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“BER” MONTHS. Undeniably, Filipinos gear themselves up for Christmas celebration as early as September or the beginning of “ber” months. Retail stores and outlets are now starting to display Christmas trees, decors and gifts for early shopping. PHOTO BY REYMAR LATOZA/IMT

new power demand or greed?


To meet the growing energy and power demand in the city of Iloilo, Panay Energy Development Corp. (PEDC) is set to construct a 150-megawatt coal-fired power plant in the same compound in Brgy. Ingore, La Paz. PEDC, a subsidiary of Global Business

Power Corporation (GBPC), said the expansion is worth P6.2 billion and is expected to be completed in 33 months or by mid 2016. On Process The Department of Energy said that GBPC is in the process of securing the environmental

Guimaras gets agencies’ support for agri-tourism

Guimaras’ agri-tourism has gotten thumbs up from agencies when they committed programs, projects and fund support during the Executive Briefing held there, Sept. 3. Guimaras Governor Samuel Gumarin said the agri-tourism potentials of the province are so huge that they need support from government. To this the Department of Agriculture said that a big factor to tourism and agri-business would be the fact that the island will be declared rabies-free this October. Asst. Regional Director Joyce Wendam said the island has registered zero rabies cases in the last two years and 70 percent of the island’s dog population has been vaccinated. Wendam said the agency is boosting agricultural production in the island with the promotion of organic farming through technodemo farms, and the high value crop program, wherein DA is accepting proposals for 2014. The Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation, on the other hand, said it is now providing holistic insurance coverage for farmers, which include provisions for climate change to protect crops of farmers against calamities. Likewise, PCIC Director Charlito Brilleta said that they have partnered with the Department of Agrarian Reform in providing

Mila’s Hill

accident insurance for farmers, with P1.1 million allocated for premiums for 2014. The National Irrigation Administration said some P16 million funds have been allocated for Guimaras for 2014, for the implementation of small river reservoirs and rehabilitation of irrigation roads and canals. Gov. Gumarin said the provincial government will help facilitate immediate implementation of NIA projects, including the transactions for right of way. The Department of the Interior and Local Government through Dir. Evelyn Trompeta, said that pushing for agri-tourism to flourish is also making Guimaras business friendly and competitive LGU. Trompeta said an important aspect of this is the updating local planning, mainstreaming climate change and capacity building. She said Guimaras is a pilot province for the roads facility project under the Australian Aid with a budget of P25-P29 million per year, 70 percent of which is for capacity building and 30 percent infrastructure. Gov. Gumarin said in his rejoinder at the close of the dialogue with the regional heads, that the tourism circuit which the island was Guimaras gets /p9 Mini Hotel


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compliance certificate (ECC) and as soon as ECC will be released, the notice to proceed for the construction will be issued to the contractor. Initially, GBPC intend to construct and complete two 82-megawatt coal plants in the last wuarter of 2014 however, it was reformed into a single plant with a well-built capacity due to the surge in electricity supply demand. Two coal power plants (PPC 1 & 2) in La Paz are diesel-fired and generates 72-megawatts and 20 megawatts, respectively. These two are under Panay Power Corporation, also a subsidiary of GBPC. FDC protests On the other hand, The Freedon from Debt Coalition- Iloilo Chapter (FDC-Iloilo) launched a campaign to oppose anew the construction of

the power plant facility by PEDC, also known as a subsidiary of the Metrobank Group headed by Taipan George Ty.. “Iloilo is not a dumpsite of Metrobank’s climate inducing projects nor it is dumping ground of its coal pollution and false promises”, FDC declared. Secretay General Ted Ong said they have anticipated the move of Metrobank and its local business partners that manages PEDC. “We have been accurate all along thar upon construction , its next step is to expand for filling and reclamation operations were ongoing in its plant site in the last two years,” For them, their records show that the city continue to sufferfrom high generation charghes averaging at more than seven pesos per kilowatts from 2008 to present. IMT

Microsoft MDP introduces cyberspace megatrends BY REYMAR LATOZA The Microsoft MDP in partnership MSIECS updated Ilonggos of the latest megatrends in the world of cyberspace that has significant impacts in the businesses industry. Information Technology personnel and managers from different sectors such as schools, hospitals, media, business companies and others were gathered together in a Microsoft Technology Roadmap Event conducted in Iloilo City recently. Discussed in the said event were the Windows 8 Pro and the new office, Windows Server 2012, Office 365 and the current Microsoft promos created to help fundamental business and IT challenges.

Windows Server 2012 is an open, scalable and elastic cost-effective server whether in an enterprise or a small or medium-sized business. It empowers IT to help ensure people’s access to their personalized work environment from virtually anywhere. On the other hand, Office 635 is designed to optimize IT and help boost productivity in business. Office 365 Midsize Business which simplifies IT works and activities through an up-to-date Office tools and services. Office 365 Enterprise E1 is fit for businesses that need enterprise-grade email, web meetings, document sharing, and more productivity services, and the Microsoft MDP /p9



September 8 - 14, 2013

Iloilo, rising hub for business and investment


The city of Iloilo is considered the newest port for new business and investment as it maintains a 7 percent year-on-hike in new investments from 2011 to August of 2013. Iloilo City Trade Investment Promotions Board Member Francis Cruz said that in 2012, the investment reached P593, 556, 410 compared with the P556, 543, 568 in 2011. The said hike made a difference of P43, 256, 177 in 2012-2013 than with the P37, 012, 842 in 2011-2012. The 19-billion worth coal-fired power plant is the biggest new investment in 2011 and the city continues to experience soar in investments on real estate and service sector. Other significant investments in 2011 are Florete Land Inc., (P132, 872, 382); Sunnyfield E-Office Corporation (P152, 920, 348), and Iloilo Mission Hospital (P50,000,000).

Records showed that from January to August of this year, contractors and other independent contractors top the investments with P184,518,076. Next in line is the other services with P143,228,983, followed by retailers (P43,205,000); lessor and brokers of real estate (P69,973,295); banks and other financial establishments (P51, 694, 371); wholesaler, distributor, dealer (P43, 205, 000); cafes, cafeterias, ice cream and refreshment parlors (P28,155,000); essential commodities (P9,802,600); manufacturing and assembler (P7,780,000); non-stock and non-profit business (P7,595,000); amusement (P6,969,236); producers (P2,050,000); printing and publication (P300,000); and other kind of business (P100,000). Cruz added that the indicators of the dynamic growth are the banks, financial institutions, and contractor investment growth.IMT

Ombudsman-Visayas doubles effort on “Oplan Red Plate” campaign


The Office of the Ombudsman- Visayas has doubled its effort in enforcing the law against local government officials violating the “Oplan Red Plate”. Deputy Ombudsman-Visayas Hon. Pelagio Apostol emphasized that they are not ‘ningas cugon’ in enforcing the law, although cases of violators are decreasing in the past years, which according to Apostol is a good indication that LGUs are already aware of such law. “We want to emphasized that we are serious in enforcing the law because this is a continued program of our agency”, he said during the conduct of Ombudsman Caravan of Social Services in Carles, Iloilo recently. Apostol said most of the violation was lack of trip ticket that authorizes the travel. Trip ticket also determines the purpose in using the government vehicle. Also, other violations were no sign of “Official Use Only” or logo of the government agency owning it, and bore other plates other than the red one. Red plate is issued only to government owned-vehicles. In fact, Apostol said they are conducting public accountability seminar every time there


newly-elected government officials and other employees of different government agencies and LGUs so that they would be guided accordingly. “We want them to be more responsible to their actions so we conducted this seminar so that they are more effective in carrying out their duties and functions as public servants”, he said. To effectively carry out the campaign, the Ombudsman has created an Oplan Red Plate Task Force which is composed of inter-agency particularly of the Commission on Audit, Civil Service Commission, Land Transportation Office, Philippine Information Agency and the Philippine National Police. The campaign is in line with former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Administrative Order No. 239 that prohibits the use of government vehicles for purposes other than official business. This campaign is also adopted by present administration of Benigno Aquino III. The order is pursuant to Republic Act 7638 which declared the policy of the State to ensure continuous, adequate, reliable and economic supply of energy, to keep pace with the country’s growth and economic development. IMT

PPA-6 reviews LGUs’ applications for port management

BY MONTESA GRIÑO-CAOYONAN The Philippine Ports Authority 6 (PPA-6) is now evaluating the capacity and statistical data of several Local Government Units (LGUs) in Western Visayas that are interested to manage its local seaports. PPA manager Engr. Manuel Buholano said the LGUs of Estancia and Guimbal had expressed their interests to operate their seaports. In fact, he said the town of Guimbal is now complying with the needed documents for the business and port operations including the training of their personnel. On the other hand, Buholano stressed the towns of Estancia and Dumangas are still soliciting ideas from them on how to take over the operational control of their ports from the present PPA management. Buholano also said the town of Buenvista in Guimaras is now working with their renewal of permit after the three-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between them and the Buenavista LGU has already expired recently. “As agreed, once the permit was expired, the PPA will automatically take over the management and operational control of a seaport from LGU”, he said. In fact, Buholano said the Caticlan LGU in Aklan is successfully managing its local port now. Under the Presidential Decree No. 857 of the PPA administrative order No. 05-2007 for operational requirement for the transfer of port to LGU- the LGU should maintain the standard minimum capitalization from P 250, 000 to P 500, 000 and a working capital from P 50, 000 to P 100, 000. Also, the management and supervisory officers of the LGU should have at least three years

relevant technical and management experience in cargo handling business and or port operations. The LGU at the same time should maintain welltrained and skilled workers of every category in port operations. Buholano added the power, function and obligation of LGU is to operate cargo handling and other related services within the port, or undertake any port-related economic activity therein. Also, the LGU shall be allowed to collect domestic port charges, cargo-handling fees and other dues prescribed by the PPA for the use of the port and for services rendered thereat. All revenue of the port shall accure to the LGU and shall issue the corresponding receipt for their collection. As share scheme, Buholano said the LGU shall pay PPA a quarterly supervision fee equivalent to 10 percent of the total revenue from domestic port charges. The remaining 90 percent of said port charges collection shall be considered as income of the LGU. The LGU shall post the required performance security secured from the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) or any reputable surety or insurance company in the amount of P 100, 000 in favour of PPA to guarantee payment of the PPA quarterly supervision fee. Buholano said once the LGUs meet these requirements, they are qualified to manage their ports anytime. Earlier, Estancia Mayor Rene Cordero and Dumangas Mayor Rolando Distura expressed interest to manage their seaports to gain more revenues for their towns. The PPA-6 is now studying their proposals. IMT

Go Negosyo!

Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog is encouraging the Ilonggo youth to develop an enterprising and creative mind when it comes to business. “We are urging budding entrepreneurs to continue their passion for this is what our city needs – a new breed of Ilonggo businessmen that will help in the further development of our local economy,” he said during the Go Negosyo Youth Entrepreneurship Summit Caravan 2013 at Central Philippine University Sept. 4. The Go Negosyo Youth Entrepreneurship Summit is a one-day forum/expo which aims to promote entrepreneurial success among all Filipinos, particularly the youth. In the Iloilo Summit, seminars and

insightful discussions were conducted with experienced Go Negosyo Angelpreneurs and mentors pertaining to all the basics of going into business such as spotting the right opportunities, marketing, financing, product development and innovation. Go Negosyo is the advocacy of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE), a non-stock, non-profit organization that advocates for a change in mindset and attitude. They believe Filipinos can address poverty in the country by engaging in entrepreneurship and developing an optimistic, passionate, creative and innovative, resourceful, diligent and persevering character. Iloilo City PIO/IMT

BIR to boost Estate Tax Return


Future heirs to the wealth of their parents are on the hot list of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). BIR reminded those who are next in line to pay estate tax or face tax evasion charges. BIR commissioner Kim Henares said that few individuals try to elude estate taxes by selling their properties to their immediate family. Through this, the surviving entities would only need to pay the capital gains tax. Henares added that BIR will verify whether the heirs have the financial capacity to buy the property or asset from their parents. “Recipients must have the means to shell out money for the settlement of the appropriate taxes”, she declared. Transfer of properties of a deceased person requires payment of estate taxes to the BIR. When the estate involves real property, the successor should likewise pay the local tax on transfer of real property to the local government where the estate is situated. Estate tax is a tax on the right of the deceased person to turn over his/her estate to his/her lawful heirs and beneficiaries at the time of death. Under the law, heirs of the deceased person needs to file an estate tax return where the gross value of the estate exceeds P200,000 and where the estate consists of registrable property, motor vehicle, share of stocks and other similar property as a precondition for the transfer of ownership. Estate tax return shall be filed within six

months from the time of death. On the other hand, the BIR, may in meritorious cases, grant extension not exceeding 30 days. According to Henares, the government expects to multiply estate tax collections to P50 billion by 2016 from the current P1 billion. BIR then mandated banks to submit statement of accounts of deceased persons in the past five years to determine whether these financial institutions have been conniving with their beneficiaries by permitting them to withdraw money from the deceased’s account. The commissioner emphasize that the bank secrecy law is automatically lifted once a person dies, so the government can look into the bank accounts of dead people. “Banks that are found to be conspiring with the heirs of the dead will be held criminally liable”, Henares added. Henares further declared that BIR is working closely with the National Statistics Office (NSO) top check the number of registered deaths, and record shows that the number of the estate tax returns filed correspond only to less than 10 percent of the total number of deaths registered with the NSO. Abolition of the estate tax has been proposed years ago for it unfairly punishes frugality, reduces wages and increase little revenue. However, it was rejected for the government saw estate tax as a source of potential revenue.IMT

Starting August 22, this year, there will be no more Inspectors in the DOLE according to a top official of the department here in Western Visayas. Instead of Inspectors, Director Ponciano Ligutom said that they will now have Labor Laws Compliance Officers (LLCOs) following the implementation of the new labor laws compliance system (LLCS) contained in the Department Order No 131-13 which was signed by Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz last July 19, 2013. With the new system, the DOLE shifted its approach in the enforcement of labor standards from regulatory to developmental to foster the culture of voluntary compliance among establishments through effective dissemination of its program and services aimed at improving employer-employee relations, work conditions, productivity, and providing incentives for compliant establishments. “LLCS is more developmental, more of a partnership because it will be the government through DOLE, management and labor that would jointly conduct assessment on the status or compliance of labor relationship in terms of complying with labor standards and they will also collectively plan on how to comply when there are defficiencies with the labor standards,” said Ligutom. Under the LLCS, the Labor Laws Compliance Officers are tasked to assess the management and compliance of labor standards in the establishments. They are equipped not only with the knowledge about labor laws but also the programs and services of DOLE to be

disseminated to clients as they will be undergoing trainings on these. Currently, Ligutom said DOLE 6 is in the process of hiring LLCOs to fill in the remaining slots for the 21 plantilla positions allotted for Western Visayas out of the 372 nationwide. Applicants must be preferrably engineers, lawyers, certified public accountants and medical professionals. The new labor laws compliance system will be implemented in any of the three modes such as joint assessment, compliance visit and occupational safety and health (OSH) investigation. One of the salient features of the new system is that the Secretary of Labor shall issue a general authority designating LLCOs to investigate OSH violations committed in plain view or in his or her presence for instance, non provision of personal protective equipments and installation of unsafe structures and scaffoldings. Other features are that establishments can secure a Certificate of Compliance valid for a period of two years from the date of issuance; Motion for Reconsideration issued on August 22, 2013 and onwards will no longer be entertained by the Regional Office; and for disabling injury a work stoppage order will be immediately issued by the Regional Director to allow immediate correction of the OSH deficiency. Ligutom said the change in the system is in consonance with the present administration’s advocacy “Tuwid na Daan” in the areas of empowering partners, self regulation and voluntary compliance. (JCM/LAF/PIA6)

DOLE now to focus on developmental labor standards

September 8 - 14, 2013


Businessmen move for one “global” Visayas

Some 300 businessmen gathered in this southern city for a three-day meeting celebrating the 22nd Visayas Area Business Conference, just recently. The meeting is themed “One Global Visayas: Unleashing the TIGER Economy.” Host Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iloilo president Joe Marie Agriam said the conference theme TIGER gears Toward Integration, Growth and Economic Resiliency as the Visayas Chamber of Commerce lead in pushing the economy in this part of the Philippines. Ambassador Benedicto Yujuico, president of the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chamber of Commerce and Industry, gave the keynote speech during the conference opening program

on Thursday morning. Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog and Iloilo Governor Arthur Defensor welcomed the delegates from Region 8 Leyte and Samar, Region 7 from Cebu and Dumaguete and Region 6 from Panay and Negros Occidental. First day main plenary speakers included Mabilog to present “PPPs Best Practices Towards a Positive Business Environment,” Chito Salazar of UI-Phinma for “Addressing the Gap Between the Academic Institutions and the Business Industries,” Amor Maclang of Geiser Maclang Network for “Strengthening Local Economies through Inter-Local Cooperation: Metro IloiloGuimaras Economic Development Council (MIGEDC),” Evelyn del Rosario of Philippine Long Distance Telephone for “Corporate Social

Online media vs print media? BY REYMAR LATOZA The influence of internet is undeniably getting stronger; its potential to kill the print media worldwide may become overwhelming as more people are relying on the internet for upto-the-minute news.  Aside from postal services that are slowly weakening now because of the presence of email, publishing industry is also at stake. In a report of Rappler, a social news network, Meanwhile,the owners of Philippine Star, one of the country’s daily newspaper companies, is considering to sell up to 80% of their company’s stakes to PLDT of Manny Pangilinan. According to Miguel Belmonte, president and CEO of Philippine Star, and son of House speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr, “Partnering with a tech company PLDT will extend the life span of our paper.” He added that PLDT’s capability in the digital age is far superior than what they are capable of doing. “It’s not easy for me to leave or let go. At the very least if I leave, I should know in my mind we’re leaving them in good hands. With MVP, it’s not just good hands; these are the best hands possible. Our family wants to retain 20%,”

Belmonte said. The PLDT group now has a 20% stake in Star, while the Belmonte family owns 51%. Belmonte said a holding company called Leadway Holdings and Sara Soliven De Guzman, daughter of the late Star publisher Max Soliven, each own 10%. Menardo Jimenez, one of GMA Network’s owners, holds 5%, and the heirs of the Asuncion and Esposo families hold 2% each. “It’s gonna be a process. The MVP group is planning 3 phases to this process,” said Belmonte. “We’re expecting within a one-year period starting now that everything shall be concluded already,” he added. Meanwhile, Belmonte have not yet revealed how much they would be selling the companies. He said that they ” haven’t really sat down to do the math. But it’ll be considerable.” On the other hand,iIn the US, all newspaper companies were reportedly decreased in their total print ad revenues. They suffered by 55% decline from 2005 to 2013; it is opposite to online ad that increased by 66% in the same period. Recently, The Washington Post and Boston Globe were sold for $250 million, and $70 million respectively. IMT

After stamp tax for cigarettes where rolled out in the market, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) wants to expand its security tax stamp covering liquors in conformity with the sin tax law. In a statement in Business World, BIR Commissioner Kim S. Jacinto-Henares said they want to include distilled spirits when the system is stabilized and the agency have more or less firmed up the implementation of the project for cigarettes. “We will be able to fully implement the stamp on cigarettes by April next year after we bid it out this year. So, after that will be distilled spirits,” Henares said. Henares said this is also to closely monitor the product supply and sales as well as to check if products withdrawn are correctly declared by thru these security stamps. “Under the new ‘sin’ tax law, we required security stamps for distilled spirits -- so that

means all alcohol products except beer. What we want to do is, the firm who will win the tax stamp project for cigarettes will also handle the stamps for distilled spirits,” the commissioner explained. The government formally announced the bidding process for a P1.75-billion contract good for five years. The amount will supply the security technology for the Internal Revenue Stamps Integrated System (IRSIS) project which helps monitor the supply and sale of tobacco products. Furthermore, the official tax stamps on products indicate that all tax obligations of the manufacturer have been settled. Interested firms whether local or foreign are acknowledged to participate in the bidding of which the chosen is expected to deliver P3.5 billion stamps annually. Deadline for submission of bids closed last September 5 after it was extended from its original date last August 22 this year. BFR-BW/IMT

BIR to expand liquor tax stamps

Responsibility: the PLDT Model,” Roel Castro of Palm Concepcion Power Corp for Visayas Power Supply Outlook,” and journalist TV personality Boy Abunda Jr for “Marketing the Marketer.” Second day plenary speakers were Jose Cortez of Integrity Initiative for “Building a Corporate Ethics Culture in a Culture


of Corruption,” Roberto Montelibano of CENECO for “Investing in Other Agricultural Industries,” Margie Biligan of DILG6 for “Business-Friendly and Competitive LGUs: DILG Roadmap,” and PCCI president Miguel Varela for “ASEAN Integration Initiative from the Private Sector.”PNA/IMT

Phil GDP grows 7.5% in Q2


The country’s economic performance remained satisfactory, earning 7.5 percent growth in the second quarter of 2013, according to the latest data released by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) recently. NSCB Secretary General Jose Ramon Albert cited the booming services sector, strong manufacturing and construction activities had greatly contributed in the 7.5 percent growth of Philippine gross domestic product (GDP). The said percentage is higher than the revised 6.3 percent posted in second quarter of 2012, and it is beyond the 6 to 7 percent growth goal in end of 2013, but it is lower than the revised 7.7 percent in the first quarter. Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan said that it is the fourth consecutive quarter which the Philippine economy grew above 7 percent. “This only confirms the economy is now at a higher growth trajectory... The most important one, the components of our economy show that we are moving to investments from services, Balisacan added. Recorded the said growth, Philippines surpassed other Southeast Asian countries, and paralleled to China in terms of pace. reported Indonesia grew by 5.8 percent;

Thailand, 2.8 percent; Vietnam, 5 percent; Singapore, 3.8 percent; Malaysia, 4.3 percent; Hong Kong 3.3 percent; Japan, 2.6 percent; Taiwan, 2.5 percent; and South Korea, 2.3 percent. Meanwhile, Benjamin Diokno, professor of economics at the University of the Philippines and former Budget Secretary said in a report of, it is in accordance with expectation that growth will be slower though it remains strong because of election spending. Report added  that the second half is expected to be slower than the first in the absence of election spending and because of seasonality. Bede Lovell Gomez, First Metro Investments Corp. assistant vice president and deputy group head of investment advisory said that the third quarter output might be slower than 7.5 percent. “It should go back to around 7.5 percent in the fourth quarter or even higher. We are confident this will be sustained for the next three years. IMT

METRO TOURISM The Other side of Guimaras Buenavista town takes steps to boost tourism The local government of Buenavista in the island province of Guimaras has taken steps to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of its front liners in tourism. Some 180 pump boat crew and owners, and porters in Buenavista attended the seminar organized by the local government in collaboration with the regional office of the Department of Tourism in Western Visayas held at the municipal building’s Tumandok Hall from August 27 to 28. Mayor Eugenio Reyes said the seminar complemented by a value formation aimed to provide participants with greater awareness on their roles and responsibilities as front liners as well as their important contributions in the town’s tourism industry. “As first contact of visitors and tourists who come to our town, it is necessary that our front liners must be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills on how to receive and treat our visitors and to provide them quality service,” said Reyes. According to Reyes the way they were serviced or treated at the Buenavista Wharf which is the town’s gateway will be a contributing factor on how tourists would develop their

impressions or be satisfied during their stay in the town. “The positive impressions that our visitors will carry when they return to their respective places and share to their friends will be a big help in attracting the interest of potential visitors to come to our place,” said Reyes. Aside from its beautiful beaches, Buenavista boasts of its historical destinations such as the Navalas Church and Roca Encantanda, a great structure preserved by the Lopezes where you could have a great view of the Siete Pecados or Seven Isles or the vast sea. Roca Encantada was cited by the then National Historical Institute as a National Historical Landmark in August 2002. Other destinations include the Punta Blanco Firing Range, Daliran Cave and McArthur’s Wharf. A P5 million worth public swimming pool is currently being constructed and once completed in December it is expected to attract more tourists. JCM/LAF/PIA6/IMT (Photo credits to www. wanwan-shopkun. com,,www.,commons.wikimedia. org)

September 8 - 14, 2013




TAMBOBO FESTIVAL 2013 September 6-10, 2013

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Opening Program

Hon. Ramon M. Rojas Jr. Memorial Gymnasium

c/o DepEd Elem. - APMES

7:00 PM


Hon. Ramon M. Rojas Jr. Memorial Gymnasium

Circulo de Ajuy

Gab-e Sang Pasidungog - LGU Night

Municipal Plaza

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Municipal Plaza

7:00 AM Night

September 8, 2013


8:00 AM

Cooking Contest

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SK Night (Games) / Band

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7:00 AM


San Antonio

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Pork: An Overrated Recipe


f there is one food may Filipinos would like to get rid in their daily servings today, it’s no other than PORK. Not because it’s greasy or it has an unhealthy effect in the body, it is because it has become a symbol of degradation, greed and corruption in the government. Its association to the Pork Barrel issue has been discussed like that of in the boodle-fight. Now, things have been a lot complicated. Additional names are dragged. More issues have branched out from the mother tree. While it has helped the country point out the men and women behind this multi-billion peso scam and brought the justice system in another level, seeing the same issues in televisions and other media platforms everyday, it has also become an eye sore. This whole pork barrel issue, like pork itself when include every meal becomes unsavoury to or taste buds. Pork barrel spending in the Philippines traces its history back to 1907, when the Philippine Assembly was elected. By 1911, the Filipino-dominated Philippine Assembly led by Sergio Osmeña (what was the Lower House then) was locked with the Americandominated Philippine Commission (what was then the Upper House). The Filipino politicians wanted increased powers over Cabinet appointments and the budget (including salaries of civil servants). There was a government crisis that year because the budget was not passed as a resulf of that conflict. (E.Gutierrez, Rappler 2013) If only “pork” was used in a decent manner, things like these could have not happened. While it is true that pork” plays a vital role in the development of the country, we think it also high time for this to be junked. Changing only it’s name will not eradicate the problem. Once the fraudulent system has already crawled up to the veins of possible gateways, it will only pollute the entire body. It is also time for the government to think of alternative ways to come up to help destroy the damaging effects of these corrupted system like increasing the salary of the senators and congressmen instead of giving them the fund. Lastly, it’s an opportune time for the government to pass the long-overdue Freedom of Information Bill (FOI). The public has the right to know where their taxes go and if government is spending public funds wisely. The PDAF scandal has only proven the Filipino people that the government should have a comprehensive report of government project expenses. Access to information is a basic human right.

September 8 - 14, 2013

Is online media killing print media? N

ew techn o l o g y gave birth to online media which poses threat especially to the print media such as newspaper and magazine. The digital world created a faster distribution of information where people receive news in just a matter of seconds from their cellphones, computer, iPod, iPad, and more to come. Online media made journalists more competitive as it requires speedy update of news and more energy for news gathering. Aside from website, almost all media organizations had invaded social networks. News has been broken in facebook and twitter before it appeared in television screens, and received by the radio transistor. This shows the potential of online media to kill the print media in the present setting. The number of people

worldwide who are engaging online are continuously increasing and majority of them rely on online news daily. In a report of Rappler, a social news network, in the US, revenues for all newspapers dropped by 55% from 2005 to 2013 while online ad revenues climbed to 66% in the same period. Few weeks ago, owners of Boston Globes and Washington Post had sold majority stakes. On the other hand, Encyclopedia Britannica also stopped publishing its famous 32-volume print edition in 2012 because of the presence of Wikipedia. In the Philippines,one of the biggest daily newspapers, Philippine Star has been reported to sell up to 80% of its stake to Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.(PLDT) owned by Manny Pangilinan. The decision will be sealed before the end of 2013. According to Miguel Belmonte, the move intends to save the life of the country’s major newspaper. He believes that PLDT can extend the life span of Philippine Star in the present age – cyberspace. He added that PLDT is a strategic partner to have. After 27 years of running Philippine Star, Belmonte decided to give up the maximum control of Star and other affiliates, keeping only 20%.In a report of Rappler, a social news network,

Pangilinan stressed that he wanted to make PLDT a “multimedia service company”. The said reports proved the strengthening power of online media. The recent gathering in Luneta Park dubbed as “#OnemillionMarch” is a clear evidence of how social networks influence many people and build a revolution by just simply posting, clicking, liking, and sharing. As head of multimedia department of Iloilo Metropolitan Times, online works are exhausting yet exciting. Information and news are flooding online; however, all are confusing that need to be validated. Everything is almost there, but as a journalist upholding responsible practice your ultimate challenge is to examine its truthfulness. In our case, the calculation of our expenses for a weekly circulation is much higher than the total expenses for our online activities. Online media is more engaging than print media. As a journalist, people’s reaction is very important. People online or netizens can directly react and give comments on a certain news report. With the technological progress, smartphones, and tablets are not impossible to dominate and replaced newspaper and magazines.

Disappearance I

recently disappeared for a few days in Iloilo, but on purpose, to attend a national lawyers’ conference in Quezon City. The conference was sponsored by the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and the Families of the Victims of Involuntary Disappearance (FIND), a non-government organization in the country in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. The conference centered on Republic Act No. 10353, otherwise known as the “AntiEnforced or Involuntary Disappearance Act of 2012” with its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). It coincided with the celebration of the International Day of the Disappeared on August 30, 2013. With certainty that we will not lose our tracks, let us shop at some of the important provisions of this law. Let me start with the meaning of enforced or involuntary disappearance. According to this law, “Enforced or involuntary disappearance refers to the arrest, detention, abduction or any form of deprivation of liberty committed by agents of the State or by persons or groups of persons acting with the authorization, support or acquiescence of the State, followed by a refusal to acknowledge the deprivation of liberty or by concealment of the fate or whereabouts of the disappeared person, which places such person outside the protection of the law.” This is a very long definition, reminiscent of the long journey for the passage of this law, and which, in a way, reveals the difficulty of the members of the family of the victims to find their disappeared member, but contains in between the lines some hope that their agony and pain will soon end. Going into the main

provisions of the law, we can observe that no circumstance can end one’s claim on the right and safeguards against enforced disappearance. Section 4 states: “The right against enforced or involuntary disappearance and the fundamental safeguards for its prevention shall not be suspended under any circumstance including political instability, threat of war, state of war or other public emergencies.” Military personnel and law enforcement officers ought to be aware that in this law the so-called “Order of Battle” cannot be invoked to exonerate themselves from committing the offense. Section 5 cautions: “An ‘Order of Battle’ or any order of similar nature, official or otherwise, from a superior officer or a public authority causing the commission of enforced or involuntary disappearance is unlawful and cannot be invoked as a justifying or exempting circumstance. Any person receiving such an order shall have the right to disobey it.” They should never apply in said order the military principle: “Obey first before you complain.” Section 6 is one such safeguard to prevent involuntary disappearance. Law enforcement officers should take to heart this section. The right enunciated in this section can be invoked by any person deprived of his or her liberty. It states: “It shall be the absolute right of any person deprived of liberty to have immediate access to any form of communication available in order for him or her to inform his or her family, relative, friend, lawyer or any human rights organization on his or her whereabouts and condition.” The IRR elucidates this provision by providing further: “In instances of warrantless arrest, the right of access to communication will immediately attach upon actual deprivation of liberty, from the taking, in transit and detention.” Violation of this provision is punishable by the law. Some offenders, however, can be exempt from being prosecuted. Section 20 provides for the conditions: “Any offender who volunteers information that leads to the discovery of the victim of enforced or involuntary disappearance or the prosecution of the offenders without the victim being found shall be exempt from any criminal and/or civil liability under this Act: Provided, That said offender does not appear to be the most guilty.” Section 21 of the law considers the offense of enforced or involuntary disappearance a continuing offense. It categorically provides: “An act constituting enforced or involuntary disappearance

shall be considered a continuing offense as long as the perpetrators continue to conceal the fate and whereabouts of the disappeared person and such circumstances have not been determined with certainty.” In other words, this law is applicable even if the commission of the offense started before its effectivity. This “continuing offense” provision may be considered, from one end, as a “closure” provision for the victims and their families and, from another end, as an “opening” provision for the suspects to some cases of enforced disappearance in the country. “Closure,” because the case – win or lose - can now be put to rest eventually, and “opening”, because the suspects can now be charged for violation of this law. Perpetrators or would-be perpetrators cannot rely on amnesty or measures exempting them from penal sanction. Section 23 explicitly provides: “Persons who are charged with and/or guilty of the act of enforced or involuntary disappearance shall not benefit from any special amnesty law or other similar executive measures that shall exempt them from any penal proceedings or sanctions.” I think these important provisions of the law give us some assurance that our government values the appearance and protection of its people at domestic level, though it still needs to show and extend its commitment to the international community by signing, acceding and eventually ratifying the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance. Before our conference ended, we made a general resolution urging our government to accede to this International Convention. If Bombo Radyo Iloilo repeatedly takes pride on air for being an instrument in helping others find their loved ones who were separated from each other for a long time – for several decades - on their own volition, it is with more reason and fulfilling honor on our part if we can become instruments ourselves in helping the families of the victims of enforced or involuntary disappearance. At least, let us appear - not “disappear” - for the cause against enforced or involuntary disappearance. Or at least, let us value the presence of persons in our lives, then we will truly know how much we grieve when they disappear, how much we grieve to FIND, to have them.# ****Send feedback to: arnoldcares@

September 8 - 14, 2013


ot so long after Parokya ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda and her girlfriend Neri Naig were into public scrutiny after a very personal and intimate video of them having their own thing spread across world wide web, another celebrity is into the same situation again. Wally Bayola, comedian and host of the noontime show Eat Bulaga, was allegedly involved in a video with EB Babes member Yosh Rivera which became viral online early last week. While Bayola and Miranda’s cases both involve having sexual activities with other girls with their consent using their respective laptops, the only difference is that Miranda and Naig are in relationship with each other while Bayola is family man but not to the girl in the said video Well, I know nothing about what’s


ow did the first week of your vacation go?

Everything’s just been amazing. I’m glad that I went straight to Iloilo instead of spending the first week in Manila. The weather, downcast with occasional light rain showers, was just great for me. Randy, my constant companion, and I are taking things very slowly. We actually picked up playing card games while drinking wine at home. And because my internet access is limited [by choice], I am actually enjoying the company of real people rather than virtual friends. Also, I run at least 5 miles, or dance at least one hour, everyday. What was your first meal in Iloilo since your arrival? You would wish that my answer is Lapaz batchoy. But no, that came later. My first was back ribs for lunch at Al Dente, our favorite dining place in Iloilo City just because Chef Pauline

Sheer I

wish I was the Lorax who speaks for the trees. I wish I was a mythical creature from heaven that goes down the earth everytime someone cut the trees and punish whoever responsible for the misdeed. Unfortunately, I am not the Lorax. I am not a mythical creature. I am just an ordinary citizen who gets to experience poverty, traffic, hassles and lining up for a business transaction. Also, from time to time, get to meet unkind people and suffer cold treatment from staffs of certain agencies and hospitals. Well, what can you do? You don’t have that money or the power over them. I just had my worst travel experience on Monday, and I don’t want to experience that again. Ordinary people like us have chosen particular persons to represent us and be our voice on the society. However, because we are just ordinary, it seems our voice is never important. We only have to trust people in authority to do their job and obey the rules when implemented. Unfortunately, there are those who seemed to add their personal interests in doing their work. Just because they have the power to do so, does not always mean the people have to agree. Iloilo city, for years, have been developing economically and continues to soar higher at present.



going on their lives. I understand that I have no right to judge them. So let’s just give them the respect that they need. Though they are celebrities, I still believe they have their private lives which need to be respected. But I’d like to emphasize one prevailing issue here. Why do people really like to take videos or pictures of them having these activities done by them? Ordinary people are not also spared from these. In fact, school and universities in the locality have gone through the same issues regarding some leaked videos involving their students. On September 5, 2013, an article in Yahoo explained some facts as to why young and old couples, famous or not resort to this kind of interest. 1. They want to fulfill their “exhibitionist” and “voyeuristic” needs. There are people who are turned on by seeing themselves engaging in

sexual acts. Some of them may view their own videos so that they can get in the mood. 2. They want to remember the moment. For whatever reason, there are couples who want to have a “keepsake” of their wildest encounter. Perhaps, they want to view it when they’re senior citizens and can no longer so adventurous or flexible in bed. 3. They’re bored. There are couple who want to spice things up by trying new things. They think capturing their bedroom antics on video is just one of those things that seem like a good idea. 4. They want to use it to be popular. There may be some individuals who want their 15 minutes of fame at all costs. They think being in a sex video is one of them. 5. They think it’s perfectly normal. There are pleasure-seeking people who

no longer have inhibitions and aren’t disturbed if their intimate encounters are seen by everyone else. These people may or may not be suffering from some sort of psychological disorder which makes them reckless and totally oblivious to what everyone else will say about them. At the end of the article, Dr. Michele Berman, editor of the blog Celebrity Diagnosis, said that whatever the reasons are as long as the activity is consensual and causes neither party distress or impairment, it’s their business and nobody else’s. Her postscript concludes that people can do what they want as long as they’re not hurting or endangering anyone. However, we’d like to say that if couples can’t make sure that leaks will be prevented, they should probably stop themselves from making sex videos. Well, I couldn’t agree more.

Banusing always warmly welcomes us there. It’s not hard to figure out why I’d choose Al Dente as venue for the first Peter’s Prize Awards Night. Haha! Our first dinner was a combo meal at Snackworks, which is a fast food place in our very own PRIMA CT Building in Dumangas poblacion. Randy is crazy about their Southern fried chicken, and could swear that they have a cook from Alabama in the kitchen. Their fried chicken is his favorite food in Dumangas. On my first night in Dumangas, I also ate three balut!

professors at UPV. I excitedly told Dr. Deriada that I won first prize at the Palanca this year. He promptly told me that he judged the contest. He told me, “You must be happy, and proud, because it was a unanimous decision for the first prize and second prizes.” For Dr. Deriada to actually judge my work first prize in a contest, that’s heaven for me. [Although, of course, he said that he had no idea it was my work.] I don’t think that he has judged my work first prize before, although I know that we have competed against each other for certain prizes.

I tried to give the Dumangas mayor a courtesy call, but he was out of his office on the Friday that I arrived. I met the new principal of the local high school, and some of my high school teachers. But the more meaningful meetings were with my couturier, Ms. Debbie Segura-Medrano, who dresses me up for the Palanca Awards. Everybody was excited about what I was going to wear

to the Palanca this year, and I was just excited about what Debbie was going to make for me. She rejected three kinds of fabric that I brought with me from the States, and chose an embroidered pina cloth. I trust Debbie completely. The attire created a buzz at the Palanca. And I didn’t have to wear peacock feathers. Haha! Then, I saw my dentist, Dr. Ermelinda Villanueva-Fernandez who convinced me that I’d have a perfect set of teeth if I shell out another P80,000. I spent almost P60,000 in Manila the last time that I had massive dental work, and I swear it is worth it. So what if my teeth are no longer mine? I can afford them. I mean, I just don’t want to be counted among those poor, starving artists with rotten teeth! Can’t I be an artist, and pretty, too? Haha! Then, I met Ms. Charm Gabileo of RMN for my live radio interview on my first Sunday in Iloilo. We talked about my recent Palanca award, my Peter Solis Nery Foundation and its projects, and my passion for literature and filmmaking. To complete the list of the first five, I also met Dr. Leoncio Deriada, and Ms. Gaudelia Doromal, my beloved former

As a matter of fact, it is on its way in becoming the new hotspot for business investment in the country. Being shortlisted as one of the possible venue for the ministerial meetings of the upcoming APEC Summit in 2015, Iloilo welcomes several changes like putting up of international hotels, condominiums, state-of-the-art convention center, Business Park and wider roads. Roads are being rehabilitated and changed from 4-lanes to 6-lanes. Some areas are also proposed to have 8-lanes. Traffic build up became rampant around the city. Thus, solutions were made to answer the present problem and one of the resolutions was to ban provincial jeepneys from entering the city. I was then one of the many who immediately was against the idea. What will happen to the workers and students going to the city? I am living in Pavia. It was easy for those in the position to say “ENDURE for awhile”. We’ll get used to it, they say. Yes, we’ll get used to it, I say, as well as getting used to the idea of increasing the budget for fare and add a couple of minutes to our traveling time. Good for those who have cars, they don’t get to experience waiting for several minutes for the carpass, another several minutes for empty jeepneys to come and another several minutes for the jeepneys to wait for passengers

in the terminal. They don’t get to smell the black smoke from PUVs, which made me wonder how come they pass the smoke-test. Good for those living within the city, they have access to cheaper malls and groceries where they can buy their needs at low prices as well as Universities and other reputable schools. Good for those students who are staying at the city, they are only a ride away from their destination. Sometimes, you can’t help but challenge those who are so eager to implement the ordinance, “Why don’t you for once, try to become one of us and taste traveling from the province?”. When I was in college, I had classmates from Leon and San Miguel. They did not rent apartment or boarding house. I ask my friend from Leon, how much is your fare from Leon up to here? She said, around 80 pesos, that is already back in forth. I said, Wow! And how much is your daily allowance? She said, 50 pesos. That is like a total of 130 pesos a day, P650 a week or P3,120 a month. Her mom is a plain housewife, her father works in Manila and she has a younger brother and an older sister, which at that time, was still in school. Plus, college is an expensive investment. When examinations are getting near, photocopies are rampant. Some teachers require 10 pages of hand-outs, and you have around 8 subjects. The 50 pesos extra money you

have will not suffice for the handouts alone, I tell you. By banning jeepneys from entering the city, fare would probably increase. And also, instead of 2-rides, some may take 3 to 4 rides just to go to the city. Now, tell the students to endure that. Also, classes starts 7 in the morning, the volume of passengers going to the city adds up but the number of CPUUngka jeepney is not enough to suffice all of them at the same time. Now, tell those students to go to school around 5am. Not all workers earn 10,000 and above every month. If you are earning below 10,000, your salary will not compensate to your daily needs for 15 days. Unless you eat only 2 times a day and walk for several kilometers going to work, I guess. Now, tell the workers to endure that. Sixty to seventy percent of goods found in Iloilo Terminal Market are from the province. People in the city choose to buy goods in Super for they are much cheaper than buying them in malls. So, what do you think will happen to the prices of these goods? Worst, will there still be vendors who are going to put their veggies and fruits in Super? That, we still have to wait. Now, tell the consumers to endure that. Yes, I do believe that we have to endure, but the question is will it all be worth in the end?

Other than your family, who were the first five most important people that you saw in Iloilo?

What are your biggest purchases during this trip? You mean other than the P80,000 dental work? Haha! There’s the P10,000 eyewear, if you are really interested. But the biggest expense is the awards night of The 2013 Peter Solis Nery Prize for Literature, but that one is footed by the Foundation. Sure, it’s still my money, but I have already considered that “lost money” to me when I started the Foundation last year.

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September 8 - 14, 2013


BY MONTESA GRIÑO-CAOYONAN The Department of Agriculture (DA-6) showcased their organically grown products as they officially opened its weeklong ‘Organic Agriculture Stakeholders Summit’ at the compound of Central Philippine University (CPU) here Tuesday last week. DA-6’s senior agriculturist Glenda Himatay of Organic Agriculture Program said the summit aims to promote organic agriculture program, promote awareness on healthy/organic foods, and inform the stakeholders about the regional

DA-6 showcases organic products

and national components of organic agriculture program. Himatay said 15 exhibitors coming from different provinces in the region had brought their crops here such as vegetable, fruits, and rice, among others just to participate on the summit. The agriculturist added these exhibitors are among those farmers who are now practicing and using organic technology for fertilizers and pesticides since the program was introduced to them in 2011. Apart from safe and healthy, Himatay

NFA ready to procure palay from farmers

The National Food Authority (NFA) is all geared to ensure food security through palay procurement from farmers. A meeting was held between the NFA and the Provincial Farmers’ Action Council (PFAC) to provide venue for the grains offcial to interact with the agency’s main stakeholders to encoutrage them too sell their palay to the agency. NFA Regional Director Javier Lozada Jr., said the move is narrowing the gap to reach rice self-sufficiency in the country. “The government largely supports the agricultural sector for local production to increase. Along with this, the National Food Authority is providing you with several programs to choose from to show how much we support you --- the producers. With you selling your palay to the agency, we are making ourselves one step closer to reaching self-sufficiency in our country,” he said. He also added that with the farmers selling their products to the agency, not only are they helping the government’s Food Staples Sufficiency Program (FSSP) but they also reap many benefits afforded to them. Provincial Manager Marianito B. Bejemino mentioned to those present the strategies that


stressed organic farming is environmental friendly and lessen the cost of production of the farmers. “Comparing organic to commercialized farming, it is almost the same, however, the cost of production for organic is much lesser compared to commercial farming”, she said. To be a certified as organic products, one must be certified by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP). In fact, the DA-6 has allocated P 29 million fund to sustain its organic agriculture on organic projects, consultation, trainings, congress and infrastructures. Organic farmer Nancy Casibual of Brgy. Bariga, Banate, Iloilo said she and her husband had been into farming for 28 long years and

through farming, there three out of 10 children were able to graduate from college. Casibual said they planted different variety of vegetables, fruit-bearing trees, corn, and sugarcane from its one-hectare lot and they are using organic fertilizers out from animals manure and vermin compost. For pesticides, Casibual stressed they usually used some mixed ingredients of hot pepper, ginger, garlic, and among other herbal medicines. “I learned many techniques from attending the Farmer’s Field School which was also conducted by the department. I have been into organic farming more than two years already”, she said. Casibual said they saved a lot of money after they switched to organic farming. IMT

DENR 6 Regional Executive Director Adeluisa G. Siapno (right photo) openly talked to members of the Federation of Sicogon Island Farmers and Fisherfolk Association (FESIFFA) led by its president, Raul Ramos (first from right, left photo) on the latter’s claim that a big portion of their land area is being developed by the Sicogon Development Corporation (SIDECO). RED Siapno assured the group that the DENR Central Office survey team and the DENR Regional Office legal team will undertake

activities relative to Sicogon Island’s land cases and will also revisit the CBFM application within Sicogon, which is currently the subject of KfW implementation. RED Siapno suggested for a dialogue between FESIFFA and SIDECO with DENR to discuss further plans/programs of SIDECO on the island, including pressing environmental issues. This will ensure better relationship between stakeholders and DENR towards a sustainable environment of Sicogon Island./DENR-RPAO

DENR 6 meets Sicogon fisherfolks

the agency will employ to massively procure palay in the province. Bejemino also encouraged the farmers to commit a parcel of their production to the agency particularly this harvest season. Attended by representatives from various farmers organizations and cooperatives of the province, they were assured that the agency has more than enough funds and warehouse space to accommodate palay products. Also, procurement teams will be dispatched to go directly to the farmers to buy their produced rice which will be much more convenient for them. According to the NFA, they are buying palay at P17.40 per kilogram for individual farmers and P17.70/ kg for farmers’ organizations and cooperatives. IMT


CENRO Culasi records office gets upgrade

BY MARY PAULINE BALMES Formulated using the seeds of Ipil-ipil (Leucaena leucocephala) and betel nut (Areca catechu), this Ethnobotanical Dewormer has been scientifically prepared to help reduce and eliminate intestinal worms in chickens. The dewormer acts efficiently owing to the active components of its ingredients. The betel nut’s arecoline acts on the muscarinic site of the acetylcholine; while its arecaidine and guvacine act on the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor by inhibiting its action, thus causing paralysis and death of worms. Ipil-ipil’s glucoside mimosine inhibits the DNA replication of roundworms and arrests the dividing cells; while the compound quercitin glycosides are found to be toxic for the roundworms and tapeworms. This product forms part of the creative research team of Capiz State University (CapSU) based in Dumarao, Capiz, namely Dr. Bede Ozaraga, Dr. Ma. Sylvia Ozaraga and Dr. Maryneth Barrios, veterenarians and animal science researchers. Funded by the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic & Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD), this innovation was done in collaboration with the Western Visayas Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium (WESVARRDEC), West Visayas State Univeersity, Aklan State University, Central

Philippine University and Iloilo State College of Fisheries Dingle Campus. This anthelmintic should be used to expel the intestinal parasites (particularly roundworms and tapeworms) of chickens. Dosage and Administration Mix 2 g of dewormer per kg body weight in mash form. Feed the chickens with the dewormer in the morning. Repeat deworming after 14 days and every two months thereafter. Product Variants Aside from the combined Ipil-ipil and Bunga Dewormer, this poultry anthelmintic also comes on two other variants, namely: Bunga Dewormer and Ipil-ipil Dewormer. Each variant can be purchased in four package sizes – 125 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kilogram. For orders, kindly contact Editha Magallanes, Ed.D., President, Capiz State University at (036) 621-4337 or Cora Navarra, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Extension Capiz at 09266172411 or email at coranavarra@yahoo. or call Capiz State University Poblacion Ilaya, Dumarao, Capiz at (036) 651-0085. Iloilo Metropolitan Times would like also to acknowledge the production team of this project; Project Leaders Bede Ozaraga, Ph.D. Ma. Sylvia Ozaraga, Ph.D.; Research Assistant Maryneth Barrios, D.V.M.; and Photography and Lay-out Artist N.S. Manaog. IMT

In its continued efforts of improving the facilities of regional field offices in order to provide better services to its clientele, the DENR is in the process of modernizing the records office facilities and equipment of the DENRVI-CENRO in Culasi, Antique. Culasi CENR Officer Vicente T. Mellizas Jr. said that they are working for the expansion and rehabilitation of their records room to house its land records facilities, including the purchase of office fixtures and various office supplies. The DENR Central Office, under capital outlay for 2013, downloaded a total budget cost of P962,000 to DENR CENRO Culasi, broken down into rehabilitation of land records facilities for P160,000 and P802,000 for expansion of records area and procurement of furniture and fixtures. The upgrade will provide better services to

the clientele under the jurisdiction of CENRO Culasi, especially those inquiring on land and survey records, Regional Executive Director Adeluisa G. Siapno emphasized. DENR Secretary Ramon JP Paje initiated the rehabilitation and expansion of records offices and facilities in field offices all throughout the country, as part of the implementation of Land Administration and Management Program - Additional Financing (LAMP-AF). With the realization of the project, the agency will be able to systematize records and verification of survey returns thereby determine the issuance of dubious and fake titles as all information is synchronized. The LAMP-AF is anchored on the Tuwid na Daan of President Benigno S. Aquino III particularly on transparency and accountability in government transactions, of the lands sector.

Guimaras gets...from page 1 conceptualizing will find new horizons with the programs and projects the agencies have committed. “This Executive Briefing has opened opportunities for the province and we hope to sit down with our different towns here as we redefine our capacities,” Gumarin said. The Executive Briefing was facilitated by the Philippine Information Agency and the Regional

Association of National Government Executives (RANGE) in Western Visayas, for new provincial executives to interface with national government agencies. RANGE-6 President Atty. Rodolfo Encajonado of the Civil Service Commission said the briefing was a venue for bringing agencies closer to the local government of Guimaras for effective linkages. (JCM/ESS/PIA-Iloilo)

Microsoft MDP...from page 1 Office 365 Small Business Premium which is for businesses with 1 to 10 employees only. Meanwhile, Windows 8 pro and the new office offers enhanced security features, it lessen the risk of business disruption.

Microsoft will end its support for the Windows XP on April 8, 2014 as well as the support for Microsoft Office 2003 on the same date. Updates, including security for Window XP from Microsoft. IMT



September 8 - 14, 2013

IBL: Qualified teams collide in Semis BY REYMAR LATOZA Fueled by relentless energy, intense actions ignite the fire inside the court as fiery teams started to unfasten their avenging spirit in the semi final games of Developmental Basketball tournament organized by Iloilo Basketball League (IBL). Supporters roar, filling the Westbridge gymnasium with claps and shouts as qualified teams collide to secure their way to the finals. Every team is eager to win, hungry to beat their opponents and starving to get the championship crown. Based on the latest standing, Westbridge leads the said tournament, completing the game sweep in the qualifying round. Central Philippine University (CPU) got their first loss in game 22 against Westbridge which broke their no loss record in the said tournament, and kicked them to the second spot. Assumption School Passi City (ASPC) did


well in the first few games; however, their first loss dragged them down, suffering more losses and settled next to CPU. Iloilo National High School (INHS) showed strong spirit in their games, but it seemed like their teamwork had fallen short to outgun their opponents. Bario Obrero National High School (BONHS) proved a ‘no retreat, no surrender’ attitude despite of tough line of attack inside the court. On the other hand, team Cougars remained persistent which reflects hopeful guts of the said team. Meanwhile, Bing Conlu Center (BCC) team A and B exhibited the true essence of sportsmanship. Despite of winless record, both teams gave good fights in all their games. IBL’s Developmental Tournament aims to discover potential Ilonggo basketball player.IMT

‘Start young’

In sports, there is no age requirement when to start, but for Katherine M. Draheim, 19, it is better to start young to develop early the talent we have. Katherine started to play lawn tennis when she was four years old. It begun as her hobby then eventually became her sport. She undergone formal training and joined several competitions. Katherine weighs 50 kilograms and stands 5’2’’. She is now a senior mass communications student at Central Philippine University. Recently, their team won 2nd place in IloPRISAA meet 2013 tertiary girls. Why LAWN TENNIS? What makes it special to you? Katherine: ‘My family in my father’s side has a very sporty history. My Dad was a football player back when he was young and he also did try other sports like rowing, boxing and of course, lawn tennis. My dad wanted me and my sisters to have a certain talent to develop while we were still young; he chose lawn tennis because the court was near our

What kind of LAWN TENNIS player are you? Katherine: ‘I am that’` How do you prepare yourself before the competition? Katherine: ’My preparation for the game would be around 2 months before the said event. I go jogging in the morning; do drill in the afternoon and then jog again in the evening, as to maintain my stamina.’

house back then. He bought us rackets and the other utilities that we needed for the game. Lawn tennis has been my sport since I was 4 years of age, sadly I and my family migrated outside the country and I forgot what I had started, but then we got back after several years and I continued it again as a hobby. My hobby then developed into a sport and like my sister, I started competing.’ How did you learn playing LAWN TENNIS? Katherine: ‘I learned lawn tennis from a coach, his name is Cromwell Teves. He was a ranked tennis player before.’

What are your learnings? Katherine: ‘There are varieties of learning’s one can get from playing a sport. One is, and my favorite is discipline. A good player would not be called good if he has no discipline. If he comes to practice late, that does not show discipline, if he is not listening is discipline, if he is out of focus would not benefit the player, so discipline is one good value that you’ll learn, not just in tennis but in every other sport. Next is, you’ll learn how to keep yourself fit, you’ll be conscious of your body weight because it could affect your performance on court. Lastly what I like too about tennis is the camaraderie you get from the competitions you’ve been to. It gets exciting to have more friends in court, you’ll have more confidence too.’

Who is/are your inspiration/s? Katherine: ‘My inspirations are my parents, our father was the first athlete I met, and our mom was our first supporting audience. My dad told me about his experiences when he was undergoing practice when he was young. Both are good loving parents to me and my sisters; they attend to our practices, our competitions and awarding ceremonies. They are there before and after practice, they are there to give us our snacks during water break. They coach us when we are home. I think they just really want to see future champions from us three siblings, and I am positive that they will.” What can you advise to those who are interested in playing LAWN TENNIS Katherine: ‘Start young. To win or enjoy tennis is a game, a person has to have the right strokes for forehand, backhand, slide and the service. It entails the player to be physically fit and mentally active. But since, age is just a number; you can start tennis at any age. Some people who I know, like my uncle started playing tennis at 40 years, and now he got his new barkada in the tennis court.’ IMT


September 8 - 14, 2013


RICE 2013 Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits BY MARY PAULINE BALMES The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Region 6 showcased Ilonggo and local ingenuity, creativity and innovativeness through technology-based research and inventions in the Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits (RICE) 2013. With the theme “Inventions and Innovations for Smarter Philippines”, the event aims to enhance awareness on Filipino Inventions as well as knowing their influence to national development. RICE 2013 ensured participation of inventors nationwide and to give them the chance to display and present their inventions, regionallevel contests are being conducted. DOST Undersecretary for Scientific and Technological Services Prof. Fortunato T. De La Peña said this endeavour is an avenue for researchers to impart science-based scientific and technological ideas developed among their

inventions to the public and private sectors. This year, one hundred eight (108) entries coming from the different parts of Panay- Iloilo Province, Antique, Aklan, Capiz, Guimaras, and Negros Occidental, are vying for the awards from six categories- Invention (Tuklas Award), Utility Model, Industrial Design, Creative Research (Likha Award), and Student Creative Research (Sibol Award) for high school and college level. Winners from each category consisted of one qualifier and two runner-ups and will advance in the National Invention Contests and Exhibits (NICE) to represent in 2014. Regional grand prize winner received Php 20,000.00, Php10,000.00 for the first runnerup and Php 5,000.00 for second runner-up in all categories except the Outstanding Invention (Tuklas Award) with Php 25,000.00 for grand prize, and Php 15,000.00 and Php 10,000.00 for first and second runner-up respectively. IMT

The Unforgettable Taste of Passion By Mary Jane Ubay and Mary Pauline Balmes Every individual has his or her own craft to master- a field of expertise and a passion that satisfies oneself and benefits others. Mary Mitchelina Macalde, the proprietor/ manager of Unforgettable Café of Barangay Tagbac, Jaro, Iloilo expresses her creativity in baking. Though this hobby is not related to her course in sociology and political science, she pursued baking and developed it as business to satisfy her passion. This is how and why Unforgettable Café started. Their family’s kitchen has been the onset of their lifelong dream. Mary and her sister Marilou used to bake. They do it for fun and as a family recreation. Marilou had eight (8) years experience in baking. She had the most influence to her sister. Most of the time of her baking, Mary is her assistant. That gave Mary most of the good ideas she is using right now. Especially the good taste of the café’s best pandesal and pan de leche. Mary said that their pandesal and pan de leche has the best texture compared to other pandesal and pan de leche sold all throughout the city. Other than these, unforgettable café serves delectable food like pizza, pasta and lasagnas. Behind their new business is their mother Lucia Mitchelina Macalde. She has all the support

for her daughter’s business. Like any other young entrepreneurs, Mary had encountered challenges, particularly language and the choice of taste that Ilonggos have. She was born and raised in Guam, making it difficult for her to speak Hiligaynon. How she’d overcome those challenges? Having been raised in the family of an Ilongga mother, she and her siblings have been trained to mingle with people. This is one great factor why she could communicate well with their customers now. Even the taste of food that she serves did suit the taste of Ilonggos with regular customers coming back to the café. As a successful entrepreneur, Mary would like to share her own formula of running her business. For her, ingenuity and audacity is very important. Make your product unforgettable for your customers. One should have their own style, own taste and one should confidently trust himself in venturing the business world. A lot may happen along the way, thus, a strong will in taking the risks is very essential. So for you out there who are still in doubt to begin your businesses, unleash the Mary in you and remember that it is better to try and fail than fail without trying at all. IMT

Iloilo Metropolitan Times Volume 1 • Issue no 32