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Question:1 For each user in LDAP, Tivoli Directory Integrator will map each LDAP attribute or JavaScript function to the corresponding column in the database. The wizard automatically validates each mapping. Which of the following does the wizard create in the database for each user? A. Row B. Table C. Column D. Section Answer: A Question:2 If you are installing multiple features to a single profile with the IBM HTTP Server, you must explicitly specify which of the following? A. A virtual IP address from which each feature can be accessed B. A dedicated IP address from which each feature can be accessed C. A virtual host IP address from which each feature can be accessed D. A virtual host for the port from which each feature can be accessed Answer: D Question:3 Which of the following is true regarding manually installing Lotus Connections clusters? A. Each cluster member name must be the same as the name of the profile B. Each cluster member name must be identical to the feature name that it supports C. Each cluster member name must be identical to the name of the server where the feature is installed D. Each cluster member name must be different from the name of the server where the feature is installed Answer: C Question:4 You have received a notice from a user that reports that while using Communities in your company's Lotus Connections environment the user is still seeing data from a deleted community. Which of the following steps should you perform to remove this data permanently? A. Purge the index B. Delete the necessary tablespace C. Restart the Communities server instance D. Empty the trash via the administration console Answer: A Question:5 The ability to allow blog readers to flag content as inappropriate has been enabled for your Lotus Connections environment. Which of the following are the default category types for flagged content? A. Legal issue and Human Resources issue B. Proprietary information issue and Language issues C. Corporate communications issue and Religious issue D. Intellectual privacy issue and inappropriate language issue Answer: A Question:6 Madeline installed all the Lotus Connections features to a separate profile, but she wants to use a single IBM HTTP Server with the product. What steps are required for her to complete this task? A. Map each feature to separate IBM HTTP Servers by defining a Web server for each profile and then mapping each profile into one file B. Map all the feature profiles to one IBM HTTP Server by defining a Web server for each profile, create a wimcfg.xml for each feature, and then merge those files into one C. Map all the feature profiles to one IBM HTTP Server by defining a Web server for each profile, map each profile separately, and then merge the resulting configuration files D. Map all the feature profiles to two IBM HTTP Servers by configuring a separate LotusConnections-config.xml file for each feature and then combining the two IBM HTTP Servers into one Homepage.xml file Answer: C Question:7 While in Lotus Connections, Thomas needed to remove a user leaving the organization. That user later returned. When For Latest 190­957 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­957.html

Thomas added the user back into the LDAP directory, he realized the user had no access to the data he had left in Lotus Connections. Which of the following best describes the reason for this? A. The user was assigned a new unique ID B. Once the user is removed, the data owned by the user is changed to Read-only automatically C. The user must also have the exact same password when first accessing Lotus Connections again D. The username must not share the same e-mail address as previously utilized or Lotus Connections changes the data to Read-only Answer: A Question:8 How is the language defined for e-mails sent to the user as Lotus Connections notifications? A. The administrator defines the language in LotusConnections-config.xml B. The administrator defines what language each user gets in the LDAP source C. The notifications are always sent as the language associated with the locale defined for the Lotus Connections server D. If the recipient has logged in to Lotus Connections, the message is composed in the language specified as the preferred language for the Web browser the recipient used to log in Answer: D Question:9 Idalia has not enabled Communities directory service integration on her Lotus Connections environment. When she searches communities, which of the following will be available to the search? A. Name B. Profiles C. Manager D. Notification Answer: A Question:10 After you make the necessary changes to the XML configuration files utilizing the wasadmin tool in a network deployment Lotus Connections environment, which of the following steps must be completed? A. You must restart just the Deployment Manager for the changes to take effect B. You must also synchronize the nodes to propagate the changes across a cluster C. You must copy the modified XML file to each server utilizing the wascopy command D. You must stop all the MBeans controls on each server node after applying the change Answer: B

For Latest 190­957 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­957.html

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For Latest 190­957 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­957.html

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