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Free 190­950 Exam Preparation Questions  Exam  190­950    : Administering IBM Lotus Quicker 8.1 Services for Domino

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Question:1 Anna chose to allow Lotus Domino to control directory services. If the secondary directory is an LDAP directory and there are distinguished names in the directory that don't conform to the Lotus Domino naming convention, which of the following is the best solution? A. Use an all-asterisk naming rule in the Directory Assistance document B. Enter aliases for all users that conform to the Lotus Domino naming convention C. Rename all existing users to a new OU that conforms to the Lotus Domino naming convention D. Remove the Lotus Domino naming conventions from the Lotus Domino Directory to allow the nonconforming names Answer: A Question:2 To use groups from a directory as place members in a Lotus Domino controlled directory environment, you specify "Group Authorization" in the Directory Assistance document. Which of the following requirements must also be followed to enable this option? A. Locate all groups in one directory B. Groups must be listed in a hierarchical format C. Directories must NOT be local to the Lotus Domino server D. Directories may NOT be accessible through LDAP and must be native to Lotus Domino Answer: A Question:3 For Lotus Quickr for Lotus Domino, if you use any non-English version of the Lotus Quickr server, you must perform which of the following so that page content displays correctly in non-English languages? A. Specify the additional languages in qpconfig.xml B. Set up the Lotus Domino server in multiple languages C. Set up the server to generate output using UTF-8 encoding D. Generate a list of supported languages and provide those languages as attributes in the directory for each person Answer: C Question:4 The qptool addmember command may not be utilized for which of the following reasons? A. To add users to subrooms in a place B. To add users from extended membership C. To add users to the LotusQuickr/lotusquickr place D. To add users with special characters in their name Answer: C Question:5 The command qptool updatemember does not operate on which of the following? A. Super Users B. Local members C. Place managers D. Extended members Answer: B Question:6 Which of the following is the correct EXTMGR_ADDINS name to allow users to take places offline in Microsoft Windows environments? (Note: The core part of this name is included across all platforms supported by Lotus Quickr.) A. noflqp B. ndolextn C. nqpextmgr D. nqckroffline Answer: C Question:7 Your environment includes a Lotus Quickr cluster based on Lotus Domino. You are attempting to run the qptool membership model command to enable a place for expanded membership. Which of the following is the best action to take when performing this in a clustered environment? A. Run the command on one replica only For Latest 190­950 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­950.html

B. Run the command on all servers in the cluster C. Delete all but one of the replicas, run the command, and recreate the replicas D. Remove the place from the Place Catalog, run the command on all servers in the cluster, and add the place to the catalog again Answer: A Question:8 In group search lookups, when someone types the name of a group in the directory lookup interface to search for a group name to add as a place member, by default theserver searches for the group name in which of the following? A. The gn attribute of groups defined as placeclass=objectGroup B. The cn attribute of groups defined as objectclass=groupOfNames C. The uid attribute of groups defined as uidGroupClass=NamedGroup D. The groupname attribute of groups defined as groupclass=groupName Answer: B Question:9 By default, Lotus Quickr utilizes which of the following forms of authentication for the Lotus Quickr Connectors? A. SASL B. Anonymous C. Basic name-and-password D. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Answer: C Question:10 While placing the necessary files onto the Lotus Sametime server for Lotus Quickr integration, you must manually create which of the following folders for the files? A. Awareness B. Usernames C. Integration D. Peopleonline Answer: D End of Document

For Latest 190­950 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­950.html

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For Latest 190­950 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­950.html

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