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This project was sponsored by Clark Nexsen and was designed and fabricated at the corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA. Part I was completed in the summer of 2017 under the guidance of Paul Battaglia (Department Head of Architecture). Part II will take place in the Spring of 2018 when the students of the Gifted Dance Program at Brickell Academy hold a final concert with the elements.

assembling the elements, and Katie Miller for help with graphics and printing.

We would also like to thank the Virginia Beach and Raleigh offices of Clark Nexsen for comment and critique, Dr. Kelly Hedrick and the Virginia Beach Public Schools for use of the performance space, Frank Wiener of Virginia Tech for helping develop theory surrounding the element, Norva Plastics for their help in fabricating tiles, David Keith, Alec We would like to thank Paul Battaglia for Yuzhbabenko, and all other individuals his guidance, support, and encouragement who met with us over the course of this throughout this project, Brittney Just project. and Mario Gandia for their help with documenting, Gavin Rios, Nick Hoople, and Hanna Keplinger; for their help with

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architecture // dance  

architecture // dance