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Question: What do author Louisa May Alcott, poet Walt Whitman, and first lady Mary Todd Lincoln have in common with hundreds of Clark College students each year?

Answer: They all provide healthcare!

Long after the time when Louisa, Walt and Mary tended to the sick and injured during the Civil War, the training of health professionals began at Clark College. In 1940, thanks to Phyllis Bettesworth, the college started offering practical nursing courses using a Red Cross handbook. Then and now, the need for skilled healthcare providers and technicians is critical to our community. In April, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the healthcare sector of the economy continues to grow. It added 37,000 new jobs in March 2011, making it the largest monthly increase recorded by any sector. Your support with a gift of $100 will enhance Clark College’s ability to continue sending high-caliber, caring and needed healthcare professionals into our community.

Nursing students get hands on experience working in the simulation lab where students learn basic and advanced life support skills using “Sim-Man,” a full-body adult male mannequin, and other smart technology “patients.”

Did you know? Clark College has the largest associates degree nursing program in Washington state, with over 260 students currently enrolled. Clark graduates provide clinical care in almost every major hospital and medical center in the Portland/Vancouver area.

An education in any of Clark College’s nursing and allied health programs is well respected. Whether it’s skilled medical radiographers, knowledgeable medical office staff, specially trained phlebotomists and emergency medical technicians, or registered nurses, Clark’s programs have been developed in response to this community’s need. And with the increase of students who receive an education that is tough, thorough and valued, the need for updated equipment, classrooms, and supplies grows too. Your gift, at a level that feels good to you, helps Clark College provide the resources and training to teach future healthcare professionals how to help others feel good again.

Medical Radiography students practice taking X-rays on each other. A two-year degree program is now offered at Clark.

Phlebotomy students at Clark College learn proper techniques for dealing with patients.

Clark’s two-year Fitness Trainer degree program prepares students for the workforce.

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Nursing/Allied Health at Clark College  

Nursing/Allied Health at Clark College