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4 Myths Busted about Going Paperless

1 – Paper-based Documents are More Secure than Digital Documents

One in every five major security breaches encompasses paper-based documents

2 – Going Paperless is not Eco-friendly

Energy consumed to produce one ton of paperbased documents is equivalent to electricity used in an average household for about a year

3 – Productivity is Compromised

3 – Classic PDF editor can be installed very easily & boasts a minimalist, uncluttered & intuitive interface

4 – PDF Editing Software can be Very Costly

A small business enterprise with at most 50 employees tends to spend a whopping $50,000 on paper alone

4 Myths Busted about Going Paperless  

Let’s discuss a few misconceptions about going paperless that are getting in your way to cultivate a paper-free environment in your enterpri...

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