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The best of Italy to visit and to shop dresses 服装: Tommy hilfiger

N°15/spring/summer 2017 第15期 / 2017年春夏

we Italy


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addresses to fully experience the italian cities of art: Milan, Rome, Venice and Florence 个地点让您能在艺术之都更加享受生活: 米兰,罗马,威尼斯和佛罗伦萨

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editorial - 主编的话


MILAN’S EXCELLENCE COMES INTO BLOOM 米兰最优质的产品在春天里绽放 In the spring of two years ago, Milan was gearing up to host more than 20 million visitors to Expo 2015, the great event dedicated to food that turned into a wonderful opportunity for learning, in-depth scientific analysis and culture. Two years on, the beneficial effects of Expo continue and Milan is increasingly seen as an essential port of call on the international tourism circuit, confirming its multicultural identity, as a city that has always looked beyond national borders. Milan has always been a pioneering force in the worlds of finance, fashion, design, art, medical and scientific research and digitisation, and in springtime all its areas of excellence come into full bloom. The first appointment on the spring calendar is the Salone del Mobile, the leading international furniture and design exhibition that sees architects, designers, buyers and enthusiasts flock to the city from all over the world. During the week-long fair, Milan is transformed into a vibrant, cheerful, welcoming showroom where creativity and business constantly find new ways to interact. This issue of Eccellenza Italia starts precisely from this event, guiding international visitors on a journey of discovery as they explore the city’s gems which, in keeping with the nature of the Milanese, are sometimes hidden where you would least expect to find them. Discover the best shopping streets and art events, the finest restaurants and hotels and other curious offerings. And, of course, design dates like White in The City, an amazing itinerary that will showcase the urbanistic visions of the greatest architects through historical buildings and academies. So welcome to Italy, to Rome, Florence and Venice. And welcome to Milan. Eccellenza Italia will be with you every step of the way.

两年前的春天,那时米兰正在准备迎接参观2015年世博会 的超过两千万的游客,那个关于食物的盛大活动成为了人 们认识,科学探索和文化交流的绝佳机会。两年后,那个 有益的影响力仍在持续而米兰也成为国际旅客越来越不可 或缺的旅游胜地,作为一个多元文化城市,它一直关注着 国门之外。 在财经,时尚,设计,艺术,医疗和科学研究以及数字化领 域里,米兰一直位列前沿而其中所有的最优质产品将在春天 绽放。第一个活动就是米兰家具展,它是行业里最重要的 展会,为城市带来世界各地的建筑师,设计师,采购员和 爱好者。在这个星期里,整个米兰将变成一个丰富多彩, 欢快殷勤的展厅,在此创意和商业总能找到新的交流方式。 《意上》杂志的这期特刊正是从这个活动开始,伴随着国际 旅客去探索美,因为米兰本地人的性格使然,这些美通常是 隐藏着的。藏在购物街,艺术活动,最好的餐厅,酒店和值 得探索的场所里。当然,还有设计场地里,其中“城市里的 白”(White in The City)活动画出了一条无以伦比的路线, 坐落在历史悠久的建筑和学院中,在此人们将见识到最著名 的建筑师们所建造的城市愿景。 因此,欢迎来到意大利,来到罗马,佛罗伦萨和威尼斯。 欢迎来到米兰。《意上》将一直伴随着你们。

Paolo Panerai Editor-in-chief & Ceo Class Editori 主编辑 & Ceo Class Editori出版社


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summary - 目录

N°15/spring/summer 2017 第15期 / 2017年春夏

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Milan 米兰 Rome 罗马 Florence 佛罗伦萨 Venice 威尼斯



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pisa orologeria boutique patek philippe — 9 via verri milan




pisa orologeria flagship store — 7 via verri milan

pisa orologeria boutique rolex — 24 via montenapoleone milan

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The best of Italy to visit and to shop



Editor and publisher / CEO兼主编 PAOLO PANERAI Edited by / 策划人 GIAMPIETRO BAUDO e ANTONIO ORLANDO Product Manager / 产品经理 SARA SCOTTI Contributors / 编撰人员 GIOIA CAROZZI (STYLING /造型), SIMONETTA DE PASCA (STYLING /造型), NICOLA FORMICHETTI (STYLING /造型), ROBERTO SORRENTINO (PHOTO / 摄影), Fabio Tempestini (PHOTO / 摄影), GIORGIO TENTOLINI (GRAPHIC DESIGNER / 制图), JACK WATERLOT (PHOTO / 摄影) L’editore ha ricercato con ogni mezzo i titolari dei diritti fotografici senza riuscire a reperirli. è ovviamente a piena disposizione per l’assolvimento di quanto occorra nei loro confronti Tel. +39.02.58219.1 Via Marco Burigozzo 5, 20122 Milano, Italia. Registrazione al Tribunale di Milano n°386 del 16/10/2012.

Via M. Burigozzo 8, 20122 Milano, Italia. Tel. +39.02.58219500 Photolitho: New Paper srl, Milano Printing: Arti Grafiche Boccia Spa. Salerno Managing Director PAOLO PANERAI


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McAG National Press Eccellenza 178x230mm

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The best of Italy to visit and to shop

Class Eccellenza Italia multimedia platform, from magazine to web site 《意上 - Class Eccellenza Italia》多媒体平台,从杂志到网站 Created in 2012 by Class Editori in cooperation with Xinhua, dedicated to Chinese travelers and consumers. In 2016 Eccellenza Italia expands and caters to all visitors arriving in Italy. 2012年针对中国游客和消费者由Class Editori传媒和新华社共同建立。 至2016年《意上》发展了,并且针对各个旅游者。 An Italian lifestyle magazine, covering all the latest fashion and design news from Italian and international brands and reporting from the most beautiful places in Italy. 意大利生活方式杂志,提供关于时尚与设计的意大利和国际品牌的 最新款式,以及意大利最有魅力地点的丰富报道。 A handy guide to discover the most important Italian museums, monuments, hotels, restaurant and boutiques that will take you to visit and shop the best in Italy. 很简便的指南,带您去探索意大利最佳博物馆、名胜古迹、酒店、 餐厅与商店展示,带领您看到并购买最好的意大利制造产品。 In China, the magazine is available for free in the most important travel agencies, airport VIP lounges and in Italian consular offices. In Italy, it is offered at airport arrival areas for overseas travelers, in the best hotels, restaurants, boutiques, shopping centers and outlets, and in museums. 在中国,免费派发到各大旅行社、机场贵宾休息室、出发至意 大利的航班上以及在大使馆和领事馆。在意大利,免费派发到 有中国航班抵达的机场中,以及各大酒店、餐厅、精品店、购 物中心、奥特莱斯和博物馆内。

The app 应用程式 Constantly updated, the app provides the digital version of the magazine and additional contents: interactive maps, fashion collection photo galleries and much more. 不断更新,提供杂志的数字版本以及额外内容:从互动地图到时尚系列照片库。

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coverstory - 封面故事



米兰 - 创意的伟大展厅

Fashion, design, culture, art, food, finance, shopping, lifestyle. Milan is the capital of Italian new Renaissance opening to the world. 时尚,设计,文化,艺术,食物,金融,购物,生活方式。 米兰是意大利新文艺复兴的首都,向全世界打开大门。


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Gigi Hadid in Tommy X Gigi portrayed in front of the Duomo di Milano (photo: Fabio Tempestini) Gigi Hadid 穿着一身 Tommy X Gigi 拍摄于米兰大教堂前 (摄影: Fabio Tempestini)

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coverstory - 封面故事

“Kandinsky, Knight Errant, and the Path to Abstraction” Mudec (56 via Tortona) - Until 9th July

This unprecedented exhibition brings together 49 works that tell the story of the inspired work of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky (18661944), together with 85 iconic images, popular prints and examples of decorative art. The works, some of which have never been seen in Italy before, come from some of the most important galleries in Russia, Georgia and Armenia. The exhibition reveals the formative period of the artist’s visual imagination, from its roots in the Russian artistic tradition, and his journey towards abstraction from the late 1800s through to 1921, when he moved to Germany, never to return to Russia.

康定斯基。游侠骑士的抽象之路 Mudec展馆(via Tortona 56)截止到7月9日 这是一次前所未有的画展,展出是的俄罗斯艺术家瓦西里康定斯基(1866年 - 1944 年)在 “天才时期”的49件作品,以及85个标志性画作、受人喜欢的印花和装饰 艺术的模版。这些作品,其中有一些从未在意大利见过,来自俄罗斯、格鲁吉亚 和亚美尼亚最重要的博物馆。展品表现出了艺术家在视觉意象形成时期的风格, 深深植根于俄罗斯的传统,以及他走向如今的抽象风格的转折之路,这段时期是 从十九世纪到1921年,在他搬迁到德国并不再回归祖国的期间。

Manet and Modern Paris Palazzo Reale (Piazza Duomo) - Until 2nd July

This exhibition traces the artistic development of the great master (1832-1883) who produced 430 paintings in just over twenty years. A story of the man and his work, intertwined with that of other famous artists, many of whom were friends and fellow artists of Manet’s, and his companions for café and theatre visits, studies and summer holidays. The works on display are on loan from the prestigious collection of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris: a hundred works, including 55 paintings – with 17 of Manet’s masterpieces and 40 other great works by other contemporary masters, including Boldini, Cézanne, Degas, FantinLatour, Gauguin, Monet, Berthe Morisot, Renoir, Signac and Tissot. In addition to these works are ten sketches and watercolours by Manet, around twenty sketches by other artists and seven models and sculptures.

马奈和现代巴黎 Palazzo Reale皇宫(多莫大教堂广场)截止到7月2日 展览讲述的是马奈大师(1832 年 - 1883年)的艺术之路,在短短二十多年的艺术生 涯中,他创作了430幅画。这是一个充满人性和创意的画展,他的作品与其他著 名的艺术家的作品都有交织,这些艺术家其中很多都是马奈在生活和工作上的伙 伴,经常与他一起喝咖啡、做研究、去夏日别院和剧院。展出的作品来自于巴黎 奥赛博物馆:有近百件,其中有55 幅绘画 - 17幅马奈的杰作,以及40件其他伟大的 当代大师的作品,如波尔蒂尼、塞尚、德加、丹 - 拉图尔、高更、莫奈,巴馥莫 利索、雷诺阿、西涅克、迪索。 除了画布上的作品,还有马奈的10幅素描和水彩画,以及其他艺术家的二十幅素 描和七个初步设计的模型和雕塑。

Keith Haring. About art Palazzo Reale (Piazza Duomo) - Until 18th June

An exhibition of 110 works, many of them on a massive scale, some unpublished or never exhibited before in Italy. The works of the American artist (1958-90) are displayed alongside artists of different eras who inspired Haring and whose work he reinterpreted in his own unique and inimitable style. The result is a collection of archetypal works from classical painting, tribal and ethnographical art, gothic imagery and cartoons, the language of his century and, with the aid of his computer for some of his last experimental works, journeys into the future. On display are works by Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet and Paul Klee from the twentieth century, but also casts of Trajan’s Column, Pacific island masks, paintings from the Italian Renaissance, and more. The exhibition is dramatically staged and packed with references to the context of Haring’s short and controversial life, which led him to become one of the best-known figures of post-war American art.

凯斯·哈林 关于艺术 Palazzo Reale皇宫(Duomo大教堂广场)截止到6月18日 这一展览将展出110件作品,许多都是不朽之作,其中有一些从未在意大利展出 过。这位美国艺术家的作品(1958年 - 1990年)与不同时期的作家的作品一起展 出,哈林从他们那获得灵感,并用其独特的风格重新诠释,结合了经典传统的原 型叙事方式、部落艺术和民族标志、哥特式图案或动画形象、他所处时代的语 言、以及利用电脑创作出的最新的实验画作中的未来之风。其中还有那些二十世 纪的由杰克逊·波洛克、杜布菲吉恩、保罗·克利创作的作品,还有图拉真柱的 模制品、太平洋文化的面具、意大利文艺复兴时期的绘画和其他的画。展览的布 置非常振奋人心,同时也彰显出哈林短暂但有爆发力的生命,使他可以作为战后 美国艺术最被推崇的人物之一来表达自己。


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This exhibition takes up a theme originally explored by the Castiglioni brothers, the “Domestic Dimension”. The exhibition project, which will take place over three years – 2016, 2017 and 2018 – focuses on themes of domestic living. In 2016 “Ambiente di Soggiorno”, which Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni created for the exhibition “Colori e forme della casa d’oggi” (Villa Olmo, Como, 1957), was recreated; this year’s exhibition is “Ambiente arredato per il Pranzo” from the La casa abitata exhibition (Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, 1965); in 2018 the exhibition cycle will conclude with a retake on the “Ambiente per il pranzo” exhibition, created solely by Achille Castiglioni for the Italian Furnishings Exhibition in Tokyo in 1984. This last study will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of the artist. The exhibitions will be held at the Achille Castiglioni Foundation at 27 Piazza Castello in Milan, and for each there will be a reconstruction of the room created by the Castiglioni brothers for these historic events, together with some rare and original archive materials, enabling visitors to understand the social context and the design philosophy of the two Castiglioni brothers.

家居规格。阿切勒和皮埃尔·加科莫·卡斯 蒂格利奥尼兄弟和一个奇特的家居装饰概 念。第二幕 卡斯蒂格利奥尼基金会(piazza Castello 27) 截止到12月30日 这一展览以卡斯蒂格利奥尼兄弟独特的方式深刻表现出一个一直在研究主题, 即“家居规格”。展出项目跨越三年,包括2016年、2017年和2018年,以居住环境为 主题;2016年,推出的主题是 “起居环境”,这是阿切勒和皮埃尔·加科莫·卡 斯蒂格利奥尼兄弟曾为 “当今住房的色彩和造型”展所创作的(奥尔莫别墅, 科莫,1957年);今年展出的是在“家居”展(斯特罗兹宫,佛罗伦萨,1965年) 中推出“午餐环境装饰”系列;最后,在 2018年,将展出由阿切勒·卡斯蒂格利 奥尼独自在“意大利家具”展(东京,1984年)中推出的“午餐环境”设计的重 新装饰。最后这一个展出的时间正好是作者的诞辰一百周年。 在每一个展览中(位于米兰 Piazza Castello 27的阿切勒·卡斯蒂格利奥尼基金 会),都将会重建一个卡斯蒂格利奥尼兄弟曾经设计过的房间,再加上罕见的原 始储存的材料,可以让参观者深刻了解到阿切勒和皮埃尔·加科莫·卡斯蒂格利 奥尼两兄弟追求的环境特点和设计理念。

Transformers Art Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology (21 via San Vittore) Until 1st May

Inspired by the Transformers, the famous alien robots who can turn into vehicles, the gigantic creations of Montenegrin artist Danilo Baletic have come in peace to the museum, where they are attracting a mainly younger audience. The imposing metal sculptures are created using materials salvaged from landfill sites, with the aim of drawing attention to the theme of rubbish as a resource. For the museum, it is another chance to join in the fun with an exhibition that offers visitors a more engaging and original experience. Baletic’s transformers attract visitors’ attention and inspire their imaginations around the many themes presented by the museum: from sustainability to robotics, from the relationship between man and machine to the creative use of recycled materials. After Milan, the Transformers Art project will be in Denmark and London, before travelling from Europe to Asia via the US.

Dinosaurs, Giants from Argentina Mudec (56 via Tortona) Until 2nd July

This exhibition presents an extraordinary overview of the story of the dinosaurs, from their origins to their extinction, as our understanding constantly evolves. Inspired by some important new paleontological discoveries in Argentina, the exhibition presents the fascinating story of the great giants of the Cretaceous period, which present so many mysteries and unanswered questions. The exhibition gathers together an extraordinary selection of artefacts from some of the most important scientific museums in the world. Sophisticated reconstructions illustrate the history, evolution and extinction of numerous species of dinosaur, tracing 150 million years on our planet, from the Triassic to the Cretaceous period.

coverstory - 封面故事

Domestic Dimension. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and their strange furnishings, Act II. Fondazione Castiglioni (27 piazza Castello) Until 30th December

恐龙。阿根廷巨龙 Mudec(via Tortona 56) 截止到7月2日 展览将会对恐龙的历史进行独特的介绍,从他们的起 源,直到他们的消失,对他的认识一直在不断的演变 中:展览通过一些新的在阿根廷古生物方面的重要发 现,来展现这些白垩纪大巨头引人入胜的历史,这些 历史中还隐藏着许多未解之谜,许多未知数。此次展 览还会展出一些来自世界上最重要的科学博物馆的展 品和复杂的重建品,这些展品将展示出很多恐龙种类 的历史、演变和消亡,这些种类在我们的星球上交替 生存了1.5亿年,从三叠纪到白垩纪。

The Archaeology of the Last Supper Castello Sforzesco (Piazza Castello) Until 25th June

An opportunity to see the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci through its historic, artistic and symbolic contexts, and to reflect on the extraordinary story of the most famous of Da Vinci’s murals, comparing the materials, techniques and interpretations of the artists who have attempted to copy the famous painting. Milan’s only Unesco heritage site, Da Vinci’s Last Supper is one of the most famous artworks in the world, and one of the most copied. The fact that there are so many reproductions of the painting across so many centuries and using techniques that range from sculpture to etching, from tapestry to photography, is due not only to the painting’s fame, but also to the delicate conservation conditions in which the original has to be kept.

晚餐厅的考古 斯佛尔札城堡(Piazza Castello)截止到6月25日 这是一个观察莱昂纳多的“最后的晚餐”中历史、艺术和象征性细节的好机会, 通过对比复制这幅名画的所有艺术家所使用的材料、技术和想象力,更能反映出 列奥纳多·达芬奇画这幅最有名的壁画的巨大成功。位于米兰的莱昂纳多的“最 后的晚餐” 是联合国教科文组织的遗产,是世界上最有名的作品之一,也是被 复制最多的作品之一:在各个时代,通过各种技术,从雕塑到雕刻,从挂毯到摄 影,都有许多“最后的晚餐”的复制品。不仅是因为这幅画的名气,而且因为原 作一直保存在一个很恶劣的条件下。

变形艺术 列奥纳多·达芬奇科技博物馆(via San Vittore 21) 截止到5月1日 灵感来源于著名的变形金刚。可以变为运输工具的外星机器人,由黑山艺术家达 尼洛巴莱蒂克创造的巨型人和平入侵了博物馆,特别吸引了年轻观众。 这些巨大的金属雕塑是由艺术家利用报废的材料制成的,旨在提起观众对废物变 资源主题的注意。对于博物馆来是,这是一个可以让参观者在自己的展馆中获 得一个更好奇和更独特体验的新机会 。巴莱蒂克的变形机器人激起了博物馆对 更多主题和想象力的关注:从可持续发展到机器人技术,从人机关系到材料的创 造性重用。米兰之后,变形艺术项目还将在丹麦、伦敦展出,还会到从欧洲到亚 洲,再跨越美国。


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coverstory - 封面故事

Andy Warhol. Sixty last suppers Museo del Novecento (Piazza Duomo) Until 18th May

To mark the 30 year anniversary of the death of Andy Warhol (192887), the Museo del Novecento, in collaboration with the Gagosian Gallery, is showing one of the American artist’s masterpieces, his interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper: Sixty Last Suppers. Between 1985 and 1987, Warhol created a series of works dedicated to The Last Supper – more than 10 paintings and silkscreens. Sixty Last Suppers highlights the key component in Warhol’s approach, the idea of seriality taking over from the concept of originality. Committed to demystifying art and the concept of the “unique piece”, the famous pop artist juxtaposed Da Vinci’s Last Supper with other subjects such as Campbell’s Soup, Brillo Box and Coca Cola, treating it as a mass product.

安迪·沃霍尔。六十个“最后晚餐” 二十世纪博物馆(Duomo大教堂广场)截止到5月18日

在安迪·沃霍尔(1928年 - 1987年)去世30年之际,二十世纪博物馆,将与高古轩画 廊合作,展出美国艺术家的杰作之一,对莱昂纳多·达芬奇的“最后的晚餐”的多 种诠释:60个最后晚餐。沃霍尔从1985年到1987年间创造了一系列纪念达芬奇的“最 后的晚餐”的复制品 - 超过10幅绘画和丝印。六十个“最后的晚餐”展现出了沃霍尔式 诗意的重要组成部分:致力于揭秘艺术作品和其作为“独一无二”的神秘性,著名 波普艺术家还视莱昂纳多“最后的晚餐”,和其它作品如金宝汤、布里洛盒子和可 口可乐一样,是一种流行产品。

SuperDesign Show Superstudio Più (27 via Tortona) 4th to 8th April

An exhibition area of 17,000m2 and 130,000 visitors in 2016. Special projects, gallery installations, national exhibition centres, independent or group exhibitions, from large established companies to innovative young ones, start-ups, self-design, young independent artists... You name it, you’ll find all this at Superstudio Più, the trademark of Milan design and the pioneers of the phenomenon FuoriSalone that will see design events taking place across the whole of Milan. SUPERDESIGN SHOW was the first to break out of the box and talk about design as a 360° concept: industrial design, art design, artisan craft, technology, the automotive industry, items for the home/office/holidays/entertainment, textiles, decorating, 3D printing – everything that comes under the term “design” as we move into the future. Then there are the design capitals, the impact of emerging countries on design, plus projects and technology on materials innovation. SUPERDESIGN SHOW is a project by Gisella Borioli under the artistic direction of architect Carolina Nisivoccia.

超级设计展 Supestudio Più (via Tortona 27) 4月4日 - 8日 2016年展览面积有17000平方米,参观人数达13万。主题项目,博物馆的安装,国家 展馆,独立或集体展览,大型老牌公司,以及年轻、创新型企业,创业,自我设 计,年轻的独立作家。这一切都在Superstudio Più,这是在米兰一个设计行业象征 性的地方,它是展馆外活动的先驱,普及整个地区。超级设计展是第一个打破原 有模式并360°谈论设计的展会:工业设计,艺术设计,工艺版权,技术,汽车,家 居、工作和旅行用品,纺织,装饰,3D打印和所有与时并进的设计。另外还有涉 及到设计之都,成为主角的新兴国家,材料创新工程和技术。超级设计展由吉塞 拉·博瑞奥利筹办,卡罗琳娜·尼斯沃洽作为艺术指导。


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coverstory - 封面故事

175 YEARS OF QUALITY AND TRADITION Gobbi 1848 - Corso Vittorio Emanuele

In 1842 Raimondo Gobbi, a watchmaking enthusiast, opened his shop in the Portico of the Collegio San Carlo in Modena. His younger brother, Giuseppe, brought valuable technical skills to the company, and in 1896 he moved to Milan, where he opened his own shop on the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. His great-grandsons Aldo and Gastone have been running the business since the early 30s, making it one of the leading Swiss watch companies in Italy, and subsequently adding goldsmithing and jewellery to its offering. The original site of the shop was destroyed during the Second World War. The current premises were opened on 4th September 1949, and still feature the original interior design, with a well-equipped workshop upstairs. Today, the business is managed by Luca Pozzolini Gobbi, son of Gastone, and his daughter Serena. With 175 years of history, GOBBI 1882 is proud to say that it has been serving its clients’ families for six generations. In 2017 Gobbi 1842 is celebrating 175 years in business, in collaboration with its fine watchmaking partners.

175年的质量保证和传统 Gobbi 1848. Corso Vittorio Emanuele 1842年热爱制表的雷蒙德·戈比,在摩德纳圣卡罗学院的门廊下开立了他的店 铺。其小儿子,朱塞佩,用他专业的知识不断发展公司,并在1896年,迁居到米 兰,在维托里奥·埃马努埃莱二世大街开立了自己的店铺。重孙奥尔多和加斯 东自30年代初期开始经营公司,使店铺成为意大利在瑞士表业销售行业中的佼佼 者,然后又加入了黄金和珠宝。 最初店铺的所在地在最后一次战争中被毁。1949年9月4日,现在的店铺重新开张, 但仍然使用了原来的家具摆设。二楼还有设备齐全的技术支持工作室。目前该公 司是由卢卡·波佐利尼·戈比管理,加斯东的儿子,和他的女儿赛莱娜管理。凭借 其175年的历史,GOBBI 1882 如今可以自豪地说他们是以家族六代人始终为他的客户 服务。2017年,Gobbi 1842 热烈庆祝其与多个高级钟表品牌合作175年的历史。 Patek Philippe 5170R, unveiled at Baselworld 2016. Mechanical manually wound movement, chronograph with central chronograph hand and 30-minute elapsed time counter. Case diameter 39.4 mm. (字幕)百达翡丽,型号 5170R,在2016年巴塞尔钟表展上展出。机械机芯,手动 上弦,计时码表,中央表针,30分钟计时器。表壳直径39.4毫米

THE JEWELS OF TIME Pisa Orologeria. 7 Via Pietro Verri

“The watch hands pendant, crafted in the shape of watch hands, is the ultimate symbol of Time. It is worn around the neck, next to the heart, the source of all emotion,” explains Chiara Pisa, CEO of Pisa Orologeria. And watch hands are the link that connects jewellery to watchmaking, the perfect combination of the movement of the watch and the best of precious metals and gems. That’s why the watch hand motif has been the inspiration for a collection that includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, completed by cufflinks in white gold with pink sapphires and rubies. The “Montenapoleone” pendant, as well as the “Spiga” bracelet, are a tribute to Milan’s Quadrilatero d’Oro, the place where Pisa Orologeria was founded and has grown to where it is now.

永恒的珠宝 Pisa 表店 - Via Pietro Verri 7

“表针是时间的最佳指示器,应挂在脖子上,靠近心脏,情感的引擎”,PISA表店 总经理基亚拉如是说。表针是将珠宝店和表店连接在一起的红线,是钟表商和 最好的宝石和贵重金属的完美结合的共同点。这就是为什么用表针的元素来设计 了一个耳环、项链、手镯和戒指的套件,还有白金、赤金蓝宝石和红宝石的袖 扣。 “Montenapoleone” 吊坠和 “Spiga” 手镯的名字正是为了纪念米兰的黄金四角街 区,PISA表店就是在这里建立和成长的。

62 PAVE DIAMOND MONTENAPOLEONE PENDANT. 4.87 G ROSE GOLD. BRILLIANT CUT. 1.16 CARAT. COLOUR F/G. CLARITY VVS1 Montenapoleone 吊坠 密镶 62 个钻。 玫瑰金 4.87克。明亮式切割。1.16克拉。颜色 F / G。 净度 VVS1 30 DIAMOND SPIGA BRACELET. 7.00 G ROSE GOLD. BRILLIANT CUT. 0.41 CARAT. COLOUR F/G. CLARITY VVS1 SPIGA 手镯,密镶30个钻。玫瑰金 7.00克。明亮式切割。0.41克拉。颜色 F / G。净度VVS1


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Milano Design Week 2017 - 2017年米兰设计周

Special Milan Design Week 2017 2017年 米兰设计周 特刊

White in the city

城市里的白 A great project of design, architecture and culture 一项关于设计,建筑和文化的杰出项目 Main Sponsor Oikos-the colour of wellbeing 主要赞助商 Oikos-幸福的颜色


022-031_EI15-whiteinthecity-bis.indd 22

22/03/17 12.14

Starring 主要人物: Giulio Cappellini, Stefano Boeri, David Chipperfield, Daniel Libeskind, Aires Mateus Associados, Marco Piva, Patriciaa Urquiola, Studio Zaha Hadid-Patrick Schumacher, 5+1AA, Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Pelucco, Alberto Apostolo, Carla Baratelli-Studio Casa. Caberlon Caroppi Italian Touch Architects, Raffaella Laezza, Studio Mamo, Jasper Morrison, Studio Rotella, Studio Svetti, Vicky Syriopoilou, Barbara Candoni e Sylva Gortana, Brogliato Traverso, Dafi Reis Doron, Elina Ulvio, Formidable, Lanzavecchia & Wai, Matteo Cibic, Nearch, Elena Salmistraro, Spazio 23 Architecture & Design, Leonardo Talarico, Giovanni Iovane, Ignazio Gadaleta, Elisabetta Gonzo, Cosmo Laera, Angelo Lodi, Grazia Maria Manigrasso, Sergio Nannicola, Marco Pellizzola


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22/03/17 12.14

Milano Design Week 2017 - 2017年米兰设计周

White in the City Milan Design Week 2017 Brera Art Gallery  城市里的白 - 2017年米兰设计周


hite in the city a project that will involve some of the most prestigious locations in Milan, Accademia di Brera, Pinacoteca di Brera, Palazzo Cusani, San Carpoforo, Class Editori Space, connected by means of a single itinerary, in a series of steps that cover the many meanings, symbolism and uses of White, each their own, unique interpretation. The colour white, is historically a symbol of well-being, sustainability and tranquillity; not a starting point but a point of arrival, a destination, that involves all the disciplines of the project, from architecture to visual arts, from design to fashion. All these socio-cultural areas connected to being, existing, living, contemplating, will be analysed in order to outline a dimension of white that informs, that imparts information, transforming our daily environment into spaces of well-being. The projects will all be in varying scale, from the architectural installations of the stars in the world of design, through to objects that are used on a daily basis, from spaces through to small personal accessories, a perfect balance between art and design. The objective of White in the city is that of creating a knowledge and awareness that makes it possible to choose white, not just by legacy or on

“城 市 里 的 白”( White in the cit y) 这 个 项 目 将 涉 及米兰最负盛名的几个场所: 布雷拉美术学 院,布雷拉画廊,Pal azzo Cusani, San Carpoforo教 堂 旧 址 和 Cl ass Edit ori 空 间 , 每 个 场 地 都 有 其 不 同的风格和意义但是都连结在同一条路线里, 共同描述有着万千变化的色彩和象征的白。 白色一直都是幸福,可持续性和宁静的象征,不是一 个起点而是一个终点,涉及了项目里的所有学科,从 建筑学到视觉艺术,从设计到时尚。 在此可以分析所有关于存在本质,生活,住宿和思考 的社会-文化领域,勾画出一个传播信息的白色区域- 把 日常环境变成一个幸福场所。 所有项目的内容大小不一,从设计界重要人物设计的 大型建筑式装置到日常生活用品,从布景到个人小型 配饰,都在诠释艺术和设计之间的一个完美平衡。 “城市里的白”旨在创建一种新的认知,能够使人们理 性地选择白色,而不只是在感情的驱使下或者在历史 的影响下一时所做的决定。


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22/03/17 12.14

an emotional basis, but also by means of an educated choice. Along the way, White will take on an immaterial or tangible appearance, from one location to another. This has led to the company being a main protagonist in various events and experiences that have made it possible to bring together colour and texture with architecture, design, art and culture.

白色,在这些涉及的场地里,不时将以无形或者有形 的姿态出现。 Claudio Balestri,企业家,把其终身都投入到建筑界, 设计界和艺术界最创新的可持续色彩解决方案的研究 里。他是Oikos-幸福的颜色公司的创始人和董事长,也 是项目的发起人和推动者,这些项目成功地把颜色和 材料结合在建筑,设计,艺术和文化里。

The entrepreneur, Claudio Balestri, founder and president of Oikos, the colour of well-being, has dedicated much of his life to researching the most innovative, eco-sustainable chromatic- texture solutions for architecture, design and art. Claudio Balestri, has always given great importance to innovation and driven by a great desire to transmit this to the city of Milan and the visitors to the most important Design Week in the world, has decided to offer a study into the colour White, with a vision developed in various fields. An idea that has been nurtured and elaborated with several friends, among them, Giulio Cappellini, designer renowned and esteemed around the world and together with whom it has been possible to meet this challenge. White in the city, the result of Italian talent that will make it possible to bring together different visions, cultures, artists, architects designers, businessmen, students and members of the general public, in a context where quality and excellence will meet as never before, a meeting which will pervade the senses of the visitor.

他时刻关注创新,期望为米兰城市和世界最重要的设 计周的参观者们服务,在这个强烈欲望的驱使下,他 建议把“城市里的白”这个项目涉及到不同的领域里, 为白色提供更深入的了解和理念。 这个想法在其朋友也是合作者的帮助下日趋成熟,其 中就有世界知名和备受推崇的设计师Giulio Cappellini。 他们决定一起分担这项挑战。 “城市里的白”是意大利才子们的一个设计成果,旨在 把不同的理念,文化,艺术家,建筑师,设计师,企 业家,学生和其他普通人聚集在一起。在此,高质量 和精益求精的作品将以前所未有的姿态充斥参观者的 感官。

White, a motor of change for well-being in living spaces.



022-031_EI15-whiteinthecity-bis.indd 25

22/03/17 12.14

Milano Design Week 2017 - 2017年米兰设计周

White Luxury Sala della Passione Brera Art Gallery  布雷拉PASSIONE大厅–白色奢华


hite Luxury, a concept able to fuse strategic and functional aspects, and dramatically exhibit solutions of high impact built around the theme of luxury related to the white color and its infinite variations. The white color and the luxury blend together in order to offer a prestigious atmosphere. A scenario with wall art, friezes, stucco and a grand staircase made of natural materials and strictly white, emphasized by an exclusive lighting design, will welcome visitors. A setting design inspired by nature, able to change and be easily adapted to an event, a high-level representation ceremony, to meet the needs of an informal meeting, a gala dinner or a thematic presentation. White Luxury, a place of excellence dedicated to the visitors of the exhibition White in the City, but also for companies who want to use, exclusively, this magical place with audiovisual elements to support events with appropriate pictures and music. Furniture and fashion accessories, products for the “mise en place”, porcelain and ceramics create an experience immersed in the luxury of Italian excellences, in a project curated by Studio Marco Piva who also designed the Hotel Excelsior Gallia Milan, an example of a White Luxury. “白色奢华” ( White Luxury)是一个能够融合战略和功能性质的概念, 以壮观的形式来展示震撼人心的解决方案,围绕着奢华这个主题, 展示白色以及其无穷的变化与奢华之间的联系。白色和奢华合并, 为注定接待最优秀展品的场所提供了一个高贵豪华的气氛。 布景场地拥有艺术墙壁,建筑腰线,灰泥刻饰和一个宏伟的楼梯, 由自然的白色材料做成,通过独特的照明设计,来接待来宾。 如此布置的灵感来自大自然那些会变色的皮肤,非常容易改变,适 合举办各种活动,或是一场高端的代表性典礼,或是为了满足来宾 们的需要举办一个非正式的会面,如一场盛大的晚宴或者一个主题 介绍会。 “白色奢华”为参观“城市里的白”(White in The City)活动的人们提供了 一个的优越的场地。也可为企业提供特别服务,这个神奇的地方拥 有音像设置,能使用合适的音乐和影像来配合活动。 家具和配套,时尚配饰,桌饰和餐桌用品,瓷器和陶瓷组成了一个 激动人心的体验,布满了意大利最优质的产品,这个展示由Marco Piva 工作室组织策划,米兰Excelsior Gallia 酒店Milano也是由他们设计,来 宾们以后可以在此欣赏到“白色奢侈”其中的一件展品。


022-031_EI15-whiteinthecity-bis.indd 26

22/03/17 12.14

White Beyond Blank Brera Academy  布雷拉美术学院 不再空洞的白


n collaboration with Brera Academy, there will be an exhibition in the halls between the Gessi di Canova and the vaults of the former Jesuit College which will show the outcomes of the analysis and experimentation processes realized by the departments of the Academy on the theme of white, explored through the practice of architecture, visual art, and design. This research with the Academy will involve students from various disciplines, and will represent, in the various fields of visual art, an innovative research of the theme of white. Through the creation of prototypes, the students will offer a precise vision of a “white future”, a both tangible and intangible symbol of well-being. The exhibition in the halls of Accademia di Brera will continue until May 5th in order to present the prototypes and the research work to the companies and trade associations, thus connecting the study to the world of future markets.

和布雷拉美术学院一起举办的活动“城市里的白” (White in the city),其 中一个展览设在卡诺瓦的石膏模型群(Gessi del Canova)和前Gesuiti学 院拱頂的走廊之间。 在此展示了与学院各部门合作下而取得的分析和试验成果,主题为 如何通过建筑实践,视觉艺术和设计而取得更深层次的白色。 这项研究将涉及学院各学科的学生,并且在视觉艺术的不同领域里 展示对白色的创新研究。 通过实现一些作品的原型,学生们精确概述了他们理念中的“未来白 色”——那是关于幸福的物质和非物质象征。 位于美术学院走廊里的展览将持续到五月五号,旨在为企业和行业 协会展示作品原型和研究工作,由此把研究和未来市场的世界连接 起来。


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22/03/17 12.14

Milano Design Week 2017 - 2017年米兰设计周

White Young Innovative Class Editori Space 年轻创新的白色


unique garden and a loft in the center of Milan will be the backdrop for the creations of many young designers, recognized by the press and the international public. Once again, the protagonist is the white color, the true focal point of the Milanese design week in April, 2017. Young designers, who hail from all over the world, have been asked to create various innovative objects created from the free and uncontaminated creativity of the minds that represent the future of design. The exhibition will be intentionally without superstructures in order to fully highlight the projects showed. Class Space will not only be an exhibition, but a place of encounter and dialogue, where young designers can experience moments of interaction and exchange ideas. The support from Class network will give high visibility to this event.

位于米兰市中心的一个特色花园和阁楼将为国际知名的年轻设计师 展示其作品。 在此白色再一次成为主角,是2017年四月米兰设计周真正值得参观 的一个展示。 这些来自世界各地的设计师为健康环境设计了白色和创新的产品。 为了最大化地显示作品,整个展览都特意没有使用搭层结构。 “Class空间”不仅仅只是一个展览会,还是一个会面和交流的场所, 在此年轻设计师们和企业互动,互相交流想法。Class editori关系网 络的支持将为这次活动提高曝光率。


028_EI15-bis.indd 28

22/03/17 13.36

White Icons PALAZZO CUSANI 白色图标展览会


hite is the the color that has always accompanied the objects of contemporary design, as the legacy of a tint that is historically traced in architecture design, art and fashion. White, in all its nuances, emphasizes the shapes and the purity of design. The exhibition White Icons curated by Giulio Cappellini at the Piano Nobile of Palazzo Cusani, circuit location of White in the city Milan Design Week 2017, aims to show with a simple but charming display major products and materials that have become points of reference and are characterized by the use of the white color. Products to use, to look at, to wear, of different sizes and scales that in their diversity are unified by the use of this color, White - maximum synthesis of thought and spiritual well-being. Giulio Cappellini

白色是一直以来都伴随着现代化设计产品的颜色,是历史上存在于 设计,建筑,艺术和时尚业中的一种色彩遗产。 白色,以其所有的形式来强调设计的形状和纯度。 命名为“白色图标”(“White Icons”)的展览会由Giulio Cappellini 策划,位 于Palazzo Cusani 的主层。这个展览为2017年米兰设计周“城市里的白”( White in the city)主题活动之一,旨在以简单易懂的布景来展示如今 成为参照点的一些主要产品和材料,它们的特色都是使用了白色。 这些用来使用,观看或者穿戴的产品,大小尺度不一,然而都拥有 相同的颜色——白色(思想和精神健康的最大体现)。 Giulio Cappellini


022-031_EI15-whiteinthecity-bis.indd 29

22/03/17 12.14

Milano Design Week 2017 - 2017年米兰设计周

White Architecture Pinacoteca di Brera 布雷拉画廊 - 白色建筑


hite has always been the main color in architecture, from the ancient temples that even today continue to represent the past, to the most modern and futuristic architectures in public and private spaces. The white color, the essence of chromatic synthesis, emphasizes to the fullest architectural shapes. In addition to classical architectures, this color, with its infinite chromatic variations and textures, defines both rigid and geometric buildings such as the Bauhaus and buildings with organic, rounded shapes such as certain works by Jacobsen, for example, all the way up to the more contemporary creations of the great international architects. In Cortile d’Onore of Pinacoteca di Brera, Giulio Cappelini will create two specular architectural installations that will mirror the strong presence of the building itself in a novel and contemporary way. Oikos’ textures and other materials will create an effect of light and shade. An installation that hangs between the physical and the intangible, with sophisticated results obtained through the most modern technologies. In the surrounding area, some of the most significant contemporary architects will create “microstructures” related to white, which will also be characterized by the use of various Oikos materials. 一直以来白色在历史上都是建筑里的主要颜色,从为我们描述过去 的古老神庙到最现代化和未来主义的公共和私人建筑。 白色,综合色彩的本质,能最大程度体现建筑的形状。除了具有经 典结构的建筑,这个颜色,以其无穷无尽的色素变化和组织特征, 创建了如Bauhaus那样严谨的几何建筑,和如Jacobsen设计的一些圆形 有机形状的建筑,到知名国际建筑师们的最现代化作品。 在布雷拉画廊的庭院里,Giulio Cappellini安装了两个镜面建筑物,以 一个现代化的全新方式来体现画廊本身的强大存在感。 以不同的材料和组织结构来建立一个光/暗游戏。这个游离在物质 和非物质之间的平衡装置,用最现代化的技术为人们提供精妙的 感应。 在场地周边,一些最有影响力的当代建筑师设计了关于白色的小型 建筑,使用了Oikos公司提供的不同白色材料. 来自各地,拥有不同背景的人物们将以绝对自由的方式诠释这个 颜色。 这将是一个壮观的组合,令人印象深刻。


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White well-being San Carpoforo 教堂旧址 – 白色的福祉


he white color will be represented in this location with an incredible installation; a large wall with tesserae of various sizes will tell the vast offerings of White Oikos Not a simple display, but a real work of art, a wellness for our soul. White will then be interpreted in a more domestic kind of architecture, one that recalls the world of contract. Some of the youngest and most promising designers will create décor using various Oikos finishes. The hard structure will include some “soft” elements, created with natural materials that will contrast the white spaces. Other areas will narrate the whole Oikos universe. On the exterior, Giulio Cappellini and Antonio Facco will realize a provocative sculpture, with a clear reference to Pop Art, that will immediately recall Oikos and the Well Being that it hopes to illustrate in this location.

在这里白色将由一个壮观的装置来展现,一面钉满不同尺寸销钉的 巨大墙壁以纹理和色调形式,介绍了Oikos公司提供的大量白色材 料。这不是简单的一面展示墙,而是一个真正的艺术作品,是我们 环境的一个福祉。 然后白色将转换成一个小型家庭式建筑物,将我们带回到可触摸 的世界。在此一些最有前途的年轻设计师设计了一些家具,使用 了Oikos公司的润饰产品以及一些具有可持续发展强烈特性的企业 的材料。 在一个坚硬的建筑物里可以看到一些柔软的元素,它们由自然材 料做成,在白色的布景中形成强烈反差。还有其他的装置,讲述 了Oikos如何将一种平淡无奇的白色转变成结合了设计和可持续性 的Oikos的白-幸福的颜色。


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Milano Design Week 2017 - 2017年米兰设计周

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Milano Design Week 2017 - 2017年米兰设计周

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fashion - 女性时尚


GANG 帮派时装

Sophisticated unique pieces shot in the suburbs of New York, amidst street architecture and glimpses of everyday city life 展现在纽约郊区的精致而又独一无二的作品, 在街道风建筑和都市生活的每一个时刻里

Photos 摄影: Jack Waterlot Styling 造型: Nicola Formichetti


034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 34

22/03/17 10.46

fashion - 女性时尚

Dress with folds and ruffles, decorated with large sections of sequins and Swarovski crystals, Atelier Versace. On the male models, from left to right, bomber jacket, Diesel; trousers, Tripp NYC; jacket, trousers, and shoes: all by Diesel; jacket, Search & Destroy; trousers, Diesel; T-shirts and baseball hats, models’ own. 褶皱连衣裙, 饰有大片亮片和施 华洛世奇水晶, Atelier Versace。 从左边的少年, 飞行员夹克,Diesel; 裤子, Tripp Nyc ; 夹克,裤子和鞋子: 均为Diesel; 外套,Search & destry; 裤子Diesel; T恤衫和 棒球帽,模特自备。


034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 35

22/03/17 10.46

fashion - 女性时尚

Bush-effect blouse created by overlapping layers of tulle, embroidered patchwork five-pocket jeans, and loafers: all by Viktor & Rolf. 薄纱层层叠加的灌 木丛状衬衫, 绣花的五口袋拼接布料牛仔 裤和皮鞋, 均为 Viktor & Rolf.


034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 36

22/03/17 10.46

连衣裙,配有大摆彩虹裙和 拼幅成的超现实主义胸衣, 相配的鞋包,均为Schiaparelli 高级时装。

fashion - 女性时尚

Dress with a rainbow-coloured flared skirt and a panelled surrealist bodice, shoes, and a matching bag: all by Schiaparelli Haute Couture.


034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 37

22/03/17 10.46

fashion - 女性时尚

Embroidered sheath dress with black ruffled tulle sleeves, Giambattista Valli Haute Couture. On the male model, sweater and slim-fit trousers: all by Diesel. Skateboard, model’s own. 绣花铅笔裙,带有黑色薄纱 皱褶袖子,Giambattista Valli高 级时装。 男卫衣和修身裤,均为 Diesel。滑板,模特自备。


034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 38

22/03/17 10.46

金色蕾丝蝴蝶袖丘 尼卡长裙,Valentino高级时装。 棒球帽,造型师自备。

fashion - 女性时尚

Long, gilded and embroidered lace tunic dress with butterfly sleeves, Valentino Haute Couture. Baseball cap, stylist’s own.


034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 39

22/03/17 10.47

fashion - 女性时尚

Dress with a tulle bodice and a trailing skirt decorated with quills of black crystal, On Aura Tout Vu. Models: Julia Frauche @ Next Models, Desmend Wyer @ DNA Models, Logan and Spencer @ Major. Casting, Drew Dasent @ The Secret Gallery. 连衣裙,配有薄纱上衣和饰着黑色水 晶刺的拖地裙子,On aura tout vu。 模特:Julia Frauche @ Next models, Desmend Wyer @ Dna models, Logan 和 Spencer @ Major. 选角: Drew Dasent @ The Secret gallery.


034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 40

22/03/17 10.47

fashion - 女性时尚 41

034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 41

22/03/17 10.47

fashion - 女性时尚

On these pages, coat dress hand-painted with large graffiti, contrasting gloves, cocked hat with tulle veil, and studded shoes worn with rustic wool knee-length socks: all by Maison Margiela Artisanal, and designed by John Galliano. 此页,手绘大图案 大衣-连身裙, 反差色手套, 薄纱三角帽和铆钉鞋, 质朴羊毛厚袜, 均为Margiela Artisanal 时装屋John Galliano 的设计。


034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 42

22/03/17 10.47

fashion - 女性时尚 43

034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 43

22/03/17 10.47

fashion - 女性时尚

Dress with three-dimensional origami decoration on the bodice and the skirt, embellished with unusual architectural spirals, Iris Van Herpen. Make-up, Yumi Lee @ Streeters; hair, Jon Reyman; manicure, Ami Vega @ See Management; styling assistant, Savage @ Studio Formichetti. 连衣裙,在胸衣和裙子上都饰以外星建筑 物似的螺旋状三维折纸,Iris Van Herpen。 彩妆: Yumi Lee @ Streeters; 发型: Jon Reyman; 美甲: Ami Vega @ See management; 造型助理: Savage @ StudioFormichetti。


034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 44

22/03/17 10.47

五颜六色的拼接外套和具有全息效果的彩 虹裙,Ronald van der Kemp。 男外套,Diesel; 裤子, Trypp Nyc; 鞋子, Vans。 制片: Taylor Sollinger @ Soda Jones LLC; 数码技术: TK Kim。 特别感谢Courtney Jones @ Jones MGMT。

fashion - 女性时尚

Harlequin patchwork jacket and a rainbow-coloured hologrammed skirt, Ronald van der Kemp. On the male model, jacket, Diesel; trousers, Tripp NYC; shoes, Vans. Production, Taylor Sollinger @ Soda Jones LLC; digital tech, TK Kim. Special thanks to Courtney Jones @ Jones MGMT.


034-045_EI15-fashion-women.indd 45

22/03/17 10.47

High hi Concerts

we are like orchestra conductors seeking out the perfect harmony between the land and the wine. through skill and tenacity heroic viticulture is able to bear the fatigue of “working by hand”. each hectare of valdobbiadene prosecco superiore d.o.c.g. requires up to 1500 hours of work. b

Tabellare Bisol 2.indd 1

13/12/16 14:33

Menswear - 男装

Three-button jacket (€1,275) and trousers (€270), Corneliani (; T-shirt, Colombo (€420,; belt, Ermenegildo Zegna (from €145); Drive de Cartier watch, in rose gold, with a self-winding mechanical movement, Cartier (€19,000, 三粒扣西装外套 (1.275 欧) 和长裤 (270 欧), Corneliani (; T恤衫,Colombo (420 欧,; 皮带,Ermenegildo Zegna (145 欧起); Drive de Cartier腕表, 玫瑰金表壳, 自动上链机械机芯,Cartier (1.9万欧,。



Inside the wardrobe of the contemporary gentleman: jackets made from fine fabrics, flawless accessories, and all the new must-have watches 在当代绅士的衣橱里: 高端面料的外套, 无懈可击的配饰和必须 拥有的所有新款腕表 Photos 摄影: Roberto Sorrentino Styling 造型: Gioia Carozzi and 和 Simonetta De Pasca


047-054_EI15-Menswear.indd 47

22/03/17 11.06

Menswear - 男装

Inside the box, Drive watch in rose gold (€19,000), and steel Drive watch (€6,100); on the model’s wrist, Calibre Diver Carbon watch, water-resistant up to 300 metres, self-winding, in rose gold and blackened steel (€11,100). All by Cartier. Cool wool jacket, Salvatore Ferragamo (; shirt, Ingram (€85, 盒子内, 玫瑰金的Drive腕表 (1.9万欧), 和精钢的Drive腕表 (6.100 欧) ; 手腕上,Calibre Diver Carbone 潜水腕表,防水深度300米, 自动上链机芯,玫瑰金和黑精钢 表壳(11.100 欧)。均为Cartier。 席纹羊毛外套,Salvatore Ferragamo ( ; 衬衫, Ingram (85 欧,。


047-054_EI15-Menswear.indd 48

22/03/17 11.06

Menswear - 男装 Cardigan, Cains Moore (€950,; T-shirt, Valentino (; jeans, Don the Fuller (€269,; tasselled loafers, Tod’s (€470,; socks, Gallo ( €36.50,; Globemaster Annual Calendar watch, Omega (€7,900,; Branca armchair, Giorgetti 开衫, Cains Moore (950 欧, ; T恤衫,Valentino ( ; 牛仔裤,Don the Fuller (269欧,; 流苏莫卡辛鞋, Tod’s (470 欧,; 袜子,Gallo (36,50 欧,; 尊霸年历腕表 , Omega (7.900 欧, ; Branca沙发椅,Giorgetti。


047-054_EI15-Menswear.indd 49

22/03/17 11.06

Menswear - 男装

Linen jacket, geometrically patterned sweater, and cool wool trousers, Giorgio Armani (; Octo Solotempo watch, with a self-winding mechanical movement, steel strap, enamelled dial with hand-applied indices, water-resistant up to 100 metres, Bulgari (€6,350, 亚麻西装外套, 几何图案套衫和席纹 羊毛长裤,Giorgio Armani (; Octo Solotempo腕表, 自动上链机械机芯, 精钢表链,珐琅表 盘和手工镶贴时标, 防水深度100米, Bulgari (6.350 欧,。


047-054_EI15-Menswear.indd 50

22/03/17 11.06

Menswear - 男装 Silk and cotton V-neck sweater, and crease-lined trousers, Salvatore Ferragamo (; linen and cotton shirt, Xacus (€135,; Ref.5327G-001 watch, with perpetual calendar, case in white gold, s elf-winding movement, blue alligator leather strap, Patek Philippe (€80,539, All ties are by Italo Ferretti (starting from €130 each, V领真丝棉针织衫, 和折痕西裤, Salvatore Ferragamo (; 棉麻衬衫,Xacus (135 欧,; 5327G-001万年历腕表, 白金表壳,自动上链机芯, 海军蓝鳄鱼皮表带, Patek Philippe (80.539 欧,。 所有领带均为Italo Ferretti (每条130 欧起,。


047-054_EI15-Menswear.indd 51

22/03/17 11.07

Menswear - 男装 Cotton and linen jacket, Tagliatore (€510,; shirt, Bagutta (€130.50,; tie, Italo Ferretti (from €130,; marble glasses, Morà (from €2,800,; Acqua di Parma Colonia Club, Acqua di Parma (€104,; cotton and silk trousers, Laboratori Italiani (from €151,; belt, Tod’s (from €295,; Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Galapagos Island watch, rubber-coated steel case, water-resistant up to 300 metres, automatic movement with chronograph, IWC (€10,500, 棉麻西装外套,Tagliatore (510 欧,; 衬衫,Bagutta (130,50 欧,; 领带,Italo Ferretti (130 欧起,; 大理石眼镜,Morà (2.800 欧起,; 帕尔玛之水科洛尼亚俱乐 部,Acqua di Parma (104 欧,; 真丝棉长裤, Laboratori Italiani (151 欧起,; 皮带, Tod’s (295 欧起,; 海洋时计计时腕表“加拉帕戈 斯群岛”特别版,带有橡胶涂 层的精钢表壳,防水深度300 米,自动上链计时功能, IWC (10.500 欧,。


047-054_EI15-Menswear.indd 52

22/03/17 11.07

Menswear - 男装 53

047-054_EI15-Menswear.indd 53

22/03/17 11.07

Menswear - 男装

Leather bomber jacket (€530), and cotton trousers (€165), Alviero Martini 1ª Classe (; shirt, Gant Rugger (€79,; leather belt, Fausto Colato (€180,; nappa leather bag with panther, Valentino Garavani (; Luminor Due 3 DAYS Automatic Acciaio watch, with a self-winding, mechanical movement developed in-house by Panerai, 45-mm diameter steel case, water-resistant up to 30 metres, black dial, and alligator leather strap, Officine Panerai (€10,400, 皮质飞行员夹克(530 欧), 和棉质长裤(165 欧), Alviero Martini 1ª Classe (; 衬衫,Gant Rugger (79 欧,; 皮革腰带, Fausto Colato (180 欧,; 纳帕豹皮提包,Valentino Garavani (; 三日动力储存自动精钢腕 表,自动上链机械机芯, 表壳直径45毫米, 防水深度30米,黑色表盘 和鳄鱼皮表带, Officine Panerai (10.400 欧,。 We would like to thank Atelier Giorgetti in Milan for their hospitality ( 衷心感谢米兰Atelier Giorgetti的热情招待 (


047-054_EI15-Menswear.indd 54

22/03/17 11.07

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - PHOTO BY Gabriele Croppi/SIME

米 兰

057-081-EI15-GUIDA MILANO.indd 57


22/03/17 11.20

mILan - 米兰

Castello Sforzesco 斯福尔扎城堡博物馆群

Places of interest 景点


Piazza del Duomo, The Milan Cathedral is the symbol of the regional capital of Lombardy. It is located in Piazza Duomo, in the center of the metropolis, and is the fourth-largest church in Europe. Its construction began in 1387 but the rivalry among the designers and the frequent changes at the head of the city government extended the work over centuries. The apse dates back to the fifteenth century. The highest spire, with the Madonnina golden statue (the Virgin Mary) on the top, dates back to the end of the eighteenth century, the façade to 1813, and the decorations to the end of the nineteenth century. Therefore, the cathedral is characterized by a unique and hybrid architectural style. It boasts an extraordinary variety of sculptures, ornaments, and stained glass windows, constituting a true museum of five centuries of art history. The organ, which now has over 16,000 pipes, is one of the biggest in the world. 主教 米兰大教堂是这座伦巴第大区首府城市毫无疑问的坐标,座落在市中心同名广 场中央,欧洲第四大教堂。它始建于1387年,但是因为设计师的频繁变动和城 市间的纷争使得工程一直持续了几个世纪。直到十五世纪后叶,教堂的半圆形 后殿得以落成,到十八世纪末,塔尖上矗立起圣母玛利亚金像,教堂主立面落 成于1813年,门脸上的彩色玻璃和各种装饰则于十九世纪末完成,这是一座历 经五个世纪,贮藏了宝贵艺术财富的博物馆。教堂内的管风琴共有一万六千跟 音管,是世界最大的乐器之一。

Cenacolo by Leonardo Da Vinci《最后的晚餐》

Santa Maria delle Grazie, Piazza S. Maria delle Grazie 2. The refectory of the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie is home to the most famous painting in the world, the Last Supper. Leonardo da Vinci painted the work between 1494 and 1497, on the north wall of the refectory. The artist chose to portray the instant following Jesus Christ’s announcement to his apostles that one of them would soon betray him, focusing on their agitated reactions.

Raccolte d’Arte Applicata)中,您还可以欣赏到拜占庭时期、罗马时期和哥特时 期的见证。绝对不可错过的还有米开朗基罗的雕塑《圣殇》 (Pietà Rondanini)。

National Museum of Science and Technology 国家科技博物馆

Via S. Vittore 21, It is the largest museum of science and technology in Italy, and one of the most important in Europe. Housed in a monastery dating back to the 1500s, in the heart of the city, not far from the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci, it welcomes over 15,000 objects representing Italian history of science, technology, and industry from the nineteenth century to today: tools, machineries, and systems, including very large pieces, with a special focus on transportation (airplanes, steam trains, ships, and even a submarine).

地址:S. Vittore路21号, 意大利最大,欧洲最主要科技博物馆之一,坐落在城市心脏地带一家1500年修 道院之内,临近达芬奇《最后的晚餐》,博物馆收集超过15000从19世纪至今意 大利,科学,技术与产业历史的代表性物品:甚至大型工具,机械及设备,与 侧重于交通工具的详细钻研(飞机,蒸汽火车,轮船,甚至一艘潜艇)。

Piazza Gae Aulenti 蓋·奧倫蒂广场

Dominated by the UniCredit Tower, the skyscraper designed by Argentinian architect Cesar Pelli, which, at 231 meters, is the tallest building in Italy, the square is the new symbol of Milan and one of the most visited places in the city. From here you can also reach the chic neighborhood of Corso Como, with many of the most popular design stores and nightclubs frequented by the Milanese youth. 由阿根廷建筑师Cesar Pelli设计的UniCredit Tower (裕信银行塔) 就坐落在这座 广场上,总高度为231米,是目前意大利最高的摩天大楼。Gae Aulenti广场是米 兰新的地标,也是如今该城最受欢迎的场所之一。从这里可以直达米兰最时尚 的街道,Como大街。那里有设计感十足的精品买手店和最受米兰年轻人欢迎 的酒吧街之一。

圣玛利亚感恩大教堂内部 - 地址: 圣玛利亚感恩广场2号 在圣玛利亚感恩大教堂的用膳厅内绘有世界最著名的壁画《最后的晚餐》,为 列奥纳多·达芬奇于1494至1497年所作,位于餐厅的北面墙壁上。这位艺术大师 着重刻画了耶稣在宣布在场的人当中有一个背叛了他之后,门徒们表露出来的 不同反应。

Castello Sforzesco 斯福尔扎城堡博物馆群

Piazza Castello, Built in the fifteenth century by the Duke of Milan, Francesco Sforza, the castle is one of the main monuments of the city. It houses a museum with important art collections, in addition to the collection of drawings and writings by Leonardo da Vinci, the Codice Trivulziano. The Museum of Ancient Art, the Art Gallery, and the Civic Collections of Applied Art bear witness to the Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic eras. Do not miss the Pietà Rondanini, the famous sculpture by Michelangelo.


地址: Castello广场, 城堡由米兰公爵弗兰切斯科·斯福尔扎 (Francesco Sforza)于十五世纪所建,是 米兰市最重要的古迹之一。博物馆中收藏的除了达芬奇的绘画和文字集《提福 茲欧手稿》 (Codice trivulziano)之外,还有大量重要的艺术品。在古代艺术博 物馆 (Museo d’Arte Antica), Pinacoteca美术馆和市立应用艺术博物馆 (Civiche

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Via Marconi 1, Opened in 2010 and designed by the architects Italo Rota and Fabio Fornasari, the museum focuses on twentieth-century Italian art. It is the leading museum of its kind in the Italian scene. The collections exhibited cover different artistic periods, from Futurism to Transavantgarde. You can admire works by Boccioni, De Chirico, Modigliani, and Marino Marini, among others. The set with Lucio Fontana’s works is spectacular, as well as the Soffitto Spaziale, with neon lights visible from Piazza del Duomo. The most famous painting on display is Pellizza da Volpedo’s The Fourth Estate.


teatro alLA SCALA 斯卡拉剧院

Via Filodrammatici 2, La Scala is the “theater of the theaters”, the sacred temple of world music where, for nearly 250 years, the most famous operas and ballets have been performed. Everything at the Teatro alla Scala (www. is synonym for charm and excellence at the top levels in the world: on the podium and on stage, where the most eminent figures of the international classical art scene have come to perform, amid the boxes and the stalls designed in the eighteenth century by architect Giuseppe Piermarini, and among the “ridotti” (the corridors, atriums, and halls connecting the various tiers of boxes) and the foyer, exclusive places that become the city’s privileged lounge of politics, fashion, finance, and the cultural elite. Filodrammatici大街2号, 斯卡拉是剧院之最,世界音乐之神圣殿堂,两百五十多年来在此上演了最负盛 名的歌剧与芭蕾舞。它所见证的魅力与卓越程度已是世界之端。无论指挥台或 是舞台上 都曾响起过国际著名的古典音乐演奏家的演奏,无论是台阶还是座 位都是建筑师GIUSEPPE PIERMARINI的杰作,抑或是连接上下的走廊,还有各个大 厅已成为社会精英们讨论政治,金融的最佳沙龙。

mILan - 米兰

Museo del Novecento 二十世纪博物馆

地址: Marconi路1号, 博物馆于2010年开放,由建筑师Italo Rota和Fabio Fornasari设计,专门收藏 二十世纪意大利的艺术品,是意大利同类博物馆中最重要的展馆之一。展出 了从未来主义到超前卫艺术的意大利各个时期的作品。人们在这里可以欣赏 到Boccioni、De Chirico、Modigliani、Marino Marini等名家的作品。由Lucio Fontana设计的墙面装饰十分精彩,如霓虹灯装饰的《太空天花板》(Soffitto Spaziale),在多莫大教堂广场也能看见。馆中最著名的收藏品是Pellizza da Volpedo的油画《第四国》

Padiglione di Arte Contemporanea 当代艺术展馆

Via Palestro 14, Created in the early fifties, this space was specifically designed to host modern and contemporary art exhibitions. Its 1,200 square meters are organized around a central building and on three levels, the lowest of which is open on the beautiful garden. Its proximity to the central Corso Venezia and the Montanelli public gardens, a perfect place to rest in the shade, makes it an ideal destination for a pleasant walk.

地址:Palestro路14号, 诞生于50年代初,专门为现代与当代艺术的收集与展览而设计。1200平方米 围绕中央体积,分为三个楼层,其中底层开放一个光彩夺目的花园。使展 馆成为愉快的散步目的地,也由于接近位于中心的威尼斯大街与蒙泰尼里 (Montanelli)公共花园,中途停留荫凉的理想场所。

地址: Brera路28号, 是欧洲最著名的博物馆之一。收藏有极其丰富的十四世纪到二十世纪的意大 利绘画作品。在这里可以欣赏到安德烈亚·曼特尼亚(Andrea Mantegna)的 《死亡的耶稣》(Cristo Morto),拉斐尔的《圣洁圣母的婚礼》(Sposalizio della Vergine),以及卡拉瓦乔、提香、布拉曼特、丁托雷托、莫迪里阿尼、波丘尼、 莫兰迪等的名作。米兰美术学院 (Accademia di Belle Arti)也设在这里。

Pinacoteca di Brera 布雷拉美术馆

Pinacoteca di Brera 布雷拉美术馆

Via Brera 28, It is one of the most famous museums in Europe. It houses rich collections of Italian paintings from the fourteenth to the twentieth century. You can admire masterpieces such as the Dead Christ by Andrea Mantegna, the Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael, and works by Caravaggio, Titian, Bramante, Tintoretto, Modigliani, Boccioni, and Morandi, among others. In the same location you can find the Academy of Fine Arts.

Ambrosian Library Gallery Academy 安布罗乔图书馆美术馆科学院

Piazza Pio XI 2; Its library is one of the oldest and most valuable in the world, as well as the most beautiful to visit (do not miss the Sala Federiciana). Founded in 1607 by Archbishop Federico Borromeo as a public library, over just a few years it collected thousands of manuscripts with the major works by all the writers and scientists known at the time, so much as to be considered an exceptional cultural center as early as the seventeenth century. The Codex Atlanticus by Leonardo Da Vinci, the largest and most amazing collection of Leonardo’s drawings and writings, is preserved here, along with other masterpieces. The Art Gallery, dating back to approximately the same period, preserves famous paintings such as the Basket of Fruit by Caravaggio, the Madonna and Child with Three Angels by Botticelli, and the Allegory of Fire and the Allegory of Water from the Four Elements by Brueghel. 地址:Pio XI广场2号, 它的图书馆属于世界上最古老最有价值以及最美丽触目的一家(不容错过 Federiciana大厅)。由大主教费德里科•鲍罗麦欧于1607年成立的公共图书馆, 几年之内收集了数千计图书包括当时所有知名文学家与科学家的主要作品,以 至于在17世纪被认为一个卓越非凡的文化中心。此处还保存达芬奇的大西洋手 抄本,规模最大最令人惊异的达芬奇原稿收集。以及在大约同一时期建立的美 术馆内部,保存著名绘画作品,如卡拉瓦乔的《水果篮》、波提切利的《在亭 下的圣母》布吕赫尔的《火》与《水》。


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mILan - 米兰

me milan il duca

Me Milan Il Duca

Piazza della Repubblica 13, The latest hotel established in the city within the Meliá chain, this hotel was designed by architect Aldo Rossi. Located just a few steps away from the Central Station but and also from the most famous quadrilateral of shopping streets, it offers 132 rooms including 34 suites, a steak house, an American bar, and a terrace with rooftop bar on the tenth floor offering a priceless view over the city. Lounge bar in the garden and a gym open 24 hours.

地址:della Repubblica广场13号, 美利亚系列在米兰开业的最新酒店,由Aldo Rossi建筑师设计。离米兰中央 火车站和时尚四边区里的那几条购物名街都只有几步之遥。酒店内有132个房 间,其中有34个套房,一间牛排屋,美式酒吧和一间在十楼可以俯览独一无 二米兰全景的露天酒吧。另外在花园里还有一间休闲酒吧和一间24小时营业 的健身房。


Piazza della Repubblica 17, Located near the Central Station, with its neoclassical facade, it is the icon of elegant hospitality, chosen by celebrities and politicians alike. A complete redesign, with interventions by New York architect Thierry Despont, among others, has given a contemporary touch to the classic style of the interior and the 400 rooms. Its restaurant, Acanto, is an oasis of taste, also for brunch. 地址: Repubblica广场17号, 坐落在中央火车站附近,拥有着新古典立面,大酒店里高雅的象征,是政治家 以及名人们的最爱。由纽约建筑师Thierry Despont重新打造,他在400多间古典 风格的房间的装潢里加入了恰到好处的现代元素。酒店内部的餐厅Acanto是美 食的绿洲,并且还提供美味的早午餐。


Via Gesù 6/8, The hotel, among the most exclusive in the world, occupies the space of a former fifteenth-century convent. The original structure can be seen in the columns, vaulted ceilings, frescoes, and the cloister overlooked by some of the suites and the La Veranda restaurant, renowned for its cuisine that creatively interprets the Mediterranean tradition. Because of its location, among the famous luxury streets Via della Spiga and Via Monte Napoleone, it is also a meeting spot for business lunches.

地址: Gesù路6/8号, 这家酒店跻身于世界最佳酒店之列,所在地曾是十五世纪的一座修道院。酒店保 留了原始建筑结构中的圆柱、拱形天花板、壁画和面向几个高级套房以及“La Veranda”餐厅的庭院。这家餐厅因其颇有创意地烹调地中海传统美食而声名远 扬。酒店坐落在著名的名品街Spiga和Monte Napoleone路之间,这也是商务用餐 的集聚点。  


Via Manzoni 29, A few steps from the Teatro alla Scala and the Duomo, this luxury fivestar hotel boasts a century-long history. It was the heart of the political and cultural life of the city. Opened in 1863, for over a century and a half it has hosted artists and intellectuals, such as the great tenor Enrico Caruso and composer Giuseppe Verdi. The retro atmosphere can be felt through the antique furniture that adorns the 95 rooms

Hotels 酒店 and in particular the internationally-renowned restaurant, Don Carlos.

地址: Manzoni路29号, 这家五星级豪华酒店距斯卡拉大剧院和米兰多莫大教堂仅几步之遥,拥有超过百 年的历史。它曾是米兰政治文化生活的中心。自1863年开张的一个半世纪以来, 接待了像伟大男高音Enrico Caruso和作曲家Giuseppe Verdi这样的杰出人士和艺 术家们。整个酒店洋溢着复古气息,体现在95间客房中装饰用的老式家具,更体现 在享誉国际的Don Carlos餐厅中。


Via Senato 5, Located in the heart of the city center, the hotel was opened in 1962 in a location where an old mill could once be found. The 89 rooms, some with a balcony overlooking Via della Spiga, are furnished in a classic and contemporary style, while the suites are in an Art Deco style. At its restaurant, Il Baretto, frequented by businessmen and intellectuals, one feels as though they are stepping into a typical English clubhouse.

地址: Senato路5号, 这家酒店位于市中心最繁华的地段,1962年开张,这里曾经是一家老磨坊。酒店大 厅的氛围尽显绅士的风雅。酒店共有89间客房,部分带有面向Spiga路的阳台,家 具风格在古典和现代之间,高级套房则是装饰艺术风格。酒店的“Il Baretto” 餐厅常有商人和文艺人士前来用餐,来到这里就好像进入了一家地道的英国俱乐 部一般。


Via Fratelli Gabba 7/b, Created by the famous fashion house, the hotel is located on a small street overlooking the Botanic Gardens, in the Brera district, the artistic heart of Milan. Warm colors and precious materials decorate rooms that are equipped with every comfort. The spa, among the most famous, is made of marble, mosaics, and fine woods, and offers an emerald green glass hammam.

地址: Fratelli Gabba路7/b号, 酒店由著名时尚巨头宝格丽集团创建,坐落在朝向植物园Orto Botanico的一条小 道上,位于米兰艺术中心Brera街区内。酒店设施齐全,采用暖色调和名贵材料进行 装饰。酒店的水疗Spa非常有名,使用大理石、镶嵌工艺和珍贵木材建造,还提供一间 祖母绿色的玻璃土耳其浴室。


Via Tommaso Grossi 1, In a nineteenth-century palace, this boutique hotel is nestled between the Duomo and the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. In the elegant and fresh decor of the 106 rooms, one can see the touch of Ed Tuttle, architect for Kenzo and the Aman resorts, among others. The La Cupola bar, which takes its name from the vaulted glass above it, is a chic hangout for happy hour. The Vun (“one” in Milanese dialect) restaurant serves signature Italian cuisine.


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mILan - 米兰

地址: Tommaso Grossi路1号, 这是一幢19世纪的贵族建筑,这家精品酒店坐落在多莫大教堂和著名的埃马努埃 莱二世拱廊之间。106间客房装潢优雅而庄重,留下了建筑设计师 Ed Tuttle 的 印记,他也正是 Kenzo 和 Amanresorts 的建筑师。“La Cupola” (意为“ 拱顶”)酒吧的名字源于酒店上方的拱形玻璃圆顶结构,是喝开胃酒的好去 处。Vun(米兰方言为“一个”)餐厅内可以品尝到意大利名厨的手艺。


Via Manzoni 31, In the heart of the Fashion District, it is the second hotel designed by Armani, along with that in Dubai. The 95 rooms, all very spacious, the atmosphere, and the details reflect the personal aesthetics of the fashion house, based on the principles of refinement and comfort. It offers an upscale restaurant, a luxurious Armani spa, and a fully equipped business center.

地址:Andegari路9号, 目前唯一一间意大利的Mandarin Oriental酒店,五星奢华, 有志成为米兰最佳大酒 店。座落在市中心三座十九世纪的宫殿内,共有104间房间(31间套房),一间附带泳 池的Spa,健身中心和900平方米的泰式按摩中心。还有Antonio Guida大厨带领的米 其林二星餐厅Seta-丝绸,为酒店锦上添花。

Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa

Corso Porta Nuova 1, Recently opened, a few steps away from the picturesque Brera district and Castello Sforzesco, this new address of luxury accommodation in Milan has 98 rooms and suites. The majestic spaces, furnished in a style reminiscent of the fifties, also host the spectacular restaurant Cracco a Palazzo, which, as the name says, ensures the presence of Carlo Cracco, the 2-Michelin-star chef from Veneto, in the kitchen.

地址: Manzoni路31号, 位于米兰最重要的街道之一,即时尚四边形区的中心,这是阿玛尼集团继迪拜哈 利法塔内那家酒店后挂牌的第二家。所有的95间客房都非常宽敞,氛围和细节都 能反映出时尚帝国的独特审美品味,以精致和舒适为原则。酒店内有一家高级餐 厅,一家奢华的阿玛尼水疗Spa,一家配备齐全的商务中心。

地址:di Porta Nuova大街1号, 新开张不久,离风景如画的Brera区与斯福尔扎古堡(Castello Sforzesco)仅几步 之遥的米兰豪华新酒店拥有98间客房与套房。在这华丽喧嚣、以50年代风格布置 的空间里,花园与城市中不多见的露台让它锦上添花,宫内还设有华美的Cracco a Palazzo餐厅,其名字就已经透露了亲自掌勺的米其林2星级威尼托厨师,Carlo Cracco。



Viale Piave 42, Since its opening in 1905, it has been a favorite retreat from worldly life. In the 1980s, it hosted the first fashion shows and fashion photo shoots. It is also a wonderful example of Art Nouveau. The halls and 106 rooms are furnished with antique furniture, as well as Art Deco and design objects. It overlooks a large internal garden.

地址: Piave大道42号, 自1905年开张以来始终是上流社会人士最钟爱的去处。80年代,它承办了第一批时 装秀,作为时尚摄影棚。它也是新艺术风格的杰出典范。大厅和106间客房都以老 式家具、装饰艺术和设计感的物品装饰。面朝一个室内大花园。


Via Tortona 35, It was created from the renovation of General Electric’s former washing machines and vacuum cleaners factory, in the old industrial district of the city that today has become the new glamour district of fashion and design (Zona Tortona). It is one of the most original and popular hotels. The 245 rooms are designed as large lofts; the vast hall is a location for fashion shows, exhibitions, and art exhibits, especially during the period of the Salone del Mobile (April).

Corso Concordia 1, A romantic castle in the heart of the metropolis. Château Monfort is a 5-star hotel unique in its kind, the first in a new category: the urban château. In its suites, but also in the “Sala del dolce risveglio”, the “Sala degli specchi”, the Rubacuori restaurant or the “Amore e Psiche” Spa, guests feel welcomed into a luxurious and fabulous environment, in a surreal and slightly retro atmosphere. 地址: Concordia路 1号, 地处大都市中心的浪漫城堡。Chateau Monfort在五星级酒店显得独一无二,并 由此派生出以其命名的一个酒店新类别: 都市Chateau。置身其中,无论是在套 房、早餐厅、大堂,或是其Rubacuori餐厅,或Amore e Psiche SPA之内,宾客们都仿 佛置身一个奢华的梦幻世界。超现实的氛围,令人错觉时光倒流。置身其中,你 就是故事的主角。 MANDARIN ORIENTAL酒店

地址: Tortona路35号, 这家酒店前身曾是通用电气的一家洗衣机和吸尘器制造厂,后经改建而成,位于 米兰城的老工业区内,如今这里已经成为了耀眼的时尚和设计新区(Tortona区)。 NHOW是最有创意和最受欢迎的酒店之一。245间客房被打造成大阁楼,巨大的大 堂内可以举办时装秀、展览、艺术展,尤其是在米兰国际家具展(四月)期间可以 大展拳脚。

TownHouse Galleria

Via Silvio Pellico 8, Located in the heart of Milan, in the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the TownHouse Galleria five-star luxury hotel is a tribute to the past that guarantees high-standard accommodation. Mixing chic and modern sophistication, the 58 luxury rooms and suites at the TownHouse Galleria reflect the art of modernity in a historic monument, with all the comforts of home and the best technology. The Seven Stars Galleria Suites, with direct views of the Galleria, vary in size, from the Executive Suites to the generous Deluxe Suites and the spectacular Ottagono Presidential Suite. Noteworthy is also the related Townhouse Duomo (duomo., the first and only hotel directly facing the cathedral’s square, with a spectacular panoramic terrace and 14 suites designed by Italian architects.

地址: Silvio Pellico路8号, 在米兰中心有名的埃马努埃莱二世长廊内,五星豪华酒店,TownHouse Galleria 是献给过去高水准住宿的致敬。TownHouse Galleria是现代与典雅的混合体, 它的58间套房及豪华套房反映了在古老建筑里的现代艺术。它同时具备了家能 带给你的舒适感以及最先进的高科技。Seven Stars Galleria套房有着正对着 长廊的视野。而每个套房的不同之处只在于他们的大小:从Executive Suite到 宽敞Suite Deluxe再到奢华的Ottagono Presidential Suite。同类型的酒店还有 Townhouse Duomo (, 第一个也是唯一一个面对大教 堂广场的酒店,拥有14间由意大利建筑师设计的套房以及美不胜收的观景露台。



Via Andegari 9, The first and, until now, only Mandarin Oriental hotel in Italy, this is a five-star luxury hotel that aspires to become the best in town. Located in three nineteenth-century buildings, in a central position, it has 104 rooms (31 suites), a spa with pool, a fitness center, and a 900-squaremeter Thai massage area. The Seta restaurant, led by two-Michelinstar chef Antonio Guida, makes the hotel even more precious.


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mILan - 米兰

Magna Pars Suites Milano

Via Forcella 6, This new jewel of a hotel in Milan was created from a former perfume factory. The architectural project mixes colors and ultra-modern lines with a structure that incorporates the courtyard houses typical of old Milan, aligning 28 suites (from 60 to 90 square meters) along the long balconies, each inspired by a different scent and overseen with the utmost attention to detail. Equipped with a spa, a gym, a wine bar, a must-try restaurant, and a library that contains rare and antique books.

地址:Forcella 路 6号, 酒店的前身是一家香水工厂,不久前刚刚改建成这家豪华酒店,成为米兰酒店 业的一颗璀璨新明珠。建筑设计融合了细腻的色彩和超现代感的线条,在结 构上重现了米兰过去的典型栏杆阳台房屋,在长长的阳台上排列着28间高级 套房(60至90平方米不等),每一间的灵感都来自一种不同的芳香,并高度注重 对细节的处理。酒店内配备水疗中心、健身房、酒吧、餐厅(不可错过!), 收藏有各种善本和古籍的图书馆等设施。 CHÂTEAU MONFORT 酒店


Hotel Rosa Grand

Piazza Fontana 3 Nothing is more central than this. A few steps away from the Duomo and Via Monte Napoleone, overlooking the historic Piazza Fontana, this is the address at the top of the Starhotels chain. Spacious, very bright, starting from the lobby with the large skylight, this design hotel has been able to blend luxury with a very Italian conception of creativity. It is therefore oriented towards the highest comfort. Fontana广场3号, 再找不到比这家更中心的酒店,四周围绕城市标志性建筑,距离Duomo教堂与 Monte Napoleone大街仅数步之遥,迎面便是历史悠久的喷泉广场,玫瑰大酒 店属于Starhotels连锁酒店之宝。宽敞,明亮,入门时大堂的大型天窗,这家 设计感十足的酒店将豪华与意大利式创意完美结合,更是非常注意舒适程度, 共设有327间客房与套房,3间餐厅与酒吧,以及8间会议室。

Excelsior Hotel Gallia

Hotel Rosa Grand 玫瑰大酒店 Magna Pars Suites Milano 酒店

Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa 巴黎宫&Spa大酒店

Piazza Duca d’Aosta 9; First opened in 1932, the Gallia Hotel is an historic address in the city, recently renovated by a radical restoration which has underlined its elegance and updated the rooms according to the canons of contemporary design. The Gallia has become an even more ideal access point to the Milan of fashion, also due to its proximity to Via Monte Napoleone and Via della Spiga. It has 53 suites, including the exclusive Gallia suite, and the extraordinary Katara Suite on the seventh floor, with two terraces, four bedrooms, and a private spa.

地址:Duca d’Aosta广场9号, 第一次开业在1932年,Gallia酒店是米兰的一栋历史建筑,近期经过彻底的 翻新修整,这栋建筑在变得更符合当代设计的同时,也更好的突出了它本身 的高贵典雅。Gallia酒店变得更适合接纳来米兰这个时尚都市的游客了,这 也是因为它得天独厚的地理位置使它离蒙特拿破仑大街和Spiga大街都非常 近。总共有53间套房,一间Gallia独特套房和七层的豪华Katara套房,有两 个露台,四个房间和私人Spa。

Other addresses 其它地址 Excelsior Hotel Gallia酒店

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mILan - 米兰

Restaurants 餐厅


Via Victor Hugo 4, The environment is elegant and the design contemporary. The restaurant, two Michelin stars, is the kingdom of Carlo Cracco, a world-renowned celebrity chef, who today can often be seen on TV. His career began with Gualtiero Marchesi, and then continued in France with Alain Ducasse. His restaurant in the center of Milan is a brewery of taste, blending tradition and innovation.

地址: Victor Hugo路4号, Cracco的国 Cracco的环境既现代化又不失优雅。这间米其林二星餐厅是Carlo 度。他是国际知名的星级厨师,同时还加盟过很多电视节目。他的职业生涯是从 Gualtiero Marchesi大厨开始,而后又拜法国大厨Alain Ducasse为师。他的餐厅坐 落在米兰的市中心。这里是美食的摇篮,融合了传统和创新。

Don Carlos

Via Manzoni 29, The restaurant at the Grand Hotel et de Milan is an institution of the Milanese hotel food service. It looks like a corner of charm and retro style in the most luxurious heart of the city, a few steps away from the Teatro alla Scala. The restaurant is dedicated to the composer Giuseppe Verdi, who stayed for a long time in one of the hotel’s suites. Its cuisine is one of the most refined in Milan and it blends highlevel gastronomy, creativity, and impeccable service. Among its cult dishes, the lasagna with zucchini blossoms. 地址: Manzoni路29号, 它是米兰Grand Hotel et de Milan酒店内设的餐厅,同时也是米兰酒店餐饮机构的 代表。Don Carlos位于米兰最豪华地段,呈复古风格,是迷人的一角,距离斯卡拉大 剧院只有几步之遥。餐厅是为纪念朱塞佩·威尔第而开的,这位音乐大师曾在这家 酒店的高级套房中住过很长一段时间。餐厅的厨房是米兰最精致的厨房之一,烹调 水准颇高,创意无限,服务也无可挑剔。当然还少不了美味佳肴,西葫芦千层面等都 是招牌菜。

gualtiero marchesi (il marchesino)


Via Panfilo Castaldi 18, It is the first Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant in Europe. Opened in the late 1980s, it is run by chef Pietro Leemann. Supporter of a healthy and natural diet, he defines his cuisine as ‘evolutionary cooking’. He aims to prove that it is possible to create great food without using any meat or fish. His dishes are architectures of taste, based on organic and biodynamic ingredients, and have evocative names, such as “Serendipity” and “Solaris”.

地址: Panfilo Castaldi路18号, Joia是欧洲首家米其林星级素食餐厅,80年代末开张,由大厨Pietro Leemann掌厨。 Pietro Leemann是健康和自然饮食的支持者,他将自己的烹调定位为“发展的厨 艺”,致力于向人们展示不使用鱼肉也能烹调出美味佳肴。餐厅的菜式犹如美食的 建筑,以有机和生态动力食材为基础。它们还有颇富创意的名字,比如“意外新发现 (Serendipity)”和“阳光(Solaris)”等。


Trussardi alla Scala Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Via Silvio Pellico 3, In Milanese dialect, Vun means “one”. And the Park Hyatt hotel restaurant, a short walk from the Duomo, matches in all respects the power of its name. It offers the best high-end cuisine. The credit goes to chef Andrea Aprea, one of the most accomplished young talents of new Italian gastronomy. His specialties interpret traditional dishes with innovation, from the simplest Il mio orto (“My vegetable garden”), a composition of 40 seasonal and organic vegetables and wild herbs, to the Ravioli allo stracotto (ravioli with braised meat).地

址: Silvio Pellico路 3 号, 在米兰方言中,Vun是“一”的意思。它是Park Hyatt酒店的餐厅,距离米兰多莫大 教堂仅几步之遥,店如其名,在各方面都非常出色。Vun是高端厨艺餐厅的代表之 一,这得归功于著名的意大利新厨艺天才青年烹饪大师之一Andrea Aprea。他的特 色在于用新方式诠释了传统菜肴,如最简单的“我的菜园”,也就是由40种时蔬和 野菜的结合,全部为有机食材,还有“焖饺子”等。


Via Ceresio 7, Located on the seventh floor of a historic building, current location of the Dsquared2 group, it has a spacious internal room and one of the most beautiful terraces in the city, overlooking the skyline of the new management center and enriched by the presence of two pools. The creative and fresh cuisine is that of chef Elio Sironi. savini

地址: Ceresio街7号, 位于一栋古老大楼的第七层,现如今是Dsquared2集团所在,这家餐馆有一个非常宽敞的 内部大厅,而且还有全城最漂亮的露台之一,从这里可以仰望整个新办公区的天际线并 且配备有两个游泳池。它的料理是来自主厨Elio Sironi的极具创意且无比新鲜的菜肴。

Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Via Montecuccoli 6, Historic address among the most renowned in the city, it is run today by Stefania Moroni, the founders’ daughter, together with chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, who reproduce the rich culture of Italian


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mILan - 米兰

gastronomy in a new way. Today, Il Luogo is well-known as much for the style of its cuisine as for its spaces in which art, cuisine, performances, and tastings intertwine. 地址:via Montecuccoli 6, 米兰成最有名的历史餐厅之一,如今由这家餐厅的创始人的女儿Stefania Moroni跟 Alessandro Negrini大厨和Fabio Pisani大厨共同掌管。他们在意大利丰富的美食文化 上不断创新。如今Il Luogo不单单是因为它的美食而被人们所认识,还有这个汇聚了 艺术,美食,表演及品酒的空间。

Trussardi alla Scala

Piazza della Scala 5, Café, lounge, and restaurant: three spaces, a unique style for a gourmand offer combining tradition, experimentation, and international vocation. Every room here is designed to convey the values and Italian lifestyle that characterize the Trussardi world through the quality of its design, service, and, of course, cuisine, based on simple flavors and a careful selection of raw materials, often combined in surprising ways. 地址:斯卡拉广场5号;, 咖啡厅,休息室和餐厅,及三个空间为一身,为您提供结合了传统,创新以及国际化 的美食。这里的每一个空间都是为了传达Trussardi品牌独特的价值观以及意大利生 活方式,通过设计,服务当然还有美食。Trussardi餐厅注重食物原材料的筛选,味 道的简约性以及让人耳目一新的搭配。


Piazza della Chiesa 14, San Pietro All’olmo MI, A few kilometers from Milan, in a small town, one can find the reign of one of the most creative Italian chefs, Davide Oldani, who here inaugurated his idea of “pop” ​​ cooking, and above all a new line of haute cuisine restaurants at a low cost. Oldani works with seasonal, high quality raw materials, yet humble and affordable, to create simple and ingenious dishes.

地址:米兰省Cornaredo市Piazza della Chiesa 14号,San Pietro all’Olmo区, D’O在离米兰不远的一个小镇上。它是Davide Oldani的国度,意大利最有创意的大厨 之一。在这里他初次展示了’Pop’厨房的理念,一种可以将优质美食以低价出售的新概 念。Oldani选择使用优质时令却并不昂贵的原材料来创作简单而且别出心裁的佳肴。


Via Mike Bongiorno 13, In the heart of the new Porta Nuova district one can find the home of one of the world’s most popular Italian chefs. After the success of the bistro Pisacco and the pizzeria Dry (the best in Milan, in Via Solferino 33, tel. 02 63 793 414), the chef from Friuli restarts the stove to conquer the Michelin stars that his cuisine deserves. The restaurant offers great dishes in a spacious and bright room, at affordable prices.

Sadler berton

地址:MIKE BONGIORNO大街13号, 餐馆Berton在米兰Porta Nuova新区的中心地带开张,他的老板同时也是斯卡拉剧院边 的Trussardi alla Scala餐厅的所有人同时也是在国际舞台上意大利最受欢迎的厨师 之一,在Pisacco酒馆和Dry披萨店(米兰最好的披萨店,位于Solferino街 33号, 电话: 02 63793414)取得成功以后,这个来自弗留利的厨师重起炉灶誓为他的厨房拿下应该属于他们的 米其林星级评分。如今,在这个更加宽敞与明亮的餐厅内,客人能更好的享受他们绝妙的料 理,价格也不是那么高不可及。

IL Marchesino

Via Filodrammatici, Located under the arches of the Teatro alla Scala, Il Marchesino is a coffee bar, a tearoom, and a pastry shop. The restaurant is especially popular in the evenings of concerts and operas as a place where one can have dinner after the show (it is open until 1am). The restaurant offers great chef Gualtiero Marchesi’s cuisine, the father of Italian cuisine and the master of nearly all of the most famous Italian chefs.


地址:Filodrammatici 大街; 位于斯卡拉大剧院门廊之下的Il Marchesino不仅仅是一间咖啡馆,茶室,糕点房还是一家 餐馆,尤其在有着漫长的音乐会或者歌剧的夜晚,在精彩演出后来这里大快朵颐更是人间 乐事(饭店营业至午夜1点)。这里最值得推荐的就是号称意大利菜之父的大厨Gualtiero Marchesi的手艺,他还是几乎全意大利最有名的厨师中的大师级人物。


Ripa di Porta Ticinese 55, Overlooking the Naviglio Grande, just in front of the old railway iron bridge (in the local dialect, the name means “iron bridge”), it hides in a rustic and simple environment a highly refined and creative cuisine. Vittorio Fusari, one of the most popular chefs in the region, has been running the restaurant for several weeks. For those who are curious to dive into the local gastronomic tradition, this is the right address.

地址:Ripa di Porta Ticinese路55号, 面向Naviglio Grande运河,正对前身是用于衔接铁轨的老铁桥,(餐厅名字由米兰方言而 来,正是“铁桥”的意思),在质朴简洁的外观下,隐藏着精美而且极富创造力的美食。另 外,几个星期前, 在该区域享有极高评价的大厨Vittorio Fusari,加盟了该餐厅。如果您对 该地区的传统美食感兴趣,这间餐厅是最佳选择。


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mILan - 米兰

Filippo La Mantia - OSTE E CUOCO

Piazza Risorgimento, After having delighted the Roman palates for years, a few weeks ago, Filippo La Mantia inaugurated his first restaurant in Milan, a large space in which one can find not only the restaurant tables but also a coffee shop, a lounge, a veranda, an evening bar, a patisserie, a counter for show cooking performances, and a shopping area. The menu features the great classics of the Sicilian tradition as well as some excellent street food both sweet and savory, but the chef’s international signature dish is the caponata. Unmissable. 地址:RISORGIMENTO广场, 在充分的满足了罗马美食家们的味蕾后Filippo La Mantia在几个星期前终于也在米兰开了 他的第一间餐厅。在这个宽阔的空间里不仅有餐厅还有一家咖啡厅,一间休息室,一个 阳台,一间夜间营业的酒吧,一家甜品店,一块厨艺展示台以及购物区域。菜单里有西 西里最传统的菜色,包括一些甜的和咸的街边小吃,但大厨最有名的特色菜还是要数绝 对不能错过的Caponata。

Seta 丝绸

Via Andegari 9, Already awarded two Michelin stars at the Tuscan hotel Il Pellicano, the chef Antonio Guida immediately proved himself to be at the top also when taking the helm at the Hotel Mandarin Oriental’s restaurant. His proposal wins people over by integrating Asian, Tuscan, and Apulian flavors with his personal interpretation of Milanese cuisine. The outdoor spaces and the furnishings designed by Antonio Citterio are beautiful, as is the symphony of windows that runs along the three sides of the courtyard, with an open kitchen.

andegari路9号, Antonio Guida大厨,曾经带领托斯卡纳酒店Il Pellicano得到了米其林二星,如今他所带 领的Mandarin Oriental酒店的‘丝绸’餐厅也很快的其身于最好餐厅的行列中。他将亚 洲,托斯卡纳以及普利亚的风味融合到了传统的米兰菜色当中。内部装潢以及美丽的外部 空间均由Antonio Citterio设计,还有在面向内庭的三面玻璃窗,以及完全透明的厨房。


Via Durini 28, It is the rooftop restaurant of The Brian & Barry Building. Here, rigor and creativity, tradition and experimentation are the threads that chef Matteo Torretta links together under the guests’ eyes. Linear, seasonal, global: the gastronomic offer here is characterized by its strong personality and impeccable style, just like a tailored collection of the highest level.

DURINI路28号, Asola是The Brian & Barry Building的屋顶餐厅。在这里Matteo Torretta大厨将严格与创 新,传统与实验的线在客人的眼前连到了一起。这里的美食有季节性,国际性和柔和性, 它独特的口味和无可挑剔的风格使它脱颖而出,就如同最高级别的定制服装系列。



Other addresses 其它地址

10 Corso Como, corso como 10, Acanto, Piazza della Repubblica 17, Alice (Eataly), Piazza 25 Aprile 10, Alla Cucina delle Langhe, Corso Como 6, Armani Nobu, Via Pisoni 1, Bianca, Via B. Panizza 10, Bice, Via Borgospesso 12, Boeucc, Via Belgioioso 2, Bon wei, Via Lodovico Castelvetro, 16-18, Chic’n’quick, Via Ascanio Sforza 77, Corsia del giardino, Via Manzoni, 16, Da Giacomo, Via Sottocorno, 6, Daniel, Via Castelfidardo angolo via San Marco, Dim Sum, via Nino Bixio 29, Don Lisander, Via Manzoni 12/a, Drogheria Parini 1915, Via Borgospesso 1, El Brellin, Vicolo dei Lavandai Alzaia Naviglio Grande 14, Esco Bistrot Mediterraneo, Via Tortona 26, Finger’s Garden, Via Keplero 2, Giacomo Arengario, Via G. Marconi 1, Il Liberty, Viale Monte Grappa 6, Innocenti Evasioni, Via privata della Bindellina, Lacerba, via Orti 4, Langosteria, Via Savona 10, La Veranda, via Gesù 6/8, Mio (Park Hyatt Hotel), Via Tommaso Grossi 1, Pisacco, Via Solferino 48, Ratanà, Via De Castillia 28, Savini, Via Ugo Foscolo 5, Tano Passami l’Olio, Via Villoresi 18, Terrazza Triennale, Viale Alemagna 6, Unico, Via Achille Papa 30,


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Le idee migliori non vengono dalla ragione, ma da una lucida, visionaria follia. Erasmo da Rotterdam


22/03/17 15:55


Via San Pietro Orto, 17, Founded in 1967 by a goldsmith family with a great tradition, Pomellato has introduced the concept of pret-a-porter into the world of jewelry, quickly imposing itself on the Italian and European markets (is the fourth largest jeweler in Europe). It creates jewelry with a great personality, combining the finest materials with stones carved with flawless craftsmanship.

地址: San Pietro all’Orto路17号, 由一个有着悠久传统的金匠家族创建于1967年的Pomellato把高级成衣概念引入 了珠宝的世界,迅速被意大利和欧洲市场所接受(欧洲四大珠宝商之一)。它家 创造设计的珠宝极具个性,并且运用无懈可击的技艺将珍稀材料和坚硬石头完 美组合在了一起。


orologeria Luigi Verga

地址: Della Spiga路19/A号,电话:0276022321; Excelsior Milano高档百货商场; 蒂芙尼是国际知名珠宝公司,于1837年在纽约创立,在意大利通过五家单品牌 专卖店独家销售其产品,米兰专卖店位于市中心著名的Della Spiga购物街的 Galleria del Corso拱廊中Excelsior Milano高档百货商场内,距离多莫大教堂只 有数百米之遥。蒂芙尼的珠宝首饰驰名世界,是引领时尚潮流的名贵配饰。

地址: Mazzini街 3号 - Vercelli大道19号, 最近才翻修完毕的Luigi Verga钟表店Mazzini街分店距离米兰大教堂仅几步之 遥,自1947年起就是米兰钟表爱好者的地标之一。各种高级钟表品牌汇集于此, 比如钟表品牌Patek Philippe,Audemars Piguet,Hublot,Cartier和Panerai。城里 另外两家分店中有一家位于Vercelli大道,从这里可以发现Rolex的最新款式。


Pisa Orologeria

地址: Monte Napoleone路16号, 卡地亚是世界最大的高级珠宝生产商和仅次于劳力士之后的第二大名贵手表生 产商,米兰总部位于Monte Napoleone 街。卡地亚的多个名款设计享誉世界,例 如1940年为沃利斯·辛普森 (Wallis Simpson)特制的一枚豹形胸针Bestiary,1904 年为飞行家Santos-Dumont特制的第一款腕表桑托斯 (Santos)。

地址:Pietro Verri路 7号 (Monte Napoleone路9号拐角处), 诞生于二十世纪初,Pisa表行座落在蒙特拿破仑大街, 是一间代代相传的精品 店。在店内您可以找到所有的钟表品牌之最,一个专卖百达翡丽的柜台和一 个专卖劳力士的柜台。此外,Pisa表行还包括两间现代的实验室和一间维修中 心,由高档专业维修师为客人提供“Quickservice”(快速维修服务)。


Van Cleef&Arpels

Via della Spiga 19/A, tel. 02.76022321, Excelsior Milano, Galleria del Corso 4, Tiffany & Co., the internationally recognized luxury jewelry store, is present in Milan with two stores, one in the central Via della Spiga and the other in the Excelsior Milano department store in Galleria del Corso, a few hundred meters away from the Duomo. The Tiffany jewels, known worlwide, are precious and trendy accessories.

Via Montenapoleone 16, Cartier, the world’s largest producer of high-end jewelry and second largest producer, after Rolex, of luxury watches, has its Milan’s headquarters in Via Monte Napoleone. Well-known for its historical designs, such as the famous Bestiary, a brooch in the shape of panther created in 1940 for Wallis Simpson, and its first wristwatch, the Santos, created in 1904 for the aviator Santos-Dumont, the jeweler produces must-have leather goods, perfumes, and writing instruments.

Via Monte Napoleone 9, Faraone represents the world of high-end jewelery of traditional Milan, which has established itself on the international scene with exclusive creations. Unique pieces that celebrate the value and individuality of the jewel, arising from the jeweler’s personal design, such as the collection F.

地址: Monte Napoleone路9号, faraone是米兰传统高级珠宝界的代表,以其独创的产品在国际舞台上确立了自 己的地位。这些独一无二的产品凸显珠宝的独特价值,源自该珠宝商的专门研究 设计,成为潮人必备之时尚品:faraone的F系列戒指、手链和手镯,是手工制品中 的经典之作。


Via Monte Napoleone 10, The Burlesque bracelet, a masterpiece in white gold, white and black diamond, and rubies, Best of the Best 2012, is only one of the jewels that shaped the history of Damiani. The customized engagement rings are one of the latest products of the brand: after choosing the diamond and the frame desired, the jewelers will create a unique and tailormade solitaire.

地址: Monte Napoleone路10号, Burlesque手镯是一款由白金,红宝石,黑白钻打造的杰作。作为2012年Best of the Best,它只是写下Damiani历史的其中一款首饰。定制的订婚戒是这个品牌 最新推出的产品:在选择了钻石和款式之后,Damiani的工匠们将打造出独一 无二的订婚戒。

mILan - 米兰

rocca 1794

Jewelry Stores 珠宝店

Via Mazzini 3 - Corso Vercelli 19, Its location has been recently renovated. The Orologeria Luigi Verga on Via Mazzini, two steps away from the Duomo, has been one of the landmarks in Milan for lovers of watchmaking since 1947. High-end watchmaking is at home here, with brand timepieces such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Cartier, and Panerai. Two other locations in the city, including that of Corso Vercelli, where you can also find the latest models from Rolex

Via Pietro Verri 7 (at the corner with Via Monte Napoleone); Founded in the early twentieth century and passed down from generation to generation, the Pisa store blends a prestigious multi-brand collection with the best of watchmaking; a Patek Philippe store and a Rolex store in Via Monte Napoleone. Pisa also offers two modern laboratories and service centers with highly specialized technicians for “quickservice” assistance.

Via Monte Napoleone 10, In 350 square meters, all the magic of the century-old history of the Parisian brand is gathered. The two majestic windows frame the cozy internal living rooms where, among delicately colored velvets and wrought iron screens in Art Deco style, one can admire the brand’s best collections of high-end jewelry and watches. 地址:Monte Napoleone路10号, 在面积为350平方米的店铺里,您可以感受到这个承载了百年历史的法国老品牌 的魔力。两面雄伟的橱窗内镶嵌着精致的店面。在细腻的彩色丝绒缎和艺术 装饰风格的铸铁屏风之间,可以欣赏到该品牌最珍贵的高档珠宝和腕表展示。


Via della Spiga 9, Since 1911, Scavia has been designing and handmaking unique and exclusive pieces, also made-to-measure, which have won many international awards. The unmistakable Scavia style is related to an innovative research in design and cutting edge aesthetics. 地址: Spiga路9号, 从1911年Scavia就开始设计并生产纯手工独一无二的单品,并且都是量身定制, 这为它赢得了很多国际奖项和赞誉。Scavia独特的风格和它创新风格调查且它 分明的先锋美学密不可分。


ROCCA 1794

Piazza Duomo 25, In the main square of the city, one can find a comfortable strongbox of beauty and refined watchmaking technique. The most important brands of high-end watchmaking, classic and sporty, for men and women, are displayed in its bright windows. Professionalism and courtesy inside.

地址:多莫大教堂广场 25 号, 这是一间位于米兰多莫大教堂广场的高级表行,是一个精美手表的“保险柜”。 在其明亮的橱窗内摆设着各式男女款大牌手表,或经典或运动。店内工作人员 专业而热情。


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22/03/17 11.21

mILan - 米兰


design 艺术家具

Corso Como 10, Founded in 1990 by gallery owner Carla Sozzani, 10 Corso Como is a concept store embraced inside the courtyard of a traditional Milanese palazzo. It is unique and iconic, composed of spaces in which the art and photography gallery, the library, the showroom for fashion and design, a restaurant, a café, a garden, and the 3 Rooms Hotel intertwine. 地址:Corso Como 10, 于1990年由画廊拥有者Carla Sozzani创建,10 Corso Como是一间坐落在传 统米兰住宅内庭的概念店。它是一组独一无二而且具有代表性的空间,其 中包括画廊,照片展,书店,设计和时尚的买手店,一间餐厅,咖啡厅, 花园以及小型酒店3 Rooms Hotel。




Alessi via Manzoni 14; Alias corso Monforte 19; Amoeba via Marsala 11; ARCLINEA CUCINE corso Monforte 28; Artemide corso Monforte 19; B&B Italia Spa via Durini 14; BOFFI SOLFERINO via Solferino 11; BULTHAUP via Durini 17; Cassina via Durini 16; COTTOVENETO via Fiori Chiari 16; Culti corso Venezia 53; via Vittor Pisani 6, De Padova via Santa Cecilia 7; Driade via Borgogna 8; Flexform corso Garibaldi; Flos corso Monforte 9; Flou via Manzoni 37;

Fornasetti Corso Venezia 21/A; High Tech piazza XXV Aprile 12; iGuzzini via San Damiano 3; Jannelli&Volpi via Melzo 7; KARTELL via Carlo Porta 1; MisuraEmme via De Amicis 12; Molteni&C | Dada via Solferino, MOROSO via Pontaccio 8/10; Poliform piazza Cavour 2; POLTRONA FRAU via Manzoni 30; Rubelli via Fatebenefratelli 9; Sawaya&Moroni via Manzoni 11; Schiffini via Passione 2; SPOTTI viale Piave 27; VENINI via MonteNapoleone 9; VETRERIE DI EMPOLI via MonteNapoleone 22; Zanotta, piazza Tricolore 2;

poliform Rimadesio


057-081-EI15-GUIDA MILANO.indd 72

22/03/17 11.21


Via Gramsci, 3 28831 - Baveno (VB) - Lago Maggiore - Italia Tel: +39 0323 919410 -

Eccellenze Beach Club + Al Campanile.indd 1

22/03/17 15:00

057-081-EI15-GUIDA MILANO.indd 74 CQ UA



22/03/17 11.21 SER GIO R



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Piazza San Babila















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Via Monte Napoleone

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Via Santo Spirito

Via del Gesù





Via Monte Napoleone

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mILan - 米兰


Nero Giardini


the most beautiful address in the world

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Via Manzoni

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Via Monte Napoleone



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Via Pietro Verri

Everyone knows it. Even those who have never been. Its name alone is enough to evoke the largest display of Italian and international fashion. Like Bond Street in London, more than 5th Avenue in New York, Via Monte Napoleone is one of the most famous streets in the world for luxury shopping, the most elegant of the Milan’s famous fashion district. Along its 500 meters, which can be enjoyed on foot between Piazza San Babila and Via Manzoni, there are boutiques with the most prestigious brands, from clothing to accessories and jewelry, from Bulgari to Valentino, from Dior to Gucci.

But the street is also home to some of the most chic taste salons, such as Cova and, in the nearby Via Santo Spirito, the Salumaio. Trends that will affect the entire globe start from here and one can discover what the target market will be. The street, which takes its name from the financial institution that managed public debt in the Napoleonic era, hosted symbols of the political and cultural life in Milan, including composer Giuseppe Verdi who lived in this street and here composed Nabucco, one of his most famous works, or opera singer Maria Callas who used to frequent Biki’s famous atelier. The street has always been full of renowned antique shops, tailor workshops, and jewelers. Starting in the 1950s, with the economic boom and the growth of the streets around it, Via Monte Napoleone began its ascent to become one of the most important shopping destinations in the world. Today, the highest concentration of prestigious Italian and foreign brands gathers here and its windows are the most sought after by high fashion labels. “The turnover that Via Monte Napoleone produces is equal to 12% of the GDP of all Milan”, says Guglielmo Miani, passionate president of the Association of Via Monte Napoleone: his grandfather opened the Larusmiani boutique and he is now committed to making one of the most beautiful streets in the world shine even brighter with high quality cultural, artistic, and food & wine tasting initiatives.

mILan - 米兰

VIA Monte Napoleone

蒙特拿破仑街, 全世界最美的购物街

所有人都认识它,即使从没去过那里的人也曾听说过。事实 上,它那响当当的名字就足以令这条意大利和国际上最重要的 时尚购物大街闻名于世。与伦敦的邦德街和纽约的第五大道一 样,蒙特拿破仑街是世界上最著名的奢侈品购物街之一,是米 兰市大名鼎鼎“时尚四边形”街区中最优雅的一条街。步行在其 从San Babila广场到Manzoni大街之间长达500米的街道上,时 装、配饰和珠宝等商品最负盛名的品牌精品店比比皆是,如宝 格丽、华伦天奴、迪奥、古奇等等。这里也有不少别致的美食 店,如Cova糕点屋和靠近Santo Spirito街的Salumaio餐厅。就 是这里引领着全球时尚的趋势,在这里可以了解到下一季的目 标市场是什么。这条街道的名称来源于一家在拿破仑时代管理 公债的同名金融机构,自街道建立以来接待过众多米兰政治和 文化界的重要人物,如居塞比·威尔第,1840年他在此居住期间 写下了著名歌剧《纳布科》,还有玛丽亚·卡拉斯也常来这里 著名的女裁缝Biki的店里做衣服。仅仅是过来这里瞻仰一下那些 米兰最漂亮的豪华宫殿也是很惬意的事情,米兰人都亲昵地称 这条街为“蒙特拿”。蒙特拿破仑街一直以来都是一条最昂贵的大 街,是上层人士们居住的地区,在过去,这里也曾是古玩、著 名裁缝店和珠宝店聚集的地方。在50年代,随着意大利的经济腾 飞,蒙特拿破仑街及其周边的街道,如Sant’Andrea街、Verri街 和Della Spiga街,便开始升级,逐渐成为全世界最重要的购物目 的地之一。这里高度集中了意大利和国际上的各大奢侈品牌, 是顶级时尚巨头们所向往的地方,他们之间间互相竞争只为赢 得这条街上少数的店面。实际上这条街道确实不长,仅提供数 量有限的店铺,营业额几乎无法估量,租金又不是非常高,无 法满足众多的店铺申请和排队等候的名单。近几年来,除了时 装品牌外,这里也成为了钟表业巨头们喜爱的地方。“蒙特拿破 仑街的营业额占整个米兰市GDP的12%。”热情的蒙特拿破仑大街 协会主席Guglielmo MianI说道,他的祖父在这条街道上开设了 Larusmiani精品店,如今由他通过文化、艺术和品尝美食&优质 葡萄酒的活动来让这条世界上最美丽的街道之一散发出更绚丽 的光芒。


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22/03/17 11.21

mILan - 米兰



Rubinacci. Men’s tailoring with Gentleman Club. 男装定制加绅士 聚乐部

Mimì. Handmade jewels of the Broggian family. Broggian家族的 手工制作珠宝


Via Gesù

The New Savile Row In the Fashion district, Via Gesù is the man’s street, the epicenter of male Italian lifestyle, and a candidate to become the reference point of international menswear. The project behind the creation of a man’s shopping street has been built over time but was made official at the beginning of 2015 by the opening of Caruso’s first Italian flagship store, a brand founded and chaired by Umber-

Stefano Ricci. Tailored menswear. 男装定制


Il Salumaio. Casa Museo Restaurant and Bagatti Valsecchi. gastronomic deli. Open to the public. 餐厅与肉制品 Bagatti-Valsecchi 商店 住宅博物馆 对观众开放

to Angeloni. It was precisely Angeloni, who took a chance on Via Gesù, opening the first Brioni store as early as 1998. In this street, private and quiet, he then created the Caruso headquarters (and the research atelier-library on the culture of clothing). Today, Milan’s Savile Row presents itself to the public with eight luxury brands for men (Barba Napoli, Luciano Barbera, Brioni, Caruso, Doriani cashmere, Kiton, and Zilli, plus Stefano Ricci that will open in a few months); two prestigious tailors (De Luca tailoring and Mariano Rubinacci); a historic male multi-brand (Tincati); the Uman



Brioni. Men’s tailoring, preferred by Italian actors and politicians. 为演员和政治家 打造的男装定制

Caruso. Men’s tailored canvassed suits. 顶尖西服定制

Zilli. French brand of luxury clothing. 法国服装奢侈 品牌

Doriani Cashmere. A cult for fine knitwear. 高档针织品的 顶尖

Tincati. Elegant Milanese multibrand store. 米兰多品牌奢 侈品店

atelier of menswear culture (a brand distributed in four outlets worldwide); three shoe craftsmen (Barrett, Doucal’s, and Silvano Lattanzi); accessories such as the vintage watches, by Cacciari Salvati, the Mimì twins; junior fashion by Rosalba. Not to mention that the only 5-star hotel in the city built in a convent dating back to1200, the Four Seasons, is located along the street, along with the incredible museum house of the two brothers BagattiValsecchi and the only grocer-bistro located in a house museum, namely the Salumaio of the Bagatti Valsecchi Palace.

6/8 Cacciari Salvati. Vintage watches and jewels. 复古腕表和珠宝

Four Seasons Hotel. In a fifteenth-century convent. 在一间十五世纪 的修道院


057-081-EI15-GUIDA MILANO.indd 76

22/03/17 11.21

mILan - 米兰 9 Barrett. Artisans of classic footwear. 传统皮鞋定制 作坊

11 Luciano Barbera. Silvano Lattanzi. Tailored clothing Artisan of fashion house made-to-measure from Biella. footwear. 比耶拉西服定制 量身手工皮鞋 定制

耶稣路, 新的萨佛街 在 米 兰 的 时 尚 四 边 形 里 , 耶 稣 路 (Via Gesù)是意大利男装的中心,并且注定 会成为国际男装的基准点。打造一条男 装街的计划在很早以前就有人提出,但 直到2015年由Umberto Angeloni执掌的 意大利品牌Caruso开了第一间旗舰店 才赋予实施。正是Angeloni主席肯对耶 稣街下赌注,早在1998年就开了第一间 Brioni的商店,然后在这条即安静又隐 蔽的街上建造了Caruso的总部(和男 装研发工作室)。如今米兰的萨佛街 有8间奢华男装精品店(Barba Napoli, 10

13 Kiton. Clothing from the best Neapolitan tailoring school. 最好的那不勒斯 西服定制

Rosalba. Children’s atelier and housewear. 童装和床上用 品专卖

15 De Luca Sartoria. Since 1923, impeccably-cut clothing. 从1923年起,无懈 可击的西装定制

Luciano Barbera, Brioni, Caruso, Doriani Cashmere, Kiton和Zilli, 还有再过几个月 开张的Stefano Ricci); 两间高档成衣店 (De Luca成衣店和Mariano Rubinacci); 一间历史性多品牌男装店(Tincati); Uman 品牌的工作室(全球只有四个销售 点);三间手工制鞋工作室(Barrett, Doucal’s和Silvano Lattanzi); 配饰商店 如Cacciari Salvati的复古腕表或Mimi的 袖扣;Rosalba品牌的童装专卖店。这 条街上值得一提的还有米兰唯一一间由 一间十三世纪的修道院改建成的5星级 酒店,四季大酒店;Bagatti-Valsecchi 兄弟不可思议的住宅博物馆,及馆内唯 一一家在此类博物馆里营业的肉制品商 店,Valsecchi Bagatti宫殿肉店。 RUBINACCI

19 Doucal’s. Elegant and comfortable Italian artisanal shoes. 意大利高雅及现 代手工皮鞋定制

Barba Napoli. Jet-set shirt-maker from Naples. 那不勒斯衬衫, 衬衫里的喷气机

Doucal’s caruso

Uman. Atelier-library dedicated to the culture of clothing. 穿衣文化的工作室兼图书馆


057-081-EI15-GUIDA MILANO.indd 77

22/03/17 11.21

larte 31 VALEXTRA 30

29 ravizza

10 BORSALINO 11 PIUMELLI 12 church’s maserati 28

14 GUCCI 15 armani 16 LOUIS VUITTON

Royal Britannia 22








rimowa 27

adidas 26 E

seven star galleria

13 bric’s

w ay inte iS TOR r S TOR E



park hyatt hotel TOD’S 07 versace 05 MERCEDES BENZ 04



the gray hotel


straf hotel a rl


ot tiss

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grand hotel duomo





swarovski 06


larte  31 LARUSMIANI98 LEOPIZZO09 41 liu jo  LoUIS VUITTON  127 LOUIS VUITTON  16 122 love moschino  luisa spagnoli  46 38 mango marella  59 maserati 28 102 massimo bonini MASSIMO DUTTI  18 97 massimo sforza MAX MARA  62 max&co  60 MERCEDES BENZ  04 MICHAEL KORS  45 milan mega store 53 missoni  121 moncler  108 motivi  36 nespresso  49 NESPRESSO  61 officine panerai  109 omega  96 piaget93 pisa orologeria 95 PIUMELLI  11 pomellato 86 PRADA  08 PRADA  17 PRADA Woman  136 PRADA Man  130 pull&bear39 ravizza  29 red valentino  123 rimowa  27 roberto cavalli  133 ROCCA 1794  19 rodo  113 roy roger’s  125 Royal Britannia  22 SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Woman  106 samsonite  72 santoni  131 sartoria rossi  58 sisley 48 STEFANEL  03 SUTOR MANTELLASSI  103 swarovski  06 swarovski  65 SWATCH  66 the north face  52 TIMBERLAND  112 timberland  54 tissot  33 TOD’S  07 tom ford  80 tombolini  115 trussarDi jeans 55 VALEXTRA  30 versace  05 versace home  73 villa meissen  104 yamamay  35 zara  64


abercrombie & fitch  74 26 adidas  alberto guardiani  124 34 alcoTt  alexander mcqueen 91 alviero martini  78 77 angelo galasso  armani  15 76 atos lombardini  AUDEMARS PIGUET  129 avirex 57 bagutta88 BALDININI  69 baldinini 81 bally 132 BANANA REPUBBLIC  40 benetton 63 boggi  70 BORSALINO  10 BOTTEGA VENETA 101 braccialini  126 brian & Barry  51 bric’s  13 brooks brothers  71 brosway  116 bulgari  118 canali83 church’s  12 cruciani94 DAVIDE CENCI  32 davis  01 desigual  75 DIESEL  68 disney  44 dsquared2  82 escada  117 ETRO100 EXCELSIOR  37 fedeli  134 fendi  105 ferrari STORE 23 FOOTLOCKER  43 fratelli rossetti  111 furla  21 GAP  42 GEOX  67 GIORGIO ARMANI  128 giuseppe zanotti  135 grimoldi 02 GUCCI 14 GUCCI  99 guess  50 H&M  47 harmont & blaine 87 hugo boss  119 iceberg  90 inter STORE  24 isaia89 JAEGER-LECOULTRE  110 jaguar  120 jeckerson 79 jil sander 85 John Richmond 92 just cavalli  114 JUVENTUS STORE  56 k-way  25 la martina 84 LA PERLA  107 LA RINASCENTE 20

da vi

mILan - 米兰



057-081-EI15-GUIDA MILANO.indd 78

22/03/17 11.22

97 massimo sforza omega 96 pisa orologeria 95

136 PRADA Woman 135 giuseppe zanotti

LARUSMIANI 98 cruciani 94

piaget 93

John Richmond 92 alexander mcqueen 91

134 fedeli


massimo bonini 102

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87 harmont & blaine fratelli rossetti 111



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braccialini 126

moncler 108


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officine panerai 109

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130 PRADA man

villa meissen 104


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iceberg 90

canali 83 la martina 84 dsquared2 82 baldinini 81 tom ford 80

133 roberto cavalli

ETRO 100

71 brooks brothers


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samsonite 72

50 guess

DIESEL 68 GEOX 67 48 sisley 47 H&M 46 luisa spagnoli

SWATCH 66 swarovski 65

brian & Barry 51

zara 64


45 MICHAEL KORS 44 disney 43 FOOTLOCKER 42 GAP 52 the north face 41 liu jo 40 BANANA REPUBBLIC 53 milan mega store 39 pull&bear 38 mango benetton 63

MAX MARA 62 max&co 60

sartoria rossi 58

marella 59


36 motivi

54 timberland 55 trussarDi jeans

34 alcoTt EXCELSIOR 37

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35 yamamay

057-081-EI15-GUIDA MILANO.indd 79

avirex 57


The Shopping Map 购物地图 22/03/17 11.22

101 vitale barberis canonico visionnaire 100

dirk bikkembergs 99

monnalisa 102 pretty ballerinas 103 marni 104 barbara bui 98 blugirl 105 vilebrequin 97 rocco barocco 106 bellora 96 SEVENTY 95 byblos 107 DE WAN 94 SIMONETTA 92 miss GRANT 91 sahrai 90

manila grace 93 annarita n 89

colombo 108 piquadro 109


rucoline 111

87 lardini

illulian 86


frette 110


grimoldi 84


hermès 81


armani hotel emporio armani 78 bulgari hotels & resorts

79 TWIN-SET 77 PAUL SMITH 76 gant 75 pal zileri

74 falconeri pennisi 27



balenciaga 73 mauro grifoni 72 VERTU 29 30 pinko kenzo 26 ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA 31 ballin 71 32 ROLEX chantecler 70 piacenza 1773 25 FREYWILLE 24 VIERRE 33 34 GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN jo malone london 23 MONTBLANC 35 stella mccartney 69 villa 21 COCCINELLE 22 LORO PIANA 36 37 SALVATORE FERRAGAMO man tincati 68 e.marinella 20 SERGIO ROSSI 38 doriani 67 toy watch 39 zilli 66 19 WOLFORD 40 VALENTINO brioni 65 CELINE 41 cruciani 18 17 GALLO 43 ALBERTA FERRETTI omega 42 loriblu 16 44 malo 15 blauer tosca blu 45 ulturale 14 grand hotel et de milan

mandarin oriental milan

13 martino midali domusnova 11 bonpoint 09 Comptoir des Cotonniers 07


hotel fo


vHernier 49



51 Paul & Shark A.TESTONI 52

fabi 56


057-081-EI15-GUIDA MILANO.indd 80


breguet 54



10 reporter



bolaffi 01


148 149 barrett

53 EMILIO PUCCI 55 hermès


57 DIOR homme

baldinini 58 59 BURBERRY aspesi 60 van cleef & arpels 61 VERSACE 62 DAMIANI 63 venini 64

22/03/17 11.22


112 poliform



113 les copains

110 111

114 sermoneta gloves 115 fabiana filippi 116 pinco pallino 117 Serapian 118 porsche design 119 rosato lanvin 122 krizia 123

120 alan journo 121 Behouse

124 duvetica 125 philipp plein 126 daniele alessandrini 127 parosh 128 brunello cucinelli barba napoli 129 tiffany & Co. 130 144 vhernier 145 santoni belstaff 132 146 kiton Franck Muller 133 147 Doucal’s 148 silvano lattanzi

131 blumarine

rivolta 135 richard mille 136

134 moschino 137 dolce & Gabbana

fay 138

149 barrett

pollini 140


139 tod’s 141 prada

miu miu 142

hotel four seasons

saint laurent 143

150 chopard scavia 151 152 michael kors colombo 153 155 peuterey sicis jewels 154 bottega veneta 173 174 berluti Malo 156 157 Longchamp jil sander navy 175 agnona 176 158 gio moretti 177 moschino carlton baglioni hotel church’s 178 179 giambattista valli moncler 159 Givenchy 180 161 ermanno scervino 181 herno brunello cucinelli 160 armani 182 183 chanel gheradini 162 Margiela 184 185 stuart weitzman car shoes 163 borsalino 186 187 banner dolce & Gabbana 164 188 jimmy choo falconeri 165 luciano padovan 166 189 casadei 190 cesare paciotti roger vivier 172


stone island 167

191 doriani 63

dolce & Gabbana 168 192 missoni

057-081-EI15-GUIDA MILANO.indd 81

alberto guardiani 169 burberry 170 brooksfield 171

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mILan - 米兰

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HaIR Cell RegeneRaTIon: THe laTesT TReaTMenT foR aloPeCIa


The benefits go beyond those offered by hair transplants, providing superior, longer-lasting results: the Regenerative Medicine Protocol offers an advanced treatment for alopecia and baldness. We discussed the treatment with Doctor Mauro Conti, scientific director of HairClinic Italia. 除毛发移植具有的优点外,该疗法效果更持久、更完 全:再生医学方案是脱发和秃顶的最先进疗法对此我 们采访了的科学主管HairCliniC italia的科学主管Mauro Conti博士。 Doctor Conti, what is alopecia? Alopecia is more common than you might think; in both men and women, it can be caused by a number of factors. Scientifically, hormonal imbalances (the hormones in question being testosterone and the protein prostaglandin PGD2) are the main culprits, but hair loss has other contributory causes linked to patient psychology, above all where individuals are affected by significant stress, or linked to unhealthy diet and lifestyle. What are the most effective treatments for combating alopecia or baldness? The latest and most promising treatment for significantly combating alopecia and hair thinning is Advanced regenerative medicine. Specifically, the bSBS non-surgical medical protocol (Advanced regenerative medicine protocol and genomic analysis), which uses cells with a high regenerative capacity coupled with the patient’s own stem cells, reawakening them to repopulate the scalp with CRU (Cell regenerative units) and native ExtraCellular Matrix, which are the cells found in the hair follicle that play a key role in the regeneration and development of the follicle itself. Where are these regenerative or repair cells taken from? The CRUs are taken from the patient himself in a painless way by means of a simple blood test. The cells are obtained using hCRP cell separation technology, the most advanced and high-performance medical device available in this field. Is it suitable for those who already have advanced baldness? The Regenerative Medicine Protocol is not a miracle cure. Very serious cases will require the combined used of Regenerative Medicine and microsurgery. In the case of advanced baldness, requiring an autologous hair transplant, the bSBS Protocol provides the best chance offered by science of avoiding the so-called «shock loss» effect, a weakening and miniaturization of the weakest hair follicles due to the shock of the transplant itself. With a wider benefit: hairs present a uniform thickness and the results are long lasting and aesthetically very pleasing. Is a hospital stay necessary after the bSBS Protocol? No! The patient can go home immediately without any visible scars, there is neither a hospital stay nor a recovery period to speak of, and the patient can resume his everyday routine straight away. Precisely for this reason, the Regenerative Medicine Protocol is also suitable during pregnancy and for individuals of any age, even if under medication of any kind. The Protocol is completed with a control stage and a series of actions aimed at strengthening and helping the work of the stem cells and the hair bulbs stimulated with the perfusion, from nutraceuticals to nutrigenomics following a series of tests. The results are significant and unparalleled, compared to other known solutions. Conti博士,请问什么是脱发? 脱发现象无论男女,在日常中很常见。造成脱发的原因很多。科学地讲,这跟体 内激素的变化有关(主要为睾酮和前列腺素蛋白PGD2)有直接关系;同样脱发还 有其它因素,如个体的心理状况,尤其是应激状态;生活中不良饮食习惯有关。 脱发和秃顶的治疗方案中,哪些具有显著效果? 治疗脱发和毛发稀疏变薄的方案中,具有显著效果、最新、最有前途的,是采用

Eccellenze Hair Clinic.indd 1 109_EI15-focus.indd 109

先进再生医学方案。具体地讲,就是采用非手术性治疗方案bSbS(高级再生医学 方案和基因分析),激活源自患者本人的、具有高度再生性的干细胞,将负责毛 发再生的URC(细胞再生单位)和原细胞间基质顶填入毛囊顶端,促进毛囊和毛 发的再生。 这些具有修复性和再生性的细胞是从哪里来的? URC来自于患者本人无痛抽取的血样,然后采用该领域最先进、性能最好的hCRP 细胞分离技术获得。 这个方案也适合晚期秃顶人群吗? 再生医学方案并不是一个完美的治疗方案。它经常同显微外科的技术连用。在晚 期秃顶人群中,由于要进行毛发的自移植过程,bSbS方案所固有的科学性可最大 限度地避免“冲击损失”现象,即移植冲击所带来的发质弱化和小型化现象。采 用这种法案具有更完全的效果:毛发厚度均一、长效,具有良好的美观性。 进行bSbS方案,需要进行住院治疗吗? 没有必要!治疗后,患者可以不留痕迹地回家,无需任何住院治疗和长时间的恢 复期,对生活无影响。正因为这些优点,再生医学方案可用于包括孕妇在内的各 种年龄段人群,也包括服用任何其它药物的人群。该方案还包括检查阶段和一系 列辅助手段,从营养医学和营养遗传学角度,加强和辅助干细胞测渗透,刺激毛 囊生长;同现有已知的方案相比,效果更显著、更具有对比性。

The RegeneRaTive Medicine PRoTocol is available in iTaly aT haiRclinic bioMedicalgRouP, one of The world’s leading centres for regenerative Medicine for the treatMent of baldness, which offers TaRgeTed, advanced TReaTMenTs foR aloPecia. 再生医学方案是意大利haiRclinic bioMedicalgRouP的专属成果,公司是全球最先进的 脱发和秃顶人群再生医学中心之一,为脱发患者提供专一而先进的治疗方案。 foR infoRMaTion and deTails: haiRclinic.iT - fReePhone nuMbeR 800 168 668 e-Mail: info@haiRcliniciT canale video: viMeo.coM/haiRclinic 欲了解更多信息,请访问网站:haiRclinic.iT - 呼叫:800168668 - 电子邮件:info@ haiRcliniciT - 视频集锦:viMeo.coM/haiRclinic

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Roman Forum, Colosseum - PHOTO BY Sandra Raccanello/SIME

罗 马


083-97-EI14-GUIDA ROMA.indd 83

22/03/17 11.30

The Colosseum (Colosseo) 斗兽场

rome - 罗马

Places of Interest 景点 The Colosseum (Colosseo) 斗兽场

It is the most famous amphitheater in the world and the most imposing monument from ancient Rome that has been passed on to us. Today, it is a symbol of the city and one of its major tourist attractions. With a capacity of up to 50,000 spectators, it was used for combats between gladiators and other public events. In 2000, American director Ridley Scott virtually rebuilt it in all its splendor of the second century AD for the film The Gladiator. 它是世界上最著名的圆形露天剧场,也是我们能看到留存至今的古罗马最宏伟的 遗迹,时至今日,斗兽场已成为罗马的象征,也是最富吸引力的旅游景点之一。 斗兽场内最多能容纳5万名观众,曾经是角斗士格斗和其它公共表演的场所。2000 年,导演雷德利·斯科特在电影《角斗士》中,用计算机技术重现了公元二世纪 时斗兽场的恢弘场面。

Castel Sant’Angelo 圣天使堡

这是世界上最著名的古迹之一,它的圆顶是米开朗基罗的杰作,也是罗马的 象征之一。圣彼得大教堂坐落在梵蒂冈城内,这个独立的天主教国家矗立在罗 马市中心,它是天主教中心,教皇所在地,大教堂附近的教皇宫就是教皇的居 所。圣彼得大教堂的修建可以追溯到十六世纪,不过现在所看到的正门部分是 在十七世纪初修建的。很长一段时间以来,它都是世界上最大的教堂,巨大的 圣彼得广场上举世闻名的大圆柱 (共284根) 是贝尼尼的作品。


The presence of the Sistine Chapel inside the museums is enough of a reason to justify a trip to Rome. Located within the Vatican City, next to St. Peter’s Basilica, they are one of the largest art collections in the world and gather the huge collection of works accumulated or commissioned by the Popes over the centuries. With rooms decorated by Raphael and Michelangelo, the art gallery, and the Modern Art

圣天使堡又叫做亚德里亚诺陵墓,由亚德里亚诺皇帝于公元125年修建。1367年, 古堡的钥匙被交到教皇鄂巴诺五世的手中,它的命运也因此和教皇紧紧联系在 一起。圣天使堡通过一条防御长廊和梵蒂冈相连,教皇们将它用作危险时期的 避难所,以及用来安放梵蒂冈的档案和财宝,同时它也是法庭和监狱。自十九 世纪年以来,它先是成为了政治犯的牢笼,后又作为兵营,直到现在成了一座 博物馆。

St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican 梵蒂冈圣彼得大教堂


It is one of the most famous monuments in the world and its dome, designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti, is one of the symbols of Rome. It is located in the Vatican City, the independent Catholic State erected in the heart of the capital, and is the center of Catholic worship, being the seat of the Pope, who lives in the Apostolic Palace adjacent to the basilica. The beginning of its construction dates back to the sixteenth century, but the present façade dates back to the beginning of the 1600s. The monumental St. Peter’s Square, for many years the largest in the world, with its famous colonnade (284 columns) by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, completes the church.

083-97-EI14-GUIDA ROMA.indd 84


Also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian, because it was commissioned by Emperor Hadrian in 125, starting from 1367 it has been strongly linked to the fate of the popes. Connected to the Vatican State through a long fortified corridor, the popes used it as a refuge in times of danger, to house the Vatican Archives and the Treasury, and as a court and prison. From the nineteenth century, however, it has been used as a political prison, then as police quarters, and finally as a museum.

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rome - 罗马 VATICAN MUSEUMS 梵蒂冈博物馆

Collection, this group of museums attracts over 6 million visitors annually, confirming its position as the most visited art site in Italy. Also for this reason, to avoid the long queues at the entrance, it is advisable to book your visit. 我只想说,就凭看一眼在那里的米开朗琪罗所绘制的西斯廷礼拜堂穹顶画就能 让你的一趟罗马之旅不虚此行。在梵蒂冈城内,圣彼得大教堂旁边,经过几代 教皇的收集与传承,这些博物馆里的珍藏合并起来成为世界上数量最庞大的艺 术收藏群之一。那些拉斐尔的房间和米开朗琪罗的宫殿,那些图册和现代艺术 作品,都为博物馆们吸引着每年超过600人次的游客,成为意大利访问量最大的 艺术人文景点。所以如果想要避开馆前长长排队的人群,请一定记得在提前预 约。


Key monument of Augustus’s public art, the Ara Pacis Augustae is an altar dedicated by Emperor Augustus, in the year 9 BC, to peace and prosperity. Erected in an emblematic area of ​​Campo Marzio, it displays decorative motifs of different origins: classical Greek art, Hellenistic art, and more traditional Roman art. The main and the secondary sides are illuminated in color with a virtual technology, applied for the first time in the history of archeology on a monument from the Roman age. 这是奥古斯都大众艺术的一个重要古迹,奥古斯都和平祭坛建于公元前9年, 由奥古斯都大帝主持修建,用以祭祀和平和繁荣昌盛。祭坛位于马奇奥广场 (Campo Marzio) 的主要区域,展现了来自不同根源的装饰:希腊古典艺术(在 仪式队伍的装饰中),古希腊艺术(在镶板和边饰中),最具有罗马特色的艺术 (在祭坛的装饰中)。2009年11月22日,人们通过一种虚拟化应用技术,在祭坛的正 面和侧面打上了彩色光线,这是考古史上首次在罗马时期的古迹上应用该技术。

The Arch of Constantine 君士坦丁凯旋门

Erected a short distance from the Colosseum, the triumphal arch was commissioned by the Senate to commemorate the victory of Constantine I against Maxentius during the Battle of Milvian Bridge. It can be regarded as a real museum of official Roman sculpture, extraordinary for its richness and importance. In 1960, during the Olympic Games in Rome, it was the spectacular finishing line of the legendary marathon won by the barefooted Ethiopian Abebe Bikila. 这座胜利之门由三个拱门组成,临近斗兽场。当时古罗马元老院以此来庆贺君 士坦丁一世在米尔米奥桥战役中战胜马森奇奥,它也可被视为一座真正的罗马 时期官方雕刻博物馆,具有无与伦比的价值。1960年,罗马奥运会期间,君士坦 丁凯旋门曾作为传奇的马拉松赛终点,当时该项目由埃塞俄比亚人Abebe Bikila 赤脚夺得冠军。


见。广场诞生于15世纪,因建在一片原先开满鲜花的草地上而得名。鲜花广场是 教皇加理斯多三世在重建Parione城区的计划中要求修建的,广场周围环绕着漂 亮的建筑物,如奥尔悉尼 (Orsini) 宫。在这里还可以瞻仰到思想家布鲁诺,他 被教廷指控为异教徒,就是在这座广场上被处以火刑。自1869年起,鲜花广场就 成为了一个生机勃勃、风景如画的集市举办场所。

Piazza Navona 纳沃纳广场

One of the most famous squares in Rome, with the shape of the ancient Domitian stadium, it was built in a monumental style according to the request of Pope Innocent X. The pride of Baroque Rome, it boasts architectures and sculptures by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (the Fountain of the Four Rivers) and Francesco Borromini. It is one of the most lively and fascinating spots in the city. 罗马最著名的广场之一,形状酷似古多米齐亚诺体育场,按照教皇英诺森十世的 要求修建成十分宏伟的风格。它是罗马巴洛克风格的骄傲,因贝尼尼(四河喷 泉) 和波洛米尼的建筑及雕塑作品而蓬荜生辉。街头艺术家们聚集在此专心致 志地绘画各种艺术画和漫画,也因此让纳沃纳广场成了罗马最富有生气和最令 人向往的目的地之一。


With its 135 steps, the staircase that dominates Piazza di Spagna was inaugurated by Pope Benedict XIII on the occasion of the 1725 Jubilee. Designed by Francesco De Sanctis and decorated with many garden terraces, it is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Rome. Its magnificence makes it a privileged catwalk for fashion shows and impressive television events. Its famous fountain is called “La Barcaccia” and was built in 1610. 作为西班牙广场的主要景观,这条总共有135级台阶的长阶梯是由教皇本笃八世 于1725年的大赦年之时落成的。广场由Francesco De Sanctis设计完成,用许多平 台和花园加以装饰,春夏之时,繁花盛开,将广场装点得更加美丽,是罗马最 热闹的旅游地之一。西班牙广场的华丽氛围使它成了时装秀的绝佳T台,同时也 是大型电视节目的理想举办场所。西班牙广场上著名的喷泉叫做“破船”,于 1610年修建而成。


Permanent presence in all films set in Rome, such as the famous film Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn, the Church of Santissima Trinità dei Monti, built between 1502 and 1519 in Gothic style, dominates the well-known steps of Piazza di Spagna. The church was consecrated in 1585 by Pope Sixtus V. In one of the first chapels you can admire a famous cycle of frescoes, including the beautiful Descent from the Cross, unanimously considered one of the masterpieces of Mannerism, by Daniele da Volterra (1541).

As the Italian name indicates, it is the district located on the west bank (right) of the River Tiber, south of the Vatican. For centuries it was the popular neighborhood of the capital; today, it is one of the most characteristic corners of Rome, crossed by narrow and winding streets, paved with the typical square stones, along which artisanal shops are aligned, together with flea markets and many, many, typical restaurants and pubs in which one can spend a lively evening.

它在所有以罗马为背景的电影作品中都出现过,比如奥黛丽·赫本的《罗马假 日》。哥特风格的圣三一教堂于1502年至1519年间修建完成,面向著名的西班牙 广场台阶。1585年,教皇西斯托五世为圣三一教堂举行宗教仪式。在前面的一个 小堂内可以欣赏到一些著名的壁画,如美丽的《耶稣下十字》,这幅Daniele da Volterra的作品 (1541) 被公认为模仿主义的巅峰之作之一。

就像意大利语中这个名字的意思,这是一个位于台伯河西岸(右岸),梵蒂冈以 南的区域。几个世纪以来,这里都是首都罗马重要的居民区,然而今天它却成 为了罗马最有特色的地区之一:蜿蜒交叉的小街,铺满鹅卵石砖的地面,路边 上形形色色的手工艺品小店,集市,许多许多的特色餐馆还有让这里的夜晚充 满活力的酒吧夜店。

Located in a small intersection of streets a few blocks away from the Quirinale, the Trevi Fountain is the largest and the most famous fountain in Rome, the scene of well-known films and almost all tourism reportages in the capital. In the first years AD, the fountain was the location of tanks that brought water to the nearby Terme, but over the centuries it was transformed several times until it gained its current impressive look. Designed by Nicola Salvi, it was inaugurated in 1735 (thus, it belongs to the late Baroque) and has the sea as its main theme. Tradition has it that, throwing a coin over your shoulder into the fountain, you will have the chance to return to Rome…


Today, it is one of the most popular places in the capital, full of restaurants and bars. The square was built in the 1400s in the space of a meadow of flowers from which it takes its name. Commissioned by Pope Callistus III, it is surrounded by beautiful buildings, such as the Orsini Palace. A bronze statue commemorates Giordano Bruno, the Dominican monk and philosopher who was accused of heresy by the church and was burned alive here. The square has hosted a lively and picturesque market since 1869. 如今的鲜花广场已经成为罗马城中最受欢迎的目的地之一,餐厅、酒吧随处可

Trevi Fountain 特莱维喷泉

坐落在Quirinale几条小街的交汇路口上,特莱维喷泉是罗马众多喷泉中最大也 是最著名的,在很多著名的电影和旅游报道中几乎都能看到它的身影。在公元 几年,这里曾是重要古罗马时代负责运送饮用水的管线,经过几个世纪的改造 于修缮才建成今天我们所看到的壮丽外观。由Nicola Salvi设计,正式建成于1735 年(因此属于后巴洛克时期建筑)以海洋神话的雕塑为主题。据说,向喷泉内投掷 硬币,你将会再回罗马。


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Residenza Ruspoli Bonaparte

rome - 罗马


Via del Babuino 9, One of the most celebrated addresses in the capital, it has a peaceful garden, a gourmet restaurant, and spacious and elegant rooms decorated in a classic and contemporary style. The Jardin de Russie restaurant joins traditional Roman cuisine with international flavors. There is also a spa with sauna, a Turkish bath and a whirlpool tub with seawater. The view on Piazza del Popolo is fantastic.

Hotels 酒店 Westin Excelsior

地址:Babuino路9号, 酒店内有一个幽静的花园, 一家美味的餐厅, 和 古典与现代风格交织、装潢优雅的宽敞客房, 从客房中, 顾客可以 享受城市或者花园的美景。Jardin de Russie餐厅在传统的罗马烹饪中 融合了国际风味。这里有一间提供桑拿、土耳其浴服务的水疗Spa, 还有一个海水按摩泳池。在这里俯视人民广场的视角绝佳。


Piazza Trinità dei Monti 6, Overlooking on the most famous steps in the world, it is one of the addresses of reference for those looking for a luxury stay in Rome and, for this reason, this is the favorite hotel of many stars and celebrities. The 96 rooms and suites are all decorated and enriched with every comfort, but undoubtedly the Penthouse suite, 400sqm on the building’s eighth floor, is truly a home just a few steps away from heaven.

G Rough Suites

地址:Trinità dei Monti广场6号 , 酒店对面正是世界上最有名的台阶,哈斯勒是在罗马寻找豪华住宿的旅客们的 参考地址之一,所以也是众多明星与名人们的首选酒店。96间客房与套房全部具 备优美装饰与充足的各样舒适,位于大楼第八层400平方米的Penthouse套房,是 一个真正离天堂仅一步之遥的房子。

Gran Melià Rome Villa Agrippina

Via del Gianicolo 3, Grand luxury urban resort, built on the archaeological ruins of the ancient Villa Agrippina (first century AD), on the Janiculum hill and a short walk from the Vatican and the characteristic neighborhood of Trastevere. Many panoramic rooms, but it is in the suites that the view of Rome becomes priceless, perhaps immersed in a Jacuzzi or sipping a cocktail in the shade of a pergola. Do not miss a stop at the sophisticated restaurant VivaVoce, with chef Alfonso Iaccarino, where the charm of the Amalfi Coast celebrates the most refined Mediterranean cuisine.

地址:Del Gianicolo路3号, 这个奢华而壮观的城市度假酒店建在古老的Agrippina别墅废墟遗址上(公元后一世纪), 在Gianicolo山丘上,离梵蒂冈和极具特色的特拉斯提弗列只有几步之遥。酒店具备众 多的观景房,但它们都不能与套房相比:你既可以在按摩泳池里,也可以在凉棚的阴 影下一边喝着鸡尾酒一边享受独一无二的罗马景色。由Alfonso Iaccarino大厨掌管的 Vivavoce餐厅也是绝对不能错过的,在这里阿玛尔菲海岸的魅力与最精致的地中海美食 被融洽的结合了。


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Via Vittorio Veneto 72, Located on the Rome’s famous nightlife road, the hotel is housed in a recently renovated Art Nouveau building. The rooms and suites, all of excellent quality, are quiet and furnished with antiques. It also has a small but functional spa. The Brunello Lounge Restaurant, with its fine selection of wines, is one of the cult bars for happy hour. 地址:Vittorio Veneto路72号, 酒店坐落在著名的罗马夜景街上,所在建筑为新艺术风格,最近重新装修过。客房和 高级套房条件一流,十分安静,配有古典家具。酒店中还有一家小型水疗Spa供客人使 用。Brunello Lounge餐厅内的葡萄酒单品种丰富,是喝开胃酒的最佳去处之一,午餐 提供清淡菜肴。


Lungo Tevere delle Armi 22/27, Anna Fendi Venturini dedicated love and creativity into the thinking of this mansion built in 1911, owned by her family. A small corner of peace nestled in the charming Vittoria neighborhood, touched by the River Tiber, that offers its magnificent and charming suites decorated with black or tobacco wood paneling and in the 1920s-Viennese style, overlooking a garden of lemon and jasmine trees.

地址:Lungo Tevere delle Armi 22/27号, Anna Fendi Venturini 在这栋建于1911年的家族住宅的构思上倾注了她的爱和创 意。酒店位于迷人的Vittoria区中一个安静的小角落,台伯河沿着这个街区流 过,来自世界各地的艺术家、文艺人士和名人穿梭于此,Villa Laetitia酒店中 的豪华套房面朝一座柠檬和茉莉花的花园,室内采用烟草色和黑色的细木护壁 板装饰,呈现出20年代的维也纳风格。

L’Angolo di San Pietro

Via Stazione Vaticana 1, A short walk from St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, this small hotel is housed in an elegant building from the early 1900s and offers

only 2 Deluxe Rooms, 6 Suites, and 1 Top Suite with terrace. Few spaces but truly unique, with a very exclusive view of Michelangelo’s dome, which, along with a service of great care, ensures guests an unforgettable experience of the capital.

地址:Stazione Vaticana路1号; 这家位于梵蒂冈,距离圣彼得大教堂仅仅数步之遥的小型酒店设于一座20世纪 初优雅的建筑内,仅提供2间豪华客房,6间套房与一间带露台顶级套房。空间虽 小,但真正独一无二,能够欣赏到米开朗基罗穹顶的独家视角,加上极为细致 的服务,确保客人们在首都感受一次难忘的体验。


Via Ludovisi 49 Roma, For more than 120 years it has been a well-known address throughout Italy as the site of one of the most elegant, comfortable, and spectacular hotels in which one could stay to visit the capital. Its classic, warm, and very elegant furnishings have welcomed many nobles, heads of state, and royals from all over the world. Over the years, new services have been added, such as the in-room massage service and the fitness center, as well as increasing attention to the privacy of the guests. There is also a restaurant on the sixth-floor terrace. 地址:Ludovisi路49号, 120年以来这里一直被世人熟知并认作是在首都旅游最精致,舒适和美妙的下榻 之处。其内部的装修经典,温馨与典雅,服务热情周到,吸引了许多国家的领导 政要甚至是王室。这些年酒店也新增了许多像客房休闲按摩及康体中心等服务, 客人的隐私在这里能得到全方位的保障。设在6楼的顶楼露台餐馆也驰名遐迩。

Residenza Ruspoli Bonaparte

Via della Fontanella di Borghese 56, An elegant complex of royal apartments, among which the Queen Hortense Bonaparte suite stands out, former residence of the Queen of Holland, sister-in-law of Napoleon I, which is decorated on the model of the Castle of Malmaison in Paris. Covering a space of over 400 Boscolo Exedra Roma


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rome - 罗马

square meters, it is divided into several rooms with frescoes, Venetian stuccos, gaming tables, and a four-poster bed in which Napoleon II slept.

but also to enjoy a spectacular view from the Bramante terrace. The hotel also has a small museum, with works of art, antiques, and ceramics by Picasso and the Mayans.

地址:Fontanella di Borghese路56号, 极度高雅的皇家公寓,最有名的是霍斯顿女王波拿巴套房,前荷兰女王的故 居,拿破仑一世兄弟的妻子,室内装潢按照巴黎的马尔梅松城堡为范本。面 积超过400平方米,被分割为几个房间,带有壁画,威尼斯石膏,棋牌桌和四柱 床,拿破仑二世曾在此休憩过。

地址:Febo广场2号, 位于纳沃纳广场旁边,表面覆盖着爬山虎。Raphaël酒店是一个充满温暖和友善 的房子,也是参观城市历史中心的理想起点,从万神庙到西班牙广场,到圣彼得教 堂,也可以从酒店的伯拉孟特平台观赏绝佳全景。而且酒店就是一个小型博物 馆,有各种艺术品,古董器件和毕加索和玛雅艺术的陶瓷作品。


Hotel Splendide Royal

Via Alberto Cadlolo 101, This hotel of great luxury and prestige is located on the peak of Monte Mario, a hill northwest of the city, from which one can enjoy an extraordinary view of Rome. It is the first European hotel to have entered into the Waldorf Astoria world group: 370 rooms with 25 suites (between 80 and 450 square meters). Many works of art are contained here, mainly Italian from the 1600s and 1700s, as well as a 2,200-square meter spa and the La Pergola restaurant with chef Heinz Beck, three Michelin stars.

地址:Alberto Cadlolo路101号, 这家著名的大型豪华酒店,位于罗马城西北部一座小山——马里奥山(Monte Mario)的山顶上,从那里可以俯瞰罗马的壮丽景色。它是第一个加入华尔道 夫(Waldorf Astoria)国际集团的欧洲酒店。酒店拥有370间客房,25间套房(面 积在80〜450平方米之间)。酒店内有许多艺术作品,尤其是意大利17、18世纪 时期的作品。另外还提供两大出色服务:面积达2200平方米的水疗中心和La Pergola餐厅,由米其林三星级厨师海因茨·贝克(Heinz Beck)主理,打造创意 超凡的菜单。


Via Bocca di Leone 23, Close to Piazza di Spagna and in the heart of Via Condotti, this allsuite hotel with five-star services can radically change the outcome of a stay in Rome, transforming it into an enchanting journey into the Dolce Vita. Homage to the style of Salvatore Ferragamo, whose group is the owner of the hotel, the hotel offers suites with dedicated staff, kitchen, and chefs.

地址:Bocca di Leone 路23号, 位于西班牙广场附近,正处Condotti路中心,这座阳光套房五星酒店,可以 根本改变你在罗马的旅游体验,使之变成甜美生活中的迷幻旅行。酒店属菲 拉格慕集团 (Salvatore Ferragamo) 旗下,处处彰显其品牌风格。酒店内套 房均配有专门服务生,私人厨房中配有厨师,浴室与卧室精雕细琢。酒店顶层 天台可360度俯瞰罗马,24小时对宾客开放。


Largo Febo 2, Located at a short distance from Piazza Navona, its facade is covered by the branches of a Virginia creeper that will lead you into a warm and welcoming house, an ideal starting point to visit the entire historical center, from the Pantheon to Piazza di Spagna and St. Peter’s Basilica, Raphaël

Via di Porta Pinciana 14, After over a year of renovation, this ancient palace from the late nineteenth century, just few steps away from Via Veneto, has become a luxury hotel with a rich style and wide spaces, strongly contrasting the 5-star hotels’ modern minimalism. Opulence reaches its apex in the Mirabelle restaurant, where the city’s star system finds its home and appreciates the quality of the cuisine and the spectacular view from the seventh-floor terrace, one of the most beautiful in Rome.

地址:Di Porta Pinciana路14号, 在一年多的翻修重建后,这座邻近Veneto路的十九世纪末古老建筑已经变成了 一座宽敞而富丽堂皇的奢华酒店,和五星级极简主义现代酒店形成鲜明对比。 奢华在Mirabelle饭店内达到极致,这里有首都之城里的明星制度,这里也能品尝 到高品质料理以及欣赏到第七层露台全罗马最美的的壮观景致。

Palazzo Manfredi

Via Labicana 125, If location matters for a hotel, Palazzo Manfredi is at the top. The old building overlooks the Colosseum and the Imperial Fora, just above the old gladiators’ gym, the Ludus Magnum. A priceless observation point, even more exalted in the suite on the top floor, a true balcony in the heart of Rome, and by the tables of the Aroma restaurant, one of the most romantic in the city. 地址:Labicana路125号, 如果对于一家酒店地理位置非常重要的话,那Palazzo Manfredi酒店就是第一 名。这座古老建筑位于斗兽场以及帝国议事广场前面,就在古老的斗士运动场 Ludus Magnum旁边。拥有千金难买的美丽景致,在最后一层的套房的景致尤甚, 这是罗马中心一个很正宗的阳台,还有坐在Aroma餐馆餐桌看到的景致是全城最 浪漫的美景之一。

Westin Excelsior

Via Vittorio Veneto 125, The hotel is one of the most impressive classical mansions of the capital, overlooking Via Veneto and marked by the great dome beneath which the most spectacular suite of Europe is housed, the amazing Villa La Cupola: a two-story apartment dedicated to royals, heads of state and elite guests. The classic and pompous style is present in all 280 rooms and 35 suites and the hotel also houses an indoor pool and a fitness and wellness center.

地址:Vittorio Veneto路125号, 酒店位于罗马最大的古典建筑之一内,位于Veneto路上并且有着巨大的圆顶作 为标志,在圆顶下是全欧洲最精致的套房,传说中的Villa La Cupola,这是一间双 层的面向皇室、政府首脑和名流客人的公寓套房。但它经典而华丽的风格则贯 彻到酒店的全部280间客房和35间套房,酒店还有一个室内游泳池以及健身中心。

Other addresses 其它地址 ALDROVRANDI VILLA BORGHESE, Via Ulisse Aldrovandi 15, Antico Palazzo Rospigliosi, Via Liberiana 21, Atahotel Villa Pamphili, Via della Nocetta 105, Barcelò Aran Mantegna, Via Mantegna 130, Boscolo Exedra Roma, Piazza della Repubblica 47, Crowne Plaza Rome St. Peter’s & Spa, Via Aurelia Antica 415, D.O.M., Via Giulia 131, G Rough Suites, Piazza di Pasquino 69, Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi, Via Gerolamo Frescobaldi 5, Grand Hotel Plaza, via Del Corso 126, Grand Hotel Via Veneto, Via Veneto 155, Grand Hotel de la Minerve, Piazza della Minerva 69, Hotel d’Inghilterra, Via Bocca di Leone 14, Hotel Indigo, Via Giulia 62, Hotel Majestic, Via Vittorio Veneto 50, J.K. Place Roma, Via di Monte D’Oro 30, Michelangelo, Via della Stazione di San Pietro 14, NH Vittorio Veneto, Corso Italia 1, Palazzo Montemartini, Largo Giovanni Montemartini, Piazza di Spagna 9, Piazza di Spagna 9, Radisson Blu, Via Turati 171, Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese, Via Lombardia 47, St. Regis grand hotel, Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 3, Visconti Palace, Via Federico Cesi 37,


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Via Santa Maria del Pianto, 9a/11; The best street food, in the center of the Jewish ghetto. The workshop, equipped with a kitchen, is the pride of the dairy production of owner Beppe Giovale, and offers the best selection of cheeses: from Roman pecorino to Lazio’s buffalo mozzarella, and aged cheeses from Piedmont, but also cold cuts, preserves, bread, and oil. All of these products can be bought or tasted on the spot, accompanied by any wine available on the shelves.

rome - 罗马

Beppe e i suoi formaggi

地址:Santa Maria del Pianto路9a/11号; 最棒的街边小吃就座落在犹太区的中心。店铺自带厨房,店主Beppe Giovale引以 为傲的自制乳制品,为大家提供最好的奶酪精选:从罗马羊酪和拉齐奥水牛奶 酪,到皮埃蒙特硬乳酪。当然也有火腿,果酱,面包和油。您可以配上货架上 任何一杯葡萄酒在店内品尝或者购买任何一款产品。

Antico Forno Roscioli beppe e i suoi formaggi

Roscioli Old Bakery

Via dei Chiavari, 34; In a small street, among vintage and antiques shops, this is one of the Romans’ most loved addresses due to its focaccia, such as the typical “scrocchiarella”, and fresh bread baked at all hours. The interior is a feast of high quality products, from sour dough rustic bread with Camargue brown salt, to Lariano bread with raisins, olives, or nuts. 地址:Dei Chiavari路34号; 在一条布满古董店和复古商店的小巷里,这里隐藏着罗马人最终爱的面包店。 他们制作focaccia饼,当地的“scrocchiarella”脆饼和每小时都新鲜出炉的面 包。店铺里面各种高质量美味的产品从烤炉中被端出:有用卡马格全盐和发酵 面做成的乡村面包,也有加了葡萄干,橄榄或核桃仁的Lariano面包。

Il Goccetto Wine Bar

Tour of

Gourmet Rome 罗马美食之旅 By Stefania Cubello (编辑) The great beauty and the most picturesque corners of Rome can be discovered also through the products and specialties of its cuisine, one of the most delicious in Italy. How? “By visiting the old shops and delis of the Jewish ghetto, for example, or going around the traditional stalls of the Campo de’ Fiori market, taking a coffee break in one of the best coffee shops, right next to the Pantheon, or having a glass of good wine in a historic winery.” The suggestion comes from Sarah Grunwald, a young American who, after falling in love with Made in Italy about ten years ago, decided to stay in Rome and become a personal food shopper. She is the one that guides customers during the Westin Food Personal Shopper, a new program for hotel guests at the Westin Excelsior Hotel willing to discover the best foodie spots in the city (personalfoodshopperinitaly. com). Here’s a taste. 可以通过罗马的特色食品与美食,意大利最美味的菜系之 一,来揭秘这座绝美之城并且探索它风景如画的小巷。具体 怎么做?‘可以在犹太区的老字号食品商店购买传统美食,还 可以漫步在鲜花广场集市的摊位间,再在座落在万神殿旁, 最棒的咖啡烘培吧来一杯咖啡,又或者可以在历史悠久的酒 窖里来一杯醇正的葡萄酒。’这些建议都是由一位爱上Made in Italy的年轻美国女人Sarah Grunwald提出的。十年前她决定留在 罗马,成为一名私人美食导购。是她带领由Westin Excelsior酒 店提供的Westin Food Personal Shopper计划的客人们去品尝罗马最 地道的美食(。我们也带领大家加 入到品尝的行列里。

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Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 14; Lovers of good wine come to this place, considered the best wine bar in the city by the Romans. It is located in a narrow street, secluded from the usual tourist sites, in a sixteenth-century building a few steps away from Piazza Navona. On the shelves, tall and in dark old wood, eight hundred labels of Italian and European wines are available; more than 60 red, white, and sparkling wines are sold by the glass, combined with servings of cold cuts and cheeses.

地址:Dei Banchi Vecchi路14号; 美酒爱好者们的聚集地,被评为罗马最棒的葡萄酒吧。它在一座十六世纪的宫 殿里,在一条离纳沃纳广场只有几步之遥的小巷里,远离吵杂的观光区。在高 耸的黑木质久架上,陈列着八百多瓶来自欧洲和意大利的葡萄酒,有超过六十 种红酒、白酒和气泡酒可以按杯享用,配上火腿和奶酪拼盘。

Campo de’ Fiori Market

Piazza Campo de’ Fiori. A historic corner and one of the most picturesque markets in the city, this market has been held for centuries in Campo de’ Fiori square. Every day, from the early hours of dawn, it is filled with dozens of stalls with baskets full of broccoli and chicory, Roman artichokes, typical of the Roman Castles (Castelli Romani), fruits, dried beans, fava beans, peas, chickpeas, Ventotene lentils, grass peas, as well as pasta and rice. Campo de’ Fiori广场,承载着历史,城市里风景如画的一角,维持了几个世 纪的集市就在Campo de’ Fiori鲜花广场上。每天从清晨起就有无数的摊位开始陈 列满载着各种蔬菜水果的篮子:有西兰花,罗马的特产洋蓟和苦菜,水果,干 豆,蚕豆,青豆,鹰嘴豆,Ventotene产的扁豆,家山黧豆, 还有面食和大米。

La casa del caffè

Via degli Orfani, 84; By definition, the coffee break in Rome takes place in this historic coffee shop that arises just in front of the Pantheon. The process of roasting coffee can be observed in person. Among the blends (which can be purchased or tasted directly at the bar), the organic Queen of Java coffee selection is a must-try, along with the Jamaica Blue Mountain, considered to be the best gourmet coffee. 地址:degli Orfani路84号; 罗马最好的咖啡厅就要数在万神殿前面的历史烘培坊了。可以亲眼看到咖啡烘 培的整个过程。 在众多的咖啡种类调配中,有机爪哇女王咖啡值得一尝,还有 被评为最好喝的咖啡的牙买加蓝山咖啡(可以直接在吧台品尝或者购买)。

Gelateria del Teatro 剧院的冰激凌店

Lungotevere dei Vallati, 25; In the small shop, the ice cream is prepared on the spot, with an artisanal technique that you can see in the open laboratory. No additives are added, only high quality and organic products, along with seasonal Italy-grown fruit. Among the available flavors, Amalfi lemon, Zibibbo zabaglione, lavender and white peach, and rosemary, honey and lemon are a must-try. 地址:Lungotevere dei Vallati 25号; 在这间小小的冰激凌店里,所有冰激凌都是当场手工制作的,大家可以从透明 玻璃直接看到厨房里的整个制作过程。没有任何的添加物,只有有机的高品质 食材,意大利产的季节性水果。最值得品尝的口味有:阿玛尔菲柠檬和Zibibbo 甜酒沙巴翁口味,薰衣草加白桃口味和迷迭香加柠檬和蜂蜜口味。


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Restaurants 餐厅 Molto

Viale Parioli 122, This restaurant has a refined structural design, in the heart of the Parioli district, and is also a wine bar and cocktail bar, with a beautiful outdoor terrace. The kitchen is distinguished by its strong Italian character, both respecting the tradition of Lazio and introducing reinterpreted dishes in a contemporary way. The products are chosen according to the season, favoring local, fresh, and even organic products. Fresh pasta, bread, and cakes are homemade, the meat is selected and from Italy. It has a well-assorted wine cellar, which boasts many national labels, spirits, and champagne. 地址:Parioli街122号, Molto坐落在Parioli区中心,拥有精心设计的空间,同时也是葡萄酒吧以及鸡尾 酒吧,它还拥有一个美丽的室外露台。它的美食有很明显的意大利特点,在保 留了拉齐奥大区菜色传统的同时还加入了很多当代的元素。食材的选择遵循了 季节性,倾向于选择新鲜的,有机的本地产品。新鲜的意大利面,面包和甜品 都是餐厅自制的,所有的肉都是精选的意大利产品。酒窖具备各类的葡萄酒, 有重多的本土酒庄,也包括烈酒和香槟。


Via del Vantaggio 14, It has recently reopened with a new project personally designed by the star-awarded chef Riccardo Di Giacinto and his wife Ramona Anello. Located in the historic center, a short walk from Piazza del Popolo, in a stylish venue, it offers gourmet but dynamic cuisine and puts the customer at the center of the experience as the real star of the evening. “To move forward I always take a step back”, admits the chef, a philosophy that we can find, for example, in the dish “Cappelletti in dry broth, Parmesan cheese, lemon, and saffron”, served in a hat-shaped dish and with a pierced spoon designed by the chef himself. Bread, pasta, and homemade desserts. 地址:VANTAGGIO路14号, All’ORO不久前才重新开张,由米其林大厨Riccardo Di Giacinto和他的太太 Ramona Anello为我们带来不一样的体验。坐落在老城中心,距离人民广场只 有几步之遥。典雅的空间为客人提供优质的美食,让他们成为晚餐真正的主 角。‘为了前进,我总是后退一步’,大厨这样说到。他的美食哲学在很多佳 肴中都体现了出来,例如‘干燥肉汤卡佩莱蒂(一种意大利小馄饨,在原文中 有小帽子的意思),意大利干酪,柠檬和藏红花’,特别搭配了帽子形状的盘 子以及一款由Di Giacinto大厨特质的带孔勺子,新鲜的面和甜点也都是餐厅自 制的。


Via dei Banchi Vecchi 129a,


It is the kingdom of Anthony Genovese, a Calabrian chef who boasts experience in some of the most celebrated European kitchens, from France to Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, from Japan to Malaysia, to his first Michelin star obtained at the Hotel Palazzo Sasso in Ravello, near Naples. The menu at Il Pagliaccio combines tradition with new, international ingredients, but always with great attention to the produce, a formula that has allowed for the restaurant to maintain two Michelin stars for a long time.

地址:dei Banchi Vecchi路129号, 这是Anthony Genovese的国度,这位知名的卡拉布里亚大厨在多间欧洲的餐 Pinchiorri,从日本到马来西亚, 厅掌厨过,从法国到佛罗伦萨的Enoteca Sasso大酒店取得 他的第一颗米其林星实在那不勒斯附近的拉维罗Palazzo 的。Pagliaccio的菜单搭配了传统的和新颖并且国际化的调料,但依旧非常注重 食材,这就是该餐厅多年持续保持两颗米其林星的秘诀。


Via di torre Argentina 70, A long trip all over Europe, in search of handcrafted gastronomic delights, gave birth to this small establishment, also suitable for quick stops, breakfast, cocktails or off-hours snacks. Only five tables, an informal service, and the guarantee of the highest quality products, paired with Tuscan wines from the Cantina dei Vicini cellar. Worth considering are also the other two Roman addresses of the group: Rest (via Monterone, 19) and La tana del polpo (Via boccea, 1176).

地址:di torre Argentina路70号, 为寻找卓越的手工烹饪美食而在欧洲旅行多年,I VICINI BISTROT的餐厅就是如此 诞生的。它不仅适合正餐,也适合于简餐,早餐,开胃酒和餐外小食。仅有五 个桌子,非正式的环境但却有着最高的质量保障,搭配着Vicini酒庄的托斯卡纳 葡萄酒。另外还有同一个集团的另外两间餐厅也值得推荐: Rest(地址:Monterone路19号)和La tana del polpo(地址:Boccea路1176号)。


Hotel Rome Cavalieri, Via Cadlolo 101 Famous for the romantic rooftop garden overlooking the city, it is probably the best restaurant in Rome (3 Michelin stars). Run by Heinz Beck, it serves light Mediterranean dishes, such as the warm sea bass carpaccio or the veal fillet poached in vanilla sauce. The wine cellar has over 2,000 labels.

地址:Cadlolo路101号, 这是一个浪漫的屋顶花园, 客人可以在这里俯瞰城市风光, 是罗马最好的米其 林星级餐厅。大厨Heinz Beck掌勺, 提供清淡的地中海菜系, 比如生鲈鱼片配 蔬菜, 南瓜花面糊配大虾和黑松露, 香草酱浸小牛肉块。另有两千多种葡萄酒 可供选择。


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Hotel Majestic, Via Vittorio Veneto 50, The restaurant in the ancient Hotel Majestic occupies the glass hall that overlooks Via Veneto. At the helm of the kitchen is one of Rome’s historical personalities, chef Massimo Riccioli, who, following the success achieved by his delis in the capital, has transformed the restaurant into an artisanal workshop, specializing in seafood but also paying homage to Roman cuisine and international dishes.

地址:Majestic酒店,Vittorio Veneto路50号, 古老的Majestic酒店餐厅是一座俯瞰Veneto街的玻璃大厅。厨房中有一个罗马历 史性的存在,他就是大厨Massimo Riccioli,他带着在罗马城中他的美食品商店的 成功,将餐厅改造成了一个工作室,主要特色是海鲜但也提供一些罗马菜肴和国 际菜肴。

rome - 罗马

Massimo Riccioli

le pergola


Other addresses 其它地址 ALDROVRANDI VILLA BORGHESE, Via Ulisse Aldrovandi 15, Antico Palazzo Rospigliosi, Via Liberiana 21, AGATA E ROMEO, Via Carlo Alberto 45, ANTONELLO COLONNA, Scalinata di Via Milano 9/A (Palazzo delle Esposizioni), CHECCHINO, Via Monte Testaccio 30, Doppiozeroo, via Ostiense 68, ENOTECA CAPRANICA, Piazza Capranica 99/100, GIUDA BALLERINO, Largo Appio Claudio 346, GLASS HOSTARIA, Vicolo del Cinque 58, LA TERRAZZA (Hotel Eden), Via Ludovisi 49, Likeat, corso Vittorio Emanuele II 310, ROSCIOLI, Via dei Giubbonari 21,


Claudio favero, alfonso iaccarino viva voce

Hotel Parco dei Principi, Via G. Frescobaldi 5, In the restaurant-lounge, which overlooks the charming garden of the Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi, you can enjoy seafood in particular, including buffalo mozzarella-wrapped scallops with anchovy pesto, or the scampi tartar with cooked and raw prawns with burrata from Andria.

地址:G. Frescobaldi路5号 (Parco dei Principi酒店内), 主厨Agostino Petrosino在这个面朝Hotel Parco dei Principi酒店美丽花园的餐厅 中,为顾客烹制以海鲜为基础的菜肴,深受美食爱好者的欢迎。推荐菜:超级美 味的大扇贝,配水牛奶酪和凤尾鱼香蒜酱;美妙无比的生熟虾仁球配Andria鲜奶 酪,还有令人无法忘却的鳕鱼乳酪和奶酪酥皮。


Palazzo Manfredi, Via Labicana 125; On the top floor of Palazzo Manfredi, the restaurant offers an extraordinary view of the Colosseum. Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio accompanies the scene with traditional recipes reinterpreted with creativity and ingredients of the day. Wine list with over 300 labels.

地址:Labicana路 125号(Palazzo Manfredi酒店), 位于Palazzo Manfredi酒店最高层,从这可以看到整个罗马斗兽场的绝美景色。 最美还是一边享受大厨Giuseppe Di Iorio烹制的美食一边欣赏美景,经典的配方创 意加入今日最新鲜的食材,变幻成的绝佳料理。酒单上有超过300款美酒供您选 择。


Via del Gianicolo 3; Surrounded by the Janiculum gardens, one can find this temple of food where the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine can be tasted. The chef, Claudio Favero, is a disciple of Alfonso Iaccarino, the two Michelin star chef running one of the most popular restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, Don Alfonso. Fresh, original, and cutting-edge, yet traditional cuisine. 地址:Gianicolo街3号; 被贾尼科洛山花园环绕的 Viva Voce 餐馆是一个品尝最地道地中海料理的美食 圣地。大厨 Claudio Favero 师从来自阿玛尔菲海岸最受喜爱的餐馆之一的 Don Alfonso 的米其林二星大厨Alfonso Iaccarino。它的料理外表传统,但却新鲜、原 汁原味而又充满前卫创意。


Hotel Splendide Royal Rome, Via Porta Pinciana 14, Celebrities and personalities from around the world find their home here, attracted by the rare view over the rooftops of Rome but also by chef Stefano Marzetti’s haute cuisine. An environment of great elegance and prestige, overseen in every detail, to offer the best of Italian-style hospitality. ALL’ORO - chef Riccardo Di Giacinto

地址:Splendide Royal Roma酒店,Porta Pinciana街14号, 这里是世界名流的常来之地,他们除了被这里无与伦比的罗马俯瞰美景所吸引之 外还因为大厨Stefano Marzetti的高级料理而趋之若鹜。这里环境充满高雅和尊 荣气息,每处细节都经过细致琢磨,只为能够提供最佳的意式招待。

Casa Coppelle

Piazza delle Coppelle 49, A few steps from the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, it offers a cuisine that combines traditional Roman dishes with the best French cuisine, reflecting the origins of the two founders and the creativity of chef Fabio Rossi. The restaurant, recently restored, is warm and elegant, a perfect blend of opulence and privacy, and an almost theatrical taste for hospitality. The signature cocktails are excellent, created by American bartender Colin Bates.

地址:Delle Coppelle广场49号, 离万神庙和纳沃纳广场只有几步之遥,他们的特色是将传统罗马菜和高档法国美 食结合,宣扬这家餐厅的两位创始人的故乡根源和大厨Fabio Rossi的创意。这件 餐厅刚刚进行过翻修,让人感觉即精致又温暖,是奢华和温馨的最好结合,而且他 们的服务也非常富有戏剧性。值得推荐的还有美国调酒师Colin Bates的签名鸡 尾酒。


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rome - 罗马


Via del Corso 167, For its 30th anniversary, the Swatch Group, the largest watchmaking group in the world, bought a new store in the heart of Rome, at Palazzo Boncompagni Ottoboni. A concept store that brings together, in 140 square meters, the most important watch brands of the group, such as Longines, Rado, Tissot, Calvin Klein, Mido, Hamilton, Swatch, and Flik Flak. 地址: Del Corso路 167号, 在过去的30年间,Swatch作为世界第一制表集团在罗马城市中心的Boncompagni Ottoboni宫殿内打造了一座全新的精品专卖店。占地140平米的概念旗舰店内 摆放着集团旗下最重要的品牌——浪琴,雷达,天梭,Calvin Klein,美度,汉密尔 顿,Swatch及Flik Flak。


Via Vittorio Veneto 102, Classic and modern cuts, the Capuano precious stones are treated with the utmost care. Colliers, bracelets, and rings from the best Italian jewelry brands, such as Damiani, are shown in one of the capital’s most famous shop windows located on the street that was once the site of the movie La Dolce Vita; and which now houses internationally renowned hotels and restaurants.

地址:Vittorio Veneto路 102号, 无论是传统经典的切割还是现代时尚的切割技术,Capuano珠宝店的名贵宝石均 经精心制作。店内销售达米亚尼(Damiani)等意大利最有名的珠宝首饰品牌的项 链、手镯和戒指,是首都罗马素享盛誉的珠宝店之一,店址所在街道曾经是吃喝 玩乐的天堂, 今天众多在国际上极富盛名的酒店和娱乐场所都云集于此。


Via del Babuino 151, It proposes the art of the goldsmiths in a modern and creative way: gold and silver are engraved and adorned with precious stones and enamel to create collectible charms with a clear reference to the world of fashion. Mainly dedicated to the female universe, to tell the personal story of every woman with creativity. 地址:del Babuino路151号, 以现代而创新的方式诠释传统金工艺:在金银首饰上镶嵌昂贵的宝石和特殊颜 料,为了打造最时尚最有设计性的系列首饰。专为女士设计,并以最有创意的 方式讲述每个女人的独特性。


Jewelry 珠宝店 Hausmann&Co

Via del Babuino 63, Via dei Condotti 28, Via del Corso 406. Few jewelers can boast over 200 years of history in the capital. Hausmann & Co. is one of them as, since the end of the eighteenth century, it has marked the passage of time in the city, offering citizens and international guests a selection of watches and jewelry from the biggest brands. With three stores in the heart of the capital’s shopping area, Hausmann & Co. offers a shopping experience that combines the best technologies with the traditional care of a dedicated and attentive personal assistant, also available in English, French, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Via Condotti 84, Along the street of Roman luxury, the windows of this famous Italian jeweler are among the most admired. Here, the most prestigious pieces of the jewelry tradition handed down from generation to generation by the Damiani family are displayed, including the Masterpieces, unique pieces of exceptional aesthetics and stylish perfection, for which the producer has won as many as 18 World Jewelry Oscars (Diamond International Awards) over the years. 地址:Condotti路84号, 位于罗马奢侈一条街,这家著名的意大利珠宝店是最受人们欣赏的橱窗之一。 在此陈列传统金银首饰商米亚尼家族代代相传、最为珍贵的作品,包括一些 Masterpieces(杰作), 外观与风格卓越非凡、独一无二的单件, 使得厂商多年 来已获得多达18项钻石国际奖。

地址:Del Babuino路63号,Condotti路28号,Del Corso路406号, 很少珠宝商能在罗马拥有超过两百年的历史。Hausmann&Co就是其中之一因 为从十八世纪末它就开始见证罗马城历史的流逝,并向所有市民和国际游客提 供精选自钟表及金匠大品牌的钟表和珠宝。在罗马购物中心拥有三家分店的 Hausmann&Co推崇一种购物体验,其将最好的技术支持和配备贴心周到的私人 服务员的传统融合了起来, 还包括英语、法语、俄语、汉语和日语的服务。


Via Vittorio Veneto 134 and Piazza di Spagna 92, Given the strong link between Jaeger Le Coultre and the world of cinema, the Swiss jeweler’s first store in the capital could only be located in Via Veneto, the street of the world renowned film, La Dolce Vita. A few weeks ago, a store near the Piazza di Spagna was also inaugurated, displaying and selling all of this great watchmaker’s top models.

地址:Vittorio Veneto 街134号和西班牙广场92号, 考虑到Jaeger Le Coultre和电影界的紧密联系,这家瑞士公司在意大利首都的第 一家精品店无可争议地开在了Veneto街这条全世界著名的“甜蜜生活”大街。除此 之外,几周前才刚刚庆祝了位于西班牙广场的精品店的开设,在那里可以欣赏并 购买这家钟表大牌最好的钟表款式。



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Harry Winston


Via Condotti 15,

Already present in Milan, this French fine jewelry brand is now in Rome as well, in Via Condotti, in a wonderful boutique on two floors next to Palazzo Nuñez Torlonia. The historic charm of the location has been preserved: the Roman shutters and original frescoes that adorn the ceiling of the first floor perfectly match a refined and tasteful interior in which the value of the fashion house’s creations is enhanced by placing them in bell-shaped glass jars and black-lacquered displays. A timeless charm that has made it the leading brand for great fashion icons of the past, from the Duchess of Windsor to Liz Taylor, and one that is still intact today.

地址:Condotti路15号, 这间法国高级珠宝品牌除了在米兰有精品店之外,如今也在罗马安家落户了, 就在Via Condotti,在Nuñez Torlonia宫殿旁的一间两层的精美商店内。这栋建 筑的历史魅力被完整的保留了:罗马百叶窗和装饰着一层屋顶的原始壁画与结 实和精致的装潢相结合。在这个空间内精美的珠宝被陈列在了黑色橱窗和玻璃 钟内。VAN CLEEF&ARPELS永恒的魅力从古至今都深受引领时尚的标志性人物, 从Windsor女伯爵到Liz Taylor。

Harry Winston

Via Condotti 61A, The legendary “King of Diamonds” brand has recently opened its one-brand store in the heart of Via Condotti. Here it houses the Harry Winston collections of jewelry and timepieces, including the most precious diamonds and rarest gems available on the market. Inspired by the iconic New York flagship store on Fifth Avenue, the shop welcomes customers onto its marble floors under made-to-measure chandeliers that emphasize the extensiveness of the exceptional offer. 地址:Condotti街61A号, “钻石之王”传奇品牌最近在Condotti街的中心开了它们的品牌专卖店。这里你 可以找到海瑞温斯顿的名贵珠宝和腕表, 尤其是它最珍贵的几款钻石和市面上 少见的宝石。从在纽约第五大道标志性的旗舰店取得灵感, 在大理石台面和量 身定制的烛台间接待客人, 由此体现它卓越的服务。

Shopping 时尚精品店 NIA, Via Vittoria 48 A short walk from Piazza di Spagna, it gathers tailored items, historical labels that are icons of style, and niche and emerging brands. 距离西班牙广场仅两步之遥,汇集了各种定制服装,大牌经典设计,小众品牌 以及潜力品牌。 DEGLI EFFETTI, Piazza Capranica 75 (men’s) and 93 (women’s), Two stores in the same small square to receive partuclarly important guests looking for privacy. For 30 years, Massimo degli Effetti has been selecting collections of clothing and accessories with a strong personality. 两家位于同一广场上的商店为了接待重要客人并照顾其隐私所开设。Massimo degli Effetti30年来一直选择售卖有重要影响的服装和饰品款式。 ELEONORA, Via del Babuino 97 A major forerunner of retail trends, Eleonora Sermoneta is the queen of “made in Rome” shopping. In her boutique, one can find an intelligent selection of the best international brands. 作为零售趋势的重要参与者,Eleonora Sermoneta是“罗马制造”购物王国的女 王。在她的精品店内有一系列经过精挑细选的国际大牌款式。 GENTE, via del Babuino 77, Six stores distributed throughout Rome offer locals and tourists the best high-end designer goods, including Alexander McQueen, Desquared2, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and Versace. 遍布整个罗马的六家分店为罗马人和游客提供最精选的时尚大牌款式,从 Alexander McQueen到Dsquared2,从Gucci到Marc Jacobs,从Valentino到 Versace。 LEAM, Via Appia Nuova 26/32, A true outdoor departement store, it offers the best of men’s, women’s, and children’s international fashion, including vanguard brands and successful labels. 一家真正的大型百货商店,提供各种国际时尚大牌的男装、女装和童装,从前 卫时尚品牌到传统大牌应有尽有。 WHITE GALLERY, Piazza Marconi 18, More than 5,000 square meters over two floors to welcome the best collections of clothing and accessories, with special emphasis placed on tailoring (Brunello Cucinelli, Tod’s, and Hogan). A large space is dedicated to perfumes. 超过5000平米的两层楼商店收纳了最精选的服装饰品款式,特别是一些手工制造 品牌(Brunello Cucinelli, Tod’s, Hogan)。另外还有很宽敞的香水专卖区。


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于山上天主圣三对面,连接Corso街道 与西班牙广场,沿着过去从Pincio山丘到 Campo Marzio 区域的运水之路。如今被 定义为罗马的奢侈一条街;这里的租金 价格可高达700千欧元每平方米/年,聚 集最主要时装、珠宝商、酒店与展厅品 牌。街道也是重要的历史与艺术兴趣景 点,带着明显的巴洛克特征,经过当今 时代的改变仍然可以清楚地被识别。 顺着著名的大台阶往下走,将遇到,闪 闪发光的橱窗之间,正面具有凹形特征 的西班牙圣三位教堂(Chiesa della Santa Trinità degli Spagnoli),Maruscelli宫 (街道11号),与古希腊咖啡馆(Caffè Greco第 86号 ) , 其 中 的 “ Omnibus小 厅”见证了多年来罗马当地文化与艺 术最杰出人物们的聚会,从卡萨诺瓦 (Casanova)到歌德(Goethe),瓦格纳 (Wagner)到叔本华(Schopenhauer), 邓南遮(D’Annunzio)到德·契里柯(De Chirico)。如今,正如以上所说,这条 街尤其吸引爱好购物的消费者,聚集超 Via dei Condotti大街因笔直的下水道管道 过42家店面,阿玛尼、宝格丽、达米亚 而得名,通常被称为Via Condotti大街, 尼、路易·威登、古奇、华伦天奴,与 是罗马最有名与最繁忙的街道之一。位 最好的目录和新品。

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Via Condotti


孔多蒂街 豪华的T台

Via Bocca di Leone

Straight as the path of the water pipes from which it takes its name, the Via dei Condotti, known as Via Condotti, is one of the most famous and popular streets in Rome. Directly in front of the steps of Trinità dei Monti, it connects Via del Corso to the Spanish Steps, following the route that once carried water from the Pincian Hill to the lower part of Campo Marzio. Today it is the Roman luxury street by definition. The stores of all major fashion designers, jewelers, hotels, and showrooms gather here; where rents can reach 7 thousand euro per square meter per year. But the road also presents important sights of artistic and historical interest, with an obvious baroque connotation: the church of Santissima Trinità degli Spagnoli, with

the characteristic concave façade, Maruscelli Palace (at number 11), and the Antico Caffè Greco (at number 86), which brought together over the years the highest personalities of culture and art, from Casanova to Goethe, from Wagner to Schopenhauer, from D’Annunzio to De Chirico. Today, as previously mentioned, the street especially attracts those who are in the mood for shopping, with more than 42 stores, including Armani, Bulgari, Damiani, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Valentino, offering the best from fashions catalogs and new collections.

Via Belsiana

rome - 罗马

in via Condotti


Largo Goldoni

Luxury unfolds

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rome - 罗马

giorgio armani



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Via Mario de’ Fiori





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Via Mario de’ Fiori

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Jimmy Choo, via Condotti 68/A, Loro Piana, via Condotti 24, Louis Vuitton, via Condotti 13, Max Mara, via Condotti 17/19, Max&Co, via Condotti 46, Moncler, piazza di Spagna 77, Montblanc, via Condotti 70, Omega, via Condotti 38, Prada, via Condotti 98, Roberto Cavalli, via Borgognona 25, Salvatore Ferragamo, via Condotti 73, Salvatore Ferragamo (man), via Condotti 65, Stuart Weitzmanvia, via Condotti 27, Swarovski, Largo Goldoni 48, Swatch, via Condotti 33, Tod’s, via Condotti53, Trussardi 1911, Via Condotti 49/5, van cleef & arpels, via Condotti 15, Versace, via Bocca di Leone 26, Zegna, via Condotti 58,

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Via Bocca di Leone



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Via Bocca di Leone


Alberta Ferretti, via Condotti 34, Armani, via Condotti 77, A.Testoni, via Condotti 80, Bally, via Condotti 36, Brioni, via Condotti 21/A, Buccellati, via Condotti 31, Bulgari, via Condotti 10, Bulgari, via Condotti 61/63, Burberry, via Condotti 59/61A, Cartier, via Condotti 53, Céline, via Condotti 20/A, Church’s, via Condotti 57, Damiani, via Condotti 84, Dolce&Gabbana, via Condotti 51/52, Dior, via Condotti 1, Eleuteri, via Condotti 69, Fornarina, via Condotti 36, Furla, via Condotti 55/56, Gucci, via Condotti 8, Hausmann, via Condotti 28, Hermés, via Condotti 67,


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rome - 罗马

购 物 地 图

hotel de russie 03 fabi 03 boggi milano

The Shopping Map

03 chopard

04 dodo pomellato gente 05 06 brioni

moschino 08

07 sandro

stone island 10

09 tumi

11 fratelli rossetti roy roger’s 12 manila grace 13 rosato 14 15 red valentino 16 Hausmann&Co.

a. testoni 73 acqua di parma  38 alberta ferretti  97 alviero martini  135 angeletti74 anteprima  18 armani jeans  20 aspesi  22 baldinini  17 balenciaga  145 BALLY  102 blumarine 132 boggi milano  02 brioni  06 brioni88 brooks brothers  110 brunello cucinelli  131 buccellati  96 BULGARI72 burberry  117 burberry90 camper  63 cartier  71 casadei  50 celine86 cesare paciotti  133 chanel  34 chanel  53 chopard  03 christian louboutin 115 CHURCH’S  94 costume national  40 DAMIANI  69 diesel  58 DIOR  62 dodo pomellato  04 dolce & gabbana  49 dolce & gabbana  101 eddy moretti  124 ELEUTERI79 emilio pucci  52 emporio armani  26 ermanno scervino  32 ermenegildo zegna  92 escada  42 etro  36 fabi  01

baldinini 17 anteprima 18

aspesi 22

19 vhernier 20 armani jeans 21 serapian 23 gente 25 flos

toy watch 24

27 iceberg

emporio armani 26 giuseppe zanotti design 29

28 miu miu 30 pinko 32 ermanno scervino

kiton 31 nia 33

vilebrequin 35

36 etro

acqua di parma 38 ROBERTO COIN 45

FENDI  108 flos  25 11 fratelli rossetti  fratelli rossetti  138 frette  43 FURLA  59 genny  127 gente 05 gente  23 geox  143 GIORGIO ARMANI  75 giuseppe zanotti design  29 giuseppe zanotti design 61 GUCCI  141 GUCCI70 H&M  109 harry winston 87 Hausmann&Co  112 Hausmann&Co  95 Hausmann&Co16 HERMèS84 hogan  39 iceberg  27 il bisonte  147 Iwc  60

hogan 39

jaeger lecoultre JIMMY CHOO kiton  les copains  liu jo  loewe longchamp loriblu  LORO PIANA louis vuitton  louis vuitton  luciano padovan  luisa spagnoli  malo  manila grace  marella  MARINA RINALDI  marni MAX&CO.  maxmara  MAXMARA  MISSONI  miu miu  miu miu  moncler 

51 82 31 134 107 64 54 41 91 113 77 121 120 123 13 126 136 130 105 128 83 56 28 98 57

piazza di spagna 9 frette 43 42 escada 41 loriblu 40 costume national versace 44

34 chanel

tiffany 37

montblanc78 moschino  08 142 nero giardini  nespresso  116 nespresso 66 nia & co  46 nia 33 omega  104 PAL ZILERI  129 patrizia pepe  122 pinko  119 pinko  30 pomellato  118 PRADA  68 pura lopez  48 red valentino 15 rene caovilla  146 ROBERTO CAVALLI  137 ROBERTO COIN  45 rosato 14 roy roger’s  12 salvatore ferragamo 76 salvatore ferragamo 85 sandro  07 santoni  55

serapian  21 sergio rossi  47 SERMONETA GLOVES  65 sport max  140 stella mccartney  139 stone island  10 stuart weitzman  93 SWAROVSKI  106 swarovski  144 swatch  111 swatch89 tiffany  37 TOD’S  99 toy watch  24 trussardi  103 trussardi  125 tumi  09 twin set  100 valentino  67 valentino81 VAN CLEEF & ARPELS 80 versace  44 vhernier  19 vilebrequin  35 yves saint laurent  114


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rome - 罗马


sergio rossi 47 pura lopez 48 dolce & gabbana 49 casadei 50 jaeger lecoultre 51 emilio pucci 52 chanel 53




58 diesel 59 FURLA hotel hassler

longchamp 54 santoni 55 MISSONI 56 moncler 57 I CC RI GU ney LGA 70 ax I BU eletti 68 m art LL 2 RI A g 7 LE AD I 69 mcc an ZI CAVA PR sport a rossetti O 41 e 74 3 AL IAN 71 a P RT 13 rin I 1 140 M n 3 ar 9 stell atelli BE a CC DA rtier i 7 12 9 s RO n axm fr GU lum 13 in 7 ca a ciotti m b vuitto a 8 ni 13 pa 2 8 13 testo 12 arti cop re 13 nelli arell rdi a. a louis 6 m m i a a les 13 77 6 5 rn ces cuci a 80 DI 12 iero 34 I7 L m 1 v truss A 7 AN 76 0 NA al 5 M AR 12 ghilterrnello13 RI 5 12 in AR mo XM 13 ny NA bru d’ 78 O A I R ga M en 1 GI c A a g M 13 OR an 79 83 hotel GI ne ferr bl RI n nt TE 82 va i celi pepe n EU OO do a 4 atore mo EL an 86 brio tch zi pa lv CH S 8 a ANA zm . moretti è Y sa w PI o no atri 88 s eit M M a p C O M w 85 ER 89 n& 22 JI OR eddy H L luci 1 n rt a a 4 1 amo 87 noli 91 12 alo 12 ati stu ag n ag usm m ferrettimiu 93 Ha sp 90 3 a a ferr insto 12 suites 95 uccellbert miu 2 w IT b 8 luis 9 berry a 9 4 tore al 6 RA 0 a 9 rry n 9 RT 12 lv 97 bur ha eg H’S PO z nko C pi UR 9 11

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H& an



Van Cleef & Arpels svela il suo nuovo indirizzo a Milano

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Van Cleef & Arpels lascia Via Pietro Verri per trasferirsi in una nuova boutique, nella prestigiosa Via Monte Napoleone. Ampia e luminosa, la boutique si iscrive appieno nell’armonioso universo della Maison di Alta Gioielleria, pur introducendo alcuni innovativi elementi di arredo. Luogo raffinato e colmo di richiami dorati, che unisce decori preziosi e atmosfera accogliente. La storia di Van Cleef & Arpels ha inizio nel 1906, con l’inaugurazione della boutique ubicata al numero 22 di Place Vendôme, a Parigi. Da allora, la Maison tramanda uno stile inconfondibile e unico, ricolmo di eccellenza, creatività, cultura e poesia. Nei suoi 350m2 di ampi spazi, la boutique di Milano riflette appieno la magia di questo universo. In un florilegio di dettagli eleganti e creativi, essa svela un luogo unico, vero e proprio percorso nel cuore della Maison, dove un oro discretamente distillato sviluppa un delicato filo conduttore.


All’esterno, la facciata si distingue per due maestose vetrine che fanno da cornice all’entrata e i cui riflessi fanno loro e quindi restituiscono la vitalità delle luci di Milano. Le tonalità mordorè dei muri decorati con disegni geometrici danno forma e volume al luogo. Ciascuna delle pareti decorate

Hausmann&Co. 112 .1.

swatch 111


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Giotto’s Bell Tower and Baptistry of Saint John - Pietro Canali / SIME


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佛 罗 伦 萨


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The Uffizi Gallery乌菲兹美术馆

Piazzale degli Uffizi, The Uffizi Gallery is one of the most important museums in the world and one of the most visited in Italy. The building, which is next to Piazza della Signoria, is home to a collection of incredible artwork, enriched over the centuries by the personal collection of the Medici family. Divided into rooms according to schools and in chronological order, the exhibition features the best Renaissance works by the likes of Caravaggio, Giotto, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Botticelli, Rubens, and Rembrandt, among others. Commissioned by Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici around 1560 to bring together all the main Florentine artisan associations, the palace, with its characteristic U-shape, was built by famous architect Giorgio Vasari, who also built a splendid secret “corridor” linking Palazzo Vecchio with Palazzo Pitti, across the Arno River, and which is still one of the major tourist attractions of the city. 乌菲兹宫, 乌菲兹美术馆是世界上最举足轻重的博物馆之一也是意大利接待游客最多的美 术馆之一。这栋建筑位于领主广场旁边,存放着各种不可思议的艺术品收藏, 从美第奇家族私人收藏开始几世纪以来就一直不停地在扩充。根据流派和时间 顺序按照不同展室分开,整个展览包含了众多文艺复兴时期的杰作,从卡拉瓦乔 到乔托,从达芬奇到米开朗琪罗,拉斐尔,蒂西阿诺,波提切利,鲁本斯,伦勃 朗… 约在1560年奉美第奇柯西莫一世之命为了能联合所有佛罗伦萨手工业者协会 而造,这座U形大楼由著名建筑设计师Giorgio Vasari完成,他还曾设计完成过连 接旧宫和彼提宫的一条辉煌的秘密“走廊”,如今也是全城最大的旅游名胜之一。

Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo) 圣母百花大教堂

Piazza del Duomo,, The huge cathedral overlooking Piazza del Duomo is one of the most beautiful churches in Europe, a masterpiece of the late Gothic period. At the time of its construction (the design by Arnolfo di Cambio dates back to 1296), the cathedral was the largest church in the world; today it is the third, after St. Peter’s in Rome and St. Paul’s in London. The most important architects and sculptors of the period contributed to its construction, including Giotto (from 1334) and especially Brunelleschi (from 1418), creator of the wonderful self-supporting dome dominating the city and the countryside, and visible up to several kilometers away. Climbing to the top to admire the view of Florence from that height is an unmissable experience for anyone visiting the city. Piazza del Duomo广场,

这座坐落在多莫广场的天主教大教堂是欧洲最美的教堂之一,是晚期哥特式建筑 中的杰作。在它建造的时期(由Arnolfo di Cambio 于1296年设计建造)是当时世界 上最大的教堂,今天它仍排在罗马的圣彼得教堂,伦敦的圣保罗教堂之后名列世 界第三大教堂。它的建造,融入了当时最重要的建筑师和雕塑家的心血。乔托 (自 1334年)还有不得不提的Brunelleschi (自1418年):教堂著名拱顶的设计者。它是这 座城市及周围最高的建筑,就算走出好几千米也能看到它的踪影。登上拱顶从高 处欣赏到佛罗伦萨的景象会让每一个人都终身难忘。

Battistero di San Giovanni and Campanile di Giotto 圣若望洗礼堂和乔托钟塔

Piazza del Duomo, The Baptistry, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, Florence’s patron, and Giotto’s bell tower complete the main square of Florence. The construction of the Baptistry dates back to the fifth century and, at least until the year 1100, it was the cathedral church (its main facade faces the Duomo). The famous bell tower, placed in an unusual way next to the facade, was designed by Giotto in the mid 1300s. It is 84 meters tall, completely covered with white, green, and pink polychrome marble.

Piazza del Duomo广场, 他们也是佛罗伦萨主教堂的重要组成部分,洗礼堂,全名为圣若望洗礼堂,佛 罗伦萨的守护神还有乔托钟塔。洗礼堂最初位于城墙外被许多建筑所包围,然 后这些建筑都被拆除然后建立起来现在的广场。它始建于公元五世纪,到1100年 它已经成为城市的主教堂。教堂的正面为八角形建筑,著名的钟塔就立于旁, 它是由乔托于14世纪中设计的。高84米,镶嵌着白色绿色和粉红色的五彩大理 石,周身缀以雕塑及浮雕:大部分真品已于多莫博物馆收藏,游客今天再塔身 看到的大多是复制品。

Ponte Vecchio 老桥

It is one of the symbols of the city and one of the most famous bridges in the world. It crosses the Arno River above its narrowest point, where there was a passage in ancient times. It has collapsed and undergone renovation several times over the centuries. Over time it has come to have the characteristic appearance of today, with the passage bordered by two rows of artisanal shops, especially goldsmiths, derived from the closure of its old arcades. It is one of the privileged places of tourist shopping in Florence. 它是佛罗伦萨的标志也是世界上最有名的桥之一。横跨阿诺河的最窄处,古时候 有个浅滩。在过去的几个世纪中经过多次的坍塌与重建,随着时间的流逝它逐渐 形成今天的风格,中间的过道两边是两行工艺品商店,其中有很多传统的金饰 店,这里是佛罗伦萨购买纪念品的最佳的地点之一。


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Piazza della Signoria 领主广场

It is the central square of Florence, home to and symbol of civil power, and the heart of social life. It is located in the central part of medieval Florence and is dominated by Palazzo Vecchio’s profile. Built between 1299 and 1314 to give a prestigious location to the association of artists and artisans that ruled the city, it is dominated by the Torre di Arnolfo, a 95-meter-tall tower. But one of the most interesting elements of the square is the number of statues scattered in the area that create a true secular allegorical cycle, unique in the world and which was meant to inspire the rulers of the city. Among others, the group Judith and Holofernes (1455), by Donatello, the famous David by Michelangelo (1500), the Perseus by Benvenuto Cellini (1554), and the Fountain of Neptune by Bartolomeo Ammannati (1563), which was the first public fountain in the city. Today, almost all the original statues have been removed from the square and moved into the city’s museums.

这是佛罗伦萨的中心广场,是人民力量的标志和社会活动的中心。是佛罗伦萨中 世纪建筑的中心,得名于旧宫。建造于1299年-1314年旨在给艺术家及工匠提供一个 实行民主权利的场所。广场中心矗立着Arnolfo塔,高95米。广场最有趣的元素之 一是分散在广场四周形形色色的雕像,它们共同组成了世上独一无二既有象征意 义又充满现实元素的雕像群,同时它们也鼓舞着这座城市的管理者。此外这里还 有纪念多纳泰罗的群雕友第德与何乐弗尼(1455年),米开朗琪罗著名的大卫雕 像(1500年),Benvenuto Cellini的珀耳修斯(1554年)以及Bartolomeo Ammannati 的海神喷泉(1563年),这曾是佛罗伦萨城第一个公共喷泉。今天看到的都是复 制品,真品都从它们原址迁入搬入了各大市民博物馆。

Palazzo Strozzi 斯特罗齐宫

Piazza degli Strozzi, It is one of the most beautiful Italian Renaissance palaces, built by Filippo Strozzi, a rich merchant belonging to one of the wealthiest families in Florence, traditionally hostile to the Medici faction. The work began in 1489 and ended only in 1538. The palace underwent changes and additions in the subsequent centuries. Today, the building is home to four major cultural institutions including Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, which manages some areas of the palace dedicated to housing exhibitions and events.

Piazza degli Strozzi广场, 是意大利文艺复兴时期最美的宫殿之一,由一位非常富有的商人菲利浦•斯特罗 齐兴建。他属于当时佛罗伦萨最有实力的家族之一,而且是美第奇家族的竞争对 手。该建筑始建与1489年,但直到1538年才彻底完成而且在接下来的几个世纪里经 过多次增建与修改。斯特罗齐宫里如今有四间文化机构,其中包括斯特罗齐宫基 金会。它掌管着这座宫殿里的部分空间,专门用来举办活动或展览。

Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo) 圣母百花大教堂

Galleria dell’Accademia 美术学院画廊

Via Bettino Ricasoli 60, It is the home of some of the most famous sculptures by Michelangelo: the Prisoners, St. Matthew, and especially the famous David, brought here in 1873 to protect it from the weather, wear, and exposure it was subject to in Piazza della Signoria. A spectacular gallery was created for the statue, and other equally unique works were placed around it. The gallery houses the Museum of Musical Instruments, with some objects belonging to the historical collection of the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini.

地址:Bettino Ricasoli路60号, 这家画廊收藏了一部分米开朗基罗最为熟知的雕塑作品: 《囚犯》、《圣马修》、以及著名的《大卫》,为避免其暴露在Signoria广场遭 受恶劣天气与磨损,与1873年被迁于此处,为《大卫》布置了陈列廊与场景,并 在周围放置了一些同样独特的作品。画廊内还设有乐器博物馆,与若干属于路易 吉·凯鲁比尼音乐学院 (Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini) 具有历史悠久的收集物。

Palazzo Pitti 皮蒂宫

Piazza Pitti 1; Commissioned by a wealthy banker, Luca Pitti, the Pitti Palace was the residence of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany and later the kings of Italy. Today, it is one of the palaces that are a symbol of Florence and it is home to numerous museums, the Galleries of Modern Art and Costume, the Palatine Gallery, the Royal Apartments, the Carriages Museum, and the Silver Museum. Behind it, one can find the Boboli Gardens, one of Italy’s most famous. Commissioned and overseen by the Medici family as early as the 1500s, the gardens soon became a model for Italian gardening and an example for many European courts. The large green area is a true open-air museum, rich in plant species but above all ancient and Renaissance statues, grottoes, and large fountains.

地址:Pitti广场1号, 原先属于一位富裕的银行家,卢卡·皮蒂,但又立即迫卖给美第奇家族,皮蒂宫 在随后几年里成为托斯卡纳大公爵们的住所,到再后来,意大利国王们的。如 今,作为佛罗伦萨宫殿的象征之一,容纳众多博物馆,现代艺术与服装画廊、帕 拉丁画廊(Galleria Palatina)、皇家公寓、马车博物馆与银器博物馆。宫殿后 方波波里花园(Giardini di Boboli),是意大利最著名的花园之一,于1500年由美 第奇家族的意愿诞生与照顾,很快成为众多欧洲宫廷效仿的意式花园样式。大规 模的绿地是一个真正的露天博物馆,丰富的植物品种、古老与文艺复兴时期的雕 塑、石窟与大型喷泉。

Ponte Vecchio 老桥

Other addresses 其它地址 Museo nazionale del Bargello via Del Proconsolo 4; Museo Archeologico Nazionale via della Pergola 65; Museo Marino Marini piazza San Pancrazio; Museo nazionale Alinari della fotografia piazza Santa Maria Novella 14; Museo Galileo piazza Dei Giudici 1; Museo di San Marco piazza San Marco 3; Museo delle Cappelle medicee piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini 6; Museo Salvatore Ferragamo piazza Santa Trinita 5; Gucci Museo piazza Della Signoria 10; Museo Stefano Bardini via dei Renai, 37 Museo Stibbert via Federigo Stibbert 26 Museo Egizio (埃及博物馆) via della Colonna, 38 Museo dell’Opificio delle pietre dure (硬石博物馆) via degli Alfani, 78 Museo dell’Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore di Firenze (圣母百花博物馆) piazza del Duomo, 9 Museo del Novecento (二十世纪博物馆) piazza Santa Maria Novella, 10; Museo casa di Dante Alighieri 但丁之家博物馆 via S. Margherita, 1 Centro di cultura contemporanea Strozzina 家景匡櫓懃 Piazza degli Strozzi Casa Buonarroti (米开朗基罗博物馆) via Ghibellina, 70


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Hotel Four Seasons Firenze 佛罗伦萨四季酒店

FLORENCE - 佛罗伦萨 Hotel Four Seasons Firenze

Borgo Pinti 99, It is considered the most beautiful hotel in the world, due to its unique luxury hospitality, history, and the wealth of the artworks it holds. The structure consists of two buildings of the Renaissance period, between which the Giardino della Gherardesca botanical park lies, a green oasis on the right bank of the Arno River. Original artworks and architectural details are found in many of the 116 suites and in their bathrooms.

地址: Borgo Pinti路99号 - 佛罗伦萨四季酒店凭借它绝对独特的奢华感, 它的历史, 它所收藏的丰 富艺术品, 被认为是全世界最漂亮的酒店。酒店由两座文艺复兴时期的 建筑构成, 在它们之间是Giardino della Gherardesca 植物园, 这是阿 诺河右岸的一片绿洲。艺术真品和建筑细节在116间客房、豪华套间及 其浴室中随处可见。

Il Salviatino

Via del Salviatino 21, Fiesole (Florence); Nestled in the hills of Fiesole, from which the view stretches over the roofs of Florence, Il Salviatino is one of the most romantic hotels in Italy. Well-kept, inserted in the beautiful architecture of a fifteenthcentury villa and surrounded by the beautiful park, it offers 8 suites, from which one can breathe the air of the Tuscan countryside. 地址:del Salviatino路21号菲耶索莱(FI) – 坐落在Fiesole山丘上,在这里佛罗伦萨周围群山美景尽收眼底,Il Salviatino酒店 是意大利最浪漫的酒店之一。装潢精致,这座十五世纪的奢华别墅被美丽的公园 所环绕,酒店共有8个套房,在这你可以自由呼吸托斯卡纳的田园的美妙气息。

Portrait Firenze

Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli 4, The newest hotel of the Ferragamo Lungarno Collection, it overlooks Ponte Vecchio, a few steps from Piazza della Signoria. It includes 36 rooms and suites decorated by Florentine architect Michele Bönan with a classic yet contemporary style. It is the second jewel of the Portrait Collection after the small boutique hotel in Rome’s Via Condotti and joins the others in the collection, such as the close and historic Hotel Lungarno, the Continental or the Gallery Art Hotel (

地址: Lungarno degli acciaiuoli路4号, Lungarno Collection 旗下最新的酒店(2014年5月开张)正对着老桥,距离领主 广场几步之遥。酒店设有36间标间及套房,家具全出自佛罗伦萨建筑师Michele Bönan之手,呈现出古典却又现代的风格。这是出自 Salvatore Ferragamo Portrait系列的第二个力作,与位于罗马孔多蒂大街的精品酒店齐名。

Palazzo Magnani Feroni

Borgo San Frediano 5; Immersed in the history of Florence. This is how one feels at Palazzo Magnani Feroni, a boutique hotel set in one of the most spectacular Renaissance palaces in the Tuscan city, one of the oldest houses in

Hotels 酒店 the district of San Frediano. In its suites, chandeliers, statues, and frescoes dating back to thre 1500s surprise the guests, as well as the evening candlelight and the cutting-edge technologic amenities.

地址:San Frediano区5号– 纵观佛罗伦萨历史,我们总是听到人们这样介绍Palazzo Magnani Feroni酒店,坐 落在托斯卡纳城市中最为精美的文艺复兴时期建筑里的奢华酒店,这栋房子是 San Frediano区最古老的建筑之一。在酒店的套房里,烛台,16世纪的雕像和壁 画让无数震撼无比,房间采用烛光照明,被蜡烛点亮的夜晚也让一切变得富有诗 意,无可挑剔的服务和最新的高科技设施也给您带来最佳的出行体验。

Hotel Brunelleschi

Piazza Santa Elisabetta, 3; A few steps from the Duomo and Piazza della Signoria, the Hotel Brunelleschi was obtained by inserting elements of modern design into the oldest building in Florence, which still includes the remains of Roman baths, a medieval church, and a sixth-century Byzantine tower that now houses a suite overlooking Giotto’s famous bell tower and Brunelleschi’s enormous dome. The cuisine of chef Simone Bertaccini in the elegant Santa Elisabetta restaurant is very creative.

地址:Santa Elisabetta 广场3号 - 距Duomo大教堂与Signoria广场仅数步之遥,坐落于安静的小广场对面,Hotel Brunelleschi酒店是附有现代设计风格元素的一所佛罗伦萨最古老的建筑,至今 依然包括罗马浴场的遗迹,中世纪的小教堂,和第6个世纪的拜占庭塔楼(如今 内置套间,能够展望著名的乔托钟楼与庞大的Brunelleschi的圆顶)。可以选择 尝试圣伊丽莎白高雅餐厅Simone Bertaccini厨师极具创意的烹饪,或者在更加传 统、没有拘束的Osteria della Pagliazza餐馆用餐。

L’O – Hotel L’Orologio

Piazza Santa Maria Novella 24, The concept of L’O is inspired by the world of men’s high-end watchmaking. The hotel’s owner, Sandro Fratini, is indeed a great collector of vintage watches, some of which adorn the beautiful suites. Each floor of the building is devoted to a producer like Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, and Patek Plilippe.

地址: Santa Maria Novella广场24号 - L’O时钟酒店的设计灵感来自于高档男式腕表。这家四星级酒店的老板桑德罗· 弗拉蒂尼 (Sandro Fratini) 本身就是一个古董钟表的大收藏家。有些钟表用来装 饰单独设计的主题客房,还有一些钟表用来点缀大厅和过道的墙壁。酒店的每一 个楼层都专注于一个顶级品牌, 比如劳力士、江诗丹顿和百达翡丽。


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Piazza Ognissanti 1; Located in the center of Florence, the former Grand Hotel has been known to travelers since the nineteenth century. Re-opened after a complete renovation in 2011, today it offers an authentic journey immersed in Tuscan flavors and art. Its 81 rooms and 19 suites, decorated with frescoes, crystals, and antiques, pay homage to the artistic traditions of the city. Do not miss a stop at the Iridium Spa with Clarins treatments and the Etichetta restaurant.

地址: Ognissanti 广场 1 号 - 位于佛罗伦萨市中心,这座历史悠久的大酒店,早在19世纪就闻名于世。2011年经过 一番彻底改造后,酒店重新开张,今日旅客可于此置身托斯卡纳美味与艺术之中, 获得一番真实住宿体验。酒店的81间客房,19间套房,均根据佛罗伦萨的悠久艺术传 统,装饰以壁画、水晶、古董家具。别忘了在酒店水疗Spa内享受一番娇韵诗水疗, 及一试其Etichetta餐厅。


Piazza Ognissanti 3; A few steps from the famous Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery, overlooking the Arno, the Westin Excelsior combines modern style with maximum comfort. All 171 rooms and suites, for example, have fast wi-fi Internet but also the innovative patented Heavenly Bed that optimizes rest. The palate and the eyes find their perfet home on the sixth floor, where the spectacular Se·Sto On Arno restaurant has become the gastronomic reference for Florence.

地址: Ognissanti 广场3号 - 距著名的老桥与乌菲兹博物馆仅数步之遥, 阿尔诺河尽收眼底, Westin Excelsior酒店 将现代风格与最大程度的舒感适融为一体。例如, 171间客房与套房之内, 全部配套有告 诉wifi无线网络, 并配有可改善睡眠的专利创新床Heavenly Bed。而在酒店七楼的Se·Sto On Arno餐厅, 则可获得味觉与视觉的双重享受, 这里已成为佛罗伦萨美食的坐标之一。

Hotel Savoy

Piazza della Repubblica 7; This beautiful five-star hotel of the Rocco Forte Group is located in the city center. The style is elegantly simple, welcoming, yet without ostentation, and it pays homage to the classical tradition that in Florence is safeguarded and handed down through generations of artisans who excel at all the arts. The L’Incontro restaurant is among the best known in the city and from its terrace it offers, especially in the summer season, glimpses of exceptional beauty. 地址:Repubblica广场7号; 这家Rocco Forte集团美丽的五星级酒店坐落在市中心,离乌菲齐画廊、老桥 Vecchio)与大教堂广场仅数步之遥。素雅、舒适不奢侈的风格,是 (Ponte 向保存在佛罗伦萨,通过一代又一代优秀的艺术工匠流传下来的古典传统致 敬。L’Incontro(“相遇”)是城市中最负盛名的餐厅之一,从其阳台,尤其是在 夏季,能欣赏到让人着迷不已的动人景观。



Belmond Villa San Michele酒店

Via Doccia, 4 - Fiesole (Florence); Encased in a former fifteenth-century monastery, surrounded by the hills of Chianti with the classic lines of cypress trees, the Villa San Michele is an enchanted place, a suggestive work of architectural art with the cozy atmosphere of a private villa. Romantic, with an almost nostalgic charm, its gardens and suites offer the most beautiful view of the San Miniato abbey and the roofs of Florence.

地址: Doccia街4号 – 菲耶索莱(FI); 位于一座15世纪原修道院建筑内,被吉安蒂丘陵以及经典的一排排柏树群环绕 的Villa San Michele酒店是一个有着魔法般魅力的地方,是一座精美的建筑艺术 品且充满着舒适的私家庄园气息。带有浪漫而温馨的气息,酒店凭借它的花园 和套房为客人在San Miniato寺院和佛罗伦萨最高处提供了最美的视野景观。

Hotel Savoy酒店


Ville Sull’Arno酒店


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NH Collection Porta Rossa

Via Porta Rossa 19; Built in the twelfth century, it is one of the oldest hotels in Italy, located in the pedestrian area of ​​the historic city center, a few steps from Piazza della Signoria. In addition to 61 rooms, including 3 suites, the Torre Monalda is also part of the hotel, a twelfth-century tower that contains the Monalda Suite and offers a spectacular view of the cityscape.

地址:Porta Rossa路19号, 建于十二世纪的酒店是意大利最古老的酒店之一,位于古城中心的步行街区 域,距离领主广场几步之遥。除了包含3间套房的61间客房之外,Monalda塔也 是酒店的一部分,这是一座建于十二世纪的塔,其中还有拥有全城壮观视野的 Monalda套房。

Ville Sull’Arno

Lungarno C. Colombo 1/3/5; In the fifteenth century, it was the country residence of noble families, in the nineteenth century the art workshop of Macchiaioli painters. Today, Ville Sull’Arno is a poetic resort on the banks of the Arno, a historic townhouse with a garden, restaurant, swimming pool, and spa. Very close to the heart of Florence, it houses the Flora e Fauno restaurant, in which the popular Tuscan recipes are recreated with a creative and natural approach. 地址:Lungarno C. Colombo 1/3/5号, 在十五世纪这里是国家贵族家庭的住所,在十九世纪是艺术画家马基亚伊奥利 的工作室。如今Ville Sull’Arno是一个位于阿诺河岸上的充满诗意的度假村,一 座带花园、餐厅、游泳池以及水疗中心的古老宅邸。距离佛罗伦萨中心非常近 的Flora和Fauno餐厅里,受欢迎的托斯卡纳菜肴被充满创意并自然地重新诠释。

J.K. Place Firenze酒店 Grand Hotel Villa Cora大酒店

Other addresses 其它地址

NH Collection Porta Rossa

Be One, via dei Brunelleschi 1; Continentale, vicolo Dell’Oro 6/R; Garibaldi Blu Hotel, piazza Santa Maria Novella 21, Gallery Hotel Art, Vicolo dell’Oro 5, Golden Tower Hotel, piazza degli Strozzi 11R, Grand Hotel Baglioni, piazza Unità Italiana 6, Grand Hotel Villa Cora, viale Machiavelli 18, Grand Hotel Villa Medici, via il Prato 42, www. Hilton Florence Metropole, via del Cavallaccio 36, Hotel Bernini Palace, Piazza San Firenze 29, Hotel De la Ville, piazza degli Antinori 1/R; Hotel Lungarno, Borgo San Jacopo 14, J.K. Place Firenze, Piazza Santa Maria Novella 7, Michelangelo Florence, Viale Fratelli Rosselli 2, Palazzo Tornabuoni private residence club, Via degli Strozzi 8, Palazzo Vecchietti Suites and Studios, via degli Strozzi 4, Regency, Piazza D’Azeglio 3,


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Restaurants 餐厅 Enoteca Pinchiorri

Via Ghibellina 87, Three Michelin stars, located in the heart of Florence, in the sixteenthcentury Palazzo Jacometti Ciofi. The vintage halls, frescoed ceilings, warm shades of yellow on the walls, floral arrangements, and silverware welcome guests into an ancient house, a tangible sign of hospitality and refinement. Another highlight of the restaurant is the cellar (about 100,000 bottles and 4,000 labels), overseen by Giorgio Pinchiorri and based on a true passion for knowledge and research of prestigious collection wines.

地址: Ghibellina路87号, 米其林三星餐厅Enoteca Pinchiorri, 位于佛罗伦萨市中心16世纪的Jacometti Ciofi 大楼中。店中古老的餐厅、绘有壁画的天花板、黄色墙壁温暖的色调、插花艺术 和银器无不让顾客感觉置身于一座古老的豪宅中,倍感主人的好客和精心。餐厅 的另外一个强项就是它的酒窖(收藏有1万瓶酒和4000种品牌),是由真正热爱和研 究高级葡萄酒文化的Giorgio Pinchiorri管理收藏的。

Fuor d’acqua

Via Pisana 37R, In Oltrarno, a short walk from Porta San Frediano, one can find the Fuor d’acqua, a restaurant offering a true taste of the sea, in the ancient tradition of Florence. Opened in 2000 in a former carriage deposit, the place has been refurbished while maintaining its original Tuscan architecture. The quality of fish, which arrives daily from the Viareggio market, and the simple, friendly, festive, yet elegant atmosphere, are the elements that led to its success. 地址: Pisana路37R号, 在佛罗伦萨的Oltrarno区,离San Frediano城门数步之遥的地方,坐落着Fuor d’Acqua餐厅,在这里可以品尝到真正的海鲜,内部环境流露着古老的佛罗伦萨传统 气息。于2000年开业,原先是火车厢的存放地,在翻修时保留了托斯卡纳建筑原汁 原味的风格。海鲜原料每天来自Viareggio镇的市场,烹调非常专业而且技艺高超, 店中氛围简洁、友好、愉快,同时不失雅致,这些都是这家餐厅获得成功的所在。


Via de’ Tornabuoni 64R, Procacci is a luxury food service in the city center. Founded in 1885 by Leopoldo Procacci, it quickly gained fame among the citizens, especially for specialties related to the processing of truffles, such as the famous sandwiches. Purchased by Marchesi Antinori in 1998, Procacci still represents a classic venue for the Florentines.

地址: Dè Tornabuoni路64R号, Procacci是一家位于市中心的豪华餐厅。由Leopoldo Procacci建于1885年, 在很短 时间内就闻名遐迩, 尤其是松露的烹饪堪称一绝, 还有夹肉面包也非常有名。1925 年, 该餐厅获得国王维托里奥·埃马努埃莱三世授予的皇家徽章, 赢得皇室专 利。1998年被Marchesi Antinori买下。Procacci是佛罗伦萨最古老的餐厅之一, 直至今日仍被认为是佛罗伦萨人的经典聚会地点。

Il Latini

Via dei Palchetti 6R (Palazzo Rucellai) - Located inside Palazzo Rucellai, Il Latini was born as a tavern whe-

Enoteca Pinchiorri

re wine was served in bulk. It quickly gained the reputation as one of the places that preserve the tradition of Tuscan cuisine. For those who want to meet the locals and get a real taste of world-famous Italian dishes, such as the Pappa al Pomodoro (not pasta!), the Ribollita (a soup made from cabbage) or the Tiramisù, this is the right address.

地址:dei Palchetti路6/r号(鲁切拉伊宫 - Palazzo Rucellai); 设于鲁切拉伊宫中的餐厅作为一间小酒屋诞生,但迅速赢得了保留托斯卡纳美食 传统餐厅之一的美名。如果您渴望遇见佛罗伦萨人、闻名世界各地正宗的意大 利菜肴口味,如番茄面糊(pappa al pomodoro),以卷心菜与甘蓝为主料的鲜蔬汤 (ribollita)或提拉米苏(Tiramisù),这里就是正确的地方。

Cantinetta Antinori

Piazza Antinori 3, Cantinetta Antinori is a wine bar and restaurant where one can taste wines from the Antinori estate, combined with traditional Tuscan specialties. The first Cantinetta was opened in 1957 in the Tuscan capital. Given the success over the years, it expanded to other cities: Zurich, Vienna, and Moscow. Style and tradition are expressed in the flavors of the finest Tuscan cuisine.

地址: Antinori广场3号, Cantinetta Antinori是一家葡萄酒餐厅,在这里可以品尝餐厅收藏的各种葡萄酒, 同时享用托斯卡纳地区传统的特色菜肴。第一家Cantinetta餐厅于1957年在佛罗 伦萨开业,由于多年来的成功, 后又在其他城市也开了Cantinetta餐厅,包括苏 黎世、维也纳和莫斯科。餐厅的风格和传统表现在托斯卡纳的精美厨艺中,再与 Antinori酒窖的藏酒搭配食用,美味达到了极致。

Harry’s Bar

Lungarno Vespucci 22R, Opened in 1953, Harry’s Bar attracts customers with impeccable service, a sophisticated environment, lit by Murano glass lamps, and a terrace overlooking the Arno and Ponte Vecchio. The bar’s guest book counts many personalities: Paloma Picasso, Burt Lancaster, Margaux Hemingway, Paul Newman, Robin Williams, and Elizabeth Taylor, among others. The beef tartare is famous, considered by many as the best in Florence. 地址: Lungarno Vespucci路22R号, 于1953年开业, 一直以来酒吧的经营理念就是用无可挑剔的服务吸引顾客,用穆拉 诺玻璃吊灯营造舒适的环境,还有那面朝阿诺河(Arno)背靠老桥 (Ponte Vecchio) 的露台,无不让顾客留下深刻印象。餐厅中的顾客留言簿上留下了众多名人的名 字,有帕洛玛·毕加索、伯特·兰开斯特、玛歌·海明威、保罗·纽曼、罗宾· 威廉斯、伊丽莎白·泰勒。他们的牛肉鞑靼最为著名,被认为是佛罗伦萨做得最 棒的一家。

Antica Macelleria Falorni Butcher-Bistro

Via Matteo Palmieri 35, Located in the central district of Santa Croce, it is a store and bistro in one of the most famous Italian butchers, the Antica Macelleria Falorni in the town of Greve in Chianti. Here you can enjoy Tuscan specialties, paired with good wines, sitting at the table or, for a faster lunch, at the counter of the bar. In butcher-bistro, you can also shop or make use of


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地址: Matteo Palmieri路35号, 位于市中心SANTA CROCE地区,这个来自Greve in Chianti的Falorni肉食品店提供了 意大利最有名的肉制品的销售和顶尖葡萄酒的品尝。在这您可以吃到托斯卡纳的 特色食物和品到最香醇的葡萄酒,或者坐下来细细享用一顿饕餮大餐,抑是临街 而坐吃上一顿快捷的午餐,这里同时提供外带和外卖服务。


Piazza della Repubblica 7 (at the Hotel Savoy) - Tuscan bistro inspired by the finest local and seasonal products, Irene is the new restaurant of one of the most respected Italian chefs, already with two Michelin stars, Fulvio Pierangelini, who works here with the young Giovanni Cosmai. Irene is a restaurant dedicated to female figures, the real queens of the kitchen in Italian homes, and therefore to home cooking that is authentic and genuine. A restaurant for those looking for taste but also history.

地址:Della Repubblica广场7号(SAVOY酒店) - Irene是 一 间 由 当 今 意 大 利 美 食 届 最 受 欢 迎 之 一 的 米 其 林 二 星 大 厨 Fulvio PIerangelini主厨的餐厅。在这里他和年轻的大厨Giovanni Cosmai联手为大家呈上 托斯卡纳本地最好的当季美食。Irene的家常菜色是专门向女士们致敬的,她们才 是意大利家庭厨房里真正的女王们,每日为家人准备营养均衡,家常和独一无二 的美食。在这里您不光能找到美食,还能找到故事。

Mercato Centrale di Firenze 罗伦萨的中央集市

Piazza del Mercato Centrale - Inside the spectacular nineteenth-century iron structure, on the ground floor, one can find a real traditional Italian market. But it is on the first floor where Italian tradition acquires even more flavor, with a restaurant, 12 shops, a pizzeria, a beer bar, a cooking school, a library, and more. A new and prestigious landmark of excellent taste, to enjoy Italian specialties but also to shop and take home the best products offered by artisans of taste on their counters. 地址:MERCATO CENTRALE广场 - 在壮观的十九世纪钢铁构造下,在底层藏着一间最传统的意大利集市。但事实上 在第二层意大利传统才更具‘风味’:一间餐厅,12间商店,一间披萨店,一间 啤酒坊,一间厨艺学院,一间书店…… 这是味觉享受的最高殿堂,在这里你可 以品尝意大利特色食品,还可以从手艺人那里购买他们摊位上最卓越的商品。

Other addresses 其它地址 Borgo San Jacopo, Borgo San Jacopo 62/R; Buca San Giovanni, Piazza San Giovanni 8; Caffè Pitti, Piazza de’ Pitti, 9; Cibrèo, via del Verrocchio 8R Da’ Pescatore, piazza del Carmine 8R; Eataly Firenze, via dei Martelli 22; Il Barretto, via del Parione 50R; Il Borro Tuscan Bistro, lungarno Acciaiuoli 80R; Il Palagio (Four Seasons Hotel), Borgo Pinti 99; Il Santo Bevitore, via Santo Spirito 66; Ino, Via dei Georgofili, 3r/7r; L’Incontro (Hotel Savoy), piazza della Repubblica 7; La Giostra, Borgo Pinti 12R; Locale, Via delle Seggiole 12; Nove, Lungarno Guicciardini 1 Sesto on Arno, Piazza Ognissanti 3 (hotel The Westin Excelsior); Trattoria Armando Borgo Ognissanti, 140/R; Trattoria Coco Lezzone, via del Parioncino 26R, Firenze; Osteria delle Tre panche, via Antonio Pacinotti 32R, First floor of the Mercato centrale di Firenze, Piazza del Mercato Centrale Restaurant of the Società Canottieri Firenze, Lungarno Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici 8;


the take-away service.

Coffee bars 咖啡馆 Caffè Amerini, via della Vigna Nuova 63R; tel. 055.284941 Caffè Cibrèo, via del Verrocchio 5R; tel. 055.2345853 Caffè dell’Oro, lungarno Acciaiuoli 2P; Tel. 055.2726 8912 Caffè Florian Firenze, via del Parione 28R; Tel. 055.284291, Caffè Giacosa (Roberto Cavalli), via della Spada 10R; tel. 055.2776328 Caffè Gilli, via Roma 1; tel. 055.213896 Caffè Paszkowski. piazza della Repubblica 31/35R; tel. 055.210236 Cioccolateria Ballerini, Borgo Ognissanti 132/r; tel 055.215094 Colle Bereto Cafè, piazza Strozzi 5R; tel. 055.283156 Rivoire – Fabbrica di cioccolata, piazza della Signoria 4R; tel. 055.214412

Mercato Centrale di Firenze罗伦萨的中央集市佛


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Shopping 时尚精品店


prada Louis Vuitton

Omega (欧米茄)

TOD’S Anichini, via del Parione 59R; Anne Fontaine, via De’ Tornabuoni 69/71R, Armani Junior, via De’ Tornabuoni 45; Aquazzurra, lungarno Corsini 42 R; Balenciaga, via Santa Trinità 1/R; Boggi, via della Vigna Nuova 27; Braccialini, via Vacchereccia 11; Brioni, Via de’ Rondinelli 7R; Brunello Cucinelli, via de’ Pecori 16; Bulgari, via de’ Tornabuoni 56R; Burberry, via de’ Tornabuoni 29R; Carlo Eleuteri, Via de’ Tornabuoni 6; Cartier, via degli Strozzi 36R; Casadei, via de’ Tornabuoni 74R; Céline, via de’ Tornabuoni 24/28R; Cesare Paciotti, via della Vigna Nuova 14R; Chanel, piazza della Signoria 10; Chopard, via della Vigna Nuova 41/43R; Corneliani, via Calimala 22R; Degaia, via de’ Rondinelli 1R; Dior, via de’ Tornabuoni 1R; Dodo, Via de’ Tornabuoni 39/41; Dolce & Gabbana, via degli Strozzi 12/18; Emilio Cavallini, via della Vigna Nuova 24R; Emporio Armani, via degli Strozzi 16/R; via Roma 14; Ermanno Scervino, piazza degli Antinori 10R; Ermenegildo Zegna, via de’ Tornabuoni 3R; Fani gioielli, via dè Tornabuoni 101R; Fendi, via de’ Tornabuoni 40R; Gerard, via de’ Sassetti 13; Gianfranco Lotti, via de’ Tornabuoni 57R; Giorgio Armani, via de’ Tornabuoni 48R; Gucci, via de’ Tornabuoni 73R/81R; Hermès, piazza degli Antinori 6r; Hugo Boss, piazza della Repubblica 46; Il Bisonte, via del Parione 31-33; Il Gufo, via de’ Tornabuoni 9/R; Jaeger-LeCoultre, via Por Santa Maria 7R, Lacoste, via della vigna nuova 33 R; Les Copains, piazza degli Antinori 2/3 R; Loretta caponi, via Degli Antinori 4R; Lori Blu, via de’ Tornabuoni 72; Loro Piana, Via de’ Tornabuoni 34/36R; Louis Vuitton, piazza degli Strozzi 1 and 21R; Luigi Borrelli, via della Vigna Nuova 79R; Luisa Spagnoli, via degli Strozzi 20 R; Margaret Howell Limited, piazza Goldoni 5; Mario Luca Giusti, via della vigna nuova 88 R; Massimo Rebecchi, via della vigna nuova 26; Michael Kors, Piazza della Repubblica 43; Montblanc, via de’ Tornabuoni 63R; New Balance, via della Vigna Nuova 32/R

Officine Panerai, piazza San Giovanni 16R; c/o Hotel Four Seasons Borgo Pinti 99; Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, via della Scala 16; Omega, Via de’ Tornabuoni 25R, Parenti, Via de’ Tornabuoni 93R; Patrizia Pepe, via degli Strozzi 11/19 R; Paul&Shark, via degli Strozzi 7/9 R; Peserico, via dell’Olio 6; Petit Bateau, via della Vigna Nuova 74/76R; Piquadro, via Calimala 7/R; Pomellato, via de’ Tornabuoni 89/91R; Prada, via de’ Tornabuoni 53R/67R; via Roma/via de’ Pecori; Richard Ginori, Via de’ Rondinelli 17R; Rimowa, via Porta Rossa 95; Roberto Cavalli, via de’ Tornabuoni 83R; Rucoline, Piazza De’ Rucellai 3R;

Salvatore Ferragamo, via de’ Tornabuoni 4/14R; Sartoria Rossi, via della vigna nuova 51 R; Sergio Rossi, piazza Santa Trinita 2/3R; Sermoneta Gloves, via della Vigna Nuova 28R; Stefano Bemer, Borgo San Frediano 143 R; Stefano Ricci, Palazzo Tornabuoni, via De’ Pescioni 1; Stone Island, Via Vacchereccia, 18/20R Sutor Mantellassi, via della vigna nuova 62R; The Bridge, via Vacchereccia 17/r; Tiffany & Co., via de’ Tornabuoni 37R; Tod’s, via de’ Tornabuoni 60R; Tommy Hilfiger, piazza degli Antinori 3D; Vacheron Constantin, Ponte Vecchio, Wp store, via della Vigna Nuova 75/R;

Multibrand Stores 多品牌店 Luisaviaroma, via Roma 19/21R; via Silvio Pellico 9; Ugolini & Figli, via Calzaioli 65R; Eredi Chiarini, via Roma, 16R; Piazza Beccaria 3/5R; Guya, via Por Santa Maria 76R; via Calimala 29R; Principe, via del Sole 2; Gioielleria Barducci, via Degli Strozzi 22R; Fratelli Peruzzi argentieri, Borgo San Jacopo 2/4R;


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ADV FIC_chn 178 x 230 mm_Layout 1_aggiornato.pdf 1 12/02/2016 17:40:29 ď€?ď€?ď€—ď€™ď€›ď€žď€€ď€„ď€Šď€‹ď€€ď€˘ď€€ď€…ď€†ď€ƒď€€ď€?ď€?ď€—ď€“ď€˜ď€Łď€&#x; ď€€ď€„ď€€ď€€ď€…ď€Œď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€‚ď€„ď€‡ď€€ď€€ď€„ď€…ď€ ď€ˆď€„ď€€ď€€ď€•ď€˜ď€šď€œď€žď€˜ď€€ď€„


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ć„?中ĺ&#x;şé‡‘äźšç?†äş‹äźš ĊĤÄ?ÄžÄ­ÄŁÄ˜Ä­


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CESARE ROMITI ĺˆ‡č?¨čŽąâ€˘ çąłč’‚ ü´Ă?â€˘ÄŒÄ‡Âš

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Hotel De La Ville


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Golden Tower Hotel

34 Olfattorio 36 damiani 38 céline 40 emilio pucci 42 d&g junior 44 spazio a

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NH Firenze Porta Rossa 54 aspesi

50 Balenciaga


51 sergio rossi 52 salvatore ferragamo

Gallery Hotel Art Portrait Firenze

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77 Casadei

hogan 76

The Shopping Map 购物地图


87 ermanno scervino

richard ginori 86

53 Leica hotel continentale

22/03/17 11.39

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124 Jaeger-LeCoultre

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hotel brunelleschi

Anne Fontaine  25 apple  60 01 aquazzurra  Armani junior  35 aspesi  54 Balenciaga  50 benetton  118 boggi  19 bottega veneta  67 braccialini  120 brioni  84 Brunello Cucinelli  91 bulgari  69 burberry  41 carlo eleuteri  33 cartier  66 Casadei  77 céline 38 cesare paciotti  22 chanel121 chopard  17 corneliani  114 cos store  23 d&g junior  42 damiani  36 degaia  82 desmo  48 dior  46 disney  108 dodo  37 dolce & gabbana  62 elena mirò  104 Emilio Cavallini  21 emilio pucci  40 Emporio Armani  101 eredi chiarini uomo  117 ermanno scervino  87 Ermenegildo Zegna  49 etro  11 fani gioielli  78 Fendi  30 gaudì  93 gerard  56 gherardini  07 gianfranco lotti  28 gioielleria barducci  64 Giorgio Armani  29 GSTAR  61 Gucci24 gucci96 guess  111 hermes  81 hogan  76 hugo boss  109 Hugo Boss  122 Il Gufo  47 Jaeger-LeCoultre  124 la perla 65 la rinascente  110 lacoste  18 le silla  97 Leica 53

Les Copains  79 liu jo  116 99 longchamp  Loretta caponi  80 lori blu 75 loro piana 31 Louis Vuitton 57 luigi borrelli  05 luisa spagnoli  63 luisa via roma  98 malloni  102 MARGARET HOWELL  02 mario luca giusti  04 massimo rebecchi  20 max mara  92 max&co.  105 maxmara  73 michael kors  107 miu miu  106 montblanc  27 moreschi  112 New Balance  15 north sails  103 officina profumo  71 officine panerai 88 Olfattorio  34 OMEGA  43 parenti  74 Patrizia Pepe  58 patrizia pepe 90 Paul & Shark  59 Peserico89 Petit Bateau  08 pineider  10 piquadro  115 pomellato  72 prada  26 prada  32 prada  95 replay  94 richard ginori  86 rimowa  55 roberto cavalli  68 rucoline  12 salvatore ferragamo 52 sandro  113 sartoria rossi  13 sergio rossi  51 sermoneta glowes  06 space45 spazio a  44 stefano ricci  85 Stone Island  123 sutor mantellassi  09 the bridge  119 tiffany & co  39 Tod’s  70 tommy hilfiger  83 valentino  100 Wp store  03 16 zenobi 


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Eccellenze Wire.indd 1

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113-122-EI15-GUIDA VENEZIA.indd 113

Bridge of Sighs with San Giorgio Maggiore in the background - photo by Luca Da Ros/SIME

威 尼 斯


22/03/17 11.45

VENICE - 威尼斯

Places of Interest 景点 Doges’ Palace 总督宫

San Marco 1, The Palazzo Ducale, one of the symbols of the city of Venice and Venetian Gothic masterpiece, rises in the monumental Piazza San Marco. In the past, it was the seat of the Doge and the Venetian judiciaries and today is home to the Civic Museum of Palazzo Ducale. The Porta della Carta (Paper Door) is a must-see, as well as the beautiful inner courtyard, the Scala dei Giganti (Giants’ Staircase), and especially the beautiful interior apartments. Adjacent to the Palace, and accessible internally from the first floor, is the famous Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), the narrow covered walkway that connected the palace to the prisons and across which the convicts would walk.

San Marco广场1号, 总督宫是威尼斯城的标志之一,也是威尼斯哥特式建筑的非凡杰作,坐落在不朽的圣马可 广场上,是古代威尼斯总督和法官的官邸原址所在,今天的总督宫则成为了总督宫博物馆 (MUSEO CIVICO DI PALAZZO DUCALE)。这里值得一看的有Carta之门, 精美绝伦的内部庭 院,巨人石階以及尤其精致的内部公寓住所。位于总督宫旁侧且可以由宫内第一层到达的 是著名的叹息桥,这条狭窄的通道连接着总督宫和牢房,还用作犯人走的过道。

St. Mark’s Basilica 圣马可大教堂

San Marco, It is the city’s cathedral and one of the most beautiful and well-known churches in the world. Originally it was the church of the neighboring Doges’ Palace, while it has been the city’s cathedral only since 1807. Its current appearance is due to a design that dates back to the year1000 and is inspired by the ancient Basilica of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople (now Istanbul). The beautiful golden mosaics decorating the interior date back to 1200, the year when many ornaments were also added after being looted from old buildings in Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade. After the domes were built, before 1300, the basilica was completed with the facade, but only in the fifteenth century. San Marco广场, 它是这座城市的主教堂也是世界上最美丽及最著名的教堂之一。它的前身只是总督宫旁 边的一个教堂直到1807年才变成主教座堂。其外观历史可以追溯到公元1000年,灵感来源 于君士坦丁堡的圣使徒教堂(今伊斯坦布尔)。教堂内精美的彩色马赛克可追溯到1200 年,在那一年君士坦丁堡很多建筑也加上了一些装饰物,它们都是第四次十字军的战利 品。1300年在教堂的拱顶矗立起后,一直到十五世纪教堂的正面才得以全面完工。


Sestiere San Polo, The Ponte di Rialto is one of the four bridges above the Grand Canal, the oldest and certainly the most famous. Initially, it consisted of a succession of boats but the growing importance of the Rialto neighborhood market, on the east bank of the canal, led the city government to the decision of building, in 1250, a more stable, wooden bridge, with two mobile ramps that raised up when boats sailed through. Bordered by artisanal workshops since its origins, today it displays a single-arched stone structure, designed and built by Antonio da Ponte in 1591.

Sestiere San Polo, 它是四座跨越大运河的桥梁之一,也是最古老和最著名的一座。最开始的时候这里是一座 由船只拼在一起组成的浮桥,随着运河东岸里阿尔托区市场的发展使得浮桥的客流量增 大,市政府于1250年决定建成一座更加牢固的木桥,两侧向中间拱起使船只得以通行。 桥上过道两旁布满着手工艺品商店。今天我们看到的里阿尔托桥是由石块构成的单行拱

桥,由 Antonio da Ponte 于1591年建造而成。

St. Mark’s Bell Tower 圣马可钟楼

Piazza San Marco, A symbol of Venice, it is almost 100 meters high making it one of the highest bell towers in Italy. It has a simple and squared shape, surmounted by a belfry in which five bronze bells resonate, and adorned at the base by the Sansovino Loggia. The bell tower was damaged several times by lightning and fires and completely collapsed in 1902. It was entirely rebuilt within the following ten years.

San Marco广场, 它是威尼斯的标志,高近百米,是全意大利最高的钟塔。它的形状为简单的四边形,拱形 钟楼内共放置了五座青铜大钟。钟楼的底座是 Jacopo Sansovino 设计的回廊的一部分。 钟楼曾被闪电和火灾损坏数次,于1902年完全开裂坍塌之后的10年间重建并重新开放。


Campo San Fantin, Established in 1792 and renovated in the 2000s after a devastating fire, in the nineteenth century the Teatro La Fenice was one of the most important theaters in Europe. Today it is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful opera houses where one can enjoy operas, ballets, and concerts performed at the highest levels. The head musical director is now Venezuela’s Diego Matheuz. A complete season program is available at Campo San Fantin, 建成于1792年,于2000年一次毁灭性的大火后重建,凤凰剧院是十九世纪欧洲最重要的剧 院之一。乃至在今天,它的戏院也是世界上欣赏最高级别的歌剧、舞蹈和音乐会最美最大 的场所。现任的音乐总监是委内瑞拉人Diego Matheuz 。


Dorsoduro 704, The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the most important museums in Italy for European and American art from the first half of the twentieth century. The museum houses Peggy Guggenheim’s personal collection, masterpieces from the Gianni Mattioli Collection, the Nasher Sculptures Garden, and temporary exhibitions.

地址:Dorsoduro区704号, 佩吉·古根海姆 (Peggy Guggenheim) 博物馆是意大利最重要的收藏20世纪上半叶 欧洲和美洲艺术品的博物馆之一。馆中展出佩吉·古根海姆的个人收藏、詹尼· 马蒂奥利 (Gianni Mattioli) 收藏的名作、Nasher雕塑花园, 还举办临时展览。


Campo San Samuele, Palazzo Grassi hosts major temporary exhibitions, some of which are entirely or partially based on the pieces from François Pinault’s collection. The nobility of the building, the last great palace along the Grand Canal built before the fall of the Venetian Republic, emphasizes the historical importance of the finest pieces of the collection.

地址:Campo San Samuele广场, Palazzo Grassi展览馆主要举办大型的临时展览, 其中的一些展览全部或部分展出 法国富豪弗朗索瓦·皮诺 (Francois Pinault) 的个人收藏品。这座富丽堂皇的建筑 是威尼斯大运河 (Canal Grande) 上建造的最后一座大楼, 于威尼斯共和国灭亡 之前落成, 这也突出显示了其珍贵收藏品的重要性。


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Dorsoduro 2; With its perfectly triangular shape, the Punta della Dogana divides the Grand Canal from the Giudecca Canal. The former monumental city’s harbor is the permanent seat of works from François Pinault’s collection, after a significant upgrade.

地址:Dorsoduro区2号 , 海关口美术馆呈完美的三角形结构, 将大运河 (Canal Grande) 和朱代卡运河 (Canale della Giudecca) 分隔开来。这座威尼斯原先的码头大楼在经过一次大手笔 的翻新之后, 如今成为弗朗索瓦·皮诺(François Pinault) 的收藏品的永久展馆。 PUNTA DELLA DOGANA 海关口博物馆

VENICE - 威尼斯



Other addresses 其它地址 MURANO GLASS MUSEUM, Fondamenta Giustinian 8, Murano, The Glass Museum is located in Murano, an island famous for artistic glass products. It is the largest historical glass collection with important pieces produced between the fifteenth and twentieth centuries. 玻璃博物馆坐落在穆拉诺岛上, 这座岛以玻璃艺术而闻名, 是游客们游览威尼斯的 众多原因之一。这是最大的收集有穆拉诺玻璃的博物馆, 藏品包括从15世纪到 20世纪的各种重要的作品。 PALAZZO FORTUNY, Campo S. Beneto 3780, The Palazzo Fortuny is a gothic palace in Venice that takes its name from the last owner, the artist Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo. It is part of the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice. Fortuny宫是一座威尼斯哥特式风格的宫殿, 位于圣马可区。名字源自其最 后一位所有者——艺术家Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo, 如今是同名博物馆的所 在地。现在博物馆归属于威尼斯市立博物馆基金会。 CA’ PESARO, Santa Croce 2076, The grand palace of Ca’ Pesaro, the current location of the International Gallery of Modern Art and the Museum of Oriental Art, was designed in 1600 by architect Baldassarre Longhena. Ca’ Pesaro是一座位于Santa Croce区的威尼斯风格宫殿。这座宏伟的宫殿现在已 成为现代艺术国际美术馆 (Galleria internazionale d’arte moderna) 和威尼斯东方艺 术博物馆 (Museo d’arte orientale) 的馆址, 17世纪由建筑师Baldassarre Longhena为极 为富有的贵族家庭Pesaro设计建成。 PALAZZO MOCENIGO, Santa Croce 1992; The Palace houses the Costume Museum with its Center of Studies on the History of Textiles and Costume, which boasts an outstanding collection of ancient fabrics and clothes from the eighteenth century. The itinerary dedicated to perfumes and perfume art is new. 这里陈列着非常古老的衣物和纺织材料还有十八世纪保留下来的服装,在 这里你可以看到纺织品进化的历史。博物馆还最新开辟了香水及香味艺术 展区。 MUSEO CORRER, piazza San Marco 52,


Art galleries CONTINI GALLERY, San Marco, 2288, Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, Fondamenta S.Biagio 795, Giudecca, LA SALIZADA, San Marco 3448, RAVAGNAN GALLERY, Piazza San Marco 50/a,



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VENICE - 威尼斯

Aman Grand Canal 大运河安缦度假村

Hotels 酒店 Aman Grand Canal 大运河安缦度假村

Palazzo Papadopoli, Calle Tiepolo 1364; The first Amanresorts Group hotel in Italy, it is housed in the splendid sixteenth century Papadopoli Palace. Overlooking the Grand Canal, it offers 24 unique, truly majestic suites, including one with frescoes by Tiepolo, characterized by high ceilings, paintings, and bas-reliefs. The two private gardens also boast rare beauty, as do the two restaurants, the ancient library, the ballroom, and the spa located on the top floor.

地址:帕帕多珀里宫(Palazzo Papadopoli),Calle Tiepolo 1364号; Aman resorts集团在意大利的第一家酒店,位于16世纪华丽辉煌的帕帕多珀里 宫中。俯瞰大运河(Canal Grande),设有独特的24间套房(50至105平方米), 其中一间内存提埃波罗(Tiepolo)的杰出壁画,这些套房的特征壮丽雄伟, 高高的天花板上布满绘画与浮雕。罕见唯美的还有两座私人花园、两家餐厅、 古老的图书馆、舞厅与位于顶楼的水疗中心。 Belmond Hotel Cipriani 酒店


Via Riva degli Schiavoni 4196; A magical fusion of noble Venetian atmosphere, contemporary comfort, and privileged services. The Danieli Hotel occupies a prestigious location along Riva degli Schiavoni, in front of the lagoon, near the Ponte dei Sospiri, Palazzo Ducale, and Piazza San Marco.

地址;Riva degli Schiavoni 湖滨路4196号; 该酒店是威尼斯贵族气息、现代舒适感与优越服务的神奇合。Danieli酒店占据 了一个重要的方位,正对泻湖的湖滨路Schiavoni, 紧挨着叹息桥、公爵宫和圣马 可广场。

JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa

Isola delle Rose, The first resort in Europe of the Marriott brand has just opened on the Island of Roses, setting new standards for luxury hospitality in the lagoon. The hotel consists of several structures scattered on the 16 green acres of the island, from which 266 rooms and 32 suites were crafted, all designed by the Italian studio Matteo Thun & Partners. Accessible by motorboat (free) in 15 minutes, the hotel offers 4 restaurants, 4 bars, a cooking academy, the largest spa in Venice, a panoramic rooftop pool, and artisanal workshops for the production of glass and masks.

overlook the city’s rooftops and canals.

地址:Santa Sofia广场4198/99号; 一家豪华酒店,一座艺术博物馆,一个贵族宅邸,Ca’ Sagredo酒店不止于此。在全城最 豪华的酒店中,它位于一座十四世纪的高贵建筑中,俯瞰大运河,距离里亚尔托桥几步 之遥,而且其内部装潢是典型威尼斯风格,配有古董家具和原创艺术作品。另有俯瞰屋 顶和运河的精美套房。


San Marco 1459, Beautifully renovated, the hotel is characterized by its spacious rooms and unique furniture: glass windows, chandeliers, and antique Venetian manufactured fabrics blend harmoniously with fine Art Deco furniture and contemporary sculptures. 地址:圣马可广场1459号, 酒店经过重装, 精美辉煌, 特点是空间宽敞, 装潢独特:窗户、吊灯和威尼斯古 老手工面料与装饰艺术风格的家具和当代雕塑和谐地融为一体。

Hilton Molino Stucky

Giudecca 810; The luxurious Hilton Molino Stucky is located on the Giudecca Island in the Venetian lagoon. From its suites, including the spectacular Presidential, the highest and most scenic of Venice, with 44 windows, one can enjoy a wonderful view of the city. The must-see panorama is also accessible to everyone from the renovated terrace with pool and rooftop bar. The Wellness and Fitness center is also well known.

地址:玫瑰岛, Marriott集团在威尼斯玫瑰岛上开了它们在欧洲的第一间度假村,给威尼斯泻湖奢华 酒店订下了新的标准。酒店总共占地岛屿的所有16亩,由分散在绿色小岛上的不同设 Thun&Partners工作室 施组成。其中有266间客房和32间套房,全部由意大利Matteo 设计。可15分钟内乘坐摩托艇到达(免费),酒店有4间餐厅,4间酒吧,一间Cooking Academy(厨艺学院),威尼斯最大的Spa,一间露台观景泳池和几间玻璃制品和面具 手工作坊。

地址:朱代卡岛810号, Molino Stucky希尔顿奢华酒店位于威尼斯泻湖朱代卡岛上。从它的套房,尤其是大名 鼎鼎拥有44面窗户的总统套房,威尼斯最高并享有最美景观的房间,可以把整个城市的 景色一览无遗。其他客人可以从重新设计过的顶层泳池露天酒吧欣赏这番不可错过的美 景。有名的还有美容休闲中心和健身房。

Ca’ Sagredo

Palazzina G

Campo Santa Sofia 4198/99, A luxury hotel, an art museum, a noble residence; the Hotel Ca’ Sagredo is all this and more. Among the most luxurious hotels in the city, it is inserted in an elegant fourteenth-century building overlooking the Grand Canal, a short walk from the Rialto Bridge, and it offers luxurious interiors in typical Venetian décor, with antique furniture and original works of art. The suites are beautiful and

Ramo Grassi 3247, In PalazzinaG one feels transported on a journey full of intense emotions, from the experience in the hotel to true Venetian life. Unique artworks, attention to detail, and a casual atmosphere make PalazzinaG a house where you can feel temporarily Venetian.

地址:Ramo Grassi大街3247号, 来到这里人们将被带到一段充满强烈情感的旅程中,从酒店的体验进入真正的威


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Splendid Venice

San Marco Mercerie 760; Subject of a recent makeover, the Starhotels chain Splendid Venice is a luxury hotel that enjoys a privileged location, right in the center, between Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge. Although overlooking the famous Mercerie street, full of boutiques and specialty shops, its 165 rooms and suites above the canals ensure the ideal tranquility to be able to enjoy the city without stress.

Palazzo Barocci

Corte dell’Albero 3878/a; Located in a building dating back to 1890, where the Teatro Sant’Angelo could be found, the NH Collection hotel has reopened after undergoing a complete renovation process that transformed the former NH Manin into a boutique hotel and designed the interiors combining innovation and tradition, past and present. With 59 rooms, including 11 junior suites, the hotel overlooks the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge and also has a private dock to which one can reach directly by motorboat and gondola.

地址:San Marco Mercerie 760号; 最新被改型设计,威尼斯华丽酒店属于Starhotels连锁,是一家享有优越的地理位置, 处于市中心的豪华酒店,介于圣马可广场与Rialto桥之间。尽管对面著名的Mercerie 街 道,众多时装与特色商店,在运河之上的165间客房与套房确保理想的安宁,体验无压力 的城市生活。

地址:Corte dell’Albero路3878/a号, 位于一座曾是Sant’Angelo剧院的1890年的建筑内的NH Collection酒店在一场彻底的翻修 之后重新开业,这场翻修将原来的NH Manin改造成了一个精品酒店并且将内部装潢设计成 创新和传统并存,过去和现在并存的风格。内有59间客房,其中包括11间初级套房。俯瞰 大运河和里亚尔托桥的酒店还有一个私人渡口,可以乘坐快艇和贡多拉直达这里。


Belmond Hotel Cipriani

Fondamenta Santa Caterina 3, Isola di Mazzorbo; Luxury hostel, restaurant, but also beautiful wine estate, Venissa is located on the island of Mazzorbo, twin of the more famous Burano Island. In the middle of the Lagoon Park, 30 minutes by steamboat from the center of Venice, the estate is enclosed within eighteenthcentury walls and houses only six but very charming suites dedicated to those who also appreciate nature tourism. Its beauty is completed by an excellent food service.

地址:Fondamenta Santa Caterina 3号,Mazzorbo岛; 这里不仅有豪华酒店、餐馆,同时也是一座酿酒丰富的酒庄。Venissa酒店坐落 于马佐尔博岛,毗邻更为著名的布拉诺岛。位于大泻湖公园之内,从威尼斯主岛 乘搭汽船抵达约需30分钟。庄园周边围绕着一圈18世纪的围墙, 仅有六间套房但 都各具特色,专为喜爱自然旅游和精致菜肴带来的尊贵享受的顾客所设。

Ca’ Gottardi

Cannaregio 2283, Historical residence in the heart of Venice, overlooking the Grand Canal and just steps away from the Ca’ d’Oro and the Casino Palace, Ca’ Gottardi offers its guests a relaxed but charming atmosphere. It is part of the collection of the Stones of Venice, charming residences and hotels strategically located around the city and ideal to experience Venice as a true Venetian, but with all the advantages and conveniences of a hotel.

地址: Canneregio区 2283号, 坐落在威尼斯历史中心的居民区,正对着大运河毗邻黄金宫和威尼斯赌场,酒店充满 着非常迷人的十八世纪经典威尼斯气息,带给人欢愉与舒适。和Ca’ Mariele酒店,Ca’ Ortensie酒店还有Ca’ Riva San Marco酒店一起组成了Stones of Venice系列,这些精品 酒店战略性的位置选择让旅客能领会到真正的威尼斯以及当地的集市与商店,就像一个 居住在酒店的威尼斯人一样。 Bauer 酒店

VENICE - 威尼斯

尼斯人生活中。独特的艺术作品、对于细节的关注和轻松的氛围使得在Palazzina G酒店彷如在家中一般,人们可以暂时感受到作为威尼斯人的情怀。

Giudecca 10; Located on the tip of the Giudecca Island, the Cipriani is synonymous with Dolce Vita in Venetian style. Appreciated by the stars and privileged residence during the Film Festival, the Cipriani is a way of life, an island apart, the temple of hospitality in the tradition of the Serenissima.

地址:朱代卡岛10号, 位于朱代卡 (Giudecca) 岛的尖端, Cipriani酒店是“甜蜜生活”的代名词, 代表 了一种生活方式, 是远离喧嚣的岛屿, 是世界上最荣耀的城市“至静之所—— 威尼斯”的理想栖身之处。

St. Regis Venice San Clemente Palace

Isola di San Clemente 1, The third hotel of the luxury brand St. Regis has just opened on the private San Clemente Island, in the heart of the lagoon. Here, in a palace built in the twelfth century, the hotel offers 191 rooms and 48 suites overlooking the lagoon and the beautiful gardens of the island. The hotel offers a spa, the panoramic restaurant Acquarello, an outdoor pool with cabanas, tennis courts, and a church for private celebrations.

地址:圣克莱门特私人岛 1号, 奢华品牌St.Regis在威尼斯群岛的中心San Clemente私人岛上开了它们在意大利的第三 间酒店。酒店座落在一栋十二世纪的建筑里,提供191间客房和48间可以欣赏海景和岛上 美丽花园的套房。酒店还拥有一间Spa,Acquerello观景餐厅,带卡巴拿帐篷屋的室外 泳池,网球场和一间用来举办私人典礼的教堂。


Fondamenta Madonna dell’Orto (Calle Larga Piave) 3500 Also known as the Doges’ Hotel, the Venetian hotel of the Boscolo group is a strategic dwelling for diving into the enchanted atmosphere of the lagoon due to its location in the ancient, prestigious, and noble Palazzo Rizzo-Patarol. Its seventeenth-century façade hides a historic garden overlooking the canals, the only one in Venice to be located inside a hotel, and protects the privacy of the guests of its beautiful suites.

地址:Fondamenta Madonna dell’Orto (Calle Larga Piave) 3500 号, 它也被称为总督酒店(Hotel dei Dogi),是博斯科洛(Boscolo)集团在威尼斯的 酒店。酒店地处战略性位置,沉浸在泻湖的迷人气氛中,因为它坐落在古老而著名的 Rizzo-Patarol宫殿内。17世纪的外立面后面“隐藏”着一个历史悠久的花园,俯瞰 着运河,这在威尼斯的各大酒店中是独一无二的,可以保护客人在漂亮套房的个人隐 私。这些套房均采用豪华的古董物品装饰,搭配当下最流行的奢侈品,享受舒适。令 人印象深刻。

St. Regis Venice San Clemente Palace 酒店

Other addresses 其它地址 CA’ PISANI Rio Terrà Foscarini 979A, CORTE DI GABRIELA Calle degli Avvocati - San Marco 3836, DUODO PALACE San Marco 1887 - Calle Minelli, EXCELSIOR Lungomare Marconi 41, Hotel L’orologio, Sestriere San Polo 1777 Riva de l’Ogio, LONDRA PALACE Riva degli Schiavoni 4171, LUNA BAGLIONI San Marco 1243, METROPOLE Riva degli Schiavoni 4149, MONACO GRAN CANAL San Marco 1332, SAN MARCO LUXURY VENICE Via Vittorio Pellegrini, THE GRITTI PALACE Campo Santa Maria del Giglio 30124, THE WESTIN EUROPA&REGINA San Marco 2159, Via Vittorio PellegriniCenturion Palace, Dorsoduro 173,


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Loro Piana  38 Loro Piana  41 Louis Vuitton  34 Luisa Semenzato  87 Luisa Spagnoli  84 Malo  10 Marina Rinaldi  67 Marly’s  49 missoni  47 Miu Miu 23 MONTBLANC  07 Morellato  73 Nardi  55 OFFICINE PANERAI  61 Omega  31 83 Pagnacco  pal zileri  93 Pandora  71 Philosophy Alberta Ferretti  66 Pinko  92 PIQUADRO 94 Pollini  68 Pomellato 08 22 Prada  Principe  91 Recarlo  70 Reminescence  71 Renè Caovilla  33 Roberto Cavalli  45 Rocca28 Rolex 62 Serapian  02 Sermoneta Gloves  05 Sisley  35 Stefanel 88 Swarovski  81 Tag Heuer  39 Timberland  89 Tiozzo 85 Tod’s  15 Tokatzian 64 Toy Watch  48 Trollbeads  76 Vhernier  46 Versace  21 Visconti Orlandini  58


audemars piguet 57 Balenciaga  43 Blumarine  13 Borna e Fils  09 boggi  52 Bottega Veneta  20 bottega veneta  24 brunello cucinelli  50 Bruno Magli  37 Burberry  12 BYBLOS  19 cartier  25 Chanel  40 chopard  60 Church’s  45 Cristina Linassi  01 Damiani29 Desigual  90 Diesel  82 dior 54 Dolce & Gabbana  74 Eleuteri  06 ermanno scervino  42 etro  36 fendi  51 Ferragamo  17 Ferrari  79 Fratelli Rossetti  26 Frette  18 Frey Wille 59 Gianmaria Buccellati 69 Giuseppe Zanotti  27 Gucci  16 Gucci  80 Guetta  30 Hermès 32 Hugo Boss  53 iwc schaffhausen  63 jaeger lecoultre 56 Jesurum  04 Kiehl’s 65 L’Occitane  77 la coupole  03 La Coupole  11 La Parigina  86 Lacoste  72 Longchamp  78

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VENICE - 威尼斯

The Shopping Map 购物地图

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94 PIQUADRO pal zileri 93

92 Pinko 91 Principe 90 Desigual

Timberland 89 Stefanel 88

Luisa Semenzato 87 La Parigina 86

splendid venice

Tiozzo 85 Luisa Spagnoli 84

Ferrari 79

83 Pagnacco

Longchamp 78

82 Diesel 81 Swarovski L’Occitane 77 80 Gucci Trollbeads 76 Reminescence 75 Dolce & Gabbana 74 Morellato 73 Lacoste 72 Pandora 71 Recarlo 70 Gianmaria Buccellati 69 Pollini 68 67 Marina Rinaldi 66 Philosophy Alberta Ferretti 65 Kiehl’s









Bellevue Luxury Rooms

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Hugo Boss 53

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22/03/17 11.46

作为规模的一家 “友好中国” 品牌, “意大利,中国之友”在 意大利代表 “友好中国”

意大利,中国之友 项目

中国是世界第一大旅游市场, 这是一个正在飞速增长的市 场,是一个我们不能忽视和低 估的市场。然而,这也是一个 特殊的市场,它所要求的营销 方式和质量都与旅游经营者所 习惯的有所不同。尤其需要一 些新的了解和“中国之友”质 量的最低标准。


我们将为会员提供一系列的服 务,从诸如培训、翻译、陪同 等基本服务,到“中国之友” 质量标准的采取,再到市场和 营销服务:从中国代表处,到 参加展会,再到组织与贸易有 关的教育之旅。


针对符合中国游客接待标准的 机构,我们会给予“意大利, 中国之友”的标签 – 针对所有 获得“意大利,中国之友”标 签的经营者,我们会在宣传材 料和/或中文网站上予以公布。


VENICE - 威尼斯

Restaurants 餐厅 Caffè Florian

Piazza San Marco 57, Opened in 1720 in Venice’s Piazza San Marco, Caffè Florian is the oldest coffee shop in the world. Sitting in one of the frescoed rooms of the café or outside, or listening to the orchestra in the square, you can enjoy its impeccable service and highest quality products in one of the most evocative settings of the city.



地址:San Marco广场57号, Florian咖啡馆于1720年开张, 是全世界最古老的咖啡馆。坐在店中带有壁画的某 个餐厅内或者室外, 听着广场上乐队的奏乐, 可以在这座最迷人的城市之一享受 到完美的服务和最上乘的食品。


Calle Vallaresso 1323, Harry’s Bar is a historic bar that became national heritage site in 2001. Founder Giuseppe Cipriani created an entire series of original recipes for his customers, both as regards the cocktails and food service. 地址:Vallaresso路1323号, Harry’s Bar是一座历史悠久的酒吧, 2001年被文化遗产部评为国家遗产。店主 Giuseppe Capriani为他的顾客们准备了一整套的正宗食谱, 既有鸡尾酒又有美食。


Riva degli Schiavoni 4196, Terrazza Danieli bar, located on the top floor of Palazzo Danielino, is open from May to September. The terrace offers its visitors a magnificent view over the Venice lagoon, to watch, especially, the spectacular show of the Festa del Redentore and its fireworks.

地址:Riva degli Schiavoni海滨路4196号, 露台酒吧Danieli位于Danielino大楼的顶层, 每年5月至9月营业。游客们可以在这 里的露台上观赏到威尼斯泻湖的壮美景色, 特别是在救世主节 (Redentore) 上可 以在此欣赏到演出和焰火。


Calle della Corona, Five lounges, a private courtyard, and a collection of paintings worthy of an art gallery, Antica Sacrestia, a historic restaurant in Venice, now also has a new location, just a few steps from Piazza San Marco. Giuseppe Calliandro, the restaurant owner, has chosen to focus on quality food, enhancing the best dishes belonging to the Venetian tradition and proposing a path among flavors, capable of reflecting the history and magic of this city.

地址:Calle della Corona区4463号, 占地300平方米,5个大厅,内含一个私家庭院和一称得上画廊的绘画作陈列 室:Antica Sacrestia,威尼斯历史上的老餐馆,如今新址落成,位于圣马可广 场几步之遥。Giuseppe Calliandro,餐馆的所有者,把餐厅定位在以质量取胜, 突出威尼斯传统菜肴,让食客们透过味觉来体味威尼斯的悠久历史和这个城市 独特的风格。这既是威尼斯当地人的选择也是游客的最佳去处。近几年来Antica Sacrestia 餐馆成为这座城市享誉国际的餐馆之一。

Other addresses 其它地址 ANTICHE CARAMPANE, Rio Terà de le Carampane, ANTICO MARTINI, Campo Teatro Fenice 2007, ANTICO PIGNOLO, Calle Specchieri 451, AROMI, Giudecca 810, CA’ GIUSTINIAN, S. Marco 1364, DO FORNI, San Marco 457, Oro Restaurant, Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Giudecca 10, LE MASCHERE, S. Marco 760, QUADRI, Piazza San Marco 121,


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VENICE - 威尼斯

Shopping 时尚精品店


Audemars Piguet, Piazza San Marco 18, Bruno Magli, San Marco 1302, Burberry, Calle Larga 22 Marzo 2308, Cartier, CALLE SAN MOISè 1474/1475, Chanel, Sestiere San Marco, 1254/A-1300, Church’s, Calle Vallaresso 1316, Damiani, PIAZZA SAN MARCO 125, Dior, San Marco 1255; Dolce & Gabbana, Piazza San Marco 223/226, Ermenegildo Zegna, Bocca di Piazza San Marco 1241, Etro, Calle Vallaresso 1311-1314, Fendi, CALLE FREZZARIA 1582, Ferragamo, Calle Larga 22 Marzo 2098, Fratelli Rossetti, Salizada San Moisé 1477, Giorgio Armani, Calle Larga XXII Marzo 2282, Gucci, Piazza San Marco 258, Kiehl’s, SESTIERE DI SAN MARCO 299/300, La Perla, San Marco 4828, Campo San Salvador, Loro Piana, CALLE ASCENSIONE 1301, Louis Vuitton, Calle Larga dell’Ascensione 1255-1256, Missoni, Calle Vallaresso 1312, MONTBLANC, CALLE LARGA 22 MARZO 2380, Morellato, Calle delle Mercerie dell’Orologio 298, Officine Panerai, Piazza San Marco 47, Prada, Salizada San Moise 1464, Roberto Cavalli, San Marco 1314, Tod’s, Calle Larga 22 Marzo,



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Eccellenza Italia N°15 Spring-Summer 2017  

Eccellenza Italia N°15 Spring-Summer 2017

Eccellenza Italia N°15 Spring-Summer 2017  

Eccellenza Italia N°15 Spring-Summer 2017