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By Jack G. 5E

The Escape

Johnny felt the cold dark and dampness in his stone room as he had

been there for three weeks.

His name was Johnston P. Mudd and he had black hair, slicked

back, blue eyes, a tan and was 18 Years old. He was sort of on the skinny side and didn't usually go out and do sports.

His experience of being grabbed off the streets and shoved in a van

had not been fun. Nor’ was the fact that he was thrown in jail.

Cell 207 had but a single bunk bed, a couple of chairs, a toilet with

a shower in the bathroom, a dumbwaiter for food and drinks and some small iron bars about 5 feet off the ground from which most of the light came.

He and everyone behind the prison walls knew the rumor about the

new police chief. Rumor has it that the former police chief was captured and hidden away and the person that had kidnaped him took over the police force.

Nobody knew if any of it was true because wouldn't the other

officers notice if their commander just disappeared without warning, then

suddenly replaced? But if anything, the so called “prisoners” were getting more desperate in their will to escape.

Most of the prisoners hadn't committed an offense, just accused and

thrown in the “can” (A.K.A. jail). Johnston was one of those people. He was upset, but not as much as his cell mate who, at the moment, was shouting and banging on the walls.

By Jack G. 5E

“Let me out you savages! You'll regret this when I bust out of here

“Quit it! Do you even notice how loud you are?” grumbled Johnny

The next day at the cell, Johnny was searching every inch of the

and get my lawyer!”

walls, floors and inspected the ceiling for anything that might have been an

through gritted teeth,

But no matter how many times he reminded him, David L. Lee would

not be quiet. He was a big type of person who just didn't like being kept

waiting. He had blond hair, black eyes and he was also 18. Like everyone

else, he wanted to get out of there but (like everyone else), didn't know how to.

The days passed and there was no sign of anybody getting out but

in the inside of the “tower” everyone seemed just stressed out. The new

replacement chief seemed angry with everyone and they all felt like avoiding him at all costs.

“Now you just listen here boy! If you don't get me that criminal, I’ll

have you fired!” yelled Chief Rogers. For some reason he felt uncomfortable ever since he replaced former chief Midge. Now he wondered if taking over

was such a good idea but he waved the thought aside, after all it was better than the old job he had, working for a lousy restaurant.

entrance to a hidden tunnel, left by other prisoners.

“What are you doing?” asked David, now tired of shouting.

“None of your beeswax, and unless you have a better idea to get out

of here go away.”

“Well, If you're trying to get out of here, we’ll both need a name that

nobody will recognize.” Dave said to Johnny in a hushed tone.

Johnny thought about this for a while, Agreed that an alias was a good idea and said,

“Hey, How about I’m John P. Mick and you're An-”

After two hours of searching the cell, They found that there was a

“I’ll be Robert M. Craffe.” Interrupted David, a grin on his face.

hollow sound coming from the mirror in the “bathroom” if you knocked real hard on it. Just then, the dumbwaiter made a rumbling sound.

“Is it moldy mashed potatoes again?” Asked David.

“Nah, Just some pork and beans with carrots and two glasses o’

water.” Johnny replied.

After breakfast the two of them explored the mirror a bit more.

“Do you see any thing that might get this thing open?,”Johnny

asked, 'Because I don't see anything on this mirror thats out of place.’

After inspecting the sides as well as the front they only found, to

their dismay, a couple of dents in the side of the mirror and a groove.

They wondered if there was any way of getting in the mirror without

making a racket and breaking the glass. Johnny thought that the only

By Jack G. 5E

possible way of getting the mirror off was to pry it off and said, “Hey, if this

something or used something to get it off!”.


thing is gonna have to be pried off, The last escapee should have left

They both scrambled around, trying to find anything that could be

used as a potential crowbar. David was the one who found it, “Hey Johnny, look at this! The chair leg can be used as a crowbar!”

complaining about the food.” He explained, “We believe that he might have

“Well, then” muttered Rogers, “Search that cell and find them

NOW!” Roared Rogers, Almost bursting with rage.

Chief Rogers was really worked up. He already had enough trouble

“Good idea!” Johnny replied in a hushed tone, “We’ll wait until

on his hands, getting even with people, plus the ton of paperwork needed, but

That night around midnight they got out of bed and creeped over to

“If,” He calmly continued, “you don't find them, I’ll personally throw

“Y-y-yes s-sir!” officer Bart replied, rushing off to get some men.

“Get up!” shouted an officer shaking the lump on the bed. Nothing


the mirror. They grabbed a chair and quickly placed it by the groove.

“Okay, Now you pry it off and I’ll grab it. Then we’ll climb inside and

When David pried the mirror off with the chair leg, it gave a slight

I'll put it back in place.” Johnny whispered.

creak and dropped into the waiting arms of ‘John P. Mick’. They peeked in and found an old tunnel made of stone and dirt.

“Even though it’s almost midnight, prisoner 533 should still be

“Come on, we don’t have much time!” whispered John, putting the

chair back as he checked the beds, making sure that the pillows were placed properly and the blanket was pulled up. They slipped silently into passage,

picking up the flashlight that was in the tunnel on the way in. They placed the mirror back in place and carried on, tripping over the stones.

At the prison headquarters, officer Bart was just reporting the

absence of complaints from cell 207 and his suspicion that prisoner 101 (Johnny) and prisoner 533 (David) had escaped.

this was too much.

you out the window and into the sea below!”

In the cell, the inspection was under way.

happened. The officer threw open the covers and found . . . A pillow.

Meanwhile, back in the tunnel, Johnny and David were nearing the

end of the tunnel. They could see a light growing in the distance.

“I told you! I told you! I knew I saw something there!” Exclaimed

“Well, I guess that we’re almost there then!” Johnny replied.


When they reached the end of the tunnel, they saw a small window

where the light was coming, rolled away the big stone in the way that, though blocked the exit, leaved a small hole for the moonlight to shine inside.

They found that they emerged outside the prison, standing on a

relatively small rock ledge (half made of rock, other half made of dirt), hanging over the sea.

By Jack G. 5E

“How are we even supposed to even get to the mainland?” asked

“Smash!” went the mirror as it broke, a round jagged hole through

“Look, there seems to be some kind of opening here!” Johnny said,

“Look at this! There’s a tunnel here!” shouted a police officer,


starting to creep to the small cave like hole in the rock.

Inside the cave, they found a rope ladder hanging, Leading

the middle.

inspecting the hole the chair made.

They quickly ran inside, and after seeing the footprints on the floor,

downwards onto a narrow ledge. After exploring a little, they found a small

pressed on through the tunnel.

“This is just way too lucky!” exclaimed Johnny, not believing how

behind him. Thinking to himself, he thought about how pleased the police chief

“Come on! We haven't much time!” Urged David, frantically untying


“They're coming!” screamed Johnny.

motorboat moored to a wooden peg, hammered in the dirt. lucky they were.

“Come on!” yelled Bart, waving at the small group of men trailing

would be when they caught the escapee’s.

When they emerged from the tunnel, one of the men accidentally

the knot that connected the boat to the ledge.

knocked a rock the size of big football into the ocean below.

found . . . the escapee’s drifting off, waving under the moonlight.

“ What was that?” shouted David And indeed they were.

Back in the cell, they quickly scrambled around, trying to find any

means of the escapees. They searched the cell from head to toe, until finding the mirror was upside down. The screw in the mirror that had the small

scratch on it had always been at the top, but now it (as if by magic) was at the bottom of the mirror.

Upon seeing this, officer Bart immediately grabbed the nearest police

man and showed him the difference. They quickly found that that was

probably the only mean of escape, snatched the nearest chair and threw it with all his might at the mirror.

As the officers rushed into the tunnel and rounded the corner they

Jack - The Escape  

A story about two teens and their escape.