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"At Last - A New Breakthrough 9 Minute Nail Biting Cure That Guarantees To Annihilate Your Nail Biting Compulsions Permanently... WITHOUT Therapy, Weird Hypnosis, Miracle Creams, Or Will-Power..." If You Have a Challenge with Nail Biting... Then Reading the Following Information Will Be a Major Turning Point (Assuming You Want the Frustration, Anger and Self-Consciousness that are Commonly Associated with Nail Biting to End Today!) Are You Ready to Discover a Breakthrough Secret that Effortlessly Ends Any Nail Biting Habit Permanently in 9 Minutes...Guaranteed?

From: Alex Rankin Wednesday, 3:53 PM Dear Nail Biter, Has this ever happened to you? You have a really embarrassing experience, maybe someone comments on the way your nails look, or you are self conscious about handing money to someone, and right then and there you commit to never biting your nails again. However, what happens a couple of hours later, while you're not even thinking about it? If you're like most people who try to use their will power to stop biting their nails, your hand is likely to go right back in your mouth. ...chomping away at your nails... Whenever you try to use will power, and not change the conditioned response of your nail biting habit, change will always be temporary and once again you'll go back to the initial state of having bad nails. Only days after attempting and struggling with will power, you are likely to feel frustrated, which can further lead to hopelessness. However, there is a solution!

Before going on, I would like to let you know that I also went through this cycle of stopping for a couple of days only to start again, and for much too long. Over 21 years to be exact. Just like you probably, I have read all the blogs, forum threads, tips and tricks related to nail biting. I also tried some creative ideas such as wearing gloves, but that became impractical. At some point, I even applied nail polish to make my nails taste bitter, but that didn't work either since I would just get used to the taste and continue chomping away. I've read dozens and dozens of articles and tried all the recommendations, but I eventually went back to the biting, again and again. Then I discovered...

Why Do You Bite Your Nails? Well, it's because you want to! Now, I can imagine your response to this statement is: no, no I hate it, I'm embarrassed I want to stop! I understand that you want to stop consciously, but what happens subconsciously is that you have developed a secondary gain for biting your nails. Many people don't realize how powerful the subconscious mind is, containing the reason for your nail biting habit within it. The reason may be as simple as never having to worry about breaking a nail, or "snacking" on your nails when you're bored, and don't have any food. Alternatively, you might play an instrument and prefer not to have nails since they could interfere when playing the instrument. Others might not want to have to spend money on polish, manicures, clippers, etc', etc'. Hey, you can even do it so you don't pick your nose :) I don't know what your specific reason for biting is, but I do know that if you're biting your nails, you have a reason. Here's a slightly more scientific explanation. You have to realize that your brain is always helping you avoid pain and gain pleasure. I want you to recognize that everything your brain does is out of a desire to help you avoid pain. Even biting your nails... Once you uncover your subconscious reason for biting your nails, and associate in your nervous system that biting your nails is more painful than not biting them. You have just completed the first step in ending your nail biting habit. Think of it like riding a bicycle, you don't have to think about it... you just do it. That's because it's conditioned in your body and it's an automatic response, just like nail biting has been conditioned into your body. Trying to use will power to stop biting your nails is like trying to forget how to ride a bicycle. You just can't do it. From now on, you can stop struggling to find the right answers because I've already bought and tried plenty of nail biting treatments and the secret I'm about to reveal to you is a shortcut to ending your nail biting permanently!

So, How Is It Possible To Stop Biting In Only 9 Minutes? It's called the 3 Step Nail Biting Annihilation, and it's absolutely guaranteed to stop your nail biting habit. It works because it identifies all the triggers that currently get you to start biting and then adds new responses to the old triggers, responses that will empower you, instead of causing you to bite your nails. It's a way to recondition your automated responses that cause nail biting. I have personally recorded this technique into an easy-to- follow video that, as soon as you watch it, will enlighten you on absolutely everything you need to know about your nail biting, as well as how to stop.

Here Are Three Good Reasons To Believe Me When I Say: "You Are 9 Minutes Away From Never Biting Your Nails!" ONE: 973 people have tried my video, and not one of them has asked for a refund. TWO: In the past 10 weeks alone, over 1498 people have signed up to receive my exclusive stop nail biting newsletter. THREE: I'm the only person that will let you keep his comprehensive stop nail biting course FREE, even if it doesn't work for you. The bottom line is this: My system is 100% guaranteed to work for you ...just like it's worked for almost a 1000 nail biters before you.

Here's a Sample of People who Will Benefit from this Information: If you've tried to stop with pure will power, the information I provide will work for you.

If you've paid for nail biting creams, waited weeks to receive these in the mail, only to get used to the taste and keep biting, this information is for you.

If you're thinking about spending money on a generic 21 day habit changing program (that is not even intended for nail biters), isn't it better to get a specific program just for nail biters?

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"At Last - A New Breakthrough 9 Minute Nail Biting Cure That Guarantees To Annihilate Your Nail Biting Compulsions Permanently...

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