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Have you ever tried to get lost on your first

Before Mia left, mom reminded, “Remember

day of school? If you have, you might know what

Mia, bring your things back home, don’t lose your

will happen, but if you have not, then let me tell

things or yourself.”

you about Mia’s experience. First, let me introduce you to Mia. Mia has brown eyes, wavy hair that is a little brown. She likes wearing

Mia got on the bus, then started to worry about the school. When Mia arrived, she looked around. She

shorts, and a normal t-shirt, not like some girls

saw children playing tag, hand games, running

who love to wear dresses.

around, and playing on the monkey bars. “Well, I

“Mia! Come out of your room. Breakfast is ready. You don’t want to be late on the very first day of school,” shouted mom. “Okay! Okay! Coming,” Mia shouted back. Mia

am here.” Mia said, talking to herself. The school bell rang and everyone rushed in. When she went in the

rushed out, sat on the chair and started to eat

classroom, she sat

her oatmeal.

down on a empty

It was Mia’s first day to go to Canadian

desk, then just

International School, and she was so scared. She

laid down and

heard that some people in the school passed

closed her eyes.

away or got lost and was never found in this

She didn’t want to


think, the only

Mia finished the last spoon of her oatmeal, she was heading her way out.

thing she thought of was wishing that she did not exist, and the

! horror of this school. If she did not exist, she

Mia, and I expect all of

didn’t need to worry about anything.

you treat her with care

Then, she suddenly heard a voice calling

and respect, like how

her, it sounded like a girl, her age. She looked

you treat your

up, she saw a girl wearing a purple t-shirt that

classmates and friends.”

said ‘Tropical’ with sequins on it,

The whole class nodded

and a turquoise shorts that has a checkers

their head, after that, the

pattern. The girl started tapping on Mia’s

teacher started teaching,

shoulder again, then said, “Hi, I am Miley, are

and Mia was having a hard time learning. All the

you new? I haven’t seen you around.”

things they learned weren’t the same to what she

“Yes, I am new,” replied Mia, shyly.

learned in her old school last year, the style and

“Oh! I was just asking, but nice meeting you.

way they do it is totally different.

By the way, I came last year, so I am also kind of new to this school,” Miley added.

It was time for lunch, Mia was the last one to leave, because she had to finish up her work

“Well, okay,” Mia said after a while.

before she can go off to lunch. After a while, Mia

When the class bell rang, everyone rushed

had finish her work. She got her lunch out of her

in and sat in their seats, then started talking

locker, then rushed down the stairs, through

and chatting again, like the bell didn’t ring yet.

some hallways, going up and down. She found

Mia’s teacher, Ms. Williams, was trying to get

herself in the middle of nowhere.It was a

everyone’s attention.

hallway that had classrooms that look really

She said, “So everyone, today we have a classmate that is new to this school, her name is

blank, no one was walking by. Bathrooms that had a skull face carved in the door. Mia was

! really frustrated and scared, she did not know

“Oh, about that. I was walking in this

where she was, so she just went in a room that

hallway when some other children were pushing

was the closest to her to see if there is a

and shoving, and then they pushed me in this

different entrance to the lunch room.

room. How about you? Why are you here?”

When she went in, the only thing she could

“I am here because I got lost, and I didn’t

see was the darkness of the room, and a mirror

know what to do, so I just went in here, hoping

that says ‘horror’ on it. She got so freaked out,

that this is another entrance to the cafeteria.” Mia

she started to cry a little. Tears

replied. Then Miley started to frown.

were coming out of her eyes, the amount was increasing each time, at last, she cried out loud. She thought, ‘This does not look like a cafeteria, or a entrance to it, I can barely see anything.’ Suddenly, she heard a soft voice, it kind of

“Oh, so you came here yourself without being forced, pushed or anything?” Miley asked again. “Yes, and why are you asking?” Mia questioned. “That’s because I heard a rumor about this

sounded like the girl she met in the morning,

room, people said it’s haunted. They said you

and it sounded like she was asking for help. Mia

have to find the switch to turn the light on to

looked around, but the only thing she could see

find your way out, but no one has ever found it,

was nothing. Then she felt someone tap her

and now, they have gone.” Miley said with a

shoulder, she got scared then screamed.When the

scared and shaking voice.

girl heard her, the girl said, “It’s okay, it’s just

“So, I was silly to come in here.” Mia asked.

me, Miley.”

“Yes!” Miley answered. Mia was shaking with

“Okay, okay.” Mia said, calming herself down, then asked, “What are you doing here?”

fright. She was scared that she would never see

! her family again, or her family will never see her

was getting louder and louder. Mia and Miley


couldn’t help to notice it. They hesitated, then

Mia continued to cry, then she suddenly asked, “So, no one ever found the switch to turn on the light right?”

went in. After a while, Mia and Miley were still standing there, didn’t know what was happening.

“Yup, no one.” answered Miley.

Something pushed both of them, they both fell

“Then why can’t we be the first ones to?”

down. The room turned all bright. They could

asked Mia in a suspicious way. Miley started to

finally see the room nice and clear. It looked

wonder if it was actually a good idea, but at

like it been decorated for halloween or

last she agreed to do it. It would be the only


thing that might get them out of there, wouldn’t it?

“Let’s get out of here! Let’s get out of here! There is light! There is light! We can finally

Mia and Miley were really bored in the room, so they decided to play tag, but it wasn’t

escape!” Miley exclaimed happily. The two girls found a door that seemed

much of a game with the darkness of the room.

like it could get them out of that weird room,

They were running and tagging each other and

and back to their classrooms. They gave it a try,

having so much fun. Then suddenly, Mia fell

and they ended up back in their classroom.

down, head first, then the rest of her body, then

Ms. Williams was eating her lunch while

bumped her head into the the mirror. After she

working on her own things, She looked up and

did, there was a door opening. While the door

said, “Hi girls, why are you still here, shouldn’t

was opening, it sang, “Come on in, Come on in.”

you be in the cafeteria?”

It kept on repeating and the sound of the voice

! “Yes, so we better run. Bye!” the girls answered, then ran off to lunch. They spent the rest of the school day in classes, they didn’t dare to go in the room ever again. When Mia got home, her mom asked her, “How was your first day at school Mia?” “Fine. Oh, and I made a new friend, her name is Miley,” replied Mia. “Good! So you are better than me at making friends. In that case, I saw a school that is cheaper, but also a famous school, do you want to switch schools, because if you do, I will go to help you sign up later,” Mom asked. “No! No! Please don’t! I want to stay here, not a new school again. There is going to be trouble!” Mia said, while begging and pleading. “What trouble? You had trouble today?” asked Mom, wondering what Mia was talking about. “Forget what I said, just don’t help me to enter this school, what ever the name is. Oh, I

almost forgot to ask you to buy a lemon for my experiment, ” Mia said, trying to switch the subject. Mia went to school like a normal kid. She and Miley did not tell anyone about the room, or never spoke about it, even to their friends or family.

Charmaine-The Secret Door  

Mia needs to find her way out the door, can you help her?