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The   Cursed   Jungle entrance. Today you’re having a family reunion at your grandmother’s place, you just finished your dinner, you walked to the living room and sat down on the sofa, then grandma Annie sat down beside you. “Do you wanna listen to a story about the great adventures that your mother had when she was about 17 years old?â€? grandma said to you. You nodded. Grandma Annie placed her arms on the chairs arm rest to make her self comfortable, then she started to tell the story. Sonia was a 17 year old american naturalist, that mainly studied on wild animals and rare reptiles. Sonia had brown hair and brown eyes and soft peach skin. She was on her way to South Africa to study about the endangered elephants. She arrived to the airport early, which allowed her to grab a drink. 30 minutes passed, she got off her chair, and walked to the plane entrance area, there were a lot of people, she looked up and saw a sign on the wall that said: ‘Plane From NewYork To South Africa 11:00 AM’. Sonia slowly walked through the crowd and finally arrived at the

She gave her plane ticket to the staff and slowly walked in the entrance of the plane. She sat on her seat and buckled up then pulled out her iPod and started to listen to music. The plane has lifted off. After an hour, the plane started to fly in a weird angles, the other passengers in the plane was very nervous, suddenly the oxygen masks dropped down, the passengers screamed and quickly put on their masks. Sonia didn’t put on the mask, she ran to the pilot’s room and slammed the door open, she saw the pilot lying dead on his chair. Sonia grabbed the wheel and started steering to the left and to the right ..... trying to make the plane fly again , but she was too late the plane went crashing down. All Sonia could see outside the window was green grass. The plane crash landed on the grass and leaves and the plane was set on fire. Sonia was trapped in the pilots room, she was bleeding hard, she might have broken her arm. Sonia pushed

the chair off her back, and kicked the window, the window instantly broke open. She slowly crawled out of the window, avoiding the broken glass. She finally got out the plane safely. She slowly stood up, and she looked at the burning plane. Sonia pulled out her phone from her pocket, there was no signal. She carefully avoided the fire and banged on the nearest window, “Hello! Anyone in the plane!” Sonia shouted. all she saw were burnt dead bodies and fire all over the place. She gasped, the fire was setting the trees nearby on fire! Sonia ran and ran as fast as she could. She could see a mountain up ahead. She ran up the mountain and looked down, she saw the fire burning all the trees in the area, some jungle trees fell and some just burned. Sonia was getting tired. She slowly settled on the ground, she made sure that she was safe from the fire. She tried to ignore the fire, she tried to think about positive things, the birds were tweeting, Sonia always loved the sound of birds singing. After a while, the birds suddenly stopped singing and flew away, then Sonia heard a loud screech in the jungle. As she turned around, she looked closely at the trees behind her. There was a giant lizard about the size of a 2 story building, it screeched again.

“Aaaaaaaaah!!” Sonia screamed loudly The giant lizard swung its arm at Sonia, she quickly ducked she ran as fast as she could to the other side of the jungle, as the giant green lizard chased her. The jungle got more foggier and foggier as she ran deeper in the jungle, there was a 50 cm rock in front of her. Every second Sonia got closer and closer to the giant rock that blocked the path... Sonia quickly got in her ready position and jumped as high as she could, the tip of her foot crashed on the rock and Sonia painfully fell on the rocky ground, some of the fog faded, there was a dead end behind her, she backed up until she touch the wall. All of a sudden Sonia broke her ankle. At that very moment a giant rock fell on the lizard. Sonia screamed again, the rocks kept on coming, the lizard gets weaker and weaker each time the rocks fell. Sonia heard a sound coming from the nearby bushes, she turned to her left. It was foggy Sonia could only see a shadow of a human being, The man stepped out of the fog. “Who are you?”The man said Sonia starred at him for a few seconds, He looked about 19, he was tall, and had brown hair and hazel eyes. “My name is

Sonia,”She said as she slowly stood up. “And my name is Dan,”Dan said as he helped Sonia up. “My plane crash landed on this island, is there anyway to contact the police?” “I’ve been stuck here for 3 years, and this island is cursed, it has an invisible force field that sucks things in, and keeps inside forever, theres no way to get out.”Dan talked over her. “So we’re stuck here forever!,” “Have you tried to find a way out?” “There was a legend about this island,”Dan started walking, Sonia followed. “In the center of this island there is a cave, and in the cave theres a very very rare pearl called the Pearl of Wishes, it can grant any wish.” “Where are we going?” Sonia asked jumping over a small river. “At night the jungle is a lot more dangerous, we’re going to my place.” Sonia and Dan walked for about 15 minutes, they passed lots of rivers and steep hills, then they finally arrived. Dan had built his own house out of wood, it was a medium sized tree house, it had some windows without glass, it also had some beds, and a pretend T.V. Sonia sat on a wooden chair. “You hungry?” Dan asked as he carried the bowl of berries and fruit, and placed it on the table Sonia nodded. She picked up her fork and started eating. “Can you tell me the story of how uyou got here?” Sonia said with a mouth full of berries. “Yea...... it was 3 years ago when i was 15, my dad and me went on a vacation, then the plane flew in a storm, the plane

crashed on this island, my dad and I made a raft to sail back home, but the forcefield destroyed it.” “Then where’s your dad?” “The forcefield killed him.” Sonia felt sorry for Dan, she finished off her fruit salad and gave the bowl to Dan. “Why didn’t you go in the cave and find the pearl?” “You have no idea what’s in there, traps, monsters,

obstacles, and more,” “And on the way to the center of the jungle, there’s a monster that sucks out your soul, and he’s called SlenderMan, At night he teleports everywhere, when you look behind you he’s going to be there watching you, he doesn’t have any eyes or ears or nose but he can still feel you, he does have a mouth. In a book that i read said that, he only appears on Friday the 13” Dan Said. “ Then we’ll go in the morning.”

“It really doesn’t make a big difference, because when we go deeper in the jungle the fog level rises higher and higher.” Dan explained. “I think i have a working flash light in my backpack,” Sonia pulled out her backpack, and unzipped the zipper, she looked inside there was a flashlight with spare batteries, Sonia was glad those weren’t destroyed in the plane crash. “Let’s go tomorrow, but first we need to get some sleep.” Sonia said covering herself with a large piece of fabric that she found on a shelf. “We can’t just go tomorrow, we need to be prepared, gather materials, food, and make weapons, just in case Slenderman tried to suck our soul!” Dan shouted “How long would that take?” “About a week.” Dan closed the light made of trapped fireflies “Then we’ll start tomorrow.” Then Sonia slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep. Dan walked up the wooden stairs it made tiny creaking noises, He went in his room, and went to bed. Sonia had dreams, of her mother and father, wishing she would see them again, and dreams about what Slenderman might look like, about the flaming plane, and the Pearl Of Wishes.... The next day, the jungle birds were tweeting, it was a nice sunny day. Dan went down the stairs, and looked at the couch where Sonia slept, She was not there, the blanket was nicely folded. Dan heard a thumping sound, He looked out the window trying to avoid the sun light, he put his hand on his forehead. Out side the window. Sonia was cutting some wood, off trees with a stone axe that she found in the tree house. “Sonia,” Dan shouted so that Sonia could hear. “What are you doing?”

Sonia stopped chopping that tree, and walked towards a tree slump, she picked up a bow and showed it to Dan. “Look, I made a bow and some arrows.”Sonia said while pointing at the arrows on the floor. “So.... you where serious, about going to the cave.”Dan climbed down the ladder. “Yea, you going to help make the sphere?”Sonia asked “I do have some metal, from the plane crash, I don’t know if they got rusty or not.” Dan went back in the house, and went in his bedroom, he looked under hid wooded bed. There was a red bag He pulled it out and unzipped the zipper, he took the metal and went straight to Sonia. ‘Good thing it didn’t get rusty’ He thought After Dan gave Sonia the metal, they started to make spears and arrows and daggers, after a while Sonia left Dan to make the weapons, while she, went to find berries, and tropical fruit. Sonia brought a dagger, she cut through the bushes, then she saw something sparkling, she walked a little faster, still cutting through the leaves. Sonia sliced through the last bush that covered the sparkles, She saw a big apple tree, on the tree there was golden apples, the apples are as bright as a light. ‘Whoa golden apples! I wonder if i could eat them.’ Sonia thought Sonia carefully climbed up the tree and picked an apple, the apple fell out of her palms and landed on the ground. Suddenly there was a rumbling and the floor was also vibrating, Sonia gasped and quickly jumped off the tree, and sprinted to the exit. The floor behind her collapsed, creating a giant pit. Sonia was still sprinting to the tree house, she was a few meters away. “Dan! Dan!”Sonia shouted Dan looked at her.

“What happen?” “I was walking in a jungle and there was a golden apple tree, and when i picked a apple, the whole thing collapsed and make a giant pit of DOOM!” “Wait. Golden apple tree?” Dan, ran in the house and pulled out a book form a small shelf. “Whats that?”Sonia asked curiously “I was reading this book, and I remember there was something about a apple tree.”Dan was flipping through the pages. “Here!”Dan shouted The book says: The Golden Apple tree is located in the side of the jungle, when an apple is picked from the tree, the tree will collapse and create a large bottom less pit. There were rumors about that pit, when people jump down you won’t die instead you would land in a pool of sparkling water. “Do you think that rumor is true?” Sonia Asked “I have an idea, bring me to the golden apple tree.” Sonia and Dan walked out the door, closing the door behind them, Sonia lead the way to the tree they, after an hour of walking and jumping over rivers, they finally arrived at the Golden Apple Tree. Dan starred at the massive hole for a few seconds. “I don’t think its safe to jump down....” Dan said They can hardly see what was in there, all they can see is a pit filled with darkness. “I have a flashlight and 2 or 3 harnesses in my bag at home.” The sky grew darker and darker, the sun was setting. “It’s getting dark again, lets get back home quickly and grab the stuff and come back here A-S-A-P.” The jungle is getting more foggier and Darker, the sound of an owl on a tree, the sound of them walking on the grass was

making Sonia shake. Suddenly Dan’s flashlight went off, he flicked it on and off. “Ugh.... The batteries are dead” Dan whispers so he doesn’t wake the animals up. They kept walking. SOnia turned around. “What was that!” Dan turned to0. “What?” Dan asked Sonia gasped. “Look theres a tall thing there.” “It must be a tree.” Dan looked the direction that Sonia was. “It looks like a man.” Sonia said trying her hardest to see through the fog. She turned to Dan, and turned back to the mysterious creature, it was gone “Where did it go.” Sonia turned to her right, ‘It’ was there. “It’s teleporting” It disappeared again, and appeared over and over. Dan heard a scream, The moment he turned Sonia was on the ground. “Its Slenderman!” Dan helped her up, Sonia picked up the flashlight, the flashlight got turned off by the fall, Sonia turned it on again. Slenderman was right in front of them. “Aaaaaaaaaaah.” They Shouted. They ran and ran, as fast as possible trying to get back to the tree house. There was a bright light in front of them, it was the tree house. They got in the house and jammed the door, they closed all the curtains on the windows. Sonia and Dan slowly tip-toed to the nearest window, Dan slowly opened the window, He closed his eyes and when the curtain was half opened he

opened his eyes, and looked out the window, Slenderman was behind a tall jungle tree. “It’s still here!” Sonia whispered loudly. Dan didn’t say anything. It teleported to another tree, he kept teleporting closer every second, he teleported to the last tree, the tree that was the closest to us. Sonia Could see It’s mouth opening, she could see the sharp teeth starting to grow bigger and bigger, the predator’s face blank as a white pice of paper. They both moved back, leaving the curtains open. It teleported inside the house. “Is this the end?” Sonia shouted. Dan grabbed my flashlight then, flicked it open. “What are you doing?” “I’ll blind him and we’ll run away.” “Thats a crazy idea that won’t work, and he doesn’t even have eyes!” Slenderman was a meter away, Dan shined the flashlight on his face, it started screeching in pain and teleporting away. “See i told you it’ll work!” Dan said proudly Sonia saw a sliver spear on the table, Sonia ran for the spear, she grabbed it and held it tightly. Slenderman teleported back, it picked up a chair and threw it at them, it missed and the chair shattered into pieces of wood. Dan shined his flashlight at It again, he picked up another chair and blocked the light. Sonia ran behind Slenderman, and stabbed him on the back the spear went out on the other side, Blood started to come out, Slenderman’s blood wasn’t red, the blood was dark blue, the blood dripped from both sides and landed on the floor, it slowly fell down, and died. The insides of Slenderman was hollow, the blood mysteriously disappeared only leaving the body behind. “You killed him!” Dan said in relief Sonia thew the spear away it landed by the door.

“Go get the harness and we’ll go find the pearl.”Sonia said as she kicked Slenderman’s corpse out side the door, the corpse slowly fades away. They grabbed the equipment and went out the door. “Is Slenderman going to come back?” Sonia asked. “probably not.” They tightly tied the harness to a tree, they checked twice if it was stable. Dan went down first then Sonia followed. “Do you think the harness is long enough?” Sonia said. “It’s about 300 feet long, so i think it’ll do fine.” They slid swiftly and carefully down the rocks. They where sliding down for about about an hour now. Dan turned to his left and saw a sparkle in one of the rocks, he stopped going down. Sonia stopped too. “why’d you stop?” Sonia asked “Look there, there’s something sparkling.”Dan said Dan carefully leaned towards the sparkling light. “I found emeralds!”Dan said surprised He leaned closer and tapped on it, suddenly the emerald fell down the pit. Sonia screamed, rocks started falling down. “Look its a entrance to a cave!” “Lets go!” They extended the harness a little more, they slowly stepped on the rocks, some fell as they walked on them. They finally got in the cave, it was dark, Sonia open her bag and, took a flashlight out. The cave was big they explored for another hour, they have reached a split end. “Which way should we go?” Dan asked. “Wanna flip a coin and see?” Sonia said as she pulled out a 1 dollar coin. “Heads is left and tails is right.” She flipped her coin and it spun around in the are for a few seconds and it landed on the ground. It landed on tails.

“Tails, lets go to the right.” They started walking again, Dan led the way. they heard a click, the wall behind them collapsed. They were trapped, they kept walking. “Can you hear that?””It sounds like torches burning.” Sonia said They walked towards the sound. They have found a long hallway of torches, at the end of the hallway, there was a maze filled with traps. “Should we do it?” Sonia said. “Yes, we have to. Were going it so we could get home right!” “Ok.” They started the maze, they made left turns and right turns, suddenly Sonia stepped on something, an arrow shot out of the ground and missed them. “That was close,” “Be more careful next time” They kept walking, and facing lots of traps, they finally found the pearl of wishes, it was sparkling on a small pillar. “There it is!” Dan shouted. “Look we still have to go through, the jumping puzzle.” “If you step on one wrong stone, you wold fall into a bottom less pit of doom!”Sonia said “I’ll risk it.” Dan said with confidence. Dan walked on the first stone, it didn’t fall, dan jumped to the left, then to the right, He jumped on the one on the front, it collapsed, Sonia screamed. “Im OK!” Dan said. He was dangling on a vine, he slowly climbed up, and got on another rock. Dan almost made it, he’s on his last jump, it was a big jump.

“I don’t know if u could make it.” “You can, just believe that you can.” He made it, He starred at the pearl, the shining white pearl. Dan slowly took the pearl form the pillar, he placed the pearl in his pocket, He jump back over to Sonia’s side. “Are you ready to make a wish?” Dan said. “The pearl can only grant one wish.” “I wish...... that we both can go home!” They both shouted. They closed their eyes and the time they opened them they were home. ~THE END~

The Cursed Jungle  

A young girl named Sonia was on her plane to South Africa, suddenly the pilot got a heart attack and died, the plane was about to crash, the...

The Cursed Jungle  

A young girl named Sonia was on her plane to South Africa, suddenly the pilot got a heart attack and died, the plane was about to crash, the...