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Free HP0-P13 Exam Preparation Questions Exam HP0-P13: Planning and Design of HP Integrity Server Solutions

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Question:1 Which HP service provides porting and migration capabilities? A. HP Managed Services B. HP IT Management Solutions C. HP Itanium Lifecycle Services D. HP Infrastructure Services Answer: C Question:2 Which application can a customer rely on for 90-, 60-, and 30-day notification before service agreements expire? A. HP Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM) B. Integrity Essentials Foundation Pack C. HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) D. Remote Support Pack Answer: D Question:3 HP Renew remanufactured server blades carry which type of warranty? A. three year parts and labor, one year on-site B. the same warranty as new products C. one-year parts, one-year labor, and one-year onsite D. three years parts and labor Answer: B Question:4 What is one difference between HP Revision and Configuration Management (RCM) and the HP Partner Virtualization Program (PVP)? A. RCM enables users to compare system performance against industry benchmarks; PVP enables users to compare operating system performance. B. RCM collects system configuration information; PVP allows partners to test system configurations. C. RCM provides utilization rates for physical server components; PVP monitors utilization rates for virtual servers. D. RCM is used in proof of concept demonstrations; PVP enables partners to analyze proof of concept performance. Answer: B Question:5 Which applications will benefit most from porting from 32-bit to Itanium 64-bit processors? (Select two.) A. web services B. floating point calculations C. very large databases D. online transaction processing E. mission-critical applications Answer: B, C Question:6 What distinguishes the HP Data Collector Windows Service from the HP Repository Control Manager (RCM)? (Select two.) A. HP Data Collector Windows Service automatically delivers information to external applications that use the data for system management. B. HP Data Collector Windows Service measures performance data. C. HP Data Collector Windows Service provides benchmarks for Windows configurations that are tested in a virtual environment. D. HP Data Collector Windows Service collects configuration information from storage devices. E. HP Data Collector Windows Service records configuration information for Windows systems only. Answer: A, B Question:7 Which high-availability feature keeps a system running in spite of a multi-bit DRAM error? A. chip spare like memory B. memory scrubbing C. dynamic page deallocation D. address control parity For Latest HP0-P13 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

Answer: A Question:8 Which statements are true about memory in cell-based Integrity systems? (Select two.) A. Memory modules of different sizes can be mixed in the same cell. B. Cell local memory can be configured as a percentage of memory. C. Cell local memory is faster than interleaved memory for providing access to memory on other cells in the system. D. Memory must be installed in dual quads of the same size memory modules. E. Cell-based systems require cell local memory. Answer: A, B

For Latest HP0-P13 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

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For Latest HP0-P13 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

Exam HP0-P13 Preparation Questions