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Free MB2­634 Exam Preparation Questions  Exam  MB2­634    : CRM 4.0 Extending Microsoft Dynamics

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Question:1 Which of the following extensions to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Outlook are using through Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customizations? (choose more than one) A. Adding a menu item to Account entity form B. Adding a new area to the main navigation pane C. Adding a button to the toolbar of the Case entity form D. Adding a button to the CRM toolbar of the Outlook client Answer: A, B, C Question:2 You're an administrator of your company network. Now you've been assigned a task. You have to write some code to validate data within the OnSave event of the opportunity form. This validation code depends on data stored in the estimatedrevenue attribute of the account that is the Potential Customer of the opportunity. The Potential Customer is stored in the customerid attribute, and you have already checked that it does contain a valid account. You have to ensure that the solution is implemented in a supported way.How can you access the data in the estimatedrevenue attribute? A. Use the following client script expression: B. all.customerid.estimatedrevenue.DataValue. C. Use the following client script expression: D. all.customerid.DataValue[stimatedrevenue.DataValue. E. Use the OpenObj function to open the form for the appropriate account. Use the return value of the OpenObj function to obtain access to the crmForm object for F. Create a new instance of the Msxml2.XmlHttp ActiveXObject Answer: D Question:3 A custome .NET application that uses the CrmService Web service to create leads and new custom entity records within Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been written by you.The application all runs normally when testing the code using an account with the System Administrator security role. However, when using a different user account theleads are created, but the code for creating the custom entity records fails. An error indicates the user does not hold the necessary privileges.You check the user account used, add it to a security role which has the CREATE access right for the custom entity, then test the code again, but get the same error. So what is the most likely reason for this problem? A. The code has not set the CallerIdValue field of the CrmService object to that of the correct user. B. Security changes to custom entities only apply after the entity is published.Publish the custom entity and try again. C. Security role membership is only checked when a user account logs on. Log off, and log on again with the user account before testing again. D. The user account requires more than just the CREATE access right. Answer: D Question:4 As an administrator of a company, now you've been assigned a task, you have to write an extension to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 which will be deployed on an Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation that supports multiple languages.The extension will need to display the text labels of picklist fields to the user. All users have been granted appropriate permissions to access the MetadataService Web service. So what should you do tou ensure that each user sees these text labels in the correct language, with the least development effort? A. Deploy one instance of the extension for each language, and specify the language to which it applies. The CRM platform will automatically call the correct B. Your extension code must impersonate the current user when retrieving the picklist labels from the MetadataService Web service. The MetadataService Web C. Your extension code should retrieve the labels for all languages. Whenever labels need to be displayed, your code will need to retrieve the current user D. Retrieve the picklist labels from the MetadataService Web service in the default language. Whenever labels need to be displayed, your code will need to retrieve Answer: B Question:5 You're the administrator of your company network. There is a rule in your company which provides that a record must be written to a custom application when a user creates a case in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You must ensure that the code you write does not have impact on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM user's experience as the custom application can be slow to update. Also you must ensure that only data that is saved to Microsoft Dynamics CRM is written to the custom application. So how should you write the logic to update the custom application? For Latest MB2­634 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­634.html

A. As a synchronous plug-in registered on a pre-event. B. As an asynchronous plug-in registered on a pre-event. C. As an asynchronous plug-in registered on a post-event. D. Using client-side Jscript that runs on a form's OnSave event. Answer: C Question:6 Several extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 have been written by your company, which were deployed by many customers. And the extensions were tested successfully on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. But some customer complains that the extensions don't work any loner when they upgrade their implementation to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.What differences between the test environment, and this customer deployment may be the cause of the problems? (choose more than one) A. The customer deployment may use a different SQL collation and sort order. B. The customer deployment may have been deployed on Windows Live, which does not support all types of extensions. C. The customer deployment may include multiple CRM organizations. Extensions written for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 can only work on the default D. The customer deployment may use IFD (Forms) authentication. Extensions written for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 assume Active Directory authentication is Answer: C, D

For Latest MB2­634 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­634.html

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For Latest MB2­634 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­634.html

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