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Customer fulfillment Carpet cleaning is part of the cleansing business and grouped as a service jobs. Our main objective is customer satisfaction, because our income is dependent upon their satisfaction with our work. Now service industry has its advantages and disadvantages each weighing out the other in different situations. When it comes to carpet cleaning, customers await their carpets to be restored perfectly. And to restore it perfectly you need a correct way to deal with them. Sometimes customers use simple DIY techniques which works excellent but many a times leave a stain more difficult to remove than the previous one. Sometimes clients have this bad belief about carpet cleaners maybe because of the previous carpet cleaning job. Some carpet cleaners don’t use the right skills and permanently harm the carpets. Some carpets cleaners use a lot of water and soap which needs huge time and effort. These kind of stuff leaves out a very bad impression on the customers. As a Carpet cleaner, I must know so many things. Its just not that I get a call from a customer and I directly go and clean their carpets. A background look over is also very important. This is like a pre – requisite before the actual cleaning work starts. Knowing the stains, the odor of the carpet and dust particles on it assists in understanding as to which type of cleaning will be perfect for the problem. We at Classique ChemDry use the carbonation method which is much superior than the regular steam cleaning. This method of cleaning takes les time, less water and less soap and therefore the drying process is comparatively faster and end results being far superior to the other carpet cleaners. Our brand ChemDry has existed over 30 years; it has withstood the altered times and altered technologies. We use the best techniques to give our customers the best. Our services have always led to a happy face on our clients. Options are numerous but decision has to be narrowed to just one. So next time when you do carpet cleaning you know whom to call. Classique Chemdry is always there 24x7 to help you.

ChemDry Classique Email: Address: 46 Sproule circuit,Evatt ACT, Australia, 2617 Phone: 1800 213 006 Mobile: 0458 213 408

Customer fulfillment