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Laser Treatment For Stretch Marks Many women are wondering if laser treatment for stretch marks would be their last resort to erase those unsightly “battle scars”. While some women are lucky enough not to have them, stretch marks are sometimes unavoidable for most women, especially those who have been pregnant at least once in their lives. Some people, men and women alike, even acquire them through puberty growth spurts, giving them stretch marks around the body because of sudden growth. Although keeping a stable weight as well as taking care of your skin can help prevent it, hormonal changes and heredity still play a big role in stretch mark formation.

Is Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks Effective? Stretch marks can be “treated” with creams, lotions, ointments, and many other products and procedures. Among these many procedures include laser treatment for stretch marks. Even though some creams, lotions, and procedures can be effective in removing stretch marks, the effects do not usually last long. Stretch marks could reappear when you stop treatment using these potions, and considering that these creams and lotions do not usually come cheap, treatment could cost you more in the long run. On the other hand, stretch marks laser treatment may cost more than creams, chemical peels, and other treatments. However, laser treatments provide more positive and lasting, if not permanent, results.

Various Laser Procedures Generally, there are two types of laser procedures that can be used to remove stretch marks. These two are the Ablative and Non-ablative. In an ablative procedure, the epidermis or the skin’s outer layer, is stripped away. In a non-ablative procedure, the laser penetrates a layer deeper than the epidermis. These two types of laser procedures break down into different kinds of laser treatment for stretch marks. There are four popular types of laser procedures for removal of stretch marks. Non-ablative laser procedures include Fractional Laser Treatment and Pulse Dye Laser Treatment . Ablative laser procedures include CO2 Laser Treatment and Excimer Laser Treatment Laser treatments can be really effective in erasing unwanted scars like stretch marks. So, when choosing a laser treatment for stretch marks, it is important to know which of the many procedures will work for you. It is always best to ask your doctor or dermatologist about it, so consult one now.

Laser Treatment For Stretch Marks