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Deptford Old Police Station 31st August 2013 A Visual Document By Claire Stone

“I wa s kind of sta rting to look forwa rd to your visits [ La ughter “Oh rea lly?”] I wa s sta rting to like look a t the door [ “Is she coming ba ck?” …] ”

“… there was a beautiful river cutting its way through the hillside – and I wanted to touch it, so I would climb in, and the current would take hold of me and carry me racing along like I was in Cool Runnings, until we’d hit a bend I couldn’t hold onto and I’d come out of the water, flying for miles through the air until I’d come crashing down over a barbed wire fence somewhere far off on the hill…”

“…I couldn’t help but go in again…”

“Getting back to the … It just felt incredibly private for me, in some ways I felt, like when I came out and sat down here and then I saw the four plants up on the side […] the realisation kind of kicked in that actually you’d all been through the same thing … it at first felt like a betrayal of the experience […] it kind of felt very personal” [“It’s like ‘They got a plant too?!’”]

“Reasons for Admission Intemperance and business trouble / dissolute habits kicked in the head by a horse / domestic affliction / hereditary predisposition / ill treatment by husband dropsy / imaginary female trouble / egotism / hysteria / epileptic / fits immoral life / excessive sexual abuse / imprisonment excitement as officer jealousy and religion exposure / and hereditary laziness exposure / and quackery marriage of a son exposure / in army masturbation / and syphilis fever / and jealousy masturbation for thirty years / fighting fire medicine to prevent conception / suppressed masturbation / menstrual deranged suppression of menses / mental exciting / the war / novel reading / time of life nymphomania / uterine derangement / opium habit / venereal excesses over action of the mind / vicious vices over study of religion / women tro…”

“What is the one thing, the last thing you would ever do to escape?


What would it take for you to do it? And do you know what it would take from you, once you had?�


‘What’s the impulse behind art? It’s saying in whatever language is the language of your work, “If I could move you as much as it moved me … if I can move anyone a tenth as much as that moved me, if I can spark the same sense of mystery and awe and surprise as that sparked in me, well that’s why I do what I do.”’

“I Only Came to Use the Phone” an audio adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s short story, performed at Deptford Old Police Station.

A graduate performance from RCSSD’s MA in Advanced Theatre Practice.

Directed & Designed by Claire Stone Performed by Emma Lawson Featuring the voices of: Dana Etgar Martin Bishop Alexei Vergara Justina Kaminskaite With special thanks to (wo)man-witha-van, Catherine Connell. Photography by Claire Stone

"I Only Came to Use the Phone"  

A Visual Document of the performance. Photography & Design by Claire Stone.

"I Only Came to Use the Phone"  

A Visual Document of the performance. Photography & Design by Claire Stone.