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The hunted Tom, a young village lad had to feed the whole village. He chucked his 20 gauge over his shoulder saying “goodbye, goodbye!” He waddled out into the woods hoping there was a deer with his name written all over it. He was in his camouflage, muddy hide in the middle of the aged woods looking around for a deer. Suddenly…he saw a fat buck deer boooooff…there was a gunshot he brought the deer back with a trail of blood he quickly put it in his favourite spot. He was in his favourite spot when he heard a snare go of. He ran over to have a

look. Strangely he found a lovely golden Labrador. He cut the rope suddenly… it ran off and grabbed the deer. Tom chased him through the woods. Tom chased the golden Labrador up through the woods swinging on the branches and climbing up the trees. The Labrador kept looking back at him with the deer in his mouth. Incredibly they came to the bottom of a pinnacle. He slowly placed one hand on the massive pinnacle as some boulders came flying down. He took a deep berth and started climbing up the old ricked pinnacle until he got to a dead-end. The Labrador was sitting there…with a deer in his mouth suddenly…there was a flash he opened his eyes there’s deer lots of deer he stopped and sat down with the

dog beside him! He kissed the dog and went of hunting. Suddenly…there’s a near-bye gunshot and he brought back two deer’s he gave one to the dog and started walking back down the ricked pinnacle as he faded away in the mist. So did the dog (but not in the same way) it was a spirit.

The hunted  
The hunted