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Learn All The Benefits A Zero Energy House Can Offer How is it possible to cash in on a zero energy home? Is there anybody who would say no to the prospect of eliminating monthly electric bills, winter heating bills and summer cooling bills? What about a home that's insect resistant, fire retardant, and mildew resistant? Did you ever hear of such a thing? You have now. You can have a home that's affordable and has really low maintenance. If this sounds like something you might like, contact a geothermal contractor, and he can show you all the advancements that have been made in this area. Compared to a stick-built home, a zero energy home is built with insulated concrete forms (ICF). A stick-built house is 100% dependent on outside energy where an energy efficient home provides energy savings of up to 100%. A zero energy home reduces greenhouse gases and has a lifetime value. A stick-built home only has roughly a 30 year service life and contributes to the world greenhouse gas problem. The ability to withstand 20 mile per hour winds and four hour fire protection are additional traits of a zero energy home. The stick built home doesn't compare; it only has a 45 minute fire rating and has the insulation and wood susceptible to dry rot and sagging, and it is definitely not wind resistant. So often mold begins growing and continually spreads well before anyone finds it. No mold growth is produced on the walls of a zero energy home. Close to $200,000 in energy costs is saved if you build a zero energy home and you can pay back your mortgage around seven years faster. Compared to the standard built home, warranties are hundreds of times longer. A custom energy solution design can be developed with the aid of a geothermal contractor. They combine renewable energy and high efficient heating technologies to get you the most for your money. You're assured of an effective conversion, from a solar heating system for the HVAC and hot water systems to the solar photovoltaic panels utilized to power the cooling and heating systems. You know what rises faster than inflation; energy bills. Geothermal heat can help you to create your dream home regardless of what type of heating source you use right now, be it oil, gas or propane. Go surfing now and research for yourself. There are certified contractors that are also Energy Star builders and support American made products - choose one. Right now there are federal and state incentives to help you save lots of money with tax credits. They are offering 30% tax credit on renewable energy systems, tax credits of $300 for a hot water heat pump and $2000 for an energy-efficient home. Your job is to make the most of these credits. The company's job is to allow you to meet the qualifications to receive the tax credits. You are even better off when you can find a company that provides vouchers to save up to several thousand dollars off your total cost. A low maintenance home that is within your means - what's better than that? Not much. The building codes for energy efficiency and natural disaster safeguards are becoming a lot more rigid. The ICF system through a geothermal contractor is the answer. Utilizing this system that is designed for renewable energy systems will assure you never pay a utility bill again and build a home which will provide 100% of your home's energy needs. The huge cost savings will land in your wallet.

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Learn All The Benefits A Zero Energy House Can Offer Zero Energy Home is able to help you obtain utility prices that are basically zero as a result of a geothermal contractor. For additional details on Zero Energy Home, pay a visit to their webpage at

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Learn All The Benefits A Zero Energy House Can Offer