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When we look around us, we can obviously see people who are fortunate to be rich and some who are not as lucky and have to work hard to meet ends. However, why is this a case? Why do some people have things that others cannot even imagine to have and why do some people manage to have everything without really working hard or being talented? The answer is not simple because a variety of factors comes into play. The first reason some people are the way they are is because of luck. Luck plays a huge role in everyday life. You either make the right choice or do not. Sometimes this choice is based on only one small thing that you do, sometimes it is based on many things that you do or a combination of things. Why are some people born rich, some luck played a role in that. Life is a chance that we all should have to take. Another factor that affects this is the action of others. You can make all the right decisions or make good ones but people may hinder or block your way. They can make it hard for you to achieve your goals, they can discourage you on your dreams, they can make you do other things that you do not want to do or they can be a right hand to what you want. These people can be your family members, they can be your friends, they can be people that teach you or they can be someone that you do not know well or have no knowledge of. I feel that the action of others really helps because your actions can be influenced by the way they do things. Another huge factor is environment and situation. You may not be born into the best situation to do what you want to do. You may be born in a war zone or you may be born in a rich area. The environment can make your life more comfortable or can make your life harder because of what you have to deal with and what else you have to worry about other than yourself. The situation that you are in is also a factor. If you are in a good situation such as a good job, it may improve your chances of being better off. However the situation you are in can really change if you make an effort. Now there is something that you can do yourself. This is called self action. When someone is placed in any given situation, they must response if they want to maximize their chances for success. They have to do extra work if they feel it will improve their chances for something, they have to be prepared, they have to do the daily stuff, they have to ask questions when they do not know something, they have to do additional research on things that have not been answered and so much more. When you really want something, it is your duty to make sure that you do what is needed to get what you really want. Some people are hesitate and may question themselves so much that they do not do what they have wanted to do. Some people do not question their motives and do things on impulse. There is always something to do if you look hard enough and working

toward your goals is important in meeting your potential. Another thing that will have some factor is what you want to do. If you do something that will not pay high enough, it will be much harder to be successful as you really want. If you pursue something really difficult that will damper your chances. Some factors within this, include flexibility, how easy it is, how much it pays, the opportunities available and mobility. Another factor is ability. Whether you choose something hard or easy to do, you have to be good. If you are a good student who is smart and holds good skills such as organization, you will improve your chances of excelling in the classroom. If you are not as good and well rounded as a student, it will be harder for you to work at a high level. Talent and skill is important because you are competing against many people for things to do, however if you are better than them in what you need to use and do, it will give you the edge. One really important factor is how bad you want to be good. This is called self will and determination. If you really want something, how far are you willing to go for it? Are you willing to try but to lag a little, or are you willing to go to the last straw? If you want something really badly, it will motivate you to do something. Just like if you have to do well on a project, you will put in more effort, you will spend more time, you will be more creative and will present your work clearer. You can also go crazy in terms of what you do. You may put in more work ethnic everyday or may do something totally out of the blue. The person who has more determination usually wins because it improves everything else. Another includes how well you are able to adapt. Some people may say that life is about how well you response to changes and what you do because of them. In a way they are right. If you are given tasks that you normally wouldn't do, how well would response? Do you give up, do you save your work for later or do you say that I can do this regardless of what I have to do? If you are able to response to changing times you are an interchangeable person. You can handle situations better, you can make old experiences learning ones and learn how to deal with what may happen in the future. Another factor is how you think about things. If you cannot live with something bad happening, it will drastically affect what will happen later on. If you do not let it affect you, you will become better at dealing with what may happen. If you think positively, it will help you do things because everything is done in good nature. If you have a negative and demeaning thought on life, it can make everything you do, one that is painful and whatnot. If you think positively, it can help you make positive choices in life. Life flows smoothly if you think nice things. Another factor is time management. You can be the best worker but if you party and do not do work when it is needed, it will put you in a bad situation. You have to know what time it is for work, for play, for relaxation. Sometimes it can be hard to make decisions because time is always moving, there may not be enough time for you to do things that you want. Knowing what is important to you can really help. One factor that is not so nice to talk about is how people use the system. There is always a system when we deal with the world. These include economics, government, education and much more. If someone cheats at times, it can help them in school work, in the work force and much more. If you really cheat it can help you a lot because you get what you want using the less

amount of effort. Many people do cheat from time to time, sometimes copying things, looking at things they should not be looking at and more. However, you should not cheat because it will catch up with you later when you do not want it to. Conclusion: A lot of factors affect how well off you are. However, no matter what, you should do what you believe is right but should know what is realistic or not. Everyone has a potential and anything really can happen but you should do want you can.

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