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Use Social Intelligence with Social Media Analytics If “collective consciousness” is the term that has become the latest buzzword for new age studies, then our social media sphere too has developed its own buzzword. It is “social intelligence”. There are multiple ways to define this form of intelligence. Simply put, social intelligence refers to the feedback, views, real time data and other relevant inputs that a company or an individual can derive out of social networking and monitoring social networking platforms. The way one puts this information to use in individual choice or company strategy. Putting Social Intelligence to Work Social media has become an imperative for most companies. For a company, the idea of being present in a social media platform is to be updated with the market scenario and establish personal connection with target consumers. The way companies can take play a proactive and active role in social media is by participating in social conversations or by striking up an online poll, conversation chain inviting public opinion and feedback, publishing interesting blogs and articles and so on. The result is that the moment the online audience will perceive that their opinion matters they would participate proactively. The feedback they share is termed as “social intelligence”. This can be handy while strategizing a product launch, marketing campaign, online PR activities, planning corporate social responsibilities and many more. What is Social Media Analytics? With the increased rate of social media interactions taking place today, it has become imperative to measure your online effectiveness. The process of doing this is known as social media analytics. As per esteemed web strategist, Jeremiah Ow-yang social media analytics is "The practice of being able to understand customers and predict them using data from the social web." Quite similarly, social media analytics tools today are an essential part of every social media campaign and offer perceptive insights to an entrepreneur. Features of these tools are as follows: Offers quick results for businesses to keep a track of social media behavior in real time and attain instant feedback on what might work for the product  Offers trending views as well as drill – down capacities  Acquisition to revenue  Provides predictive insights that helps to make smarter, faster operating decisions across vast amount of social data  Users can get quicker insights into the main influences on the K-factor and viral campaigns  Helps you to understand on what keeps the users engaged and discover the levers that influence revenues Furthermore, innovative social media analytics tool helps you to know what is working or not working as a part of your online campaign. This helps you to invest on the resources and optimize them as per your need and their effectiveness in a cost-efficient way. Read more on : advanced analytics & social analytics

Use Social Intelligence with Social Media Analytics