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Question:1 When an application developer constructs a cube, what is the minimum number of dimensions the cube must contain? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Answer: B Question:2 When the source data contains more dimensions than the cube, which of the following options should be used to summarize the unused data? A. Store B. Create C. Accumulate D. Consolidate Answer: C Question:3 When using TI to import data, each column in the source is assigned to which of the following? A. Content B. Map C. Formula D. Variable Answer: D Question:4 An application developer needs to know the last time the Sales Forecast cube was updated. The cube file, including the date and time stamp, can be found in which of the following locations? A. In the data directory. B. In the data file. C. On the web server. D. On the admin server. Answer: A Question:5 When users cannot access a TM1 application, the application developer should ensure the host process is correct. Which of the following is the host process? A. TM1 data server B. TM1 admin server C. TM1 web server D. TM1 local server Answer: B Question:6 Why would an application developer apply a numeric attribute to an element? A. To store a numeric code for the color of a product. B. To display the account number instead of the account name. C. To display the values in an alternate format. D. To store the square footage of a store for capacity planning. Answer: D Question:7 Which of the following attributes can be used to display element names in multiple languages? A. Text B. String C. Alias D. Format Answer: C Question:8 Data is loaded into cells in a cube. A cell is identified by the intersection of items from which of the following objects? A. Attribute For Latest COG-310 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

B. Subset C. Dimension D. Slice Answer: C

For Latest COG-310 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

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For Latest COG-310 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

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