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A Dove’s Tale

By Emily MacDonald Illustrated by Emily MacDonald and Madison Stevenson

~Dedication~ I dedicate this book to my parents, grandparents, brother, my 4th grade teacher, Mr. Gregg Yaekel, and all my friends. From these people I have never been so inspired.

~ Introduction ~ It was believed, a long, long time ago that the birds of the sky controlled the elements窶認ire, Water, Earth and Air. Now only I, Dove, have that role. And I, the narrator of this tale, am Dove Keeper, of all good. I correct all that is wrong. One day I almost lost my life because of that. This is my tale.

Rooster Welcomes the morning With a Gentle awakening As he pulls the Sun Over the lush, Green plains.

Cousin Dove Mourns As the twilight Appears over the distant Horizon.

Quail appreciates The True blue sky With large admiring eyes, Purring in enjoyment.

Chickadee Flutters through the air and lands on a porch to chat with the brightly shining sun.

Woodpecker Chops holes in tall oak trees, As their leaves Quiver In fear.

Owl “Whoos” From twilight Until all is dark. Neon Yellow Eyes, Glowing in a sea of black Sorrow.

The night is Completely Silent. The only sound Is a radio accompanying a child, Trying to fall asleep.

24 hours, There will only be night. Rain pours, and crows scour the region. Suddenly, the black, feathery wall is‌

BROKEN! I, dove, brighten the sky immediately. The sun starts to shift, Rain stops falling, And a rainbow appears. Children start to play jump rope, And hopscotch on the sidewalk.

Struggling and Sweating, I flap my wings, Only making the fire more fierce.

I scratch the ground with my talons, Covering the flames With soil and the fire is out.

Crow gazes up at the sky, Controlling rain, Expecting a shower. Alas, not a drop of water falls from the clear blue sky. Crow’s power of the elements no longer exists. I emerge from the battle victorious.

~Reflection ~ I have learned many things from writing this book. One example is that not all stories are written in paragraph form (mine for example). I have grown a lot as a writer. I came across many difficult tasks such as illustrating. This experience has helped me learn more about how to conquer these challenges. I’ll always remember this time.

~About the Author~

Emily MacDonald was born in Rochester, New York. She enjoys sports such as softball, soccer and volleyball. She has been in enrichment class since 2nd grade. Her favorite form of writing is poetry. Emily’s mentor text for this story was Twilight Comes Twice by Ralph Fletcher. The crow on the cover illustration inspired this story.

The Dove  
The Dove  

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