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Volume 5 | Issue 5 January 2012 Edition In this Issue: Introduction Message from Bulletin Editor: pg. 1

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Winter Inductions 2011

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Updates Important Notices Send articles for the newsletter to Markus at: Send pictures for the newsletter to Shannon at: Send articles & pictures for the divisional newsletter to Vivian Ho at:

Reminders: Club Elections – Club Elections are coming right around the corner, so be sure to keep yourselves up to date on due dates for letters of intent! Also, those interested in running for office are welcome to attend our board meetings. DCON payments are coming soon, so be prepared for the first payment when the time comes!

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Going Back in Time: Past Events Winter Inductions

By: Lina Chan

I'm so proud of everyone who got inducted, good job! Our club has worked so hard, and I'm proud to see how many people pull through with their dedication to Key Club along with balancing their school work. It's an honor to see how much motivation and dedication we have in this club, and how willing everyone is to support and help the community. Everyone dressed up properly for the inductions, and we all walked up getting our induction sheets. Some of us received badges for our first year, (I was one of them), and others didn't because they had been past Key Club members. Afterwards, we had lemonade that was a little too sugary for my taste, and cake that stained our teeth black. We took a group picture with all the many iPhone's, with Bryan's clumsy butt dropping one. Yehp. ď Š

The members waiting to get called up for induction.


Going Back in Time: Past Events December DCM

By: Lina Chan

At Southwest, I was so embarrassed that day! I had to wait for my ride, and I was one of

the last ones to leave. We had Markus give the general overview on what was happening since Brent and some other officers couldn't attend. Shannon (our Historian) and I cheered on the sidelines while he was up front. Circle K gave information about their ideas and plans for their upcoming event, Key to College. The other present clubs gave us their presentations as well. Afterwards we ate Ramen and Hershey kisses!

Key to College Program

By: Olivia Ho

On a serene Saturday morning, I arduously forced myself out of bed to attend the Key to College event at UNLV. What I was expecting was another day of community service, but soon did I find out that it was a day full of helpful college advice. At the Key to College event I felt like I was basically in school, but stuck in an auditorium. The event was hosted by the Circle K club from UNLV, CSN, and NSC and so I had the chance to interact with majority of hosts about college. What I learned that day was about basic college applying tools and things I should know about the FAFSA before I applied for it. I participated in workshops, for example, the dorm living workshop, where I had to pick a random person to live with from the wide group and discover how difficult it would be to live with a random person in college. All in all, Key to College was an entertaining event, the workshops were good, the people were fun and cheery, and the free pizza was delicious. I would suggest any junior/senior next year to attend this event, because it is always helpful to learn more stuff about applying to college and college living.


Going Back in Time: Past Events Secret Santa

By: Carl Lai

I decided to participate in our club’s Secret Santa event this year. It required us to pick another key clubber for which we would buy a present for, but it had to be random. I ended up selecting Sam Tao out of the hat containing the other key clubbers who participated. At first, I was at a loss for what I should buy him. Luckily enough, he made a post on our Facebook page, saying that he wanted a Starbucks gift card. That made everything much easier, and I was able to get him what he wanted! As for myself, I listed on my information card that I wanted a hat! It turned out that Lina Chan had me for her Secret Santa, and she gifted me a very cool hat. Overall, this Secret Santa turned out to be pretty good!

Winter Festival

By: Shannon Austria

I really enjoyed my time at the Winter Festival. The other members and I set up our bowling game an hour before the event. I got a chance to bond with some new members as well, and it was pretty enjoyable. Right after setting up, we already had our first player in line! He was so excited to play bowling, and it gave me a warm feeling of accomplishment. It was a truly rewarding experience to witness all the children getting excited to play our club’s games. We gave out free toy airplanes to the kids as well. I’m happy to know that Key Club contributed to giving a child a fun, festive experience during the holidays. Thanks to Sheldon, Johny, Ryan, and Sam for volunteering for this event!


Going Back in Time: Past Events Adopt-a-Family

By: Ethan Nihipali

Christmas is a time to spread joy and holiday cheer with your friends and family, but unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the holiday spirit due to today's economy, however, Key Club was surely able to help. Clark Key Club was given a family with a list of kid, and each kid had their own requests for gifts. Throughout the month of December, Clark Key Clubbers fulfilled these kids' requests by buying what they asked for, and sure enough, there were a lot of gifts. To name a few, there were puzzles, books, Barbie dolls, and bucketfuls of toys as well as hygiene products. On December 17th, I along with SAA Bryan Orden, Elizabeth Quan, Jenny Kot, Anna Zhang, and James Castellanos went to the apartment complex to wrap the remaining gifts. After that, we all walked from the main building to the family's apartment, and what do we find? Kids scattered around the door, excited to see what we've brought them. The happiest faces you could have possibly imagined lit the cloudy sky, and also brought tears to their mother's eyes. Clark Key Club has done it again. As they wanted to open their gifts, their mother said, "Wait until Christmas!" and this fanciful trip ended with a loud, in unison "THANK YOU!" In my opinion, Key Club can do so much with service, but these kinds of events are the events I really enjoy (Operation School Bell would be another good example of these events). Actively working in the community and bringing smiles on people's faces. That's what I find amazing with Clark Key Club, and I can't wait until this event for next Christmas, so we can see even more happy children.

Springs Preserve

By: Christian Jara On December 23rd, 2011, an event was held at the Springs Preserve in which I took part of. It was a very good experience. There were many different jobs to choose from, and I chose to help make cookies. It was really fun and I loved seeing the smiles the children had when they received a cookie with the color frosting of their choice. Also, other than the smiles on the kids’ faces, it was also great to see my friends before the holiday weekend. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and had a fun experience working with volunteers from other schools and from MGM. I would totally volunteer again!

Mimi, Amber, and Christian make cookies.


Fast Forward into the Future Upcoming Events:  January DCM - When: Thursday, Jan 12, 2012; 5pm – 6pm - Where: Durango High School

 Officer Training Conference - Interested in running for office? Come to this workshop to find out all about the position you want to run for - When: Thursday, Jan 26, 2012; after the meeting

 Chinatown Festival Setup - Limited to 20 people - When: Saturday, Jan 28, 2012 - Where: Chinatown

 Chinatown Festival -

Limited to 30 people per shift When: Sunday, Jan 29, 2012 1st Shift: 9:30am – 12pm 2nd Shift: 11:45am – 3pm 3rd Shift: 2:45pm – 6pm Where: Chinatown

 Non-Executive Elections - SAA, Bulletin Editor, Historian, Treasurer - When: Thursday, Feb 9, 2012

 Executive Elections - President, Vice President, Secretary - When: Thursday, Feb 16, 2012

 Conclave - When: Saturday, Feb 18, 2012 - Location: Legacy High School


Conclusion President’s Message Hey Key Club!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve had to write one of these. But I’m glad a lot of you have been recently submitting articles and turning them in. We’ve had a whirlwind of events recently and are schedules are about to get more hectic. I’m trying to finish some calculus homework right now so I’ll keep this short. We have festivals coming up, with a mixture of other events. Not to mention Conclave and club elections. As our schedules become more stressed and crammed, please don’t forget about service and Key Club. It’s you the members who make the club great, entertaining, and always filled with service. We still have a lot of work to do before the year ends. Not to mention DCON!!! :D I know DCON is expensive, but it’s worth going to. Don’t forget about it even if you don’t go this year, okay? Bye for now. :p

Your extremely stressed out president, Brent Mayfield

Contact Information Club Advisor Miss Wong Email: Co-Advisor Ms. Evers Email: Kiwanis Advisor Mr. Richards Say hello to him at our meetings! President Brent Mayfield Email: Phone: (702) 327-9527

Vice President Carl Lai Email: Phone: (702) 882-2323

Historian Shannon Austria Email: Phone: (702) 824-6177

Secretary Yuri Kim Email: Phone: (702) 630-5222

Bulletin Editor Markus Marquez Email: Phone: (702) 630-1657

Treasurer Deric Pang Email: Phone: (702) 606-5830

Sergeant at Arms Bryan Orden Email: Phone: (702) 839-8868


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Jan. 2012 Newsletter  

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