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FALL 2011 | Volume 15

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Women in Philanthropy underwrite kid-friendly treatment rooms.

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New and Improved Kid-Friendly Treatment Rooms thanks to “Women in


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The Emergency Department fulfills the

De“signer” Chairs add style to LRCC

need for speed.

thanks to Ethan Allen.



On a Fast Track to compassionate healing.

Thank U4 Letters of gratitude.

LRMContributions Who’s making a difference.


Thanks to Women in Philanthropy.


LRMCurrents Technology updates and awards.

LRMCongrats 10 11 LRMChallenge

Staff movements and milestones.

Giving and receiving.


LRMCommunity Senior Care Club shines.

In View Of 14

Thoughts from Dr. Thompson.

An amazing community – alive with new faces, spaces and much more. Dear Supporters, Friends and Neighbors, Change is in the air at Lakeland Regional – and not just the change from summer to fall. In this past year, we’ve welcomed new programs, new faces and newly improved spaces to our community hospital. The LRMC Foundation, of course, has played a large role in this change as you will see in the following pages. From our Emergency Department renovations to new Pediatric treatment rooms to exciting ­programs for seniors, your Foundation has been working hard to put your gifts to good use. I’m confident that you will find this issue of Touching Lives packed with new information about some exciting changes going on throughout our hospital. Providing the best healthcare for our community continues to be a challenge, which makes our roles as philanthropists even more vital. We are so grateful for the generosity and support received from our community. We could not reach and exceed our goals of improving healthcare without this commitment. Together we will continue our tradition of excellence. Thank you for learning more about the LRMC Foundation by reading this publication, and if you have any questions or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact the Foundation. Sincerely,

Art Rowbotham Chairman, LRMC Foundation Board of Directors


Touching Lives Fall 2011

On a Fast Track to compassionate healing. The LRMC Emergency Department


ccording to Maureen Leckie, Director of Emergency Services, “One of the first things on a patient’s mind as soon as he or she walks in the door of the Emergency

Department (ED) is …‘How quickly will they see me?’” Therefore, no one understands the ­

‘need for speed’ better than our ED staff. They work tirelessly 24/7 to get their patients the treatment they need as soon as possible. Of course, solving that logistical puzzle is like ­trying to change the tires on a moving bus — it would make most engineers dizzy! Last year there were a total of 154,577 visits (around 423 per day) to Lakeland Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department. With this number of people coming through the department every year, there is a constant need for improvement. ➤ ▼ Recently re-opened Fast Track area

A Quick Glance at ED Changes • • • • •

Redesigned lobby and Fast Track area New Pediatric ED and Critical Care Units Addition of “Vertical” waiting rooms New Voice-Activated dictation system New medication bar code scanning system for patient safety

On a Fast Track continued from page 3 The first stop in the Emergency Department Due to open in late October, the ED lobby is getting a major facelift. It will feature a much more open, larger space. And although the goal is to get patients out of the lobby quickly, it is important to make sure the patients who do have to wait are as comfortable as possible. In addition, LRMC’s Fast Track area has a new look and improved processes. Fast Track is an area designated to the care of those with non-urgent illnesses or injuries seeking treatment from the Emergency Department.

More flow, less wait The newly renovated Fast Track opened July 13, and Leckie has already received positive feedback regarding the new open floor plan and greatly enhanced aesthetics. However, those are not the only improvements that patients and employees are noticing. “We are especially proud of the efficiencies that have been brought to the process and the way our team has joined together to improve the flow of Fast Track. As a result of the changes, we are seeing significant improvements in the amount of time patients are spending in Fast Track,” says Leckie.

One of those “flow related” improvements involves getting multiple assessments

Director Maureen Leckie shows off the new “vertical” waiting room area.

done simultaneously with different members of the care team, which cuts down on wait times. Another improvement is the addition of “vertical waiting rooms.” This new trend in hospitals around the ­country features common waiting areas for patients who don’t require bedside care and can be comfortable sitting upright while waiting on test results or discharge orders. The vertical waiting room is equipped with recliners, magazines and a ­television for patient comfort.

Patients and staff enjoy open comfort These new improvements enhance some major renovations done in the last few years to the Critical Care and Pediatric areas of the emergency department. “The improvements to the Critical Care unit have greatly helped the flow patterns in the use of the space,” says ➤ New waiting area for Pediatric ED

The newly renovated critical care unit takes care of the most serious Emergency needs.

Sallie Smith, BSN, Critical Care Supervisor. “We can get patients from the lobby and into treatment a whole lot quicker. And we have better visualization of the space, which promotes teamwork.” The feeling is mutual among patients and families visiting the new Pediatric Emergency Department. Thanks to a grant from the LRMC Foundation, the Pediatric ED features its own waiting area with toys and a virtual aquarium. Bridget Smith, there recently with her son Parker remarked, “We have always had great care at LRMC. The new Pediatric space is beautiful. I was aware that there were plans for renovations but was not sure it had been done yet. We visited the old space many times, and this is so much nicer. Everyone is polite, and they really care about their patients. I know a lot of the staff, and it is great to see familiar faces.”

The latest technology enhances information management And of course, new technology is changing the way care is delivered in the Emergency Department. The ED recently introduced a new medication bar code scanner system, which ensures that the right patients get the right medications. Also, a new voice-activated dictation system makes it much easier for doctors to keep track of medical records. They speak into a headset similar to a phone receiver,

Emergency physicians enjoy using the new voice-activated dictation system.

and the new program inputs all the information they say into the computer. “The new system is phenomenal!” says Dr. Matthew Schillinger, an ED Physician. Hal Escowitz, MD, also an ED Physician adds, “The new system makes for much cleaner medical records. All the records are now electronic.”

The goal: provide the best care anywhere One would think that with all these changes in place, the ED staff and leadership would rest assured that LRMC is ahead of the game in managing all the care needs of patients, doctors, nurses, family members, etc. However, with the number of patients starting to creep higher each day as fall and flu season ­approaches, our ED team is still constantly thinking and working on ways to give patients the best care possible — with the best results possible.


The new ED Lobby area will re-open in October.

thankU4 Real-life letters of gratitude to LRMC.


I was in the emergency room for a few hours today with a


woman who is 97. She had fallen and was in pain.

I would like to donate these two checks to Lakeland Regional

To the great staff at LRMC,

Dear Lakeland Regional Cancer Center staff,

Cancer Center for the wonderful treatment my wife received I just knew because of her age and Alzheimers that she

during her treatment. We have great respect for your center and

would not be of utmost importance. I could not believe

the care was terrific, it was AAA as far as we were concerned.

how she was taken care of. It was if she were a celebrity. Yours Truly, The Husband of an LRCC patient.

She was given such wonderful care. She was important to them. Most older people seem to not matter too much. She made them laugh with her sharp wit. They really cared for her and showed their professional selves to her. She had no idea where she was but she knew those hands who touched her were gentle and kind.


Dear Emergency Room staff,

On Monday morning, I arrived at the ER with chest pain. I

She weighs 84 pounds, and they knew how fragile she is. They warned her the needle might sting a bit, and they treated her if she were royalty ... They constantly checked on her well being.

was treated with the utmost care and professional service by the staff in ER. After being transferred to the chest pain ward I was delighted to have the wonderful and caring attention of the nurses, technicians, etc. I was sent to the testing area where I was also treated with great care and attention.  Please

I have been her caregiver for five years, and I dreaded her being at the hospital without me ... I didn’t worry after leaving there today at 5 PM. I knew she was in great hands. You people are spectacular for all you do, and I personally

tell your staff that they are doing a wonderful job in serving the folks of Polk County. Even the young man who came to the room following my testing to see if I would like something to eat was kind and polite. We are blessed to have such a wonderful and caring hospital and staff.  Please thank them for me.

want to thank all of you. There is one who really stood out, and her name is Lisa Perez. She dripped with kindness, and I needed that today more than ever.


Grateful Patient

Facebook class –

Thank you Lisa and all the staff at the Emergency Room of

- Thank you for helping the seniors learn about Facebook.


- Thanks for doing this Facebook seminar, very useful. - Fantastic job of trying to educate us ol’ fools! Grateful Patient


Touching Lives Fall 2011

Facebook Class Participants

LRMContributions You’ve heard of designer chairs. How about “signer” chairs?


hen you walk into the Lakeland Regional Cancer Center, you are bound to notice two unique chairs just beyond the entrance. These new chairs not

only bring an added sense of style and comfort to LRCC, the dozens of hand-written signatures they each behold have deep meaning. Both chairs were a donation from Ethan Allen Tampa Bay and were signed by their staff who participated in the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Cancer” event. With messages such as “Sandra Hines 2 1/2 –year survivor and in memory of my grandmother,” each signature represents a life touched by cancer in some way. Thank you to the Ethan Allen Company of Tampa Bay for such a special gift.

Windows of Hope Honor Sheila Cobb Savage’s zest for life.

Betty Hughes and John Galvis of Ethan Allen Tampa with Kim Walker (center), LRCC Director.

The LRMC Foundation would like to express our thanks to the family of Sheila Cobb Savage for honoring her life through a gift to the Lakeland Regional Cancer Center. Sheila Cobb Savage had a zest for life. Always stylish, Sheila believed in having fun! So much so that she requested her family play Surfin’ USA at her funeral. A little over six years ago, Sheila was diagnosed with colon cancer by the p ­ hysicians at Lakeland Regional Cancer Center. In conjunction with this diagnosis, a spot was found on her liver as well, and Sheila was given four months to live. She began ­receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatments at LRCC. And she began living – she never lost her hair as many chemo patients do – and always arrived for her treatments with her fingernails painted just so. Sheila’s mother, Christine Cobb, shared that “all the staff at LRCC loved her fingernails and always checked them out on each of her visits.”

Sheila’s aunt, Grace Dean, and mother, Christine Cobb.

And Sheila lived for years, not months. Christine credits the expert and caring staff at LRCC for helping Sheila fight for so many years. And when Sheila finally gave in to the cancer, Christine and her granddaughter, Vanessa Chamblee (Sheila’s daughter) made a very generous gift to the Windows of Hope fund at LRCC. Grace Dean (Sheila’s aunt) said, “Sheila loved to receive her chemo treatments in the beautiful area created at LRCC and enjoyed being able to look through the stained glass windows out onto the peaceful gardens and lake at LRCC.” Vanessa added that this was just a drop in a bucket compared to what her mother had received from LRCC. “My mom was really blessed with such wonderful care, and for that we are so grateful to the staff at LRCC.”

Touching Lives Fall 2011


LRMCares Thanks to Women in Philanthropy, we’re better equipped to serve, heal and help. Pediatric Rehab Thanks to Women in Philanthropy, the Pediatric Rehab program at the Lakeland Regional Outpatient Rehabilitative and Sports Medicine Clinic received some much needed equipment – specifically a LiteGait, a Bubble Wall and a Kinect system. According to the therapists, “The lite gait has been a huge blessing and has enabled us to work on gait and weight bearing with a variety of children with multiple diagnoses such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy and angleman’s syndrome.” The equipment provides support and safety, while at the same time freeing the therapist’s hands in order to work on posture, foot placement or any variety of things. Patients who may spend the whole day in a wheelchair are helped into a standing position which is beneficial for bone development as well as psycho-social skills. Furthermore, the Kinect has been a wonderful tool that’s been used with patients ranging from age 5-80. On the pediatric side of things, the Kinect is often used as a reward ... while at the same time sneaking in some therapeutic exercises!!!!!!

Pediatric Treatment Rooms Pediatric patients can now take a trip to the jungle or go under the sea when they receive painful procedures. This fall, the Kid Care Station at LRMC will open two brand new treatment rooms for use after some extensive kid-friendly “­redecorating.” Their new, improved look includes amazing visual murals that are sure to divert children’s attention from whatever procedure they need to endure. This is just one of the many ways LRMC’s Child Life Therapy program works to decrease the trauma that kids experience when they are hospitalized.

LRMC Lactation Room In keeping with LRMC’s support of working mothers, Women in Philanthropy was pleased to support the creation of a new employee worksite lactation room. New mothers returning to work at LRMC have always been supported in their efforts to provide the “Gold Standard” of breast milk to their babies – and with the addition of the lactation room they will have a designated private space to express their milk “on the job.” The lactation room has two private areas for employees to express breast milk and is equipped with two hospital-grade Medela Lactina breast pumps, a microwave for employees who would like to heat their lunch, and a fully functional bathroom and sink area for washing pump parts.


Touching Lives Fall 2011

LRMCurrents Expanded wireless supports patients and staff campus wide. Lakeland Regional Medical Center now offers expanded wireless Internet access to patients and visitors throughout the hospital’s main campus. This ­expansion provides complete wireless coverage to all patient treatment areas and patient rooms. “This expansion not only helps patients and visitors stay connected to family and friends while they are here, but also adds needed support for hospital initiatives, such as the roll out of the electronic medical administration record project that went live in October,” said Elizabeth Kerns, Lakeland Regional’s Chief Technology Officer. For more information on how patients can utilize the wireless network on our main campus, please go to and click on “Patients and Visitors.”

Facebook Lakeland Regional Medical Center Foundation is on Facebook. Stay in touch with all our latest news and events. Share your feedback, and let us know what health topics you are most interested in learning more about.

Like us now!

LRMC Intensive Care Unit wins Florida Hospital Association award. Lakeland Regional Medical Center is very proud to be among hospitals recognized recently by the Florida Hospital Association for success in eliminating central-line bloodstream infections in its intensive care units. These infections pose a severe danger to vulnerable ICU patients. Central lines are placed into large veins, such as the internal jugular veins in the neck, for use in administering fluids, drawing blood and other functions. LRMC went nine months or longer without having any bloodstream infections associated with central lines in its intensive care unit on the third floor of the C wing, according to hospital association results released this month.

Touching Lives Fall 2011


LRMCongrats Staff movements and milestones.





With sincere appreciation

Lakeland Regional Health

Lakeland Regional Medical

Wilton M. Reavis, Jr., MD,

and admiration, Lakeland

Systems is pleased to

Center welcomed Michael

who has more than 30

Regional Health Systems,

announce that Evan Jones

Spake on June 13 as the new

years’ experience as a

Inc. announces the

has accepted the Senior

Chief Compliance and

Pathologist with LRMC,

retirement of Senior


Integrity Officer. In this

is now Executive Vice


Financial Officer position,

role, Michael oversees

President of Clinical

Financial Officer Paul

upon Powers’ retirement.

the LRMC Compliance

Integration and Chief

Powers. Paul has 18 years’

Jones has been employed

and Integrity Program,

Medical Officer of

experience with LRMC,

by MainLine Health in

as well as leads LRMC’s

Lakeland Regional Health

guiding the organization’s

Bryn Mawr, PA, serving in

legislative advocacy efforts

Systems. Reavis is charged

financial path through

the role of Vice President

aligning LRMC strategy

with overseeing the

many challenges and

of Finance for Lankenau

with the health care payor

clinical care aspects of the

opportunities over the

Hospital since 2006, with

­environment. Michael came

health system, working

years. “Paul was a model

additional responsibility

to LRMC from Georgia

to better align it with the

of gracious stewardship

for Riddle Hospital and

Health Sciences ­University

medical staff and current

and dedication when he

Lankenau Institute for

(GHSU) and MCG Health

or potential strategic

agreed to delay previous

Medical Research since

System, in Augusta, GA,

partners in delivering care.

retirement plans to ensure

2008. Prior to joining

where he served as Chief

He will develop the

a smooth transition when I

MainLine Health, Jones

Compliance and Risk

medical staff to ensure

was hired,” said President/

served as Chief Financial

­Officer. Prior to the

quality care while

CEO Elaine Thompson,

Officer for St. Luke’s

July 1, 2010 i­ ntegration of

meeting the needs of

PhD. “His commitment

Hospital and Health

GHSU and MCG Health,

the community. Reavis is

and leadership have been

Network in Bethlehem,

Inc., Michael served

also a former Chairman of

a steady support, and the

PA for 20 years. He earned

as Vice ­President and

LRMC Board of Directors.

Board and I are grateful

his Master’s in Business

­General ­Counsel for MCG

for his willingness to serve

Administration from

Health, Inc., which was the

through this time.”

Wilkes University and

­operating company for the

his undergraduate degree

Medical College of Georgia

in accounting from

Hospitals and Clinics. Prior

Pennsylvania State

to that, he served as the

University. He is married

MCG Health, Inc. Director of

with four children.

Compliance and Privacy.


Touching Lives Spring 2011

LRMC and LRCC ­employees ­donated

$257,785 in Fiscal Year 2011

LRMChallenge Annual Luncheon

2011 grant recipients will be recognized

Dead p o r “D Featuring Tracey Conway, Emmy-winning actress and heart disease survivor

” ! s u o e g Gor A heart disease

survivor’s story

Friday, November 4, 2011

To benefit the Women in Philanthropy program for women’s and children’s services at Lakeland Regional Medical Center and Lakeland Regional Cancer Center

11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The Lakeland Center Hollingsworth Ballroom

For reservations or additional information, call 863-687-1296 or visit

Touching Lives Fall 2011


LRMCommunity Over 1,200 members strong – and getting stronger every day.


enior Care Club kicked off officially in January of

“I would sum up my Senior Club experience as VERY

this year offering an expanded array of programs for

educational. I really get the sense that Lakeland Regional

seniors that include opportunities for healthy fun, fellowship

cares about seniors,” said Betty Bertino, a Senior Care Club

and learning – all with a goal of improving senior health and

member. Senior Care Club has more than 1,200 members

better connecting seniors to their community hospital.

around Polk County and 435 have attended events so far this year. Activities for Senior Care club include informational events and fun outings as well as flu shots, screenings and brown-bag medication programs. According to Romaine Zajder, another member, “The programs are informative and all very interesting.” Some of the past events have included a nature tour at Circle B Bar Reserve, a Summer Exercise Series, a movie ­screening and a quilt show. Another popular activity, with

Mary Hoover shows off her Cathedral Window quilt that was voted the “People’s Favorite”— she made it at age 82 and it was her first quilt! More than 25 quilts were displayed by Senior Club members and hospital employees/volunteers in May as a way to celebrate older Americans and the legacy they weave into the fabric of our community.

▼ Senior Care Club members are currently attending programs at LRMC on a variety of Health topics. Look for a new series in the spring!


Touching Lives Fall 2011

nearly 70 seniors participating, has been classes on using Facebook, which helps the

Every tour has been an eye opener. It’s like having a buffet of useful information that is beneficial.”

seniors stay connected to their community of friends and family. “I learned something I didn’t know anything about,” said Betty Bertino about the Facebook class. There is also currently an ongoing Health Matters series focusing on strokes, safety and emergency services, healthy eating, new technology and advances in healthcare.

– Charles Burdette, Senior Care

Club member

According to MaryJane Seymour, Manager of Advanced Practice Nursing, “The Senior Care Club fits in so well with our efforts in gerontology at LRMC.” She notes, “We work very hard to educate our nurses on the special needs of older adults and the unique risks

they face as patients. At the same time the Care Club is making community seniors more informed about their own health and specific needs.” Holly Parrish, coordinator of Senior Care Club activities adds, “The more comfortable our seniors are with their hospital and its

If you are not a member of the Senior Care Club

resources, the more likely they will advocate for their own health

and are interested in joining, you can request

needs in the future. We work really hard to bring healthcare

a registration form from the Foundation Office

information to seniors in fun and social settings.”

at 687-1296 or sign up online at www.LRMC. com (click on Doctors & Departments and then

Charles Burdette, another active club member, said recently,

Senior Care Club).

“The Senior Care Club is the best bargain in the whole town. I can’t say enough positive things. Every tour has been an eye opener. It’s like having a buffet of useful information that is beneficial.”

▼ In March, Senior Care Club members took to the outdoors with a private tour of the Circle B Bar Reserve.

▼ Seniors Club members got to test out some of the newer exercise crazes on a Saturday morning this summer thanks to our physical and occupational ­therapy team at the Lakeland Regional Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Clinic.

In View of Dear Friends, One year ago, I was given the opportunity to dive head-first into the exciting and challenging waters of Lakeland Regional Medical Center. Throughout 2011, we have faced change, as a nation, a state and a hospital. Thank you for your continued support, as LRMC remains committed to delivering ­national-level patient safety, clinical care and satisfaction at the lowest possible cost to our patients so that our hospital remains viable for our community. As we look forward to the great journey ahead, our priority is to promote individual and community health, wellness and disease prevention. We are committed to achieving these goals by working with our community partners and ­educating and serving as a resource to the public. It is our hope that our friends in this area, and surrounding areas, will take ­advantage of our vast educational opportunities – to become proactive with their health. LRMC will also take all appropriate ­ measures to ensure affordable access to healthcare. This year, LRMC has diligently worked, and will continue to work, to develop a fiscally strong and collaborative health system. We created an organizational structure centered on quality, performance improvement and patient safety. Among the most exciting changes was the recruitment of a new Executive Vice President for Clinical Integration. Dr. Mack Reavis, whose position at LRMC is the number-two role, will lead the clinical integration and physician engagement. Dr. Reavis will focus our efforts on improving access, affordability, equality in the care provided, patient safety, clinical outcomes, patient empowerment and patient and family satisfaction. We are also addressing the significant financial challenges to healthcare and are excited about the leadership and energy our new Chief Financial Officer Evan Jones and Chief Compliance Officer Michael Spake bring to our organization. Their combined ­experience in financial growth, innovation and government relations will strengthen us as we deal with such issues as this year’s Medicaid reductions (amounting to a $12 million net impact on LRMC) and a $12 million lease payment to the City of Lakeland. We are eagerly working with our community partners and City leaders to find solutions that serve all of our needs and, most importantly, serve those in need of healthcare. Rest assured that now more than ever, Lakeland Regional will research and evaluate all projects to ensure that wise investments are made. We will continue to grow in ways that benefit our patients. From offering state-of-the-art technology, elite healthcare p ­ roviders, fully electronic medical records and cutting-edge procedures, we vow to further broaden and expand quality healthcare services. As we look forward to 2012 and beyond, Lakeland Regional maintains its commitment to create the best healthcare experiences, and our patients will always be top-of-mind. We will place a tenacious focus on clinical services, while advocating for ways we can help achieve affordable healthcare. Again, thank you for your support and partnership as we navigate these waters together with a common goal: exceptional patient care.

Elaine C. Thompson, PhD President & CEO Lakeland Regional Medical Center


Touching Lives Fall 2011

Save TheDate

It’s time to start planning for cookin’ men 2012

What happens when you put together one part celebrity chef and one part creative cooking? e end result is an exciting and scrumptious evening that includes delicious food and entertainment, which is sure to please even the most discriminating palate. Plans are under way for Cookin’ Men 2012, which will include more than 70 community leaders cooking their specialties — all to benefit the LRMC Foundation Women in Philanthropy program for women’s & children’s services at Lakeland Regional Medical Center and Lakeland Regional Cancer Center. The event includes all the ingredients for a fun and exciting evening, and it’s all for a great cause. In the months to come, get your taste buds ready and watch for what other plans are simmering for

Cookin’ Men 2012. When:

Saturday, March 10, 2012, 7 p.m.

Where: e Lakeland Center Information: 863.687.1296 or Individual event tickets are $50 and sponsorship packages are available. M


Good Health from Generation to Generation.

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage

PAID Lakeland, FL Permit No. 1

P.O. Box 95448 • Lakeland, Florida 33804 • 863/687-1296

2011 - 2012 Board Members


Art Rowbotham

November 4 FRIDAY


M. Hunt Berryman Vice Chair

Elaine Thompson, Ph.D. Secretary/Treasurer

John A. Attaway, Jr. Dale E. Dreyer Ed Garcia, M.D. Bret D. Henricks, M.D. Ginny A. Houghton Joseph P. Mawhinney Stephen A. Moore, Jr. William K. Pou, Jr. Butch Rahman Linda Rich Sandra G. Sheets Jack Varasse Tracy A. Wilson Douglas Wimberly, Sr.

Women in Philanthropy Luncheon 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. The Lakeland Center Tickets - $40 (advanced purchase required)

November 8 Tuesday Senior Care Club – Long-term Care Planning/Insurance & Estate Planning Free - Lunch & Learn Program 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. LRMC Call 413-5843 to register

November 20


Senior Care Club goes to the Theatre Anything Goes! (a musical by Cole Porter) 2:00 p.m. Lakeland Community Theatre Tickets - $18 each Call 413-5843 to register

March 10 Saturday Cookin’ Men 2012

Staff Ken Menefee, CFRE, FAHP Executive Director

Holly Parrish, CFRE Director of Planned Giving and Major Gifts

Paula Higgins, CFRE

7:00 p.m. The Lakeland Center

OUR MISSION: Touching Lives Through Caring and Sharing

Manager of Annual Giving and Special Projects

LRMC Foundation develops resources that support the Medical Center and the Cancer Center in providing access to the best healthcare available.

Jennifer Garrard

Through philanthropic support, the quality of life for our patients, their families and loved ones will be enhanced and lives will be saved.

Development Officer

Julia DiSpada Development Assistant

Because lives are touched through caring and sharing, we encourage giving to life and a lifetime of giving.

Mallory Moore Foundation Intern

Special thanks to the LRMC PR/Marketing staff for their ­contributions to this publication.

Please write to the Executive Director of the Lakeland Regional Medical Center Foundation at our ­address if you wish to have your name removed from the list to receive fund-raising requests supporting Lakeland Regional Medical Center or Cancer Center in the future. You may request a “Fundraising ­Opt-Out form” to facilitate your request. The request will become effective when we receive and proces­s it. COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE 1-800-435-7352 WITHIN THE STATE. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, ­APPROVAL OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE. STATE #SC-04195. 100% OF GIFTS GO DIRECTLY TO THE LRMC FOUNDATION.

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Touching Lives - Fall 2011  

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