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Experiment1_ Metaballs

by Alex_Clau_Cosmos

Objective To fill a space with balloons of difference size, and then cover them with a fabric in order to create a sinuous surface.

Set position

Blow up



Tools & Materials Power supply 12 V Ventilator 12 V 1.44 W Plastic bag Pastic cup

Experiment2_ SpiderRob

Objective The aim is to create a hang installation of an array of particles, which will wound and unwound according the movement of persons near it.

Engine function

Tools & Materials Battery 6 V Ventilator 12 V 1.44 W Motor 6 V Pastic cup Isolation tape knife Piece of cardboard Cork Nylon wire Plastic cap

Prototype 1

Prototype 2


First experiments for Robotics_CadLogic#