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Values CLASP is guided by the values of collaboration, transparency, and service. COLLABORATION


CLASP was founded as a shared program by three organizations - with collaboration at its core. We remain committed to collaboration, recognizing that no one can solve the world’s most pressing issues alone. We seek out and partner with the world’s foremost experts in the sectors, specialties, and regions we work, for the best possible outcomes. TRANSPARENCY Transparency is an organizing principle of our institution. Team members collaborate across programs, projects, and continents. We value direct and open communication with our global partners, and always ensure that our work lives up to standards of scientific rigor and best practices. SERVICE We are a global resource and voice for appliance energy efficiency in on-, off-, and weak-grid sectors. From the beginning, we have worked in service of the field of appliance energy efficiency and for key stakeholders to improve the environmental and energy performance of appliances. Anywhere we go, we aim to leave a healthier eco-system behind.


CLASP Annual Report 2018



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Clasp Annual Report 2018  

Clasp Annual Report 2018  

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