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Clark College Mature Learning

Where else can you attend college and learn to  Write creatively, without getting graded?  Paint exuberantly and not worry about passing the class?  Twist and turn in a dance, yoga or Tai Chi class without feeling self-conscious?  Cook international or healthy foods in a state-of-the-art kitchen and leave the dirty dishes behind?

At Clark College: Staying healthy in mind and body is the goal of lifelong learning. Clark College provides Mature Learning programs as a community service. This service offers over 100 superior classes taught by highly qualified instructors at a reasonable price, which in the past year has allowed over 2,400 people to participate. The college’s goal is to keep the cost of these classes affordable. However, with less than fifty percent of the college’s budget allocated from state resources, the only way to do so is to enlist the support of community members for the Mature Learning program. Your gift of $100 or, any amount that you feel comfortable with, will help keep classes affordable while maintaining the vitality of the program, is greatly appreciated.

Will you join your peers by making a contribution in support of Mature Learning today? Click the button to make your gift online today!

Mature Learning has been a vital part of my life for over 10 years, keeping me active, learning, growing, making new friends, and involving me in my community. I am a committed lifelong learner; Clark College offers me an enjoyable and comprehensive way to achieve this. I wholeheartedly participate in and support this wonderful program. ~ Don Mattison

Check out Elderberry Wine: Vintage 2010 An intriguing anthology of life’s many lessons as written by the students of the Clark College Mature Learning Creative Writing Program. Get a preview of the book and what its authors have to offer by checking out the Corporate & Continuing Education YouTube channel:

Mature Learning at Clark College  

Mature Learning at Clark College