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tools into other subjects/areas. The dance students view and experience dance as a dancer, choreographer, producer, dance historian/anthropologist and dance critic. Real-life application of these roles gives students the tools to perceive, synthesize, respond, and evaluate dance expressing their aesthetic view in an informed manner. Fourth, Dance Performance, which focuses on Roles of the Discipline: Dancer, Choreographer, Producer, Designer, and Collaborator. All students participate in an in-depth performance unit focusing on the skills necessary for the performing artist in various roles. Students learn, rehearse, create, design for and perform works choreographed for them by their assigned dance professional, dance instructors and/or the students

themselves. The final concert is a fully developed theatrical performance open to the public. Students’ participation is mandatory as a component of their summative assessment. Finally, Cardio/ Nutrition (Wellness) which focuses on the physical development of the dancer as a whole being: the mind and body. All students participate in cardio for heart enrichment, then cardio specific work to develop stamina related to the work dancers will do and finally, cardio maintenance as in the mental and nutritional knowledge needed to design one’s own continuing plan. A plan that will support and empower dancers throughout their life/career.

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architecture // dance  

architecture // dance