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Question:1 RGS is supported on which versions of blade PC for CCI implementations? (Select two.) A. bc1000 B. bc1500 C. bc2000 D. bc2500 Answer: C, D Question:2 Which is the proper CLI command syntax to perform a firmware update to the HP PC Blade Switch? A. download fw-image.bin B. copy tftp:// image C. update image tftp:// D. download tftp fw-image.bin image Answer: B Question:3 HP SIM does not appear to be receiving SNMP trap alerts from the HP PC Blade Switch. Which two possibilities are most likely to be the problem? (Select two.) A. The switch is configured for SNMPv1 traps. B. The switch has the wrong host IP address for HP SIM. C. The switch is configured for only SNMPv2 or SNMPv3 traps. D. HP SIM and the switch are routed across two different IP subnets. Answer: B, C Question:4 Which things are critical to be verified in a thorough site assessment? (Select three.) A. the end users login IDs B. the location of hot and cold aisles in the data center C. the number of users who will be using Smart Cards D. whether end users will be printing locally or only over the network E. the data center's compliance with the International Disabilities Access Act (IDAA) Answer: B, C, D Question:5 CCI redefines the traditional networked desktop PC into three tiers. What are those three tiers? A. network, storage and security B. access, compute and resource C. user, administrative and network D. monitor, motherboard and keyboard Answer: B Question:6 HP SIM displays a system type of Unknown. What are possible causes? (Select two.) A. The wrong version of HP SIM Client is installed. B. The system may not be responding to ping requests. C. Routers and switches on the network are configured to block ports 80 and 8080. D. Routers and switches on the network are configured to block ports 161 and 162. E. WBEM (WMI) userID/passwords on the SIM CMS may not match the managed system. Answer: D, E Question:7 Under which condition will SAM allocate a session to an RGS blade? A. the user profile requires RGS B. RGS is installed on the blade and access device C. RDP is always tried first D. the user is prompted for selection Answer: B Question:8 Why is it preferable to implement CCI using HP Thin Clients for the access device? (Select three.) A. Thin clients only put out a fraction of the heat of traditional PCs in an end user work place. For Latest HP0-G11 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

B. Thin clients use a Reciprocating Authorization List (RAL) to ensure there are no firewall violations. C. Thin clients are made with self-anodizing metals which greatly reduce the probability of shattering on impact. D. Thin clients are silent devices that do not put out any of the noise of traditional PCs in an end user work place. E. Thin clients are solid state devices that rarely break, so there are fewer expensive deskside support visits when compared to traditional desktop PCs. Answer: A, D, E Question:9 User A and User B have been using CCI for about the same amount of time and are set up in Active Directory with roaming profiles: User A is not having problems, but User B begins to notice that logging into a remote session is taking longer as time goes on. User A's profile size is 1 MB while User B's profile size is 37MB. User A is in the Sales OU and User B is in the Finance OU, each of which have their own Group Policy Object properly applied to it. What would cause the longer logon time for User B? A. User B has been assigned too many SAM roles. B. User B's folder share permissions are incorrect. C. The Group Policy Object is not properly linked to the Finance OU. D. User B's redirected folders are not being excluded from his roaming profile. Answer: D Question:10 By design, which benefit does the CCI solution provide over a traditional C? A. improved resource security B. improved off-line experience C. increased total cost of ownership D. improved video streaming performance Answer: A Question:11 Your customer wants to integrate the HP PC Blade Switch with redundant etwork links to their MSTP-based network. Which HP PC Blade Switch feature must you deactivate before configuring MSTP? A. Rapid PVST B. PVST Protocol C. MSTP is not supported D. PVST Interoperability mode Answer: D Question:12 What is an advantage of HP CCI solution when capacity planning for a large deployment? A. CCI never requires additional network storage. B. CCI provides a 1:1 connection via a dedicated blade PC for each end user. C. CCI supports all forms of universal decryption eliminating server complexity within the data center. D. CCI use of universal metronome scaling significantly reduces network hardware required for deployment. Answer: B Question:13 What information should you obtain before statically configuring the management interface on the HP PC Blade Switch? (Select two.) A. the IP address of the DNS server B. the IP subnet mask for the network C. the IP address of the domain controller D. the IP address of the management server E. the IP address to be assigned to the switch Answer: B, E Question: 14 Which hardware option is available for the HP BladeSystems bc2500 Blade PC? A. SFF SAS drive B. 1Gbps network adaptor C. 2 Gigabyte memory module D. Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Answer: C Question: 15 For Latest HP0-G11 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

Which command registers new MIBs in HP SIM? A. mxmib -a <mibfile.cfg> B. mxmib -1 <mibfile.cfg> C. mcompile -a <mibfile.cfg> D. mcompile -1 <mibfile.cfg> Answer: A

For Latest HP0-G11 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

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For Latest HP0-G11 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

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