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Individual Assignment: Critical Thinking

路 This assignment is to see how to apply critical thinking skills to a vulnerable population. The population you select is not nearly as important as applying the constructs of critical thinking. This is a new skill that asks more of you than just researching a topic and writing about what has been written. The following are characteristics of a good critical thinker: Critical thinkers usually do the following: o Ask pertinent questions. o Define criteria for analyzing ideas. o Assess statements and arguments.

o Examine and weigh beliefs, assumptions, and opinions against facts. o Determine if evidence is sufficient to support claims. o Verify information is relevant and supported by expert sources. o Check materials for objectivity, fairness, and lack of distortion. o Detect, describe, and use relationships in their processes. o Sort or categorize observations, research, and experiences. o Submit work for peer review and accept critical challenges.

路 Select one of the following populations (or ask me about one that interests you): o chronically mentally ill o homeless persons o teenaged mothers o victims of violence (refugees, domestic or childhood abuse)

o immigrants o or one of your choice · Write a 1200-1500 word paper explaining how critical thinking is used to identify the causes of the problems or issues for this population population..Not discussing critical thinking will cost 20 points. Focus on: ·



Existing research


Past efforts to address the problem

· Form a hypothesis of a new approach using deductive reasoning (think outside the box!) · Discuss feasibility of your proposed approach, particularly funding · Analyze consequences, intended and andunintended · This will not be comfortable because it asks more of you than just reading what has been done and reporting it. You need to apply that knowledge and come up with an innovative solution and then explore it using critical thinking. Show the proper use of at least two academic resources (not Wikipedia,, yahoo, etc.), outside of the library. · Properly cite your references/resources in APA format.

Avoid first or second person.

Bshs 302 week 3 individual assignment critical thinking paper  

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