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Clark James

Retouching 2012

Painted from scratch in photoshop

"You can't depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus"

Mark Twain

There is a photograph within every image. Years of colour theory and combining art school refined aesthetic sensibilities with sublime technical mastery will allow me to find it. Retouching is more than skin deep, making an image ‘flawless’ is easy, the real skill is knowing how to make your images leap from the page. I can create a consistent visual aesthetic for your images, composite things not feasible or even possible to do in camera, and take your images to the highest level.

My approach to retouching is a 3 step process, error fixing, flaw masking, and creative enhancement. My workflow is fully editable for quick changes, and I am able to accommodate anything from quick fixes to multi- image compositing.

Client: Lake Vyrnwy Hotel and Spa

“The best retouching work I’ve seen in the past 5 years.” Che Camille, La Vrei Beaute Modelling Agency

“Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds, because it has more to prove.� Terry Pratchet

Client: Proud Exposure Theatre

A retoucher sees your work with a fresh pair of eyes, giving them the ability to re-imagine your work and pull the best crop out of it.

A master retoucher develops a 6th sense, they only need look at an image and they know what needs to be done to it to take it to places you never dreamed possible.

Retouching isn’t just for photos of models- any image can be improved with the right colour tweaks and a touch of magic, my philosophy is that every image has the potential to be great, I see possibility where others only see the delete key.

Whether you want to adjust colours to match a swatch or to create an entirely new look I am able to satisfy your needs and every step is editable in case you change your mind. My workflow means that you get maximum benefit in minimum time.


Clark James Retouching Portfolio 2012  
Clark James Retouching Portfolio 2012  

A collection of my photographic and retouching work from 2010-2012