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Tel: +44 (0)1827 255 170/0121 231 7166 Offices: Midlands, London, Perth (Australia)

A Moment Of Clarity So What Makes Us Different?  Experts in handling and investigating ‘big data’  Full range of award winning innovative proprietary technology which supports and enhances our services  Diversely skilled and highly experienced team with backgrounds in commercial, criminal and civil investigation services, covering disciplines ranging from business and financial intelligence, forensics, law and evidence, digital investigation and Forensic Data Recovery/Computer forensics. Since 2001 we have worked alongside lawyers and counsel in investigatory, discovery and pre-trial preparation work. We have provided fraud investigation, due diligence, asset tracing, surveillance, and other business and financial intelligence services to clients who are diverse and international, ranging from Corporates and Multi-nationals, through to Governments, Local Authorities, banks, Telco’s, law firms, private businesses and private citizens. Welcome to our services.

DEBORAH LEARY, OBE, FRSA Chief Executive Officer


Our Services Why use our Due Diligence/Business Intelligence service? 

Due Diligence is all about making informed decisions from people, to companies, to associations. We focus on giving you the intelligence you need, protecting you from external and internal threats from a business, financial and reputational standpoint. We work internationally.

Whether you’re involved in mergers and acquisitions or looking to assess the credibility of potential business partners, our Due Diligence service will ensure that you are able to gain more in depth and faster business intelligence to manage your or your clients' ongoing Risk exposure.

The service provides a unique, efficient and comprehensive service for vetting, identity checking, tracing, linking, monitoring, reputational analysis and ethical audits.

Compliant with standards for the production of evidence for court if required.

Giving you access to international information on people, companies, financial positions, declarations, associations, addresses, phone numbers, directors, shareholders, interests and stock reports we then cross-reference the data and run a series of checks including:      

Mergers and Acquisitions Tracking and tracing individuals, companies and organisations Analysing stock market data and activity Monitoring of shareholders Vetting of addresses Covert and automated monitoring of websites including ownership and ISP

The data we offer is extensive and internationally available. It can be monitored over time to identify significant changes and developments if required.

Complexity made simple. Clarity Intel's international fraud investigation services

Why use our Fraud Investigation Service? Fraud can have a devastating impact on businesses and on the individual, so detecting it quickly is vital. Having the processes and procedures to prevent it in the first place is even more important. Fraud is notoriously complex; it requires a significant understanding of data collection, management and analysis, often from diverse and complex datasets. Our Fraud Investigation Service enables: 

Fast collection and analysis of evidence to ensure that crucial decisions can be made to stop further losses and reverse engineer the process to make sure lessons are learnt and new procedures put in place to avoid repeat occurrences.

We recognize that a one size fits all approach does not apply in complex fraud cases. That’s why we tailor our approach to you and remain in close contact at all times to ensure that we meet your needs and continue to provide the information your require.

We provide a high level of digital investigation and where required Forensic Data Recovery and Computer Forensics.

Provide processes and procedures to prevent against fraud

International fraud investigation eg: IP/Brand infringements and money laundering

CASE STUDIES VAT Fraud We have developed a set of techniques for the investigation of high value VAT Fraud Cases and the provision of expert evidence in Tax Tribunals which come under the supervision of the Appeal and High Court. In these cases we have the ability to process large volumes of transactional data produced in commercial transactions to find evidence of fraudulent activity. We have also ‘mapped’ all the VAT Cases and decisions since 2006 (over 200). We have recently been called upon to provide evidence in a major VAT Case that involves a review of the way in which these cases have previously been investigated. We are in effect providing new state of the art investigative practices to cases that have hitherto been investigated using old and out-dated techniques. A major part of this is forensic analysis of large volumes of data.

Fraudulent Accident Insurance Claims Our Client: Royal Bank of Scotland This involved a £20m exposure to fraud involving people making fraudulent claims on the bank and insurance companies for false injury claims. We handled millions of records and claims. Once we recovered the data we then used our in-house techniques and tools to ‘map’ the fraud and prove a large number of fraudulent claims against people. We secured £17.5m in potentially lost funds (money that would have had to be paid had we not proved these frauds) for the client

Fraud & Money Laundering Case Study Our Client: Saudi Telecom & Bank The company suffered a very serious ‘hacking’ wherein the internal systems of Saudi Telecom and Banking/Accounting systems were breached. Citizens (fraudsters) were able to have their Mobile Phones connected to the Network without payment. We recovered all customer data from the entire network. This involved millions of records of customers and their accounts. We performed forensic analysis of the data and provided evidence to show who had committed the ‘hacking’ and fraud. We found some Mobile Phone Accounts with in excess of 40 years of call time credit available.

Tel: +44 (0)1827 255 170 / 0121 231 7166 Offices: Midlands, London, Perth (Australia)

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