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TEAM CLASP’s success is possible because of our high-impact team, which brings energy, innovation, and commitment every day to the work of creating a more sustainable world. From unlimited leave to full coverage of health benefits for staff, CLASP strives to create a rewarding work experience and offer a motivating and just exchange for effort and accomplishments. We conduct annual multiple industrystandard salary surveys to set pay ranges for all positions at the organization. This comprehensive and data-driven review ensures that staff are compensated fairly and at market rate. We believe the combination of outstanding benefits and a competitive market rate salary creates a supportive environment and enables our team to be more productive and engaged. CLASP invests in diversity and believes that our differences working together make us stronger. In 2018, CLASP grew from 32 to 38 team members.


CLASP Annual Report 2018

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Clasp Annual Report 2018  

Clasp Annual Report 2018  

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