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Learner's Corner

 The Story of "i"

The world of Mathematics opens to a number of challenging inventions. These inventions, contributed by passionate mathematicians, do not go unnoticed. When Mathematicians stop at some point in their work, it does not represent a terminal point but indicate a new beginning. So here's how Complex numbers started! Read more...

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College Hacks Planning For Your Future It's always better to know where you're going , so that you can ensure that whatever happens, you have a plan to fall back on. Read more...

How to Procrastinate Efficiently

This post helps you embrace procrastination and use it to your advantage. And ensures that you

complete all your tasks on time.

Your Zone Prison Economy: Cigarettes as Currency It's always great to start the year with a look down memory lane, to peek into our past before we step right ahead Read more...

Fun Spot History of Valentine's Day

How the World will Change in the Next 150 Years

To all those who are proclaiming that Valentine's

With the plethora of things happening in the world,

day is just a marketing gimmick of businesses that

here are predictions of things that could materialize

sell flowers and chocolates, are actually not far from  

within the next 150 years.

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Classof1 Newsletter: March 2013 Issue  
Classof1 Newsletter: March 2013 Issue  

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