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Spring 2020

In this issue, we highlight some of the many ways we are living "One Clarke. One Community."

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THE MAGAZINE OF CLARKE UNIVERSITY is published three times a year for alumni, parents, and friends of Clarke University.

INSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D. President Bill Biebuyck Vice President for Institutional Advancement CONTRIBUTORS Courtney Leonard Executive Director of Development Jodi Hooks ’99 Director of Alumni Relations Megan Stull Assistant to the President EDITOR Susan Cain Content Strategist DESIGNER Gayle Langel ’08, ’17M Creative Director CONTACT INFORMATION Clarke University 1550 Clarke Drive Dubuque, IA 52001-3198 (563)588-6300 clarke.edu

Clarke University does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or disability in its educational programs, admissions policies, employment practices, financial aid, athletics, or other university-administered programs. Clarke University complies with all pertinent state and federal regulations concerning affirmative action, non-discrimination, and equal employment opportunity.

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In this issue 2

















the president

Dear Alumni and Friends, In the short time since I penned my first letter to you, Clarke University continues to hum with activity (and the occasional snowplow). Connecting with our alumni family in the Dubuque area and beyond is one of the great joys of my work. In recent weeks we’ve shared time together at a variety of events generously hosted by alumni in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Arizona, Florida, and California. I also met up with dozens of former graduates who stayed right here in Dubuque to work for McGraw-Hill. I encourage you to read the story in this issue about the legacy of Clarkies who today work for the Telegraph Herald, as well. As we continue to build upon and tell the story of "One Clarke. One Community." across our region, I’m meeting regularly with employers, elected officials, and community leaders who recognize Clarke as a vital contributor to a sustainable and resilient Dubuque. Our students make the best and most impactful stories, whether it’s those who organize the 5th Annual Dance Marathon to support the University of Iowa’s Stead Family Children’s Hospital or individuals like Tucker LaBelle, a student intern at the Field of Dreams, who is also featured in this issue. From its earliest beginnings, Clarke University has been progressive with the times, so it should not surprise you to read about some of our newest undertakings to support our students and our region: ˯˯ NICC Today, CU Tomorrow—increasing access and pathways to Clarke from community college ˯˯ Partnership with Eastern Iowa Community College ˯˯ Student research and faculty publications As you enjoy your magazine, I hope you’ll pass it along to someone who doesn’t yet know Clarke but you think would benefit from an introduction. Among your greatest gifts to your alma mater can be your personal referral of a prospective student who—like you—will reap the rewards of education that is lifelong and life-changing. Thank you for your continued support and love for Clarke. Warm regards,

Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D. President

! r e tt i w T n o m Follow Tho


students will be awarded full credit for their AA or AS degree

(NICC) have entered into a new partnership that provides

and be able to graduate from Clarke in two years through

students with a streamlined pathway to a four-year degree

well-planned paths and majors. The articulated partnership

while saving money and helping build the local workforce.

is set to begin in the fall of 2020 and will guarantee Northeast Iowa Community College graduates junior status

The partnership offers dual admission for students studying

in seven major fields of study at Clarke: Business, Computer

Nursing at NICC, as well as those who do not quite meet

Information Systems, Education, Nursing, Psychology,

the admissions criteria of Clarke (e.g., grade point average,

Social Work, and Sport Management. Students will earn

ACT/SAT score) and/or would be better served financially

either a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS),

by starting at NICC. Students receive full access to services,

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), or Bachelor of Social

student life, and academic activities offered by both

Work (BSW) from Clarke University. Additional majors are

institutions. For example, students can live on the Clarke

also under discussion.

campus and have a four-year college experience while completing their transfer degree at NICC.

NICC President Liang Chee Wee, Ph.D., and Clarke President Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D., announced the partnership in

“NICC Today, CU Tomorrow” is designed for students to

January, on the campus of Clarke University. The partnership

complete their Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of

is a result of several intentional conversations focused on

Science (AS) degree at NICC, with the junior and senior year of

making a bachelor’s degree accessible for students enrolled

the bachelor’s degree completed through Clarke. Transferring

at NICC. Current Clarke student Teri Kauffmann said, “My experience transferring to Clarke from NICC was amazing. My admissions counselors helped me with every step, answered all my questions, and made the switch very smooth. My professors have been great, everyone is helpful, and my academics have shown this was the right path for me. I am currently studying to earn my BSN at Clarke while working at Finley Hospital in the labor and delivery unit, all the while raising two small children with my husband. It was wonderful to attend NICC to take many of my prerequisites before

NICC President Liang Chee Wee, Ph.D., and Clarke President

coming to Clarke. It was cost-effective for me, and I was able

Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D.

to go at my own pace.”

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Wee and Chesney are confident that this partnership will provide unique and emerging access between public and private higher education and ultimately help the Dubuque community grow and retain its own qualified workforce for a resilient, sustainable future. “The new ‘NICC Today, CU Tomorrow’ partnership creates


more opportunities for students to realize their dreams of a

On the heels of the NICC Today, CU Tomorrow partnership,

college degree. Through the collective efforts of Northeast

Clarke has also begun a new initiative with Eastern

Iowa Community College and Clarke University, students will

Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) that will provide those

receive the wrap-around advising, resources, and support they

students with a structured route to their bachelor’s degree.

need for academic and career success in the Dubuque area,”

The innovative statewide plan is designed for students

expressed Wee.

wishing to pursue specific majors. The program creates individual Transfer Major Associate Degrees that lay out

Chesney said, “This collaboration is a remarkable example of

the precise course path students will complete at Eastern

what is possible when our leaders in higher education share

Iowa Community Colleges before continuing on to Clarke

a dedication to delivering superior, post-secondary education

University. EICC students must meet Clarke’s admission

to all Iowans. ‘NICC Today, CU Tomorrow’ will open doors

requirements in order to transfer.

that too often are closed by the realities of life and the daily demands that can challenge and disrupt the pursuit of higher

“This partnership is yet another example of what is


possible when our leaders in higher education share a dedication to delivering superior, post-secondary

Chesney continued, “Dr. Wee and I strongly agree that

education to those in the tri-state area,” said Clarke

despite their very different histories, structures, and funding

University President Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D.

models, our two institutions share far more similarities than differences, broadly overlapping missions and values, and a commitment to the common good. These partnerships and others that follow are much bigger than the two of us and our two institutions. We look forward to working together with other Institutions of Higher Education, the City of Dubuque,

The program is designed for students to complete their

the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation, employers,

Transfer Major Associate’s Degree with EICC, with the

and not-for-profits to build upon the cornerstone that Clarke

junior and senior year of the bachelor’s degree completed

and NICC will lay together for an education and employment

through Clarke in Dubuque. The articulated partnership

ecosystem that will have others saying, ‘Dubuque gets it right.’”

is set to begin in the fall of 2020 and will guarantee junior status of EICC graduates in eight major fields of study

Details about the “NICC Today, CU Tomorrow” program and

at Clarke: Biology, Business, Chemistry, Early Childhood

program offerings can be found at clarke.edu/transfer/NICC. 

Teaching Licensure, Elementary Education, Mathematics, Psychology, and Secondary Education. “Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is committed to making higher education accessible to everyone,” said EICC Chancellor Don Doucette. “We are pleased to work with the state’s public and private colleges to provide this

Through partnerships like these, we are bringing

enhanced transfer opportunity to students.”

students to our community, and after graduation, our hope is that they will continue to thrive in the Dubuque area while emboldening the local workforce.

Additional information can be found at clarke.edu/transfer. 

For additional information about these transfer majors programs, contact Julie Cirks, Director of Transfer Admisssions at julie.cirks@clarke.edu or (563)588-6316.

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Clarke University’s

DANCE MARATHON Looks Forward to Year Five • Saturday, April 18

Clarke University Dance Marathon (CUDM) will celebrate

and other areas of hospital need. These all help to improve

its fifth year in 2020. The current co-presidents Krista

the quality of life for the children, as well as their families,

Atkinson ’20 and Amanda Beeal ’20 are ready for the

while also providing opportunities for future research and

challenge to exceed last year’s fundraising total of $29,875.04.

treatment options.

Atkinson said, “As we enter our fifth year, many changes have

This year’s CUDM event will be held on Saturday, April 18,

already been made. The first year of CUDM, the event took

2020. During the event, dancers will participate for 10 hours

place in the Student Activity Center. The event is now so large

in honor of children fighting diseases, in celebration of those

that we hold it in the Kehl Center gymnasium. As planning

who have won their battles, and in remembrance of those

continues for the big event, our executive board is constantly

who are no longer with us.

thinking of new ideas to make it fresh and successful.” A variety of events take place throughout the academic year to build momentum for the big day. Amelia Boxleiter is one of this year’s miracle kids, and this fall she was given the opportunity to do the coin toss at Clarke’s last home football game. CUDM participates in many other activities to raise money and awareness, such as bake sales, morale week, Child Health Day, hospital visits, vendor fairs, trick-or-treating, and restaurant fundraisers in the Dubuque area. Beeal said, “The big event is 10 straight hours where we stay on our feet dancing and participating in fun activities like silent disco, jumpers, Zumba, hair cutting, and morale team competitions. We also spend time remembering our miracle kiddos who are no longer with us in our ‘Dancing in our Hearts’ room. The event also serves as an opportunity for our miracle families to speak about their experiences and share Beeal said, “My favorite part about CUDM is bonding with our

their journeys. At the end, we all come together to reveal our

miracle families. Without our families, CUDM would not be

total amount raised throughout the year. It’s very special

possible. From fundraisers to family events and then the big

and heartwarming.”

event, spending quality time with the families is something I hold close to my heart. I especially enjoy bonding with the

A room at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s

kiddos and seeing how far they have come.”

Hospital is dedicated to Clarke University Dance Marathon. The room is a prep and recovery area for patients. A room

CUDM is a student-run organization that involves year-

dedication is available only to those raising at least $10,000,

long fundraising efforts by its participants with the goal

which CUDM did in its inaugural year.

of providing care for children and financial support for their families while being treated at the University of Iowa

“CUDM is proud to be able to help assist the University of

Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The money raised directly

Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital in many ways, and

supports the families of the local Children’s Miracle Network

knowing we have a room dedicated to us that represents all

Hospital and helps fund education, research, equipment,

of our hard work means so much,” said Beeal.

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E S T .

Dance Marathon kicks off Inauguration Week. This opportunity gives students a chance to

1 9 3 5

Francis J. O'Connor MEMORIAL AWARD

make a difference at Clarke and within the community, both locally and regionally.


Class of 2004

TELL US ABOUT YOUR CURRENT CAREER. While I’ve had a varied career, the primary theme has been education. Immediately after graduating from Clarke, I spent time working in Catholic education. From there, I transitioned to educational publishing, after which I took a hiatus to complete my graduate training. I completed a Ph.D. in industrial–organizational psychology, and I currently teach graduate and undergraduate courses in the Psychology department at DePaul University in Chicago. In addition, All Clarke students are welcome to join Dance Marathon at any point throughout the academic year regardless of age, year, or major. If you or someone you know are interested in joining, contact clarkedancemarathon@gmail.com.

I work as an organizational consultant. My primary role is working with boards of directors in the areas of governance, strategy, and leadership. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of wonderful organizations in healthcare, higher education, and the arts.

For more information or to donate, visit


clarke.edu/dancemarathon. 

Receiving the Francis J. O’Connor Award underscored the notion that being a person of integrity, treating others with kindness and respect, and living out the dictum of


foundress Mary Frances Clarke—to go on steady and quiet—is recognized and valued by others.





Money raised throughout the 4 years of Dance Marathon at Clarke.

WHAT IS YOUR FONDEST MEMORY OF CLARKE? My fondest memory is the general campus ethos. There was a strong sense of community that ran among everyone, from Sr. Catherine, to Mary Ellen at the welcome desk, to Jane in the cafeteria. We had strong relationships with one another, whether we were faculty, staff, or students; we supported one another and wanted the best for one another. Despite the fact that I graduated approximately 15 years ago, I can still recall, by name, many people in the Clarke community who had a significant impact on my own development.




WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE A STUDENT TODAY? Be true to yourself, but be willing to explore who that self is. Try new things, take risks, and create. Focus on academics, sure, but also explore all the other facets of self that make you a well-rounded individual. 

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PROUD OF ‘HOMEGROWN’ CLARKE ALUMNI ON STAFF Clarke University recently caught up with several alumni who

Megan Gloss, Features Editor, said, “A big point of pride for

have made successful careers at the Dubuque Telegraph

us at the TH is how much ‘homegrown’ talent we have in our

Herald (TH), many of whom have incredible longevity with

newsroom – among those are seven Clarke alumni, many of

the media company and have worn many hats. Each of them

whom are in leadership positions and represent very different

focuses on different facets of the newsroom, from content

facets of our newsroom. Each of us also has had our work

and design to decision-making on the day-to-day news flow.

recognized and/or published at state and national levels and has had opportunities to be a part of presidential press pools and interview well-known entertainment and sports figures.” A couple recent nods include Brenden West, who recently published a book titled, Golden Girls: The History of Wahlert Volleyball. Paul Kurutsides recently had his video work at the TH used in a "Daily Show" segment. Ben Jacobson was named an Outstanding Young Iowa Journalist by the Iowa Newspaper Association (INA).


Those alumni include:

Communication – Journalism, History minor

Matt Connolly ’02 Interactive Media Database Director

Anthony Frenzel ’05 Central Paging Specialist

Megan Gloss ’03 Features Editor

Frenzel said his very earliest memory of Clarke was from his initial campus visit before he was a student. The last item on his itinerary for the day was a meeting with the then-head of the Communication program, Dr. Abdul Sinno.

Ben Jacobson ’10 Assistant Local Content Editor

Paul Kurutsides ‘09 Multimedia Specialist

Andy Piper ’95 Copy Editor

Brenden West ‘11 Sports Reporter

Frenzel said, “At the time, I had whittled my college choices down to two other schools and Clarke, and I walked onto campus that day uncertain of my future. In that meeting, Dr. Sinno extolled the virtues of not just the program I was interested in, but the school’s culture, its people, and the fact that Dubuque was on the rise and a community worth staying in post-graduation. I walked on campus unsure of where my path was going to take me, and walked out filled with certainty.”

clarkeMAGAZINE | 6

Frenzel is currently Centralized Page Layout Specialist. He

few others from the Courier staff, skipped the rest of

began working at the TH in 2005, when he was a senior at

the day's classes and set up camp in the Communication

Clarke, as a part-time copy editor and graphic designer.

Lab. They interviewed students and teachers and tracked down stories and photos, capturing the Clarke perspective

He shared, “In the course of my 15 years, I’ve had the

of such an historic event, particularly among its large

opportunity to interview people as diverse as (then-Senator)

student population from other countries, including parts

Barack Obama and comedian Red Green. But some of my

of the Middle East.

truly favorite experiences have been meeting the local people whose passions help make Dubuque a great community.

She continued, “Several of us stayed up all night writing,

From the community theater crowd to those who make

designing, and editing a publication we printed and

important organizations like Opening Doors work every day,

distributed around campus as a ‘Special Edition.’ I already

it’s been a delight to get to know them and their work. If I

was pretty sure I wanted to be a writer, but after that

were to pick one person as the absolute highlight, though,

experience, there was no question that I wanted to work for

it would be Tatiana Bechenova O'Rourke, who founded the

a newspaper. I fell in love with the rhythm of the newsroom.”

Dubuque City Youth Ballet, taught the art of dance at Clarke for many years, and lived one of the most fascinating lives

Gloss is currently the Features Editor, a role she’s been in for

I’ve ever heard of. I was blessed in 2009 and 2010 to have the

four years. She also serves as the Editor for "Her" magazine.

opportunity to create a documentary film, ‘Forever Dancing,’

Prior to that, she was a Features Reporter for about 10 years.

about O’Rourke’s life and legacy. It was an opportunity

Other than a small stint working as a Project Editor at a book

I never would have had without my connections to the

publishing house, she has had her entire journalism career at

TH and Clarke.”

the TH since graduating from Clarke – almost 16 years.

Frenzel recently came back to Clarke’s campus with some

Gloss said, “I have had my work published in various

friends. “It was an amazing experience. None of us had been

newspapers throughout the country and have had

back in the decade or more since graduation, and we got a

opportunities to interview some pretty cool people.

chance to reconnect with the campus, see some of its newest

Among them: Dubuque's own Kate Mulgrew and Louie

features, and talk with a few people who recognized our

Psihoyos, Alice Cooper, Joan Rivers, Wayne Brady, Pauly

faces. I think it speaks to the experience at Clarke that nearly

Shore, Rob Schneider, Idina Menzel, Jason Derulo, Huey

15 years later, we were stopped by several people who knew

Lewis, Chicago, Don Felder of The Eagles, The Band Perry,

who we were and were eager to catch up.”

MercyMe, Casting Crowns, and LOCASH.” Gloss also covers live concerts and other events. When she’s not writing about the arts, she usually can be found


participating in them. She admits she’s been extremely

Communication – Journalism and Public Relations/Advertising

vocalist while working in journalism. She said, “The TH has

fortunate to maintain her professional work as a classical been a great cheerleader for my musical career. I keep most of my work regional to maintain both careers, but I had an opportunity to make my European debut in 2011 in Italy. That same year, I earned a grant in opera at the national level. And

Gloss shared, “My favorite memory from Clarke is kind of

in 2014, I was named an Iowa District Winner and Midwest

a grim one. I was a junior during 9/11 and was editor of the

Regional Finalist in the National Association of Teachers

Courier. I remember sitting in an 8 a.m. photography class

Singing Artist Award competition. I also front a local jazz

that morning – ironically with Mark Hirsch, who was the Photo

and swing band and do some work at home in Dubuque,

Editor at the TH at the time.” When the students learned

including returning to perform at Clarke Music Department

what happened at the World Trade Center, Gloss, along with a

events on several occasions.”

clarkeMAGAZINE | 7



Communication, Graphic Design minor

Communication – Advertising

Kurutsides is currently a Multimedia Specialist. He is also

Piper was part of Clarke’s Adult Studies program, known at

a documentary and small budget filmmaker and owns

that time as TimeSaver. He worked full time in construction

and operates his own production company. He filmed a

by day and went to school at night.

documentary for the Dubuque Colts Drum and Bugle Corps. He said, “An assistant and myself were basically embedded

Piper said, “I was required to take two classes in religious

journalists filming their day-to-day operations while they

studies, and they ended up being my favorite courses by far.

toured the nation. It was an amazing experience.”

Mary Ann Zollmann, BVM, Ph.D., and Anna Mary O’Meara, O.C.S.O. (formerly Janet O'Meara) did such a fantastic job with the curriculum. Joseph Campbell's Follow Your Bliss still resonates with me to this day and played a role in me applying at the TH to be a reporter.” Piper is currently a copy editor, after working as a sports writer. He said, “What stands out for me as I look back over the years is the variety of events and people I have been fortunate to report about over the years. From politicians, including senators, governors and presidents, to sports legends and two Rose Bowls, it has been a glorious ride. I am most proud of the awards I received in the various positions

Kurutsides shares that his favorite memory from Clarke was

I’ve worked in the newsroom.”

production night for the Catalyst (the student magazine publication) or any of the production nights for the newspaper. He loved seeing everyone working together to produce a publication. He added, “Clarke gave me the confidence to not be afraid and just go for it. It made me feel comfortable being in front of an audience or attending a trade show connecting with new clients. It gave me the courage to reach out and make connections with people who can benefit my growth as not only a person, but also as a small business owner. From a young age I have always loved film and video and would constantly create short films with my brother and friends. I

He concluded, “Beginning in second grade, I used to shoot

have been able to hone that talent here at the TH.”

baskets, or hit rocks with a baseball bat in the alley behind my house by myself for hours and hours. The whole time I was imagining whole sports teams and leagues in my brain. It was

Photos included in this article used with permission from the Telegraph Herald.

clarkeMAGAZINE | 8

really much of the same creative process as going to a game, conducting a few interviews, and weaving a story together. Who knew?”

BRENDEN WEST ‘11 Communication – Journalism, Creative Writing minor

These members of the Telegraph Herald staff are great models of Clarkies impacting the community through different aspects of communication.

West was a four-year letter-winner for the Clarke Men's Volleyball team and served as editor of the Clarke Catalyst and Clarke Courier. After graduating from Clarke, he took his first job at a newspaper in nearby Dyersville, Iowa. From there, he jumped to Clinton, Iowa, and Sterling, Illinois, before landing back in Dubuque at the TH as a sports reporter.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Dubuque Racing Association in 2019, Clarke University was able to improve campus safety. The donation allowed the university to equip campus with additional In 2013, he was named an Outstanding Young Iowa Journalist by the INA. In 2015, he received the Bill Wagner Award for Investigative Journalism through the INA. West shared, “Last year, with help from the TH, I published my first book, which I consider a major achievement. It is titled, Golden Girls: The History of Wahlert Volleyball. I have never considered myself a very ‘talented’ writer; rather, I think a lot of these accomplishments were the result of hard work and drive to get better, which was a big lesson I took away from my time at Clarke on the volleyball team and in the Communication program.” West considers the opportunities to work on student publications at Clarke very rewarding. He said, “The Clarke Communication program provided me with several hands-on experiences that I was able to take directly to the workforce and demonstrate a skill set that my employers value. From learning how to use page design technologies, to photography, to writing classes and beyond – I believe I received an excellent education that allowed me to gain real-life experience. When it came time to demonstrate all that Clarke had taught me, I was hired on the spot.” 

surveillance cameras to help security staff have eyes where they cannot be. The safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors is of utmost importance to the Dubuque Racing Association and Clarke University.

Clarke Student Scores Big at

FIELD OF DREAMS Tucker LaBelle ’22 is just a sophomore at Clarke University,

involved working with Sanders’ campaign staff in advance of

yet he feels he has been blessed with many amazing

the event and on the day of, and hosting him and his family.

opportunities since arriving in Iowa from his hometown of

The other highlight that sticks out is when I was company

Athens, Ohio. One such opportunity is at Field of Dreams in

ambassador again for filming of an episode of the History

Dyersville, Iowa. As most locals are aware, the field was

Channel’s show ‘American Pickers.’”

made famous by the 1989 film Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones. In the film, an inspired Iowa farmer (Costner) builds a baseball field, then sees “Shoeless” Joe Jackson's ghost and other marvels. The film became an Academy Award nominee for “Best Picture of the Year” in 1989. The Dyersville field has gained world-renowned accolades not only from the film, but also as a beloved tourist destination. It serves as a moment in time and a place in cinematic history. The field and farm belonged to the Lansing family of Dyersville since 1906, and Don Lansing is the man who said “yes” to the Hollywood producers who wanted to use his boyhood home for the film.

He continued, “I have also been featured by the Associated French Press and several local news stations talking about

When LaBelle landed at Clarke and decided on a

the field, which has been amazing. Every day is a highlight

Communication major, he reached for the stars and sent his

at Field of Dreams. I was fortunate enough to meet many

resumé to Field of Dreams. The CEO offered him a position as

of my childhood role models who I thought I would never

tour guide, and this spring he was promoted to Social Media

meet, such as Ricky Henderson who is arguably one of the

Coordinator and Content Creator. He continues to work there

greatest baseball players of all time. I’ve also loved meeting

while enrolled full time at Clarke.

and creating a working relationship with a member of the original film cast, Dwier Brown, who plays Costner’s father,

When asked about stand-out moments in his position

John Kinsella, in the film.”

thus far, LaBelle shared, “I was given the opportunity to be ambassador for the company and oversee Senator Bernie

Clarke Assistant Professor of Communication Emily

Sanders, his family, and actor Susan Sarandon when they

Goodmann, said, “Tucker has been a stand-out student

visited the field. This was an incredible opportunity that

from the start. He parlayed an internship at the Field of

Tucker's story is just one example of how our students are career- and life-ready even before graduating from Clarke.

Dreams into a paid social media position for the school year.

legacy. Along with that, I am co-writing a book with my boss,

We are very proud of his success and look forward to sharing

Roman Weinberg, that will be published this summer to

his stories on The Crux, our online publication for students,

offer readers the stories behind the Field of Dreams and the

by students.”

influential figures involved.

The next huge event LaBelle is involved in is the upcoming

"The bottom line for me is that this opportunity has offered,

MLB game at the Field of Dreams on Thursday, August 13,

and continues to offer me, pathways to the career I plan to

2020, at a newly constructed ballpark built adjacent to the

pursue. Who knows? Maybe I’ll remain at Field of Dreams

movie site that will hold 8,000 fans. The Chicago White Sox

long term, doing what I love most.” 

will take on the New York Yankees, with the White Sox being the home team. Fox Television will provide exclusive national coverage of the 7 p.m. (ET) game. The design of the park will pay homage to Chicago’s former Comiskey Park, which was home of the White Sox (and, for a time, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson) from 1910-90. LaBelle is looking forward to the big day. “My involvement with the MLB game is ongoing. I will be capturing every moment I can with a camera. My participation up to this point has consisted of coordinating social media posts to promote the game and its arrival in Dyersville as well as shooting drone footage and photography, some of which has been and will be used by the MLB.” Even as a relatively new college student, LaBelle has learned that his education in the communication field provides him with endless potential to develop his career. He grew up in a house of journalists and authors and always knew he wanted to do something content-based to share the stories and messages of others. He said, “The opportunity at Field of Dreams has proven to me that this is what I want to pursue for my career. Moving forward, I want to launch a photo series highlighting the stories of those who were involved in the creation of this movie and its

clarkeMAGAZINE | 11

ONE CLARKE. ONE COMMUNITY. Inauguration Week • April 18-25 We reinvigorate our commitment to bring Clarke into the greater Dubuque Community with an intentional focus on sustainable partnerships and collaborative opportunities. We call on our existing and potential partners and friends to connect with Clarke in new and yet-to-be imagined ways that will bolster both our university and our community. We commit to a call to serve, innovate, and work together that mirrors Mary Frances Celebrate the inauguration of our 16th president

Clarke’s call to be progressive with the times in which we live.

Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D.

We are a community of students, faculty, staff,

TH U R SDAY, A PR IL 2 3, 2020

alumni, friends, and supporters throughout

5:30 p.m.

the greater Dubuque community in which

Robert and Ruth Kehl Center Clarke University

Clarke is wholly interwoven. In all we do, we bring our values of education, charity, justice, and freedom to life.

An inauguration week of festivities will honor and enhance the deeply rooted sense of community that is central to Clarke’s mission.

It is in this spirit that we are and shall remain

One Clarke. One Community.

Can’t celebrate in person? Send your congratulatory wishes to Dr. Chesney on the inauguration website listed below.

Visit clarke.edu/inauguration to learn more.




Everyone has a story.

Humans of Clarke is our social media movement that connects the diverse and unique community that makes up Clarke. By sharing student stories on Facebook and Instagram, we link those within Clarke’s network and provide an avenue for individuals to become recognized and united.

Sami Brookens BIOLOGY ’21

There was this great philosopher named David Hume. He believed that we know and understand things by our impressions of those things. In other words, we remember things not by the substance, but by individual moments and our sensations and reflections in those moments. I had a great childhood. Great friends, amazing parents and family. I am very proud of where I come from. On the other hand, throughout my life I have struggled with finding out who I am or why I am here. In coming to Clarke, I thought I had it all figured out. As silly as it sounds I thought it was

you think of nothing – nothing on your mind but what is

simple as, get my degree, get a job, get married. As with

happening in that exact moment.

most things, it hasn’t always gone according to plan. I have changed thanks to moments I have had at Clarke.

Another moment: After a hard week of school, stress, etc. my friends and I were sitting around the dinner table in our

Halfway through my Freshman year, I walked into a

little apartment feasting on what food we could scramble

chiropractor recruiting event going on in the ground floor of

together with our college budgets. Toasting. Laughing. Smiles.

CBH. In that moment, I knew what I wanted to be. With many

I remember how happy I was to have such amazing friends

hours of shadowing my own chiropractor on top of working

that I could share these moments with.

as hard as possible in the classroom, I am currently applying to the top chiropractic schools across the country.

I thank Clarke for opening my eyes to endless opportunities, lifelong friends, and moments. Clarke has changed everything

I have always been a huge sports person – soccer means so

from my original plan and I couldn’t be happier, even if that

much to me. My teammates, coaches, and the game itself

meant I had to face some very hard times. I am now involved

have had a huge impact on me during my time here. There

in the scholars program, HIPPO society, culinary club, and I am

is one game I will never forget. Culver Stockton, our rivals, last

a class senator. I also tutor students in human anatomy and

game of the year. Winner moves on. Score: 0-0. 30 seconds

physiology. I may not know why I am here and honestly, I may

left on the clock. We score. Storm the field. Happy tears. It’s

never know why, but at least I have these moments. These

one of those moments that makes you feel like you are living

amazing moments that I can keep with me forever and point

in the movies. And that’s what I chase; the times that make

me to the right path in finding out who I really am.


Clarke Student One of Six Nationwide to Land Internship with Miami University

That’s where Ren and DeVries’ research comes in. Different electrode surface charges could cause electrochemical reactions to behave differently. That’s why Ren and DeVries analyzed electrodes’ properties and surface charges. We had a chance to chat with DeVries about her experience.

Senior Echo DeVries '20 took part in a National Science at Miami University in Oxford, OH, in the summer of 2019.


Students in this program are mentored by faculty and gain

“I learned about this Research Experience for Undergraduates

valuable research experiences, connections, and the thrill of

(REU) through Clarke University’s Chemistry department.

scientific adventure.

I want to someday attend graduate school to receive a

Foundation (NSF) Research Experience for Undergraduates

Ph.D. in chemistry. I knew a National Science Foundation DeVries is a senior at Clarke and will graduate this spring

(NSF)-funded REU would provide graduate-level research

with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, a Bachelor of

experience and help me solidify my career goal.”

Arts in Mathematics, and a minor in Biology. At Miami, she was mentored by Dr. Hang Ren, Miami Assistant Professor of


Chemistry and Biochemistry. Their project was "Measuring

“The application process was time consuming. My

the Distribution of Surface Charge on Electrodes."

applications were due at the end of January and I started working on my resumé and personal statements in the beginning of October. I had multiple professors and faculty members look over my application before submitting it. In addition to my transcript, resume and personal statement, I had to provide three letters of recommendation. Alongside my application, there were eligibility requirements such as required course and minimum GPA to be able to apply.”

HOW WERE YOU CHOSEN? “Out of all the applicants, six students from around the world were chosen based off of personal statements, letters of recommendation, transcripts, intended research area, and research experience.” Echo DeVries (front) and Hang Ren (back) use a potentiostat to measure the voltage or current of their sample.

DESCRIBE YOUR EXPERIENCE. “I participated in an NSF-REU at Miami University in Oxford,

An electrode conducts electricity and allows reactions

OH, under the advising of Dr. Hang Ren. The summer-long

to occur on its surface when electricity is applied. These

project focused on measuring the potential of zero charge

electrodes play a key role in electrocatalysis, the process of

of a metal via Bias Modulating Scanning Ion Conductance

using electricity to drive chemical reactions. For example,

Microscopy (BS-SICM). Through this project, I gained

an electrode can be used to convert water to hydrogen fuel.

graduate-level research experience and developed many

Hydrogen is a clean fuel, which produces no CO2 emissions

skills in the field of electrochemistry such as experience

– the same fuel NASA uses to launch rockets. However, the

with Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM), patch

generation of hydrogen on the electrode surface is not

amplifiers and construction of disk electrodes. This REU

uniform. Hot spots exist that efficiently catalyze this reaction.

also gave me the opportunity to strengthen my time

clarkeMAGAZINE | 14

management, perseverance, and passion for research. I presented a poster on this research at the Eleventh Annual ILIA ACS Undergraduate Research Conference and was awarded the Best Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation award.”

HOW HAS THIS EXPERIENCE HELPED YOU? “This REU changed my life, I gained valuable research experience that allowed me the opportunity to know and experience graduate level research before applying for graduate school. Along with the research experience, I formed multiple friendships and connections that I am truly thankful for. The program also took us on many non-lab trips. We went to Cincinnati for a day to go to the Art Museum, a Reds baseball game, and walked the city.”

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER CLARKE? “After completing my undergraduate education at Clarke University, I plan to attend graduate school in chemistry in the Fall of 2020. In the Fall of 2019, I applied to four chemistry graduate programs, The University of Iowa, Iowa State University, Miami University in Oxford, OH, and Northern Illinois University. My focus when applying was not on only getting accepted into graduate school, but also the research I would be conducting at the University. I am currently

Know someone who should be a Clarkie? We want to meet them! Clarke offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs to fit the needs of today's student.


ecstatic and thankful to have been accepted into three of the four programs and am waiting on my fourth letter. I plan to tour the facilities, meet with the faculty, and talk to current students before making a decision. I am very excited for my future education and thankful to Clarke for my amazing undergraduate experience.” 

If you are interested in learning more about establishing a charitable legacy through the Clarke Lives Endearment Campaign, please contact Courtney Leonard at (563)588-6585 or visit clarke.giftplans.org.

Echo's opportunity is an example of how our students are able to land prestigious internships in the community and beyond.

h clarkeMAGAZINE | 15

Clarke University Faculty Accomplishments & Publications ART + DESIGN PROGRAM


Professor of Art and Chair of Visual and Performing Arts

Associate Professors in Nursing Molly (Frommelt)

Louise Kames ’77, MFA, received grant funding from the

Kuhle ’01, ’04M, Ph.D., and Lisa Rettenmeier, ’04M, Ed.D.,

Iowa Arts Council for her artist project, Seeing Deeply, a

have successfully completed their Nurse Educator

series of pastel drawings. These works were exhibited at

Certifications. There are only approximately 4,000 nurses

Project Art’s Gallery III at the University of Iowa Hospitals

in the United States who hold this title. The Nurse Educator

and Clinics in Iowa City through January 2020. Additionally,

Certification is completed through the National League

A Sacred Ginkgo, her 30" x 22" pastel drawing on paper, was

for Nursing, and is a hallmark of professionalism for nurse

accepted for entry in the 41st Rock Island Art Guild Fine Arts

educators. Clarke currently has three CNE-certified faculty

Exhibition. The piece is on display at the FIGGE Art Museum

members – Kuhle, Rettenmeir, and Assistant Professor of

in Davenport from January through April 2020.

Nursing Jenni McCann, DNP, RN, CNE.

COMMUNICATION PROGRAM Assistant Professor of Communication Emily Goodmann, Ph.D., is serving as Network Director for the Radio Preservation Task Force (RPTF) of the United States Library of Congress. Goodmann will work with the RPTF

Professor and Department Chair of Nursing Patricia Pearce, Ph.D. wrote a chapter entitled, “Research for advanced practice nurses: From evidence to practice” in a book written by T.A. Klein. The book was published by Springer Publishing Company, LLC.

on the importance of preserving older, ephemeral media

Assistant Professor of Nursing Kristin Tiernan, ’04M, ’18D,

formats at a time when our digital media universe is

DNP, received a leadership award from the Camp Hertko

expanding at the rate of five trillion bits per second. Her

Hollow for her continued service to the camp.

primary research was published in one of the top journals in her field, Information & Culture, in November 2019.

RELIGIOUS STUDIES PROGRAM Associate Professor of Religious Studies Bill Gregory, Ph.D.


recently released his book Go Forth. Its central theme is

Assistant Professor of English Steve Bellomy, Ph.D.,

Pope Francis’s efforts to move people to engage with the

presented his work, “The Grave Reigns Everywhere in the

world’s issues.

Profound Depths: Nineteenth-Century Sounding and the Ecogothic” at the Northeast Modern Language Association


conference in Washington, D.C., in March 2019.

Assistant Professor of Social Work Amanda Greubel, DSW,

Professor of English Ann Pelelo, Ph.D., has been working with the Educational Testing Service College Board. She was invited to be on the 2020 Associated Press English Language and Composition standard setting panel. Pelelo was a judge for the College Level Examination Program American Literature Standard Setting Study in November and December 2019.

MUSIC PROGRAM Professor of Music Amy Dunker, DMA, recently published three books related to music and teaching. They are entitled, Meditations for Musicians, Beyond the Notes, and To Teach with Love. All three can be found on Amazon.

published an article in November 2019 in the Journal of Social Work Education. It is titled, “Curricular Content on Women: Gender Equity in Social Work Education.” Greubel also presented her work at the Council on Social Work Education national conference in Denver, Colorado.

SPANISH PROGRAM Professor of Spanish Evelyn Nadeau, Ph.D., presented a paper, "Teaching for Good: An Online Open-Access Third-Year Spanish Textbook Centered on Social Justice," based on the book that she wrote and used at the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese conference this past summer in San Diego, California. Nadeau also facilitates the Spanish Café at the Dubuque Multicultural Family Center, a conversation group open to the community. 

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