running barefoot or even in flip flops. Currently the Inanda Trail Running Club has 14 members aged between 12 and 18-years-old. In the recent KZN Trail Running Aloe Wildlife event, four of the clubs runners placed. In the 20 km race, Patrick Canham came second and Zolani Mavundla came third. In the 13 km race, Mbhasobhi Gumede achieved first place. You can donate directly into the ITRC bank account to contribute towards transport costs for transporting the children. You can also donate second hand or new running clothes or shoes to the runners.For more information or to donate contact, Mmmeli Ndimane at 079 798 4367. — Supplied.


Some of the Inanda Trail Runners in Hilton (from left) Zamokuhle Ntanzi, Sizwe Sibiya, Themba Chongco, Vuyo Magwaza, Banele Khanyile, Yolanda Ngcobo and Fanele Mkhunya.

Young Silverback Volvo star Tiffany Keep is hoping that she can continue her growth as a mountain biker when she takes on the aQuellé 40 km Marathon at the upcoming Sappi Karkloof Classic Trail Festival over the weekend of May 27 and 28. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Keep gradually gaining Karkloof experience YOUNG, up-and-coming mountain biking and road racing star Tiffany Keep will be lining up for the 40 km aQuellé Half Marathon at the Sappi Karkloof Classic Trail Festival on Sunday, May 27 as the 17-year-old patiently builds up her racing experience. Keep, who recently finished second in the aQuellé Tour Durban road race, has been taking the road cycling world by storm, but was quick to clarify where her priorities lie on the bicycle. “Mountain biking is definitely my main discipline,” the Silverback Volvo athlete said. “This year there have been a lot more road races than MTB races so that is why I have been on the road a lot more. “As much as I enjoy road racing, I am using it to gain experience in racing against older women.” The Thomas More pupil could quite easily take on the top ladies in the 60 km Sappi Marathon at the Karkloof Classic, but despite being tempted she felt that there was no need to rush into the full marathon at her age. “I am always up for a challenge and racing in the 60 km marathon would have been a huge challenge — it is probably one of the toughest marathons in KZN. “The 40 km half marathon is also going to be tough and I think that it also includes a lot of the same features as the full marathon so it will be a good test.” Keep’s pedigree speaks for itself when you look at her MTB record which includes both marathon and cross country victories around the country. At the 2017 Illovo Eston MTB Challenge, one of the last major marathon events of the year in KZN, it was just the

might of Bianca Haw that kept Keep from the top step of the podium against a field that included defending Sappi Karkloof champion Natalie Bergstrom. Her record at Karkloof has been a stifled one due to her absence over the last few years, with sickness preventing her from getting to the start line. Despite never having won a Karkloof title,Keep knows the trails well enough to understand where her strengths and weaknesses lie. “The single track at Karkloof is incredible and that is an area where I am going to be the most comfortable. “There are some tough climbs but I don’t really mind that as long as there is a nice downhill section on the other side,” said Keep. “I don’t really enjoy the district road sections, I would much rather be riding over rocks than on a road!” Keep saw the jump from the 20 km aQuellé Fun Ride to the 60 km marathon as quite a serious leap,so she settled on the 40 km half marathon, a race that she should get through without too much competition. Testing herself becomes the next challenge, so an overall top 10 is the simple goal. “I like to race against the guys and see how I can do. They race a lot more aggressively and that is something that I enjoy and need to get used to so the guys ahead of me will become my targets at Karkloof. It gives me good motivation when I race so I always look forward to testing myself,” said Keep. The 2018 Sappi Karkloof Classic Trail Festival takes place at the Karkloof Country Club on Saturday, 27 and Sunday, May 28. More info can be found at - Supplied

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Hillcrest Fever 18/05/18  
Hillcrest Fever 18/05/18