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Osmonds: Osmonds Boogie Musical Professionals The assistant director is name Little Bill. Little Bill is married to a porn star. At a party he murders his wife and commits suicide. This happens at the end of 1979. The Colonel is sent to jail for getting a pervert. Jack is pissed because he does not want to cooperate with his new source of income. Floyd is all about the money and not any creative input. Rollergirl rides a limo around asking strangers to sleep with her. She runs into someone she knows and he humiliates her. They kick the ass of the classmate and leave him bleeding on the side of the road. The porn star who initially helped Eddie, has to head over to court to get her little ones. The court decides she is irresponsible due to being in porn, addicted to coke and a history of imprisonment. Jessie and Buck are having a baby and have gotten hitched. By currently being in porn the financial institution wont loan Buck capital. He happens to be at a donut shop as it gets robbed. The clerk, thief and an armed customer are killed. Needing money for his shop, he take the cash through the donut shop. Eddie aka Dirk gets hooked on drugs and can no longer get hard. After arguing with Jack, Dirk decides to give up porn. Dirk has a secret admire. The two guys want to be rockstars. Boogie Nights

They waste their money and are unable to pay the recording studio for their demos. In need of money Dirk resorts to prostitution and is beat up by a gang. Dirk, Reed and their friend Todd try to scam a drug dealer Rahad Jackson. They attempt to sell him a half-kilo of baking soda disguised as cocaine. The sale happens fine but Todd trys to kill Rahad and is shot. Jack takes Dirk back. Now in 1984 Amber, Rollergirl and Dirk all live with Jack and prep to start filming. Boogie Nights is a 1997 drama written by Paul Thomas Anderson. The movie takes place in San Fernando Valley, a city in Los Angeles. The main character is a nightclub dishwasher named Eddie Adams. Eddie becomes a popular star in pornography through out the 1970's. The movie also covers his fall in porn in the 1980's. There were porn stars in the film. Eddie Adams is a high school dropout. His home life is unstable. His parents have a house in Southern California. He works at a nightclub in Los Angeles, owned by Maurice Rodriquez. Jack Horner a porn director discovers him. He auditions for porn by staying watched getting intercourse which includes a rollerblade sporting porn star. His mother does not appreciate his sexual encounters. In Boogie nights the main character leaves home to pursue a career in porn. Decides to become a porn star and even picks a

name. He has good looks, charisma and a large penis. He soon buys a house, new clothes and a car. He befriends a fellow male porn star. He stars in action based porns.

Osmonds: Osmonds  

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