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YEAR IN REVIEW 2017-2018

JUNE 1, 2017 to MAY 31, 2018

FINANCIALS Clarke University is pleased to present the following charts, which represent the strong financial status of the university. The audited figures (expenses and revenue) are from the 2017-18 fiscal year (June 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018.)

Chart Title

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chair of the Board: Robert C. (Rob) Wahlert


Vice Chair:


Mary Rose Corrigan-Psihoyos ‘04

Sheila (Doyle) Hocking ’78

Joanne M. Burrows, SC, Ph.D.


Karen (Manghera) Chiappetta ‘83

Matthew Boleyn ’08

Carolyn Farrell, BVM ’66


Tuition and Fee Revenue








Carolyn (FitzGerald) Gantz ’70

Zachary Breitbach ’05

Margaret Geraghty, BVM, Ph.D.

Amanda (Perrone) Cyze ’01, ’02M, ’06D

Teri (Hawks) Goodmann ’76

Gerry Flores ’11M

Richard Gregory

Becky Herrig ’84M. ’16M

Teri Hadro, BVM

Reid Johannsen ’15 Courtney Leonard

Government Grants



Ann Harrington, BVM, Ph.D.

Clarke Fund



Suzanne (McGovern) Juergens ’69

Adam Mennig ’08

Nancy (Swift) Klauer ’67

Laura Naber ’18

Ann McDonough ’86

Celeste Pechous ’94

Bernadette McManigal, BVM

Ardell Sanders ’99

Dennis J. Powers

Chad Schockemoehl ’97

Regina M. Qualls, BVM

Katie (Kropf) Zelle ’01

Maureen Quann, J.D. ‘97

Matthew Zelle ’01

Rev. Mark Ressler ‘03

Maryjo (Douglas) Zunk ’79

Endowment Draw



Other General Revenue



Auxiliary Revenue



$4,243,372 $33,946,250

Chart Title

Cathy Schulze ‘72 Jane Daly Seaberg ‘78 John D. Stavnes James H. Thompson Jenifer (Collins) Westphal ’84 Ronald C. Wilgenbusch Thomas P. Williams, D.D.S., M.D. Mary Ann Zollmann, BVM, Ph.D. TRUSTEES EMERITI Timothy J. Conlon Margaret Mary Cosgrove, BVM

EXPENDITURES Academic Affairs

Rev. Monsignor John W. Dalton 1









Catherine Dunn, BVM, Ph.D. Carolyn (Sanders) Haupert ’66 Sharon K. Kress ’69

Financial Aid



Institutional Support



Student Life and Athletics



Dolores Marie McHugh, BVM

Auxiliary Operations



Martin J. McNamer

Thomas V. Lynch John M. McDonald, III Mary Fran McLaughlin, BVM ’63 Edward J. Monaghan

Enrollment Management and Marketing



Capital Expenses





Mira Mosle, BVM ‘65 Paul G. Pechous, MD Margaret (Small) Pfohl ’62 Brendan T. Quann, J.D. Susan Rink, BVM, Ph.D. ’48 John A. Schoen Jayne (Zenaty) Spittler ’71 Michael S. Triplett Robert H. (Bob) Wahlert Rev. Thomas R. Zinkula

All gifts – regardless of size – are truly appreciated. Every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information; however, if you notice any discrepancies, please notify the Institutional Advancement Office at (888)225-2753. More information on Clarke’s giving societies can be found online at clarke.edu/supportclarke.

THE PRESIDENT’S SOCIETY recognizes donors who – like Clarke’s presidents over the years – are committed leaders in educational excellence. Membership is open to those who have generously donated $10,000 or more cumulatively to the University.

DIAMOND CIRCLE BVM Contributed Services John and Alice Butler + Ruth (Donlon) ’40 * and Charles Carroll * Vange Jansen * Patti Joyce ’64 * Bob * and Ruth Kehl + Marie (Moles) Miske ’42 * Mary (Splinter) ’43 * and George Nicklaus * Mary Agnes Ronan ’21 * Jean (Wahlert) Stoltz ’63 * and Chuck Stoltz R.C. * and Celeste Wahlert *+ Anonymous Donor PLATINUM CIRCLE Ed * and Shirley Babka Carol (Conlon) ’33 * and Bill Klauer * H.J. and Denice Markley Anne Mastrovich ’36 * Dorice (Schiller) ’61 and Corbin McNeill Ruth (Powers) Perkins ’41 * Donna ’86 and Bob Wahlert GOLD CIRCLE Mary (O’Connor) Ahern ’25 *+ Susan (Matheson) ’71 and Jay Allen Sally Aylward ’74 Elizabeth Bain ’35 * Elizabeth (O’Neill) Baun ’39 * Pam (Zwack) ’67 and John Beaver * Raymond Boyle * Elizabeth (Bartels) Bray ’52 Rose Marie (Schnepf) ’52 * and Carl Carlsson + Tim and Christine Conlon + Greg * and Nan Corken *+ Jack Crahan * June (Kuba) ’54 and Emmet DeLay * Jim and Mary Doyle Bernadine Fleury ’60 * Mary Jo (Rossi) ’61 and Joe Furgal Cathy (Cassidy) ’50 * and Ed Gallagher * Carolyn (FitzGerald) Gantz ’70 + Jack * and Rosemary Gantz *+ Hon Mai (Lam) ’58 and Joseph Goodman Carol (Niederriter) ’65 and David Handel * Marion (Bink) Harn ’34 * Carolyn (Sanders) ’66 and John Haupert * Rev. Donald P. Heineman * Joseph Hendel * Eldon * and Marge Herrig Laura ’94 and Larry Herrig Stephanie Holscher Bear * Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

Jim * and Joyce Houtz


Camille Jacques ’52

Frances Barnes *

Marion (Remus) Jones ’46 *

Virginia Bartels-O’Rourke ’49 *

Pat (Spaight) ’55 * and Bob Kaliban

Babe Bisignano *

Bruce Kennard

Suzanne (Diers) ’67 * and Mike Blouin +

John and Jane Kiefer

Eileen (Madigan) ’66 and Bill Bolster

Agnes (Kamper) ’48 * and Lambert King *

Jack * and Pat Bush *+

William R. Klauer, Jr.

Patti (Pederson) ’61 and Patrick Donlon *

Bob and Judy Klauer

Maurna (Murphy) ’55 * and Jerry Donovan *

Nancy (Swift) ’67 and Jim Klauer

Beatrice Dormedy *

Sharon Kress ’69 and Keith Cook

Catherine Dunn, BVM

Katherine (Au-Young) ’57 and Paul Lam

Judith (Jamrozy) ’65 and John Eckert

Mary Catherine Laughlin ’39 *

Marie (Healy) Elmer ’24 *

Winnie (Chan) ’61 and Conrad Lee

Ruth Fischer *

Mary Mackin ’34 *

Clarence Friedman *

Therese Mackin, BVM ’50

Richard * and Pat Friedman

Mercedes McCambridge *

C.J. and Mary Ann Gantz

Mary Alice McDermott ’49 *

Daniel and Linda Gantz

John McDonald III

Jim and Jean Gantz

Rita McGrath ’26 *

Mary Jean (Schmidt) ’79 and Dick Gregory

Mary Alice (Studebaker) ’61 and Jim McManus *

Margaret Greteman ’34 *

Mary Miller *

Frank Hardie *

Helen (Tegeler) ’52 and Bob Molo *

Steve and Connie Hardie

Jane (Cowlishaw) ’62 and Ed Monaghan

Josephine (Helstern) Harvey ’35 *

Margaret Norton ’55 *

Catherine Heinz ’63 *

Jim and Pat O’Brien

Eleanor Holscher *

Emily O’Connor ’45 *

Sue (Coffey) ’59 and Ray Kehm

Marion (Rhomberg) ’35 * and Francis O’Connor *

Velma (Miller) ’42 * and Bill Kinney *+

George Petrakis *

Gerry (Staehlin) ’62 and Daniel Klinglesmith +

Ann Powell ’81

Don and Charlene Lamberti

Jeanne (Powers) ’66 and Brendan Quann +

Connie Locher-Bussard ’54 and Larry Bussard *

Margaret Quigley *

Marcella Lott *+

Mary (Lonergan) ’33 * and Anthony Rhomberg *

Verna (Slattery) Mailander ’20 *

Ellen (Burke) ’70 and Scott Sayer

Janet Manatt Pilcher ’69 and Fred Pilcher

Bob * and Karen Schlytter

Joy and Leo McCarthy *

Mary Schmid

Clement McDonald *+

John and Joan * Schoen

Nancy (Comer) ’77 and Marty McNamer

Nicholas Schrup *

Robert and Donna Miller

Jayne (Zenaty) ’71 and Joe Spittler

Charlene (Hearn) ’67 and Jim Murphy

Mary Jane (Haley) ’45 * and Tony Stepanek

Jeanne Nagle ’64, ’70M

Regina Sullivan ’32 *

Karen (McKay) ’68 and Loras Neuroth

Jim and Marita Theisen

Paul * and Kay O’Flaherty *+

Rose Totino *

La Von Pasker *

Mike and Ruby Triplett

Paul and Nancy Pechous +

Ed and Joan Tschiggfrie

Marian (Petrakis) Raulerson ’39 *

Rob and Agnes Wahlert

Janet Rhomberg

Mary Ann (Soenke) ’67 and Bill Walter

Mary Frances Routledge ’45 *

Margaret (Harrington) Welch ’34 *

Rachel Schemmel ’51

Jenifer (Collins) ’84 and Jeff Westphal

Bill Schmid *

John Whitehead

Cathy Schulze ’72 and Dennis Coll

M.W. * and Kathryn Whitlow *+

Deirdre (Lagen) ’51 and Thomas Segerson *

Mary Ann (Froslie) ’63 and Gene Wilens *

Ann Smith *

Catherine (Wallis) Winall *

Charles Spahn *

William Woodward *

Pat (McDonald) ’64 and Mike Starshak

New and Moves in Bold



Mary Celeste (Coyle) ’63 and

Jane (Skelley) ’78 and James Carroll

Rich and Rae Ewers

Janet (Niehaus) ’67 and John Carroll *

Jill (Armstrong) ’57 and Denis Faber *

Peggy Sullivan ’50

Honore (McLees) Casey ’34 *

Daniel Fabiano

Jim and Diane Thompson

Jacquie (Todd) ’64 and Tom Cashman

Bernie (Brown) ’64 and Mike Fallaw +

Dorothy Townsell, BVM ’32 *

Barbara (Hutchinson) Cassin ’50 *

Annette (Sinnott) ’70 and Gene Field

Marie Townsell *

Terri (Classen) ’52 and Art Catrambone *

David Field

Mary Weller ’52

Jeanne (Pittz) Cavanaugh ’39

Kay (McTigue) ’70 and Chuck Filice *

Celine (Wolfe) Wicks ’60 *

John Cerasani

Mary Fran (Doody) ’67 and Jim Finkler

Marian Wolters ’59

John * and Mary Jo Chapman

Katie Fischer ’73 and Jerry Enzler +

Pat and Janet Zuccaro

Emily Chew and Bob Murphy

Therese (Cloutier) ’70 and Jim Feld +

Karen (Manghera) ’83 and Art Chiappetta

Nancy (Hanrahan) ’53 and Michael Flaherty


Rose Marie (Peschang) ’49 * and Newton Chun *+

Josephine Flammang *

Joan (Gebhard) ’71 * and Robert Allison

Mary Coan and Gregory Paulsen

Carol (McCauley) ’55 * and Jim Flansburg

Ed and Patricia Alt

Bonnie (Meyers) ’67 and Dennis Coates

Shirley (Johnsen) ’61 and Anthony Francavilla

Carol (Kemp) Aschenbrener ’66

Marriann (Kalina) ’75 and Grady Cole

Kathy (Cassidy) ’60 and John Frasco

Catherine ’43 and Cyril Athans

Philip Coleman *

Marabeth ’94M and Norm Freund

Connie (Wendler) ’60 and John Bach

Mary (Donlon) Collins ’33 *

Pat (Keefe) ’69 and George Freund *

Ann (Rielly) ’83 and Nathan Baker

Mike * and Sharon Conlon

Paula (Koellner) ’78 and Terry Friedman

Kay (Foley) ’69 and Bill Barancik

Suzanne Conlon *+

Geri (Brennan) ’78 and Paul Frommelt

Adele Bardill *

Lois Connelly ’56 *

Dave and Kay Frommelt +

Gary Baumhover

Maurie Conwell *

Fred * and Marion Fuerste *

Mary Bautsch ’52

Kate Corrigan ’85

Lynn B. and Cynthia Fuller

Margene (Thornton) ’63 and Patrick Beckham

Ellen and John Cosgrove *

Janet (Vander Heyden) ’62 and Brian Furman *

Dorothy Becklenberg *+

Colleen (Sullivan) ’73 and James Coulas +

Mary Gantz

Ann (Skelley) ’63 and Jerry Beckman *

Catherine (Aubuchon) ’72 and Patrick Coyle

Timothy and Susan Gantz

Norb Behr *

Madeline (Schwarz) ’73 and Bob Czervionke

Ruth Garlick *

Tom * and Margie Benda *

Mary Daly ’34 *

Lyle Gassmann, Sr.

Rita (Brennan) ’68 and Richard Berens

Mary (Selle) Dardis ’28 *+

Bernie (Hingtgen) Geisler ’43 *+

Cathy (Fraher) ’82 and Peter Bergmann

Jane Ann Davidsaver ’49 *

Angela (Downing) Gentle ’36 *+

Frank and Rita Bertsch

Jon and Anita Davison *

Jim and Catherine Giese

Mary Bethke, BVM ’32 *

Karen (Shepard) DeMello ’81

Rosemary Giunta *

Eileen (Clifford) ’30 * and James Blaine *

Marguerite (Palmer) DeSotel ’35 *

Karl Glovik

David ’88 and Marie (Friedman) Blaser ’90

Patricia (Knight) ’63 and William Dillard

Patricia (Haskins) ’57 * and John Glunz *

Shirley Blood Ruedy ’58 and George Ruedy

Louise (King) ’57 * and James Doering

Jack * and Betty Golden *

Natalie (Jankiewicz) ’82 and Mike Bogan *

Carolyn Donahue *

Teri (Hawks) ’76 and John Goodmann +

Alice (Yeager) ’70 and Calvin Boland

Robert Donahue *+

Margaret (Larsen) ’64 and Tom Grace

Susan (Rada) ’69 and Kenneth Bonvallet

Carole Donovan ’55 *

Patricia Graney ’49 *

Nancy (Shimanek) ’70 and David Boyd

Lora (Lindenberg) Dougherty ’40 *

Rosemary (Flynn) Gronstal-Faulkner ’52 and

Howard and Ruth Braren

Mary Clare Dougherty ’38 *

Pat Brennan ’73

Judy (McKevitt) ’64 and Bob Douglas

Joan (Delaney) ’50 and Greg Grossman *

Mary Breslin, BVM

Joan (O’Malley) Doyle ’57 and Tony Roback

Skip Haas *+

Jean (Kennedy) ’44 and Bob Brown *+

Moira (O’Brien) Doyle ’69 *

Judith Hack ’69

Patricia (Boone) ’71 and Ronald Buehner

Margaret Drey ’54

Kim (Esser) ’79 and Glen Hall +

Raymond and Anna Bukszar +

Susan Dubuisson ’71

Daisy and Keith Halvorson

Mary Burritt ’66

Deb ’94 and Jack Duehr +

Evelyn Hames *

Joanne Burrows, SC

Meneve Dunham ’53

Jan Hansel ’81

Beth (Brown) ’60 and Fran Butler +

Ellen (Fox) ’60 and Edward Dunn +

Jerome Hanus, OSB

James Byrne *

Fran Dyer *

Roseanne (Strupeck) ’64 and Jim Harrington

Kathy Cahill ’67

Mooneen (Connolly) ’68 * and Jim Dyer

Dick and Brenda Hartig

Floretta (Miller) ’64 * and Jack Calmeyn +

Alan * and Bette Eberhardt

Helen Hartig *

Marcia (Swanson) ’73 and Bruce Capriotti

Drew Elgin

Elaine (Lynch) Hegmann ‘60

Micki (Lott) ’64 and Bob Cardelli

Maurine (Mackin) ’63 and Bob Elliott *

Philip Heles

Joe Carew *

Blanche (Carney) Ennis ’35 *

Kate Hendel, BVM

Mary Ellen Carew *

Mary Ellen Evans ’34 *

Deborah (Green) ’81 and Michael Hervey

Donald Steinwachs

John Faulkner *+

Sonia Hickson *

John * and Peg Law

Florence Muellerleile *

Carol (Ullius) ’59 and James Hoch

Mary Anne (Smith) Lawlis ’49 *

Mary Alice Muellerleile

Sheila (Doyle) ’78 and Tom Hocking

Dorothy (Pannkuk) ’79 and Duane Lemke

Ratnam and Nalini Mullapudi

Lorraine (Wilhelm) Hodges ’34 *

Mary (Lutgen) ’47 and Bob Lichty *

Patricia Mullin ’48 *

Bob and Marilyn Hoefer

Eileen (Lavery) ’59 * and George Lingen +

Catherine A. Murphy

Rita Holmberg ’42 *

George Lingen *+

Emmett Murphy *

William Hopkins

Joan Lingen, BVM ’61

Mary Ellen (Hood) Murphy ’60

Dave Hopley *

JoAnne (Minnehan) ’76 and John Lonergan

Meredith (Cutter) ’60 and Steve Murphy

Ellie Hopley

Dorothy Lucke ’37 *

Beth Murray ’39 *

Joann (Jolin) ’60 and Bill Hotovec

Bill Lynch

Betty (Klauer) ’41 and Frank Murray *+

Paul Huber *+

Mary (McGinnis) ’49 and Jim Lynch *+

Michael and Christine Murray

Karen Hudon ’61 *

Tom and Barbara Lynch

Pauline Murray ’28

Paul and Dorothy Inman *+

Anne Lynch-Hall ’73 and Bob Hall

Mary (Kerndt) Nachtwey ’43 *

Jean Jackson ’65

Mary Mackin ’65

Dolores (Stumpf) Naughton ’45 *

Bill * and Dorothy Jansen

Diana Malone, BVM

Diana (Borst) ’58 and Ronald Nawrocki

Mary Jean Jecklin ’69 and Kelley V. Rea

Maggie Maloney ’64

Pat (Murphy) ’55 and Morgan Nederhiser *+

Carole (Schulte) ’57 and Roy Johnson

Kathy Maloney Loomis ’74

Donna (Figel) ’71 and Bill Neill

John * and Carol Joy *

Mike Mansfield *

Wayne * and Edith Norman *

Sue (McGovern) ’69 and Steve Juergens

Mary (Monahan) ’72 and Richard Marcheschi

Jean (Thornton) ’61 and Tersh Norton +

Richard Just +

Mary (Hopkins) Mayer ’68 *

Sue (Russell) ’64 and Rich Nugent *

Donald and Erm Kahle +

Marcia McAllilster ’73 and Chris Knowles

Mary (Witts) ’73 and Pat O’Brien

Chuck * and Nan Kaiser

Mary McAllister ’77 and John Melvold

Jeanne (Doll) ’50 and Gene O’Connell

Louise Kames ’77

Kathryn and Mark McCarville

Aileen (Quinlan) O’Connor ’34 *+

JoAnn (Cowhey) Kane ’64 *

Dee and David McCormick

Frank and Robin O’Connor

Arthur and Joann Keller +

Diana (Callaghan) ’72 and Paul McCoy

Mary Beth (Kelly) ’78 and John O’Connor +

Alice (Steffens) ’65 and Terry Kelly

R.D. McDonald *

Anne (Brown) O’Meara ’70

Charlotte (Ragatz) Kelly ’41 *

Mary Jo (Luedtke) ’63 and Jerry McElmeel *

Janet and Michael O’Meara *

Barbara (Bilek) Kent ’61

Bill McGeehan *

Marlene (Francel) ’55 and Bill O’Meara

Phyllis Kerrigan, BVM ’51 *

Mary McGeehan *

Etna (Parenti) Onezzi ’30 *

Joan (Schneider) Kershner ’45

R.V. * and Betty McKay *

Louise (Schuster) ’59 and Joseph Ottavi +

Genevieve Kiefer

Deborah McKay ’70

Sue (Tiedje) Otting ’62 +

Mary Lou (Norton) ’61 and Robert King +

Dick and Mary McKay

Mary (Jans) ’40 * and John Paul *

Alice (Wilgenbusch) ’61, ’79M * and Bob Kirpes

Patricia McKevitt ’67

Kate (Roland) ’68 and Howard Pease

Roger and Kathleen Klauer *

Margaret (Murphy) McLaughlin ’28 *

Michael ’00 and Linda Pedersen

Margaret (Brady) Klaus ’41 *

LeNae (DeSotel) ’62 and Bill McNulty +

Fran (Plotke) Pettersen ’66

Beulah (Ford) Klein ’28 *

Marianne McNulty ’67

Elizabeth Petty ’81 and Karen Milner

Rita (Ludwig) ’61 and Richard Klein

Bobbie (Weiler) ’54 * and Edward McQuaid *+

Margaret (Small) ’62 and Richard Pfohl

Toni ’90 and Mac Klingler

Karen McQuaid ’80

Rita (Rhomberg) Pfohl ’32 *

Bill Kopatich *

Aimee (Pacholski) ’79 and Rick Mearkle

Benedict Phelan, BVM ’24 *

Diane Koss *

Gloria (Weir) ’78 * and Bob Melgaard *+

Jack * and Lucile Phelan *

Jill (Hallahan) ’68 and James Kramer

Rose (Bruner) Melville ’73 and Alton Sheley

Ray and Pam Pipkin

Mimi (Haas) ’57 and Chan Kraus *

Donna (Claeys) ’59 and Anthony Meyer

Anne (Schwartz) Poehling ’37 *

Nancy (Gentle) ’61 and Bill Krause *

Ruth Michel ’26 *

Carl * and Eloise Pohlad *

Gloria (Rubino) ’67 and John Kromer

Merlyn and Agnes Mickelson *+

Henry Pohlman *+

Bill * and Barb Kruse

Helen (Shea) Mier ’49 *+

Carol ’01 and Dennis Powers

Daniel Kucera, OSB

Jack Miles

Rose Mary (Vito) ’69 and Robert Pratt

Judith (Stilling) ’71 and Richard Kuhlmann

Mary (McCormick) ’69 and Larry Miller

Maureen Quinn Olsen ’67 and Tom Olsen

Thomas * and Barbara Kutchera

Mary Jane (Spencer) ’46 * and Myron Miller *

Gladys Ramaley, BVM ’18 *

Ellen (Wehde) ’70 and Dale LaGow

Shunji and Noriko Mizuhara +

Frank * and Mary Rambolt +

Elizabeth (MacDonald) Laird ’47

Mary (Minnehan) ’72 and Tim Moothart

Rose (Sung) ’67 and James Ramsay

Sue (Vande Voorde) ’72, ’77M and Mark Lansing

Mimi (Moylan) ’66 and Patrick Moran

Mellody Randolph ’81

Jeanne (Weber) Lauritsen ’66

Wanda and Chuck Morrow +

Adolf Raska *

Connie (Whalen) ’54 and Casey Lavelle

Anne Mosle *

Chuck Ratay *

Donna Lavelle ’68 *

Rosalyn Muehl ’52 *

Gilbert * and Marie Redelman +

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

New and Moves in Bold

Jamie Richardson ’82

Mary Tobin, BVM ’45 *


John Richter

Jean (Feyen) ’59 and Kenneth Toth

A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. Charitable Foundation

Susan (Butler) ’85 and Edwin Ritts

George and Samira Towfic

Conlon Construction Co.

Melba Rodriguez

Ken and Bernadine Townsend

Kresge Foundation

Bob Roeth ’88

Arthur Trausch *+

Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust

Barbara Roy ’61

Doris Trausch +

State of Iowa - Dept. of Education

Lester Rumpf *

Henry Trenkle *

Teagle Foundation, Inc.

Lorraine Scallan ’35 *

Beth Triplett

Susan (Duffy) Schaffrath ’67 and

Maripat (Obiala) ’69 and Tom Tropp +


Carol (Schmidt) ’83 and Mike Trueg

Alliant Energy

Scott and Kim Schemmel

Jackie (Brodnax) ’67 and Sherman Turner *

American Trust & Savings Bank

Connie (Kuhl) ’62 and William Schlak

Sheila Turney ’71

Archdiocese of Dubuque

Mary Jo (Freiburger) ’68 and Lester Schmerr

Bob and Mary Kay Urell +

The Butler Family Foundation

Jim Schmid *

Rosemarie Van Dyck ’52 *

Dubuque Bank & Trust Co.

John and Donna Schmidt

Betty * and Bud Voels *

Dubuque Racing Association

Ken Schmidt *+

Adalene Wagner *

ExxonMobil Corporation

Mary I. Schmidt *+

Joan (Higgins) Wagner ’61 and

Flexsteel Industries, Inc.

James Lindholm

Mary Ellen (McDonnell) ’66 and Ed Schmitt

Jacques LaHanier

Gallagher Family Foundation

Margaret (Kretschmer) ’52 and James Schmitz *

Margaret (Keefe) Wahl ’48 *+

General Electric Foundation

Marie (Bohan) ’47 and Loren Schmitz *

Jim * and Susan Wahlert

Georgia State University

Mary Schreiber ’73, ’75M and Jim Herrig

Regina (Cooper) Waldron ’37 *

Great Lakes Higher Education

Andy ’02, ’10M and Kara Schroeder ’04, ’16M

Geraldine (Roethig) ’50 and James Walsh *

Chuck Schrup *

Winifred (Martin) ’46 * and Donald Walz *+

The Hearst Foundations, Inc.

Nick and Carrie Schrup

Peggy Ware

Iowa College Student Aid Commission

Sheryl Schulte ’71 and Jeanne LaVigne

Anna Weber ’57 *

Iowa State University/Board of Regents

Linda (Laufenberg) ’98 and Jan Scott +

Phil and Joan Weber

James B. and Melita A. McDonough Foundation

Sharon Scully ’61

Kathy (Graham) ’63 and Len Weigel *

John Deere & Company

Jane (Daly) ’78 and Doug Seaberg

Geri and Leo Westmark *+

Klauer Family Charitable Foundation

Bill Seedorff

Jim and Polly White *

Klauer Manufacturing Co.

Mary Sharbel ’49 *

RADM Ronald C. Wilgenbusch, USN (Ret.)

The Majik Foundation

Rosemary (McGuirk) ’60 and James Sheehan

and Judy Wilgenbusch

Guaranty Corporation

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation

Irma (Fay) Shramek ’09 *

Tom and Susan Williams

Wes * and Norma Smith

Joyce (Kennedy) ’62 and Henry Wisniewski

Lou (Mullen) ’49 * and Al Sondern

John Wozniak, FSC

Mercy Health Services

Lillian Spoo *

Faye (Gavin) Young ’38 *

TH Media

Kathleen (Plotke) Stange ’70 *

Karen (Brown) ’73 and Terry Young

The Metrix Company

Judy (Heitzmann) ’63 and Bill Stanmeyer

Kate and Matt Zanger

National Science Foundation

Lucile (Stolteben) Starbuck ’35 *

Ernest Zenaty *+

Qwest Communications, Inc.

John and Mary Stavnes

Cynthia (Craemer) Zievers ’53

R.J. McElroy Trust

Margaret Steichen *

Teri and Joe Zuccaro

The ROS Foundation

Leona (Thornton) Stimpson ’25 * Dolores (Classen) Stoffel ’49 * Jan (Strautman) ’74 and Bill Stoffel +

Foundation of Dubuque

Spahn & Rose Lumber Co.

Kathleen Stephenson ’70 and Jim Colberg Maureen (Kelley) ’71 and Tom Stewart

Medical Associates Clinic


State of Iowa - Dept. of Economic Development Thermo Fisher Scientific Tri-State Travel

Ann Straub *+ Jane (Mitchell) ’49 * and Fred Syburg *



Barb (Grob) ’74 and Scott Taylor

Iowa College Foundation

Albuquerque Operations Office

Erin (Theile) ’63 and Raymond Teichman

Sisters of Charity, BVM

Ameritech Foundation

Anne Thing +

U.S. Department of Education

Arthur Vining Davis Foundation

Allan Thoms

U.S. Department of Health and

Black Hills Energy

Rose and Al Tiedje *+ Tom Toale

Human Services Wahlert Foundation

Clarke Student Association Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

Crescent Electric Supply Co.

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.

Lockheed Martin Matching Gift Program

Department of Health and Human Services

Carlisle Publishing Services

Lutheran Brotherhood

Dupaco Community Credit Union

Casey’s General Stores, Inc.

Lynch Family Foundation

Eide Bailly

Center for Civic Education

MacLean-Fogg Co.

FloorShow Companies, Inc.

Charles E Culpepper Foundation, Inc.

Mamiya America Corporation

Gantz Foundation/Pepsi

CIGNA Foundation

McCoy Group

H & W Motor Express Co.

Citizens Scholarship Foundation of America

McGladrey, Inc.

HBO & Company

City of Dubuque

McKesson Foundation, Inc.

Helene Fuld Health Trust

Cottingham & Butler Insurance, Inc.

McNamer Construction Systems, Inc.

Herrig & Herrig Financial Services

Credit Card Affinity Program

Mercy Medical Center - Dubuque

Hormel Foods Corporation

Cumulus Broadcasting

Mercy School of Nursing Alumni Association

Krause Gentle Foundation

Deloitte Foundation

Mike Finnin Ford, Inc.

LI-COR Biosciences

Diamond Jo Casino

Miller Electric Supply, Inc.

Mathis-Pfohl Foundation

Drug Information Association

Mi-T-M Corporation

McCarthy Bush Foundation

Dubuque County Early Childhood

Molo Oil Company

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

DuMed Home Health Care

Moracco Supper Club

McKesson Corporation

The Durrant Group, Inc.

Motorola Foundation

Medical Associates Clinic & Health Plans

DuTrac Community Credit Union

Mr. Quix Printing

Mercantile Bank of Dubuque

East Dubuque Savings Bank

National Bank & Trust Company of Sycamore

Microsoft Corporation

Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

Nationwide Foundation

Midwest Business Products

Falb Family Charitable Foundation


Northwest Area Foundation


Nordstrom Distribution Center

Paulson Electric Co. of Dubuque

Fine Foundation

O’Connor & Associates Insurance


Flynn Family Foundation

O’Connor & Thomas, P.C.

SBC Foundation

Flynn Ready Mix Concrete Co.

OnMedia Advertising

SC Ministry Foundation

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, Inc.

Pauline Stolteben Foundation

Telligen Community Initiative

Frank Hardie Advertising, Inc.

Portzen Construction, Inc.

U.S. Bank

The Friedman Group

Premier Linen & Dry Cleaning

Union-Hoermann Press

Geisler Brothers Co.

Quebecor World Dubuque

The Whitehead Foundation

George I. Alden Trust

Qwest Foundation


Rafoth Sheet Metal, Inc.


Happy Joe’s Pizza

Sears Roebuck and Co.

3M Foundation, Inc.

Hewlett-Packard Company

Sedona Staffing Services, Inc.

7G Distributing, LLC

Hoffmann-Schneider Mortuary

Seedorff Masonry, Inc.

Abbott Laboratories

Holiday Inn Dubuque/Galena

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

The Adams Company

Honkamp Krueger & Co., P.C.


AEGON Transamerica Foundation

Hotel Julien Dubuque

The St. Paul Companies, Inc.

Agility Health

Humanities Iowa

Starcom Worldwide/Leo Burnett Company

Alliant Energy Foundation


Tandem Tire and Auto Service

American Standard Foundation

IBM Corporation

Time Warner, Inc.

Andersen Corporate Foundation

Illinois Bell Co.

Titus Schmid Family Foundation

Anderson-Weber, Inc.

Iowa Academy of Science

Tschiggfrie Excavating

AT&T Corp.

Iowa Arts Council

U.S. Bank Foundation

Bank of America

Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corp

UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital

Bank of America Foundation

ITW Foundation

University of Northern Iowa

Best Western Dubuque Inn

J. C. Penney

Weber Paper Company

Bird Chevrolet Co.

Jaeger Hardware Co.

Wells Fargo Foundation

Bishop’s Buffet

Jeld-Wen Foundation

Blue Bunny

Johnson Group

The Brunswick Foundation, Inc.

Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C.

Bucyrus-Erie Foundation, Inc.

Kloeckner Metals

Burlington Bank and Trust

Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems

Calumet Flexicore Corp

Lockheed Martin Corporation

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

New and Moves in Bold

Loyalists Clarke Loyalists recognizes consecutive giving by Clarke’s most faithful supporters. 5, 10, 20 represent benchmarks of consecutive giving

THE FOUNDERS’ ANNUAL GIVING SOCIETY recognizes donors for their significant annual contributions. Founders’ Society members are listed at one of five leadership circles, based on their cumulative giving during the fiscal year.

MARY FRANCES CLARKE CIRCLE Elizabeth (Bartels) Bray ’52 20YR Janet (Niehaus) Carroll ’67 20YR Jim and Mary Doyle 5YR Daniel Fabiano Bernadine Fleury ’60 * Paula (Koellner) ’78 and Terry Friedman 20YR Carolyn (FitzGerald) Gantz ’70 + 10YR C.J. and Mary Ann Gantz 5YR Daniel and Linda Gantz Jim and Jean Gantz 5YR Mary Jean (Schmidt) ’79 and Dick Gregory 10YR Carolyn (Sanders) ’66 and John Haupert * 20YR Rev. Donald P. Heineman * John and Jane Kiefer 10YR Bob Kirpes 5YR Nancy (Swift) ’67 and Jim Klauer 20YR William R. Klauer, Jr. 20YR Barbara Kruse 20YR Katherine (Au-Young) ’57 and Paul Lam 20YR Winnie (Chan) ’61 and Conrad Lee 10YR Therese Mackin, BVM ’50 20YR H.J. and Denice Markley Dorice (Schiller) ’61 and Corbin McNeill 5YR Jane (Cowlishaw) ’62 and Ed Monaghan 20YR Patricia Mullin ’48 * 10YR Carol ’01 and Dennis Powers 5YR Susan (Butler) ’85 and Edwin Ritts Louise and Jeffrey Schrank 5YR Cathy Schulze ’72 and Dennis Coll Donna ’86 and Bob Wahlert 20YR Rob and Agnes Wahlert 10YR Mary Ann (Soenke) ’67 and Bill Walter Jenifer (Collins) ’84 and Jeff Westphal 10YR Mary Ann (Froslie) Wilens ’63 20YR MARGARET MANN CIRCLE Susan (Matheson) ’71 and Jay Allen 20YR Karen (Manghera) ’83 and Art Chiappetta 5YR Camille Jacques ’52 20YR Barbara Kutchera Mary Schmid 10YR ELIZA KELLY CIRCLE Pam (Zwack) Beaver ’67 20YR Helen ’07 and Dick Black 10YR Jack Calmeyn + 5YR Janet (Vander Heyden) Furman ’62 5YR Mary Gantz 5YR

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

Timothy and Susan Gantz 5YR


Betty Golden *

Tina (Kehl) ’85 and P.J. Anglin 5YR

Carol (Niederriter) Handel ’65

Margene (Thornton) ’63 and

Rita (Ludwig) ’61 and Richard Klein 5YR Gerry (Staehlin) ’62 and Daniel Klinglesmith + 20YR

Patrick Beckham 5YR Cathy (Fraher) ’82 and Peter Bergmann 20YR Bill Biebuyck

Janet Manatt Pilcher ’69 and Fred Pilcher

Rae (Yalden) Biesiadecki ’67 10YR

Patricia McKevitt ’67

Alan and Beth Bird

Catherine A. Murphy 5YR

Loras and Carrie Bleile

Catherine R. Murphy

Mike Blouin + 20YR

Charlene (Hearn) ’67 and Jim Murphy

Regina Boarman and Chris Frommelt 10YR

Jeanne Nagle ’64, ’70M 20YR

Susan (Rada) ’69 and Kenneth Bonvallet 5YR

Jeanne (Powers) ’66 and Brendan Quann + 20YR

Mary Ellen (Foy) ’75 and Thomas Brabec

John Richter 20YR

Mary Breslin, BVM 10YR

Jayne (Zenaty) ’71 and Joe Spittler 5YR

Jean (Kennedy) Brown ’44 +

Mary Celeste (Coyle) ’63 and

Kathleen (King) ’91 and Mark Buck

Donald Steinwachs 10YR

JoAnn (Roidl) ’64 and Norbert Budde 5YR

Ken and Bernadine Townsend

Patricia (Boone) ’71 and Ronald Buehner

Phil and Joan Weber

Joanne Burrows, SC 10YR Kathy Cahill ’67 20YR


Micki (Lott) ’64 and Bob Cardelli 5YR

Ed and Patricia Alt 10YR

Carl Carlsson + 10YR

Rita (Brennan) ’68 and Richard Berens 20YR

Mary Jo Chapman 5YR

Anna and Raymond Bukszar +

Emily Chew and Bob Murphy 5YR

Mary Burritt ’66 5YR

Linda Claussen ’91 5YR

Hunter and Lindsey Darrouzet

Marriann (Kalina) ’75 and Grady Cole 10YR

Kay (McTigue) Filice ’70 10YR

Mary Beth (Breen) ’65 and Bernhard Collins 5YR

Lyle Gassmann, Sr. 20YR

Carol (Zeman) Corrigan ’61 + 20YR

Jim and Catherine Giese

Kate Corrigan ’85

Hon Mai (Lam) ’58 and Joseph Goodman 10YR

Mary Rose Corrigan-Psihoyos ’04M and

Teri (Hawks) ’76 and John Goodmann + 5YR

Gus Psihoyos 5YR

Daisy and Keith Halvorson 5YR

Colleen (Sullivan) ’73 and James Coulas + 5YR

Jan Hansel ’81 20YR

Gail (Bukolt) ’77 and Steve Coury 5YR

Diane (Redelman) ’72 and Eugene Haubrich

Scott and Cindy Crawford +

Mary Jean Jecklin ’69 and Kelley V. Rea

Jane Daly Seaberg ’78 and

Joseph Kutchera

Doug Seaberg 20YR

Diana (Callaghan) ’72 and Paul McCoy

Kate Davy ’71

Linda (Walker) ’75 and John Mertz

Mary Day ’70

Louise (Schuster) ’59 and Joseph Ottavi + 20YR

June (Kuba) DeLay ’54

Sue (Tiedje) Otting ’62 + 10YR

Patricia (Knight) ’63 and William Dillard 10YR

Elizabeth Petty ’81 and Karen Milner 5YR

Roberto ’13 and Dawn Dominguez

Janet Rhomberg

Patti (Pederson) Donlon ’61 5YR

Mary Ellen (McDonnell) ’66 and

Joan (O’Malley) Doyle ’57 and

Edward Schmitt 10YR



Tony Roback 20YR

Deirdre (Lagen) Segerson ’51 John and Mary Stavnes 10YR Chuck Stoltz Susan Wahlert 10YR Mary Weller ’52 20YR Ron and Judy Wilgenbusch 10YR


Tom and Susan Williams 10YR

Founders’ Society

Pat and Janet Zuccaro 10YR


Kevin and Sharon Doyle

Jan Lee 5YR

Sheryl Schulte ’71 and Jeanne LaVigne 20YR

Brent Drapeau

Dorothy (Pannkuk) ’79 and Duane Lemke 5YR

Linda (Laufenberg) ’98 and Jan Scott + 10YR

Susan Dubuisson ’71

Daniel and Kris Liddicoat

Rosemary (McGuirk) ’60 and

Deb ’94 and Jack Duehr + 20YR

George Lingen + 5YR

Meneve Dunham ’53 10YR

Connie Locher-Bussard ’54 20YR

Kathryn (Cass) ’80 and Mark Siebenaller

Maurine (Mackin) Elliott ’63 20YR

JoAnne (Minnehan) ’76 and John Lonergan 20YR

Lou (Mullen) ’49 * and Al Sondern

Bob and Patricia Engeman

Mary Mackin ’65 20YR

Charlie Sturm ’86 5YR

Martha (Menke) Fahey ’63 + 10YR

Steve Malone

Jim and Diane Thompson 10YR

Katie Fischer ’73 and Jerry Enzler + 10YR

Marcia McAllister ’73 and Chris Knowles 10YR

Mary (Ernst) ’67 and David Thuente

Wallace Foreman

Mary McAllister ’77 and John Melvold 20YR

Maripat (Obiala) ’69 and Tom Tropp + 5YR

Shirley (Johnsen) ’61 and

Dee and David McCormick 5YR

Carol (Schmidt) ’83 and Mike Trueg 5YR

Ann McDonough ’86 and Peter Healey ’87 5YR

Jackie (Brodnax) Turner ’67 5YR

Marabeth ’94M and Norm Freund 20YR

Mary Jo (Luedtke) McElmeel ’63

Sheila Turney ’71 20YR

Lynn and Cynthia Fuller 20YR

Dick and Mary McKay 5YR

Mark Wahlert

Mark and Deborah Griffin

Mary Alice (Studebaker) McManus ’61 5YR

Kathy (Graham) Weigel ’63 10YR

Joan (Delaney) Grossman ’50

Karen McQuaid ’80 10YR

Kris (Maiers) Wenthold ’71

Kim (Esser) ’79 and Glen Hall + 5YR

Rose (Bruner) Melville ’73 and Alton Sheley 10YR

Pam Westmark ’91

Steve and Connie Hardie 5YR

Kylee Miller ’12 5YR

Maria Whelan ’72 and Jack Wuest 20YR

Collin Heer ’15

Robert and Donna Miller 20YR

Brenda and Peter Wicks

Evan Heer ’17

Mary Ellen (Hood) Murphy ’60 20YR

Denise Wilbur ’68

Elaine (Lynch) Hegmann ’60 20YR

Ann (Porter) Nagy ’63 20YR

Kate and Matt Zanger + 20YR

Monica (Lyons) ’86 and Tim Heller ’86

Diana (Borst) ’58 and Ronald Nawrocki 10YR

John and Margie Hendry

Karen (McKay) ’68 and Loras Neuroth 20YR

Diane (Barrett) ’63 and Donald Henry

Jean (Thornton) ’61 and Tersh Norton + 5YR

Becky ’84M, ’16M and Ron Herrig 5YR

Jeanne (Doll) ’50 and Gene O’Connell 10YR

Theresa (Frommelt) ’74 and Roger Herting 5YR

Mary Beth (Kelly) ’78 and John O’Connor +

Deborah (Green) ’81 and Michael Hervey 5YR

Bill and Donna O’Dell + 20YR

Sheila (Doyle) ’78 and Tom Hocking 10YR

Anne (Brown) O’Meara ’70 5YR

Bob and Marilyn Hoefer 20YR

Luanus Ott

Joyce Honkamp

Chuck and Sandi Otting

Joann (Jolin) ’60 and Bill Hotovec 10YR

Pat and Jane Otting

Saiko Jin Bellings ’03 and Andy Bellings 10YR

Michael ’00 and Linda Pedersen 10YR

Jean (Lennon) ’64 and G. Patrick Johnson 10YR

Phil Peterson

Sue (McGovern) ’69 and Steve Juergens 5YR

Fran (Plotke) Pettersen ’66 20YR

Louise Kames ’77 10YR

Margaret (Small) ’62 and Richard Pfohl 20YR

Brian and Kathleen Kane + 5YR

Rose Mary (Vito) ’69 and Robert Pratt 10YR

Anne Keays ’66 and Michael Leonard 10YR

Rev. Mark A. Ressler

Alice (Steffens) ’65 and Terry Kelly 10YR

Jamie Richardson ’82

Joan (Schneider) Kershner ’45 20YR

Robin and April Richardson

Mary Lou (Norton) ’61 and Robert King + 20YR

Jack Roeder

Bob and Judy Klauer

Kathy (Moriarty) ’74 and Bill Rohner

Mike Klauer

Barbara Roy ’61 10YR

Roger Klauer 20YR

Wade and Kelly Sass

Toni ’90 and Mac Klingler 10YR

Susan (Duffy) Schaffrath ’67 and

Anthony Francavilla 5YR

Jason ’96 and Tina Knockel

James Lindholm 20YR

Rose Kraemer ’84 5YR

Mary Lee Schell ’60 5YR

Jill (Hallahan) ’68 and James Kramer 20YR

Connie (Kuhl) ’62 and William Schlak 10YR

Sharon Kress ’69 and Keith Cook 20YR

John and Donna Schmidt 20YR

Gloria (Rubino) ’67 and John Kromer 5YR

Jim and Ann Schmitt

Catherine (Huber) ’66 and Duane Kuennen

Margaret (Kretschmer) Schmitz ’52

Judith (Stilling) ’71 and Richard Kuhlmann 10YR

Jim and Sharon Schneider

Larry and Carol Lady

Mary Schreiber ’73, ’75M and Jim Herrig

Henry and Paula Lederman

Andy ’02, ’10M and

Allison (Wong) ’64 and Alan Lee

Kara Schroeder ’04, ’16M 10YR

James Sheehan 5YR

BUSINESSES, FOUNDATIONS, AND ORGANIZATIONS MARY FRANCES CLARKE CIRCLE A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. Charitable Foundation 20YR Alliant Energy Foundation The Butler Family Foundation 10YR Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque 10YR Dubuque Bank & Trust 20YR Dubuque Racing Association 5YR ExxonMobil Corporation 5YR FloorShow Companies, Inc. 20YR Gallagher Family Foundation Gantz Foundation/Pepsi 5YR Iowa College Foundation 20YR James B. and Melita A. McDonough Foundation 5YR Klauer Family Charitable Foundation 10YR The Majik Foundation 5YR Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust 10YR Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Theisen Charitable Foundation Tri-State Travel 5YR U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 5YR Wahlert Foundation

ELIZA KELLY CIRCLE Andersen Corporate Foundation Conlon Construction Co. 20YR Dupaco Community Credit Union 20YR Hormel Foods Corporation 10YR Spahn & Rose Lumber Co. 20YR U.S. Bank Foundation 5YR ROSE O’TOOLE CIRCLE Abbvie Bank of America 5YR Crescent Electric Supply Co. 5YR Dubuque County Early Childhood 10YR Flynn Family Foundation 5YR Iowa Arts Council Lynch Family Foundation 10YR Mathis-Pfohl Foundation 20YR Prudential 5YR U.S. Bank CATHERINE BYRNE CIRCLE Anadarko The Concord Advisory Group, Ltd. Cottingham & Butler 5YR

The following Clarke alumni donors completed their degrees during the past 10 years, making them Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD). As a group, our GOLD alumni represent 15% of all Clarke alumni worldwide and they continuously make us proud through their professional and personal accomplishments. We are grateful to each of the following alumni for sharing their time, treasure and talent with the areas on campus that means most to them.

DataVizion Deloitte Foundation Diamond Jo Casino 5YR Dubuque County Fine Arts Society DuTrac Community Credit Union 5YR Finnin Ford and Kia Flexsteel Industries, Inc. 20YR The Friedman Group General Electric Foundation 20YR Heartland Financial USA Inc. Hewlett Packard/Aruba Hoffmann-Schneider Funeral Homes & Cremation Service Humanities Iowa ImOn Communications Ingredion Charitable Foundation Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C. 5YR Kunkel & Associates, Inc. Kurtz Communications Medical Associates Clinic & Health Plans 10YR The Metrix Company 5YR Midwest Business Product 20YR Mystique Community Ice Center Nationwide Foundation 20YR New York Life Foundation Rotary Club of Dubuque SC Ministry Foundation 5YR Sisters of Charity, BVM 5YR Template Services, Inc. Walt Disney Company Foundation




Angela (Kephart) Arensdorf

Molly (Williams) Boucher

Christian Bramble

Matt Boleyn

Jody (Forseth) Cryderman

Anna Hahn

Liz (Siegel) Bushman

Lisa (Gibbs) McAllister

Collin Heer

Melissa (Shanks) Collier

Brian Regan

Reid Johannsen

Mike Daly

Courtney (Asbury) Roach

Katie (Van Buer) Overstreet

Carolyn (Strang) Fischer

Andy Redman

Crystal (Ploeger) Hartmann


Sarah Hayes

Melissa (Gaber) Caras


Gayle (McAllister) Langel 10YR

Kelsey Gleich

Bryan Byerly

Lauren (Willett) Mach

Hannah Holt

Megan Fuhrman

Adam Mennig 5YR

Gina Kubik 5YR

Alex Kurauskas

Kate (Thorsheim) Meyer

Benjamin Lehmkuhl

Molly Latham

Kylee Miller 5YR

K'Lynn Lawver


Pam Stefensmeier

Allison Smith

Ed (Frederick) Brogean

Amanda Stone

Mandy Eglseder

Evan (Stickfort) Ventris


Rebecca Harman

Lisa (Foley) Zeller

Krista Bushkofsky

Abe Ohnesorge

Lauren Hackbarth

Justine (Ehlers) Paradiso


Evan Heer

Ashlee (Ostwinkle) Then 5YR

Tessa Crist

Bridget Quinn

Alexis Gibbs

Kaylee Ross


Kelly (McAllister) Goldsmith

Theresa Koos

Colleen Dansart 5YR

Chelsea (Jelinek) Knopp

Maddie Powers

Leah (Buls) Driscoll 5YR

Shannon (Gallagher) Regan

Mitchell Driscoll Laura (Strezewski) Lupo


Margaret Saeugling

Heather (Lott) Blackmore Erin (Brashaw) Brenner Alex Gudenkauf

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

In Memoriam In grateful appreciation of the following Mary Frances Clarke Legacy Society members who have passed away since June 1, 2017. Larry Bussard, Friend Art Catrambone, Friend Rose Marie (Peschang) Chun, Class of 1949 Bill Hobson, Friend Rita Holmberg, Class of 1942 Jim Houtz, Friend Bob Lichty, Friend

THE MARY FRANCES CLARKE LEGACY SOCIETY honors individuals who are providing for tomorrow’s students by including Clarke in their estate plans.

Carolyn (Cummings) Hobson ’64

Patricia Alesh ’63

Gerald Hoeger

Susan (Matheson) ’71 and Jay Allen

Joyce Houtz

Angela (Kephart) ’08 and Brad Arensdorf

Jean Jackson ’65

Shirley Babka

Camille Jacques ’52

Mary (Michel) ’48 and Onofrio Barbaro

Greg and Rebecca Jones

Pam (Zwack) Beaver ’67

Donald and Erm Kahle +

Mafalda (Layman) Benchea ’41

Patricia (Hostert)’74 and Thomas Kearns

Cathy (Fraher) ’82 and Peter Bergmann

Sue (Coffey) ’59 and Ray Kehm

Helen ’07 and Dick Black

Joan (Schneider) Kershner ’45

Shirley Blood Ruedy ’58 and George Ruedy

William R. Klauer, Jr.

Mike Blouin +

Gerry (Staehlin) ’62 and Daniel Klinglesmith +

Loraine Bomkamp ’52

Jan (Johanns) ’64 and Edward Kodet

Elizabeth (Bartels) Bray ’52

Nancy (Gentle) Krause ’61

Elaine (Kuhl) Bromelkamp ’49

Sharon Kress ’69 and Keith Cook

Jean (Kennedy) Brown ’44 +

Barbara Kruse

Juliette Bryson ’66

Rich Kruszynski ’94

Kathy Burns ’67 and Steve Ramey

Ellen (Wehde) ’70 and Dale LaGow

Mary Burritt ’66

Katherine (Au-Young) ’57 and Paul Lam

Mary (Tockstein) ’68 and Timothy Callahan +

Mary (Lutgen) Lichty ’47

Marcia (Swanson) ’73 and Bruce Capriotti

Susan (Ernster) ’82 and Robert Lindahl

Terri (Classen) ’52 and Art Catrambone

Connie Locher-Bussard ’54

Mary ’04 and Dan Chapman

Mary (Croker) ’48 and Harold Lorenz

Karen (Manghera) ’83 and Art Chiappetta

Tom and Barbara Lynch

Tim and Christine Conlon +

Anne Lynch-Hall ’73 and Bob Hall

Joyce (McWilliams) ’89 and Thomas Connors

Kathy Maloney Loomis ’74

Msgr. Jack Dalton

Virginia (Courchane) ’66 and John Lopiccolo

Kathleen (Kinney) ’62 and Fred Davis

Betty (Penney) ’62 and James McCabe

Karen (Shepard) DeMello ’81

Mary Jo (Luedtke) McElmeel ’63

Margaret DeSotel ’61

Margaret (Fieweger) McEnery ’61

Kelley (Hutton) ’84 and Darrell Deutmeyer

Patricia McKevitt ’67

Patricia (Knight) ’63 and William Dillard

Flora (Perry) ’61 and Patrick McMullen

Margaret Drey ’54

Marianne McNulty ’67

Susan Dubuisson ’71

Aimee (Pacholski) ’79 and Rick Mearkle

Meneve Dunham ’53

Helen (Tegeler) Molo ’52

Catherine Dunn, BVM

Jane (Cowlishaw) ’62 and Ed Monaghan

Bette Eberhardt

Charlene (Hearn) ’67 and Jim Murphy

Judith (Jamrozy) ’65 and John Eckert

Ann (Coffey) Murray ’62

Maurine (Mackin) Elliott ’63

Jeanne Nagle ’64, ’70M

Donna (Boyle) ’66 and Don Farley

David and Susie Nielsen

Marabeth ’94M and Norm Freund

Mary Jo (Wolfe) ’59

Paula (Koellner) ’78 and Terry Friedman

Frank and Robin O’Connor

Mary Jo (Rossi) ’61 and Joe Furgal

Kathleen O’Connor ’69

Carolyn (Fitzgerald) Gantz ’70 +

Michelle (Failor) ’78 and Tim Olson

Lyle Gassmann, Sr.

Sue (Tiedje) Otting ‘62 +

Joan (Delaney) Grossman ’50

Margaret (Small) ’62 and Richard Pfohl

Judith Hack ’69

Jeanne (Powers) ’66 and Brendan Quann +

Jennifer (Baumann) ’95 and Mike Haggas ’94

Mellody Randolph ’81

Geri (Schweitzer) ’68 and Paul Hasley

Pat (Zalewski) ’60

Carolyn (Sanders) Haupert ’66

Linda Rodriguez ’66

Monica Heath ’62

Barbara Roy ’61

Monica (Lyons) ’86 and Tim Heller ’86

Karen (Huber) Ryker ’68 and Sarah Jo Burke ‘83

Laura ’94 and Larry Herrig

Donna (Mioduski) Sandberg ’66

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

New and Moves in Bold

Ellen (Burke) ’70 and Scott Sayer Jim ’00, ’05M and Amy Schauer John and Donna Schmidt Andy ’02, ’10M and Kara Schroeder ’04, ’16M Sheryl Schulte ’71 and Jeanne LaVigne Cathy Schulze ’72 and Dennis Coll Sharon Scully ’61 Deirdre (Lagen) Segerson ’51 Marlene (Milnichuk) ’68 and Roby Sloan Norma Smith Joan Soppe ’90 Jayne (Zenaty) ’71 and Joe Spittler Kathleen Stephenson ’70 and Jim Colberg Chuck Stoltz Chuck Stoltz II Peggy Sullivan ’50 Mary Ellen (Keefe) Swanson ’68 Margaret (Ross) ’44 and Casper Sweikert Erin (Theile) ’63 and Raymond Teichman Jackie (Brodnax) Turner ’67 Sheila Turney ’71 Kathleen (Welsh) ’71 and Frank Van Steenhuyse Donna Van Wynsberghe ’68 Joan (Higgins) Wagner ’61 and Jacques LaHanier Michael Walsh Mary Ann (Soenke) ’67 and Bill Walter Peggy Ware Jack Wertzberger Marian Wolters ’59 Val (Berghoff) Yokie ’60 Karen (Brown) ’73 and Terry Young Teri and Joe Zuccaro Anonymous Donors DECEASED MEMBERS Jeanne Adams ’79 + Mary (O’Connor) Ahern ’25 + Claudia Albrecht Fred Appel Ed Babka Elizabeth Bain ’35 Margaret (Howard) Baker ’37 Elizabeth (O’Neill) Baun ’39 John Beaver Norb Behr Frances Bird ’17 Eileen (Clifford) ’30 and James Blaine Bob Bloom Jeanne and J. Bloom Suzanne (Diers) Blouin ’67 Clara Boyle ’67



Adelaide Brennan

John C. Haupert

Mary Miller

Bob Brown +

Bernice Heineman ’21

Marie (Moles) Miske ’42

Larry Bussard

Donald Heineman

Anne Mosle

Frances Cant +

Catherine Heinz ’63

Rosalyn Muehl ’52

Ruth (Donlon) ’40 and Charles Carroll

Mary Kay Hellman

Patricia Mullin ’48

Irma (Hickey) Cashman ’31

Joseph Hendel

Mildred Murphy ’35

Art Catrambone

Bill Hobson

Anne (Bormann) Murray ’31

Diane (McWilliams) Chenoweth ’67

Lorraine (Wilhelm) Hodges ‘34

Beth Murray ’39

Rose Marie (Peschang) ’49 and Newton Chun +

Alois Hoffman

Pauline Murray ’28

Ellen Clewell ’51

Rose Hoffman ’33

Mary (Splinter) ’43 and George Nicklaus

Suzanne Conlon +

Rita Holmberg ’42

Wayne and Edith Norman

Maurie Conwell

Illiah Hood

Margaret Norton ’55

Greg and Nan Corken +

Jim Houtz

Eileen (Luby) Nott ’36

Jack Crahan

Vange Jansen

Emily O’Connor ’45

Mary (Selle) Dardis ’28 +

Marion (Manson) Johanson ’36

Marion (Rhomberg) ’35 and Francis O’Connor

Jane Ann Davidsaver ’49

Marion (Remus) Jones ’46

Helen (Hughes) O’Connor ’27

John Debrun

JoAnn (Cowhey) Kane ’64

Catherine Ollinger

Margaret Delaney ’39

James Kearns

Etna (Parenti) Onezzi ’30

Elvira Dolan

Mary Kearns ’24

Cecilia (Lynch) Paselk ’21

Carole Donovan ’55

Agnes (Kamper) King ’48

Mary Pelland ’39

Blanche Doran ’14

Margaret (Brady) Klaus ’41

Ruth (Powers) Perkins ’41

Beatrice Dormedy

Albert Klein

George Petrakis

Mary Dugan ’40

Helen Kneeland

Lenore (Donahue) Plotnik ’24

Cecil Dunn

Bill Kopatich

Maria Pope

Alan Eberhardt

Carrie Koss

Margaret Quigley

Auleen Eberhardt

Bill Kruse

Frank Rambolt +

Blanche (Carney) Ennis ’35

Angela (Haggas) Kruszynski ’93

Marian (Petrakis) Raulerson ’39

Mary Ellen Evans ’34

Mary Catherine Laughlin ’39

Mary (Lonergan) ’33 and Anthony Rhomberg

Ruth (Henneger) ’41 and Alfred Faber +

Bob Lichty

Mary Agnes Ronan ’21

Maurine Farnan ’22

George Lingen +

Mary Routledge ’45

Bernadine Fleury ’60

Herman Lott

Grace Ryan

Matt Florey

Marcella Lott +

Marion Ryder ’09

Mildred (Foleytt) Florey

Orlin Lowery

Viola Schmid ’39

Dorance Foley

Dorothy Lucke ’37

Ken and Mary Schmidt +

Mildred Foley

Mary Mackin ’34

Nicholas Schrup

Clarence Friedman

Eleanor (Conway) Mahon ‘21

George Schulte

Cathy (Cassidy) ’50 and Ed Gallagher

Catherine Mahoney ’30

Jean Scott ’50

Ruth Garlick

Verna (Slattery) Mailander ’20

Catherine Seitz ’27

Howard Geisler

Anne Mastrovich ’36

Mary Sharbel ’49

Regina Gilmore ’23

Mary Jo McCormick ’24

Ann Smith

Rosemary Giunta

Mary McCoy ’39

Wes Smith

Mary (Burke) Gnam

Mary Alice McDermott ’49

Armella Snyder +

Margaret Greteman ’34

Clement McDonald +

Lillian Spoo

Greg Grossman

Rita McGrath ’26

Marge Staehlin +

Mary Guest

Helen McGuire

Kathleen (Plotke) Stange ’70

Agnella Gunn ’18

R.V. and Betty McKay

Eileen Stanton ’63

Mary Anselm (Thomas) Gustafson ’31

Frances McMahon ’22

Margaret Steichen

Betty (Eilers) Gysendorfer ’61

John Mehrl

Clifford Stentz

Evelyn Hames

Esther Menke

Craig and Mary Stephenson +

Esther Hanson

Ann (O’Hara) ’54 and Jim Michalski

Leona (Thornton) Stimpson ’25

Frank Hardie

Ruth Michel ’26

Jean (Wahlert) Stoltz ’63

Marion (Bink) Harn ’34

Helen (Shea) Mier ’49 +

Regina Sullivan ’32

Helen Hartig

Pauline (McNerney) Millen ’24

Rosemary Trebon ’41

Adalene Wagner

Margaret (Harrington) Welch ’34

Ruth Wilkinson ’25

Margaret (Keefe) Wahl ’48 +

Mary White

Catherine (Wallis) Winall

Elizabeth Walker

M.W. and Kathryn Whitlow +

William Woodward

Mary K. (Barnickel) Walsh ’74

Celine (Wolfe) Wicks ’60

Anonymous Donors

Irene Weber ’29

FOUNDATION AND GOVERNMENT GRANTS $1,034,838 was raised from 30 organizations

ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS $440,788 was raised towards endowed scholarships and awards

MATCHING GIFTS $48,370 was raised from 34 individuals through 30 matching gift companies

PARENTS GIVING $82,984 was raised from parents of alumni and current students



13.8 percent of active alumni participated in a giving program $1,018,713 was raised from alumni households

$46,717 was raised from 134 members of the Clarke faculty, faculty emeriti, and staff



The Clarke Alumni Association hosted 52 events and connected with 991 alumni and friends

2 new members of the Mary Frances Clarke Legacy Society



483 donor-funded scholarships and awards totaling $576,569 were awarded to Clarke students

Clarke supporters invested $2,764,923 in facility renovations, program and student support, and technology advancements

2017 - 2018

Clarke is grateful to have support from many sources. On behalf of the entire university community … THANK YOU.

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

THANK YOU to all alumni and friends for your generous support.

ALUMNI AND FRIENDS $10,000+ Elizabeth (Bartels) Bray ’52 20YR Janet (Niehaus) Carroll ’67 20YR Jim and Mary Doyle 5YR Daniel Fabiano Bernadine Fleury ’60 * Paula (Koellner) ’78 and Terry Friedman 20YR C.J. and Mary Ann Gantz 5YR Daniel and Linda Gantz Jim and Jean Gantz 5YR Carolyn (Sanders) Haupert ’66 20YR Rev. Donald P. Heineman * John and Jane Kiefer 10YR Bob Kirpes 5YR Nancy (Swift) ’67 and Jim Klauer 20YR William R. Klauer, Jr. 20YR Barbara Kruse 20YR Katherine (Au-Young) ’57 and Paul Lam 20YR Therese Mackin, BVM ’50 20YR H.J. and Denice Markley Dorice (Schiller) ’61 and Corbin McNeill 5YR Jane (Cowlishaw) ’62 and Ed Monaghan 20YR Patricia Mullin ’48 * 10YR Carol ’01 and Dennis Powers 5YR Susan (Butler) ’85 and Edwin Ritts Louise and Jeffrey Schrank 5YR Donna ’86 and Bob Wahlert 20YR Rob and Agnes Wahlert 10YR Mary Ann (Soenke) ’67 and Bill Walter Jenifer (Collins) ’84 and Jeff Westphal 10YR Mary Ann (Froslie) Wilens ’63 20YR $5,000-$9,999.99 Susan (Matheson) ’71 and Jay Allen 20YR Pam (Zwack) Beaver ’67 20YR Jack Calmeyn + 5YR Janet (Vander Heyden) Furman ’62 5YR Carolyn (FitzGerald) Gantz ’70 + 10YR Mary Gantz 5YR Timothy and Susan Gantz 5YR Betty Golden * Carol (Niederriter) Handel ’65 Camille Jacques ’52 20YR Rita (Ludwig) ’61 and Richard Klein 5YR Gerry (Staehlin) ’62 and Daniel Klinglesmith + 20YR Barbara Kutchera Janet Manatt Pilcher ’69 and Fred Pilcher Patricia McKevitt ’67 Catherine A. Murphy 5YR Charlene (Hearn) ’67 and Jim Murphy Sis Murphy

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

Jeanne Nagle ’64, ’70M 20YR

Alan and Beth Bird

Jeanne (Powers) ’66 and Brendan Quann + 20YR

Helen ’07 and Dick Black 10YR

John Richter 20YR

Loras and Carrie Bleile

Mary Schmid 10YR

Mike Blouin + 20YR

Cathy Schulze ’72 and Dennis Coll

Mike Blouin + 20YR

Jayne (Zenaty) ’71 and Joe Spittler 5YR

Regina Boarman and Chris Frommelt 10YR

Mary Celeste (Coyle) ’63 and

Susan (Rada) ’69 and Kenneth Bonvallet 5YR

Donald Steinwachs 10YR

Mary Breslin, BVM 10YR

Ken and Bernadine Townsend

Jean (Kennedy) Brown ’44 +

Phil and Joan Weber

Kathleen (King) ’91 and Mark Buck JoAnn (Roidl) ’64 and Norbert Budde 5YR


Patricia (Boone) ’71 and Ronald Buehner

Ed and Patricia Alt 10YR

Joanne Burrows, SC 10YR

Rita (Brennan) ’68 and Richard Berens 20YR

Kathy Cahill ’67 20YR

Anna and Raymond Bukszar +

Micki (Lott) ’64 and Bob Cardelli 5YR

Mary Burritt ’66 5YR

Carl Carlsson + 10YR

Karen (Manghera) ’83 and Art Chiappetta 5YR

Mary Jo Chapman 5YR

Hunter and Lindsey Darrouzet

Emily Chew and Bob Murphy 5YR

Kay (McTigue) Filice ’70 10YR

Linda Claussen ’91 5YR

Lyle Gassmann, Sr. 20YR

Marriann (Kalina) ’75 and Grady Cole 10YR

Jim and Catherine Giese

Mary Beth (Breen) ’65 and Bernhard Collins 5YR

Hon Mai (Lam) ’58 and Joseph Goodman 10YR

Carol (Zeman) Corrigan ’61 + 20YR

Teri (Hawks) ’76 and John Goodmann + 5YR

Kate Corrigan ’85

Mary Jean (Schmidt) ’79 and Dick Gregory 10YR

Mary Rose Corrigan-Psihoyos ’04M and

Daisy and Keith Halvorson 5YR

Gus Psihoyos 5YR

Jan Hansel ’81 20YR

Colleen (Sullivan) ’73 and James Coulas + 5YR

Diane (Redelman) ’72 and Eugene Haubrich

Gail (Bukolt) ’77 and Steve Coury 5YR

Mary Jean Jecklin ’69 and Kelley V. Rea

Scott and Cindy Crawford +

Joseph Kutchera

Jane Daly Seaberg ’78 and Doug Seaberg 20YR

Diana (Callaghan) ’72 and Paul McCoy

Kate Davy ’71

Linda (Walker) ’75 and John Mertz

Mary Day ’70

Louise (Schuster) ’59 and Joseph Ottavi + 20YR

June (Kuba) DeLay ’54

Sue (Tiedje) Otting ’62 + 10YR

Patricia (Knight) ’63 and William Dillard 10YR

Elizabeth Petty ’81 and Karen Milner 5YR

Roberto ’13 and Dawn Dominguez

Janet Rhomberg

Patti (Pederson) Donlon ’61 5YR

Mary Ellen (McDonnell) ’66 and

Joan (O’Malley) Doyle ’57 and Tony Roback 20YR

Edward Schmitt 10YR

Kevin and Sharon Doyle

Deirdre (Lagen) Segerson ’51

Brent Drapeau

John and Mary Stavnes 10YR

Susan Dubuisson ’71

Chuck Stoltz

Deb ’94 and Jack Duehr + 20YR

Susan Wahlert 10YR

Meneve Dunham ’53 10YR

Mary Weller ’52 20YR

Maurine (Mackin) Elliott ’63 20YR

Ron and Judy Wilgenbusch 10YR

Bob and Patricia Engeman

Tom and Susan Williams 10YR

Martha (Menke) Fahey ’63 + 10YR

Matthew ’01 and Katie (Kropf) Zelle ’01

Katie Fischer ’73 and Jerry Enzler + 10YR

Pat and Janet Zuccaro 10YR

Wallace Foreman Shirley (Johnsen) ’61 and Anthony Francavilla 5YR


Marabeth ’94M and Norm Freund 20YR

Tina (Kehl) ’85 and P.J. Anglin 5YR

Lynn and Cynthia Fuller 20YR

Margene (Thornton) ’63 and

Mark and Deborah Griffin

Patrick Beckham 5YR

Joan (Delaney) Grossman ’50

Cathy (Fraher) ’82 and Peter Bergmann 20YR

Kim (Esser) ’79 and Glen Hall + 5YR

Bill Biebuyck

Steve and Connie Hardie 5YR

Rae (Yalden) Biesiadecki ’67 10YR

Elaine (Lynch) Hegmann ’60 20YR

Monica (Lyons) ’86 and Tim Heller ’86

Diana (Borst) ’58 and Ronald Nawrocki 10YR


John and Margie Hendry

Karen (McKay) ’68 and Loras Neuroth 20YR

Molly (Junk) Andersen Schreiber ’99 and

Diane (Barrett) ’63 and Donald Henry

Jean (Thornton) ’61 and Tersh Norton + 5YR

Becky ’84M, ’16M and Ron Herrig 5YR

Jeanne (Doll) ’50 and Gene O’Connell 10YR

Kent and Ann Anderson 5YR

Theresa (Frommelt) ’74 and Roger Herting 5YR

Mary Beth (Kelly) ’78 and John O’Connor +

Laurie and Jeffrey Anderson

Deborah (Green) ’81 and Michael Hervey 5YR

Bill and Donna O’Dell + 20YR

Bernie and Pat Barry 5YR

Sheila (Doyle) ’78 and Tom Hocking 10YR

Anne (Brown) O’Meara ’70 5YR

David ’88 and Marie (Friedman) Blaser ’90 10YR

Bob and Marilyn Hoefer 20YR

Luanus Ott

Alice (Yeager) ’70M and Calvin Boland 20YR

Joyce Honkamp

Chuck and Sandi Otting

Sheri Bolgert

Joann (Jolin) ’60 and Bill Hotovec 10YR

Pat and Jane Otting

Nancy (Shimanek) ’70 and David Boyd 10YR

Saiko Jin Bellings ’03 and Andy Bellings 10YR

Michael ’00 and Linda Pedersen 10YR

Mary Ellen (Foy) ’75 and Thomas Brabec

Jean (Lennon) ’64 and G. Patrick Johnson 10YR

Phil Peterson

Alice (Lenehan) ’62 and Bill Brennan

Sue (McGovern) ’69 and Steve Juergens 5YR

Fran (Plotke) Pettersen ’66 20YR

John and Regina Brennan

Louise Kames ’77 10YR

Margaret (Small) ’62 and Richard Pfohl 20YR

Helen (Jackson) ’66 and Robert Brewster 20YR

Brian and Kathleen Kane + 5YR

Rose Mary (Vito) ’69 and Robert Pratt 10YR

Scott and Pamela Brookens

Anne Keays ’66 and Michael Leonard 10YR

Daniel and Barbara Rank

Mary (Lang) ’72 and William Carney

Alice (Steffens) ’65 and Terry Kelly 10YR

Rev. Mark A. Ressler

Martha (Yuen) ’63 and Newton Chin

Joan (Schneider) Kershner ’45 20YR

Jamie Richardson ’82

Frank and Terri Cicciarelli

Mary Lou (Norton) ’61 and Robert King + 20YR

Robin and April Richardson

Bonnie (Meyers) ’67 and Dennis Coates

Mike Klauer

Kathy (Moriarty) ’74 and Bill Rohner

Michael and Kathy Coyle

Bob and Judy Klauer

Wade and Kelly Sass

Madeline (Schwarz) ’73 and

Roger Klauer 20YR

Susan (Duffy) Schaffrath ’67 and

Toni ’90 and Mac Klingler 10YR

James Lindholm 20YR

Thomas Schreiber

Bob Czervionke 10YR Mary Ann Danowitz

Jason ’96 and Tina Knockel

Mary Lee Schell ’60 5YR

Paul and Myra DeLong 5YR

Rose Kraemer ’84 5YR

Connie (Kuhl) ’62 and William Schlak 10YR

Karen (Shepard) DeMello ’81 5YR

Jill (Hallahan) ’68 and James Kramer 20YR

John and Donna Schmidt 20YR

Dolores (Neuzil) Denner ’53 +

Sharon Kress ’69 and Keith Cook 20YR

Jim and Ann Schmitt

Karen Doland ’84

Gloria (Rubino) ’67 and John Kromer 5YR

Margaret (Kretschmer) Schmitz ’52

Kathleen (Senica) ’65 and Hal Drake 10YR

Catherine (Huber) ’66 and Duane Kuennen

Jim and Sharon Schneider

Lisa Dvorak-Spitler ’71

Judith (Stilling) ’71 and Richard Kuhlmann 10YR

Mary Schreiber ’73, ’75M and Jim Herrig

Margaret Enzler ’65 5YR

Larry and Carol Lady

Andy ’02, ’10M and

Mary Jo (Kearney) Erickson ’67 20YR

Henry and Paula Lederman

Kara Schroeder ’04, ’16M 10YR

Terry (Cloutier) ’70 and Jim Feld + 10YR

Allison (Wong) ’64 and Alan Lee

Sheryl Schulte ’71 and Jeanne LaVigne 20YR

Annette (Sinnott) ’70 and Gene Field 5YR

Jan Lee 5YR

Linda (Laufenberg) ’98 and Jan Scott + 10YR

Mary Fran (Doody) ’67 and Jim Finkler 20YR

Winnie (Chan) ’61 and Conrad Lee 10YR

Rosemary (McGuirk) ’60 and

Gabe ’01 and Renee (Kramer) Finnin ’03

Dorothy (Pannkuk) ’79 and Duane Lemke 5YR

James Sheehan 5YR

Mike and Sharon Finnin +

Daniel and Kris Liddicoat

Kathryn (Cass) ’80 and Mark Siebenaller

April Finnin-Rink

George Lingen + 5YR

Al Sondern

Kathy (Cassidy) ’60 and John Frasco 5YR

Connie Locher-Bussard ’54 20YR

Charlie Sturm ’86 5YR

Pat Friedman 10YR

JoAnne (Minnehan) ’76 and John Lonergan 20YR

Jim and Diane Thompson 10YR

Hunter Fuerste

Mary Mackin ’65 20YR

Mary (Ernst) ’67 and David Thuente

Joy (Conlon) ’55 and Roman Gales 20YR

Steve Malone

Maripat (Obiala) ’69 and Tom Tropp + 5YR

Charlie and Linda Giese

Marcia McAllister ’73 and Chris Knowles 10YR

Carol (Schmidt) ’83 and Mike Trueg 5YR

Ann (Donahue) ’65 and Len Giunta

Mary McAllister ’77 and John Melvold 20YR

Jackie (Brodnax) Turner ’67 5YR

Charlie and Vicki Glab

Dee and David McCormick 5YR

Sheila Turney ’71 20YR

Steven Gregory

Ann McDonough ’86 and Peter Healey ’87 5YR

Mark Wahlert and Katie Hannan

Rosemary (Flynn) Gronstal-Faulkner ’52 +

Mary Jo (Luedtke) McElmeel ’63

Kathy (Graham) Weigel ’63 10YR

Betty (Eilers) Gysendorfer ’61 *

Dick and Mary McKay 5YR

Pam Westmark ’91

Carol (De Roo) ’57 and William Hanrahan

Mary Alice (Studebaker) McManus ’61 5YR

Maria Whelan ’72 and Jack Wuest 20YR

Ken and Bev Hansen

Karen McQuaid ’80 10YR

Brenda and Peter Wicks

Renee Herber ’86

Rose (Bruner) Melville ’73 and Alton Sheley 10YR

Denise Wilbur ’68

Marge Herrig

Robert and Donna Miller 20YR

Kate and Matt Zanger + 20YR

Ronald ’87 and Marcia (Dalton) Herrig ’88

Mary Ellen (Hood) Murphy ’60 20YR

Doug and Karen Horstmann 5YR

Ann (Porter) Nagy ’63 20YR

Carole Jackson

Carole (Schulte) ’57 and Roy Johnson 5YR

Alecia ’06D and Shawn Thiele 10YR

Rick Augustin +

Richard Just + 10YR

Jean (Feyen) ’59 and Kenneth Toth

Agnes (Buckler) Baca ’83M 10YR

Donald and Erm Kahle +

Catherine (Davis) Tymkow ’71 5YR

Meg (Welter) Badali ’04

Paul and Myra Kalb

Lea (Lawler) ’67 and James Virtel

Kristi Bagstad 10YR

Alexa (Victor) Kastantin ’67

David and Nancy Wahlert 20YR

Chris (Noel) ’91 and Charles Baguss

Barbara (Bilek) Kent ’61

Liz (Boetto) ’75 and Kevin White

Katie Bahl ’04 10YR

Genevieve Kiefer 10YR

Karen (Brown) ’73 and Terry Young 20YR

Faye Bailey and Dianne Parker Kevin and Dixie Bailey

Pamela Knourek ’88 Jan (Johanns) ’64 and Edward Kodet 10YR

UP TO $499.99

Paul Francis Bailey, BVM *

Sudhir and Sudha Koneru

Arieanna Accidentale

Julie Baker ’98

George Kozacik ’68M 10YR

Kay (Kraus) ’72 and Kent Ackerson

Lynne (Buckie) Baker ’64 20YR

Carolyn (Mraz) ’60 and Antone Kucera 20YR

Peggy (O’Neill) ’64 and Thomas Adams 20YR

Jayne (Kaiser) ’59 and Donald Banfield +

DD Donlon and Bill Kysiak

Tamara Adams-Hudson

Vivian and Daniel Bannon 10YR

Ellen (Wehde) ’70 and Dale LaGow 20YR

Ann Adkins

Kay (Foley) ’69 and Bill Barancik

Jean (Mihalic) ’87 and Dayle Larson 5YR

Mary (Thomson) Affeldt ’60

Patricia (Doyle) ’65 and Louis Barbieri

Andrea (Lang) ’73 and Brian Lawless 10YR

Margarita Alemany-Moreno ’65 and

Nick Barker ’16

Lanis ’92M and Lynn Lenker

Ygnacio Moreno

Mary (Bank) ’78 and Robert Barney

Courtney and Justin Leonard 5YR

Pat Alston

Mary Jo (McClue) ’71 and Jack Bartels

Theresa (Nong) Lo ’68

Joyce (Vogler) Alt ’56 10YR

Tim and Kathy Bartels

Maggie Maloney ’64 20YR

Peter and Cindy Alt

Mary (Vizard) ’65 and Richard Barthel 20YR

Kathy Maloney Loomis ’74 and Jim Dean 5YR

Mary (Ludescher) ’72 and Harry Althaus 20YR

Howard and Marianne Barton

Fumio Maruyama

Priscilla Altizer

Mary Ann (Jaeger) ’75 and Ronald Barton

Sharon (Schillinger) ’63 and

Sheila (McQuaid) ’84 and Marcelo Alvarez

Kathrynne Barud ’88

Sandra (Frye) ’67, ’85M and

Kate Basham ’68

Mort Mazaheri 10YR Patrice (Friedmann) ’76 and James McCormick + 10YR Jack Miles 5YR Kylee Miller ’12 5YR

Tony Amberg 10YR

Brian and Crystal Bast

Caitlyn Ambrosy

Betty Ann (Lange) Baule ’59 5YR

Mary Pat (Lynch) ’71 and

Carol Baumann ’88M

Michael Ament ’90M 20YR

Carol (Gartner) ’71 and Richard Baumann +

Marretta Mistretta ’85

Richard Ament

Jean and Jerry Beacom

Mark and Tammy Moore

John and Donna Anderson

Lisa (Riley) ’84 and Kevin Beatty ’89

Mary (Minnehan) ’72 and Tim Moothart 10YR

Linda Anderson

Audrey (Thiel) Beauvais ’56 +

Mimi (Moylan) ’66 and Patrick Moran 10YR

Steve Anderson +

Tom Bechen

Peggy (McCarty) ’60 and

Mary Ann (Jochum) Andresen ’51

Douglas Becker 10YR

Lou Anglin, BVM ’83 10YR

Mary Becker ’73 and Julius Ganoza 10YR

Marian Norris ’76

Nancy Antil Lord ’76

Ryan Becker

Tricia (Gloeckler) ’91 and Thomas Ognar 5YR

Patricia (Lewandowski) ’63 and

Ann (Skelley) Beckman ’63 20YR

Robert Naughton 10YR

Thomas Antkowiak 5YR

Jeff Olson

Amanda Beeal

Marlene (Francel) ’55 and Bill O’Meara 10YR

Gail and Gary Appel 5YR

Louise (Patry) ’70 and Christopher Beecher 10YR

Douglas Peahl

Roseanne ’78M and Richard Arbizzani 5YR

Lonnie Behnke ’91

Kate (Roland) ’68 and Howard Pease

Angela (Kephart) ’08 and Brad Arensdorf

Carolyn Bell ’99 and Elisa Welch ’00

Maureen Quann ’97 5YR

Joann Arensdorf ’74 20YR

Deb and Scott Bell

Mellody Randolph ’81

William Arensdorf ’70M

Joan (Haxmeier) ’61 and Rudy Bellmann

Barbara Roy ’61 10YR

Donna (Mousel) Arline ’66

Mafalda (Layman) Benchea ’41

Ellen (Burke) ’70 and Scott Sayer

Ann (Kluesner) Arnold ’07

Susan (Breen) ’63 and Joseph Benco 5YR

Ed Schick

Terry ’85 and Kathy Arnold

Shiri Bensasson

Chris ’06 and Michael Schiesl

Karen Artus ’83

Ann (Lucke) ’65 and Robert Benson

Mary Jo (Freiburger) ’68 and

Mary (Meyer) Asciutto ’88 5YR

Gail (Schueller) Benson ’89

Patricia (Avelleyra) ’76 and Bruce Aslesen 10YR

Kenneth and Bonnie Benson

Kathy (O’Neill) ’73 and Ralph Schnackel 10YR

Mary ’91 and Robert Astgen

Bonnie (Schuster) ’98 and Ralph Berg 5YR

EuGene and Ruth Skutt +

James Atkinson

Marilyn (Burke) Bergmann ’70 20YR

Marlene (Milnichuk) ’68 and Roby Sloan 20YR

Jeff Atkinson

Patricia (Briare) Bernhold ’60

Mary Kay (Kidwell) ’73 and Mike Smith

Joel and Lisa Atkinson

Richard and Mary Berning +

Jennie ’82 and Roger Stewart

Jon Atkinson

Richard and Carolyn Berning

Megan Stull and Kevin Deeny 10YR

Linda ’04 and Rick Augustin +

Nancy Berry

Lester Schmerr 10YR

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

Barbara (Schrier) ’72, ’84M and Ronald Besch

Cheryl Breiner

Patrick Calautti

Sandra (Donohoe) ’73 and Tom Bianciotto

Tony Breitbach ’07 5YR

Carol (Petsche) Callahan ’85

Bill and Karen Bibee

David Breitbach

Adam ’98, ’99M and Amy (Stratton) Calonder ’99

Brian and Robin Biebuyck

Zachary ’05, Ph.D. and

Barbara (Mulgrew) ’66 and James Campbell

Kylee Biedermann Joanne (O’Malley) ’60 and John Bigwood Pauline (Chan) ’68 and Peter Bischoff

Kelly (Welch) Breitbach ’05 5YR Mary Pat (Enzler) ’63 and Robert Breitfelder 20YR

Edward and Marilyn Campbell + 5YR Marianne (Gronstal) ’79 and Don Campbell Marcia (Swanson) ’73 and Bruce Capriotti 5YR

Rick Bixenmann

Molly (Fischels) Breitsprecher ’14D

Melissa (Gaber) ’12 and Wylie Caras

Heather (Lott) ’14 and Kiza Blackmore

Mary Jo Brennan ’72, ’02M and Jim McNamara

Peggy (McGrath) ’78 and Tim Carey

Jim and Brandee Blaine

Sandra Brennan

Gregory and Anne Carlson +

Mary Beth (Carroll) ’81 and Timothy Blatner 10YR

Erin (Brashaw) ’14 and Colton Brenner

Laura Carney ’83 and Barry Cullison

Carol Blitgen, BVM ’58

Patricia (Wetz) ’68 and Art Bresnahan 10YR

Carole (Snyder) ’68 and Tom Carroll

Chad Block

Charlene (Kelly) ’54 and Gerald Bretl

David and Kimberly Carter

Lauren Block

Francis ’01 and Elaine Bries 10YR

Jane (Ohlheiser) Carter ’66

MaryLane (Neubauer) Blomquist ’72 + 10YR

Ed (Frederick) Brogean ’09 and Darius Ambers

Taylor Casel

Shirley Blood Ruedy ’58 and George Ruedy

Elaine (Kuhl) Bromelkamp ’49 10YR

Catherine Casey ’79

Jerry Blum

Sami Brookens

Jacquie (Todd) ’64 and Tom Cashman

Michele Blum

Margaret (O’Brien) ’63 and Charles Brostrom

Aimee Cassidy

Suzanne Blum

Andrea (Sproule) Brown ’57 10YR

Bob Cate

Mary Ellen (Sheridan) ’68 and Gary Blunck

Anne (Schickert) ’97 and Michael Brown 10YR

Mary (Fronczak) ’78 and Kevin Cavaioli

Wesley and Carol Boal +

Lola Bruggeman ’85

Jeanne (Pittz) Cavanaugh ’39 10YR

Brad Boeckenstedt

Doug Brunscheon

Donna (Becker) ’56 and Gilbert Cavins 20YR

Ken Boeckenstedt

Becky Bruxvoort 5YR

Sarah (Wilson) ’76 and Richard Ceragioli 10YR

Sue (Olsen) ’71 and Douglas Boeckmann

Juliette Bryson ’66 20YR

Julie (Shank) ’97 and Doug Chaloupek

Tim and Kim Boffeli +

Kelli (Clark) ’01 and Dan Buchenau

Winifred (Hui) ’65 and William Chang 10YR

Natalie (Jankiewicz) Bogan ’82 5YR

Anne (Koelker) Buck ’67

Mary ’04 and Dan Chapman

Jeannette (Sullivan) Bohnenkamp ’53 20YR

Roberta (King) ’63 and Jim Buhle

Mary (Condon) Chappell ’68 10YR

Matt ’08 and Jessica Boleyn

Karen Bunting

Dorothy (Graber) ’70 and Joel Chase 5YR

Anne Bolgert

Connie (Steger) ’79 and Jeff Burbach +

Maureen (Joyce) Chavoen ’64 20YR

Lexi Bolgert

Dick and Janice Burch

Jeanne (Haupert) ’79 and David Chevalier 10YR

Mary (Welper) ’07 and Josh Boots 5YR

Hillary Burgmeier

Keith Christensen and Dawn Deines-Christensen +

Jo Ann (Gartner) ’61 and Leroy Bopp + 20YR

Dick and Marlene Burgmeier

Beth Christianson

Erika Borchert

Gina and Steve Burkart

Rose Marie (Peschang) Chun ’49 +* 20YR

Judy and Wayne Botsford

Ann (Lynch) ’74 and Frank Burke

Grant ’06 and Julie (Weires) Cirks ’06 10YR

Ken and Angie Botsford

Kathy Burns ’67 and Steve Ramey

Jeanne (Collins) Cismoski ’62

Molly (Williams) ’11 and Paul Boucher

Mary Ann (Straub) ’67 and Robbin Burns 20YR

Pat Clair ’65 20YR

Mary Beth (Dainko) ’76 and Joseph Bouska 5YR

Susan (Cowlishaw) ’67 and Robert Burns

Callie Clark 5YR

Diane (Peahl) ’85 and Dean Bousselot

Susan and Daniel Burns

Charmaine Clark

Mary Lou (Timmer) ’68 and

Joanne Burns Lynch ’69

Jennifer (Boyce) ’78 and James Clark

Kari (Lawler) ’01 and David Burrows

Michael Clasen ’05

Ana Burton ’17M

Jane (Klein) ’76 and Roger Clemen 20YR

Pat (Strouhal) ’58 and Tony Busalacchi

Deborah Clemens

Jean (Lundberg) ’80M and Thomas Bower

Jeff Busch

Yvonne (Roeder) Clinton ’66 5YR

Judith (Reed) ’61, ’79M and Milton Boyes +

Carmelita (Gilroy) Bush ’46 10YR

Karen (Maher) ’66 and Davis Coale 5YR

Penny Boyle

Krista Bushkofsky ’17

Maureen (Sullivan) Coffey ’57 10YR

Calsey Bradley

Liz (Siegel) ’08 and Jeff Bushman

Anna Cole ’18

Joan (Havlovic) ’86 and Patrick Bradley ’89

Anthony Butler

Jim and Amy Cole

Lori (Roberts) ’82 and Kevin Bradley

Bryan and Rebecca Butler

Lisa (Beauvais) ’94 and Tony Coleman

Crystal Brafford

Timothy and Nancy Butler

Joe ’06 and Melissa (Shanks) Collier ’08, ’12M

Christian Bramble ’15

Bryan Byerly ’16, ’18D

Lila and Allen Collins

Anthony Brandon ’09M

Elaine Byrne +

Kathy (Kenzie) ’68 and Thomas Conley

Jamie Bratzke

Tammy Cady

Tim and Christine Conlon +

Sierra Brecke

Sandra (Muschall) ’63 and Robert Cahoy

Suzanne Conlong-Kalb ’99M and Greg Kalb

Therese (Tressel) Breen ’49 10YR

Susan and Matt Cain

Peg Connolly ’69

Michael Bousselot 5YR Erin Bowditch Flottmeyer ’96 and Greg Flottmeyer

Peg (O’Brien) Connolly ’62 10YR

John and Theresa Davies

Frank and Linda Dodds +

Olga (de Arazoza) ’67 and Donald Connor 5YR

Chelley ’81 and Larry Davis

Denise Dolan ’76, ’85 and Monica Ackley 20YR

Joyce (McWilliams) ’89 and

Patricia (Ryan) ’59 and Jerry Davis 20YR

Margaret (Monaghan) ’59 and Donald Dolan 5YR

Rebecca Dawson

Nona and H. Domenico

Karen Conover, BVM ’70

Betty (Ruff) ’57 and Bob Dean +

Jenny Domine ’06

Amy (Jackson) Conyers ’97 and

Jeannie (Larsen) ’75 and Thomas Dean +

Elena Dominguez

Barbara (Scully) ’72 and Peter DeBerge 5YR

Janelle (Guerdette) Donahue ’80, ’87M

Deborah (Mutza) ’96 and Kelly Conyers 5YR

Anne (Marzullo) DeCastro ’96

Larry and Pauline Donahue

Mark and Rebecca Cook

Catherine (Waldbillig) ’91 and Loran Decker ’08

James and Debra Donahugh

Mary Lou Cooley-Phillips

Marcia (Stalzer) Decker ’78 10YR

William and Carolyn Donels

Kaye (Callahan) Cornell ’64 5YR

Trudy ’90 and Larry Decker

Dolores Donohue ’70 and James Andrews

Elizabeth (Sullivan) Corrigan ’71M

Sarah Deeny

Jean (Hoppmann) ’70 and Mike Donovan

Margaret Mary Cosgrove, BVM

Jamie Deering ’18

Mary ’78M and William Donovan ’79M

Lezlee Costales

Patricia Deering

Kay (Stanicek) ’66 and Robert Dooley 5YR

Abigail (Szujewski) Costello ’67

Robbie Deering +

MaryKaren (Kress) Dorniden ’63

Mariclare (Costello) Arbus ’58

Mary Defend

Jeffrey Dorsey

Sarah Cotton

Lisa and Mark Delamar

Mary Kay Dougherty ’66 10YR

Jean (Epperson) ’78 and Dennis Coughlin

Patricia DeMarco ’69 10YR

Steven and Sherri Dowdell

Cindy Cox +

Necla Demir and Graham Harman

Nancy (O’Neill) ’71 and James Dowdle

Emily Cox

Melissa and Marc DeMotta

Alan and Cindy Downs

Patricia (Ramer) ’61 and Robert Cox

Mike ’02 and Krisy (Ploeger)

Almira Downs ’82

Thomas Connors 20YR

Matthew Geissinger

Lynn (Jaeger) ’89 and John Crabtree

Dempewolf ’03, ’09M

Elaine (Shea) Doyle ’59 10YR

Kevin and Constance Cranford

Dianne (Boyle) ’72 and Dale Demski

Margaret Doyle ’80

Beth Cravatta

Abbie Denlinger

Pindo Drammeh

Pauline Creighton ’83

Theresa (Mitchell) ’61 and

Stephen ’83 and Yasmin Dreller

Margaret (Merges) Crimmins ’89

Edward Deppe 20YR

Stacey Drew-Regan ’97, ’98M

Tessa Crist ’13

Margaret DeSotel ’61 5YR

Palmer and Bernadette Drews + 5YR

Mary and Laurence Crites

Margaret Dettmann ’88M

Connie (Kelleher) Driscoll ’69

Mary (Urbain) Cross ’65 +

Kelley (Hutton) ’84 and

Mitchell ’10 and Leah (Buls) Driscoll ’10, ’12D 5YR

Darrell Deutmeyer + 10YR

Julie Crow

Janet Droessler

Ann (Hyde) Crowley ’68

Kevin and Rose Devera

John and Elaine Droessler

Liliana Cruz ’18

Chrissie (Klinglesmith) ’88 and Ed Devinney

Jesse Drolema

Jody (Forseth) Cryderman ’11

James Devore

Emily Duehr ’01 and Ben Hoelscher 5YR

Helen (Halaburt) Cullinan ’51 +

Echo DeVries

Mary Jo (Jacobs) ’84 and Joe Duffy

Melissa (Dean) ’06 and Jason Cullum

Janine and Joel DeVries +

Peggy Duffy-Cook ’66 and David Cook 5YR

Michele Cundy

Mitzi (Creglow) Di Marco ’50

Mary (Collins) Dugan ’69

Mary Curoe, SVM ’51 5YR

Diane Diamond ’73

Mike and Jeanne Duggan +

Kathleen Curoe ’89 10YR

Kimberly Diaz

Brandy and Zachary Dunkin

Peggy (O’Connell) ’79 and Steven Curran

Kerry Dickens

Catherine Dunn, BVM 10YR

Sarah Currie ’03

Scott Didier

Kathleen Dunn ’95

Mike ’00, ’09M and

Cabrina Dieters ’76

Mary (Boyd) ’72 and Jim Dunneback

Becky and Chris Digman 5YR

Marlys Dunphy ’70

Karel Czanderna and Dan Shirkey

Ellen (Pfohl) ’62 and Les Digman

Nancy (Scott) Duran-Homik ’65 5YR

Susan (Sears) ’75 and Peter Czuchra

Mari (Merker) ’80 and Michael DiLillo

Salina Durr

Susan Dadisman

Joan (Sullivan) Dillon ’59 10YR

Luke and Sheila Duve +

Brenda Daehn

Ryan ’06 and Morgan (Ehlers) Dillon ’06

Nitshelle Duverseau

Mary Daehn

Carol (Enzler) ’61 and John Dinan

Nancy (Svancarek) ’71 and Bill Dvorak

Amy (Kilburg) ’88 and Mark Dagitz

Renee Dionisio

Julia (Kramper) ’55 and Frank Dyra 20YR

Jeannette Dainko + 10YR

Maggie Diossy

Sandra Eardley

Michael Daly ’08

Jessie Dirks ’12D

Kathleen (Berger) ’78 and

Colleen Dansart ’10, ’12D 5YR

B’Ann and Dan Dittmar 5YR

Frank and Beth Dardis

Kate (McCarthy) Dixon ’50

Annette (Horngren) Eastman ’58

Mary (Kendregan) ’71 and Walter Dare 10YR

Margaret (Dalton) ’66 and

Linda ’84 and Duane Eaton

Amanda (Perrone) Cyze ’01, ’06D

Cynthia Daugherty

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

William Dobbelaere 10YR

Steven Earleywine 20YR

Jane Ebeling ’67 and Reinart Huseby

Judith (Jamrozy) ’65 and John Eckert 5YR

Ruth (Dunblazier) ’80 and Thomas Ferris

Megan Fuhrman ’16

Denise (Olsen) ’64 and Dennis Edson 5YR

Kimberly ’72, ’77M and Edward Feyen +

Scott and Carol Fuhrman +

Mandy Eglseder ’09

Kathy ’77 and John Fick

Tom Fury ’00

Cindy (Errthum) ’88 and Michael Ehrlich

Jananne Finck

Andrew Gabel

Virginia (Mikol) ’61 and William Eich + 20YR

Dawn Fink

Angie (Bicker) ’98 and Mike Gabriel

Kelly (Campbell) ’06, ’16M and Brian Eigenberger

Jane (Costello) ’63 and Varlyn Fink 5YR

Robert and Lisa Gagner

Patricia (Morrey) ’50 and John Eitel 10YR

Susan (Bohnstengel) ’77 and John Fink

Cheryl Galligos

Jon Ellis

Carolyn (Strang) ’08 and Louie Fischer

Laura Galliher

Michael Ellis

Dor (Rinella) ’68 and Edward Fitzgerald

Samantha Gantenbein

Kathryn (Rist) Ely ’66

Joan Fitzgerald, BVM ’57

Rosemary (Kendrigan) ’52 and Efrain Garcia

Missy (Reichling) ’99 and Chad Emler

Jody (Kordick) ’60 and Thomas Fitzgerald

Guy and Kelly Gard 5YR

Christine (Caffery) ’83 and Kevin Eng

Susan (Molitor) Fitzgerald ’71

Beth McGrath ’99 and Hope Gardina

Jack and Dolores Engel

Maureen Fitzgibbon ’70

Joan (Lyons) ’68 and John Garrity

Baylie Engels

Chris Fitzpatrick ’84

Valerie Gassman +

Ron and Janice Enke

Andy ’06 and Heather Fitzsimons

Jane (Maiers) ’71 and Stanley Gassmann

Joanne (Timmer) ’65 and Donald Ennis

Candice Fitzsimons

Neal Gathers

Mary Ellyn (Mueller) ’63 and Franklin Enyeart

Beverly (Poire) Flammang ’57

Wanjiku Gatua

Lawrence and Kimberly Erbach +

Meggan (Healy) ’98, ’99M and Andy Florell

Ruth (Sigmund) ’62 and John Gazzola

Earlene (Edwards) ’76 and Brian Erbe +

Jennifer (Hoffmann) ’06 and

Jackie Gebhardt ’85 and Kirk Kwiatkowski

Ken and Sharon Erickson 10YR

Gerry Flores ’11M 5YR

Tammy (Tucker) ’91 and Joel Gehling ’92

Daniel and Ann Ernst

Tina Flores ’70 5YR

Veronica (Rickert) ’69 and Virgil Gehling + 10YR

Tami ’91 and Duane Ernster 20YR

Craig and Michele Floyd

Catherine (Tomlinson) ’62 and Phil Gensler

Amy Errthum ’17M

Mary Flury

Teresa (Mori) ’78 and James George

Gary and Delores Errthum

Jeff Flynn

Peggy Geraghty, BVM

Jeffrey and Sarah Errthum

Sue (Balkan) ’70 and Lawrence Foehrkolb

Brigid (Powers) ’60 and Charles Geroux

Edras and Josefina Escalante

Joseph and Kristina Fogarty

Adam ’10D and Sarah Geske

Johanna Escobar

Larry and Karen Fogarty +

Erin Geyer

Kathy Esser-Anderson ’80 and Larry Anderson

Deb and Bill Fordice

Meegan Gibbons

Edward Estrada

Elvira Foreman

Alexis Gibbs ’13

Sydney Eustice

Wendy and Kevin Foreman

Julie (Snitker) Gibson ’98

Mary (Houlihan) ’60 and Kenneth Euteneuer 5YR

Lexi Fortmann

Carol (Kremsreiter) ’70 and Thomas Giese 20YR

Allison Evans

Denise (Drews) ’78 and Gabriel Fosado

Tom and Paula Giese

Becky Evans ’91

Bertha Fox, BVM ’54

Judy and Jim Giesen 10YR

Terri and Mark Evett + 5YR

Cathy (Noland) ’62 and Ronald Fox

Sharon (Jorgensen) ’76 and Mark Gietl

Rich and Rae Ewers

Logan Fraker

Susan and Dave Gillan

Lisa ’03M and Ted Ewing +

Teresa Fraker

Diane and Russ Gillette

Donna (Flemming) ’86 and Charles Ewy

Mary Francis +

Susan Gilligan ’72

Peggy (Rowles) ’74 and Steve Fagen 10YR

Mary (Tentinger) ’71 and Keevin Franzen

Kathryn and Max Gillman

Mary Fahey ’72

Jennifer (Kennedy) ’97 and Brad Franzwa

Margie (Winter) ’71 and Nicholas Gindorff

Ryan ’99, ’00M and Nancy Fairchild

Michael and Joyce Frazier

Scott Gipson

Ashley (Wyatt) ’07 and Chad Falkos

Sharon Frederick ’67 and Ronald Byrd 10YR

Mary Gitau

Bernie (Brown) ’64 and Mike Fallaw +

Terry and Victoria Frederick +

Kelsey Gleich ’12

Donna (Boyle) ’66 and Don Farley 10YR

Lisa Freese ’82 and Lawrence Zangs 5YR

Rich ’08 and Karen Glover 5YR

Mary Lee (Lee) ’71 and Bill Farmer 10YR

Heather (Hicks) ’00, ’01M and David Frei

Mary Jane (Sohan) ’61 and Dick Glovik 10YR

Sean Farnan

Greta Freiburger

Kim (Mootz) ’77 and Michael Glynn

Kristen Farrar

Pat (Crowley) ’81 and Thomas Freiburger

James Gnade

Carolyn Farrell, BVM ’66

Rachelle ’99 and Gary Freiburger +

Jerard and Diane Gnade

Kathi and Terrence Fausnaught

Pat (Keefe) Freund ’69 10YR

Mary (Moran) ’64 and Richard Goblirsch 10YR

Deborah (Meyer) ’76 and Lee Fautsch 5YR

Denise (Curley) ’79 and Doug Friedman

Karen (Gralewski) Goecke ’64

Joselma (Stonich) ’68 and Louis Fautsch + 5YR

Larry Friedman

Ted ’01, ’03M and Asheley (Kiefer) Goergen ’03

Jay and Laurie Fedje

Richelle Friedman, PBVM ’69

Betty Goihl ’65

Leo Feldman 10YR

Verna (Friedman) Friedman ’58 5YR

William Golden 10YR

Michelle (Miesen) ’88 and Craig Felix

Stephen and Julie Frommelt

Kelly (McAllister) ’13 and Noah Goldsmith

Jodi and Dan Fens

Betty Frost ’11M

Steven and Lorie Golich

Steven Golich

Douglas Haltinner

Linda ’98 and Merlin Heitkamp

Amy Golm, BVM ’87

Sara (Vaughn) ’97, ’98M and Justin Hamilton

Bruce Heitz

Andrew and Kelsey Gonner

Cliff and Nancy Hammann

Marna (Redmond) ’76, ’04M and Matt Heitz

Jerry Gosche

Roane Hand

Harriet Heitzman

Barbara (Farrell) ’68 and James Goss 5YR

Ralph and June Hanebutt

Judeane (Schultz) ’74 and Ron Helle

William and R. Jean Gossett

Sandra ’91M and Bob Hanley

Michael Hellmann ’87

Grace Gotto +

Barbara (Willink) ’80M and Roy Hansen 5YR

Steve and Linda Hendrickson

Meg (Chambers) ’66 and John Gottschalk 10YR

Dorothy (McIntee) Hansen ’56

Elizabeth (Van Tassel) Henika ’62

Dani Gough

Anthony and Laura Hanson

Mary (Byrne) ’68 and Bob Hennessey

Amy and John Gould

Lynn Hanson 10YR

Madelynne Henrickson

Kinsey Gould

Scott ’01 and Courtney (Smith) Hany ’02

Mary Ellen Herbst 20YR

Mark and Luanne Gould

Quinzel Harding

Craig and Patty Herther

Margaret (Larsen) ’64 and Tom Grace 20YR

Rebecca Harman ’09

Linda Hesby

Mary (Meder) ’69 and David Grace 10YR

Joan (Buyers) ’68 and Tom Harms 10YR

Mary (Hyland) ’81 and William Hetland

Heather Graden ’01, ’02M

Emily Harne

Ryan ’99, ’00M and Carla Heuer

Hugh and Sallie Graham

Ann Harrington, BVM 5YR

Duane and Maude Higgins

Robert ’88 and Samantha Jekot-Graham

Roseanne (Strupeck) ’64 and Jim Harrington

Mary (Telscher) ’67 and Tom Higgins 10YR

Cindy (Schnier) ’80 and Robert Granse 5YR

Carol (Skemp) Hart ’64

Rita Highland ’75 20YR

Jason Grawe

Mary Lynn Hartford ’72 20YR

Doug and Janet Hightshoe

Beth (Blobaum) ’80 and Steve Gray

Kristi (Bopp) ’93 and Brian Hartman

Jayne Hildebrand ’86

Audrey (Laures) ’70 and Donald Graziano

Crystal (Ploeger) ’08 and Nick Hartmann

Lynne (Helphrey) Hill ’67

Julie Beck Green ’14 and Mike Green

Patricia Hartnett ’72

Margaret (McDonald) ’68M and Roland Hill

Bill and Susanna Gregory 10YR

Clarissa Hartzell-Kasa

Betty Hillary

Mary (Dillon) ’67 and Joseph Greibe 10YR

Theresa and Melvin Harvey

Roger and Twila Hingtgen

Mary (Rooney) ’80 and Michael Griffin

Jane Haslwanter, BVM ’65

Alice Hinz + 10YR

Patricia (Day) ’63 and William Griffin

Susan Hass ’89M

Mary (Siegert) Hinz ’16

Jennifer Griner

Lynn (Rowles) ’71 and Dennis Havlicek

Karen Hinzman

Carol (O’Connell) Gronewold ’62

Janney (Walsh) ’64 and Thomas Hawkins

Carol (Steiger) ’53 and Lyle Hird 20YR

Mary Beth (Ryan) Growney Selene ’77 and

Charlene (Vorwald) Hawks ’52 + 5YR

Ann and M.A. Hoagland

Lynn (Schuster) Hawks ’52 5YR

Carol (Ullius) ’59 and James Hoch

Andrew and Katherine Grun

Billy Hayes

Barbara (Shook) ’68 and Richard Hodson

Sally Grun

Hodge ’87M and Denny Hayes

Gerald Hoeger

Theodore Grzeskowiak 10YR

Kylar Hayes

Peg (Smith) ’80 and Jeff Hoeppner 20YR

Alex Gudenkauf ’14

Renee Hayes

Ken and Shelley Hoffman

Kathy and Kevin Gudenkauf

Robert and Sherry Hayes +

Mary (Hyde) ’64 and Terry Hoffmann

Scott ’11 and Heather Gudenkauf 5YR

Sarah Hayes ’08

Edward Holland 5YR

Gary Guetzko

Michele (Luttenegger) ’72 and

Bridget Hollingsworth ’06

Alan Selene

Peggy (Opper) ’90 and Mark Gulick

Clarence Head 20YR

Corey Hollins

Nora (Dennison) ’50 and John Gurnik

Carolyn Heder, OSF ’76M

Patricia (Mackey) ’61 and Roger Holm 10YR

Katherine (Kneeland) Guzman ’78 10YR

Anne (Hird) Hedrick ’94 5YR

Patricia ’94 and Ken Holman 10YR

Sally (Schrader) ’83 and John Gyorog

Collin Heer ’15

Hannah Holt ’12, ’14D

Bruce and Kathleen Gyrion

Debra and Dennis Heer

Janet (Best) ’65 and Michael Homer

Sarah Haas 10YR

Evan Heer ’17

Jodi (Theisen) ’99 and Jason Hooks

Judith Hack ’69 20YR

Allison (Eastburn) ’82 and Mike Heffern

Patricia and Gene Horn

Lauren Hackbarth ’17

DeMarcus Hegens

Scott and Tamara Horn

John and Diane Hackett

Annette (Ersfeld) Hegler ’69 +

Kathleen (Leonard) ’68 and John Horvatic

Teri Hadro, BVM

Elizabeth Heiberger ’63

Susan Houselog ’11M

Heather (Gilmore) ’92 and Bryan Hafner

Jean (Drozda) ’01 and Marvin Heiderscheit

Mikayla Houston

Jennifer (Baumann) ’95 and Mike Haggas ’94

Mary Heidkamp ’71 10YR

Patricia Houtz

Jennifer Hagman

Becky Heil ’81 + 5YR

Jessica Howell

Anna Hahn ’15

Carol (Van Ausdall) Heilbrun ’65

JoEllen Howerton Sur ’66

Susan Hahn ’76

Suzanne (Tigges) ’68 and James Heinle 10YR

Dan ’13 and Dawn Hoyt

Diane Haley ’68 10YR

Anne (Gindorff) Heinz ’90

Margaret (Manley) ’76 and Larry Huck 20YR

Karen Hall

Marjorie and James Heisler

Kim Huettl ’87

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

Janet Huffman + 10YR

Ellen (Clark) ’63 and Arne Sovik

Kathy (Loch) Klein ’73

Kimberly (Bennett) ’00 and Morgan Huffstutler

Mary Kaess ’69 5YR

Morgan Klein

Colleen Hughes ’72 and Donald Rothschild 10YR

Julie Kaiser

Wesley and Barbara Klein +

Margaret (Brady) ’66 and Tom Hughes 5YR

Bill ’70M and Barbara Kaiser 5YR

Andrea Klopfenstein

Richard and Shirley Hull

Geri (Kremer) ’08 and Kevin Kalb

Albert and Lillian Knake

Bob and Donna Humke

Natalie Kalmes

Michael and Katherine Knake

Kevin Hunley

Jill (Christopher) ’98 and Michael Kalvig

Dianne (Marzen) ’77 and Bill Knapp

Richard Huseman

Annamarie Kane, BVM ’69

Mary Kay Knapp ’79

Eric and Tammy Imhof

Kris (Galliart) and Terry Kane 10YR

Sheila Knapp ’05

Mary Clare (Highland) ’78 and

Marion (Lifka) Kane ’56 10YR

Max ’01 and Molly (Wilhelm) Knepper ’01

Nancy (Hensley) ’63 and Ray Kanzler

Sue Knepper

Jayme and Jacob Ironside

Kathleen (Lies) Kartheiser ’72 5YR

Jo Ann Knight ’82 and Aimee Aiken

Danielle Jackson ’04

Martha (Schommer) Kasch ’69 5YR

Julie (Fruehling) ’87 and Derek Knight

Jean (Ryan) ’60 and Jerome Jackson

Eli and Emily Kautz

Mary Ann (McMahon) ’66 and George Knight 10YR

Jean Jackson ’65 5YR

Antoine Kearney

Russell and Wendy Knight 5YR

Patricia (Duggan) ’69 and Kermit Jackson

Patricia (Hostert) ’74 and Thomas Kearns

Nancy Knipper ’86

Tammy Jackson

Sue (Coffey) ’59 and Ray Kehm

Teresa Knipper

Annamarie (Keegan) Jacobs ’65

Ann and John Keith +

Michael Knock

Katie Jacobson

Mary Chris ’80 and Art Kelleher-Olsen

Chelsea (Jelinek) ’13 and David Knopp

Nazli Rafat (Saifullah) ’78 and Rafat Malik Jamal

Thomas Kelley + 10YR

Mary Ann (Miller) ’74 and Michael Koch

Mark Janes

Sharon Kelly ’71 and Larry Pearce

Diane Koester

Leta Jaquis

Bobbie Kemp

Christine Kohlmann ’82 and Keith Rippe

Kim Jasper ’04

Jamie Kemp ’10M

Karen Kohnen

Richard and Karen Jasper + 5YR

Karla Kendrick ’81 and Martin Couri

Thomas and Mary Kohr +

Chandace Jeep

Anissa and John Kennedy

Chester and Maria Kolacki

Janet (Wilfahrt) ’69 and Robert Jeffery 20YR

Marianne (Buenzli) ’67 and Michael Kennedy

Jason Konzen

Sharon (Kleinhuizen) and Paul Jensen 5YR

Eileen (Fries) Kent ’71

Kerry (Malone) ’71 and Steven Koopmann

Maureen (Flynn) ’67 and Jeff Jensik 20YR

Helen (Taylor) Kent ’67, ’69M

Theresa Koos ’17

Susan Michelle (Thompson) ’81 and

Melinda (Page) ’82 and Terry Kenton

Carol Kopp

Bernard Kern ’99

Diane (Nolan) Kopp ’64

Mike ’88 and Andreas (Joss) Jewett ’88

Carol Kern ’81

Mary Ann (Andel) Kordeck ’63 10YR

Kathy Jinkins

Barbara (Anderson) ’66 and Don Kertz 10YR

Colleen (McDermott) ’59 and William Korte 20YR

Marcia ’73 and Thomas Joffe-Bouska

Sally Kessmann

Gayle (Faulkner) ’71 and Charles Kosalko

Reid Johannsen ’15

Gerard Kickul

Donald and Deborra Kotecki

Teresa (Brend) ’76 and Michael Johannsen 5YR

Cyndi and Tom Kiefer

Francis and Bernadette Kotecki

Arend ’02 and Lexi (Spencer) Johnson ’04

Ruth and Thomas Kieler

Elaine (Tessmer) ’59 and Donald Kout

Art ’85M and Jackie Johnson 10YR

Kathryn Kielminski

Fran Kowalkiewicz

Daniel and Julie Johnson +

Jean (Derby) Kilby ’50 5YR

Toni (Hammes) ’64 and Robert Kowalski 10YR

Liz Johnson ’05

Clyde and Sharon Killian

Gavin Krahmer

Mary (Schultz) Johnson ’59 20YR

Tanya Kimber

Joan ’96 and David Kramer

Mike Johnson

Connie Kimple

Margaret Kratz

Scott and Patricia Johnson

Randy and Carol Kimple

Martha Kratz

Peggy (Voigt) Johnson-Wiessner ’63 and

Christine King +

Kenneth Kraus

William Wiessner +

Dakota King

Carrie (Lambe) ’98 and Loren Kremer

John and Darla Jones

Grace King +

Jacqueline Kresal ’67

Lauren Jones

Mary King ’85 and Kevin Chojnacki

Christopher Kreuzer

Lisa Jordahl

Peggy (Otting) ’70 and Warren King

Judith (Bastian) ’65 and Edward Krol

Pat (Rubino) Jordan ’64

Carrie and Joe Kirk 5YR

Margaret (Varenhorst) ’72 and Stanley Krol 5YR

Virginia (Benincosa) ’79M and Robert Jordan

Jordyn Kirschbaum

Vicki Krstansky ’84

Breanna Judkins

Steve Kirschbaum

Amy (Handke) ’95, ’08M and Brad Kruse

Jason and Kelly Judkins

Suzanne Kirschbaum

Bradley ’07D and Anne Kruse 10YR

Kathy (Michel) ’70, ’02M and Rocky Junk +

Emily Klauer

Jolene Kruse

Harold and Sandra Jurgens

Mark Klecka

Kelley Kruzel Williams

Jayne (Pell) ’66 and Thomas Jurkovich

Julie Klein ’91

Daniel and Patricia Kubik + 5YR

Angelo Ingoglia 20YR

Greg Jepsen 20YR

Gina Kubik ’12 5YR

Mark and Patty Lee +

Moriah Lykins

Susan Kuehn ’75

Mary Ann (Walter) ’63 and John Lee 10YR

Gere (Cronin) Lynch ’48

Karyn Kuennen ’15

Liz Lego

Kathy (Sefcik) ’72 and Bill Lynch 5YR

Barbara (Klein) Kueper ’64 +

Jenni Lehmann

Kelly (Schuster) ’82 and James Lynch

Diane (Kintzle) ’61 and Carl Kueter

Benjamin Lehmkuhl ’12

Patty Lynch ’65 and Clay Whitlow 5YR

Peggy (Callaghan) ’65 and Eugene Kuhajek

Margie and David Lehmkuhl +

Robert and Charlene Lynch

Molly (Frommelt) ’01, ’04M and Chris Kuhle

Sue Leibold 10YR

Lauren (Willett) ’08, ’10D and

Kerry (Rogan) Kuhlow ’71 5YR

Daisy Lemus

Pat (Vosberg) ’73 and Ronald Kunkel

Andrew and Paula Linderink

Sheila Mack

Nancy (Clark) ’61 and Richard Kunnert + 20YR

Randy and Kelly Lengeling

Ross and Sally Madden 5YR

Ramah (Nagel) ’64 and Terrance Kuper

Mary Fran (O’Byrne) Lerch ’52

Pat ’05M and Jennifer Maddux 10YR

Alex Kurauskas ’16

Lynn Lester, BVM

Sharee Madsen

Brenda and Al Kurauskas +

Travis Leuck

Camille (Meller) ’67 and Ronald Maduscha

Ashley Streeper ’07 5YR

Edward and Dolores Leuthner

Helene (Hurley) Magee 5YR

Barbara (Boney) Kurt ’80, ’11M 5YR

Eugene Leutzinger ’16D

Jennifer ’06D and Steven Mai

Daniel Kurt

Jeanette (Smith) Lewandowski ’47

Beth Maiers

Gerri (Foss) Kustelski ’62

Judy (Wohlfeil) ’68 and Marvin Lewis

Kyle Majerus

Marie (Oeding) Kustermann ’64 5YR

Angie (Petit) Lichter ’98

Jodi (Abeln) ’90 and Bill Maki

Peggy Kutchera and Justin Wagner

Mary (Lutgen) Lichty ’47

Susan Makovec +

Donna Kwilosz ’70 10YR

Joan Lickteig, PBVM ’67M

Sunil Malapati 10YR

Paula Kyler

Kylee Liginski

Elizabeth Maldonado

Helen (Dalton) LaBarge ’50 5YR

Sharon (Cramlet) Lillis ’71 5YR

Barbara (Teshner) ’60 and John Mallon

Brian Lacy ’17

Colleen (Clancy) Lincicum ’86

Tess Malumphy 10YR

Wilma (Steffen) ’51 and Carlton Lake 5YR

Joanna (McGuirk) ’71 and Larry Lindberg

Pam (Wilder) ’71 and Bill Manko

Mary (Schueth) ’63 and Richard Lakeman +

Joan Lingen, BVM ’61

Pat (Kunkel) ’72 and Harold Mann 5YR

Autumn Lamb

Holly Liss

LaDonna Manternach, BVM ’82 10YR

Bruce Lamb

Mary Liss

Patricia (Rossi) Mark ’58

Jeff and Rachel Lamb

Marlene (Marrazzo) ’70 and

Lenke Marko ’61 10YR

Timm and Kate Lamb Charles Lambe + 5YR

Thomas Liszka 20YR Dick and Karen Little

Barbara (Weydert) ’63 and Richard Lambert 5YR William ’93, ’00M and Deb Loch

Christopher Mach ’09D

Marie Marko + 5YR Kathleen (O’Connell) ’63 and Robert Marsh Jill Marter

Connie (Bettin) ’78 and Pete Lambropoulos

Robert and Linda Lochner

Amanda Martin ’06

Sharon (Chapman) ’65 and Dieter Landre 5YR

Ann (Steer) ’89 and Scott Loehrke

Cynthia Martin

Mary (Kramer) ’62 and Michael Lane 10YR

Curt and Tracey Long 10YR

David and Kathy Martin +

Tammy Lange

Kristin Look

Jane (Harris) ’73 and Nicola Martino +

Gayle (McAllister) ’08, ’17M and

Virginia (Courchane) ’66 and John Lopiccolo

Richard and Shirley Marzullo + 20YR

Jim and Sara Lopinski

Carolyn (Kucera) Massey ’70

Bernice Kuennen ’73M

Elaine (Williams) ’64 and Frank Lorenz 10YR

Mary (McGinn) ’83 and Jeffrey Matejovsky

Joyce (Vasquez) Lansing ’81M +

Mary (Zehentner) ’68 and Richard Lorenz 10YR

Kevin and Kimberly Mathes

Veronica (Hughes) ’68 and Michael Larkin

Mary (Splinter) ’63 and John Lovell 10YR

Kathleen Mathews

Norman ’92 and Vicki Larson +

Barbara (Bernoudy) Lowery ’58

Amanda and Joel Matson

Peggeann Larywon ’70

Kathleen Lucas

Marie (Hart) ’60 and Thomas Mattison 20YR

Molly Latham ’16

Jane and Greg Luchsinger

Bonnie Matus

Charlotte (Major) Latta ’56 20YR

Joan (Madden) ’55 and Paul Lucke 20YR

Mary Maushard ’70 and Mike Aaron

Michelle Lauer

John Ludescher

Ann and James Mauss

Phyllis (Sinda) ’53 and Donald Lauer 10YR

Joan Ludick + 5YR

Darlene (Welter) ’75 and Bill Mauss

Jeanne (Weber) Lauritsen ’66 5YR

Carol Ludwig ’68 and Warren Obluck

Marianne Oberdoerster 5YR

Jan Lavacek and Carole Sullivan 5YR

Mary Ann Ludwig ’59 20YR

Barbara ’69M and Paul May

Marilyn (Budde) ’69 and Dennis Lawler 10YR

Sheila (Branchaud) ’52 and Charles Lueck 5YR

Sarah (Pins) ’84 and Brian May ’85

K’Lynn Lawver ’16

Lisa (Leary) ’82 and Peter Lueninghoener

Annette Mayer ’90

Andrea (Zickuhr) ’90 and Joel Leach

Mariana (Wong) ’67 and William Lui 5YR

Elaine (Mraz) ’57 and Joseph Mayer

Elizabeth (Grace) ’67 and Dennis Leahy

Jacqueline Lumsden

Mary Alice Mayer ’62 5YR

Nancy and John Lease + 20YR

Leslie Lundberg

Sharon Mayer ’89

Tina (Carlsson) ’90 and Dan LeCocq

Laura (Strezewski) ’10 and Matthew Lupo

Lisa (Gibbs) ’11 and Matt McAllister

Jeremy Langel 10YR

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

Robyn (Slattery) ’78 and Steven McAreavy

Sara Melloy

Judith (McIntee) ’66 and Craig Mosier

Kelly and Jeff McAuliffe

Barbara Meloy-Callahan ’60 + 5YR

Jackie Moss

Betty (Penney) ’62 and James McCabe 20YR

Adam Mennig ’08 5YR

Samuel Moss

Joel and Linda McCarthy + 5YR

Audra Merfeld-Langston ’96 and

Darryl and Terry Mozena

Kendra McCarthy

Benjamin Langston

Michelle Mucha ’96 and Christina Fleischer

Carole McCarthy Pandola ’62 and Francis Pandola

Michael and Elizabeth Merritt

Marissa (Granell) ’01 and Justin Muehlenkamp

Gabe (Goder) McCauley ’71

Mary Helen (Greener) Mertz ’52 + 10YR

Annette ’93 and Kurt Mueller 5YR

Ann McCaw ’78M

Grace (Maloy) Messina ’70M

Jane (Sitzmann) ’70 and Richard Mueller 10YR

Christine (Bryson) ’01 and D. Ronald McClain

Patti (Derreberry) ’69 and John Metcalf

Jim ’92 and Debbie Mueller

Frank McClain ’84

Joyce (Walstead) ’94 and Curt Meyer

Connie (Clemen) ’89 and James Muetzel 5YR

Patricia McClimon ’17

Kate (Thorsheim) ’08 and Doug Meyer

Diane (Hocking) Muir ’70 5YR

Dawn (Courtney) ’73 and John McCormick

Kelsey Meyer ’16M 5YR

Loretta (Murphy) ’64 and Patrick Mulcrone 5YR

Marc ’03M and Michele McCoy

Richard and Mary Meyer + 5YR

Kathryn (Henkle) ’75 and Bill Mulligan 5YR

Patricia and Gary McCray +

Mary (Stallman) ’71, ’78M and

Darlene (Siegert) Mullikin ’65

Judith (Kirby) McDermott ’61

Andrew Meyers 20YR

Elaine Mullin ’89

Shirley (Keyron) McDermott ’67

Karen (Theisen) Michels ’63 +

Kaley Mumm

Makea McDonald ’75

Martha Middleton ’74

Jim and Charlene Muntz

Virginia (Leritz) ’62 and William McDonald 5YR

Laurie and Kevin Mihm 5YR

Christine (Herburger) ’88 and Daniel Murphy

Marjorie (Busta) McDonough ’66

Matt ’06 and Andrea (Ternes) Mikulice ’06

Kathy Murphy ’94

Margaret (Fieweger) McEnery ’61

Anne (Lee) ’86 and Martin Mikulich 5YR

Linda (Sullivan) ’75 and Larry Murphy

Linda McFarland ’97 10YR

Ann Miller ’07

Meg (Koller) ’78 and Bill Murphy

Alice (Kamp) ’60 and David McGhee

Clara (Whang) Miller ’62 5YR

Meredith (Cutter) ’60 and Steve Murphy

Gerry (Guzzardo) McGinnis ’61 10YR

Marilyn Miller ’71

Penny (McIntosh) ’67 and Robert Murphy 5YR

Timothy and Starlene McGory

Michele Miller ’94 and Rich Olds

Peach (Weis) ’51 and Cyril Murphy

Dottie (Caragher) ’75 and Mark McGrath + 20YR

Zach Miller

Priscilla (Smore) ’67 and Thomas Murphy

Cheryl (Dickey) ’69 and Thomas McGraw

Mary Jo Miller-Reding ’73 and Larry Reding

Ann (Coffey) Murray ’62 20YR

Terri McGraw ’78

Lisa Millin

Sheila (Byrnes) ’61 and John Murtaugh

Katie (Driscoll) ’72 and John McGuire +

Francis Milot ’13M

Susan (Schuller) Mustacchio ’66

Dylan McKee

Jeremy Mims and Craig Allen

Kimberly (Plasschaert) ’99 and Brent Mydland

Narda McKeithan

Marty (Tourville) Minnick ’63

Michael and Teena Myers

Mary McLain ’64

Joan (Judge) Mirabal ’69M

Antonia Naab

Margo McLoone ’68

Jill (Michaelis) Mitchell

Susan (Park) ’72 and Bernie Nachazel + 5YR

Joann (Verbugt) McMahan ’59

Kim (O’Connor) ’75 and Glenn Mitzner

Dolores (McWilliams) ’57 and Louis Nack

Bernadette McManigal, BVM ’64

Christine Moczynski

Jim and Pat Nack 5YR

Carole (Mertes) McNair ’64

Lynn Modla

Evelyn Nadeau and Marcos Rubinstein

Bailey McNamee

Alden ’67M and Elayne Moe 5YR

Laura (Stephany) ’97 and Tom Nauman ’98

Jamie McNamee

Sammi Moehle

Mary Alice ’79 and Irvin Nauman

Melinda McNamee

Deborah Moeller

Nicole Nelson

Mary McNichols ’69

Nancy (Metier) ’79 and James Mohni 5YR

Rose (Sheridan) ’72 and Douglas Nelson

LeNae (DeSotel) ’62 and Bill McNulty + 20YR

Sarah (Dull) ’71 and Roger Mohr

Mary (Wirsching) ’66 and Jim Newhouse

Marianne McNulty ’67

Sally (Scanlon) ’67 and Kelly Monaghan

Mark Niemer and Yasyn Lee

Catherine (Collins) McPartlin ’73

Suzzanne Monahan

Audrey (Engels) ’60 and Robert Niemeyer

Barbara (Vonderhaar) ’65 and

Theresa (Montag) ’75 and Dan Walden

Carol Nilles ’58 and Robert Engler 20YR

Rebecca (Moellers) ’04, ’06D and

Karen (Otting) Noel ’89, ’15M

Brendan McShane Marty (Halligan) ’70 and Dennis McTigue 5YR

Nathan Moonen

Timothy Noel

Kim (Gohlmann) ’84 and Brian Moore +

Anne (Peryon) ’78 and Patrick Noonan 5YR

Marcia Moran

Connie Norby

Chad and Elizabeth Meehan

Angeline More-Kicksey ’67 10YR

Larry Norcross *

Patrick and Pamela Meehan

Nicole and Ben Morgan 10YR

Tammy (Hutson) Norcross-Reitzler ’85 and

Curt and Laurie Meier +

Nicole Morgan

Daniel Meier

Barbara (Puls) ’68 and Terry Morris

Kathy Nordmeyer ’78

Nancy Meis ’74 and Paul Wenske

Debbie Moser ’77

Elizabeth Norman

Mercedes Melgoza

Dolly (Becklenberg) ’70 and David Moser

Karen and Bob North

Carol (Hayes) ’67, ’78M and William Mellgren 5YR

Jennifer Moser ’96

Carrie (Lakeman) ’84 and Timothy Northrop +

Judith (Thielen) ’68 and James McWilliams 10YR

Charles Reitzler

Chad ’97 and Heather Parkin

Lauren Prier

Susie (Keefe) ’62 and Bernie Parrington 5YR

Lauryn Pritchard

Joan Nuckols, BVM ’71

Richard and Jaki Parsons

Daniel and Doris Pulvermacher

Sue (Russell) Nugent ’64 20YR

Brooke Pasker

Beth and Scott Putnam

Tom ’86 and Lisa Marie Nuhn

Kaitlynn Pate

Lynzee Quade

Stephanie Nuss

Marion (Larocca) ’63 and Wayne Patterson

Regina Qualls, BVM 5YR

Mary Jo (Wolfe) ’59

Lois Peart

Bridget Quinn ’17

Jane O’Boyle ’85

Celeste Pechous ’94

Maureen Quinn Olsen ’67 and Tom Olsen 20YR

Eileen (Enzler) ’76 and Kevin O’Brien

James Pellino

Jennifer (Schuster) ’87, ’15M and Howard Raber

Kay (Doty) O’Brien ’62 10YR

Kyler Pellino

Deb Rabl

Sheila O’Brien, BVM

Shelby Pellino

Jane (Pedersen) Raciti ’64

Meg (Green) ’82 and Thomas O’Brien ’89M

Heidi (Gipe) ’09 and Hector Pena

Makala Rael

Denise O’Brien Van ’65 and Jack Lewis

Christian Perez

Mary Jo and Jeff Ramler 10YR

Barbara (Talbott) O’Connell ’50 20YR

Kathleen (O’Flaherty) Perez ’79

Rose (Sung) ’67 and James Ramsay

Karen O’Connell Nottoli ’65 5YR

Patricia (McEntee) Perkins ’64 5YR

Sandy ’90 and Mark Rapp 5YR

Brandon and Kari O’Connor

Ruth (Powers) Perkins ’41 *

Carol (Fisher) ’64 and John Rappel

Kevin and Abbie O’Connor

Charleen (Dolphin) Peryon ’53 +

Elizabeth (Leicht) ’73 and Thomas Raschke 20YR

Marjorie O’Connor ’71

Margaret (Hart) ’68 and Thomas Peters 5YR

Virginia (McDermott) ’69 and James Rasmussen

Beb (Gansemer) ’87 and Paul O’Halloran

Carl Peterson

Patricia (Rataj) Rataj ’71

Mary Lu (Loarie) ’69 and John O’Halloran

Carol (Denner) ’77 and Jon Peterson

Pat (Zalewski) ’60 20YR

Maureen O’Hara ’74 20YR

Eric Peterson

Geraldine ’94 and David Rea

Abe ’09 and Kat Ohnesorge

Kathleen (Ruh) ’64 and James Peterson

Benjamin and Nicole Read

Orvetta Oleary

Matthew Peterson

Nita (Allman) ’57 and Joseph Rebeck 20YR

Douglas and Marilyn Olk

Nancy Peterson ’12

Jim and Eileen Rech

Mary (Haley) ’67 and Tom Ollendick

Olivia Petrillo

Jeff Reddig

Christine Olsem ’83

Kari (Marvel) Pfab ’05, ’08M

Brittani Redfearn

William and Catherine Olsen

James Pfaffly ’84M +

Becky (Weilein) ’76 and Maury Reding 5YR

Michelle (Failor) ’78 and Tim Olson

Mackenzie Pfeiffer

Andy Redman ’15

Stacy and Bret Olson

Brianna Pfeiler

Janaan Redmond ’67 20YR

Crystal Olszewski

Kathleen (Braun) ’65 and Richard Pfleeger 10YR

Terri Redmond ’76 5YR

Susan (Hintz) ’71 and Richard Olszewski

Jody and Jason Pfohl 5YR

Suzanne (Schultz) ’80 and Brian Reed

Tayia Olszewski

Beth (Beaudin) ’86 and James Piarowski

Doris (Benda) Reeves ’47

Edmond and Miki O’Neill

Connie ’00 and Arlyn Picken 5YR

Miguel and Heather Regalado

Marilyn O’Rourke

John and Judy Piddington

Kathy ’98 and Michael Regan ’02 +

Pat (Coe) ’63 and Larry O’Rourke

Pat Piekenbrock

Shannon (Gallagher) ’13, ’16D and Brian Regan ’11

Marilynn (Muto) ’70 and James Orr 20YR

Paul and Connie Pilarczyk

Star-Beth Regan ’69

Kristi (Allen) ’66 and Gary Osga

Renee (Rettenmeier) ’08M and Wade Pilcher

Paul and Kara Rehfeldt

Robert and Ann Osterhaus

Paul Plagenz

Andrew and Lisa Reilly

Micki Ostrosky ’80 and Delroy Robinson

Linda (Parsons) Plamondon ’69

David and Barbara Reilly

Lisa and Roger Ott

Bridget (Kanter) ’97, ’98M and Brian Pluemer

Judy (Gavin) ’60 and Tom Reilly

Alice ’82 and Karen Miller

Katrine Laura Poe ’80 5YR

Carl ’97 and Maryann Reimer

Justin Otting ’05

Judy ’90 and William Poland

Kenneth and Barbara Reinert

Katie (Van Buer) ’15 and Luke Overstreet

Margaret Polk

Mary (Peiffer) ’67 and Dave Reiter 10YR

Mary Katherine Panther ’95, ’98M

Robert Pommerich

Minerva Rendon

Cindy (Haller) ’77 and Jeffery Pape

Kevin Kratz ’14 and Bobbi Potter-Kratz + 10YR

Dorothy Renforth

Karen Pape-Stoffel ’75 +

Marie (Phelan) and John Powell

Samuel and Tamara Renforth

Stanley and Barbara Papp

Brian and Jill Powers

Diane Repass

Justine (Ehlers) ’09 and Anthony Paradiso

Maddie Powers ’17

Barb Ressler ’78

Richard and Mary Ann Park + 5YR

Martha (Avelleyra) ’83 and Dennis Powers

Lisa ’04M and Joseph Rettenmeier

Brandon Parker

Sharon Powers ’89, ’01M 5YR

Kenny ’03 and Camy (Witt) Retzl ’03

Dianne Parker

Joseph and Dorothy Pozezinski

Elizabeth and Clem Reuter +

Jenny and Andrew Parker 5YR

Jane (Klaas) Pranke ’76M 10YR

Charles Reynolds

Joan Parker

Vicki Price

Dawn Rheingans

Leona Parker +

Theresa Prieboy ’99

Mary Kay (Sheehan) ’66 and William Rhomberg

Amy (Zieman) ’03, ’12M and Daniel Norton ’07 10YR

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

Sofia (Graziano) ’71 and Larry Richards 5YR

Melissa Ruhlow

Megan Schmitt

Nancy (Sanches) ’85 and Joe Richlen

Nancy Ruhlow

Nikki (Breitbach) Schmitt ’14

Cheryl (Steger) ’82 and Paul Richman 10YR

James and Violet Rusch

Chantel (Miller) ’93 and Dean Schmitz

Ashley and Luke Rickelman

Mark Rusch

Patricia (Petitti) ’77 and Richard Schmitz

Alissa Riegler 5YR

Paul and Jodi Rusch

Chad ’97 and Nicki (Fessler) Schockemoehl ’98

Tyler Ries

Kathleen (McCormick) ’73 and

Clyde Schoeck

Emily Riesenberg Ellen (Kane) ’69 and Gary Riley Tom Riley and Rachel Daack Lori Ritz ’73 Courtney (Asbury) ’11 and Charlie Roach

Michael Rusniak + Patricia (Redmond) ’63 and Norman Rustad 20YR Jacque (Kissling) ’61 and Chuck Rutledge + 20YR

James Schoeck Laurie and David Schoenbaum Kathy (Malone) ’67 and Kenneth Schoenfelder Brett and Patricia Schoenhardt + Molly (Morgan) Schott ’66

Marissa Robbins

Mary Jane (Quinn) Ryan ’46 10YR

Susan (Olsen) ’72 and Thomas Schouten 20YR

Verl and Conda Roberts

Steve and Ann Ryan

Carol (Boyle) ’77 and Eric Schrader

Eileen (Schmitt) ’57 and Joseph Roby

Karen (Huber) Ryker ’68 and

Melissa (Monahan) ’85 and James Schreiber

Marilyn (Meyer) ’64 and Thomas Roche Jane (Flynn) Rodell ’54 Charlotte Rodewald

Sarah Jo Burke ’83 20YR Marilyn (Macherey) ’67 and Kenneth Sackett 5YR

Benjamin Schroeder Debra (Gansen) ’83 and Robert Schroeder Donald and Kathy Schroeder

Doug ’87 and Marie (Rank) Rodman ’87

Sally (Thompson) ’76 and Michael Sadler

Francis Schroeder

Jack Roeder

Lori and Dave Saeugling

Judy Schroeder ’74 10YR

Melissa Roeder

Margaret Saeugling ’10

Peggy (Beaulieu) ’71 and Rich Schrom 10YR

Jodi Roeth

Steven and Connie Saggau

Gary ’85 and Carol Schubert +

Bob Roeth ’88

Janaan (Noonan) Sampson ’52 10YR

Jerry and Elaine Schueller

Dan and Kim Rohner

Kathleen (Griffin) Sampson ’65

Pat and Ron Schueller

Mike and AnnMarie Rohner 10YR

Ardell Sanders ’99 and Norah Foster

Liz Schuler and Chris Wagner

William Rolfes

Hunter Sanders

Inez (Vaske) Schultz ’45 +

Curtis Ronek

Dennis and Tami Sargent +

Sheila (Hogan) Schultz ’52

Linda (Johnson) ’68, ’87M and Lyle Ronek

Diane (Boge) ’75, ’93 and James Sass

Brian and Teri Kay Schulz +

Sheila (Gronstal) ’83 and Robert Ronk

Kathleen Sauers

Peter ’89 and Jodee Schumacher

Mary (Madden) Rooney ’61 20YR

Jeffry and Michelle Savatski

Kathy (Ludowitz) ’69 and Richard John Schuster

Cheryl Rose ’86

Donald and Sharon Sawyer

Tom and Jean Schwartz + 5YR

Kathleen (Burke) ’71 and Prewitt Rose

Julia Scannell ’79 and Kevin Pruessner

Tom ’92 and Bridget Schwartz

Jean Rosenzweig

Patty Schaefer +

Larry and Katie Schwartzhoff

Kaylee Ross ’17

Cecilia (Korn) ’71 and Edward Schaefges +

Audry and Robert Scigliano

Jean (Enzler) Rossi ’60

Katie (Bianciotto) ’77 and Doug Schallau

Jeannie (Tudisco) ’62 and Michael Scott

Jacquelyn (Carew) ’73 and James Roth 5YR

Steven and Tricia Schaller

Sharon Scully ’61 5YR

Mary Lee (Hackman) ’83 and

Kelli (Miller) ’95 and Dan Schandel

Paul ’83 and Ellen Seaman

Mark Schechinger ’87

Charlotte (Crawford) ’64 and Robert Seamands

Ginny (Strobel) ’64 and Gerald Roth 10YR

Rachel Schemmel ’51

Cat Sears

Ann Rottinghaus ’82 and John Mayer

Edna (Fortmann) Scherbring ’96, ’15M

Ann Secrest

Cyndi Roulson

Kathleen Scherrman ’91

Eric and Alyse Seibert

Kim and Doug Roush

Lindsey Brown Schieffer ’07 and

Agnes (Hermes) Sera ’67

Peter Roth ’00M 5YR

Pamela (Smith) ’02, ’07D and

Chris Schieffer 10YR

Carol Shaffer ’74

Carol (Blondin) ’66 and Frederick Schieltz 10YR

Michelle (Heri) ’89 and Greg Shaffer

David Rowland ’91

Mary (Deckert) Schlader ’47 20YR

Julie Shanahan +

David Roy

Joanne (Malone) Schleder ’59

Kathleen Shanahan

Suzanne Royals ’78 5YR

Kari (Dicke) ’01 and Erik Schlicht

Codi Sharkey

Jay Royle

Alison Miller-Reding ’02 and Matthew Schluenz

Deanne (Menken) ’84 and Gene Sharp 5YR

Dienjen Ru

Mary Ellen (Leitelt) ’64 and William Schmelzer

Trudy Shaw ’77

Norma Rubenbauer ’71, ’74M +

Allen and Joy Schmid +

Julia Shay ’81

Kathleen Rubino

Rachel (Varenhorst) ’73 and David Schmid 5YR

Marie (Spriestersbach) Sheldon ’68

Sheri and Donald Ruden +

Maxine Schmidt

Peter Shelly

Ruth Ruden Burrows

Paula and Dan Schmidt 5YR

Donna (Smith) Shenoha ’73 * 5YR

Kendrah Ruebush

Alicia and Kasey Schmitt

Elizabeth Sherborne

Barbara (Schulte) ’80 and Edmund Ruff

Jeff ’92 and Jill (Esch) Schmitt ’94 5YR

Chris (Schuster) Sherrill ’81

Joseph Rowe 5YR

Gigi Spurgeon ’74

Kathleen Sweeney ’68M

Patricia (Scully) ’69 and Steve St. John +

Riley Sweeney

Susan Shuhert ’65

Anne (Casey) ’79 and Thomas Stanfa

Kathleen (Baxa) Swindell ’82

Lisa Siebold

Kempy and Nancy Stark

Judy (Schadler) ’69 and Thomas Syke

Virginia (Casey) ’77 and John Siegel +

Pat (McDonald) ’64 and Mike Starshak 5YR

Elizabeth Sykora ’62, ’70M 5YR

Ellen (Sterk) ’83 and Edmund Siegert

Helen (Carew) Steele ’47

Mary (Freiburger) ’63 and William Szlaius 5YR

Alexandria Sierens

Anna Stefaniak ’82 and Denise Butera

Barbara Taft

Michael and Misty Sierens

Pamela Steffensmeier ’12

Kay and Mike Takes

Diane (Phillips) ’05 and Eric Siese

Honore (Jones) Steimel ’54 20YR

Gregory and Katherine Tangeman

Kathleen (Jones) ’69 and Steve Sievers

Patricia (Zobac) Steinberg ’60

Amy ’03M and Ratah Tath

Dan Simon

Rose Mary (Ritts) Stelter ’50 +

Casey Tauber

John ’90 and Christine Simon

Dean and Janet Stephens + 5YR

Casey and Karen Tauber 5YR

Peggy Simpson ’64

Jessica Stephens

Karen (Bente) ’14 and Chris Taylor ’17

Mary Sisler ’74

Joan (Whitehead) ’59 and Thomas Steskal

Nancy (Calkins) ’49 and Harry Taylor

Elaina Skeen

Carol (Collins) ’71 and Michael Steurer

Sandra (King) ’65 and Terry Taylor 20YR

Randy and Lynn Skemp +

Kevin Steussy ’13D

Joshua Teggatz

Mary Kay (Obermaier) ’63 and

Ann Stevens

Kathy and DeWayne Teig 5YR

Jeffrey and Melissa Stevens

Kathy Ternes + 10YR

Paulette Skiba, BVM

Matt Stevens

Cathy (Ficker) ’76 and David Terrill

Forest and Etta Slaght

Maureen (Kelley) ’71 and Tom Stewart

Mary (Fedoruk) Tershakovec ’64

Kathy (Stemper) ’71 and Steven Slaght 5YR

Jenny (Martin) ’06 and Kurt Stiefel

Deb (Berning) ’88 and Jeff Theill 5YR

Kathleen (McSweeny) Slamkowski ’55 + 10YR

Lionel and Rebecca Stirrett

Peggy (Biggs) ’80 and Michael Thein

Irene Slatter

Margaret Stock ’66 10YR

Bailey Theisen

Mark and Tami Sloat

Jan (Strautman) ’74 and Bill Stoffel +

Bonnie (Castognoli) ’63 and William Theisen

James and Tracy Slowik

Amanda Stone ’12

Mary and Mike Theisen

Mary Ann and Richard Slowik

Larry and Loretta Stone

Randy Theisen +

Allison Smith ’16

Shamica Stone

Ashlee (Ostwinkle) ’09 and Matthew Then 5YR

Carl Smith

Venita and John Stonecliffe

Cherrie (Scherrman) ’88 and Steve Thier

Carol (Green) Smith ’54 10YR

Susan (Vrane) ’70 and Jack Stoner

Jason Thomasson ’00

Douglas and Pamela Smith +

Ellen (Roche) ’87 and Reinhard Stotzer

John Thompson

Emily Smith

Craig Stout

Nicole Thor ’07

Jamie Smith ’03

Linda (Manternach) ’72 and

James and S. Jill Thornhill

Dorothy (Bormann) ’60 and James Shomaker 20YR

Theodore Grzeskowiak 20YR

Janet Smith

David Stoverink 5YR

Hannah Thorson ’17M 5YR

Jerry ’90 and Betty Smith 10YR

Lee Ann (Miller) ’89 and Kurt Strand

Kris ’04M and Craig Tiernan +

Mary (Kernan) ’66 and Harrison Smith

Gary and Nancy Strandberg +

Richard and Sandra Tigges

Mary Beth (Casey) ’77 and Tom Smith

Teri Stratta and Beth Collier

Michael Tillmann

Mary Frances (Ruddy) ’74 and Robert Smith

Lori Stratton

Sue (Rathje) ’85 and Patrick Timmerman

Rikki Smith

Ellen Strittmatter

Thomas Timp

Susan Smith ’73 5YR

Robert and Susan Strong 5YR

Peg (Barstow) Tischer-Keeley ’64 and

William Smith

Shirley Strub Baker

Susie (Prest) Snell ’64

Ann (Danisch) ’52 and Dan Stubing 20YR

Matthew and Karen Togliatti

Rita (Santillo) ’68 and Joseph Snyder 5YR

Kurt ’97, ’15D and Jody Sturmer

Mary (Hayes) Tomlinson ’64

Brandi Sohn

Kathy Sullivan ’71, ’85M

Maureen (Corrigan) ’69 and

Stuart Soper

Mary Eileen Sullivan ’87 5YR

April (Stevenson) Southwood ’14

Sheila (Blaha) ’70 and

Joseph and Tamyra Sova +

Terrence Sullivan ’98 20YR

Tom Keeley

Daniel Toomey 10YR Kara (Plemel) ’91 and Jay Totaro Henry and Marlene Tough

Bettie (Rauch) Spaight ’50 +

Melissa (Green) Summers ’84

Rhonda and Tim Tranel 5YR

Nancy and Tom Spalla 10YR

Josh ’04, ’06M and

Mary ’00 and John Trannel

Roger Spangler 5YR

Theresa (Weber) Sundstrom ’07

Anne (Frommelt) Trausch ’11

Kimberly Spear

Jill (Clift) ’01, ’06D and Jill Surmeier

Doris Trausch +

Ellen and William Spencer 10YR

Chris and Kristi Svec

Ryan Traver

Kathryn (Daly) ’64 and John Spinner 20YR

Meg (Getman) ’76 and John Swartz

Bill and Susan Traver

John Springer +

Richmond Swartz and Ellen Murphy Swartz

Katherine (Metz) Trenolone ’64

Nancy (Holbrook) ’70 and Robert Sproat 20YR

Beth (Molitor) ’83 and Scott Swartzendruber

Michelle Tressel ’87M

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

Tracy (Paulsen) ’99 and Reed Trettin

Richard and Linda Warren +

Robert and Gayle Wilson

Suellyn (Bares) ’71 and Kevin Tritz

Connor Watson

Marcia (Kulesa) ’69 and George Wines

Peter and Patricia Troesch

Donna (Shpikula) ’61 and Peter Wayner 20YR

Mary Jane (Walsh) ’70 and Patrick Winn

Lauren Trojnar

Katlin Weber

Diane Wittstock ’61 20YR

Jean Tucker ’88

Kaylie Weber

Judy and Ronald Wolf

Shirley Tully

Liz ’91 and Michael Weber

Kathleen (Mack) ’72 and Dale Wolf

Jan (Johannsen) ’76 and Gary Turbes +

Vicki and Francis Weber

Melissa (Zimmerman) Wolf ’92 10YR

Shari Turner

Lawrence Wedding

Barbara (Greif) ’76M and Charles Wolfe 5YR

Andrew Uehling

Gerald Wedell

Jared ’03 and Angela Wolfe

Rebecca Underwood

Mary (Lam) ’66 and Theodore Wei 5YR

Carol (Klema) ’75 and Jay Wolfenden 5YR

Kevin and Tobiaire Utt 5YR

Kristin (Stephany) ’87 and Dale Weiher

Sandra (Shaffer) ’66 and Michael Wolrab

Jeff and Amy Vaassen

Mary Beth (Hayes) Weiland ’71 10YR

Marian Wolters ’59

Dik and Helga Van Iten

Richard Weimer

Milly (Lo) ’63 and C.J. Wong

Kathleen (Welsh) ’71 and Frank Van Steenhuyse

Lorraine (Bodner) ’55 and Maurice Weis

Delores (Tranel) ’71 and Terry Woolf 20YR

Karen VanderMillen

Ryan Weis

Jeremy Wulfekuhle

Stephen and Donna Vandyke

Gail Weitz ’99

Carmen ’12D and Mike Wycoff

Darlene (Schmidt) Vanek ’60, ’94M 10YR

Pete and Mary Ann Welbes

Nick Yiannias * 5YR

David ’02 and Stephanie (Handke) VanGroll ’03

Liz Wells

Colleen Yonda ’73

Nicholas Vannelli ’94

Marilyn Wells ’91 10YR

Jana Young

Marilynn (Raymond) ’63 and Joe Vannucci 20YR

Connie Welter 5YR

Colton Younie

Mitzie (Fisch) ’58 and Robert Vasey 20YR

Judith (Johnson) ’67 and Dennis Welter

Paula (Vinovich) ’66 and Robert Yowell

Louis Vasquez, Jr. ’97

Marie (Riley) ’63 and Dale Welter 5YR

Jeff and Donna Yurs

Kathy and Kevin Vaughn

Kathy (Otting) ’92 and Todd Wenthold

Pat (Hickey) ’70 and James Zajicek

Janet (Schafbuch) Velicer ’63

Lexi Wenz

Mary Jo (Hostert) ’69 and Joe Zaksas 10YR

Patty and Patrick Veneziano +

Justin ’02, ’04M and Kelly Wenzelman 10YR

Carl ’88 and Beth Zauche 10YR

Evan (Stickfort) ’12 and Angela Ventris

Kendall and Denise Wenzelman + 5YR

Kenneth and Karen Zeckser

Kathy (Shank) ’88 and Victor Veren

Kyle Wenzelman ’06, ’08M 5YR

Cameron Zehner

Keiro Villa

Carol (Crock) ’81 and Dan Werner

Julie Zehner

Thomas Villiger

Theodore and Yvonne Wernimont

Laura ’07 and Rick Zeimet +

Kari and Don Vize

Jack Wertzberger

Adam Zell

Peggy (Bittman) ’83 and Bob Vogt

Kristin and Mike Wesner 5YR

Lisa (Foley) ’12 and Doug Zeller

Geri (Obermaier) ’66 and Karl von Brauchitsch

Cara Westmark ’89, ’95D 20YR

Beth Zieser

Laura Von Thun ’91

Bob ’97 and Katy (Dickinson) Wethal ’99

Evemarie (Factor) Zimmerman ’68 5YR

David and Judith Vonholst

John and Mary Whitcomb

Mary Ann Zollmann, BVM 5YR

Donald and Mary Pat Voss +

Brenda and Mike White

Maryjo (Douglas) Zunk ’79

Mary Jo (Landon) Vrotsos ’72, ’88

Mary White ’87

Heidi Zurcher-Neely ’78 and Brian Neely 5YR

Katie (Riesberg) ’07 and Michael Wade ’07

Susan (Steines) ’93 and Craig White

Rick Wadle + 10YR

Martha ’95 and Peter Whitis

Heidi Wagner ’99

Brenda ’89 and Thomas Wickham

Joan (Higgins) Wagner ’61 and

Jenny Wicks

Jacques LaHanier

Katelin Wiebersch


Joyce Wagner, OSF ’74M

Roseann (Tranel) ’71 and David Wiederholt 10YR


Margie (Schlink) Wagner ’57 20YR

Barbara (Allen) ’71 and John Wiemhoff

A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.

Thomas and Becky Wagner

Ann Wienen

Charitable Foundation 20YR

Jane Walker

Carolyn and William Wiezorek + 5YR

Alliant Energy Foundation

John and Cindy Walker

Carol (Sprengelmeyer) ’59 and William Wild

The Butler Family Foundation 10YR

Trisha Walker

Karen (Zobac) Wilkerson ’71

Community Foundation of

Nancy (Lee) ’72M and Howard Wallace 10YR

Sharon (Purvis) ’84M and Richard Willey

Greater Dubuque 10YR

Judith (Day) ’64 and Clem Walleser + 5YR

Carissa Williams

Dubuque Bank & Trust 20YR

Mary (Carroll) Walsh ’67

Susan (Greenridge) ’80M and Stuart Williams

Dubuque Racing Association 5YR

Kathy (Bannish) ’78 and Paul Walter 5YR

Susan Williams

ExxonMobil Corporation 5YR

Rob Walton ’02 and Rebecca Schultze

Susan (Slamkowski) ’80 and

Gallagher Family Foundation

Susan ’80M and Roger Ward Kathy Warren ’88 and Mark Hoffmann

Stuart Williams 20YR Colleen Wilson ’98

Gantz Foundation/Pepsi 5YR Iowa College Foundation 20YR

Medical Associates Clinic & Health Plans 10YR

Doland Jewelers

The Metrix Company 5YR

Dyersville Golf & Country Club

Klauer Family Charitable Foundation 10YR

Midwest Business Product 20YR

Eck, Schafer & Punke, LLP

The Majik Foundation 5YR

Mystique Community Ice Center

EnCana Oil and Gas

Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust 10YR

Nationwide Foundation 20YR

Envision Sports Designs

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

New York Life Foundation

Fillmore Fairways Golf Course

Tri-State Travel 5YR

Rotary Club of Dubuque

Fraternal Order of Eagles Social Fund

U.S. Department of Health and

SC Ministry Foundation 5YR

Goodmann Insurance Services Inc.

Sisters of Charity, BVM 5YR

Grand Opera House 5YR

Template Services, Inc.

Happy Joe’s Pizza 5YR

U.S. Bank

Holy Family Church

Walt Disney Company Foundation

Ignite Power Yoga Studio

James B. and Melita A. McDonough Foundation 5YR

Human Services 5YR Wahlert Foundation $5,000-$9,999.99

Iowa Cubs Baseball

Andersen Corporate Foundation Conlon Construction Co. 20YR


ITW Foundation

Dupaco Community Credit Union 20YR

Abbott Laboratories 20YR

John Deere & Company 10YR

Hormel Foods Corporation 10YR

Athene USA Charitable Foundation

KANNDO Professional Services

Spahn & Rose Lumber Co. 20YR

Beyond Sports

Klauer Optical Co.

U.S. Bank Foundation 5YR

Campus Labs

L.May Eatery

Carlisle Ryan Digital Services

Leonard Insurance Agency LLC 5YR


Donate Well

Little Caesars Pizza 5YR


Dubuque Symphony Orchestra

Marcos Italian/American Foods

Bank of America 5YR

Eide Bailly 5YR

The Market House Restaurant

Crescent Electric Supply Co. 5YR

Experienced Roofing

Miller Funeral Home

Dubuque County Early Childhood 10YR

Falb Family Charitable Foundation 5YR

Monticello Golf Club

Flynn Family Foundation 5YR

Finnin Ford and Kia

Moracco Supper Club 5YR

Iowa Arts Council

Freeport-McMoRan Foundation

Park Farm Winery

Lynch Family Foundation 10YR

Giese Sheet Metal 5YR

Paypal Charitable Giving Fund

Mathis-Pfohl Foundation 20YR

Hurley Highland Farm, LLC

Personal Financial Advisors, Inc.

Prudential 5YR

James Martin Jewelers

Pfohl’s, Inc. 5YR

Touhy Furniture Corporation

McGrath Dubuque Harley Davidson

Premier Bank

Mercy Medical Center - Dubuque

Principal Financial Group

Riverside Casino and Golf Resort

Questers Organization


Steele Capital Management

Revolving Networks, LLC


Sysco Baraboo 5YR

Rhomberg Fur and Leather

The Concord Advisory Group, Ltd.

TH Media

Sisters of the Visitation 5YR

Cottingham & Butler 5YR

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Slumberland Furniture

Deloitte Foundation

Torus Technologies, Inc.

Sports Page Bar & Supper Club of Belmont, LLC State Farm Companies Foundation 10YR

Diamond Jo Casino 5YR Dubuque County Fine Arts Society

UP TO $499.99

State Farm Insurance Companies

DuTrac Community Credit Union 5YR

7 Hills Brewing Company

Stellar Solutions Foundation

Flexsteel Industries, Inc. 20YR

A Frame of Mind

Step’N Out

FloorShow Companies, Inc. 20YR

AEGON Transamerica Foundation

Straka Johnson Architects, P.C. 20YR

The Friedman Group

Alliant Energy

Theisen’s Home Farm Auto

General Electric Foundation 20YR

Amazon Smile

Timberline Golf Course

Heartland Financial USA Inc.

Amirage Salon & Day Spa 5YR

Time Warner, Inc.

Hoffmann-Schneider Funeral Homes &

APC, Inc.

TOMY, Inc.

Artistic Cleaners 5YR

Tonic Salon & Day Spa

Humanities Iowa

Banworth & Udelhoven Furniture

TriState Truck Equipment

ImOn Communications

Buesing & Associates Inc.

Wadeware, LLC

Ingredion Charitable Foundation

Buffalo Wild Wings

Weber Portrait Design

Kane, Norby & Reddick, P.C. 5YR

Carol Ann Boutique & Body

Wells Fargo

Kunkel & Associates, Inc.


Wells Fargo Foundation 10YR

Kurtz Communications

DMD Marketing Corp.

Cremation Service

* Deceased

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

This year’s Clarke University Golf Classic was a record-breaking success! Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and guests, more than $132,000 was raised for scholarship support and resources for Clarke students. Clarke University President Sister Joanne Burrows and the 2018 Clarke Classic Scholarship Recipients

HONORARIUMS Marti (Walker) Allen ’67 Craig Allen and Jeremy Mims Nicholas Anderson ’18 Laurie and Jeffrey Anderson Lou Anglin, BVM ’83 Ellen (Sterk) ‘83 and Edmund Siegert Krista Atkinson ’20 James Atkinson Jeff Atkinson Jon Atkinson Lisa and Joel Atkinson Julie Crow Jennifer Hagman Linda Hesby Jolene Kruse Alexis Becker ’10 Lynn Hanson Andy Bellings Antoine Kearney Bill Biebuyck Ryan Traver Taurus Black ’18 Helen ’07 and Dick Black Michele Blum ’19 Suzanne Blum Lexi Bolgert ’20 Anne Bolgert Sheri Bolgert Mark and Tami Sloat Joanne Burrows, SC Mary Ann Danowitz Graciela Caneiro-Livingston Evelyn Nadeau and Marcos Rubinstein Sheila (Jaeger) Castaneda ’73 + Chrstine Kohlmann ’82 and Keith Rippe Maggie Christianson ’21 Beth Christianson

Sabrina Corbello ’21

Ariana Melesio ’19

Template Services, Inc.

Rose and Kevin Devera

Rachel Crawford ’21

Nate Monson ’07

Scott and Cindy Crawford +

Lindsey Brown Schieffer ’07 and Chris Schieffer

Ingredion Charitable Foundation Jeffery Moser + Catherine Dunn, BVM

Jennifer Moser ’96

Deborah (Green) ’81 and Michael Hervey Gerard Kickul

Virginia (Wagner) Rohner ’43 Dan and Kim Rohner

Bridget Fausnaught ’18 Kathi and Terrence Fausnaught

Emily Sass ’21 Wade and Kelly Sass

Kyra Frye ’20

Theodore and Yvonne Wernimont

Michele Cundy Sharon Scully ’61 Carolyn (FitzGerald) Gantz ’70 +

Donna (Shpikula) ’61 and Peter Wayner

Gail and Gary Appel Matt Stevens ’18 Brendan and Mary Hartford

AEGON Transamerica Foundation

Mary Lynn Hartford ’72

Jeffrey and Melissa Stevens

Ann Hayes

Cathy Stierman +

Robert and Sherry Hayes +

Mike ’88 and Andrea (Joss) Jewett ’88

Collin Heer ’15

Haris Takes ’18

Debra and Dennis Heer

Kay and Mike Takes

Gwen (Hayes) Kalvelage ’07

Alex Thornhill ’18

Tony Breitbach ’07

James and S. Jill Thornhill

Paulita Kerrigan

Jenny Wicks ’19

Maureen (Joyce) Chavoen ’64

Eli and Emily Kautz Peter and Brenda Wicks

JoAnn (Heiar) Kleitsch ’07 Lindsey Brown Schieffer ’07 and Chris

Carmelle Zserdin, BVM ’61


Jane (Harris) ’73 and Nicola Martino + Diane (Phillips) ’05 and Eric Siese

John Lease + Chris Fitzpatrick ’84

Clarke Soccer Teams Jerry Blum

Therese Mackin, BVM ’50 Deborah (Green) ’81 and Michael Hervey

Members of the Class of 1972 Margaret (Varenhorst) ’72 and Stanley Krol

Tsubasa Maruyama ’19 Fumio Maruyama

Members of the Class of 1963 Sharon Scully ’61

Bailey McNamee ’21 Andrew and Katherine Grun

Sisters of Charity, BVM

Sally Grun

Mary (Haley) ’67 and Tom Ollendick

William and Catherine Olsen

MEMORIALS Mary Joseph Aloysius Charlene (Vorwald) Hawks ’52 + Gerald Beauvais Lisa (Beauvais) ’94 and Tony Coleman John Beaver Pam (Zwack) Beaver ’67 Joseph and Marjorie Becker Mary Becker ’73 and Julius Ganoza Jerry Beckman Ann (Skelley) ’63 and Jerry Beckman * Daniel and Ann Ernst Judy (Schadler) ’69 and Thomas Syke Dolores Biebuyck Bonnie Matus Bill Traver Suzanne (Diers) Blouin ’67 Audry and Robert Scigliano Larry Bussard Richard and Carolyn Berning Kevin and Constance Cranford Mary Defend William and Carolyn Donels Sandra Eardley Eck, Schafer & Punke, LLP Jananne Finck Dawn Fink Cheryl Galligos William and R. Jean Gossett Hugh and Sallie Graham Ralph and June Hanebutt Duane and Maude Higgins Ken and Shelley Hoffman Richard and Shirley Hull Harold and Sandra Jurgens Marilyn (Budde) ’69 and Dennis Lawler Dick and Karen Little Connie Locher-Bussard ’54 Jim and Sara Lopinski Sheila Mack Kendra McCarthy Michael and Teena Myers Stanley and Barbara Papp Joan Parker Questers Organization

Lionel and Rebecca Stirrett

Anne (Brown) Donnersberger ’62

Ellen Strittmatter

Peg (O’Brien) Connolly ’62

Peter and Patricia Troesch

Betty (Penney) ’62 and James McCabe

Thomas Villiger

Carole McCarthy Pandola ’62 and

Wadeware, LLC Lawrence Wedding

Francis Pandola Susie (Keefe) ’62 and Bernie Parrington Jeannie (Tudisco) ’62 and Michael Scott

Mary Ellen Caldwell, BVM ’54 Christine Olsem ’83

Larry Doyle Margaret Doyle ’80

Floretta (Miller) Calmeyn ’64 Carole (Mertes) McNair ’64

Fran Ernst ’70 Mary (Ernst) ’67 and David Thuente

Ruth (Donlon) Carroll ’40 DD Donlon and Bill Kysiak

Geraldine (Bassler) Farnan ’33 Sean Farnan

Eleanor (Coohey) Charipar ’61 Margie (Schlink) Wagner ’57

Anne Frommelt Paul ’83 and Ellen Seaman

Diane (McWilliams) Chenoweth ’67 Sharon Frederick ’67 and Ronald Byrd

Malapati Ganganna

Gloria (Rubino) ’67 and John Kromer

Rich ’08 and Karen Glover

Donald Clark

Christopher Gibson

Celeste Pechous ’94

Julie (Snitker) Gibson ’98

Francine Coens, BVM

Mary (Cismoski) Goetzinger ’68

Mary Curoe, SVM ’51

Maureen (Corrigan) ’69 and Daniel Toomey

Mary Xavier Coens, BVM

Mary Adorita Hart, BVM

Mary Curoe, SVM ’51

Mary Kay Dougherty ’66

Connie (Kelleher) Driscoll ’69 Genevieve Hartford Olga de Cores

Mary Lynn Hartford ’72

Olga (de Arazoza) ’67 and Donald Connor John C. Haupert Marguerite (Palmer) DeSotel ’35

APC, Inc.

Anne Keays ’66 and Michael Leonard

Mary Rose Corrigan-Psihoyos ’04M and Gus Psihoyos

Maria Dickey

Michael and Joyce Frazier

Cheryl (Dickey) ’69 and Thomas McGraw

Daisy and Keith Halvorson Carolyn (Sanders) Haupert ’66

Frances Dolan, BVM

Nancy (Swift) ’67 and Jim Klauer

Gerry (Staehlin) ’62 and Daniel Klinglesmith +

John Ludescher Linda (Walker) ’75 and John Mertz

Mary Edward Dolan, PBVM

Tammy and Mark Moore

Alden ’67M and Elayne Moe

Marilyn O’Rourke Jeanne (Powers) ’66 and Brendan Quann + Doris (Benda) Reeves ’47 Diane Repass Kathleen (Jones) ’69 and Steve Sievers

Dorothy Hollahan, BVM

Jack Maurer ’02

Maryann (Nachowicz) Richter ’51

Mary Ann (Froslie) Wilens ’63

Michael Clasen ’05

John Richter

Jesse Drolema Harriet Holles, BVM

Terri and Mark Evett +

Doug Schlesier

Lynn (Rowles) ’71 and Dennis Havlicek

Jason Konzen

Meneve Dunham ’53

Marissa (Granell) ’01 and Justin Muehlenkamp

Beth (Beaudin) ’86 and James Piarowski

Vicki Price

Julia Scannell ’79 and Kevin Pruessner

Jim Houtz Patricia Houtz

Jan (Strautman) ’74 and Bill Stoffel + Bobbie (Becklenberg) McManus ’61

Jeanice (Fox) Janes ’57

Robert and Mercedes Schrier

Mark Janes Margaret Michels ’99 Vange Jansen

Mary (Hayes) Shanahan ’69 Denise (Baffoe) Murray ’73

Kathleen Shanahan

Susan Smith ’73 Mary Sharbel ’49

Shirley (Johnsen) ’61 and Anthony Francavilla Marguerite Neumann, BVM Marianne Joy, BVM

Barbara (Schrier) ’72, ’84M and Ronald Besch

Colleen Wilson ’98

Genevieve Kiefer Stanley and Kathryn Johnsen

Martha ’95 and Peter Whitis

Dolly (Becklenberg) ’70 and David Moser

Bobbie Kemp

Karen Conover, BVM ’70 Celo (Karley) Shook ’32

Deborah (Green) ’81 and Michael Hervey Irene (O’Connell) Norton ’32

Barbara (Shook) ’68 and Richard Hodson

Barbra Kacherah

Kathleen (King) ’91 and Mark Buck

Joan (Judge) Mirabal ’69M

Mary King ’85 and Kevin Chojnacki

Jamesita Keller, BVM

Kathleen Norton Peper

Annamarie Kane, BVM ’69

Jean (Thornton) ’61 and Tersh Norton +

Mary Kenneth Keller, BVM

Lucy O’Connor, BVM ’40

Marriann (Kalina) ’75 and Grady Cole

Margaret Mary Cosgrove, BVM

Mary Kay (Hyland) Sullivan ’67

William Golden

Rae (Yalden) Biesiadecki ’67

Helen Kerrigan, BVM ’42

Dianne (Marzen) ’77 and Bill Knapp

Maureen (Flynn) ’67 and Jeff Jensik

Elizabeth Petty ’81 and Karen Milner

Charlene (Hearn) ’67 and Jim Murphy

Marianne (Buenzli) ’67 and Michael Kennedy

Dorothy King ’59

Beth Otting ’86

Roberta (King) ’63 and Jim Buhle

Chuck and Sandi Otting

Kathryn Whitlow

Pat and Jane Otting

Mary White ’87

Kathleen (Plotke) Stange ’70 Fran (Plotke) Pettersen ’66 Joseph Strouhal Pat (Strouhal) ’58 and Tony Busalacchi

Gloria (Rubino) ’67 and John Kromer

Carol (Conlon) Klauer ’33

Marie (Rogers) Pedersen ’33

Bob and Judy Klauer

Jane (Pedersen) Raciti ’64

Anne Knight

Mary Benedict Phelan, BVM ’24

Patricia (Knight) ’63 and William Dillard

Kathy (Malone) ’67 and Kenneth Schoenfelder

Barbara Kutchera, BVM ’59

Mellita (Hanten) Pommerich ’59

Susan Hahn ‘76

John and Donna Anderson

Joseph Kutchera

Barbara (Weydert) ’63 and Richard Lambert

Steve Zieser ’92 Connie (Clemen) ’89 and James Muetzel Members of the Class of 1967 Janet (Niehaus) Carroll ’67

Louise (Schuster) ’59 and Joseph Ottavi + Donna Lavelle ’68

Mellita (Hanten) ’59 * and Robert Pommerich

Jackie Gebhardt ’85 and Kirk Kwiatkowski Denise Wilbur ’68

Mary Richardine Quirk, BVM ’45 Jackie Gebhardt ’85 and Kirk Kwiatkowski

Charlotte (Jones) Mack ’46 Kathleen (Mack) ’72 and Dale Wolf

Mae and Robert Raymond Marilynn (Raymond) ’63 and Joe Vannucci

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

MATCHING GIFTS Abbott Laboratories Madeline (Schwarz) ’73 and Bob Czervionke Virginia (Mikol) ’61 and William Eich + Abbvie Anna and Raymond Bukszar + AEGON Transamerica Foundation Melissa and Jeffrey Stevens Alliant Energy Rich and Rae Ewers Anadarko Patricia (Boone) ’71 and Ronald Buehner Athene USA Charitable Foundation Kim (Esser) ’79 and Glen Hall + Bank of America Susan (Matheson) ’71 and Jay Allen Deloitte Foundation Rita (Brennan) ’68 and Richard Berens Donate Well Rose Kraemer ’84 Kari (Dicke) ’01 and Erik Schlicht EnCana Oil and Gas Kelli (Miller) ’95 and Dan Schandel ExxonMobil Corporation Jim and Mary Doyle Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Liz (Boetto) ’75 and Kevin White General Electric Foundation Deirdre (Lagen) Segerson ’51 Hormel Foods Corporation Rob and Agnes Wahlert Ingredion Charitable Foundation Scott and Cindy Crawford + ITW Foundation Richard Just +

John Deere & Company Amy ’03M and Ratah Tath Nationwide Foundation Susan (Rada) ’69 and Kenneth Bonvallet JoAnne (Minnehan) ’76 and John Lonergan New York Life Foundation Wallace Foreman Personal Financial Advisors, Inc. Judith (Bastian) ’65 and Edward Krol Principal Financial Group Richard and Linda Warren + Prudential Luke Anderson ’15M Mike ’02 and Krisy (Ploeger) Dempewolf ’03, ’09M Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Joanne Burrows, SC State Farm Companies Foundation David ’88 and Marie (Friedman) Blaser ’90 Stellar Solutions Foundation Karen (Shepard) DeMello ’81 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Douglas Peahl Time Warner, Inc. Jackie Gebhardt ’85 and Kirk Kwiatkowski Walt Disney Company Foundation Monica (Lyons) ’86 and Tim Heller ’86 Wells Fargo Foundation Tricia (Gloeckler) ’91 and Thomas Ognar Donna (Smith) Shenoha ’73 *

+ Parent of Alumna/Alumnus

Profile for Clarke University

Clarke University 2018-19 Year In Review  

Clarke University 2018-19 Year In Review

Clarke University 2018-19 Year In Review  

Clarke University 2018-19 Year In Review