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KEY CLUB Clark High School – Division 28 West – Region 5 – Cali-Nev-Ha District – KEY Club

Volume 3 | Issue 3 September 2011 Edition In this Issue: Introduction Message from Bulletin Editor: pg. 1

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Clark Key Club making their school a better place!

Travel Back in Time School Clean Up: pg. 3 Car Wash: pg. 4 Park Social: pg. 4 PB&J Sandwich Making: pg. 5 Blood Drive: pg. 6 Ronald McDonald House: pg. 6 Look into the Future Upcoming Events: pg. 7

Hey hey hey! Hey Key Clubbers! So we’ve now gone through one month of school already! It makes me both sad and happy, because I’m getting closer to graduating and leaving you guys! Anyways, in this edition you will find other key clubbers’ takes on the September events and a calendar for October! Get excited for RTC!!! Sincerely, Markus 1

Conclusion President’s Message: pg. 8 Contact Info: pg. 8

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Reminders: RTC is on Oct. 22 – Please abide by CCSD dress code; you MUST wear pants, and closed-toe shoes. No hats are allowed! Other than that, go all out with your spirit gear! Fall Rally is on Nov. 19 – Remember, you MUST attend RTC to go to Fall Rally! Exceptions are only for school events, and by now must have been approved by Ms. Wong! Other than that, get excited for FALL RALLY!!!!!

Why did I pick Ethan as Member of the Month, you may or may not be asking yourself? LOL I picked Ethan because of his dedication and commitment to Key Club. He has passed out agendas at every meeting, he seems to be getting to know new members, and he is always welcoming. Ethan is committed to service. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Being a Key Clubber is about service and commitment. Ethan has shown his commitment through his passion and Key Club values. Congrats Ethan!! :D 2


Brent Mayfield

GoingThe BackNew in Time: Past Events Board School Clean Up

By: Celine Endy

Today’s Key Club School Cleanup at Clark High School was really exciting. I had to wake up really early on a Saturday but it was going to be a blast. We have so many new members joining key club! Everyone split off into groups to pick up trash with gloves on our hands. My group was Margaret, Connie, Shirley, Catherine, Sam, and Jenessa. I met a couple of people while we picked up trash. I was surprised Sam had the guts to pick up a guy’s underwear off the street. At least the street is clean now and nobody else has to pick it up. (: After we were done, we had filled up one trash bag. I felt really pleased that we all helped to clean up the school because we are doing a favor for the faculty especially the janitors. Then we had a friendly competition of “I’ve Got Spirit Yes, I do. I’ve Got Spirit, how about you?” cheer. I was glad to see everyone screaming loudly. The DOWN cheer is one of my favorites although it is kind of awkward going down. hahaha If anyone saw me cheer then look at my legs and shoes, it was because I had a lot of ants crawling up my legs! Did anybody else have ants? I am really scared of bugs of all kinds. I’ll be the one screaming and running away. How embarrassing! Anyways, I saw that a lot of the freshmen were embarrassed to cheer. Come on freshmen! I was really thrilled though at the first meeting that some had the guts to come to the front and cheer. It makes me proud. I give those freshmen props. Haha I hope the freshman get used to all of our cheering. It’s a big part of key club (other than community service of course). Cheering is a lot of fun especially when cheering with all of your friends. It really shows how much spirit you have. They better be ready for RTC because Clark is going to win! 

The spirit battle at3School Clean Up

Going Back in Time: Past Events Car Wash for American Cancer Society

The car wash was fun! It wasn’t the perfect day to have a car wash, because the weather forecast predicted rain. It's funny because we all thought it would decrease the amount of cars that we washed, but it actually caused more cars to come, after the sun came out of course. The car wash started off slow, but once the sun came up, it got going. The jobs were to wash cars, make signs, and advertise on the side of the street. It was fun, spraying each other with water, while still getting the cars washed!

Members diligently wash a customer’s car.

Park Social

By: Carl Lai

By: Kyle Wong

The Park Social was great! I got there a little late, around 1 minute, haha. The first thing we did was discuss the rules of the water balloon fight. We could only grab 2 at a time, and we couldn’t throw them right when we got them, even though we did! It was pretty crazy though! I dumped water on Bryan and Roshan (: The whole fight only lasted around 5 minutes. Since the water balloon fight ended earlier than expected, we decided to play capture the flag. They served us hot dogs and chips, and overall it was pretty fun!

The members gather for a quick lesson on a new cheer.


Going Back in Time: Past Events

PB&J Sandwich Making

By: Ethan Nihipali

On September 23, 2011, Clark Key Club had to belong in the kitchen. After school on Friday, September 23, 2011, a variety of students in Clark Key Club have signed up to a fun event, making PB&J sandwiches for the homeless. With 25 pounds of peanut butter, 25 pounds of jelly, and TONS of bread. After setting up tables in the cafeteria, all of us got a pair of gloves, and two plates, one filled with peanut butter and one filled with jelly. In my group, it was Alexis Acob, Ashley Hill, Sam Tao, and myself. Ashley would spread the jelly on one slice of bread, and Alexis and Sam would spread peanut butter on one slice of bread (because the consistency of it made assembling sandwiches slow) and they would do epic high fives to put together the sandwich! Also, I bagged the sandwiches and then, an officer would carry them over to another table. In half an hour, we made what seemed like countless sandwiches, and we ran out of peanut butter and jelly! We also had bread left! Oh well, we did a good thing for the homeless, and this event was so much fun.

Ethan, Sam, Alexis, and Ashley make sandwiches.

"Brent, we belong in the kitchen." - Alexis Acob


Going Back in Time: Past Events Clark High School Blood Drive

By: Yuri Kim

The blood drive was held on September 30, 2011. As usual, it was held in the auxiliary gym. Students over 17 years of age at Clark High School got to get out of their class to do something for a good cause, which was to donate blood. Members of our Clark Key Club helped sign in donors and made jelly sandwiches so that the donors wouldn't faint. Some of them also went to people’s classes who signed up to go and get them in case they forgot about their appointment. After a long, hard day, there were 119 units of blood collected, which was a total of 357 lives saved! This event is really meaningful, and knowing that even though you feel weak and drained, in the end, you were able to help save a life!

Ronald McDonald House

By: Olivia Ho

The Ronald McDonald House event turned out to be pretty fun! It was my second time doing the event, and both times I had a good experience. For the residents, we made Greek food. Bryan was the one in charge of the event, and altogether we made stifado, stuffed peppers and tomatoes, salad, spaghetti, and lightly seasoned potatoes. For dessert, we made chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate cake, and red velvet cake. At first, we were only planning on making the first three dishes, however, we found out that we would need to make more food for about 25 people. Luckily, their pantry was available to us, so we made use of it and cooked more food. I would definitely do this event again in the future.


Fast Forward into the Future Upcoming Events:  Operation School Bell - When: Saturday, Oct 1, 2011; 9am – 1pm - Location: 6446 W. Charleston Blvd

 Cup of Noodles - Limited to 3 people - When: Monday, Oct 3 – Friday Oct 7, 2011; 1st and 2nd Lunch

 RTC Prep #1 - You MUST attend 1 - When: Thursday, Oct 6, 2011; after the meeting

 Toys 4 Smiles - When: Saturday, Oct 8, 2011; 8am – 12pm - Location: 3170 Polaris St. #17

 RTC Prep #2 - When: Thursday, Oct 13, 2011; after the meeting

 October DCM - When: Thursday, Oct 13, 2011; 5pm – 6pm - Location: Clark High School Cafeteria

 Tailgate - Event limited to 8 people - When: Friday, Oct 14, 2011; 3pm – 5pm

 RTC Prep #3 - When: Thursday, Oct 20, 2011; after the meeting

 RTC (Regional Training Conference) - When: Saturday, Oct 22, 2011; 8am – 8pm - Location: Cimarron-Memorial High School  Fall Rally - Remember, you MUST attend RTC. - When: Saturday, Nov 19, 2011 - Location: Six Flags Magic Mountain 7

Conclusion President’s Message Hey Key Club!!! I can’t believe it’s been a whole month. :O It’s crazy to think how much time has gone by. You guys have shown amazing effort this month and have made me the proudest president. We served over 800 HOURS!!! :OOOOO We BEE COOL! This past month we have had car washes for charity, school clean ups, socials, the first committee meeting, elections, blood drives, and so much more. It’s crazy to think that it has only been a month. I’m so proud of all your hard work and the leadership that some of you have shown. It makes me a proud president. :D I would like to give a special congratulation to the class of 2015. You guys have shown amazing effort and spirit for this club. I know it is sort of overwhelming, but I am beyond proud of all of you. Thank you for all the work you have put into this club over the past month. I can’t encourage you more to stay with this club for your entire high school career. Key Club is not easy. We work hard. We volunteer for long hours. We fundraise like crazy. But Key Club has offered me a great experience in high school with good memories. It has changed me into a leader. Key Club has shaped me to the person I am today. So let’s have a great year Key Club. Let’s build this year up with excitement, spirit, and service. Let’s make a difference Key Club, because caring is our way of life. Let’s show what our club can offer this community. Let’s win at RTC and Fall Rally. Let’s do more service than any other club. Let’s BEE the greatest Key Club! Your encouraged and ecstatic about the future prospects of all new members president, Brent Mayfield

Contact Information Club Advisor Miss Wong Email: Co-Advisor Ms. Evers Email: Kiwanis Advisor Mr. Richards Say hello to him at our meetings! President Brent Mayfield Email: Phone: (702) 327-9527

Vice President Carl Lai Email: Phone: (702) 882-2323

Historian Shannon Austria Email: Phone: (702) 824-6177

Secretary Yuri Kim Email: Phone: (702) 630-5222

Bulletin Editor Markus Marquez Email: Phone: (702) 630-1657

Treasurer Deric Pang Email: Phone: (702) 606-5830

Sergeant at Arms Bryan Orden Email: Phone: (702) 839-8868


Sept. 2011 Newsletter  
Sept. 2011 Newsletter  

Clark HS key club newsletter for Sept. 2011