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MEMO TO: Directors FROM: Executive Committee DATE: March 14, 2014

In preparation for the March 26 board meeting, this document is being sent out in advance for your attention. We would like to devote some time at the meeting to engage in a strategic visioning process. There is a brief explanation of what this looks like and some questions for you to ponder and respond to. Strategic planning is a process of defining objectives and goals for an organization. It also usually identifies resources to meet those goals/strategies. But before moving forward, an organization should understand/know its present situation. Generally, strategic planning deals with at least one of four key questions: -

Where are we What do we have to work with Where do we want to be? How do we get there?

As we examine these points we must be mindful of MBIA’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is commonly known as SWOT. Below are five questions that will assist you in preparing for the board meeting. Be prepared to share your responses at the meeting.

1. What accomplishments do you believe have been achieved at MBIA by the Board?, the Agency? 2. What are the long-term goals for programs, human and financial resources and public relations that you are aware of? 3. Do you believe MBIA is making strides towards it mission? Or, in other words, do you know what MBIA should be striving toward? 4. What do you believe MBIA needs to do more of? 5. What do you would like to see MBIA doing in the next two years?

Strategic planning march 14 2014 memo  
Strategic planning march 14 2014 memo